Volume 10 Chapter 5

By Wing - 2:48 AM

Treasures of Nifleheim


Weed slammed the Dark Spear into the Bone Dragon’s ribs.

Devastating stab!

The Dark Spear was perfectly wedged into the ribs, but the Bone Dragon’s body remained intact.

It remained strong and its appearance was largely unchanged, but at least its health declined slightly.

Weed thrust the Dark Spear again. Just before the attack, he precisely aimed again!

‘I must match my breathing to it. Relax the muscles. Forget everything else. Only one point is shown. Wide. Boundless.’


This time there was an even greater resonance.

- Fatal blow struck. Adds 29% damage

Weed wielded the Dark Spear freely in his hand.

‘Till it is destroyed!’

Swinging, chopping, and stabbing.

All attacks can be concentrated onto one location.

Single focal point.


At the end of five attacks, the Bone Dragon’s rib shattered into pieces.


Bingryong was fighting the Bone Dragon as it screamed in agony.

“You fucking coward! Die!”

The Bone Dragon swung its tail but it was too late, for Weed had already escaped with Wy-3.

“My attack has only just begun.”

Weed boarded the Wyvern and quickly flew off into the black sky.

Bingryong and the Bone Dragon were intertwined in their aerial battle as they dealt attacks at each other.

Still damaged from the prior attack, the Bone Dragon’s shattered rib remained exposed.

Actions already difficult on the ground now required balance in the air, creating a small gap to aim at.

It was time to give the Bone Dragon a nightmare, but it would require amazing control at close range.

But Weed was not confident given the situation.

-Due to the cold Strength will be reduced by 16%.

From the cold winds blowing at the top of Death Valley, the body reached its limitations.

The Undead state allowed him to withstand some cold, but due to the freezing weather, his Strength and Stamina declined rapidly.

The cold also made the Wyverns dizzy, causing them to slip several times already.

If they fell onto the ice ground, their lives could not be guaranteed.

‘Not much remains now though.’

Weed read the movements of the Bone Dragon.

It finally reached its limit after receiving tremendous damage from the expedition and Weed breaking many of the bones in its body. Apparently, the Bone Dragon’s time was coming to an end within moments.

The Wyverns and Geumini chiseled away at the Bone Dragon here and there as well.

“Pesky flies, be gone you bastards!”

The Bone Dragon struggled fiercely from the hits. Nevertheless, the decisive attacks from the Wyverns, Bingryong and Weed did not cease.

Because its body was entangled with Bingryong’s, escape was impossible.

With solemn dignity the Bone Dragon appeared, but the expedition wizards brutally dragged it to the ground.

Nonetheless, it actively demonstrated its greatness on the eve of its death.

“Let’s go!”

Weed controlled the Wyvern and landed upon the head of the Bone Dragon.

“Time to finish this.”

It was a rough struggle hitting the Bone Dragon whilst standing on its head. Simultaneously, Weed aimed the Dark Spear exclusively at a single point and attacked in rapid succession!

Kwak! Kwajik! Kwagwagwak!

- Fatal blow struck. Adds 46% damage
- Fatal blow struck. Adds 95% damage
- Fatal blow struck. Adds 129% damage
- Fatal blow struck. Adds 167% damage
- Fatal blow struck. Adds 215% damage

Hitting the small point successively increased the damage exponentially!


The Bone Dragon’s resistance almost disappeared completely. With its health falling below 10%, it became even more difficult to move.

Nevertheless, some time remained until the end of the Bone Dragon.

If it was a normal monster, it would have lost the will to fight immediately, but as one would suspect when dealing with large monsters, particularly named boss monsters of a region, it held on tenaciously.

‘You know, all you’re doing is making me tired.’

With the cold wind blowing, Weed’s stamina rapidly declined as he fought.

Given the variables, if the battle was prolonged, the Bone Dragon might choose self-annihilation.

Weed yelled at the visible body in the air.

“Bingryong, use your breath!”

“Understood master!”

Bingryong took a deep breath and exhaled.

Ice breath that froze everything!

With no place to escape, the Bone Dragon dove towards Bingryong’s feet as the breath was released.


At that moment, the Bone Dragon’s body was frozen stiff instantly!

In its usual state, it would have warded off the attack to some extent due to its magic resistance, but with its abnormal status, the ice breath literally froze the Bone Dragon’s body.

It was then.

Weed jumped into the air and as he landed, he thrust the spear down with overwhelming force.

    - Fatal blow struck. Adds 122% damage.

The target of the past, the point was hit precisely again.


The crack on the Bone Dragon’s skull spread over an increasingly broad area, all the way down to its tongue when the whole skull shattered into ice debris.

- You have leveled up.
- You have leveled up.
- You have leveled up.
- You have leveled up.
- You have leveled up.
- You have leveled up.
- You have leveled up.
- The Bone Dragon Kurenbereu which once dominated Death Valley has entered its eternal rest.
- Due to great achievement, fame has risen by 230.
- Charisma has risen by 3.
- Fighting spirit has risen by 2.

Many message windows flashed through Weed’s head. Some indicated his level had risen. With the Bone Dragon hunt successful, tremendous experience would be acquired. Even with Weed’s current level of over 300, his level should have risen by at least 10, but since he hunted it along with the expedition, the experience was divided and he received a total of 7 levels.

However, there was something even more urgent.

Acquire items!

Weed descended to the ground and ran to the spot where the Bone Dragon crashed.

On top of a hill in Death Valley, items were all over the place.

Some ancient books, a bunch of bones and a shield!


His hands moved rapidly towards the items with battle mentality.

    - Current weight has exceeded strength capacity.
Penalty: 35% increase in stamina consumption rate.

Despite transforming into Origin of the Skeleton, he lacked the strength to acquire items.

“Now, time to find the truth about the Nifleheim Empire.”

Weed finally came down the hill to finish his work.


Crawling like a turtle.

Due to the heavy weight, each step was done with the utmost caution. His legs had to be perfect to compensate for his insufficient strength.

‘With all that suffering, I better get something good.’

Earned income was a case of big business!

When weed arrived at the bottom of the hill, he determined his reward.


    Emblem of the Nifleheim Empire:
Durability: 5
Meaning of the emblem is based on the imperial family.
The loyal royal knights of the once noble Nifleheim Empire garnered respect from everybody.
Can be attached to weapons and armors.
+100 Dignity
+50 Charm
+200 Fame
    Nobles of Nifleheim #2
    The manor blueprints of the Empire of nobility are described in the book. After ages, it is unknown whether they are usable.
    Rotten Dragon Bones:
    Durability: 250/250.
Large amounts of dragon bone. In the past, it was speculated to be harder than Mithril due to its own mana supply, but as of now, it is extremely corrosive. Even so, it is unparalleled against normal ores as precious material.
Blacksmiths will garner exceptional experience from handling the dragon bones.
First class blacksmith item.
      Helps raise blacksmith skill.
      When crafting a weapon, poison attack will be added.
      Can create armor with specialized resistance.
      Slightly foul odor.
    Ancient Shield:
    Durability 300/300. Defense 86.
Old shield crafted with a delicate touch. Never before been used.Made of Mithril and unknown animal bones.Originally possessing a shiny mirror-like surface that captured light, grime now covers it after many years. Due to deep corrosion after being stored for too long, it is beyond any further repair.
    Priests cannot use it.
    Level 400.
    Must be able to utilize shields.
    - 40% Physical Defense.
    - 35% Magic Resistance.
    - 30 Agility.
    - +45 Fighting Spirit.
    - All combat related stats rise by 7.
    - Increases additional effect of skills by 20%.
    - Chance to confuse the enemy.
    - Control over undead enhanced by 25.When durability is reduced, cannot be repaired.

Four types of items were left behind by the Bone Dragon.

Refused to abandon even a single item!

Particularly the ancient shield, an exceptional unique class item. Tremendous defense was extremely helpful in battles.

Because it cannot be repaired, it will be abandoned when durability runs out.

“Given its extremely high durability, I suppose I can use it for a few months at least.”

If it is not used in normal hunting, it can be used for even longer periods of time.

Items that cannot be repaired are difficult to deal with. Every time it is used, your nerves are on edge as its durability decreases.

People look separately for rare items at relatively cheap prices, but given the Ancient Shield’s degree of defense and many options, it could be sold at an expensive value.

“The rotten dragon bones can contribute considerably to blacksmith skills and it can create a lot of necessary equipment to wear or sell.”

Weed made a heartfelt smile as he slowly descended down the hill and entered the cave he saw the Bone Dragon emerge from.

Creepy cave.

A cave made with ice as clear as glass.

“So this is the source of the cold.”

After being sent to the north, it was the first time in a while that Weed encountered such a cold place.

“If this drags on too long, I’ll freeze to death.”

Weed hastened his pace as he walked into the cave. The deeper he entered, the colder it got.

Paintings were drawn on the walls.

Knights of the Nifleheim Empire appeared to be fighting monsters. Vivid scenes depicted knights and wizards attacking their way through hordes of monsters.

The last figure was a blue robed wizard opening a box containing some beads.

Then all the monsters and humans froze.

Looking at the paintings, Weed speculated.

“Is it talking about the final battle of the Nifleheim Empire?”

Not far away at the end of the cave were boxes placed side by side.

Heavy iron boxes.

The inscribed patterns revealed them to be noble Nifleheim Empire treasures.


Weed stretched out his hand.

The box is locked. A key is required.

Severe tremors sprang up on Weed’s skull bone.

‘No way... they can’t be serious. I don’t think so.’

Weed once again tried to force the box open.

However, it did not go as planned.

The box is locked. A key is required.

Adventurer or thief’s unlocking skill!

It was an essential skill for opening closed doors and boxes. But there was no such skill for Weed.

Cursed with the job of Moonlight Sculptor, there were no skills from the adventurer series.

‘This damn job, it’s so fucking useless!'

Weed struggled to beat the sadness. However, near the boxes was a small paper. Weed read through it.

Events chronicling the last six years of the Nifleheim Empire.

Our Nifleheim Empire was invaded by hordes of monsters.

Northern forests, there is no doubt the monsters descended from the dark forests.

The burning imperial capital collapsed.

Loyal Knights and Soldiers laid down their lives, but it was not enough to handle that many monsters.

Thus, as a last resort, we lead the monsters into the center of the valley.

Serbian Witch’s Broken Beads.

Passed down from generation to generation within the Empire’s Royal Family, the cursed object used to fight monsters.

And finely wrapped inside the paper was a golden key. Weed opened the boxes right away with the key.

The first box contained gold and jewels filled to the brink. The gold sparkled and the jewels dazzled.

‘That’s gotta be at least 150,000 gold.’

No matter how powerful you may be, you cannot overlook treasure.

Weed pocketed all the treasures inside the box without reserve.

    -Current weight has exceeded strength capacity.
    Penalty: 59% increase in stamina consumption rate.

In the second box, various materials were gathered.

Ores for blacksmith handling as well as cloth and leather for sewing.

‘Nothing must be left behind.’

    -Current weight has exceeded strength capacity.
    Penalty: 78% increase in stamina consumption rate.

The third box contained weapons and armors of the Nipelheim Empire.

Old antique weapons sprinkled with dust. With rusted blades, a terrible performance was sure to follow.

The clothes were also outdated and seemed to crumble when touched.

“Even old clothes can be used well!”

Weed pocketed them too.

Within the last remaining box contained the Serbian Witch’s broken beads.

The goal of the expedition!

From the Serbian Witch’s Broken Beads flowed an unimaginable chill.

Weed was well aware that he had to give up on the beads.

If you are able to sell, you can get quite a lot of money, but rather, life was more precious.

“The moment I touch that I die.”

Serbian Witch’s Broken Beads possessed incredible ice magic. The body would be turned to ice as a side effect from touching it without protection.

Thus, in order to prevent the worst, he had to abandon his excessive greed.

“Too bad though.”

Weed glared at the Serbian Witch’s Broken Beads.

Special combat capability object not classified as loot, but it was also the item targeted by the expedition.

Cannot help lingering regrets.

“It’s gotta be a unique item at least… contrary to rumors, you could possess a skill even if you have no knowledge about it.”

You risk your life to grab it, but with every step, you move towards death meaning you cannot move.

“Should I pick it up anyway?”

Weed was greedy as expected.

When facing dead ghosts, caution should be used.

He took the small beads close at hand. Extremely slow speed.


Then a chill poured out from the Serbian Witch’s broken beads.

    -Due to the cold, paralyzed for 13 seconds.
After paralysis is released, likely chance of developing a cold increases by 25%.

Degree of cold!


Weed was finally able to give up on the beads.

In fact, even if he obtained them, he would have no other option but to lay the object upon the altar of Gods to fend off the heat in the continent.

Although devoted to the expedition for only a while, Weed still belonged to it so his contribution would be rewarded nonetheless.

Weed waited until the paralysis was released and escaped from the cave. There was considerable burden on his footsteps upon leaving.


Hall of Fame!

The number of viewers increased exponentially until it exceeded one million. Considering each broadcaster and their real time relay, there were at least 20 million viewers.


“Where is my head?”

“Humans. So many living humans I want to eat.”

Unbelievable battle of the undead.

    - That’s necromancer magic?
    - I never thought creepy undead would have so much advantage in battle.
    - Corpses continue to pile up, creating more undead servants...

Through the video, the Necromancer job exploded in popularity.

Whenever the army of undead monsters led by Weed dominated, the forums erupted in cheers.

But after the monsters overwhelmed the expedition, not many people that could continue to fight remained.

    - Seems really difficult.
    - It’s too hard, even for Weed. The Bone Dragon’s really strong.
    - Goddamn it. If not for the betrayal...
    - Still, it was a wonderful battle.

Nothing was expected of Weed because it was simply too unreasonable.

The activities of the undead army and the Geomchis were of such great quality that many were satisfied for a long time.

However, it did not pan out as they expected.

Out of nowhere, an Ice Dragon appeared!

The glorious fight scene where Bingryong got entangled with the Bone Dragon was unforgettable.

“Please. Please!”

They were praying to the Hall of Fame movie with Drum and the wizards.

In order for the expedition to succeed, they had to somehow catch the Bone Dragon.

When it did not fall, they were horrified.

Then Weed appeared holding the Dark Spear as he flew in the air on a Wyvern.

It was tricky to fly through the air on Wyverns. It was extremely difficult to do it while using magic simultaneously, but this was only part of it.

No matter what attack, the Bone Dragon’s bones were not expected to shatter.

In the forums there was a huge uproar unlike any other.

    - It never happened when Oberon and the other warriors hit the Bone Dragon. What the hell is its level?
    - It looks to be over at least 400.
    - How did he do that? Using magic to inflict physical damage, I can’t believe its health would drop like that!
    - So far the Bone Dragon had weakened considerably from the battle, but to damage the body to the point of breaking was totally unexpected.

Stats, levels and skill mastery, it is natural to use them as reference points to some extent.

The scene Weed showed in the video broadcast was so unbelievable to such an extent that it shut the mouths of all the viewers.

But they soon uncovered the reason. Weed was seen repeatedly hitting only a certain area in succession.

    - Attack the same point! That will increase the damage dealt.
    - Cryptanalysis, it increases damage and thoroughly neutralizes the opponent’s defense. Theoretically it’s possible, but I can’t believe he can use it in practice like that!
    - Does hitting in one place really make your damage stronger?
    - Did he really hit that one point only?

Some people showed up and addressed the questions.

- In my experience, I somehow attacked the same place and it did additional damage. It was so amazing that I’ve been trying again after that but to no avail.
- You must hit the point perfectly again. If there is even the slightest error, it will most likely fail.
- This is usually not applicable to petite monsters. It is easier when dealing with large, sluggish monsters because you’re more likely to weaken specific areas with the same attack.

People looked closely at Weed’s actions. Indeed, unerringly he repeatedly struck only one point.

While in the air on a Wyvern, he quickly wielded his weapon and precisely hit the same position!

It was by no means an easy task.

Using all his power to wield his weapon and hit only one point exactly. Perfectly chopping, swinging and stabbing continuously.

Lightning attacks with incredible precision!

Excellent flexibility and movement, it was a fabulous technique.

    - Well...
    - That’s Weed-nim.

Every time the Bone Dragon’s bones shattered, admiration came out.

And finally at the end of the struggle when the Bone Dragon died, thrill and excitement filled the air.

It felt like a lie that the humongous and dangerous monster died.

The expedition, Bingryong, the Wyverns and the vampire Tori all attacked, but it was Weed who finished the Bone Dragon off.

At the sight of the incredible reality, the survivors of the expedition stood there dumbfounded.

Weed in the meantime moved slowly. He entered a cave inside Death Valley and after a while came out, walking slowly away from the snow covered ground.

Lonely and reclusive shoulders of an adventurer.

Far away, he left heavy footsteps as he departed.

Those still alive from the expedition woke up and began to move. In the cave they saw Weed enter, they discovered the open box with the Serbian Witch’s broken beads.


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