Volume 11 Chapter 6

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The law of Local Procurement

People were coming to Morata day by day. Visitors flocked to the north because of the scent of adventure and new quests.

“Wizard, level 310. Skill set atmospheric magic, looking for a party.”

“Come this way, Wizard nim”

“I’m here!”

“Identifier, level 296. I focus on traps but can also identify things for you.”

“Identifier nim, I’ll let you take care of the items. Join our party!”

“Since we got the offensive lacking Identifier nim, what quest do you want to get?”

The town square was abuzz with people looking for parties.

In every part of the north, new quests and stories were being born.

So every Adventurer wanted to make the best of it!

When they hunted monsters in some dungeon, the chance of them acquiring good items was rare. But here, some given quests can lead them to be the first discoverers of some unknown dungeon, where they will get double experience and the good items drop rate will also increase.

Many of the adventurers gathered in Morata to find faithful compatriots to face the risks. And because of this, Morata became the most prosperous town.

“Polearm! Nothing is more comparable than polearm in combat. A weapon that excels in attack and defense, this might be the last chance for you. Check its stats!”

“Kadallina Dagger. The only weapon in his name. You can find out its value before purchasing……”

Players were squatting in the town’s square as they waited for potential prospects to sell their stuff obtained through hunting. Precious items were sold to the players directly as they can get a better value than that from in-game shops.

“Black Iron! Selling items made specifically through Black Irons. These were created by the Blacksmith Geam. These were made at the Intermediate levels and will blow anyone away. However, items are non-refundable after purchase! No guarantee future repairs for dents and damages.”

“Masterwork Shield production. Align yourself with a custom made shield from Paberu, whom recognized as a master craftsman upon reaching Intermediate level in Blacksmith.”

“Items that provides magic. I have from one day, three days, and a full week.”

From Blacksmiths to Seamstresses, Enchanters and Tamers gathered. The north was filled with erratic swarms of monsters and traps. Life crisis happened at every turn here, so naturally called for a great deal of demands on specialized equipment. The market for equipment and commerce developed rapidly, which called for various blue-collar jobs. Now, Morata’s name was widespread among users as a place to obtain and exchange things, and the adventurers have been endless.

“The land’s fertile and wide. Now we just need wheat seeds.”

“There must be somewhere in the mine.”

The farmers, miners, and grazers also came to Morata for the opportunity. The vacant land was cleared; and from the clearings, mines were founded. For those who found them, they only have to pay an estimated tax to own the land; so miners came and searched the land as adventurers in order to strike rich quick with a gold mine.

Morata was the north’s central city!

To be honest, it was flattering to call it that. The number of people deviate from the standard value for a population because it was low, it was also lacking in buildings. Nevertheless, the village was growing everyday as more and more people came to pass. Another part of Morata that was busy besides the adventurous warriors leaving were the producers; which were always can be seen working on something.

And the night life after the sun went down!

The once busy streets in broad daylight were completely abandoned. The main reason was because people were crowding at the Light Tower near the rocky mountain area.

“How on earth can this wonderful sculpture captures the human’s sensitivity so subtly?”

“It makes me want to get to know the Sculptor more.”

On the other hand, for the warriors and mages, they hurried to the battle zone as soon as they saw the light.

“Let’s go!”

“To the hunt.”

They wanted to make use of the duration of the buffs from the sculpture as much as possible to hunt monsters.

Similar to the Eiffel Tower in France or the Statue of Liberty in New York, each symbolizes individually great city; Morata became famous and flourished through the Light Tower. The information was widespread regarding the subject; now many towns and cities knew of the Light Tower of Morata. Through its workforce, committed care for health, the city’s name further widespread. Many of the northern cities know of Morata’s achievements, but its Light Tower made it worthy of its recognition. That is the thing people recalls once they had a reminiscent regarding the north.

Another reason why the number of tourists never seemed to dwindle was that of its citywide development, thus the role of the Light Tower was even greater as the city’s landmark.

For those who traveled to Morata from Roseheim Kingdom, these were the words they exhale in exhaustion!

“Is this Morata?”

“The Sculptor Weed nim is the prince of this city?”

“I heard they give you porridge when you come!”

The village Elder ruled over Morata province in place of Weed’s.

“I want the town’s residents no longer have to go hungry.”

So he had the city go through a large scale development. The city cultivated the land with crops to relieve the food shortages. Since plants grew so well in the north, the once starving resident thrived and its population increased.

The investments to obliterate the vicious cycle!

Morata have clear another space of wilderness. Reclaimed land can be planted with wheat, vegetables, and plants. First harvest will be four months after which.
Clearing Area: 140,000 Py (1 Py = 3.3058 m2, so about 370 soccer fields)
Economic Growth: 7
Tax Revenue: 800 Gold per month
Grain Yield: 830% increase

In terms of investment, the income yield was inefficient. However, since Morata’s population was increasing, this sort of investment was well required. For the clearing of the fields, the village elder spent as much as 30,000 Gold in this project.

“The town’s buildings are too underdeveloped. Have to the increase the pride of the village residents by cleaning up.”

2000 Gold were given for street cleaning, and 260,000 Gold were invested to housing and commercial constructions. Numerous maintenances, and even a marble gate was built at the entrance of the village. For the pride of the people!

Morale of Morata’s residents is 89.
Sanitation and Health Status modified to Very Good.

Whenever adventurers visited the village elder’s home; in this case, Bantem, Kunta and Horeugan brought back things from monsters such as the horde of Barbarians they’ve hunted in Yodeum’s Evil Lair. In other cities, these materials could get them up to 200 Gold and around 30 Fame points when handling them over. But in the Elder’s case, this too was also unusual.

“Oh, you did a great job. We, the people of Morata, will never forget your help.”

As the village Elder fussed over something seemingly was not big a deal, Bantem replied bluntly.

“As warriors, we’re simply doing as dictated.”

“No, no. You’ve helped relieve fear for us from these monsters of our troubled past.”

For Morata’s village Elder, as well as all its inhabitants, their fear regarding monsters was a bit unusual, as it was due to the fact they were harassed by a vampire clan in the past. That was why the elder was very fond of the warriors.

“You guys were given the task of taking care of things for our cherished and beloved residents, and I would like the exercise the power on behalf of our Lord. Although this may seem insufficient, I hope to take care of your expenses.”


Reward for commissioned is 360 Gold.
Fame increase by 46.

“So much money…”

“Please come back with more monsters. We’ll pay more.”

The village elder paid heartily!

In the Lord’s stead, he gave a lot. The 130,000 Gold Weed left behind dissipated quickly; so from then on, they heavily relied on the income tax as the revenue source.

The people of Morata revered the warriors that took care of the monsters, and the warriors, in turn, were rewarded with a large amount of fame. Thus, the village elder had to spend a lot of money, this caused the income tax to rise.

Then, on the part of the adventurers; while questing, they had to fork out their money to take care of their equipment, as well as money for food, and even paying for a room at the hostels.

As for the monsters’ byproducts and whatever else, they can be processed and remade into leather as well as other products; which caused the prices for the items to increase dizzyingly.

On the other hand, technology, agricultural, and industrial side of Morata were underdeveloped, everything except for the textile industry!

They grew and went on to creating excellent leathers and cloths, which merchants and adventurers bought readily even at expensive prices. This was the main revenue source for Morata.

Still, the village elder did not forgive the increase in tax.

“As thanks for being under the constant observance of goddess Freya, I’d like to make this donation to our brethren.”

“Ooohh, may blessing come unto thee.”

A significant amount of 5000 Gold was offered.

In addition, other cultural projects went underway. Even though guilds related to combat weren’t established, the artist guilds spared no effort to start up. Conferences, art shows, etc., money flowed through these like water. Day by day throughout Morata, variety of window displays, sculptures, and paintings grew into the thousands.

“Keukeukeukeu.” (laughter)

“The owner left.”

“Let’s fly. We are now free.”

Wa-1-yi, Wa-2-yi, Wa-3-yi, Wa-5-yi, Wa-6-yi, Wa-7-yi!

They were happy. Their exploiting and oppressing owner was in the world of vampires; although temporary, it was freedom. It wasn’t a paradise.

Cheoeok! (a choke.)

The first to spoke through the sound of the wings was Wa-1-yi.

“We have to indulge, but how!”


“I’m distressed.”

The wyverns enthusiastically replied.

“Golgol. It was insufferable because I got the wrong owner. Look at what happened to my golden shell. Golgol!”

Geuminyi knocked on his head.

“Cold and hungry…now, sweet freedom after the suffering. We have the right to enjoy this freedom. Cause here and now, NO OWNER!”

He was elated, as for the simple reason that weed had left. But nevertheless, he was still under Weed’s command. Before leaving for the world of vampires, Weed called for the Wyverns and Geumniyi and preached eloquently.

“Looking down from this vast sky, checking on walking monsters. Wa-3-yi!”

“Speak, Master!”

“To you, what does Wyvern means?”

“The lord of the sky, the strong and fast Wyvern, is this right?”

“That’s right.”

At this time, Wa-3-yi was stuffing himself with chicken wings vigorously. Of course, the rare praise from Weed also made him feel good. But the praises and encouragements also had another meaning.

“So why on earth are my Wyverns weaker than those weak monsters walking on the ground!? So the Wyverns, lords of the sky, flinched against them and spread your wings. The wings are just convenience excuse so you can avoid those inferior walking monsters!!”

Weed fiercely criticized the Wyverns for their weakness.

“Sorry, master.”

The Wyverns were ashamed and didn’t know what to do. But in actuality, they were weak because of Weed’s lacking in proficiency when created them; but they, all the same, were convinced because of their low in intelligence.

“Be strong! The Kingdom will no longer exist if you continue to let others forfeit their lives to those weak monsters. As true lords of the sky, you guys will not lose any of your colleagues at all costs!”


“You were concerned about us regarding this.”

Their beaks(snout?) trembled with emotions. Weed at the time of his departures, left a goal for these Wyverns to accomplish with his speech.

“Gotta get stronger.”

They moved around freely on the hunting ground while growing stronger. Even though their owner wasn’t there, they still followed his guidelines. And for a while now, they knew why they were adhering to Weed’s commands faithfully.

Leadership and Charisma!

The stats affinities were higher than most toward the Wyverns as they were directly created by Weed. Everybody was growing slowly while following Weed’s commands.

“I’d like to get some fresh air today.”

But Wa-1-yi chill time went beyond of that his hunting time. He stood on a high cliff with his wings folded, feeling strong, while uselessly stood in his place with a rabbit prey in hand. The other Wyverns behind him were also just as bad.

“Keukeukeu.” (laugher)

“This thing is good.”

“Eat more, c’mon and eat more!”

Their hunting time was increasingly shorter. The Wyverns were indulging themselves; passing their peaceful days outside in the meadow sleeping and loafing about!

“We came and pretty much did everything.”

“Gotta have a break.”

“When the owner’s not here we gotta rest. Certainly when he comes back, we’ll be in a world of hurt then.”

“Come and play.”

They still hunted sometimes, but it became very little. No matter how high the Leadership and Charisma stats were, if one were absent, it’d become less influencing. And this was one of the results from Weed reduce in control.


“Happiness. Such a cozy feeling to have.”

The Wyverns were indulging themselves on the ground. While being lazy, they were stuffing themselves with delicious things. As a result, they were rapidly fattening. Number of necks grew(weird…but I guessing the fat in the neck came in layers), while their abdomens were no longer able to flexed out, and remained convex. As for other parts, such as their wings, they were severely impaired. Although not a big deal, as they were originally crafted slender, the growing stoutness significantly reduced their flying speed.

Maybe a little more of this recurring actions they’ll no longer be able to fly!

“The ground is also good.”

“Yea. We had to flap hard just to stay floating in the sky.”

The Wyverns banded together on land.

Feet’s turn!

Now, sometimes, when hunting, they had to resort to running on the ground.

Step by step!


When Weed connected, Maylon was already telling the party regarding the broadcast.

“KMC Media is insanely interested in our adventure.”

Pale was quite surprised. He had a lot of interest regarding the broadcast material, but he had never imagined one of their adventures would go on air.

Maylon said with a smile.

“We are pretty much the only people ever to have an adventure in the land of Vampires. So, is it alright if we can air this?”

Since Hwaryeong saw no reason as to why not, she nodded willingly.

“I vote for.”

Pale was a bit reluctant, but seeing this as something to promote Maylon's work, he too joined in.

“I too vote yes.”

Romuna, Irene, and Surka too, calmly withheld their excitement.

“I’m not saying no. An adventure in the world of Vampire isn’t something to hide.”

“Though it’s kind of embarrassing to be in a broadcast…it is ok, you know?”

“We’re gunna be aired, yeah!”

There was no need to ask the Geomchis.

As soon as the word broadcasting came out, their attitude since changed.

Those who were sitting idly on the ground shot up and faced the wind, then remain in said position.

Having one’s hear swept by the wind is a wondrous sight!

However, since their hair was either crew cut or shaven, the hair remained motionless.

All the instructors called together a meeting.

“Did y’all saw Weed’s last video?”

“Yes, Geomchi2 sa-hyeong.”

“I hate to say this, but it was cool, huh?”

“The rating was very high.”

“We cannot lose.”

“Definitely. The heroes of this broadcast are us.”

Geomchi3 then said confidently.

“Sa-hyeongs, will you carry out my plan?”

“Can we trust in this?”

“Definitely, we need to make our own song”


“Didn’t you see Weed singing his song?”

Orc Karichwi singing was the worst!

Nevertheless, the song accompanied by the exciting event that it became popular.

“But on our part, we’ll give them a better song.”

“Pretty good idea. I think we’ll be alright if we sing the chorus together. But who’s gunna compose it?”

“We can leave it to Weed to do it. He is experienced in it, and good at it.”

“Leaving it up to Weed seems right.”

The instructors were considering everybody’s inputs.

The practitioners also came up with few ideas.

“It’ll have to show man’s spirit.”

“It has to be loud to seemingly overwhelm enemies.”

“Oh. Gotta show our nice bodies too..then…”

“Yeah! Shirts will be off.”

The general population. The norms that enjoy playing Royal Road could never come up with such idiosyncratic idea.

Taking one’s top off and to fight against monsters? It’s like asking for an immediate death or show that you’re crazy.

No matter how little one’s clothing is, it’s still significant since it is the main source of defense.

Even if it’s just a piece among thousands, when wearing the right armor at the right level, the damage sustained can decrease by half.

Though the only time that the idea is right is when one can tell the damage will be huge, or a desperate need to save the armor from breaking, then it could be considered as a good idea to take it off.

But the absurd opinion from Geomchi38 was aggressively taken to mind by Geomchi3.

“Good idea, Geomchi38.”

“Thanks for minding my idea, Geomchi3 sa-hyeong.”

“But! Ain’t it riskier by taking it off?”

“Mhm! I also though about that. So when we meet a really strong dude, we’ll slip away. But for normal mobs, we’ll just overwhelm them with our stamina!”

“Sounds cool, solid plan.”

“Geomchi38, I didn’t know you were so smart.”

“I don’t wanna boost, but when I was a child, my teacher had praised me.”

Geomchi38 recalled his past with a satisfied look.

Geomchi3 seemingly enviable, asked.

“What were you told?”

“She said ‘I have a good head but hate studying.’”

“Oh, such a good compliment.”

School teachers often lie!

They said that every time there was a parent-teacher conference.

Doing so then kids could be sent to school, and paid the tuition.

“I usually procrastinate till the last minute or so, then I start using my head.”

“I see. So attempting things nearing due time is good for you.”

“My retention capacity’s only a 30 minutes worth when it comes to studying.”

“But really now. You guys have something special going on here.”

The usually non-talkative Geomchi intervened.

“Keuheum.” (Ehem)

“Instructors, you guys have something to fill me in on?”

Geomchi2 and the other instructors, as well as the practitioners, made haste to comply to their Master’s inquiry.

A moment after their tale was finished, Geomchi words seemingly burdened.

“I think, we need something that symbolizes our teachings.”

“MHM! Though we have a lot of styles, so one line may not encompass for all of us. Could you come up with something, Master?”

“If that’s so. Then to keep it in mind……”

Geomchi thought to himself for a moment, then boast with a smile.

“Our sword is invicible.”


The message was very simple and clear!

But it spoke to many of the Geomchis.

The willingness to face any enemy.

For the sword, even if it’s nearing its brink of fracture, it should never break. When a sword under duress, it’s because its owner couldn’t properly taken care of it.

They have learned swordsmanship for seemingly a lifetime.

And they trusted in it.

For Geomchi, he learned the value of life through it.

For the others, though they were only under his tutelage for just the swordsmanship, they still learned the world through his sword.

They faced the turbulence weather undeterred with their swords.

While continued to sharpen their swords and hone their skills as they move forward, it signified their bold aspiration and commitment!

Geomchi2 repeated those words.

“Our sword is invicible!”

“Our sword is invicible!”

“Our sword is invicible!”

Geomchis shouted their aspiration.

Weed’s party, a bit further away, also gathered to stage a conference.

Pale's brows furrowed a difficult expression.

“That plan has indignation written all over it.”

Hwaryeong and Zephyr agreed with criticism.

“I think that’s a horrible plan.”

“Can you imagine the Geomchis taking their tops off while shouting ‘our sword is invincible’ at the top of their lungs?”

Suffice to say, the imagined sight was terrible.

And the embarrassment follow was even worse!

At this moment, they were scared of the Geomchis action more than those of the mobs.

The embarrassment at this level would always retain at the back of their mind.

Irene pleaded expressively.

“Weed nim. Can you please do something about this?”

Weed shook his head.

“How can I tell my Sa-hyeongs to dial it down? That’s like subjecting them to an even larger indignation and killing the momentum.”


Everyone groaned, fully knowing they couldn’t do anything have the Geomchis tone things down.

Seechwi at this time finally gave in.

‘I don’t think I’ll ever understand them no matter how many psychiatric evaluation they’re subjected to.’

Until now she had been observing the Geomchis’ mindset, but it was considerably difficult. She struggled on this far more so than that of her doctoral dissertation.

They’re exciting like true men, and then somehow sometimes turned into childish clowns.

It was as if the only thing they knew of were swords and battles, while clueless on how to appeal themselves to the opposite sex.

Their hidden complexity was a current that was impossible to determine its flow.

Nonetheless, one thing was for sure, anyone that could understand the Geomchis bizarre nature was just as twisted as they are.

Weed said.

“But this hype is a necessity.”

Surka lamented.

“But do we really need this…”

Romuna replied shortly.

“Somehow this hype seems to be so troublesome.”

Mapan intervened.

“I think…the best way to decrease this embarrassment is to get the maximum distance from the Geomchis as possible.”

Weed agreed with his opinion after a moment of thought.

“I’m in favor, what about you guys?”

Maylon, Irene, Pale, and Seechwi answered simultaneously almost immediately.

“As far away as possible!”

“Don’t even turn your heads, just pretend you didn’t know!”

“We can reach the top of a hill then speed up when coming down the slope.”

“Chwiik. We got to go.”

Their instantaneous agreement showed how desperate they were.

Coming together!

There were a lot of embarrassing moments in everybody’s lives. But when a situation such as hanging out with the Geomchis came forth, it was best to turn tail and run rather than playing along.

And so, a secret countermeasure was put in place.


Yurin was still sitting on the ground painting in her sketchbook.

She had been drawing without taking a single break to increase her skill proficiency.

Zephyr had slipped away from his colleagues meeting regarding the Geomchis and pondered at the sight before him.

‘I wonder how she lived to trust her brother so much.’

A little while back, Weed’s words to Yurin were kept to a minimal, yet somehow, the message from one to another was well understood.

Her parents died when she was young, so it was tough having a steady home.

‘I don’t how anyone lived without money. Even the dolls I had were foreign made.’

Zephyr had never first hand experienced any kind of poverty.

When he was a kid, instead of toys to play with, he was handed jewelry and many things that shouldn’t be given to a kid.

Only times where he’d went without money was when he didn’t receive his allowance for not cleaning his room, or had his platinum credit card taken away for a slip in his grades.

His one crushing trauma was when he didn’t have the money to go to night clubs with his friends the week after.

‘She is such a nice and pretty girl to live such a heart wrenching life.’

Zephyr couldn’t endure watching from the side.

He didn’t know anything regarding Yurin and was not appropriate to console her.

He though she should at the very least smile a lot more while enjoying Royal Road, but now only to encounter an embarrassing moment brought on by the Geomchis.

Zephyr said to her kindly.

“It’s alright. It’ll be fine.”


Yurin seemingly confused, as she didn’t understand what she was told.

She was enjoying painting. Envisioned what color goes where to produce a beautiful painting.

She was happy when finished her drawing!

This was a good thing, so she brooded over what she was told from next to her.

Due to the unusual reaction, Zephyr said cautiously.

“Umm, have you not heard? Due to the Geomchis embarrassing actions, we called together a meeting to plan what we should do.”

Yurin’s eyes twinkled.

“Why? Aren’t they cool?”


Zephyr jaw dropped.

“I drew a picture of it to keep for a long time. On another note, I can sell this to girls for money. Hehehe.”


Zephyr felt a cold sweat running down his spine.

He was momentarily captured by Yurin’s cuteness.

But she was still Weed’s younger sister. This was absolutely not something that could be easily overlooked.


Weed and the party continued to move eastward toward Todeum.

According to the information gather from Seirun, the trip could take as much as ten days!

“Really tough.”

Zephyr heaved a heavy sigh.

Under normal conditions, there would be some sort of transportation via horses or carriages for such a journey. But here and now, it was the world of vampires.

There was no such convenience.

Although there was Mapan’s wagon, but it could only seat a limited amount of people; only Irene, Hwaryeong, Romuna, and Yurin were those that rode it as they had low stamina.

“Heokheok.” (wheezing)

“Damn, really.”

They were slowly traversing the road; and whenever anyone felt out of stamina, Irene would cast magic spells that restores physical properties.

After a full day of walking until the evening, the party would rest to eat. Of course, the foods were made by Weed.

“I’ll make food that’ll increase stamina and decrease fatigue for ten days or so.”

Weed put herbs into the chicken.

Well stuffed chicken!

Of course, the mix of herbs contained very little ginseng or dry bellflower, as to not let their scent ruined the chicken flavor.

“It’s only still broiling and I’m already hooked.”

Everyone traveled the same span of time and distance. All were physically tired, the toll on their mind called for a rest as well. Nevertheless, Weed still had to prepare the large quantity of food.

As a matter of fact, Hwaryeong and Yurin tugged on Weed’s sleeves to offer their assistance, only to be declined by him.

“Usually I don’t mind, but this time the food needs to be much better than other times, so it’s better if I do make it myself.”

When people with low cooking skill cooks, they tends to be very wasteful of the cooking materials.

“Ok, but if it gets too tough, call me.”

“Brother, I can lend you a hand anytime.”

Hwaryeong and Yurin were forced to retreat.

After eating a hearty meal of herbal chicken stew, Weed resumed to his usual actions at night.

Sagaksagak. (sculpting sound)

Weed was sculpting a sculpture while walking. Using the plain method of actually sculpting rather than relying on his actual skills to sculpt the wood.

“Every little thing when comes together will always bear fruit to something greater.”

When he created a Magnum piece, his skill proficiency rose considerably. But until now, despite having sculpted maybe a dozen pieces per day, many of which were Classic rather than Magnum pieces.

When relaxing after a battle, if he wasn’t sculpting, he would sow or did smithing. Or fishes while he sculpted.

Comparing to the long cooking hours and preparations, sculpting was as simple as pulling a piece of wood out and begin.

As his goal was far away, he knew it would take a long while before achieving it.

And he tirelessly devoted to travel that long path knowing that it was the fastest way to make his dream comes true.

Attaining his dream through sculptures, as well as other acquired production skills; they were his driving force.

An endless road of physical labor.

More than the being strong or the aptitude to learn, was the will of complete devotion.

Though relying on just that is simply exasperating.

So there is another reason for one wanting to become stronger.

On Versailles continent, there were numerous dungeons and hunting grounds, as well as a wide variety of quests. To face and fight stronger monsters and overcoming the risks was the main reason for him to get stronger.

So purposefully continuing, the constant work was not at all tedious.

They have traveled for three days.

From onto the wagon, Hwaryeong asked apologetically.

“Weed nim. Isn’t walking getting harder?”

“No. I’m just worry over the broadcasting material!”


Weed had a suddenly realization about the broadcasting thing.

The eating and the blindly walking constantly should not be the only materials being broadcast.

If things continued the way they are, it’ll turn away many viewers.

With the thought of the money obtain corresponding to the broadcasting materials in mind; he sped up his speed toward Todeum to a much quicker pace.

Hwaryeong this time around, questioned Geomchi9.

“Is it bad?”


Geomchi9 replied valiantly!

“If it’s too tough you can take my place.”

“I’m only using a fraction of my power.”


Seeing as Weed and all the Geomchis were used to the hard work and physical training, she didn’t give it a second thought.

In Zephyr, Maylon, Pale, and Sureuka’s cases, they took turn to rest on the wagon.

Of course Mapan, the merchant, remained on the ride continuously.

Lunch time that day!

The traveling group and the wagon finally crossed the mountain.

The wildflowers and the blooming trees engulfed every degree of their sights.

Whenever a breeze blown past, the flowers all danced to its sweep. The temporary sight of the tens of thousands of petals flying in the wind was spectacular.


A once in a lifetime sight.

Numerous petals dancing in the sky to the will of the wind, as well as the fragrant that came and went left the party wanting.

In the northern part of the continent, it was a struggle everyday against the harsh nature for everyone; but the sight bore before them in the land of Vampires was breathtaking.

A beautiful scenery out of this world!

Yurin asked.

“Brother, can we rest here a little?”

Irene and Romnyuna couldn’t help but agreed to it.

“Yes Weed nim! Let’s take a break here. It’s not good to let this opportunity pass.”

“Just an hour here. It’s been too tiring.”

They did not voice themselves, but Hwaryeong, Maylon, and Surka also thought the place was good. Such a beautiful place to kick back and relax to wash away all the fatigue accumulated.

In fact, the physical fatigue can somewhat be controlled via the use of magic and foods, but not the mental fatigue amassed.

The constant movement, while tedious, was a pain. In this natural flowerbed stretched before them, they all wanted to relax.

But some did not get their hopes up.

‘There’s no way Weed nim will stay at this place for such a meaningless reason.’

‘Just give up and go.’

Susceptible to his ways!

In normal cases, Relaxing was not Weed’s way of doing things.

But for some reason, Weed readily agreed.

“Yep, this place is good, but I think one hour is too short. Let’s stay here for seven hours or so.”

“Kyaa, really?”

Surka cheered. The other girls were also happy.

The unbelievable scenery of blossoming flowers within the mountain created a good atmosphere.

However, Mapan and Zephyr eyes were filled with suspicion.

‘It’s not normal for Weed nim to do this.’

‘No way, could it be there are monsters in the area?’

They scanned the flower garden.

A scene hard to find elsewhere on heaven and earth alike; filled with blossoming flower and blooming plants, while the dragonflies and butterflies lazily flutter, a magnificent picture filled with serenity.

There was no dungeon, nor were there any monsters that could be spotted.

In the case of monsters, archers would have sighted them outright with their buffed up visions.

‘Then what is the reason.’

Mapan and Zephyr were locked in agony rather than relaxing.

Hwaryeong, Irene, and Romuna thought to themselves.

‘Weed nim must have also wanted to rest while viewing the beautiful flowers and trees. Perhaps he might also want to take a stroll with me…’

‘Seems like Weed nim is still a brother who can’t refuse his dear sister’s request. Aside from his usual actions, he’s secretly a real family man with sensitivity.’

‘Such a really beautiful place. Of course, an artist of his caliber could not pass up a place like this. Is Weed min trying to conjure up his inspiration in this place? He’s going to sculpt a great statue!’

Romyuna’s opinion was fairly straightforward and plausible, so she told the whole party of it.

Naturally, the reaction was explosive.

“What, really?”

“He’s going to sculpts? Then we get to watch the work from beginning to end?”

Hwaryeong eyes sparkled.

Maylon did not hide her expectation.

“Yes! Or else he wouldn’t have bother calling for a seven hours break.”

“Wah, I get what you’re saying. That’s definitely it!”

Weed, on a daily basis, created a lot of sculptures.

Delicate and calming representation of objects.

The road to increase skill proficiency was paved with labor.

Nevertheless, many things happened to increase his desire.

However, Weed’s aim and the created works differed in terms of purpose. Few known of the fact, but nonetheless, his reputation spread on the Versailles continent as the transgressor of great sculptures!

Sculptures like the Light Tower and Bingryong that rose to the ranks of Classic or Magnum were few examples of his visions.

Even the calm Pale fluttered with anticipations.

Geomchi too, looked forward to it.

‘Creating works through sculpting. In this way, can I read how polished his heart is through the work’s textures?’

Everybody was watching Weed’s movements.

None carelessly opened their mouth, nor approached Weed. They tried to be as unobtrusive as possible.

Before their eyes, he was gone.

Weed was presently moving.

As expected by Romuna, he drew out Zahab’s sculpting blade

Through the same means as always.

He infused his life and soul into Zahab’s sculpting blade just like the numerous times he sculpted.


Weed shouted at the tree before him.

“…Sculpting Blade!”

Rather than moonlight sculpting, he used Moonlight Sculpting Blade!

Weed’s sculpting blade surged the plant with a whoosh whenever he strikes.

Irien’s small mouth stretched wide.


Zephyr also shook his head.

“The hell?”

At the first glance, it was as if Weed was working from bottom upward, but the branches and the tree was cleanly severed off.

Hwaryeong muttered in a quiet voice.

“I need to watch longer. Since there are various ways to sculpting, I’m sure this is just one of the methods.”

There was even a method to sculpt light.

So they figured there was some sort of way where Weed needed that tree in a different manner.

They patiently waited with expectation.


Weed then went on to collecting the pieces.

Formed a collection of branches!

“I wonder how much money this is going to save me!”

Weed was very happy.

To increase his sculpting he needed good materials.

Excellent materials such as the Wood Elves’ lumber were sold at expensive prices.

Strict procurement laws!

In Weed’s case, he couldn’t help but to buy the materials, but the prices his sculptures sold at brought him to a loss.

The speed of his skill-rise decreased; and as he grows, the future mats will be even more expensive.

But then, they had accidentally discovered this lively flowering bed with growing trees.

The outer surface of the wood was good, while the leaves were lustrous.

Strong life force and vibrant trees!

Thus the true purpose of the rest: a chance to save a few pennies by cutting down the trees.

“So great, this should earn me a bit!”

After having collected the branches, Weed went on to working on the trunk.

Mapan rushed over.

“Weed nim, I’ll be happy to help you!”

Mapan swept up the twigs to place them onto the wagon.

The difficulty when he was a beginner taught him how to gain and spend money!

He had to survive on collecting firewood from the mountain ranges.

Mapan was now collecting timbers with the intention to sell them.

The atrocities the committed!

Cutting down the myriads of trees, the party realized the circumstances of his actions.

“It was for money after all.”

“Somehow, Weed nim’s action would always result to this……”

They once again faced an overwhelming disappointment.

However, one did not lose hope.

Zephyr said to himself.

“Weed’s younger sister must love flowers.”

Pale also nodded his head.

“The need for money can’t be genetic.”

The youthful Yurin should be somewhere adorning herself with flowers in this plain.

As expected of a girl.

When they sought out Yurin.

The scene unfolded before them was shocking.

It was correct that Yurin was sitting in the field of flowers. The problem was she was squatting on the ground digging into the flowers reaching for the petals, yanking them out and placing them into her basket-shape formed hand.

“The, why……”

Questioned by Zephyr who approached her, Yurin replied concisely.

“It’s natural dye.”


“Gathering the petals together can make dyes. And to use them to paint a picture, cost nothing.”


Same mentality!

Yurin was no different from Weed.

“Please help me.”

Zephyr could not refuse Yurin’s request, squatted down, and then started collecting the petals diligently.

“You have to divide them by colors.”


Then he went on to strike a tree, collecting the dropped petals.

The practitioners, at this very moment, were getting bored of flower watching scene.

“This carefree idling around is a bit tiresome.”

“There’s nothing to do here besides this.”

Weed just couldn’t bear with their wry comments any longer!

He sent a message to quell their complaints.

“If you help me collecting these woods, then I’ll treat you all with a round of meat.”


The practitioners rushed in a flurry brandishing their swords toward the trees. Followed by their swinging, all that left were wreckages and stumps of what used to be vibrant trees.

Even when the durability of their swords dropped tremendously due to the demand, they continued their devastating prayer!

“Sword or meat, MEAT!”


Mapan obtained the wood in exchange for the meat rations.

Pale was devastated.

“I can’t believe this!”

The sight was beyond shocking.

Everywhere Weed and the practitioners step foot on, the trees appeared to be just a stump moments later.

The instructors and Geomchi's weren’t just idling around.

“There are a lot of trees this way.”

“The pieces aren’t thick enough for sculpting!”

Shouted them as they led the practitioners collecting wood; using this voice deliberately, they cried out for Weed to hear. In the practitioners’ cases, they weren’t press by concisely cutting the wood; rather, meat was their ultimatum.

And in comparison, the hypocritical instructors’ wreckage was worse!

Then, Hwaryeong’s face stricken as she walked toward Weed.

‘Guess it’s too much for Hwaryeong nim to take.’

‘Seems like she’s going to give him what for.’

The party hoped.

The people that can seemingly restrain Weed were Geomchi and Hwaryeong.

For Geomchi was his master in the ways of the sword, while Hwaryeong hardened look and strong presence can essentially dampen the atmosphere.

If she was like this, Weed would change his attitude.

However, Hwaryeong did not stop Weed.

As he went on cutting the tree in front of him, she danced silently behind him.

The speech the dance spoke was quite straightforward.

She was doing it in order to lessen Weed’s fatigue, at the same while she had on a provocative gown to confess her heart to catch his attention; like a butterfly sappunsappun(fluttering about) to draw in her mate.

Her heels trampled the flowers with every dance steps she made.

Complete destruction of nature.

The place they stayed at slowly turning into ruins.


Director Kang and the planning committee hearts were thrilled.

‘I can see what the Jeonshin Weed is like.’

‘It was very good for the station that we got this.’

Simply having Weed’s name, it was a guarantee that the viewership wouldn’t be low.

Domestically, as well as on the international level, he was known as the God of War!

Cryptic Invader.

Hunter without a shadow.

The Dark Knight.

Weed earned a variety of nicknames, but the one that stuck without being either excessive or long, was the ‘God of War.’

An individual that exists to fight against every monster, and comes out the victorious singular.

A legend born from the Magic of the Continent.

From just buying his account, CTS Media essential obtained a strong following that came with Weed’s reputation.

“I hope it just as sensational as the Legion of Immortals quest.”

Director Kang was filled with a swirl of positive anticipation.

“No drinking yo. They’re away in the Kingdom of Vampires. Above all, Weed is leading the expedition. This is going to be more work than the Legions of Immortal.”

“Gotta stay up, right?”


The station officials were convinced.

This adventure was the jackpot of a broadcast to draw in more audiences!

What they need now, was the work to put behind it.

“Sound team, special effect team! Starting today, you’re on a 24 hours standby. You’re gunna edit things as they’re shown the screen.”

“Yes. Everyone is waiting.”

“The writers have to make the caption oomph with the descriptions.”

“I don’t think there’s such need. If you copy paste anything to Weed’s adventure it’d still be just as intense.”

“True that. But it’s an order from the commissioner. We’ve had this experience before, got to proceed with the editing as quickly as possible. Our first priority is to begin the broadcast as soon as possible.”

Only veteran broadcasters were gathered for this urgent task.

Usually the special program features prestigious guilds expeditions or large scale boss monster hunts; though now, Weed was the only person that they’re preparing the program for.

The faith they had in Weed was proven long before.

The Planning Division unexpectedly exclaimed, due the fact that the adventure they were about to work on popped up on the screen.

“Boss! Videos are coming in.”

“Who got it? Put it on the main screen.”

“Yes. Doing it now.”

The station turned their gaze onto the main screen.

According to the talk earlier, they should have been proceeding with editing.

But curiosities regarding Weed’s adventure far outweigh the work.

Weed and the party stepped onto the steep mountain.

Far above the cliffs, clouds drifted by.

They cleared it, and traveled along the flowing creek, and reached a place filled with trees and flowers.

Kkulkkeog. (Gulp.)

Director Kang swallowed his saliva.

On the main screen, the unexpected sight before them was simply breathtaking!

Weed and his party stopped in their tracks when entered the plain of flowers. And after a few verbal exchanges, they scattered in groups.

“That must mean they want to take a break.”

“Yea, I think so.”

But they began to harvest petals and timbers.

As the hundreds of people moved forward with their harvest, they ground became bare wherever they tread.

From one area to another, each was becoming a thorough mess. Everywhere they trampled, it was as if the once sweet fragrant from the flowers got drown out.



It became unbearable.


Director Kang, as well as everybody else, became speechless.

Instead of appreciating the beautiful place they’ve encountered accidentally, Weed and co. left nothing standing.

In what seemingly as 2 seconds, every form of flowering plants disappeared.

In that location, they calmly had their meals with meat as if nothing happened.

“Do we export this to broadcast?”

“There’s no way we can do that, sir.”

“Then, today must be just messing around; the real adventure will probably start tomorrow.”

“Sure. It is Weed.”

Director Kang still did not lose hope.

Jeonshin Weed.

It was an honor to watch all of his struggles.

In Magic of the Continent, he was the sole existence that can drop any challengers to their knees, and forces every enemy to abandon hope. It was great to form an exclusive contract with Weed and to broadcast this adventure.

In fact, the entire broadcasting station had already cleaned up the internal issue regarding the special program because the expectation on this was very high.

However, Weed and his party have been traveling for about nine days, and everywhere they went, atrocities were committed.

Each and every time, Director Khang’s innards were slowly burnt to black.

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