Volume 20 Chapter 3

By Wing - 9:13 AM

Night of the Undead

Haven Kingdom’s fleet and the pirates got together into battle formation and embarked on the occupation of Las Phalanx filled with momentum.

The headcount for the lesser undead that Weed summoned was considerably lacking.

However, even if you call together undead such as zombies, there is not much meaning to it.

Drinfeld, users and even the crew, the fight between them would be unavoidable, so the extent of the summons would need to be at a minimum Death Knight class.

“The friends I seek are …….”

There are several monsters powerful monsters on Las Phalanx.

Even monsters cannot be ignored.

If you raise a lot of intimacy and friendship, they might help.

For monsters with low intelligence and severe gluttony, making delicious cuisine for them can lead to good impressions.

Things like gifts might also be required, but looking at the mechanics of a friendship relationship after that, fighting together in a crisis becomes a given.

“Um, you over there …….”

Weed decided to talk to the Bollards.


Immediately their fur stood on end and the monsters attacked!

While hunting over 1,000 animals, he collected leather, teeth, tails, etc. and made the meat into jerky.

Because of their indelible enemy relationship, the Bollards didn’t even bother to listen.

Tair Badgers, the bat type monsters did not understand human speech, but they accomplished their activities in collective groups rather than alone.

“Involving the Tair Badgers will be useful.”

Even if he used Shape Shifter Sculpture to change into a Tair Badger, since he doesn’t know their language, it was useless.

“But I can make them my colleagues I suppose.”

Weed confidently said.

Hunting in Las Phalanx for a long time creates severe hostilities which means they will unconditionally approach with anger!

The hostilities of the Las Phalanx monsters toward Van Hawk and Tori are also extremely terrible.

Even if they discover him outside their fixed area, they will still fight.

“At any rate, it seems bringing a minimum of 30 will be no problem.”

Consider the consequences afterwards!

“When you have been hungry for a long time, you cannot tell the difference between eating frozen pork and roasted pork."

Even if it’s unintentional help from the monsters, it will be enough as long as they fight the Haven Kingdom’s fleet and the pirates.

“Still, leaving them alone after they chased me, unfathomable …….”

While hunting or questing and you suddenly get besieged, it’s inevitable that you get killed.

Even so, the only method to lessen the disadvantage is to launch a preemptive strike.

At the very least, the opponent could not possibly expect Weed to ambush first.

“Got to pick a good date to assault them. Thanks to coming to Las Phalanx first, I can figure out all the things I need to take advantage of. Summon Angry Stone!”

Violent and impatient nature. However, if they are the commands of the master, Angry Stone completely obeys.

In Morata, many Elemental Shamans contract with Angry Stone to hunt.

Thanks to Angry Stone, the force that can be exerted on the earth increased a bit.

With the advent of Angry Stone, the rising ambient temperature could be distinctly felt.

“Master, it’s been a long time since we met.”

“Long time no see.”

“Keuhihi, here’s my favorite person.”

After being summoned to Las Phalanx, Angry Stone rejoiced like a child.

Angry Stone could report on the area’s most optimal locations.

Weed did not summon Angry Stone when he was hunting earlier because of the monsters’ resistance and mana efficiency.

Angry Stone might have furthered strengthened the highly flame resistant monster of Las Phalanx.

Sometimes, flame properties restore the monster’s vitality instead of damaging it, forcing Weed to abandon that role.

“Summon Earth Expert.”

Along with the shape and good impression of a well-mannered adult, Earth Expert was summoned.

Earth Expert also listens to words well and dedicated to the protection of Elemental Shamans, even throws its body out there.

With many efforts to make a contract, the force you can exert increases as well.

Around Morata, the most popular Elementals were Angry Stone and Earth Expert.

“Did you call, Master?”

Weed went so far as to call the Elementals!

From his mouth came a vile smile.

“You touched me first. Really, I did not want to fight, but it can’t be helped. It’s all you fault.”

Shifting all responsibility.

Committed to mobilizing all despicable methods available.

A guilty conscience, confusion, etc. did not even originally exist.


Seeing Weed imagining something and smiling, Yellowy, Van Hawk and Tori silently nodded their heads.

As people who have suffered, they knew that look. When a crisis situation arises, more of human nature was vividly revealed.

‘You touched a difficult bastard.’

‘How can such a sinister human being exist …….’

“Must be the original nature. If humans did not come, we wouldn’t be bullied.'

‘Truly a mistake to have met this master.’

As expected from the Admiral of the 2nd fleet, Drinfeld had great ambitions.

“Hermes Guild is increasingly expanding its presence … and I will be the ruler of this spacious sea.”

After leveling to the top 1,200 in Royal Road, he had a perfect standard to comply to. For such reasons he followed the commands of the guild.

He tried to faithfully follow the command asking him to hunt Weed, but he got greedy.

“Arriving in Las Phalanx, it’s an opportunity.”

He had no intention of opposing Hermes Guild ruled by BardRay.

Those who knew even a bit of the real power of Hermes knew there was no freedom even in the sea.

However, while fulfilling the command to hunt Weed, slightly collecting private gain was fine.

“People are now watching me and my fleet. I think it’s an opportunity to enhance the overall reputation of Hermes Guild.”

Through the guild’s internal network, he was persuading a senior official.

People had tremendous interest in Las Phalanx.

Showing the adventure through the internet and broadcasting would make viewership soar.

The leaders of Hermes Guild underwent the necessary discussions.

As the Royal Guards of BardRay, the goal they aimed to seize was a grand guild, as instructed by the overall exterior guild management.

Guild Master Rafael was determined.

-Granted. Reveal the power of Hermes Guild.

Negotiations were made with stations.

Several stations were keen on relaying the exploration and hunting of Las Phalanx in real-time.

But KMC Media did not accept for they fully understood the situation would risk the exclusive coverage of Weed’s adventures.

“The name Drinfeld will spread across the land like Weed.”

Haven Kingdom’s fleet got up early the next day ready to explore.

“Temporarily leave 200 people at the fortress. 10 users and 190 soldiers guard the fortress and complement the defense.”

Drinfeld along with the users and crew began to explore.

Elite sailors revealed their maximum ability at sea.

On the other hand, their combat capability on land was somewhat impaired, but dedicated in their own way, the sailor troops grew.

The Griffith Pirates were the first to hunt.

“Block over there!”

“Arrows! Fire arrows! It’s best to use ranged attacks against this burning heat.”


“Pirates, where are the wizards!”

Bollards brutally killed the pirates.

The pirates had remarkable sailing skill, but they were much lower level compared to the sailors of the Haven Kingdom’s fleet. Hunting the level 400 Bollards naturally produced continuous casualties.


With the roar of the Bollard, a myriad of pirates dropped their weapons and sank down!

Whether Griffith or the pirates, there was one principal lesson they knew, prevent countries from putting out bounties on pirates, because unless you’re lucky, it becomes difficult for pirates to deal with the general population.

From pubs, piers, casinos, alleys, etc. pirates could easily be recruited and grow even faster, however, compared to sailors, their established loyalty was low and they had weak minds. If you neglected the ship for even a little bit, they would take it away, flee and discard it after stealing money and then secede and leave the fleet.

Therefore, Pirate King Griffith rather than raise pirates handpicked several pirates that confidentially admired him as his generals and left them to their own management.

Numerically dominant along with their savage pirate nature, fought the monsters.

Under the general pirates’ leadership and command ability, the subordinate pirates were required to quickly sacrifice themselves.

It was a similar way to dropping a lion cub off a cliff and raising the survivors.

“The level of monsters is high.”

At this spectacle, the countenance of Drinfeld and users of the fleet paled a bit.

“However, this degree of resistance was already expected when forming the plan.”

From the navy knight users were leisurely words.

“Of course. The difference between us and those rabbles, it would not be right to compare ourselves with the pirates.”

In addition to Drinfeld and Haven Kingdom’s fleet were several other high level users, making them decidedly different from the pirates.

They also decided to hunt down the Bollards.

“Commence attack!”

Within the fleet, only three wizards and twelve archers used long distance attacks.

Under attack from the pouncing Bollards, Drinfeld and the navy knights fought in a manner of ambushing them.

In the midst of the battle 2 sailors died, but compared to the pirates they were only slightly damaged.

For Drinfeld though the damage was very expensive because in order to raise 1 sailor you needed a lot of time and effort.

“As we battle again and again, we will become accustomed to it. Try to minimize damage. Forward!”

Drinfeld continued hunting with his subordinates.

In the end, you cannot come to Las Phalanx without taking a bit of damage.

Hunting Bollards helps reinforce the acquisition of loot and experience.

Every sailor was placed in the middle of users or navy knights to avoid being ambushed by Bollards.

“There’s a certain degree of merit from adapting to the Bollards.”

The lineup of several high level users from Haven Kingdom’s fleet allowed for the safe hunting of Bollards. This let the weary sailors easily train and raise their levels on the Bollards.

The faces of Drinfeld and the other users lightened up.

’10 restricted zones seems somewhat exaggerated. Come to think of it, until us no one explored them. Hunting in Las Phalanx has merit.’

‘When this battle is broadcasted, my popularity will further increase.’

Quietly they hoped for greater difficulties.

Piercing through Bollards, they entered a shady place when they were suddenly attacked by Tair Badgers.

The surprise attack was somewhat too big for the sailors to handle in the battlefield.

Levels in the mid to late 300s, unless the Tair Badgers were suddenly alone, they would be unable to withstand the attacks and die.

Although surrounded by 5-6 Tair Badgers, it was possible to hunt without dying because including Drinfeld, they numbered 28 people. The pirates on the other hand were only 15 people.

The Tairbeths were exceedingly fast and flew around brilliantly making hunting extremely difficult.

In the sea they were well trained and powerful, but without it the sailors could only be grabbed and eaten in vain.

“Sailors withdraw to the back. Users take care of your own lives!”

Drinfeld restrained himself and gave the command, Griffith gave a similar command.

While preserving the safety of the subordinates, they decided to proceed slowly with the adventure.

Landing in Las Phalanx!

The real time relay coming from each station reported significantly higher viewership.

On the stations’ viewer forums and Royal Road internet forums, a lot of posts came up.

-As expected of the 10 restricted zones. Monster levels are amazing. Haven Kingdom’s 2ndfleet’s Drinfeld holds a key position in Hermes Guild. Truly a fleet of Hermes Guild. They are slow but are carefully advancing. I expect they will uncover all of Las Phalanx.
-Bravely fighting the Bollards in the name of the navy knights. Hermes Guild has truly outstanding courage and strength.
-To explore one of the 10 restricted zones, Hermes Guild’s power is overwhelming. Makes me want to follow their courage and confidence.
-Look at this, Alba only moderately acts.
-I’m really sick and tired of Hermes’ Alba. You think you can dominate the viewer forums?
-It’s their first time in Las Phalanx, they’re just following Weed.
-Bollards and Tair Badgers are really frightening. They all rapidly died.
-Weed’s alone in dangerous Las Phalanx while they act as a group pursuing him and indulge in extreme self-praise.

The thrill of exploring the 10 restricted zones caused an overflow of higher viewership, but public opinion on the internet was not on the side of Drinfeld and Hermes Guild.

However, it was a fact that many viewers felt envious toward Hermes Guild’s exploration!

Drinfeld drafted a detailed plan.

Proud of their loot from hunting in the surrounding areas, the first day lightly ended.

Due to the distant voyage, the sailors’ stamina and fatigue risked a degree of damage occurring.

Easily arriving at Las Phalanx, at that time against the herd they took slight damage. They definitely had to demonstrate their prowess.

On the second day explore dungeons in earnest.

Dungeons possessing higher difficulty levels will not be so easy.

A lot of damage may occur, but when you safely finish the dungeon exploration, the compensation and broadcast effects will be amazing.

Drinfeld had the desire to increase his prestige by conquering the dangerous dungeons of Las Phalanx.

After conquering the dungeons, earnestly expand the territory in Las Phalanx. Explore the wider area and chase Weed in earnest.

In front of the watching audience, flaunt overwhelming force and kill Weed!

Send two or three navy knights to measure skill. If he was capable of dealing with him, he had a one on one match in mind.

‘Of course before that, need to get a lot of rest.’

By killing Weed, Drinfeld’s fame would pierce the heavens.

But he was greatly unaware of Weed’s confrontation and perfectly established plan using Las Phalanx.

The second day.

Through the sailors’ labor, the fortress on the hill became strong enough to not be immediately destroyed when ogres come knocking.

Nearby the pirates’ lair was built.

While hunting monsters, both parties suffered damage from 30 to 70 people. Users did not die, but the death of sailors or pirates was significantly expensive.

“Can be recovered when we return to Versailles Continent. Do not mind the damage to the sailors.”

“We will be able to enlist several people as pirates.”

For navy and pirates, fame was important.

When fame is high, lots of skilled sailors or pirates will volunteer.

They can be hired for next to nothing so in Las Phalanx, take some damage and concentrate on the adventure.

And so the dungeon exploration started!

“Have to conserve the sailors so we need to do something right now to demonstrate our prowess.”

Drinfeld picked the entrance to a big dungeon.

“Would be nice if it’s a modest dungeon. A bit regretful we didn’t bring our excavation team on the adventure.”

If the chosen place in Las Phalanx was too weak, the broadcast performance wouldn’t be good.

Although unconcerned about investigating the dungeon, only sailors and a few wizards were sent to enter the rough area.

You have become the first discoverer of Volcanic Heart Dungeon.

Benefits: 1,300 fame increase. For a week, experience and item drop rate are doubled.

The first monsters hunted have the highest possibility of dropping the best items.

“Oh, as expected!”

“We’re the first discoverers.”

Drinfeld and the users were quite pleased.

As the first, it created a fluttering chest.

“2x experience 2x items!”

“Admiral, I think we will be tempted to hunt here for a few more days.”

Already smiling like a fully bloomed flower.

If not for the outgoing broadcast, Drinfeld would have cheerfully and widely laughed at the good luck of discovering a dungeon.

“There are many dungeons besides here. Have to concentrate on the battle.”

“Yes sir.”

As the Admiral under many eyes, he had to give the command in a dignified manner.

And battle.




Inside the dungeon lay traps and monsters.

Monsters in the late level 400s and even 500s came out.

It was a dungeon with high level monsters and many natural traps.

The ceiling collapsed to attack and the ground completely disappeared.

Because of the broadcast the dungeon had some degree of difficulty, but they wished to keep the damage to the sailors at a minimum.

Despite the risk, Drinfeld and the navy knights did what was best and came forward.

“Let’s go. Attack. Dodge. We are the strongest Hermes Guild!”

Battling the monsters, seven to eight sailors lost their lives, but coming out of it they tasted the truly exciting tension and thrill.

In this way they advanced and emerged at a place in the midst of a lava lake circling around them.

At the heart were five Fire Giants sleeping.

-They don’t seem to be awake.

-Shall we prepare the wizards?

- Large monsters and inhospitable terrain, I don’t think this battle will be easy …….

Unfortunately, jobs with possible ranged attacks like wizards or archers were not many people.

The sailors could shoot bows, but their weak damage was not capable of causing any fatal blows to the fire giants.

Drinfeld and the navy knights were unable to walk on lava so they couldn’t assault the giants.

-Should pass them quietly.

In a half body bath with half of their bodies immersed in the lava the Fire Giants slept.

Drinfeld, the navy knights, users and sailors stealthily walked on narrow roads below the rock walls.

Opposite to them around the lake was the entrance destined elsewhere.

Then one moment!


Along with a subtle sound, the end of the road the sailors were walking on collapsed a bit.

A piece of stone fell into the lava and sank.

Drinfeld and the navy knights reflexively observed the Fire Giants, but they were fast asleep without even a tremor.

‘Whew, lucky.’

‘Looks good. We can cross over safely.’

But then an accident occurred.

Sweating and staggering due to the heat, while walking the sailors’ legs loosened up and slipped.


The sailors loudly screamed as they fell into the lava.

‘They won’t stay asleep this time.’

‘Please just sleep.’

The Fire Giants were already awakening and discovering the humans stuck on the edge.

“Feeble humans who have come here, you have not received permission. Having awoken me, you must fight and prove that you are qualified to pass through here.”

The giant immersed in lava lifted its arm.

In the hand with a thickness of 2 meters and a length of 30 meters held a sword.

It was an unknown sword, but by not melting in the lava, you could only assume that it had amazing strength and heat resistance!

Weapon damage is generally proportional to the intensity of its weight. Without sharpness, a fairly large penalty will occur, but the Fire Giants’ broadswords were weapons beyond such dimensions.

“Death to intruders.”

The five Fire Giants brandished their broadswords.

When the broadsword hit, the rock walls crumbled and chunks crashed down from above.

That was not the only problem.

Lying in the lava lake, the ground shook whenever the Fire Giants made large movements.

Lava splattered as their sharp blades ascended, covering Drinfeld and his companions with undeserved misfortune and the narrow road the sailors were passing by on was destroyed by the Fire Giants’ attack.



From the Fire Giants’ strike, 15 sailors melted without resistance.

Dreadful damage!

Comparison with Bollards was impossible. Such was the grandeur of colossal boss monsters.


The wizards were ordered to prepare magic in advance.

Several kinds of magic were focused upon the Fire Giants, but there was virtually no damage.

Rather it seemed to provoke their anger and they wielded their swords even more vigorously.

After a user reported that the Fire Giants remained unscathed, Drinfeld exclaimed.

“Run away!”

“Let’s go! We have to get out of here!”

Against the slashing Fire Giants, the users abandoned the fight and ran away toward the entrance.

Drinfeld had no desire to fight and lose a considerable part of the treasured fleet he raised within minutes.

“Run as fast as possible and escape from here.”

On the narrow road they got tangled together and crashed into the lava. In the midst of this the Fire Giants’ attacks continued to pile up damage in succession.

From the chaos, they barely exited the dungeon with a staggering amount of 76 people dead.

Without assembling the subordinates, in order to live everyone ran away alone in ultimate humiliation!

A total of 7 users died.

In the place they died even locating the corpses was difficult so it was impossible to reclaim lost items.


Drinfeld’s fists trembled.

But even though it irritated him, he would not dare enter the dungeon again to fight.

In the sea, unless the ship breaks, the sailors do not die so easily.

However, in the dungeon the sailors lost brutally and no longer wanted to fight.

-We need to think about the broadcast. A lot of people are watching.

From his lieutenant and other users came whispers.

Barely conscious of the broadcast, Drinfeld straightened out his expression and said.

“Las Phalanx dungeons have outrageous difficulty. Like us, nobody will be able to break them yet. Today’s exploration was difficult so for now we’re going to withdraw and relax.”

Running out of motivation to explore another hard dungeon, they returned to the fortress. The appearance of the pirates also showed they took great damage while exploring the dungeon.

Both groups took comfort in the knowledge that the other reported failure as well.


For two days Weed sat down and created sculptures while waiting.

In the meantime, Seoyoon did not get bored.

Weed made sculptures of things he saw like Las Phalanx monsters or the ghost ship.

Whenever the sculpture was a cute and pretty yeti or animal, her palm extended out.


Meaning request!

Weed with a trembling hand passed over the sculptures.

It was a pity and he didn’t want to, but she sat down close to his side waiting until the moment the sculpture was completed, how could he refuse when asked?

Sculptures always make the best gifts for women!

Replacing words, every created piece of work took away sorrow from the job.

‘Damn job’s decent, but I still have minor regrets left behind.’

Weed purposely breathed a big sigh.

“Sculptor’s words, it’s a work of art sincerely made from the soul. Every one of my works has my heart imbued in them so I hope you will treasure it.”

Of course in his mind there was no such thing as freebies.

“And we’re quite intimate with each other are we not?"

Usually, Weed would not dare say so shamelessly.

Seoyoon clearly looked at his face.

“We listen to lessons together, we eat rice together … I gave you chickens and dogs and soon I’ll give you a rabbit.”

Lots of logic of the intimacy between them!

Seoyoon nodded as a means of affirmation.

From hearing this she became embarrassed thinking how intimate they were.

Her only friend, staying with him was comfortable and pleasant. That person was Weed.

“But you know something important, more than family members or close friends, I’m not careless with money transactions.”


“What I mean is the sculptures can sell for more than you know so if you repeatedly ask, you can earn a lot of money.”

Feeling sorry, without wasting any time she hastily gave back the sculpture when he spoke.

“One of these precious sculptures is worth more than 100 gold and even though it’s regretful, I’m giving it to you. Still it seems strange that only I give something. We’re both adults here. If we just cleanly exchange money it will equal trouble later, well you’ll see. Rather than selling to someone else, I hope you will give it to someone you are intimate with. Instead, I’ll take care of the loot later.”

Being intimate, it’s supposed to be given for free, but instead acquire loot with some vague yet persuasive logic!

Even though items piled up from the incredible hunting in Las Phalanx, Weed could not forsake his greed for loot.

So Seoyoon would give him her loot, Weed diligently made sculptures.

‘Sculptures help reinforce the ability to earn money, not bad. Really, the lengths an artist goes to!’

Seoyoon had become very friendly with Yellowy, Geumini and Golden Bird.

Rather than Weed, Yellowy lied down on his belly next to Seoyoon with a relaxed expression. Geumini was the same and even Golden Bird blatantly refused to leave Seoyoon's shoulder.

Against Necromancer Weed, it revealed severe aversion and did not even approach the subject, whereas it held its head with adoration as it touched Seoyoon's head and chin.

Weed felt the need to improve familiarity with Golden Bird by a bit.

“But I can’t give up the Necromancer job.”

To endure in Las Phalanx, undead were essential, that was the thought.

Honestly, as a sculptor, dealing with several high level monsters appearing was difficult.

Through massacres, it was possible to collect a large amount of items, a wonderful job making it difficult to change.

“That’s for you. I myself will eat well and be wealthy.”

Similar to that excuse, Weed kept making excuses to keep the Necromancer job!

Eternally unable to get closer to Golden Bird, it seemed he crossed this river of no return.

While spending time carving sculptures, the summoned Elemental Angry Stone suddenly gave off a red light.

“The fire aura in Las Phalanx is getting stronger.”

Affected by nature, the power of Elementals grew stronger by association.

“Finally time for it to explode.”

Earth Expert anxious about something growled as he paced around.

“Master, land forces are in conflict.”

Essential to large volcanic eruptions, earthquakes!

When that happened, Weed stopped carving sculptures and left on the spot.

“Now it’s time to start.”

Defining a justification was not very important.

Often required to do bad things, he could have done something different that was even worse.

Indeed, Weed since the days of Continent of Magic had done a lot of tremendously bad things.

Busy making a living, he lived peacefully, but one’s nature cannot be abandoned, that is law!

“Undead get moving. Today will be your night.”

Drinfeld and the sailors settled in fortress on the hill all shook at once.

“This, what is this? Looks like the earth is shaking. An earthquake?”

“Don’t stumble, lower your torso and get balanced.”

The first earthquake was severe and sailors fell to the ground. Under the delusion that it would quickly pass by, they waited.

Drinfeld and the users were not greatly disordered.

Even though they fell, there was almost no loss of health.


But from the second and third earthquakes, the vibrations gradually rose.

Rocks from the distant mountains simultaneously came rolling down. It was a difficult situation for those standing at this place.

With the collapse of the fence, clamor arose.

“The earthquakes are getting increasingly bigger!”

“Hold on to something!”

“The tents will collapse. Don’t stay inside!”

Fierce disturbance occurred.

Even the pirates’ lair built around the fortress became disoriented due to the aftermath of the earthquakes.

To find Weed, the pirates chose a cave made of several intertwining caves as their lair.

Because it looked void and easy to defend, they used the cave as their base.

But when the earthquake broke out, worried about it collapsing, they scrambled to run away.

Then the earth suddenly burst into a cry.

All of Las Phalanx was shaken by the earthquake.

And the volcanoes simultaneously began to erupt in lava.

The stations’ viewer forums and internet forums were all talking about the topic of the dungeon in Las Phalanx.

-The level of monsters in Las Phalanx is really high. When will we be able to go there and hunt I wonder.
-Won’t it take a long time until we can hunt in parties? Even in the future, I doubt people will deliberately visit since it’s too far away.
-Fire Giants, really great aren’t they? Just momentarily but terrible havoc.
-Drinfeld and the fleet getting crushed and then fleeing, keukeu.
-Even Hermes Guild had difficult problems.
-Las Phalanx of the 10 restricted zones, difficult to find at the end of the north, though considering it’s a restricted zone, I’m a bit disappointed.

Besides here, there were other places with similarly high level monsters.

-Above, did you imagine that they would die within minutes in the restricted zones?
-Will Hermes Guild even want to adventure tomorrow?

Viewership was high and while the live broadcast continued, users were chatting on the forums.

But then one moment, a post on the forums suddenly began to quickly climb up.

- Finally exploded, the volcanoes of Las Phalanx!
-Earthquakes cracked the crusts. Lava’s quickly rising from the land.
-Kkiya, got to watch this!
-Seems to be a scene you just can’t miss.

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      But that doesn't stop him from going live with his battles against guild and pirates. Those things go live anyway.

      But yeah, at this point...No matter.

  9. i wish they would have filed in the boxes or not even of put them out

  10. Weeds interaction with other people in real life is getting annoying, instead of building a healthy friendly relationship with other characters by his side, we got an MC who's trying really hard to avoid making a relationship in anyway, its like the author is trying really hard to protects weeds virginity by creating his overly suspicious personality, we dont even want a bf/gf relationship or a female character who falls for him for no apparent reason. All we want is a friendly one who enjoys the game and adventures. Make it right(i know its too late) but Its ruining the story.