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By Wing - 3:13 PM

If you want to post a summary, just make an account and post in the forum,

The translation of Legendary Moonlight sculptor was permitted by the author for up to 20 volumes, now that we have completed that, we won't be continuing and the author did not permit any sort of continuation to anyone else, if you find anything above 20 volumes, it was done against the author's wishes, he has also requested that no profit to be made from the translation of his novels, and any group that does post ads in their sites are doing so illegally and we do not hold responsibility for those illegal actions. 
you may read more about it in 

The dawn traveler translation will be released here, as permitted by the author, 

If you wish to contact us about anything else, 
you can contact

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  1. when do you publish other volumes?

  2. You guys need to change the line height of your website to 1.4 or 1.5 .... 1 is simply too low. all the words get crushed together.

  3. First: Hi.
    I really enjoy reading here and am very thankful for the translation.
    Chapter 11 of Volume 18 seems a bit short and in the comments someone wrote that it's just a summery. Is that true? And if yes: is there a whole translation somewhere or do you have a digital untranslated version that i could read?