Volume 10 Chapter 6

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Birthday Party

This has been brought to you by Grisia.

Lee Hyun accessed the internet. He checked out the response on several different websites, including the Royal Road website.

“It’s in an uproar.”

The number of posts increased far more than usual, including on the Hall of Fame.

Over half of them were discussions about Weed.

- Weed! Weed appeared again!
- I was a user from the Continent of Magic. Weed has appeared, once again, to make a legend in Royal Road? As we expected of him.
- The God of War, Weed!
- It’s probably not going to be long from now. 1-2 monster groups have increased their influence and activity throughout the continent.
- I believe that it’s in response to Weed.
- Have to see Weed’s quest. It’s unbelievable.
- It was difficult to fight the dragon, would have they succeeded if Weed hadn’t been there?
- When will the broadcasters rerun it?
A considerable number showed admired him.
- I just saw all of Weed’s fight. How do you learn to attack like that?
- In my opinion, it seems to be a master level of martial arts. I guess you have to concentrate all the attacks.
- I succeeded against an elephant!
- Theoretically, hitting the same point more than 10 times will increase the damage 2 times, and it seems to be able to increase up to 3 times more damage.
- The additional damage to stack differently depending on the type of weapon.
- I think you don’t need to do this for general hunting though.
- It’s too tough to be picky. It’s unreasonable to only attack the same spot since it would increase the hunting time.

It was not easy to attack the same spot over and over in the middle of a life-threatening battle. In that situation, being greedy would result in taking a lot of damage!

- So Weed’s class is a necromancer.
- What are some of the Necromancer skills?

The necromancer class was becoming more popular.

This was not bad for Lee Hyun.

“Bar Khan’s Tome and the Saint’s Staff will worth more money if a lot of people start to convert to Necromancer.”

For first job of the wizard class, the cost of weapons and items were very expensive. There was an item scarcity because they were different from warrior weapons that could be obtained from hunting monsters. It was not easy for blacksmiths to craft wizard weapons. Blacksmithing skills needed to be at least intermediate to learn how to craft them and then it required several special materials such as Blessed Wood.

Therefore, the supply of items was far lower than the demand for it. In other words, not only was it expensive to buy but it was difficult to purchase an entire set for their class.

“In about 5 months I should get a decent price if I sell.”

Lee Hyun decided to use the items while waiting.

For some items, like the Ancient Shield should be sold quickly as the durability declined over time but that was not something he wanted to do.

The Ancient Shield had a limitation attached. If he placed it in an auction, there would be very few users that were over level 400 and there would not be much competition over it.

“If I had sold the items made from the dragon bones I’m sure I would have made a lot of money.”

Lee Hyun could not conceal his regret.

“The Ancient Shield just had to have the special option of not being able to be repaired…”

If repair had been possible, then selling it would have been a good idea since a lot of people would want it.

Regretfully, he was unable to acquire the rest of the treasures of the ancient Nifleheim Empire.

“It they could have been repaired then they would have sold for a lot in antique shops and large cities like the capital.”

Lee Hyun skimmed through the rest of the post on the Hall of Fame. A high level adventurer party was challenging the Land of the Exiles.

- Does anyone know about the Village of the Trees?There has not been anyone that has been able to complete the quest yet.
Join us and we can be the first ones to complete it!

Their public declaration to challenge the Shadow Lands!

In addition, they would put up quite the challenge.

Plenty of well-known high level players sent their requests for the challenge.

More than 300 players signed up for the expedition.

“Ha, these guys are trying to do the quest without knowing anything.”

A fair number of people criticized the challenge but their comments were dismissed as useless.

The quest was described in detail, asking to find something or hunt some monsters that appeared somewhere. Lee Hyun considered the information and the value of the money to be earned. The quest did not state the rewards for joining!

“No point in working for nothing…”

Physical labor was the basis of all quests. Information about the monsters was pretty useless. Even if you searched the internet it wouldn’t help much. People were still searching for fresh information about various hunting grounds.

Knowledge is power!

Some information would be conveniently kept unknown.

“I’ll check through my mail.”

Lee Hyun was roughly reading through his mail.


A new mail has been received from a family member.

There were very few people in his address book and it could only be either his grandmother or his sister that sent the message.


Lee Hyun looked to see that the mail had been sent by his grandmother.

“What’s going on?”

Lee Hyun clicked on the mail.

Lee Hyun,My waist is okay now and it doesn’t hurt anymore.
The hospital is very comfortable.
You’ve seen the old lady in hospital room 203, haven’t you? Her grandson brought a massage machine as a gift. Moreover, it has shoulder massage options and it can also heat up and cool down. I have never received anything like that. Do not worry about it. I do not mind.


Chung Il Hoon, as usual, asked them coldly.

“Today is the day. We have planned for this, are you ready?”

Choi Jong Bom nodded frightfully.

“We need to be perfectly prepared. Two, no three times the amount will be necessary.”

“How about only once...”

“That will create an absolute mess of the plan.”

Chung Il Hoon eyes dimmed. He had trouble believing Choi Jong Bom’s words who had payed for the other brothers before.

“It certainly would, wouldn’t it?”

“If necessary I will lead.”

Choi Jong Bom could feel his heart being smashed. Next to him however, was Chung Il Hoon smiling brightly.

“Brother, you’re not planning to do that are you?”

“That’s right. Unless we carry it out, we will never succeed.”

Nevertheless, Chung Il Hoon did not change his countenance.

“You know the emphasis of today’s importance.”

“I do.”

He nodded his head.

It was Lee Hyun’s birthday today.

Since he had never once had a birthday party ever since the day he was born, they wanted to give their brother the best birthday party ever!

‘Isn’t it such a moving sight?’

Both of them trembled. Without a doubt they would share a meaningful experience.

They did not mind that they were going to use some of their income.

They were going to get to meet with female college students!

It was everything they could ever hope for in their dreams.

It was also a good opportunity since Ahn Hyundo was on a business trip.

Chung Il Hoon said again.

“Everyone do your best. If all goes well then it should succeed. How many years do you think that we have left of our lives?”

“Maybe about 50 years or so?”

“Yeah, during that time you have to eat meals by yourself and sleep alone when you’re tired...So keep in mind that depending on how things work out today, you may either live alone for 50 years or with a harmonious family.”

The expressions on Choi Jong Bom, Ma Sang Bom, and Roi Lee’s faces changed.

Chung Il Hoon was able to give them some courage.

‘The plan is incredible. It was able to make those kids willing to help out!’

They always went to ask for help.

Ever since they started Royal Road, they would always ask Pale for help.

Since they knew it was Lee Hyun’s birthday, they promised to come.

‘The girls were difficult to get.’

Lynn, known as Hwaryeong promised to come have lunch.

Kim In Young; known as Irene, Yeon Hee Park; known as Romuna, and Yoon Soo Park; known as Surka, would all come in the evening because of family reasons.

‘This will be an enjoyable birthday.’

Chung Il Hoon gave a satisfying laugh.


Lee Hyun visited the dojo early today to train.

But without knowing what his brothers were planning, they brought him somewhere else.

“Let’s go!”

Dojo Instructor! In addition they were joined by a massive number of 70 practitioners with hardened faces, eyes, and overflowing courage.

“Brothers where are we going?”

Lee Hyun asked in a low voice.

Roi Lee replied in a grim voice.

“Going to the amusement park.”

“What are we going for? Are you going to fight?”

“We’re going to go on rides and play games. Even we have rest day sometimes, don’t you think? Go along with it.”


Lee Hyun shook his head.

Even if they were going to the amusement park, the facial expressions of the people going did not fit with it. A heavy atmosphere was made as they passed by.

‘Do not fail.’

‘Happy birthday, birthday.’

It was too heavy of a responsibility to remain calm. They were carefully dressed in black suits, feeling vaguely uncomfortable and awkward.

The group rode on the subway. The dojo owned a vehicle for transportation, but they deliberately decided to use the subway.

‘People going to amusement parks use public transportation.’

None of the practitioners or instructors have been to an amusement park since they were kids. Consulting the internet, there was going to be a lot of traffic and other transportation would be recommended. With that in mind, they decided to board the subway.

“Hey, today are we going to your house to play some games?”

“Last night I was dancing at the club with a guy...and I held hands with him!”

There was a deep silence in the subway as the cars were filled with broad sturdy shouldered men in black suits.


The students from before and the all the men stopped talking. When there were many passengers on the subway there was bound to be a fierce battle over the seats. The struggle for more comfortable seats!

But some people stood quietly in place. Everyone didn’t know what was happening.

“Keuheum, it feels more comfortable to stand.”

“Yea, it’s better to exercise...”

40 to 50 men stood in place. Even the elderly seated nearby were getting worried.

“Huh? Why are they standing?”


Roi Lee and Ma Sang Bom did not sit down in any of the seats. Being accustomed to comfort made the body increasingly weak. It was necessary to work the body out everywhere. Therefore, it was normal for them to stand around in public transportation. The instructors and the practitioners stood alongside the ordinary people.

‘Are these guys mafia? The look in their eyes...’

‘It looks like their muscles are going to tear through their suits.’

‘I think they’re going to do something illegal.

‘The police. I think it would be a good idea to call the police...’

When they arrived at a station, the subway doors opened.

“Huh, there’s empty seats?”

“That’s not very common. Maybe we’re lucky this time.”

The new passengers were delighted to see the empty seats, but then they saw the practitioners.


The passengers stood around quietly. They would not dare to sit down looking at the hard faces of the instructors and practitioners.

‘Why does it feel so bad to take a seat?’

‘I would rather sit down. Then I can be comfortable.’

More passengers were forced to be worried. However, the practitioners could not afford to care.

They needed to entertain Lee Hyun somehow!

They did wonder about the people standing for a bit, but they didn’t care so that was overlooked.

‘It must be some kind of fad to stand around in subways huh?’

‘Come to think of it, it’s good for their health.’

Nobody sat down in the subway until the group had reached their destination.

“Lee Hyun, over here!”

“This way!”

In front of the main entrance of the amusement park.

Hayan, Oh Dongman, Shin Hye Min, Lynn, and Choi Ji Hoon were waiting together.

“Hayan, what are you doing here?”

Lee Hyun asked weirdly. He noticed that there was something strange that he wasn't informed of.

Other than the abnormal behavior of the practitioners, Oh Dongman, and Jae Lynn, he did not expect to see Choi Ji Hoon.

Hayan opened her mouth and smiled.

“Oppa, It’s your birthday today!”


Lee Hyun began to calculate the date. It was indeed his birthday. Since he never celebrated his birthday, he had forgotten.

“Isn’t that why we’re here for your birthday?”

“Oppa has never gone to an amusement park before so...”

“I mean, amusement parks are exclusive to the wealthy...”

Jae Lynn, Oh Dongman, and Shin Hye Min were puzzled at Lee Hyun’s words.

‘When did amusement parks become reserved for the upper class?’

The instructors and the practitioners took it quite literally.

“In fact, you don't go to an amusement park unless you make a modest amount of money. It’s a big decision about whether or not to go.”

“A lone martial artist in an amusement park...”

“Isn’t it more than 5000 won a ride?”

The instructors spend a considerable amount of their money. For room and board in the dojo, they don’t make much money to spend. Therefore it was difficult for them to spend more than 10,000 to 20,000 won for something.

Lee Hyun sat down, since whenever he spent money on something, even going on rides, his heart broke a little.

“Keuheum! I prefer just relaxing at home.”

Hayan grabbed Lee Hyun’s arm and led him inside.

“I already have a free pass. This way you can play games and go on rides for free.”

Hayan already knew what to do with Lee Hyun. Since he disliked wasting time and money, with this he would not have an excuse not to go. The others followed after Lee Hyun in an instant.

Shin Hye Min asked them.

“What do you want to ride first?”

Jae Lynn didn’t waste any time.

“The Viking? Or the roller coasters?”

Roller coasters were high speed mechanisms that move along the rails in the air. It was the most popular rides.

Shin Hye Min was mentally tired from constantly being busy with the daily broadcast and secretly wanted to taste the thrill of the ride.

“Let’s go on the roller coaster first right?”

Ride the roller coaster first!

A considerable number of people visited the park in the earlier hours so thanks to this they can get their turn sooner.

Lee Hyun sat in the front with Jae Lynn, followed by Oh Dongman and Shin Hye Min, and Hayan and Choi Ji Hoon was paired together.

This was unavoidable because of the guy to girl ratio.

‘That’s great.

Today was the first time that Ji Hoon had met Lee Hyun’s younger sister.

Not just hunting and exploring in Royal Road. It was different meeting her in reality.

In other words, he was attracted to her.

He had met with numerous women, but he had never felt emotions like this before.

‘Doing this and spending the rest of the day with her. Yeah, not bad.’

Ji Hoon had a bright smile.

Then he receive a light tap on his shoulder from Ma Sang Bom.

“Watch your back.”


“Recognize who that is first...”

The horror hit Ji Hoon in the face.

“Hooo hoo hoo.”

At this Roi Lee smiled.

The practitioners did not try to get close to Hayan, since it risked their lives.

To them, Ji Hoon seemed pretty cool.

Then the roller coaster went up to the top and when it came down Oh Dongman, Shin Hye Min, Jae Lynn, Hayan, and Ji Hoon all began screaming.



Lee Hyun and the practitioners were more blase about it.

‘It was really scary when I was sculpting Bingryong's head.’

Sculpting chunks of ice hundred of meters high and hanging on a single wire. The body hangs there, with the wind constantly interfering. Compared to that experience, sitting here could be thought of as medicine.

The instructors were also calm.

“The angle needs to be steeper...”

“If we fell from here, even in the worst situation we could be okay if you give up the legs.”

“We can reduce the falling speed by rotating the body a few times to diminish the force.”

“Can we jump off from here?”

Talking about such things was scary in its own way.

Thanks to that, a few people were screaming because of the bizarre roller coaster ride!

‘What on earth are you?’

The people in charge of the rides wondered.

On the Viking, the same thing happened.

Lee Hyun and the practitioners sat still doing nothing. Same as the first ride without any change.

‘Oh this isn’t worth my money! Since I’m not using money, I need to enjoy this.’

But Lee Hyun still looked angry.

Eventually they gave up on the longer rides.

“If he’s not scared of the rides then we have to go on something else.”

Jae Lynn said unfortunately.

It was a long way from Lee Hyun and the practitioners to enjoy the thrill and suspense of the amusement park.

Then Oh Dongman had an idea.

“Instead of going on the rides...what if we go to the zoo?”

Hayan’s eyes twinkled in expectation.

“The zoo?”

“Yes, this place is very big but so is the zoo. Wouldn’t it be more fun than sitting in a wheel as it spins?”


So, changing their goals, the group decided to go to the zoo this time.


There was a giraffe.

Kids that were barely six years old were watching the giraffes.

A kindergarten group had come to watch.

Small and cute boys shouted.

“Look, it’s a giraffe!”

“It looks so cool.”

The pretty young girls smiled with bright eyes.

“It’s beautiful.”

“The animals are so cute. Whoa! Look at it’s long neck!”

It was a harmonious sight.

They were peacefully walking around with the giraffes.

Then an insidious voice came from behind!!

“Giraffes, are they tasty?”

“It may be uncomfortable since we may need to cook it for a long time.”

“But with some salt, it may be quite delicious to eat. The other day, I was training in Africa. I was so hungry. If I could have caught a lion, then I would have eaten it.”

“Do you feel comfortable eating herbivorous animals?”

“We can come and get it at night...”


The instructors and the practitioners!

They were looking at the giraffes while they talked.

“Waaaa oooooohh aaahhhh!”

This made the kids cry.

The completely innocent area was completely destroyed by them.

The instructors and the practitioners had to go to the other side.

Camels and ponies.

“Hey, what do these guys taste like?”

“I think I’ll have fun choosing what to eat.”

“It may be a good idea to bake and eat it.”

They looked at the polar bear while blatantly showing off their distasteful appetite.

“Well, look at him.”

“Wow, looking at it makes my mouth water”

“Gallbladders and feet...it eats whatever they throw him. If someone ate it, they could eat nonstop for a year...”

The instructors’ and the practitioners’ eyes shone with blood.

To such a degree that even the polar bear fled in fear.

The otters, the dolphins and the crocodiles suffered the same fate. Understandably, it was even worse for the birds.

But it didn’t include the expected animals.

Monkeys, gorillas, pigs!

The practitioners liked watching their sweet antics and bananas.

“Somehow I like it.”

“I just can’t seem to stop looking.”

Lee Hyun enjoyed the zoo.

It has been so long since he had taken a break.

He had never taken a break after he had started Royal Road. The thought of taking a day off was unbearable since monthly fees were expensive. However he did not regret coming to the zoo with his sister and friends.

“Someday I will visit here with my family again.”

That would be in 10, or maybe 20 years.

But now he was peaceful and happy.

Even when it was time to leave, Lynn refused to leave Lee Hyun's side.

She was on a quest to get closer to him so that they could be lovers.

Oh Dongman, Shin Hye Min and Ji Hoon tried to stay as estranged as possible from the instructors and practitioners.

“Not everyone wants to know what they like...”

“Let’s walk farther away from them.”

“We don’t know them.”


They left the amusement park by public transportation and returned to the dojo.

The last plan of Lee Hyun’s birthday party was completed.

A meat party with pork ribs and pork belly!

Kim In Young, Yeon Hee Park and Yoon Soo Park served the precious meat.

“Bon appetit.”

“Thank you, young lady.”

Ma Sang Bom took the dripping greasy meat wrapped in lettuce and put it in his mouth.

“You just have to eat meat for a birthday.”

The instructors had set up the meat for the end of Lee Hyun’s birthday party.

The amusement park was to be followed with meat!

This is what they were planning when they set up the birthday party.

Choi Jong Bom diligently picked up a piece of cooked meat with a stroke of his chopstick.

“Meat is more delicious when you eat it with others.”

Roi Lee also struck onto that comment.

“The more people there are, the tastier it is.”

The birthday party was neither at a nice restaurant nor did they prepare any special gift, but it was a warm experience nevertheless.

Chung Il Hoon brought out the soju.

“Here, take a cup of liquor.”

Lee Hyun listened to him and carefully took the cup with both hands. Chung Il Hoon filled up Lee Hyun’s cup with soju accordingly.

“To our lives!”

“To life!”

The men gave a clumsy toast. Looking at everything, Hayan was the one that planned everything in advance.
A group meeting with college woman!

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