Volume 18 Chapter 4

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The Architecture of Ahreupen

After 23 days, Lee Hyun managed to return home from his trip to Europe.There was no one home since his sister had went to the library early in the morning so he began his daily cleaning of the living room and other rooms.

After he was done, Lee Hyun was tired so he laid down on the floor.

‘I don’t understand why people bother to go travel if it’s so tiring. I would rather loiter around at home.’

It was incomprehensible why foreign tourists would come every holiday season. He would rather relax at home than suffer outside! His idea of a comfortable summer vacation was to eat rice for breakfast and lunch with sweet and sour pork and chicken respectively, then go to sleep with an electric fan plugged in.

“Oh…if only I could lie around all the time.”

He was a little dispirited. No matter how fit he was, there was no way he wouldn’t be tired after he went all around Central Asia, Europe, and Africa. But he could not rest when there was money to be made. The golden age of summer! He had to dedicate himself fully in order to catch up to the level and skills of his competitors. There was a significant amount of money he needed to earn for the household and he was not going to let there be a month where he ran a deficit.

“There may be some changes in the Continent of Versailles and in Morata…”

23 days in real life was a tremendous amount of time in Royal Road. Considering that the time differed at a rate of 4 times, a total of 92 days have passed in Royal Road. This was the part that he was worried about during his travels.

“I don’t know if Morata is fine or not. Surely it is as I left it and its not in ruins.”

Lee Hyun opened his luggage. Then he poured out his souvenirs. They were items to prove that he had been to Europe.

Cyan Bell Hotel

Hilton Hotel

Paris Hostel

He had taken the towels, toothbrushes, toothpaste, soap, and shampoo from the hostels! He also grabbed a couple blankets from the plane so the inside of his bags were overflowing. In another bag was filled with French and Italian clothes, necklaces, handbags, and other things for his sister. For the sake of his sister, he went ahead and purchased all of these items. Lee Hyun did not forget to buy anything.

“90 euros you say? No, no, no no. 40 euros.”

“No deal goodbye.”

“40 euros. 40 euros. 40 euros!”

He did not hesitate to haggle in the shops. Lee Hyun was able to determine the value of items based on the description of the material. Even after considering the high labor costs in Europe, he persisted at 40 euros until he got it down to a reasonable price of 52 euros.

“The world is full of crooks.”

It was more expensive for foreign tourists to buy stuff. Because of that, he could not help but be a pushy in a poisonous environment. Lee Hyun’s hands would tremble uncomfortably as he finished paying them.

“Konichiwa!” -(he’s saying hello in japanese)

This was the pride of Koreas that travel!

Other than for his sister, he also got gifts for Oh Dongman, Choe Jihun, Jeong Hyo-Lynn, and the rest.

“It’s alright as long as I give them something.”

Luxurious European branded T-shirts!

He bought them in Europe as well as a mountain of stuff from Chinese markets.

He spent a total of 800 thousand Korean won with the most expensive thing at 60 thousand won. He checked every item over fifteen times before he began to negotiate over a fair price.

That was a real taste of shopping during a trip! Lee Hyun roughly organized all the items before he sat down and turned on the television. He was just in time for the broadcast about the continent of Versailles. He was watching in order to find out the current events in Royal Road.


“Oh Juwan-nim, do you know if the Kingdom of Haven has gone to all out war with the Kallamore Kingdom yet?”

“That is true. I have news that they have stopped the Kallamore Kingdom’s knights advancement. They are now waiting for the enemy soldiers inside the fort to surrender or else they will face an army of 20 thousand soldiers and the fortress’s supply chain has been cut so now it seem unavoidable.”

Lee Hyun had not known that the Kingdom of Haven had finally waged war against the Kallamore Kingdom. The Kingdom of Haven had a significantly high number of powerful users. There were an enormous amount of users on the central continent. That power had been strong enough to defeat the Kallamore knights which were said to be undefeatable.

Other than the Hermes Guild, the other large prestigious guilds were not mentioned. The Kingdom of Haven and its guilds were severely damaged when the Hermes Guild decided to not go to war. They were trying to find someone to point their finger at and blame. Of course there was no one else but BardRay. Even if it wasn’t known to others, BardRay was secretly the leader of the prestigious Hermes Guild. Even since he started Royal Road, BardRay had been strengthening his influence over the guilds. Since then, it has always been one of the strongest guilds.

“The Hermes Guild. Is it irresponsible to say that the Hermes Guild represents the Kingdom of Haven?”

“The Hermes Guild is not to blame. The other guilds are doing the same.”

The blame was distributed to all the prestigious guilds of the Kingdom of Haven. He did not know that the Kingdom of Haven had occupied the Kallamore Kingdom’s territory and that their army was getting stronger every day.

“There aren’t any enemies that can defeat the Kingdom of Haven at the moment.”

BardRay had make the decision to go to war. It was not a command of the Hermes Guild but an arbitrary decision that he had made. During the fight, BardRay ambushed the Kallamore Kingdom from behind with his group. The Hermes Guild troop assaulted the enemy food supplies and wagons. Afterwards, a video of them looting the food and then selling it in a nearby town was uploaded to the Hall of Fame. Users that were part of the Kingdom of Haven celebrated whenever a video was uploaded.

“There’s no one stronger than BardRay.”

“The Guardian of the Kingdom of Haven!”

There were hundreds of thousands of comments posted on each video. Since users were watching the broadcasts, BardRay’s reputation as the strongest on the Continent of Versailles were further increased. The strongest, highest level swordsman in the entire Continent of Versailles could not be ignored.

They were showing off in response to Weed’s actions in the Immortal Legion as Karichwi and the fight with the Bone Dragon. The other prestigious guild, the Lancashire Guild was also involved but it could not compare.The Kingdom of Haven blocked the Kallamore Kingdom’s supply routes and then began a two pronged assualt, leading to a difficult defense. The Kallamore Kingdom was forced to retreat to their fortress. BardRay and his unit played a crucial role in the war between the two nations. However, the Hermes guild handed down a punishment to BardRay.

Because you did not follow the decision of the Hermes Guild, BardRay and his colleagues have been suspended from the guild for 200 days.

The representatives of the Hermes guild handed down a punishment causing tremendous complaints from the users of the Kingdom of Haven. The Hermes Guild website was filled with complaints and insults protesting to cancel BardRay’s punishment. On the other hand, the opinion of the ultimate user BardRay on the Continent of Versailles was rapidly getting better.

“On another note, there is a lot of interest in the high level user Chase that went on an adventure with a lot of people into a dungeon, which is contributing to the kingdoms.”

“The news just keeps getting in. The price of velvet has increases significantly. What do you think this will do?”

“Shin Hye-Min, did you know that tailors can create items from velvet?”

“Oh, that’s possible?”

“After beginner level 6, its possible to combine materials such as fabric, wool, and velt. So its a good material for tailors to use.”

The Continent of Versailles had various types of news. The newsworthy ones were about the development of the kingdoms that had a lot of users so the news had to be varied. Then they opened up with a professional broadcast news about Royal Road.

“From the looks of it, the users in the northern region need to be very careful.”

“Oh Juwan, is something going on in the north?”

“The news in the north has been becoming increasingly more tense. There are mercenaries from the central continent being recruited to the north.”

Shin Hye-Min had a worried look.

“So a war is going to take place in the north?”

“Morata will be subjugated.”

“It seems that the God of War, Weed is governing Morata.”

“The north has become a center of trade and adventure. The Lord has been gone for a long time so it was bound to happen. Switch screen to the video.”

The TV screen switched to the northern villages. One thousand, two thousand, countless trained soldiers in units with blacksmiths creating weapons. Over 10 guilds were in an alliance and they were having the blacksmiths forge siege weapons. It was a magnificent thing to see the leaders training and commanding their knights. They had joined forces to take down the large city of Morata. Lee Hyun turned off the television.

“To think that they would mess with Morata!”


He turned off the television normally since this was not the time to be angry. Not to mention conserving the electricity bill! It was unthinkable for him to throw the remote or punch in the wall.

“How dare you try to take away my bowl of rice…”

He could not tolerate it. The Morata he had invested a large sum into was going to be taken. They were going to stain what is rightfully his. Even if there’s a cute and gentle looking chihuahua, the owner was not going to be the same. Lee Hyun was going to get his spoon into his bowl before anyone else!

“I’ll beat them up and then…they better be prepared for the damages.”

Weed stood and looked out the window of his castle. He looked from the users in the central square to the lakes and the statue of Freya. This was a good place for beginners and it was getting more growing even more every day. He saw young calfs lying leisurely on the side of the road. From the looks of it, they looked like they were Yellowy’s children.

“I put my blood and sweat into making this town.”

Weed had created a lot of sculptures and put in enormous sums of gold in order to get the city to develop quickly. Aside from everything else, there was something different. There was another building.

The Morata Center for the Arts!

It was constructed recently and it was filled with vitality. There was a large garden with flowers and trees. It was a source of pride for such a large building to be build and it could be see from all over Morata.

“Its the first time I’ve seen this place as the Lord.”

Weed had not been in this place for a significant amount of levels. There were a significantly increasing number of people that come to the north to adventure. There were people of all levels. As more users came, the developmental levels would increase. It was like the wonderful smell that came off when cooking. It would be a shame to put an end to the developing Morata! Weed thought of his country as a bowl of rice where the loyal knights and soldiers were all his.

“To think they were dare to take away my bowl of rice while I was on vacation…”

Weed had a total of 390 thousand gold. It was all earned from hunting the King Hydra, selling off weapons and other items. He never bought any expensive foods such as rum and never bought any precious metals. He was going to invest that large sum.

“Internal Affairs Mode!”

-The screen will now switch to the internal affairs of the last twenty weeks.You have the ability to govern Morata.
Resources will be available immediately.
Military: 51 Economy: 989
Culture: 1512 Technology: 338
Urban Development: 121
Sanitation: 41 Police: 65%
Corruption: 3
Reserved Funds: $518,642

Morata was constantly expanding. To expand their land, they needed more money. Cultural and technology augmented economic development so a considerable amount of money accumulated. It was a region without much commercial corruption thanks to the people’s characteristics to be hardworking.

“View income history.”

Morata’s monthly income (units in gold)Residential Tax: 12,116
Housing Tax: 918
Sales Tax: 22,889
Merchant Trade: 57,901
Tax on Merchants and Mercenaries: 3,051
Land taxes: 6,373
Mining Supplies: 9,230
Store Supplies: 49,749
Food Sale Revenue: 35,461
People are constantly coming north to Morata.
Low tax rates for travelers.
Insufficient skilled craftsman(Blacksmith, Cooking, Sewing, etc.)
20,000 people are jobless.
Houses around the central plaza is extremely crowded. Low property tax.
Sales for cheap goods are growing explosively.
Production and merchandise sales are not good with only 9 stores staying open late.
Center of commerce for the Versailles continent if going by percentages.
Importation of low quality cheap stuff, but a very large variety.
Morata’s specialty of fibers/fabrics sell for higher price.
Morata is very attractive for merchants and mercenaries.
Merchants will buy goods from Morata and sell them to the rest of the north.
The central plaza is very cramped and crowded.
Good quality iron ore is being mines and copper and silver mines quality is increasing.
Morata need to develop more mines.
Pubs and inns business is booming.
Weapon Shop, Armor Shop, Smithy not doing much business.

Due to the high number of users in Morata, the economy is healthy and growing. Weed decided to invest all of his gold.


A large scale investment in Morata.The count of Morata has invested an astronomical fund into the area.
Productivity has increased by 45% for two months.
The area around the town will expand.
Population growth has improved.

He has now invested over 900 thousand gold into Morata.

“First, I need to develop the mines and farmlands so that they can expand.”

He injected a total of 320 thousand gold!

He was planning to develop the infinitely expanding agricultural area and the mines in the nearby mountain.

- The land has been cleared.
- Thanks to the knowledge of the Ahreupen Empire, the amount cleared has increased by 13%.
- Bulls have been cultivated for agriculture
- Workers and miners have been dispatched to 3 mines.
- Morata sends scouts to the nearby mountains to survey the land.

With the blessing of the Goddess Freya on the Continent of Versailles, Morata could produce food in three months. It was useful to have more people have jobs as farmers.

“That is the key to the economy.”

With grain and mineral production increases, monthly income would increase significantly. Weed preferred this strategy to making money than others.

“Money will not betray you.”

Unconditional money and resources!

Instead of spending money on luxuries, he would rather strengthen the infrastructure.

Morata had a lot of residents and money was going to grow exponentially. The villagers also gave out quests. Residents were dedicated to farming or business so economic activity grew. Even if the users left, the inhabitants of the Continent of Versailles could still hunt and make money. There were all sorts of quests that were given and the rewards varied. The wealthy people give higher quality quests and was vital to economic health. Fortunately there were a number of residents in the north that gave hunting quests and a large variety of information.

Artifacts from the fall of the Niflheim Kingdom were common place. Thanks to that, there were a large quantity of high quality quests. The Lord had to consider the needs of the city for its growth.

“Construct a wizard’s tower.”

The price for a Wizard’s Tower was a whopping 100 thousand gold!

He had not build it before but now he had the money to build it.

“This is the cold north instead of the center of the continent so I need to decide on an Ice Wizard Tower.”

Ice Wizards gained more benefits in the cold. Weed sought out a good spot. Wizard towers were very beautiful. The location had to be good for the sake of the city’s beauty. In Morata Square there were many houses and businesses. The statue of Freya on the banks were more isolated.

“There we go.”

Weed was in Internal Affairs Mode so he could see the users near the Statue of Freya.

Weed built the Wizards tower near the Statue of Freya.

Ice Tower!

An inverted icicle of a height of 20 meters was constructed.

“This is!”

“Morata’s Lord has returned!”

When the Wizard’s Tower was completed, there was much cheering from the users and residents. Morata’s missing lord had returned. The residents and users had much respect for Weed, the god of war.

“Now to invest a bit more after the Wizard Tower.”

The number of jobs that beginners could choose in Morata were limited. Now with the tower mages could be selected as a profession. However many people were hoping for the Elemental Shaman class. It was a very popular class for those that were not very familiar with the game. Beginners chose Morata not because of its variety of classes. In order to change this, the elemental shaman guild was necessary.

“Elemental House construction!”

A screen appeared in front of Weed for him to choose a spirit.

There were dozens of popular spirits!

The arrogant looking spirits stood apart from each other.

“Next. Next…”

Weed skimmed through the spirits. Alone in the corner was the Fire spirit playing with fire and the Earth spirit scratching the ground.

“I’ll make houses for those two guys.”

-Depending on the nature of the spirit, the construction costs are at least 20 thousand gold. What would you like to spend on the budget?

“20 thousand gold.”

-House of the Fire Spirit has been completed.
-House of the Earth Spirit has been completed.

The sculpture spirit that he had shaped could now have a comfortable resting place. The characteristics of the building depended on the spirit. The stone spirit would have a stone house and the fire spirit would a cozy house.

House of Spirits increases the affinity based on the spirit within
A spirit can relax and play…but the effects are sensitive based on the size of the building. Contracts can be formed with the spirits.

A number of different types of buildings passed through his eyes. Considering the spirit he made he was going be be very frugal.

“Elemental Shaman Guild Construction!”

Elemental Shaman Guild was established.

It cost 80 thousand gold but now beginners in Morata could start off as shamans. Elemental shamans choses an affinity and could summon spirits such as wind and water. But If there was a spirit house, then they could form a contract.

“With this, those guys will be able to enter into a lot of contracts.”

Spirits had difficult personalities and didn’t work well with other spirits. They were extremely moody, they pick fights, and they would ignore the Elemental Shaman and refuse their commands. They would waste a lot of mana in those situations. Understandably if there were going to be problems with disagreeable spirits. However his spirits were more docile. Elementals like these could not be found anywhere else.

“Its good that I made them.”

Even if they were not the best spirits, they still wouldn’t lose in power to other spirits.

Do not deny any contracts.

Treat all guests like kings.

Under Weed’s commands, the spirits could be contracted and summoned frequently. They would increase their strength through vigorous activity.Since the contractors could hear the spirits they could build familiarity. Weed wanted to take care of the spirits he had made.

“Now, only for the necessary investments…”

Now all was left was the special building! Of course he was not thinking of making the Imperial Ahreupen Palace. That would require too much money and precious metals and even living in it would be a luxury that he could not afford.

“Construct special Ahreupen Granaries.”

- Construction of the GranariesStore large amounts of grain.
Reduces prices flucatations of food, and contributes to the economic development and child birth rates.
Economic power has increased by 7.
Hungry villagers will now migrate to Morata.

Next to the Elemental House, there was a large grain warehouse.

The stone building was like a towering skyscraper.

It was much larger than Morata’s largest building, the black castle.

A magnificent building made of 95% stone was built as a grain warehouse.

“This is a building?”

“What is it?”

People were gathering around the Elemental Shaman guild and the spirit homes. Everyone began to have high spiritss since shamans could now form spirit contracts in Morata.

“There are going to be a lot more Wizards and Shamans.”

“If I knew this was going to happen I would have waited before I chose a class!”

There were visitors in the spirit homes. The stone and fire home had unique appearances. The spirits were in a good mood.

“I will serve with absolute loyalty.”

“I can bury as many as 34 enemies into the ground.”

The spirits were soliciting users to visit them!

Suddenly the Ahreupen Granary was built next to the House of Spirits.

“Ahreupen Imperial Granary?”

“Where was the Ahreupen Empire? Its filled with grain. There’s other food too.”

It was the first building of its kind to be seen on the Continent of Versailles. It could hold food supplies in warehouses in enormous quantity.

“Did Lord Weed make this building?”

“Now this is going to end up on the forums!”

“News is that new buildings have been popping out of the ground in Morata like crazy.”

Morata was already considered the most beautiful city on the continent. Tourists often visit it because of the Hall of Fame. The photos of the scenery were all over the Internet. The grand appearance of the granary was a hot topic to the users.

“Construct Magical Fairy Pond.”

- The fairy’s pond has been constructed.Fairies will come to find the pond.

Just as he finished the construction, it was time to log off. His sister was coming home now and it was time for dinner. There was less than an hour until she was home.

“She needs to hurry up and find a good man.”


Lee Hayan could be seen coming home from the window.

“Oppa is back today.”

It was a big event for her since he went to Europe. Lee Hayan was walking through the streets with her handbag that had a newspaper in it. It was good to be aware of current events and it was impressive that she kept track of it.

‘It’s better to know things. At least I won’t be sorry that I didn’t.’

There was a period of time where Lee Hayan did not go to school. There were dozens of times a day where loan sharks would visit the school and she felt suicidal. Rumors spread quickly throughout the school. Meeting with her friends began to feel shameful. She did not want to born and live in such an appalling household. After the debt was cleared, it felt like they had finally caught a break. She chose to go back to school one day when Lee Hyun going somewhere.

‘Where is he going?’

Lee Hayan secretly followed after him. The place Lee Hyun was going was her teacher’s house.

“I’m sorry. I will make sure that it will not happen again.”

Lee Hyun had to bow and apologized to the teachers. Since school was a waste of money, he dropped out to find work despite his sister’s pleading. She did not forget the situation that her brother Lee Hyun had been through. She had a change of heart, stopped being a bully, and was studying to be a good sister. When she came in the front gate of the house she heard the sound of music. It was a cool feeling, not jazz but a song by a group of women in a music dance group!

So pretty. Cute. Adorable.
Should I wear a short skirt for you?
I would wear sleeveless shirts to show to you.
I’m your girlfriend forever.

It was some sort of song!

In his small yard he set up and began to cook. Lee Hyun had eaten a lot of food in Europe so he wanted to make something from the ingredients that were there.

Pasta with red wine!

In essence, it was a combination of South Korean and Italian tastes.

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