Volume 9 Chapter 9

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 Planted Seeds

Thanks to the “Warm Lovers'” statue effect, Weed had more resistance to the cold. Although he still had the remnants of a cold, his condition would not get worse.

Thereafter hunting was much easier. Along with Alveron and Seoyoon, they had spent nearly fifty days in the Versailles Continent, continuously fighting Ice Trolls.

“There’s no end to killing them.”

Ice trolls have frightening regeneration ability. If a limb was cut off, it would be grow back in just a short time.

When their Health drops really low, it will only require them a few minutes to regenerate it.

With 1-2 people it seems like going up against an invincible army. It was a good thing that there was a cliff and the Ice Trolls couldn’t get down from it.

“Now we know why the quest had high difficulty.”

When he fought with the Legions of Undead, he used information he had against them. But the Ice Trolls were different level, and thus, they were harder to deal with.

Weed had to change his strategy.

"It's too difficult fight Trolls if we separate. Wyverns, fly up into the sky and grab a hold of the Ice Trolls! And from there, drop them down here."

The Wyverns brought the Ice Trolls down from the cliff one at a time.

I'll be able to get a lot of the Ice Troll's blood which is used to create potions that restores Health!

Divide and Conquer!

With Weed's instinct, he was able to form a great strategy.

“Listen, you have to bring them into a secluded area so we subjugate them!”

Since early childhood, Weed had already mastered the art of hard work. Because of the fall and their teamwork, the monsters’ morale dropped quite significantly.

Ice Trolls weren't like other monsters, so when they are not mobbed together, hunting them was lot easier. They caught it and killed it before they had a chance to use their regeneration ability.

“Moonlight Sculpting Sword!”

Weed raised his sword.

The Ice Trolls were overpowered by the beautiful ornate sword. Now the situation of the battle has been reversed.

It was by no means a fair fight. He killed them all before they could try to regenerate their health.


Even as they were about to die, the Ice Trolls resisted and swung their Axes aimed at their feet.

Ignoring the incoming strikes, he shouted.

“Cold Eyes!”

He closed his eyes from the Ice Trolls’ incoming attacks.

If you do not try to predict the occurrence of the battle, winning would be impossible. That was Weed’s way of battle.

Trapping the monster quickly and decisively!

“Ahh! Die. I’ll kill you!”

With his eyes closed, he swung his wielded sword.

It looked like an ignorant action that even a novice wouldn’t do.

It was tantamount to the most disgraceful behavior in battle.

Whenever Seoyoon attacked, her sword leaves an afterimage of a black hue.

A Berserker’s attack to kill Ice Trolls.

The profession that gets stronger as one slaughters and sees blood!

While they are weaker in shorter fights, the longer the battle goes on for the stronger they get. During combat, although briefly, she could forget about her pain.

Although the tension on Seoyoon’s face showed that the battle was difficult, she never once looked towards Weed.

‘No, no, don’t look...’

She did not want Weed to see.

If he saw her fighting, he would start laughing. Because of this she desperately turned her head away.

With his eyes closed fighting, Weed turned towards where Seoyoon fought.

Alveron silently healed the Wyverns and Bingryong's Health whenever it got low.

Hunting in the Valley of Death for over 50 days! Finally, the number of trolls decreased. No matter how they tried to escape the Wyvern’s grasp, their efforts were in vain.

Weed looked up at the bright blue sky impatiently.

“I can’t believe all of them disappeared!”

As if looking for chicks in a chicken farm, it was hard to find Ice Trolls, even after rubbing one’s eyes. Although it was because he was earnestly hunting them, he was filled with regret.

“Now it looks like I will not be able to procure the Ice Troll’s blood, which I’m certain I can make money off of.”

But when he suddenly spotted a large group of Ice Trolls, he was happy. Like a farmer who saw a well grown grain in his field, even though it was possible to be crushed to death for that single grain.

For every bottle filled with Ice Troll’s blood, Weed earned approximately 5,300 gold.

Rapid recovery potions. It increases Stamina and Health recovery, and they were produced in large quantities and placed inside his bag.

Because of limited supply of potions, it was worth an arm and a leg. During hunts, it was rare for people to use such potions, but it can be extremely useful during a Guild Siege.

“Heu heu heu.”

Weed laughed at the sight of blood! He laughed with joy to the extent that his stomach began to hurt.


Alveron and Seoyoon showed no reaction while they watched Weed.

After seeing it for a day or two they got used to it. Although Weed’s behavior was strange, he was trained in disciplining himself. And soon, Weed returned to his usual attitude.

“Would you want to go hunting again, Alveron?”


“Use your holy magic. From now on, we’re going to need it for the upcoming battles.”


Alveron blessed both Bingryong and the Wyverns.

First, Weed commanded Bingryong and the Wyverns so that they would attack the Lamias. Up until now, the strategy had been to attack only the Ice Trolls in order extract their blood, but from now on the plan had been changed to capture the Valley of Death.

Weed’s current level was 312.

From the time Bingryong and the Wyverns were brought to life, their skill levels had risen significantly. Now, they didn’t have a hard time defeating the Lamias.

Weed's level would have risen beyond level 300 a long time ago, but because he had given life to many sculptures, he constantly lost levels. Although he hunted to death with Pale and the rest of his party, he was only able to get his level a little over 300. His levels were mainly gained through battles he fought in the Valley of Death.

Weed’s eyes shone.

‘It is finally time to aggressively conquer the Valley of Death!’

The Wyverns and Bingryong were fighting extremely well. Compared to dealing with the Ice Trolls, Lamias had relatively weak defense.

"We are the elegant Lamias."

“Try not to fall for our charm.”

“Venom of Eucla!”

“Shoot them with poison stingers!”

The Lamias opened fire and fought in turmoil.

The icy road allowed the Lamias with snake like bodies to move quickly by gliding across it.

Although they provided formidable resistance to ice attacks, they fell quickly to the Wyverns’ offense. Bingryong lifted itself off the ground with its big wings and used its claws to attack.

“My body is huge. But why are my legs so short!”

Venting his dissatisfaction, he continued to complain.

Compared to his enormous body, his feet were abnormally short. Because of this he hesitated to walk even during battles.

“There’s no law stating that great works of art must have convenience in action.”

Weed’s excuse was because there were problems with the nature of the ice.

In order to properly distribute the weight, short thick legs worked better than long legs. Thanks to Bingryong’s huge body only short thick legs could support him.

Nevertheless, Bingryong and the Wyverns cornered the terrified Lamias. Without the protection of the Ice Trolls, the Lamias downfall was inevitable.

A one-sided massacre!

Groups of mere level 200 Lamias came and died quickly.

Initially, without the cluster of Ice Trolls supporting them, Lamias were nothing but a small threat.

The Lamias died leaving spoils such as snake leather, gold, silver, poison stings, and some ores.

“We did it.”


The Wyverns and Bingryong flew up in the sky and let out a loud roar.

Weed’s eyes were focused on the opposite cliff. In between the valleys, there were a bunch of clustered groups of monsters.

The Lizard King, Possessed Soldiers, Dibase’s Priests, Demonic Followers, and Puppets.

These various kinds of monsters formed into one large army.


Weed raised his hands summoning Bingryong and the Wyverns.

“Alveron, heal and bless them so they can continue to fight, the battle is not over.”

“Ok, I will regenerate their exhausted Stamina.”

The Wyverns and Bingryong set out again.


Bingryong and the Wyverns were flying around while fighting the Lamias and other monsters in the Valley of Death.

The Lizard King wielded an axe, while the demonic followers stabbed their enemies with spears and swords.

“The roughly flowing melted snow, through the dark and moist power, will strengthen your flesh. Bloodlust!”

The Dibase Priests casted blessing spells on the monsters. Unlike Alveron’s divine magic, which had no side effects, the aftereffects were huge. It was similar to curse magic that temporarily enhanced attack.

“Dibase ordered us to cast flame magic on the huge lump of ice.”

“Dibase ordered the Possessed Soldiers to attack the Wyverns without delay.”

“Dibase commanded his minions. Behold, we will demonstrate what will happen to those who dared oppose us!”

The Dibase Priests commanded the Legions of monsters. Monsters who were void of faith, overflowing with evil and greed, followed the Priests.

Since they became united through the accurate command organization, the army of monsters were able to block the Wyvern’s attacks with ease. Bingryong’s attacks were also not very effective.

Once on the ground dozens charged devoid of fear. The monsters commanded by the Dibase Priests did not completely dwindle.

“Ice Bolt!”

Even though Bingryong used his prided Ice Magic with enormous power, the Priests were able to counter it by casting flame magic.

The Wyverns circled the sky not fighting properly. While Bingryong was too scared and didn’t want to continue fighting.

“It looks to be going alright. However, this isn’t the end.”

Weed’s eyes were glinting coldly.

Going by the Versailles Continent’s time, he had spent more than fifty days. If you add the days it took to get to the Valley of Dead after arriving to the North, the accumulated days would be greater.

Weed’s perspective, those who diligently earned money, could not afford to struggle in a place like this.

“Call forth Death Knight Van Hawk. Call forth Vampire Lord Tori!”

Weed summoned all of his statues.

He even called forth Van Hawk and Tori!

A black vortex appeared when Van Hawk was summoned, holding on to a sword.

“M..ma..ma..Master! You called!”

He stuttered with his words.

It was a misconception that, because they were pale, the undead were unaffected by the temperature. The cold from this place could freeze their bones!

Ttak. Ttak. Ttak. Ttak!

Death Knight was making a clattering sound with his teeth.

The contrast between his pale white skin and his bright red lips! However, Vampire Tori, who was wearing a red and black cape that was pretty laid back.

“This place is not too far from my hometown. Morata! I miss it. The frigid winds, snow, the ice storms, and the place where loneliness and hot passions are alive and breathing. It’s a place where the beauty of the brilliant light is alive. It would have been perfect if I had a beautiful maiden by my side. What a pity.”

The Vampire Lord Tori was delighted by the cold, while looking for a woman to turn into an artwork.

Weed glanced at Seoyoon.

On Earth, her beauty unmatched.

Even though he saw Seoyoon, who even had countless sculptures in her image, Tori showed no reaction.

‘Is it because we were in the same party?’

Weed and Seoyoon were in a party. Thanks to that, Tori did not harbor any attraction towards Seoyoon.

Nevertheless, for Weed, it was another nuisance out of the way.

Tori wrinkled his nose and sniffed.

“What is this smell? It’s very vulgar, but it’s a smell that leaves a sweet taste in my mouth.”

When it comes to the smell blood, Tori was an expert.

Traces of Ice Troll’s blood exquisite scent were the cause of his sniffing.

He could have summoned Tori earlier. He could have cleaned up the Ice Trolls faster had he done so. However, in exchange, he would have had to give up on extracting the Ice Troll’s blood.

Because of that, Weed did not summoned Tori.

Since the Ice Trolls were defeated, he could now mobilize Tori in battle.

“Tori, you go out and fight as well.”

“You dare command me?”

Tori asked arrogantly.

Since he had not been summoned for a while, he could not recognize his master.

It was the same Tori, who had the time of his life as he fought the Immortal Army along with the Wyverns!

His self-esteem grew along with his abilities and his level.

Weed wrinkled his brow.

“I am commanding you. Now go out and fight.”

“Then I’ll say something as well. Since it’s a bother, I would like it if you didn’t summon me for such trivial tasks.”

Contrary to his ability, Tori was an irritating boss monster! However, this doesn’t mean that Weed had no use of him.

“It seems like you haven’t been beaten enough.”


“Shall we chat again once after I’ve beaten you continuously for about ten more days?”

The ruthless violence that Weed used when flattery and appeasement failed!


Nearby, Seoyoon also sent a silent threat. She was going to help Weed since the Vampire he summoned did not seem like it would obey.

Since even Alveron was preparing his divine magic, Tori had no choice, but to unwillingly start walking towards the enemies.

However, after walking a few steps Tori turned around with a serious expression and said.

“Master, I have something to say.”

“What is it?”

“Have you ever heard of the Vampire Kingdom?”

“Is there such a place?”

It was the first time he had heard of it.

The history of the Versailles Continent only gave a brief description of the Vampire Race.

“Vampire Kingdom Todium! It exists below ground. An everlasting Kingdom of Darkness. Thanks to Master, I have grown stronger so I should be heading back.”

“... Heading back?”

“It is my obligation as a Vampire. In a month’s time in the Versailles Continent, the entrance will open for 89 days.”

“Doing that would breach the contract...”

“The contract will end. However if you desire, with my name, I will pledged my immortal life to you.”

Tori wanted to rid himself of his constraints. But he could already guess what the next words would be.

‘When it comes to hunting, there is a limitation where Tori could be useful.’

A level 400 high-leveled boss monster. He was very useful thanks to his Vampire characteristics. However he could only use it to feed himself.

‘He always had this limitation from the beginning.’

Weed shook his head.

“I do not want your life.”

He had no intention of taking Tori’s life.

He had seriously considered killing Tori just so that he could get his items. However, Tori’s equipment was pretty useless.

All his equipment were limited to Vampire Lord, and unlike with Orcs and Elves, other than Dark Wizards, monster-only items had no sale value.

“Thank you. When I leave for Todium later, if you want, I can guide you there. It might be the first time any human has gone there, and even in the future you won’t be able to find another person who would be able to enter the tomb of the Vampires who are Nobles of the Night.”


Vampire Lord Tori has invited you to the Noble City of the Night, Todium!Ancient artwork and gems, a City not found on the ground, inhabited by beautiful women and hundred millions of rats and bats.
In three months’ time, Vampire Lord Tori, has invited you and your colleagues to Todium.

Weed tilted his head slightly and nodded.

‘As expected, my prediction was right.’

Death Knight and Vampire Tori have grown excessively.

They would not always simply exist as a burden. If one raised them above a certain level, they could obtain a special quest or gain access to a certain area.

Tori headed towards the Valley of Death.

“My family, reveal yourselves.”

“You have called, My lord.”

The beautiful Vampire Queens, and young Vampires wearing mantles, suddenly appeared.

“The blood-filled enemies are over there.”

“My thirst is rising. Lord.”

“Although we may not be able to increase our family yet, we can look forward to drinking blood. Let’s go!”

“Yes, My Lord.”

“Veil of Darkness!”

Tori and the other Vampires hid their bodies in the darkness.

And in a flash, they appeared around the Priests of Dibase and the Demonic Followers that were above the valley.

“The Nobility of the Night!”

“Evil Vampires appeared!”

Tori extended his nails and greatly damaged the Priests of Dibase, while the other familiars were appearing and disappearing. The young Vampires were also moving diligently, and the Vampire Queen snared the Demonic Followers using their spells.

However, the young Vampires were no match for the Possessed Soldiers. If they were fighting humans with blood and life, they could use their powers to their hearts content, but these enemies were ensnared by evil. Even though they were fallen possessed soldiers, the Vampires’ powers were not shaken.

“Tornado Blade!”


Tori created an enormous tornado around the area where enemies were gathered and killed several people.

Because the large Tornado Blade swept throughout the area, the bodies of the Priests of Dibase were battered and ripped apart. Snow and ice were strewn everywhere. Because the strength of the storm was so strong, the impact made the Wyverns stagger.

“Blood Drain!”

Tori consumed a large amount of mana with each attack.

Only when he was drained of mana would he weaken, but he could replenish his strength by feeding upon the Priests of Dibase.

Tori’s eyes would also turn grey.

“You lot that don’t take me seriously, those whose blood was sucked by me, turn to stone.”


The gathered Possessed Soldiers’ bodies hardened and turned to stone. It was the effect of the Vampire’s Curse.

Van Hawk brandished his sword and led his subordinates. Bingryong and the Wyverns, with Geumini, claimed the skies. Weed and Seoyoon also joined the battle. They climbed up the cliff and fought the monsters.

“Moonlight Sculpting Blade!”

Relying on the trustworthy defense of Tallock’s Armor, on top of cliff, he wielded his sword. As he did so, his sobering eyes searched every direction.

During a close combat, one’s gaze must not be fixed on a certain place. It must always be appraising the situation of both allies and enemies.

Especially in a situation similar to now when there were many monsters to fight, the skill was necessary.

The Priests of Dibase were on the verge of dying from the fangs of the Vampires.

“7 Celestial Steps!”

It’s been awhile since I’ve used this footwork!

He could use his full speed and change his directions in the middle of each of the 7 steps.

Since the skill completely ignores common knowledge, it makes it difficult to use during battle.

But if you could utilize the skill well, you could gain far superior attacking power than others.

Weed ran in between the Vampires.

With the dazzling footwork, he was able to get in front of the Dibase Priests.


Weed swung his sword in the direction where his body was moving.

The excessive sword barely grazed its neck, but, as it returned, it sliced its chest.

You have dealt a fatal blow!

As its blood was flowing down, the Priest of Dibase, who was in front of him in the brink of death, died.

You have gained experience.

Because they weren't regular monsters, the priests gave at least 30% more experience.

But before he could check how much experience he received, a mace-wielding Evil Spirit Follower had followed him closely behind, attacked.


While shouting a battle cry, it swung the mace.

Weed lowered his body forward without even looking backwards. He rolled on the ground, and got up immediately. When Weed got up, his hand held a bag full of gold coins. Some time when he was on the ground, he had picked up the loot.

‘As expected, there’s plenty.’

Dibase was a deity of the rich. That was why the Priests of Dibase had a lot of money.

One could also tell that from the way they spoke while they fought against the Vampires.

“I’ll give you plenty of money if you follow me.”

“I’ll give you this jewel so believe in us.”

“All I have is money...”

They tried to appease and lure them with money.

Although the Vampires, being Nobles of the Night, were too prideful to fall for it, if they were money-loving Orcs, they would have undoubtedly sided with the priests of Dibase.

Weed looked around carefully with keen eyes.

He had no interest in the evil spirit followers, who only dropped loot.

He grasped the general location of the priests of Dibase, and took their Stamina into account to try and squeezed out every last copper from them.

“Seven Celestial Steps!”

Weed was quickly moving through the monsters and quickly picked out the Priests of Dibase! He was disciplined to acquire the best items from any monster.

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