Volume 19 Chapter 5

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The Lost Pirate Fleet

After another nine days of sailing, they finally arrived at their destination, the port town of Kruger. Their speed dropped because the ship had encountered the sea monsters’ nests 3 more times, and thus they killed an additional 57 more. Their long distance voyage allowed Weed’s sailing skill to improve by a level. (T/N I’m not too sure if he improved by a level or became intermediate)

“Land ahoy!”

An ecstatic Surka was the first to leave the dock.

Kruger was a small, charming harbor. The houses and shops were built like a picture.

Weed first went to the bar and collected information.

“You say you’re looking for people or groups related to the Niflheim Empire? It’s been a long time since we’ve had visitors from the outside so we don’t know much. You’re the first outsider we’ve had in awhile. Unless you’re an experienced sailor, most people don’t know about Kruger Harbor, you see.”

They made some money at Port Kruger, selling the necessities of life and then immediately took off. Two days later they arrived in the harbor of Runei. It was a harbor with slightly larger ships that Kruger. Collecting information in the pub was easier if you bought a round of drinks. While sipping cups, the sailor’s stories easily flowed out.

“Sailors don’t like talking about where they’re from. And you don’t even know the name, you say? Then finding em would be even more difficult!”

“If you are looking for sailors from Niflheim there’d be a lot amongst the pirates. Many fishermen can’t fish around here anymore because of the storm and changed to being pirates. Where we from? Thats…hehe, you’d report us if you knew wouldn’t you?

“Storm? I’m not sure why but the seas seemed to start to become like this after the fall of the Niflheim Empire....heard the sea used to be quite calm before that.”

There were also many unconfirmed rumors.

“In the northeast sea there’s an island infested with monsters. Don’t even think about landing on an island infested with monster for supplies. You’ll become monster food in an instant.”

“Did you see the fish with red fins? That one’s meat is tender so its great for eating.”

“The area the pirates mainly infest is the Perion Bay.” Sailors who traveled the extensive sea bragged an awful lot. One could only confirm the truth by going for themselves.

Still, even the smallest tidbits could be used for later reference. It happened while Weed was investigating in a very small port called Rejado. As he bought a drink for a very old fisherman, he drank with thanks and said.

“Young man who has the temperament of an Admiral, are you asking about the Armenian Pirates?”

“I didn’t ask anything about pirates.”

“A long time ago, I heard from my Grandfather about that storm hitting the sea. During the fall of the Niflheim Empire, a certain man went through the ritual of the pirates in that sea and took a ship. Later on, it seems he became the head of a pirate crew. Rumor has it, he was a great magician.”

Weed’s head started processing quickly. Rejado port is very close to the stormy seas, but it was found at the back of an island. Weed would have missed it had he not looked closer.

“Are the Armenian Pirates still at large?”

“Their forces practically ran the North sea.”

“What about now?”

“They’ve been missing for a few decades now.”

Weed decided there was no other way but to pursue the Armenian pirates.

“Is there any way to know where they went?”

“If you travel towards the north for a long enough time, there is said to be a beautiful Aurora that spreads across the night sky. It is said that even the very best sailors may or may not experience it once in a lifetime. If you go along the aurora you will arrive in the Northern Region of the continent.”

Morata was also part of the North and so if the old fisherman were basing the Middle continent as the standard, then Lezadra port was also in the North.

When he liberated Morata, it became the center of the north and supply for dry leather. But most of the north past it was opted out.

Then how much more North are you telling me to go. Weed’s complexion changed as fast as a flying car. This was because he was reminded of that place.
“No way.”

“There’s absolutely no way…..just no way. No matter how bad my luck is, it can’t be that.”

The words of the fisherman continued.

“The place that you must break through is in the cold ice, where the land breathes. Rumors has it that the Armenian Pirates went to the Las Phalanx area. I also heard from grandfather that their treasure lies sleeping there.”

You have obtained information on the quest.

Acquiring clues about the quest!

Las Phalanx. Even the name alone sounded ghastly. It was one of the 10 forbidden areas in the continent, for starters it is an area of fierce glacial cold! Volcanoes constantly explode and spew out lava. And the level of monsters that appear are mainly between 500 and 600, so just entering is impossible unless one was prepared for death.

Weed was greatly enlightened.

“There is a map of Las Phalanx which my ancestors went to. Would you be willing to take at least that?”

‘Ah finally, you are trying to kill me, Quest!’

It could be said that he was moments away from reaching his goal by walking on the path of death.  The moment his coffin was made, the hole was dug and all that was needed was for his breath to stop.

Weed sharply asked.

“Is it free?”

“ I have no particular use for it now so just take it.”

The fisherman went to his house and left Weed the old leather map.

 You have obtained a map for heading towards Las Phalanx.

You obtained Roughly drawn map of Las Phalanx #1. The Las Phalanx area could be said to be the end of the northern part of the Versailles continent.

The moment Weed looked at the map, images started to flow.

A Land of Frozen, Pure White Ice!

Mammoths, large polar bears, and yeti walk leaving massive footprints.

The eerie scene of furry bears laying dead and frozen was incomparable to the cold of the land above the North. If the North was like kids saying they were cold after eating ice cream, then this was just a freezer.

It was a miserable place to call a hunting ground. If you were not there for a quest or for treasure you would never have even ventured near it,. Even if he brought 100,000 soldiers, around 90,000 would die of the cold and about 8,000 would die of hunger. The smarter 2,000 would flee before they even got to the glacier.

However, if you went past to Las Phalanx, it was no longer as cold. The ice is barely frozen and you can feel the warm atmosphere waiting to flake away. Red light and steam rise up out of a large crack in the ground.

*Aaaannn Kwaaah booom!*

The mountains of Las Phalanx frequently spew out lava. Tropical monsters such as; the Borado Warriors of Chaos; Phantom Bolas that crawled on all fours; the winged Deabbedo, which looked like bats and were considered the weakest at around 380 were always being eaten by the other monsters. In the distance, Feyoumu fire giants wriggled in the center of the volcanoes spraying lava. The dangerous volcanoes and the shiny ores around dangerous dungeons stood out. There were a lot of veins of mithrils, gold, silver, and many other precious minerals for jewelry. Las Phalanx also had many rare stones just scattered on the surface. It was definitely a place worth going to for sculptors.

An extremely dangerous land he had never been to before and infested with all-powerful monsters. Even so Weed did not feel like giving up the quest.

“If failure was the first option in mind then fighting the Immortal Legion (I think thats what its called ie. can’t be bothered to check) in the first place was also impossible!”

Whatever the request, you can’t succeed without challenging it . Nonetheless, Weed decided to think positively instead of pessimistically.

“I’m not going to die of the cold air, dying by fire is a million times better.”

The durability of armor and weapon becomes significantly lower when scorched by flames. Though they can become wrecked to the degree of restoration being impossible once they melt, with his blacksmithing skills he could repair the damage to a certain degree so it was ok.

“Since it’s on the land instead of the unfamiliar sea it’ll be easier to endure.”

If it’s fighting on land it was also possible to call the sculptures of life pieces. However, it would take a long time to just to go back to get them though.

“For now, I’m a Lich and not a Sculptor so it’ll be more advantageous.”

Sculptors are able to increase their force’s overall power and contribute greatly to the development of a city. It was a job capable of empowering many other residents and users.

On the other hand, Necromancers could fight with corpses and mana. The sculptures of life had a similar effect, but the benefit of raising reinforced zombies and ghouls even in death was much greater. Combat-wise, the Necromancer is said to be the strongest career known to date. It was not like it had the broadness of a Magician’s ranged attacks, nor did it have the might of a swordsman or knight. However, looking at it from the side, it was a profession enabling you to handle legions of undead and becoming a one-man army which is an advantage incomparable to the other occupations.

“It’d be better to not use the Ancient shield”

Even the Ancient shield that accounted for about of 30% of his total defense could not be used.

“Nonetheless, all I can do is endure as much as possible”

All that’s left to believe is that his vitality is more persistent than a cockroach’s.
(imitation- I don’t think he should be proud of that)


In the little kingdom Selzium. Mandol, lived in a huge thousand square ft. mansion with his wife.
Some visitors had arrived at the mansion they lived in.

“The sculptures have been made in Morata. It’s difficult to move them so we hope you drop by there, that is the message.”

On the Versailles continent, There was a company that would give simple messages for others or deliver goods so long as they knew the address. Through them, Weed’s message had arrived. Only then had Mandol told his wife about the request he had made.

“You did something useless.” “Even if Weed is a famous sculptor how would he carve my daughter when he’s never seen her?”

“Well. . .”

“Alright. If you really insist, then let’s go.”

Even if it was through traveling, Mandol wanted to regain the happiness he had lost with his wife.

“It’s been a while since we’ve traveled together.”

“Let’s see many good things and eat lots of tasty dishes”


They made their trip while hunting and making their own food. Looking at Mandol giving his utmost best, his wife, Delfina, sometimes smiled.

“Here’s Morata.”

Unlike Mandol, who had a bushy beard and looked like a bandit, his wife, Delfina, was a slim and attractive beauty.

“There’s been a lot of development since the last time I came. There are a lot of buildings that have been built as well.”

Mandol once came to Morata to leave his request with Weed.

‘At that time, there weren’t this many people and buildings.’

'A lot of large and ornate structures have been made too.’

It seemed like even a few days wouldn’t be enough to cover looking around all of Morata. Mandol spoke with an uneasy mind.

“Even if the sculpture is disappointing, please don’t be mad.”

“It’s alright. I mean it was great on the way here.”

Mandol deliberately approached Morata slowly trying to ease his wife on the way.

1 Copper for a Sculpture! ‘He couldn’t have made it terribly for being a cheapie, could he?’

Having traveled a long way, the distress would be devastating for his wife much less himself if the sculpture was unsightly.

“I can only leave it to his conscience. But he didn’t look too kind, nor that honest though.”

As they tried to pass though the gate, there was a girl waiting to pick them up.

“Are you perhaps Mandol?”

“Yes, but . . . . . “

It was a cute and pretty girl.

The girl named Freena had worked in several occupations after being saved by Weed. She sold flowers, helped make clothes, and even assisted with cooking in the cafeteria when the meat of the King Hydra and the Imugi was cooked and served.

At present she’d even been entrusted with the guide mission.

“My lord has urgent work to do elsewhere, so you can not meet him.”

Questions and doubts flew across Mandol’s head.

‘Did he really make a cheapie and run off?’

Freena continued.

“Instead I will guide you there.”


“The location of the sculpture.”

Well, he definitely wouldn’t have thrown it just anywhere. Beginners in this city could be seen everywhere; the whole place was vibrant and lively. Drawn to its bright and cheery atmosphere, Mandol just wanted to go exploring the city already. New quests and hunting grounds were being discovered one after another, and there was also the nearby lake and mountain scenery that was out of this world. Delphi and Mandol receiving the guide entered the center area of Morata. There was a jumbo sized building surrounded by gardens and a live fishpond.

Weed’s Art Center.

“This is the place.”

“This is where the sculpture... that I requested of the lord is, you say?”

Mandol was slightly overwhelmed.

The Arts Center building was constructed grander and larger than many of the villas in the central continent.

“Yes, from here on out the architect, Pavo, will personally guide you.”

Pavo was waiting in advance at the entrance.

“I am the architect of this Arts Center, Pavo .”

“I’m Mandol and this is Delfina.”

Mandol politely bowed to Pavo who looked much older than the two

“You seem to be more of an elder than us, so please take it easy on us. But, it’s the middle of the day, so why is the Art Center’s doors closed? ”

“That’s because it hasn’t been opened yet. I’m opening the door now, so please take your time looking around.”

Weed’s Arts Center’s first guests were Mandol and Delphi. The official opening would be after the two come out. The locked doors that had been waiting for them sprang wide open.


After obtaining information from Rejado port they finally departed for Las Phalanx! First, they stopped at Mocon village for the quest of meeting the blacksmith. Everybody had the quest except Weed. Weed did not say much as the others went into Mocon village. He just sighed seven hundred times.

“Sigh, huff, ehfuu, aarhus, shhhiii, wow, whew.”


“Call Death Knight!”

“You called master? Who must I fight?”

“It’s me.”


“Let’s fight.”

There had already been dozens of incidents of beating the innocent death knight in between fishing.

“I’m doing this just to raise my combat skills’ proficiency, so don’t mind me. It’s definitely not like I’m still holding some kind of grudge from Go-stop.”
(T/N Weed…you still hold a grudge huh.)

By the way, the Mocon village blacksmith also issued a quest.

“There’s a lack of Iron ore and I can not make the stuff I need. Heard that near Mordred there were good mines, could you search over there for me? I can’t wait forever so I hope you can get it in at least 4 months.”

A Difficulty level C request.

Of course everyone accepted the quest. It was because they were in a situation where they had to do the Mordred’s great craftsman descendent quest anyway. And so they once again set out from Mocon village with sails spread wide.

“Las Phalanx area, huh. . . .”

The North of Versailles continent was a very polar region. To reach the Northern part of the continent by land, you have to cross large mountains and rivers, as well as pass through a dangerous forest full of demons. Even if it could be said to be far safer to go by sea, it’s a very far distance. “What’s more is that it’s said that the storms and currents aren’t so great either so the path is tough.”

Looking at Weed’s sailing skills or the state of the ghost ship, it wasn’t looking good. It’s said that going further North from here, encountering glaciers floating around was very likely and avoiding them would be difficult.

“I may sink before I even get to Las Phalanx.”

It was a situation where he had no choice but to freeze to death if he fell into the sea. The ghost ship was not a high speed ship, despite sailing for five days, they did not go so far in the north. Not only was it because of the influence of the headwind and currents, but also was there the fault of going through every island and port selling necessities and gathering info.

“To go to Las Phalanx that’s one crazy man.”

An aging old woman asked seriously.

“Are you going with a deathwish?”

Two days later Pale said.

“By the way, Weed the time limit on our quest is approaching.”

They originally followed Weed on their way to Modred. They were detained for a while so they had to do their quest too.

“Or should we just cancel our quest? Las Phalanx should be a really dangerous area. You’d need our help.”

Despite Pale’s goodwill Weed could not accept it with ease. Even on the ship, Weed was perpetually raising his skill proficiency as well as Fishing, Carving, Cooking and a variety of others. But the others could only sit around and watch the scenery on the way to Las Phalanx taking God knows how long. In addition, there was no way to guarantee that everyone would arrive safely at Las Phalanx now was there.  He could not ask them to go as far as to give up a quest for that.

“No, I’ll go alone. I’ll try finding Lax Phalanx by myself.”

“If we leave, the battles at sea will get harder, won’t they?”

“I just have to bring the Sculptures of LIfe on board when I let you guys off.”

Getting the comparably lighter Golden Bird aboard was no problem.

Phoenix, Bingryong, and the Wyverns could not go together to as far as Las Phalanx. Hwaryeong and Irene strongly protested but Weed did not accept.

“Please first set out for Mordred’s quest. Even I alone am sufficient for my quest. There is no need to feel sorry. If I really need help later you can always come to help through Yurins picture shift ability.”

This was when Yurin regrouped with them through the shift ability after painting a picture at Morata. Only after that was Pale’s party convinced. The ghost ship went full speed ahead for sure and docked at the pier.

“Hwaryeong, you have my 1190 gold, so luck be with you. Irene, do not donate that 810 gold, because I’m going to regain it from you later. And Bellote, who won 690 gold, could you remain on the ghost ship separately for a little while longer, because I have a favor I’d like to ask of you.”


“It’s nothing grand and I’ll send you over to the others through Yurin”

“That so?”

Bellote agreed and was puzzled but decided to stay for now. Weed was a cheaty, petty man crazy for money. However, it didn’t seem like he would be harboring any dirty or underhanded ambitions. This is Bellotte, who had a considerably sober assessment on Weed that we’re talking about. Seeing her best friend, Hwaryeong have absolutely no worries was also relieving. Bellotte glanced at Weed’s face; a skeleton with a lonely expression having said farewell to his peers.

“Without the rest of us there it’ll just be him and the ghost sailors. It’ll be a lonely voyage.”

“I still feel a bit sorry somehow.”

Weed’s  jawbone spread so far from the mouth it looked like it was going to fall off.

“Now I can hog all the treasure!”

And then there were the Sculptures of Life coming aboard the ghost ship.


Wyvern, Phoenix, Yellowy, Geomuni and Bingryong!

“Get on the boat Geumini.”

“Okay, master.”

“Wyverns, for starters try getting on.”

The Wyverns were too heavy to carry on the deck to the valley. If they tried to sit on the mast it would break under their force.

“Wyverns, come down.”

It was when the Wyverns were going to fly off the boat. Walking determinedly Bingryong was five times as big as the ghost ship! Shamelessly Bingryong was trying to get on the ghost ship. It seemed like he was trying to destroy it by stomping on it with his foot.

“Stop, right there.”

Just before Bingryong was about to step on the ship he stopped

“You just can’t get on.”

With those words from Weed, Bingryong, as if somewhat sad, turned away.


Lee Hyun connected to the Royal Road website.

“I need skilled sailors.”

If it was near the high-traffic Nelia there wasn’t much worry about getting lost. On the other hand, to get to Las Phalanx, you had to cross a great sea. If you didn’t know where the currents were, in the worst case scenario you could get swept up in the wrong current and it would lead to disaster. A little mistake in the wrong direction could lead to a few days in the wrong direction, which could lead to the loss of several days of wandering around to get on the right path again or going to the wrong place entirely.

“To get to Las Phalanx, a high level navigator is needed.”

Ghost sailors were high-level to a certain degree, but that was just to a certain degree in battle. When it came to adjusting the sails or handling the keys they were so clumsy that getting to the destination quickly and accurately was impossible.

“Famous Captains or navigators, huh…”

Lee Hyun was searching the website articles.

“Though it’d better to get anyone that does not belong to a guild or group.”

From among them he found a striking article.

Title: Dirty Navigator Bastards! They robbed me of everything in Lanetis Sea.

Timber! You dirty bastards! I was pressed into Eulra on 4teeth.
                                          (T/N Pressed is a old term that was used to reference people who where pressed “kidnapped” into the becoming sailors for the navy [usual an old British reference])

I hired some navigator, but he caused a mutiny with the other crewmen and I lost all of my trading goods and even got my ship stolen.

After I searched up their names, man these guys were famous.

Seems like Hye, Fractal, and Board Mir were friends. Don’t ever hire them.

The name was also posted about in several other articles.

Title Accusing the armed mugger of Planatis sea.
Even while they have high levels they’re jerks who hijack others’ ships. In order to access us they pretend to be goodie two shoes and after hiring them for their talents they stole the ship and I got a total loss. Don’t ever be fooled. They totally lust for women and their personalities are shit. Main base Becky. Let’s all be careful.

Lee Hyun was in a position where he had to use a pirate caught as a slave if he couldn’t get a navigator.

“For starters I just need to get the contract.”

When the sailor contract is fulfilled that person’s status belongs to the ship.

In other words, as long as the ship does not sink, they are revived on the ship. Therefore the right to decide the life and death of the seafarers belongs to the captain. However, it was always possible for the sailors to take control of the ship by rioting and overthrowing the captain. At sea anything can happen!

The Port city Becky! As a port city that was part of a small marine dukedom. Trade and the shipbuilding industry were developed. In order to enter the Neria Sea from the Planatis Sea, it was an island that must essentially be passed by. The Island had many good hunting grounds, and its ocean currents lead all the way to the eastern kingdom of Brenton in just four or five days.

“Hehe, please another bottle of wine here.”

Bellotte was dressed in a neat leather dress and was drinking in the hard drunk pubs. Cute rosy cheeks, clear eyes, and innocent impression; she had attracted all the men’s attention.


“A woman drinking alone…. Is she waiting for her colleagues to come?”

Many of the male users were taking a peek at her.

Because this tavern was near the port the ratio of male sailors was overwhelmingly high. As the men were building up courage, watching Bellote sipping a drink, there were three men who stood up first.  It was Hye, Fractal, and Board Mir the navigators famous for bad taste. They loved hard liquor, women, and had experience seizing boats by betraying the captain. They had a notorious reputation for going in between as normal users and murderers. They also had the nickname “Becky’s 3 Mad Sharks.” Now they sat next to Bellotte and spoke in light tones. The one with the job to break the silence was Hye whose appearance was the better of the three.

“Seems like this is your first time in Becky?”

“Yes. My friends asked me to come here recently. Hehe.”

It was important how the opponent accepts the first words. Hye thought it wasn’t a bad start. That was because she laughed good-heartedly without any repulsion.

“Where are your friends now?”

“They’re waiting in the harbor.”

For Hye there was no need to retire even if there was a friend. If it was a girl with a cutesy innocent impression like Bellotte anyone would want to go out with her.

“Your friends as in men?”

“Their names are Romuna and Surka. Would you like to see a picture?”


“A little sis I know is a painter. She painted us each a portrait.”

“I would love to see it, by all means.”

Bellotte pulled out the images from her backpack below. The image contained A Sporty girl in a red wizards hat and charming dancer staring wide-eyed. etc

Hye, Fractal and Board Mir swallowed their spit and thought:


Hitting on Bellotte alone was already amazing. But along with her friends it was not an exaggeration to say it was a beauty corp. Hye’s smile thickened further.

“By the way why, is there no nautical officer in this picture?”

“Because none of them is a nautical officer.”

“I presume you got here with another’s boat or a liner.”

“No, we hitched a ride with a friend who has his very own boat. He’s a beginner Captain.”

“Oh my, it must’ve been tough coming here.”

The currents around Becky were extreme, thus unless sailed by a skilled sailor, there was bound to be trouble.

“Actually it was really hard. It took more than four days to get here.”

“Yes it was very difficult. It took us three days longer to get here.”

“My my that so? It would’ve been much better if some skilled navigators helped out….”

Hye peeked a glance at his mates.

As if written on a script Fractal asked the next question

“The sea is really beautiful, right?”

“Yes, it’s really beautiful. The clouds roll across, and the floating stars and clouds…. and watching the jumping fish and dolphins make me really happy.”

Hye gazed gracefully back at Bellotte again at the end of the eloquent words.

“The sea is a really nice place. Are you going to continue your voyage? If so then perhaps we can help out a bit…. Really?

“All the good views of Becky are in the palm of our hands. We’ve even got some drinks to drink while looking.”

“Actually there’s a place I really want to go….”

Bellotte suddenly tailored a guilty look. If one looked close it seemed like a frozen face doing something one really shouldn’t. But this was interpreted differently by Hye.

‘Is she being sorry for asking me for help? Such a nice lady.’

Going with beauties like Bellote, how much trouble could go over that. Given the chance, wanting to go together were the three men’s hearts.

“What’s the problem? If you’re worried about something like not having enough money there’s no worries.”

“Honestly I came looking for a crew and a navigator, but I couldn’t bear the shame to ask you. Will you really help me?”

“Of course. You should have asked sooner.”

Board Mir suddenly interrupted as well. He was feeling jealous at the other two for being the only ones to talk to Bellotte.

“Then will you make the contract?”

“Do you by any chance have a boat?”

“It’s a friend ’s, but it’s an old medium sized sailboat.”

“Oh, is that so.”

Nothing would be better than Bellote or her friends. However, if there was no sign of going well with them they could always steal the boat in the middle of the sea.

An opportunity to Bellote and her friends and obtaining the boat and items.

‘Great.’  ‘A gnarly opportunity.’ The three got hasty and said.

“Let’s first start with the sailor contract.”

”How much would we get a day from the sailing contract?”

All of them were thinking everything was theirs’  so there was no need to ask for a lot.

“We’re good with 5 gold a day. No, the even if we don’t get that much we’re good.”

A trip with beauties and the chance to take over the boat low wages were but a trifle.

“That’s great. I already have the contract as the temporary vice Captain.”

Documents, which had been prepared in advanced, were removed from Bellotte’s bag.


Bellotte has proposed a voyage contract for the Maria’s issue, on the behalf of the captain.

Title: Sailors and Navigators.
Allowance: 1 gold per day.
Contract duration: until arrived at the destination.
The Navigators Guild of Becky’s oceans ensures this agreement. Sailors are disqualified if they deny the ship’s captain’s command, or conduct an unauthorized withdrawal from the ship.
The allowance was only one gold. Even it was only word of mouth, after saying they would even do service free of charge they would only be stingy men if they started nitpicking.  By signing the consent forms Hye, Fractal, and Board Mir happily entered into an unreasonable sailors contract. If the Voyage contract was assured by the Navigation Guild of Becky’s oceans, it was impossible to leave the ship.  If they deserted the ship without authorization, their licenses would be disqualified by the Navigator’s Guild of Becky’s oceans, so they couldn’t be employed on other ships. Plus, the ships they own would be useless because no harbor would take them making it hard to get any work. The three men twitched like tracking dogs ready for the hunt.

“Then shall we go see the boat?”


With rosy imaginations they followed Bellotte to the harbor. However, when they got there, they were a little confused. Despite the clear signs of being repaired the medium sized boat was still badly damaged. While being dumbfounded Hye asked.

“This is your boat?”

“Yeah. Is there any problem”

“No, nothing. It’s just that it didn’t seem like it’d go with your style.”

Such an old ship doesn’t seem like it’d fetch a good price , but oh well, a medium sized ship is a medium sized ship.

“Would you go ahead? I’ll catch up later.”

“Got it. We’ll be waiting on the ship.”

They climbed up the ladder with pleasure.

“Now it’s our world.” “Pretty girls and a sea adventure, huh . . . . ”

And the continuing shock, confusion and despair! On the deck three men with deathly white faces could be seen. What they boarded was a ghost ship, and one with ghost sailors walking around at that. They vaguely thought it might not be a trip with all women but they could never imagine a disaster of this proportion.

“Excuse me, this isn’t the boat Maria’s that we got issued to is it? We just got issued to Bellotte’s ship.”

The ghost sailors laughed raucously and willingly answered Hye’s stuttered question.

“KYeekyekyekeye This is the ship Maria.”

“The curse, the disaster of the ocean, The ghost ship Maria! Hehehehehe”

“What are you talking abo … we’ve been cheated?”

As they were in a rush in making the contract there was a lot they didn’t ask.

“Umm, Where is the ship headed?”

“Khihihihi it’s going to the Las Phalanx region.”

“Las Phalanx? I think I’ve heard that name somewhere before…Oh, you cant be referring to that Las Phalanx?!”

Known to be a place where you have to sacrifice yourself just to get there, one of the 10 classified forbidden areas; Las Phalanx! As navigators, they had heard about it so they knew the name.

“Yes, we’re going to Las Phalanx. Are you scared? You’ll probably die and become like us? Hihhi.”

“Blessing! Blessing! Become a sailor and stay on this ship forever.”

Looking at the ghost crew Hye frowned. Nonetheless, as the voyage contract stated they could not cancel it until they fulfilled it. If they left without permission they couldn’t get any jobs at the harbor so the disadvantages were just too enormous, Fractal gave a small whisper.

“There’s no problem. We only need to kill the Captain.”

All they needed to do was kill the captain and grab the contract documents.

Then they would have no problems with the Navigation Guild of Becky’s oceans.

“Let’s just kill the captain like always and take the ship already.”

“Though it’s an old antique... but we’ll still be able to get a so-so price for it."

Hye asked with hope.

“Where is the Captain of this ship?”

“huek huekhue, our Captain , scary Captain, is fishing.”


“Go towards the front.”

The three navigators pulled out their knives and moved with bold fronts. They were planning on slicing the captain and selling the boat straightaway. However, the moment the three men saw the captain their faces turned a ghastly white. With the body of a Lich consisting of a skeleton and skull, Weed was fishing.

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    1. *Weed slowly turns around.*

      "I've been waiting for you, Hye, Fractal, and Board Mir..."

      The trio die of a heart attack.

      Weed gets dem loot.

    2. LOL They fucked by their own greed lulz

    3. It's not about the loot... It's about sending a message !

    4. ^Joker reference, lol.

    5. If you want to kill captain you must find death man ch.....

    6. "I've been waiting for you, Hye, Fractal, and Board Mir..."
      "Are you ready for our Journey?"
      *Weed does a skeleton pirate laugh*

    7. "I've been waiting for you, Hye, Fractal, and Board Mir..."
      "Are you ready for our Journey?"
      *Weed does a skeleton pirate laugh*


    9. *Weed slowly turns around.*

      "I've been waiting for you, Hye, Fractal, and Board Mir..."

      The trio die of a heart attack.

      Weed gets dem loot.

      The trio revives on ship.

      "You're not getting out that easily. "Weed says with a smile

    10. *Weed slowly turns around.*

      "I've been waiting for you, Hye, Fractal, and Board Mir..."

      The trio die of a heart attack.

      Weed gets dem loot.

      The trio revives on ship.

      "You're not getting out that easily. "Weed says with a smile

  2. "T/N I’m not too sure if he improved by a level or became intermediate" - he reached intermediate in the last chapter

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    Did Weed ever follow up the invitation to meet the mysterious benefactor behind the quest for planting seeds in the Valley of Death which Freena, the flower gir NPC whom in this chapter directs Mandol and his wife, gave him after he completed it? I remember him receiving a map but not a quest.

    1. He's still not doing it, maybe in the following volume we will see him doing it.

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    4. I thought that he would use that as well, but then again they somewhat want to put it behind them while still remembering it, so making a sculpture come to life would probably have a negative backlash.

      I want to know who the friend is! It'll probably be important later on!

    5. I thought that he would use that as well, but then again they somewhat want to put it behind them while still remembering it, so making a sculpture come to life would probably have a negative backlash.

      I want to know who the friend is! It'll probably be important later on!

    6. The daughter sculpture consists of some 27 figures from baby to old lady what use would bringing it to life be.

    7. The daughter sculpture consists of some 27 figures from baby to old lady what use would bringing it to life be.

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      Giving them an NPC daughter wouldn't have been good because you won't know what its personality will be. It might cause more harm/sadness. If they needed something like that Mandol and his wife could just have adopted a real child in real life.

    9. Prina (or Freena now) gave the high elf bow. The high Elf is not a begining race as far as I can tell. so maybe it's Race unlock quest.
      And if Weed gave life to the daughter sculpture she would think of weed as her parent, which would ruin the purpose

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    2. Weed was offered a job in the army as a high official. These guys were hired as navigators, which are not that high post. Also Weed proposed it, it was their fault for accepting such a low paying job.

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    2. me too man, me too. We'll see it soon, probably.

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    List of possible reasons

    Shes the only one with access to todeum

    Shes beautiful, and ego sword has ego ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    Shes op

    She cares so she wont throw out the sword like the chicken half sauce half fried.