Volume 8 Chapter 7

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Classical Concert

Lee Hyun got up early in the morning to go to the market. To buy fresh groceries for his sister!

He prepared food for his sister, and logged in to the Hall of Fame. He uploaded videos of the Lich and dungeon hunts.

“I wonder how many views I’ll get this time.”

He didn’t expect too much because non-quest related hunting videos were not popular.

People enjoy watching fierce battles instead.

But it has its advantages, because other players also upload videos of themselves hunting.

“For now, I’ll just post it.”

He did it in hope that others will take interest in it. It was a difficult competition in order to gain more popularity.

“It’s still better than not uploading it.”

KMC Media browses the Hall of Fame looking for hunting movie videos that will sell.

Lee Hyun, again uploaded the entire video of his two days hunt.


Out of nowhere, something in his computer rang.

He had uploaded the footage stored in his capsule onto the Internet using his severely outdated computer.

From time to time, he would find random parts from broken down computers to repair his computer.

“So its been about 2 years.”

Weed browsed around on the internet until noon for information. He could not allow himself to fall behind on info about Royal Road.

There were all sorts things going on throughout the continent all the time that no one knew about.

Lee Hyun accessed the Dark Gamer’s site.

There were a great number of Dark Gamers. They could be referred to as one of the most pivotal forces on the Versailles Continent.

People regretted participating in the Northern Expedition.

How was the heat on the continent going to be overcome.

Those were the first posts that caught his eyes.

‘I guess that’s the Northern Expedition.’

Weed read through the posts roughly.

At first things had started off well since they were moving to the northern lands.

However, they had not been prepared the imaginable cold and ice storms.

At night they could get killed by a chunk of ice or freeze to death because of the cold.

However due to the extreme cold, it was easy to catch an awful cold that considerably reduced physical ability.

The would have a hard time travelling in the north and they would have to fight against the monsters and wild beasts so gradually more people would desert the expedition.

They had high morale at the beginning of the expedition, but after they suffer like beggars for awhile it would soon disappear.

In addition, the responses were not very good.

As Dark Gamers, we need to prioritize money. However, it is not always good to concentrate on a reckless quest.

No matter how large a crisis is on the continent, I’m still going to be able to hunt and gather items.

There were mostly comments from solo Dark Gamers.

Lee Hyun read several more posts.

A new series of magic profession. Necromancers have been unlocked for use.
Combat based professions. Their strengths and limitations.
Good professions with overall balance.
Suitable professions for soloing.
Professions that are adept at earning money.
The future of adventurers three years after the start of the Versailles Continent?
Monster drop list.

The most popular posts on the Dark Gamer’s forum were mainly about items.

But the viewership on profession related posts were also high.

In the post about the Necromancer profession, there was already a lot of information that was gathered about the class.

Some very tricky quests had to be performed to become a Necromancer.

To produce the first undead, it required fresh bodies and they need to have an affinity with death.

You also need to kill a lot of that type of creature.

That will increase the ability.

It was not an easy thing to do, but it was alluring to reign over a legion of undead.

‘This is good. I’m guessing the tome will become very expensive when I sell it.’

Weed still had not sold the tome he had obtained from Lich Shire.

Early on, Necromancer items will not sell for much. The market value still have not been formed.

Necromancers were very good magic professions since they did not need to buy magical items in order to use spells like wizards.

As more time passes, the Necromancer class will gain more popularity and the price of the tome will gradually rise.

‘I can probably sell it after 2~3 months.’

Weed read about the other combat based professions carefully.

Posts praising their profession!

Each of the posts boasted the advantages that their profession had. However, nobody recommended any crafting professions.

It was very rare for there to be adventuring professions in the Dark Gamers.

Most of them were solo combat professions such as Paladins that could use healing magic.

Elementalists were also spotlighted since they could summon spirits to fight.

Finally after Lee Hyun search up info on monsters, he stood up and got ready to leave.


Today was Friday.

His little sister came back early from school.

“Hayan, do you want to come along?”

Lee Hyun asked his sister who was resting and watching the television.

“Where are you going?”

“I’m going to see some people I met in Royal Road.”

“You mean the people you were talking about the other day?”

“Yea, we’re going to see a performance.”

“That sounds great.”

Lee Hyun sometimes talked to his sister about Royal Road.

Royal Road was the most popular game. His sister always paid attention whenever he said anything about it.

Hayan Lee just said.

“I’m just going to stay home and relax.”

“Yea? Be sure to lock the doors.”

“Yes. You don’t have to worry.”

His sister would usually just return home from school and rest.

‘She’s been busy studying so she must be tired.’

Lee Hyun quietly left the house.

Hayan Lee leapt up from where she was and nervously paced around after making sure she locked the door.

‘Today they announce the results.’

At 5 p.m. the University of Korea would announce the results on the internet and by phone.

Hayan Lee was waiting for the results.

She was going to find out whether or not Lee Hyun passed and how she was going to tell him.


The cafe was booming.

It was located in the area around the university so the place had a continuous amount of people passing through.

Apart from that this place was also popular for other reasons.

Couples in Royal Road would meet up here.

The cafe!

This was a place where you could meet people that you built relationships with in Royal Road!

It was already considered a popular location.


“Miss, can I get another one of those parfait things?”

“How is it that you are thirsty..”

“Argh, I’m nervous. I need to relax.”


Ahn Hyundo.

The instructors Chung Il Hoon, Choi Jong Bom, Ma Sang Bom, and Roi Lee.

They, who have trained their entire lives in the way of the sword, arrived first and were waiting for their companions.

They had combed their hair back and their muscles were bursting out of their suits.

Chung Il Hoon was hot since he was wearing sleeves.

“The dojo is a lot more familiar and comfortable than here.”

Roi Lee thought so as well.

“Training in the jungle was not as uncomfortable as this.”

“There are so many people I have never seen before. In addition, their clothes are very revealing.”

Choi Jong Bom did not know where to keep his eyes.

There were a lot of slender women who were not wearing much clothing. His face was flushed.

Then Ahn Hyundo said.

“Then do you want to go back to the dojo?”


Nobody could answer.

It was uncomfortable and awkward, but none of them were willing to leave.

A long time passed.

The time for the meeting was in ten minutes.

Oh Dongman appeared holding hands with Min Sinhye.

On the Versailles Continent, Min Sinhye was Maylon and Oh Dongman was otherwise known as Pale.


“Nice to meet you.”

Oh Dongman and Min SInhye bent over and greeted them.

They faced them and tried bending over to return the friendly greeting with their large sturdy bodies.

Iron River, the nickname that Mapan had given them when he first saw them surprisingly fit.

“Hey buddy.”

Ahn Hyundo tried to get the instructors to relax with the young people.

Then people began to show up one after another.

“Ah, it’s this way!”

Ahn Hyundo and Chung Il Hoon bent over to greet Kim In Young who came into the cafe wearing a bright white dress.


“Yeah. So you came? You look prettier in person.”

“Thank you.”

“What is your name?”

“Kim In Young.”

She took a seat and sat down.

Then Yeon Hee Park and Yoon Soo Park came over to say hi, otherwise known as Romuna and Surka respectively.


“Nice to meet you.”

They could not help but be surprised when they saw Ahn Hyundo.


‘His eyes look like he’s out for blood.’

Then they looked over.

Chung Il Hoon!

He had a dignified but wildly handsome face. He looked as if he was a very tolerant person.

Choi Jong Bom. Ma Sang Bom and Roi Lee.

They naturally kept their waists bent.

It was if it was on instinct.

The cafe became calmer when Choi Ji Hoon, otherwise known as the fisherman Zephyr entered into the cafe with his gentle look.

“Hyung, it’s a pleasure.”

He reluctantly made a respectful greeting!

By now he had already been noticed. He was meeting in real life.

The entrance was getting loud.

“Jae Lynn is here,”

“The singer.”

“A celebrity’s coming here…”

“So this means that she plays Royal Road?”

She blatantly appeared walking in!

Even with a hat and sunglasses, it was easy to know someone’s face.

The moment Jae Lynn entered the cafe, everyone stopped talking and turned their attention towards her.

The clothes she was wearing, even if it wasn’t a performance costume, harmonized with her appearance.

The clothes sofly exposed her waist and the top of her chest, showing off her seductive curves.

They could not take their eyes off of her white neckline.

Looking around the cafe, Jae Lynn walked in the direction of Ahn Hyundo and Chung Il Hoon.


“That girl…why is she coming over here, Sahyung?”

“Why, why is she coming?”

“Sahyung, maybe we did something wrong…”

Choi Jong Bom, Ma Sang Bom, and Roi Lee trembled badly. Chung Il Hoon smiled, puzzled.

“Guys, do you not know why?”

“Sahyung, do you have any idea?”

“You tell me!”

“That’s all there is to it.”

Chung Il Hoon shrugged his shoulders.

“Wasn’t it because she was attracted to my fabulous muscles? Hahaha!”


They still did not know why.

Chi Jong Bom, Ma Sang Bom, and Roi Lee thought in the back of their heads.

‘Every time he thinks of women in the same sense that he think of fighting.’

Despite Chung Il Hoon misunderstanding, Jae Lynn greeted them.

“Hi. I barely made it here in time. So Weed is not here yet?”

She sat down in an empty seat.

Oh Dongman widened his eyes and asked nervously.

“Well, excuse me.”


“Do you mean… that you are Hwaryeong?”


Jae Lynn nodded in confirmation.

Of all the women that have yet to show up, Hwaryeong was the only one left in the group.

‘So this means…that we have been playing the same game as Jae Lynn this entire time!’

Oh Dongman and Min Sinhye were shocked. Anyone could enjoy Royal Road. There was no law against having celebrities play. To think that they would actually meet someone that did!

Yoon Soo Park caught Jae Lynn’s hands.

“Unnie, I’m a fan.”

“Really? Thank you.”

“You’re a lot prettier in real life. Why is it that you look a little different?”

“Is it now? You can change your face when you make a character. I changed a lot of things like the eyes and the overall impression of the body so people don’t recognize me.”

“The body?”

“That’s where I was ignorant. I thought that if I ate delicious things I would gain weight…so I thought as a dancer I would do a lot of physical activity.”

Jae Lynn and Yoon Soo Park started having all sorts of conversations.

Yeon Hee Park and Kim In Young faces flashed with tension.

‘A tremendous competitor has shown up.’

‘In Royal Road she was targeting Weed, surely not here as well…!’

‘I do not thinks so, but she still is an entertainer and singer.’

A confrontation sparked over a man!

Chung Il Hoon, Choi Jong Bom, Ma Sang Bom, and Roi Lee were all 5 years older than them.

That was why they did not intervene in the women’s conversation at all.

Oh Dongman was only interested in Min Sinhye and Ji Hoon was talking nicely about a few topics.

Roi Lee whispered to Choi Jong Bom.

“She is a very pretty lady.”

“Yea, Sahyung, I did not think she was going to be that pretty.”

They were unaware of the fact that Jae Lynn was a singer.

A large number of people were meeting up on table 2.

A mix of young men and women created a bright atmosphere.

Having a fond conversation about small topics!

However, Ahn Hyundo was in his 50s so he just sat there. He did not say a word and just sat in his rigid posture.

They played together in Royal Road. But the age difference was just too much so he couldn’t hold up in conversation. Furthermore the look in his eyes stung. It was like a group of people sat down and he was bullying them for attention.

Then Lee Hyun came into the cafe. He did not modify his appearance in Royal Road so it was easy for them to recognize him.

“This way!”

Yoon Soo Park waved her hand.

Lee Hyun slowly approached and greeted them.

“Hi, I’m Lee Hyun.”

He was already acquainted with Ahn Hyundo, Chung Il Hoon, Choi Jong Bom, Ma Sang Bom, and Roi Lee.

That split up the greetings.

“I’m Oh Dongman.”

“Min Sinhye.”

“My name is Ji Hoon. Hyung!”

Lee Hyun easily accepted it since he saw them a lot in Royal Road.

Lee Hyun was going to sit next to Jae Lynn. It was the empty spot near the entrance so he did it without really thinking. Jae Lynn was a famous singer. Like Ahn Hyundo, Lee Hyun had no idea of it. In fact, according to Weed’s criteria, Jae Lynn was an average woman.

‘She’s wearing expensive looking clothes. Necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and other accessories. Luxury is useless!’

It was minus 200 points by his criteria.

“Lee Hyun.”

Choi Jang Bom called out to him as he was going to sit.

“Yes, Sahyung.”

“This spot is also empty. Why don’t you sit over here?”

Lee Hyun rejected his offer and sat down.

“Sahyung, you’re here early.”

“I came a little early. How about you?”

“I’m late because I was stuck on the bus.”

From there on, the atmosphere became a little brighter.

Chung Il Hoon and Choi Jong Bom had a scary face and they had a hard time talking to people for the first time.

Aside from looking scary, it was hard to them to say anything in such a rigid atmosphere!

Once Lee Hyun came, it was easier for Chung Il Hoon and Choi Jong Bom to talk. The edge of the burden was relieved.

Oh Dongman rose from his seat.

“If we leave now, I think we can get to the concert on time. Come on everyone.”

Hearing that, they began to hurry.

Lee Hyun suddenly leaned over.

“Ah, my shoelace…”


He was no different than how he was in Royal Road!

He eventually went with Ahn Hyundo to the concert.

Classical concert.

It was very full because a famous French orchestra was performing tonight.

Oh Dongman and Min Sinhye reserved some seats in the middle.

Min Sinhye reserves such difficult seats because she was in the broadcasting industry.

Lee Hyun sat down.

The concert began with the conductor’s greeting.

He was a rookie conductor recognized in France. He held concerts all around the world and raised his fame and confidence.

‘Korea has culturally outdated performances. It’s time that the audience experiences something new and surprising.’

It started with a solemn grim atmosphere. Then 10 minutes in, there was a sound.



Chung Il Hoon and Ahn Hyundo had fallen asleep and were snoring.

Oh Dongman looked around. Everyone was looking at them.

‘This is embarrassing.”

Oh Dongman’s face reddened.

He was also scare that they would recognize Jae Lynn.

Yeon Hee Park complained.

‘To fall asleep in a place like this. I don’t even know how they can do that.’

But then ten minutes later.


Ji Hoon’s eyelids started getting heavy.

“Even together these performances are really boring.”

He looked around and everyone was asleep.

Oh Dongman, Kim In Young, Min Sinhye, and Yeon Hee Park were all asleep.

Their consecutive hunting accumulated a lot of fatigue. They fell asleep when the tension was gone and it was relaxed.

“Come to think of it, I’m getting sleepy too.”

Ji Hoon also slipped into sleep.

A group of people were falling asleep!

Jae Lynn was startled when she heard the sound of snoring during the classical music. Everyone was asleep.

“Shouldn’t we wake them up?”

She carefully whispered to Lee Hyun, who was sitting next to her. However there was no answer.

“You’re kidding?”

Jae Lynn grabbed Hyun Lee’s hands and shook them. She was literally shaking him to see if there was a response. He was watching the performance with his eyes wide open but he was asleep.

“Wow, you’re really asleep.”

Jae Lynn just sighed. Eventually she just closed her eyes.

“I’m the strongest.”

Ahn Hyundo was dreaming.

There were echoes as he marched through the streets.

He achieved a great victory in war and was being recognized as a hero!

“Please allow me this dance.”

“You are very beautiful”

Chung Il Hoon was dreaming too.

He was in a medieval palace with splendid music playing.

The entire place was filled with beautiful women from noble families!

It was common for women to be attracted to promising knights with powerful bodies.

He was covered in precious stones and gem to return to his hometown.

He had great riches!

However, they were not the only ones.


‘Damn these guys.’

‘There it is again’

The rest were having nightmares of hunting in the dungon.

Unlike Ahn Hyundo, Chung Il Hoon, and everyone else, Lee Hyun slept like the dead.

Under no circumstance did he relax.

One less hour of sleep meant more experience he could get and more skill proficiency he could raise.

He could not rest because of Royal Road’s monthly fee.

So to Lee Hyun, the concert was his precious time of relaxation.

Hyun was sound asleep as he was unknowingly lying against Jae Lynn’s shoulder.

Jae Lynn could feel the touch of his body as she gently stroked his hair.

Meanwhile, the conductor was furious and in a frenzy.

‘How could they fall asleep listening to my music! What does my music possibly lack?’

The conductor put all his strength into conducting the orchestra.

The passion! The electrifying feeling, the best music.

Even if it was to only wake up the people that fell asleep.

They left the concert and they were stretching out.

“That was a really good show.”

“I’m still kind of tired…”

“My body is refreshed.”

“Oh, I slept well.”

They were hungry after a refreshing sleep.

“Hey, I’m buying.”

Ji Hoon went ahead and took them to a nearby restaurant.

Eating all they could would relieve their fatigue.

They got a lot of meat onto their bowls and got platters of roasted meat,
They shared up the roasted meat and drank while chatting.

It was nothing special, but they were satisfied and happy.

By the time they finished dinner and went outside, it was already dark.

“It’s a shame that we have to leave now.”

It was a bit of an emotional parting.

They suddenly met with each other and saw each other’s faces.

But they did actually meet in real life.

“It was nice to see you. Now we can meet up anytime.”

“I had a good time.”

“See you next time.”

“We’ll see you in the Rotten Lich’s dungeon.”

“We really need to sell off that loot.”

They exchanged emails and telephone numbers and then they went home.

Lee Hyun rode on the bus and went home. But when he went home, he saw Hayan sitting on the chair in front of the computer wiping away her tears.

“What’s going on?”

Lee Hyun trembled with anger.

Hayan had never been fortunate in the past.

Kid would use to tease about their parents.


Hayan was using the computer and went to the University of Korea’s website.

There was the list of successful applicants.

“I got accepted into the University.”

Lee Hyun quickly glanced at the monitor screen.

“Is this the University of Korea’s successful candidate roster? Are you absolutely certain that you passed?”

“Yes. My name is written there.”

“And did you get a scholarship?”

“They contacted me on the phone earlier and I got the scholarship.”

Hyun Lee’s body was trembling. When he first heard it he had tears of joy.

‘But why did she have to receive the scholarship…”

The promise he made to his sister!

If she received a scholarship then Lee Hyun would have to attend university.

“Oppa, didn’t you promise to go to college?”

“Yeah. I’ll keep my promise.”

Lee Hyun had a bad taste in his mouth.

He was going to send his sister to college, but now he was going to spend an enormous amount of money to attend college.

But he already made the promise.

However, he was not light hearted.

There was more to worry about than college acceptance.

Now he still needed to earn money.

Lee Hyun took out a passbook hidden within a book and gave it to Hayan.

“I still want to help pay for your tuition. I want you to be able to buy clothes and have spending money. At the very least, so that a trip abroad will not matter.”


“As a college student you will be studying hard. There will be times where you will need to spend money. I’ve been saving a little from wherever I could. I did it just for a time like this.”

Lee Hyun wanted to teach her how to spend money.

Ever since he was young, he was always saving and he did not know how to spend money. But he was not stupid to think that money was something that he took to the grave.

He spent his money sparingly.

Lee Hyun was tenaciously collecting money for his family.

“Thank you.”

Hayan’s eyes were tearing up.

She carefully opened the passbook which contained 30 million won that her brother had been steadily saving for her college tuition.

He willingly walked around to save bus fare to save up this money.

‘He did all this for me in a year?’

For a while, Hayan had trouble holding the money.

She didn’t know what she was even supposed to spend it on.

She was going to go the college and try to not spend a lot of money.

But she was a college student.

They were supposed to be economically self-reliant.

Books, tutoring, and tuition were covered by the scholarship.

‘I want to experience the way you see the world.’

In the very end, Hayan decided to order a capsule.

The Church of Freya!

There were a few people trying to purchase holy water and blessings.

“Hey did you hear the news?”

“What news?”

“The Hermes Guild took down three castles yesterday.”

“Even that one castle?”

“Yea. It lasted quite long but it couldn’t handle an all out attack from the Hermes Guild.”

Urban cities were greatly different.

Urban cities could train soldiers and archers from the population.

They could also conquer cities for commercial gain.

For a castle, having military power is an important role.

“They’re occupying all the territories of Haven Kingdom. Have they already occupied the entire kingdom?”

“Not yet. There’s a still a few cities left.”

“The towns and cities won’t be able to stop it.”

“Well its not important. They’re all going to fall to the Hermes Guild.”

“BardRay called himself the king. He’s going to be ascending the throne shortly. It’s a wonderful coronation with over 6000 guests apparently.”

Between users there was endless talk about the Hermes and BardRay.

He was the first person qualified to be king and the strongest in the Versailles Continent.

He was the true meaning of a king.

Bard Ray did not have a very good reputation.

To get where he was now, he had to fight a lot of battles.

Cruelty, do not accept any surrender!

Thats to that notoriety, it has risen to the heights it has now.

“That castle had miserable military strength.”

“Still, the Hermes Guild is not going to have a bright future.”

“You’re right. Half of the guilds under the Hermes Guild’s banner are useless.”

“I heard that the Iron Templars and the Lone Wizards Guilds are forming a coalition.”

“It looks like there’s going to be a great war with the Hermes Guild. Which side should we go with?”

“No no. The Hermes Guild will collect funds in the meantime and devote the money to internal affairs.”

“Come to think of it, they did acquire a lot of land. They’re going to get attacked.”

“Keeping something is harder than taking it.”

“The war will not stop.”

Thus people were talking.

Then the Templars that represented the Church of Freya entered.

People stopped their conversations to watch.

Large movement of the Church of Freya’s Templars!

“What’s going on?”

“It looks like something is happening.”

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    4 - Ma Sang Bom
    5 - Roi Lee
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    Pale: Oh Dongman
    Irene (cleric): Kim In Young
    Romuna (mage): Yeon Hee Park
    Surka (monk): Yoon Soo Park
    Zephyr: Choi Ji Hoon
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    Also, though care SPOILERS: http://the-legendary-moonlight-sculptor.wikia.com/wiki/Alternative_Name

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