Volume 9 Chapter 4

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After resting for a day, Weed started to focus on attacking the Valley of Death in the morning, right after the sun came up.

Although his condition was worse by 20% due to cold, he didn’t have the luxury to rest and fully recover himself.

“It’s common to get a cold. To avoid getting a cold in the Northern Province is only a luxury. Alveron!”

Alveron was sitting there when Weed turned around.

A dependable companion he can always trust!

As expected from the candidate of Pope, he had immense amount of holiness.

Unlike most strong characters, he was comparatively nice and obedient, he was very useful.


“We’re confronting a very important battle. Bless Wah-il, Wah-thul, Wah-sam, Wah-oh, Wah-yook, Wah-chil, Geumini, and Bingryong.

“Yes, I understand.”

Weed called out the names of each and every one of the sculpture creatures.

This scrupulous consideration!

But in truth, they get sulk easily because they’re life forms full of jealousy and selfishness.

‘Just for what good did I make those kind of things.’

Weed couldn’t do anything else than to sigh whenever he looked at his sculptures.

Bottom-low intelligence!

Greed towards food!

Greed towards money and items!

They were servants he could never trust.

But sculptures couldn’t do anything about it. Like the saying children take after their parents,
their level is comparatively high thanks to Weed’s high Art stat; but Weed’s intelligence and wisdom stat are pathetically low.

Due to that, only simple and idiotic ones came out.

Alveron cast holy magic.

“Undermine the dark power which tries to weaken him. Divine protection. Maximize he who fights against evil darkness. Bless!”

A white light poured out from Alveron and wrapped around the Wyverns, Geumini, and Bingryong.

A Priest’s special skill that raises Defence and Strength.

It also raised various Element Resistance.

Alveron cast another holy magic onto this.

“Help his breath of life to not leave him. Hand of Life.”

Skill that adds great amount of health!

Alveron became stronger while Weed wasn’t with him.

‘Yes, he’s very useful.’

Weed showed a disappointed expression.

Compared to when they arrived at Morata, lots of time passed, so he became much stronger.

But Alveron was his companion only for a specified quest.

Since he can’t order him around once the quest ended, it was such a waste.

“Master I will attack.”

Wah-il fluttered its wings.

After getting various blessing magic, he became full of strength and showed his vicious nature that enjoys battles.

Weed didn’t necessarily stop him.

“Alright. Just becareful. Geumini.”

“Master. Why call me? Gol gol gol.”

“Fight riding on Wah-il.”

“It’s cold. Can’t I rest nearby camp fire? Gol gol gol.”

Geumini was made of gold.

Just like his expensive gold body, he was very lazy.

Weed replied very honestly,

“If you don’t fight, I’ll melt you.”

“I will follow my Master’s words. Gol gol gol.”

“Take this bow.”

Weed gave him the bow he was equipped with.


Making a bit frivolous sound, the six Wyverns flew up to the sky.

The skilled Wyverns that survived fighting against the Legion of Undead.

Wyverns circled in the sky with dignity.

Just like an eagle preying, looking for a moment of opening!

But Wyverns quickly switched their minds.

“Gosh I’m gonna freeze to death. Let’s attack.”

Although it was morning already, because of the cold atmosphere, the Wyverns’ physical capability was being held down.

Thus, the Wyverns decided to not circle the sky out of necessity.

With Wah-il as a lead, they flew up the sky.

After continuing like that, they dived straight toward the monsters on the top of the Valley of Death.

The Wyverns attacked while diving down with thrilling speed.

Using steel-hard claws, they scratched Ice Troll or Lamia.


“This is our land!”


Ice Trolls yelled warcrys and attacked using tridents while Lamias used their spell, flicking their tongue like a snake.

“Eye of Temptation!”

Spell of Lamia. Regardless of race, it weakens all the men’s strength.

On the bottom of the valley, Weed though he made a big mistake.

“Did Lamias have such ability?”

Lamias are usually considered as rare monsters, so not much about their abilities are known.

Only that their level is around late 200s, but there’s nothing about how they battle.

The spell Lamias were using was a kind of curse, but it couldn’t be dispelled with holy magic. They were tricky opponents to face.

This was the Lamia’s specialty that wasn’t known to the public.

But the Wyverns were not one bit effected.

“Why aren’t we effected?”

“What the heck.”

“Couldn’t it be because we are great beings?”

“That should be it. Because we are so great, we’re not getting affected by such petty curse.”

“Wait! But are we male or female?”

No Wyverns could answer the sudden question by Wah-sam.

Weed then realized.

‘There are no males among them!’

When the Wyverns were sculpted, Weed was busy warring against the Legion of Undead.

There was not much time, but he had to sculpt fast without caring about quality.

Bulging belly and angulated face!

Because he was on a race against time when sculpting, he couldn’t make that something that defined their sex.

Thanks to it, the Wyverns had a body that cannot tell their sex.

Then what of Geumini?

In the case of Geumini, starting with the face, he clearly was made looking like a male.

But Geumini was also not affected by Lamias’ temptation.

Somehow, sometime, Geumini was busy looking himself in a mirror.

“This shining aura. This golden face. There will be no one more beautiful than me in the world.”

Telling himself how beautiful he was, he was in love with himself!

In the end, no one fell for the Lamias’ temptation.

“Poison of Eucla!”

Since their spell didn’t work, they started spraying deadly poison all over the place.

Some stung poison needles.

Blue poison smoke spread with the wind, Ice Trolls swung their spears all around.

Wyverns were flying in the sky and diving from time to time to scratch and peck with their claws and beaks to attack Lamias and Ice Trolls.

Thanks to the incredible blessing effect, the Wyverns’ physical ability expanded unusually.

They could fight on equal terms against one to two Ice Trolls!

But there were tens of Ice Trolls.

“You dirty birds! Die!”

“That way!”

Whenever the Wyverns went close to the ground to attack, Ice Trolls gathered around.

When that happened, Wyverns flew upward to avoid focused attack.

“You cowardly birds!”

“Come down again. Let us fight!”

Ice Trolls yelled, full of rage.

If they were Orcs, they would’ve went down to fight fairly.

But the Wyverns had a terrible and cowardly personality.

“You lowly lives who don’t even know how to fly.”

“Why don’t you guys try to come up here?”

Wyverns cleverly scratching with claws and attacking!

It didn’t do much damage to Ice Trolls.

The Troll’s special immense physical regeneration.

Most scars recover with a speed that can be seen with the eyes.

Since they had monstrous recovery speed that would allow them to grow new arms and legs when they were cut, it was impossible for the Wyverns to kill Ice Trolls.

“They’re going that away!”

“Let’s hurry up and kill them!”

When Wyverns approach the ground, Ice Trolls run towards them without even getting a bit tired.

Trolls that are much taller than Orcs.

That tall body ran with full speed on icy paths and slipped numerous times.

When tens of Ice Trolls fell, they got tangled up by themselves, so they wouldn’t be able to get up for awhile.

At those chances, Wyverns would scratch and peck viciously.

Although Ice Trolls recovered fast, stamina was used up very fast.

This, rather than direct attacks, was the main method of weakening Ice Trolls.

Only picking out the Trolls that fell on ground, Geumini shot with great accuracy.

Due to the wind caused by huge flying Wyverns, snow stacked on a side of the valley crushed down.

On the other side of the valley, there were Lizardmen led by a Lizard King, Ghost Soldiers, Servant and Ghost Followers were waiting.

“We just have to face one side at a time.”

Weed sent the Wyverns purposely to where Ice Trolls and Lamias were.

It was impossible to fight against swarming monsters on top of the valley.

But thanks to the geographic factor of the Valley of Death, they didn’t have to face them at the same time.

They just had to face enemies on one side of the valley.

In other words, divide and conquer!

“Master, we can’t win by ourselves.”

At then, Wah-il was asking for help.

As Wyverns who can fly, they rarely got into a dangerous situation.

Because if their wings were fine, they could fly away anytime!

But due to numerous monsters on the ground, dealing critical attacks was impossible.

Against 5~6 Ice Trolls whenever they dived, only a few Wyverns had trouble just trying to shake them off.

“Bingryong, it’s your time to shine.”

“Alright. Master.”

Finally, on Weed’s order, Bingryong who was waiting opened up its wings widely and flew.


With impressive Dragon Peer, Ice Troll and Lamias became atrophied.

Roaring Bingryong flew and stumped on Ice Trolls.


His weight was an attack ability itself. Bingryong flattened trolls by simply stepping on them!

Whenever Bingryong moved its wings and kicked, Ice Trolls and Lamias fell away.

Although Bingryong was scolded how useless and strength-less he was, it was only because he was too heavy!

Against light enemies, he had great potential.

When Bingryong moved his wings or legs, Ice Trolls fell without any chance.


When he roared from time to time, surround shook.

Bingryong, whose strength increased with Alveron’s blessing, was on a roll.

“Kill him.”

“Destroy that bulk of ice!”

Ice Trolls charged.

Although there were many who slipped and fell from getting tangled among themselves, more than five of them stuck onto Bingryong and swung spears and axes.

And from deep within the Valley of Death, a countless number of Ice Trolls appeared.

The number was over 100!

More Ice Trolls than what they were facing appeared.

There was reason behind as to why this place was called the Valley of Death.

At then, Bingryong stretched his wings and flew up.

Then breathed in deeply.


Atmosphere got sucked into Bingryong’s huge nostril.

His normally bulging belly became even more bulged.

Then the body made of ice became more and more white.

Then, Bingryong’s mouth became wide open.


Ice Breath!

He used his ultimate skill that can only be used once a day.

The Ice Trolls that were charging froze on the spot.

They were frozen, stuck with the ground.


“Run away!”

Ice Troll and Lamias became confused.

Monsters that got directly hit by Bingryong’s breath were on the verge of death, and the ones that was around the main attack spot partly froze and became very slow.

The intense aura spread by the dignified dragon.

Sadly, it was a skill that could be used only once a day.

Although it froze a considerable number of monsters, even more Ice Trolls showed up. Bingryong was busy trying to defend.

“Bingryong, drop them to the bottom.”

Finally Weed gave an order.

There’s more than several monsters crowded in the Valley of Death; he couldn’t just leave those endlessly appearing monsters to Bingryong or the Wyverns.

“Master, I will execute your order.”

As Bingryong thrashed on the top of tightly spaced valley, Ice Trolls got pushed away and rolled down the valley.


The Ice Trolls that fell down the cliff was Weed or Seoyoon’s to fight off.


Weed took the lead even when he could barely stand due to the cold.

“Gosh it’s killing me.”

His body was hot from fever.

Really, the Valley of Death was just too cold. Not only because of monsters, the temperature was basically too low.
A strong wind that can even freeze any living beings blew.

The wind that came from the center of the valley worsened Weed and Alveron’s cold for every little second it was blowing.

Enduring his shaking legs, Weed took out his sword.

“I can only try my best. Moonlight Sculpting Blade!”

The sword skill with holy light flowing around it.

Whenever Weed swung his sword, the trajectory of the light remained for a long time.

Unlike usual straightly slaying or stabbing an enemy, a sword that synchronizes body and sword to flow freely!

The sword skill Weed trained for a long time remained and appeared as light.


Whenever his strength loosened from his hand and foot, Ice Trolls approached dangerously.

Wounded Ice Trolls.

Along with loud chest pounding sounds, they came, holding spears and axes high up.


Ice Trolls breathed out heavily and swung axes.

‘It’s dangerous.’

Weed ducked and dodged the axe.

Then, at the lowered state, he rolled forward, passing after slaying their knees.

He doesn’t usually use such method, but he was in a pinch.

Over ten Ice Trolls fell down the cliff.

Although their Stamina dropped considerably, it did not mean their attack did as well!

They had higher levels than Weed as well, so he had to take caution.

“Kurrrr. Cowardly bastard.”

“Kurrr. You will die by our hands.”

Ice Trolls breathed out rapidly out of anger.

Whenever they breathed out, white foggy breath came out.

‘Too many.’

Weed’s eyes lowered.

When danger approached, he can judge the situation rationally with a panoramic view.

If his body was in his normal state, he would be able to get by, but in his current state with a cold, his Strength, Agility, and Health were overall very weakened.

Since his combat skill mastery was lowered as well, it was the same as to say all his strong points were gone.

“Still I can’t give up. I can’t back up now.”

Weed held up his sword.

If he can’t finish them off quickly, he can drag the fight on although it would be a bit risky.

Even if he got damaged a bit, he had to wait for an opening and deal them one-by-one.

“Since I can’t let Alveron die.”

Behind Weed, there’s the slow-at-running Alveron.

So he had to hold his ground no matter what.


At then, a light flashed in between a group of Ice Trolls.

Seoyoon took care of the monsters that went toward her and helped Weed.

The formation of Ice Trolls that were surrounding Weed fell apart.


“There’s the human female who have murdered our friends.”

“Kill the woman.”

As Ice Trolls attacked Seoyoon, Weed could rest for a short moment.

‘The real battle begins now.’

Although Weed’s condition wasn’t normal, he continued to participate in the battle.

Sharp and exquisite lines of light overlap and creates ominous beauty.

Offensive side of Moonlight Sculpting!

Like the originally artistic class job, the sword skill was beautiful as well.

Compared to it, Seoyoon used much more simple attacks.

She dodges monster’s attack with refined, dancing-like movements.

Then when she sees an opening, she cuts away the opponent right away.

If it doesn’t die because of its monstrous recovery rate, she hit the neck again.

It was a cruel method, but in truth, it was much more gentle compared to Weed’s.

He got confident when good amount of Ice Trolls were taken care of.

Weed said to Ice Trolls.

“Try to hit me.”


Raged Ice Trolls attacked Weed.

Whenever they did, Weed closed his eyes.

Closed Eye skill mastery has increased.
Toughness raised by 1.

Weed was using Ice Troll’s hits to raise his skills!

When his health became minimum, he would finally hunt the Ice Trolls.

Then when he kills an Ice Troll, he held a cup carved out of wood near its body.

“This precious blood! Blood keep on coming out.”

Ice Troll Blood was an important material needed for making healing potions.

Compared to money, one bottle would equal almost 1gold. It was a rare item.

A rare item wanted by many and sold by few.

A bottle of such valuable potion ingredients could be gotten here when they hunted 3~4 Trolls.

An item placed highest on the Dark Gamers’ must-get list, Ice Troll Blood.

That was literally taking even a last drop of blood (for selling). Such was Weed’s method of hunting.


To gain money, Yurin was doing small quests.

“If you clean these dishes in an hour, I will give you 3 copper more”

In the restaurant Yurin was working, used dishes were stacked up like a mountain.

They had food leftovers disgustingly stuck on them and they smelled very bad.

To the point where no one would dare clean them.

“Well, I’ll have to try.”

Yurin rubbed the dishes very hard.

Cleanly, to the point they would shine.

‘Let’s get money. For the future. To buy a skill book, I will to save bit by bit.’

Yurin wanted to take the greatest and honest path.

Her target was to become a great mage who can kill ten thousands of monster with crowd control magic!

Covering an open field with flames, causing floods to sweep away enemies.

It was a dream like story, but it was still possible.

In the beginning of Royal Road, there was a mage who fought against a tens of thousands of monster army on the commercial from Unicorn Inc.

Due to that, there were many players who chose to be a magician.

They had weaker physical ability than warriors.

They did not have a high Health that would allow them to survive even after several beatings.

Even when monster a comes, they’ll be busy running away, and it was magicians who unluckily got into a trap and would die from it.

Rather, it’s weaker than in reality, so they wouldn’t be able to carry a bag with enough items in.

A job that has to wear a thin leather rob and walk around with a cane and cannot even wear cool armors like warriors!

Despite all that, it was mages who had infinite magic attack and the highest attack power.


- Fame increased by 1 due to cleaning dishes thoroughly.- Because you have completed a chore, you’re now known more in the village as a person who’s good at dish washing.

The restaurant owner came.

“Thanks for your hard work. I will give 3 more copper as promised.”

“Phew. Thank you.”

Yurin smiled and took the money.

After this, she could get more jobs easily.

“I heard you take importance in sanitary. The items in our item shop are buried under a pile of dust. Could you clean it for me? I’d like you to finish within five hours.

I will give you 30 copper for an hour.”

“Yes. Just trust me.”

Yurin moved her working place to the item shop.

It was a job to clean the items that people don’t usually look for.

As Yurin cleaned up the place, she studied up various items she didn’t know about before.

She could just clean away dust she can see.

But Yurin cleaned each and every item very thoroughly.

She cleaned the items overnight, changing the dry cloth tens of times.


You have cleaned the items in the Item Shop completely.
Fame increased by 2.

The Item Shop owner looked at the shining items and became overjoyed.

“You’re the first person who took care of the job this thoroughly... I will especially give you 20% more.”

“Thank you.”

“Ah, should I introduce you a job? See that armor shop over there? Although it’s doing well, there seems to be items that don’t really sell. Who knows if someone will buy them if they’re cleaned up and displayed. I heard the owner was looking for someone to hire so try the place. If you tell him that I introduced you, he wouldn’t reject you.”

“Yes, thank you.”

Yurin cheerfully said farewell and went to the armor shop.

Nothing was much different there either.

It was again, to clean old armors.

Now, she became a master at cleaning.

“They’re armors and shield that protect one’s life, so be extra tenacious.”

“Yes, I will.”

“I don’t really trust you, but since a good friend of mine introduced you, I will trust you with the job. Careful to not get metals wet. I will pay you 50 copper for an hour. Compared to the job you have to do it’s not too little right? Since there’s lot to sell, if you finish in a day, I will give you some bonus. Since the work you have to do is limited, work hard.”

The owner of the armor shop was a huge person with a mustache and meticulous personality.

Yurin worked there successfully as well.

She cleaned the armors to the extent that not even a grain of dust would be left.

Rhodium had lots of beggars.

Those who tried to live with ease by getting even a bit from the tourists who came to look at splendid art works and scenery!

It wasn’t such a bad choice.

Since Rhodium became a tourist city, one can expect generous treatment.

Although art is recognized as a hungry job, one can earn as much as doing a chore even when one becomes a beggar.

But one can only gain fixed amounts of money.

Getting bigger and bigger jobs as she went, Yurin worked anywhere doing anything she could to gain money.

‘After buying a spell book, I should buy a ring that raises magic attack. I’d love to have a robe too, but that’ll be hard to buy.’

To become a mage, lots of money is required.

So Yurin worked like crazy.

She tried to work off anything to gather money.

If she became a store clerk, she could gain money more easily, but those kind of job don’t give much.

Thus, dreaming of becoming a great mage, she jumped into the harsh road of labor.

Then one day.

Now she raised friendliness with most of the store owners and raised fame.

When she was washing dishes, the restaurant owner called her.

“Yurin I have a favor to ask of you......”

Yurlin replied as she smiled.

“Yes. Ask me for anything. Is there more to wash?”

“No, it’s not that. When you go near that river over there, an old man comes out alone every night when moon comes up. I borrowed something from the old man. Can you return it for me?”

The restaurant owner showed her the book.

“What is this?”

“It’s about most recent pictures and drawing that’s popular in the kingdom.

I borrowed it several days ago, but I just can’t return it because of busy restaurant work.

I hope you can return it for me.”


Cook Balon’s Request
Balon is a very prideful cook.He is famous for not making food just for anyone.
Go to the Hesny River and return the book to the person Balon talked about.Difficulty: E
Reward: 30 copper
Quest requirement: A person Balon trusts.

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