Volume 11 Chapter 5

By Wing - 8:08 AM

Lee Hyun’s First Class

Lee Hyun got onto the bus.

‘Whew, it’s finally day to go to college, huh.’

For other people, their chests might be bursting with glee when they go to a university. The college life is one fill with a variety of good times: extracurricular activities, MT (membership training), and being part of the clubs. It’s also a collection of various knowledge and education, a great place to gain experiences.

However, in Lee Hyun’s view, it was crap.

Endlessness. Darkness. Despair!

He should have been fully devoted to Royal Road in order to make money instead of going to school.

As the sighing Lee Hyun continued, a conversation the female college students drifted into his ears.

“What courses are you attending for your major on Monday?”

“I enrolled in advance process of Regenerative Medicine, since I wanted to learn more about joint treatments.”

“Really? That’s great. I’m also going to it. Words going around that Professor Hanh Minsoo are really good at teaching it. What about you, Soyun.”

“Major’s Molecular Biology.”

“Whew! That’s tough. Bet the tests’ are killers.”

Three female college students are having a lively conversation.

There were many female college students coming to the University via buses so it wasn’t a strange thing.

‘They’re probably medical students.’

‘Pretty cute girls…’

‘Good at studying also.’

Some passengers on the bus eyed the female college students with envy.

However, Lee Hyun thought the opposite.

‘I pity them.’

That’s six years of college!

The Medical field tuition is significantly more expensive than that of other majors. Even if one came from a decent household.

But in most cases, the Ministry of Education and the bank joined hands and prepare a system.

Student loans.

To receive student loans for nearly six years for the University; once you get out, it’d be debt piled on debts!


Unknowingly, Lee Hyun’s tongue got cold.

Though unlike what really was happening, the female college student took it another way when she saw it.

“Ah Soyun, there’s a man over there looking at you drooling!”

“He seems to be the best looking guy on the bus.”

“Go and say something.”

The two girls forcibly urged the girl named Soyun on.

Soyun then came over to Lee Hyun as she was told.

“Sorry. I don’t plan to have a boyfriend since I want to focus on my studies.”

She said carefully and soothingly, as to try not to offend him.

Lee Hyun sighed deeply and replied instead of a simple bow of the head.

“I apologize that my behavior was misleading. So here’s my two cents on girls. You female college students drink coffee which is extremely expensive rather than just simply……”

Deed rooted prejudice against woman!

He deliberately and annoyingly explained just that bit and then slumped his head.

Sleeping on the bus helps plenty when you lack sleep while recovering your vitality! (as in quit drinking coffee and sleep more.)

Soyun watched the scene and didn’t know what to do.

‘She alright? Was it too shocking?’

Until they’ve arrived at the Korea University, Lee Hyun kept his head stationary like that.

“Deureureong, kuwuool.” (snoring)

The girls’ bitterness grew as he pretended to sleep.

‘This makes it look as if we’re the bad people.’

‘Still, he was too severe to Soyun.’

‘I want to ask for his contact info…’

The misunderstand increased when Lee Hyun arrived at the school and at his classroom.

The university’s lecture hall was large and magnificent, and was stocked with various state-of-the-art equipment.

Lee Hyun victimized himself.

‘This is where my tuition goes?!!’

Since the tuition money was already officially paid to the university, the cut was even deeper!

Since the money was gone, the resentment filled up quickly resolved.

‘Hayan also, is taking classes.’

Lee Hayan has a different major, so she didn’t have class on Monday. The only time where they were in the class was Liberal Arts on Friday.

‘Anyway, let’s enter the classroom.’

He did not know anybody in the class.

The senior student threw several welcoming parties and had invited him several times. The motive was that to have the students get acquainted with one another, form friendships from the curriculum, but Lee Hyun didn’t go.

The fee was 20000 Won. (20bucks)

Nothing in this world exists for free.

He even skipped the Admission Ceremony a week before. Usually, for most, at the beginning of the new semester shouldn’t be a time for them to be late.

In other word, the moment he first stepped into the class was his first time ever.

“Who is he? Don’t seem to recognize him.”

“Is he a returning senior?”

“I think he’s on the waiting list. What his student ID?”

The students who were taking the class noticed him and whispered among themselves.

Lee Hyun steadfastly ignored them and took a seat, and then opened up his laptop.

An old, outdated laptop.

It was a relatively inexpensive item from the marketplace on the internet. It was heavy and crude, but the performance wasn’t that far behind others.

However, Lee Hyun’s face lit up with embarrassment.

‘I don’t have any books.’

The lecture was on the Existence of Virtual Reality.

He didn’t know what kind of textbook to get so it had completely slipped his mind.

Lee Hyun was sitting there in embarrassment when a book slipped in the middle from the girl sitting beside him.

“You can share with me.”

“Thank you.”

“No problem. likewise to Seonbae-nim too.” (Senior classmen.)


Lee Hyun took a bit to explain.

“So you can be at ease. Im not a Seonbae.”

The girl then, persisted.

“Seonbae-nim, please do not joke like that.”

Freshman girls seemed to treat many males like poison, at the same while only be interested in their Seonbae. So she took what he said as a joke.

“I really am not a Seonbae……”

Suddenly the misunderstand became unpleasant.

Since he didn’t show up at the Admission Ceremony, he didn’t make acquaintances with anybody; and surely, the people in this class wouldn’t want to hear this conversation.

‘I have no choice.’

Lee Hyun gave up on it.

Letting the misunderstanding fizzle out on its own was the best method.

Shortly afterward, he dove into the lecture the professor was teaching. Since the subject the teacher was teaching caught Lee Hyun’s interests.

“Many organizations, one in particular is the military, began research into the numerous advantages virtual reality poses. On their part, if they were to deploy a team of Special Forces on a dangerous mission, the survival rate wouldn’t be very high; so to have them train on the same terrain in a virtual reality will increase their experiences. This will maximize their survivability, and……however, this notion then wasn’t fully completed.”

Lee Hyun more or less nodded in agreement.

‘It was lacking in many ways. The earlier development placed emphasis on education and training. But to truly place a real being into another reality, it took a long time.’

The Professor spoke.

“Initially, the development of virtual reality then was insufficient; however, there was a lot of feedback on the subject regarding the looming possibility of increasing people’ happiness via this method. Ultimately, many companies dove into researching virtual reality. Their goal was a simple one.”

‘Obviously it’s the money.’

Lee Hyun’s pet theory (simple logic) did not change.

Money is the thing that can make one either cry or laugh!

“Companies essentially gave birth of new societies within virtual reality and sold it to the consumers as a mean of reinvigoration. As technology develops, the field became more competitive. And from this, Unicorn surfaced from the ground to what it is today with its greatest game, Royal Road; which, in my opinion, is the most beloved by humanity.”

The professor then went on to lecture about the history of VR, in which he simplified.

Lee Hyun then felt a surge of boredom. Ever since he decided to play Royal Road, he researched countless of articles before even actually playing the game. Thus, he already knew the basic contents of the professor’s lecture.


Lee Hyun unknowingly let out a big yawn as he ninja-stretched. He was already tired when he rode the bus, but now sitting in chair listening to the lecture, the waves of sleepiness splashed over him.

And he was reprimanded with eyes from every direction pouring in.

‘Until now, he barely came to class on time……and now he doesn’t look like he’s in the mood to study.’

‘Is he a student, or was he fired? Oh, then how was he able to come to our department?’

‘Looks like he’s a returnee……that must mean he got an F to be retaking this class. I don’t want to be like him, gotta work hard and learn. Jjeutjjeutjjeut!’ (the sound of pencil hitting paper)

Most of the students who are attending this class are freshmen, whom if not openly criticizing him, made unpleasant faces.

Lee Hyun regained his posture and pretended to be studying hard. But the book placed in between the two earlier by the girl who was next him, seemed a bit further away from him.

It was a subtle three centimeters from the previous spot!

Most likely, she too, reviled him.

The professor laughed.

“There are many other times to talk about VR’s origin and development in the future to ensue dullness. So should we talk about what your favorite things are regarding Royal Road?”


“Professor, please do that.”

Royal Road’s popularity among the students was high. There are only a few of people in the VR Department that doesn’t play the game.

“VR is fun, while it can also be use as a tool to study. So then, what is your action against someone who uses skills and of the art classes?”

The professor asked a rather random question. However, some astute students realized his hidden agenda.

The artistic classes in Royal Road are currently under reevaluation.

The troubadour, which is the Bard class, songs convey romance and adventuring together. Even when you did the same quest that many had done; when you have a bard participated during the event singing songs of praises, the rumor of your achievements will get spread farther, and you’ll obtain more fame in the process.

If you participate in the Bards’ special quest of creating songs, you’ll receive an extra bonus in fame.

Due to these reasons, the Bards were accepted into many parties as people continued to do more difficult quests.

The highly skilled Painter.

Beraneo’s ‘Paintings of the Continent’ were sought for desperately by many nobles.

When nobles have had it with an adventurer choice of action, they console with the painter’s network. At that point, that adventurer’s face will be plastered in every city; when that happens, that person usually won’t be able to receive any special requests.

Only in some cases, where one’s intimacy with the commissioner is extremely high, that the quest could be given. Or when one’s current level’s acceptable or not, it’s up to the client.

The painters have a saying whether you can get quests or not, hence their values were reassessed.

Essentially, the picture determines whether you’re an adventurer or not.

“Art in a nutshell, was like having an orc readily waiting in the front yard wanting to pounce you because of your uselessness. But now the Artist classes in Royal Road are being re-evaluated. Although this is a very tough path, walking down this road to become a true artisan is very much respected.”

The students were convinced after the professor’s proclamation.

“To be an artist who travels the Versailles continent, such a wonderful thing.”

“Becoming the great soul that spreads art to an unknown land filled with chaos sounds awesome!”

Some students seemed to be dwelling in their fantasies.

Frankly speaking, even if they didn’t choose classes such as Warriors or Paladins, there was no guarantee they’ll be safe from monsters. Not only the Artists’ attacking power was weak, the risk of traveling Versailles Continent was like that of a flame on a match, easily snuffed out.

So the occupation wasn’t as impressive as he let on.

“Recently, I too had been thinking of choosing Artist as an occupation.”

“Spreading art to people while earning their respect sounds incredibly attractive.”

The students were murmuring.

Lee Hyun wanted to curse.

“You guys are living in an illusion.”

If they go to the art city Rodium, they’ll be made painfully aware of the harsh reality!

The people who resides there and painstakingly work on their arts; so they when do not receive good reviews, they suffers from aches and pain, and hunger!

Lee Hyun too, also experienced it when the statues he worked on didn’t sell well and had to lower the price to a couple of Coppers. And when his statues were regarded as useless ornaments, he held himself back as much as possible to not pick a fight with them.

Having been through such trials he could not argue on behalf of it.

Of course in Lee Hyun’s case, he got through to a couple of people by means of flattering; essentially suckered many people to buy his sculptures even if it was just a penny gained.

The vicious sculptor’s going as far as getting every change from your pocket!

A while after the students’ buzzing did the professor’s words continued.

“The Artists struggle to create works; through the works’ Artistic Values that their fame rises, as well as the rise in skill proficiency. Masterpiece, Classic, and Magnum are rankings upon successful completion of the art; so can anybody tell me what are the basis for establishing the Artistic Values and the ranking of the art?”

A student raised his hand.

“I’m Kim Hyun-jun, Gyosu-nim(Professor-nim. Isn’t it directly related to the skill’s level and proficiency?”

It was an obvious answer using one’s common sense.

I.e. for fencing and archery, the damage output of any attacking techniques depended on the skill’s level.

Lee Hyun shook his head.

‘It’s not fully based on skill level.’

Even when he was at the beginner level of sculpture, he sculpted a Masterpiece. And even though later on he reached the intermediate level, the other sculptures he sculpted had lower Artistic Value in comparison.

To say that skill level plays the direct role of determining the art, then when your skills are so far ahead beyond that to make Magnum pieces, the art will no longer be called an art. It could be from skill levels, use of the tools, or the amount of work put into the material; but to say it’s absolutely depended on skill levels was wrong.

“No. If there any other students that would like to make an input please do so.”

“I’m Park Sumin. Would the value change according how detailed the work was?”

This was it was a girl in sharp glasses who replied.

She was two seats away in Lee Hyun’s row.

‘That’s not even an answer.’

If what she said was the case, then Bingryong could never be a Classic piece.

Fine details.

It’s beneficial, but clearly has limitations.

Art can never be based around the technical aspect. Even with just a small portion, when tried to precisely imitate something as it is, it’ll never be called a work of art.

Lee Hyun knows that the Royal road system was crappy.

‘I can’t stop them from randomly making wild assumptions. And since the ball will keep rolling and it’s useless for me to stop it, might as well not give a crap.’

Many students answered the question, but the professors buried all their opinion.

Finally, after the professor realized there was no one else to comment on the matter, he spoke.

“So let’s change the question. Leave Royal Road and its special circumstances behind; in reality, how do you assess a piece of art?”

Even before the students could come up with an answer, the professor continued.

“In reality, many people dream of stardom. But among the many, only a few can truly rises and live well through art. But even they don’t understand the meaning of art.”

Many dreamed of making a life through art. But unfortunately, without popular consensus from the public, not many people can achieve their goal.

“World-class artisans and their works are reputable, that meant many people know their names, and received lots of praises. They created works of art that are often overpriced. But a look at their works, even experts in the field sometimes said they don’t feel an ounce of inspiration. But for many who really truly love art can no long walk those roads due to personal reasons or placed their family before themselves.”


“To make a piece of art isn’t difficult. A child first painting of his mother is art; or even paintings on a wall during prehistoric time, as a well wish from the hunter’s family to return home safely, is consider as one. The art’s value is only in the mind of the beholder. What art is, in addition to the beauty it depicts, are what people’s heart postulates what the drawing or the statue represents; and there are boundless of possibilities.”

The students quietly listened to the professor’s rant. They were in the middle of discussing the Royal Road’s system; and now random stories were flowing out that they could not keep up.

“Now lets go back to talk about Royal Road? Artists create their works and are subjected to the evaluation of Masterpiece, Classic, or Magnum with its own Artistic Value. But by this method that it poses a very difficult question regarding the piece upon its completion. In this example, the question is the mistake you made along the way when creating the piece. Or that is to say, you did not make a single mistake when working on the piece, and have made an identical representation; the system will still devalue the art.”

Lee Hyun nodded his head.

He sculpted numerous of statues in Royal Road; even when he hadn’t made a single mistake on a piece, that work still did not come out to be a Masterpiece. While some relatively well made pieces received more Artistic Value than the former, or some didn’t receive any at all.

“In our world, from ancient times, there were many virtuosos. So imagine being evaluated based on their standards? So by which means does the Royal Road system assess your skills by taking in the inputs of our eras past artists, is there a specific method or notation, or something else?”

The students regarded the matter in an unbiased manner. Taking in all the expressions from all the works existed and set it on a standard. However, the professor denied their assumption.

“If you are not to create anything new but constantly acknowledging and compared to the past’s expressions, essentially you’re standing still. Similarly, others are forced to do the same and cannot overcome it. To be able to witness and create works comparable to past virtuosos, but cannot overcome them to achieve true greatness; is frustrating.”

Silent swept the students.

Listening to the professor, it was too complicated.

Artists’ works should be evaluated in a fair manner. The fact is the problem is difficult to resolve.

“Many experts praised works? The works will be judged subjectively, depending on the differences between the masses or within a niche of people. Many works of art faces rejection due to the point of view from the mainstream.”


“Though, to speak of, the Royal Road system is under complete security. To evaluate a piece of art, it’s classified information.”

“Don’t you know, professor?”

In respond to the student’s question, the professor showed a slightly embarrassed smile.

“In fact, I do not know how the system process and give Artistic Values. Maybe in a percentage, the level of the skills effect the value, but perhaps there are more than hundreds of variables to calculate the score. Or possibly, thousands?”

“If it’s that many…it’ll be difficult to obtain a good score.”

Shortly afterward, the many students who secretly fantasized about becoming an artist gloomed. If there was clear information regarding the criteria of how the value was given, it’d be easier to get a good score; but an unknown criterion with hundreds of variables would be difficult to solve.

The professor shook his head.

“I told you before, art isn’t difficult. A look, a feel, and if you can enjoy it, that’s enough. Rather than matching the hundreds of criterions, just go with what you think is better and create; because Royal Road is just a space in virtual reality.”


“Royal isn’t a simple game. Would it be that great if the skills were only at that level? Royal Road here is another world with a complete history from the beginning of its inception. In real life, is it possible to transform what you value in your mind to reality? Virtual reality realistically depicts reality, and it means something more. Not only can you, in essence, achieve your dream, but you can also enjoy it as the space hands out challenges to be flatten.”

The professor had a job in Royal Road.

His class was Landscaper.

His job was to maintain and cultivate beautiful flowers and trees.

The reason behind this particular class was when he obtained a quest at the beginning.

It was thank to a child sitting while watching a flower withering. Then the professor offered the child with a piece of advice on how to bring up the flower.

Then a quest occurred!

The professor gave the flower fertilizers and watered it as it revived. He took it as a sign to be a Landscaper, to cultivate flowers and trees and make them thrive.

Sometimes he got jobs to look after extravagant gardens, but sadly, there weren’t many of those. Of course, he was poorer than others, and he was proud but it wasn’t anything to boast about.

However, one time, the flowers attracted butterflies with its aroma under a starlit night.

It was a beautiful sight as the flowers bloomed.

It bloomed and faded away; in just one moment, it gave a great impression.

Royal Road was filled with exotic sights, that was its purpose.

The professor said forcibly.

“A space where people can achieve their dreams. Future lessons will be on real life and virtual reality in combination.”

After the lecture, the students left the classroom one after another.

“Oh I’m hungry.”

“Lets go quickly to get food. I don’t wanna be late and wait in line. What’ll you do afterward?”

“The library?”

“I have club activities.”

Other students were coming into class as it changes course. Lee Hyun then know it was the right time to leave.

Even though they were in the same department, nobody talked to Lee Hyun. He was essentially labeled as a returnee. In clothes that way past its prime, while bearing a face they didn’t recognize, he was easily ignored.

‘I got to eat lunch.’

Lee Hyun slowly moved alone.

Carrying his homemade lunch to the campus lawn!

Instead of being like the other who came and went to the cafeteria to get their lunch.

A picnic like relaxing tone. Some were eating in a relaxed mood, while others lying on the lawn to sleep.

College student romantic and atmosphere situation!

Many smiles on the faces of the students who were in the shades.

Lee Hyun, too, took out a lunch box to eat.

Ugokugok. (eating)

Radish kimchi and white rice!

A simple but tasty meal.

‘The kimchi hadn’t been soaked well.’

Nowadays, eating kimchi sold by the market was popular.

‘But at least the ingredients are genuine.’

Lee Hyun was okay with the price because it’d be much more expensive if he was to soak the kimchi by himself.

Meanwhile, a brisk wind blew.

The students chatter and laughter from all around. Spring is coming.


After the meal, he let out a stretch and yawns followed.

Two hours till next lecture!

He could go to the library but there was no particular book he needed.

‘There’s no internet at times like these.’

He’s now on an adventure in the vampire’s kingdom, so sooner or later he’ll have to check on the prices of the items.

‘Maybe it’s telling me to take a nap?’

Lying on the grass as Lee Hyun closed his eyes.

Though the wind was a bit chilly, it was a beautiful sunny day and the weather was great for a nap.

He closed his eyes, and in a short while, he drifted off.

Then, after finishing off their meals in the cafeteria, the students from the Virtual Reality department came out and passed by him.

“Hey, is that not the Seonbae?”

“Yea, looks like him. Seems like he ate here.”

“That must be right. But look at that.”

“Eating and sleeping……”

“Ugh, so embarrassing!”

The students increased their paces to pass Lee Hyun quickly.

He was a sample of laziness and idleness.

Lee Hyun, more than before, was shunned by the students.

His afternoon course was about the Technological aspect of Virtual Reality. And he saw some familiar faces.

Choi Sang-Jun, Min Sura, and Lee Yu-Chong who were taking similar classes.


When Lee Hyun approached them, their faces stricken.

“Ah, Hello!”


“Did you want to sit here?”

“Is it alright?”

“We’ll go to the back seat.”

“You don’t have to. I’ll go back there.”

“No no. We’ll do it.”

They deliberately rose from the front seat and moved to the back.

Similar with the two that showed up afterward. They were students of the martial art department, so it was even more shocking. At first, they spoke in low form(less honorific) until he looked up; then it became unbearable for them too look at him straight in the eyes.

There were many, but Lee Hyun sat alone.

Lecture time was approaching and students continued to pour in, but no one sat next to Lee Hyun. Most of the reason why was due to the two he faced earlier, everyone else simply avoided him in fear of the unknown.


Four minutes until the lecture officially began, Lee Hyun heard the phone rang.

He purchased an old and used phone to keep in touch with his sister while in college.

The three dimensional images that was so common when one calls did not show up, nor was this able to get online due to it being a discontinued antique phone.

Through the phone, a cheerful voice of Shin Hye-Min came over.

- Hello, Lee Hyun nim.


During the KMC media Planning Committee.

Everyone who was involved in broadcasting Royal Road was to find new item. Trends were quickly becoming out-of-fashion; no matter how fresh the material was, after a week or so, the committee would discard said material.

“How is it going with the other day’s precipitated proboscidean analysis?”

“Will be done before noon tomorrow.”

“Too late! You’re working on that overtime and get it finish before today end at all costs. Don’t even think about leaving your office until it’s done!”


Director Kang Han-Seop was pushing the employees.

Broadcasting was the only thing, but it was busy every day.

KMC was growing as a media broadcaster, so one pretty much was expected to be working all day without sleep.

“Nowadays, there is an increase of beginners playing, so what do you think about programs directed at them?”

“That’s not bad. Is the age group high?”

“Yes. The majority of them are seniors.”

“Then the broadcasting contents are easily resolved. I think it’ll be fine to place emphasis on the path of the adventure. Broadcasting time…lets make it at 10 in the evening.”

“Overlap it with the Terrestrial Drama.”

“To make it comfortable for the family to gather in order to watch.”

The number of elders playing Royal Road was moderate, but shouldn’t be overlooked; since the number increases proportionally as each month passed. They were beings slow to adapting to new changes, but the generation has the purchasing power that was very formidable if they ever get involved.

“We got to seize them from the beginning. If our broadcast captures their attention during their novice time, this generation of gamers will become loyal followers.”


“Attach in advertisements you investigated that are enticing to the seniors.”

“If you want the viewership and have the committee coming up with advertisements, then I don’t think that’s a good idea at all.”

The rapidly growing KMC Media.

Due to and the increasing of the popularity of Royal Road, the advertising fee that gets attach to the program is also on the rise.

But due to the increasing birthrate of new channels broadcasting games, the competition was fierce. Even the channels which only specialize in Royal Road were scared of the increasing trend.

“But Director-nim, what would entail in this month’s special program?”

One member asked silently.

He really didn’t want to say have a rerun, but there was only a few days left until the date.

Unlike regular broadcasts, the special program ran once per month and featured a special story on the Versailles continent. The date, which loomed about in five days.

“How is the relationship between the two warring guilds, Legend of the Hammer Guild and the Silver Wings?”

“We already did two takes on them.”

“What about the adventurer who traveled north?”

“It was late last month, I don’t think he succeeded.”

“Well, is there anything fresh?”

Director Kang and other members stricken.

Fresh events in Royal Road were dwindling, while KMC Media steadily continued its timely and accurate reports.
Newly discovered locations.


Warring forces!

They were deep events of storytelling that builds the Versailles continent’s history.

Nevertheless, the special programs did quite well for the station.

Director Kang and the others bound their heads in their hands and groaned, until a new suggestion entered the conversation.

“How about we intersect it with some of our broadcasts?”

“After all, would it be better to broadcast the people flocking to the north?”

“Ok, the north. It’s still going through consecutive broadcasts, but there’s probably something there the regular program didn’t retell.”

“That’s true.”

That suggestion was easily accepted, and time drifted on hopelessly. But suddenly, Director Khang’s eyes followed the stream to an empty seat.

“Why is it I don’t see Sin Hye-Min ssi?”

“Didn’t you know? She’s on an adventure in Royal Road, so she couldn’t make it to this meeting.”

“Is that so?”

“She’s lucky.”

Director Kang and the other members weren’t really concern about Sin Hye-Min situation as they were so busy with the matters at hand.

However, Sin Hye-Min showed up at long last.


She arrived two hours before the actual broadcast, hence she would attend the meeting.

Director Kang inquired.

“Sin Hye-Min ssi, what are you so busy with?”

“I’m sorry. I don’t have much time because of the quest. I just want to check up on you since I have a bit of time.”

“What is the quest?”

Director Kang didn’t expect much from the answer that followed after he asked.

“I’m on a quest together with Weed nim.”

“Weed? Is that right. Which Weed?”

“You know which.”

“How can you be sure who I know?”

“You can’t not know. How can you not know Weed nim?”

“I only know of two that goes by that name. Are you talking about the Jeonshin Weed?” (it had many meaning, but the one that’s resemble this story means: predecessor, antecedent, ancestor, original. Basically this prefix was for the ‘Weed’ of the previous game, which he sold the acc for 3 mill. I rather like the word antecedent.)


Director Kang jumped out of his seat.

“You’re on a quest with that Weed?”


A common name for a very common grass.

Many users in Royal Road know of that name.

And as a broadcaster, he was the benefactor of such a handle.

The brutal orc Karichwi.

The battle against the Immortal Legion received a sensational audience.

There was a sense of urgency when he led the Dark Elves and Orcs to fight against Lich Shire!

To Kang, stereotypical siege was just a struggle, while he was on the edge of his seat during this event.

Since then, his name broadened as a broadcaster, and finally had dinner with a peace of mind on such matters.

Then from out of nowhere.

During the Northern Expedition battle against the dragon, he suddenly showed up and fought fantastically.

With a method nobody thought of.

Clearly proven he was the Jeonshin Weed.

“So you’re on this quest with Weed…”

“To be precise, we haven’t gotten there. But we’ve been through many adventures along the way.”

“What is the quest?”

“It’s to reach the Vampire Kingdom, Todeum.”

Director Kang and the other eyes filled with suspicion.

“Where is the Vampire Kingdom? Has it always been on the Versailles continent? Is it a newly discovered location in the north?”

“No. Actually, it’s the place where a vampire named Tori grew…”

The director and others listened as Sin Hye-Min’s retold the story.

The gates of the Vampire Kingdom only open once. If you die, everything ends.

The expedition left for the unknown world.

Their adventure!

As if he seemed to hear the number of audiences climbing.

Director Kang shouted.

“This is the special program. No, cancel that! On the other hand, they still have a month left. What if we schedule this as a regular program? Call him! Call Weed and persuade him to broadcast this!”


Lee Hyun was sitting in the classroom while on the phone cautiously.

“What you call me about?”

- Yes, actually, I want to talk to you regarding a broadcast.

“A show? What’s this about? Are you saying KMC Media wants to broadcast my adventure as a program?”

As soon as the sentence left his mouth, the still growing crowd in the lecture hall became still momentarily.


The students stopped what they were doing and paid close attention to Lee Hyun.

The students of the department of Virtual Reality.

After graduation will be doing various jobs depending on their fields.

Even for those who current doesn’t have Royal Road.

They want to learn about VR because they were motivated by Royal Road.

And the one place where the majority of them obtain news regarding Royal Road was KMC Media!

‘What we did was not good, huh?’

‘No way, couldn’t be.’

They were dubious, but still listened to Lee Hyun’s call.

- Yea, that’s correct. I want to broadcast our adventure in the Vampire Kingdom, Todeum. But I need permission to do so.

“Hye-Min ssi need my permission?”

- Yes, because you’re the one that leads the party as Weed nim. I saved the videos of everybody on the adventure, but it’d be morally wrong if I was to broadcast the clips without your permission. If you get the ok from the others, each can get a salary, and you’ll also get the consultation fee.

The students were in frenzies.

‘Hye-Min ssi? Couldn’t be Sin Hye-Min?’

‘Why would that returnee receive a call from Shin Hye-Min?’

‘With that famous host?’

These people knew all too well about the name that came from Lee Hyun’s mouth; the famous commentator of the Versailles continent, Shin Hye-Min.

The surprise filled students became unspeakable.

“Well, I get the jist of it. Fill me in more in the future.”

- Yes. I hope to have an answer as soon as possible, since the station’s members are in an uproar. Ah, actually, I forgot since they went so crazy about Weed nim’s adventure in the Vampire Kingdom Todeum, but there a catch regarding the broadcasting schedule. They wanted to make an episode once every two days regarding this adventure. Take your time and we’ll talk later with more details.


Lee Hyun hung up the phone.

Then came a flood of students who pretended to be close.

There was a competition to see who could get the two empty seats beside Lee Hyun!


Lee Hyun phone rang again.

The student’ body stiffened.

‘Is Shin Hye-Min calling again.’

‘No way…’

‘I want just a chance…’

They were quietly waiting with frustration.

But they still kept their mouth closed.

Lee Hyun lifted the phone to answer, but it was another voice that came out.

- Bored so I phoned you. What are you doing now?

Like a crystal clear voice tuned to musical instruments.

It was Jeong Hyo Lynn.

“Ah, Jeong Hyo Lynn ssi. I’m waiting for the lecture to begin.”

- Please excuse me, did I interrupt?

“Nah, don’t worry, the professor hadn’t come yet.”

- So you have a few minutes to talk.

“Well, yea. Oh, I heard you have a new song out?”

- How’d you know?

“It was an article on the internet. Something about Jeong Hyo Lynn’s imminent release of the song.”

- Yes, it’s just a single.

The students ridiculed.

They were suspicious of the first call, but to get this second call from Jeong Hyo Lynn, who was a singer.

‘I knew something was up.’

‘Damn prank.’

‘Psh, what do you do to receive a call from Lynn?’

‘I saw through your bluff.’

The students continued to deride him. As implied, from that point onward, Lee Hyun’s present was thoroughly ignored.

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