Volume 10 Chapter 7

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High Elf Bow

This has been brought to you by Grisia.
Weed returned to the Versailles Continent after two real life days. In the Versailles Continent, six days had passed by.

“Oooh, we drink to him.”

Drinking alcohol was common for laborers. After a hard day of work, they were loosening up with a few glasses of liquor. One bottle of wine after another and the atmosphere would be considerably friendlier. But here they were drinking all of the previous night. Weed was with Pale and Maylon, who were both weak against alcohol. He didn’t even want to mention Zephyr.

“It was a bad idea to bring soju.”

They drank for over four hours with over 200 boxes of soju. Words could not describe the fearsome sight. The number of practitioners, no matter how many, could not be human to consume so much alcohol.

He would have wanted to be unconscious instead of being awake.

“Now that we’re finally back, we’re still suffering from a bad hangover.”

Weed looked around.

A cave in a safe location not too far from the valley of death. Alveron slowly stood up from his prayer.

“Weed-nim have you just returned?”


Weed had returned to human from a Skeleton Soldier.

Night had fallen and the wolves became active.

Alveron was inside the cave. Since it was well hidden, the wolves were not able to find it.

“Moreover... I wonder what happened to the expedition?”

Weed wondered about the Serbian Witch’s Broken Beads.


After such an arduous climb, Oberon and the Cold Roses Guild could not catch their breath after walking all night to the town of the altar of the Edereune God, stopping only to eat. At the end of it all they could finally reap the fruit of their efforts.

Run down houses with broken walls. The desolate village was entirely in ruins. The wind was blowing over the town of Edereune, but the members of the expedition felt that their troubles would soon be over.

The small dwarf Oberon climbed over the rocks.

“Here is Edereune, the final destination of the expedition. Everyone I want to thank you for following and believing me, though I may be lacking.”

“Captain, even though we ran into trouble, we did succeed and it was rewarding.”

All of the Cold Roses member in the expedition nodded.

‘I doubted coming to the northern expedition a few times since it seemed in vain.’

‘This is the first time that I put up with such a troublesome quest for such a long time.’

They were now unspeakably thrilled since they managed to finish such a difficult quest. The eyes of the people in the expedition sparkled with excitement in anticipation of what happens next.

Oberon was close to the end of his speech.

“I would like to thank all of you...Drum.”

“Yes, Leader.”

“Restore the item.”

Drum removed the cherished treasure from his inventory.

Serbian Witch’s Broken Beads!

It was obtained from the center of the continent; a treasure obtained after the end of countless battles, now to be locked in the north.

In the center were the broken beads. From the cracks of the broken beads was a constant chilling cold.

Everyone in the expedition was trembling from the cold. If it had not been for Drum weakening the strength of the beads then they would have frozen to death.

Drum presented the beads to Charon.

“Thank you.”

Charon did not even dare touching the beads. Since he was an enchanter that dealt mainly with jewelry, the beads effects would curse him.

“I accept.”

“I am sorry for making you do this.”

“Dwell on it later and buy me a drink.”

“I will.”

Charon looked at the Serbian Witch’s Beads.



Witch’s Broken Beads.Durability : 1.
Made of an unknown material. Originally it contained a great force.
Due to the cracks, that force has erupted outside.
The beads are a source of incessant chill.
Restore the beads to seal the cold.

The Enchanter class had to ability to use magic to grant power to gems and minerals. They were very rare since it required a large amount of effort to get a high skill level.

That was Charon, and he was a high level wizard.

“Damn it! This honor is not that honorable.”

Charon touched the broken beads.

“Restore the marbles!”

A hand shone dazzlingly as the cracks were neatly repaired.

Enchanter job skills.

The ability to revert the durability of magical gems and materials to the original value.

The cold chill from the breads that was extending indefinitely disappeared mysteriously at that moment.


“Now I can finally stop holding my breath.”

From then on, everyone in the expedition was able to breathe much easier.

The numbness left their hands as the cold went away. Charon, from the instant he touched it with his hands, turned into ice but the Serbian Witch’s Broken Beads were intact.

“Save him, resurrect him somehow!”

“God damn it!”

They checked around but most of the clerical classes had already lost their lives.

From the staircase the expedition could see the surrounding landscape.

Since the cracks were fixed, a warm Northern wind blew.

They turned their eyes slightly towards the sky to see a slight rainfall.

A little warm rain.

However it seemed that the ice would not be melted. His character was alive and trapped with his health bar turned blue.

“Later on, I’ll buy whatever you want.”

Drum’s voice cracked as he spoke and then he turned to the Witch’s Smooth Beads.

At that moment, some scenes from inside the beads were shown.

In an area with a surrounding landscape of a thick layer of snow.

The young girl had to learn magic.

Whenever the girl used magic, tiny snowflakes were born. Sometimes small chunks of ice were made.

Every time she succeeded with her magic, the girl smiled.

Serbian Witch.

Perhaps it was the girl’s inner talent. The girl’s skills grew increasingly.

The young cute little girl wore a robe. She was too small for it at first, but eventually it fit her.

However, she had heard that proper mages used staves.

After a while, invaders set foot onto the peaceful snowy land.

A legion of monsters fought against human soldiers.

The Serbian Witch fought against the enemies.

Monsters would freeze whenever she used her magic. Human soldiers could not withstand the cold and died as well.

The legend of the Serbian Witch spread throughout the continent!

In the history of the Versailles Continent, there once was a legendary master of Ice Magic.

Wind and rain heralded the coming of a storm. The Serbian Witch would wave her hand and everything froze.

The ice type magic, Freezing Storm!

- The magic of the Serbian Ice Witch has been restored.Forcefully altering the climate to subdue enemies.Those familiar with ice based magic can now learn advanced magic.


Drum sighed.

Serbian Witch’s Broken Beads. They had managed to restore the beads. Now it was possible to learn new types of magic without the need of a spellbook or materials. The beads contained the skills for highly advance ice magic.

For Drum, a professional ice mage, it was one of the best magical treasures.

Oberon approached him and put his hands on his shoulder.

“There’ll be another chance.”

Drum lamented for a while.

“I’ll have a chance again?”



The beads were obtained by the expedition after a lot of hardship.

Drum inevitably raised the Witch Beads to the altar of the gods.


The live internet feed ended at sunset as the expedition dedicated the beads to the altar.

It was not just in reality. Taverns all across the continent of Versailles with magical screens installed could see the footage.

“The heat wave is going to disappear?”

“How could they do this?”

People had already given up trying to adjust to the heat.

They found it incredibly hard to believe that the heat would be gone so easily.

Nevertheless, they had some expectations.

At that moment, there was no event more important that this.

The Witch's Beads disintegrated into dust when they were placed on that altar. However, the powers within the beads began to cycle and create its impact on the entire continent.

The sweltering heat caused by the Curse of the Scorpion King on the continent began to change.

The atmospheric temperature lowered until it was how it used to be.

A refreshing breeze blew past, cooling the lukewarm beers.



Many people threw festivals, indulging in their excitement over the success.

You could see people yelling in pleasure across almost every city or town in the Versailles continent.

Weed rode on the Wyverns with Alveron and took to the skies. They were escorted by Bingryong. They had left to check on the remnants of the Valley of Death.

The place was teeming with monsters.

“Kyawoo. It’s a human!”

“Kill him!”

Weed shook his head.

“Looks like it’s gone.”

The Valley of Death was covered in snow and ice.

The sun was in the sky, but it did not feel hot and a warm breeze blew. Since the Serbian Witch Beads had been restored, chilling air no longer permeated from the cracks.

The source of the curse.

The heat wave that covered the entire continent was proving extremely useful.

The snow and ice, that never seemed to melt, dissolved instantly into water. Because of the Valley of Death, it flowed through like the rapids. But because the land was so barren, it quickly sucked up the moisture that was being offered.

“Gaaahh! The heat! It’s burning my body! Master!”

Bingryong was suffering as he struggled to beat his wings in the sky. Droplets of water dripped and fell from his body of ice.

For most people the increasing temperature was a blessing, but to Bingryong it led to weakening his strength.

“Please, spare me. Master.”

Bingryong was overwhelmed with pain and tears. His eyes held the most heartbreaking glance.


His penetrating glance told Bingryong to knock it off. This much was not enough to be out of breath. Even with the hot weather, he would not be pampered. Even with his tremendous Stamina and Health, he struggled with his wings. It takes a lot of time to recover. He was weakened even more so, considering that it had not been long since his battle with the other dragon.

Weed finally messaged Seoyoon.

A normal person would never pretend to be unable to speak!

“Since she hasn't messaged me, she must have found a decent quest or a good hunting ground.”

Weed nodded.

Weed guessed that Seoyoon was not a good natured person or she would not have fed poison to him when he was sick.

“I’ll see if I can contact her next time.”

Seoyoon was lingering around in Morata.

People were wandering around within the bustling town.

“The weather is getting warmer.”

“Maybe it’s time for the town to start getting some new clothes? It’s not going to be easy to work in winter clothing.”

“Monsters are going to get more active in this kind of weather. We need to get the walls repaired to stop monsters from invading.”

The townsfolk were working and talking. They were doing things from smithing farming tools to making fabric for clothes.

Productivity in Morata had increased significantly because of the recent festival and many houses in the local area were reconstructed.

Alveron politely addressed him.

“Weed-nim, I will return to the village with the rest of the priests and assist the townspeople.”

“Thank you for all the help.”

“Yes. You can call us anytime if monsters invade.”

The village was under the protection of the Church of Freya so many priests and paladins were staying in Morata.

The village elder was roasting a sweet potatoe as Weed came back from his travels.

“Welcome back, hero-nim.”

“I have returned.”

“Are you here to turn in the commission I gave you?”

“Yes, but more than that I am hungry.”

Weed loved food.

But he did not excessively eat it. If fullness was excessively full, then stamina was quickly exhausted. However, he did not give up a situation where he could get free food!

Beggar instincts.

The ability to find food in any situation!

“To give the hero of the village a mere sweet potato...”

“That’s fine.”

“Well, the polite thing would be to serve food so...”

“Thanks, I appreciate it.”

“No, the pleasure is mine.”

The village elder, with tears in his eyes, offered him the sweet potato.

As Weed ate the sweet potato that was soaked in kimchi.

    - Satiety has been filled.
Stamina has increased by 10%.

It was a simple dish of sweet potatoes.

Compared to Weed’s intermediate cooking skills, the food wasn’t very good but the effect to fully fill satiety was priceless.

Weed ate the sweet potato quickly.

“The Nifleheim Emperor did not run away. He pulled the cowardly monsters into the valley and he overpowered them with the Serbian Witch's Broken Beads.”


The King’s Glory quest has been completed!The Divine Emperor Nifleheim IV sacrificed himself to protect his people.But the results were not as he had wanted.
The weather in the northern lands went out of control until the Serbian Witch's Beads were restored.
- Fame has increased by 3200
- Friendship with Morata's citizens increased by 100.
- Public value points with Morata village increased by 3200. Regional public value points for Morata village can be seen in the public service values window.
- Morata village public value: 9800
- You have leveled up!
- You have leveled up!
- You have leveled up!
- You have leveled up!
- You have leveled up!
- You have leveled up!
- You have leveled up!


The level gain was huge, but even more so was increase in fame.

Weed thought.

‘Quests related with the honor of a kingdom are in a whole another level of rewards.’

The village elder took something wrapped in a cloth from the depths of a drawer.

“At least in the end I retain my honor as a noble of the Nifleheim Empire.”

Frankly, Weed found it a little hard to believe. A nobleman of the empire was so desperate now that he could barely keep a sweet potato for himself. But even that Weed took away from him and ate. To think this was the condition of the leader of the village.

“The day that the Empire fell, the Imperial treasures were scattered and all that remains is this bracelet. Hero-nim, since you found the fate its true owner, I feel you deserve this.”

Items earned as compensation for the quest.

It was hard to get good items such as rings, necklaces, and accessories.

Weed’s heart was beating so fast as he hurried to check it.



The King’s Bracelet:
Durability 30/30.A treasure of the Nifleheim Empire. Refined beauty and a variety of magical abilities. An incredibly finely crafted piece of jewelry embedded with gems.Restrictions:
Level 450.
Reputation 100,000.
Maximum mana increased by 55%.
All stats + 15.
Mana regeneration increased by 20%.
Charm + 30.

Typically it was unassociated with combat abilities, but it had the precious option of increasing mana and regeneration so that substantially increased its value.

Much better than what Weed lost when he died.

‘Never thought I’d get something this good.’

He regretted that he didn’t get any better items from the dragon.

However, the rewards from the quest did not disappoint him.

It was incomparable to his current armor and items.

If he put the bracelet on the item trading site, it would turn the place upside down.

A considerable amount of people would start a bidding war.

The quicker the mana regen, the more often you can use skills.

You would be able to hunt and raise skill mastery faster.

He had gotten a few rings from Lavias.

Later on he had gotten the Ring of the High Priest.

Each increased his mana regeneration by 10%.

The village elder was about to finish his speech.

“Under Hero-nim’s mighty shoulders the fate of this village may be changed.”


“Hero of the village, you are our glimmer of hope. Please do not refuse.”


Elder’s proposal to become the Count of Morata.Morata was a renowned producer of high quality cloth and leather for generations. The True Blood Vampires took over the territory once, but now humans inhabit once more.The village elder has offered the position of ruler to one of the two heroes of the village. Great adventurers with high friendship with the people will not be able to refuse.
Able to tax crops and trade monthly. Able to strengthen military power. If the lord occupies another city or castle of a certain size or population by force, the rewards will increase.
-You have become the Count of Morata.
-The title Count of Morata is now available.
-Fame has increased by 2500.
-Charisma has increased by 30.
-Leadership has increased by 20.
Proposal cannot be denied!

Familiarity with the residents increased its effects. On the spur of the moment, he became the ruler of the province.


Weed went out of the village Elder’s house and saw a little girl.

She was making a very small outfit.

“Oh, you are?”

“Yea. What are you doing?”

“Baby clothes. Haven’t you heard that there are a lot of kids in our town? It’s my dream to make clothes but we need to farm since we don’t have enough farmers.”

Weed nodded. Morata was historically known for its famous sewing productions.

‘That’s right. I still have the quest for having I planted flowers in the Valley of Death.’

“Have the flowers of hope chased away the spirit of death?”

“The seeds you have given me have grown into grass, flowers and trees that have soaked its surrounding around in a sweet scent.”

“Thank you, thank you very much.”


You have completed the Plant Flowers quest.In the valley, flowers and trees now grow and can safely be passed without the danger of monsters. The seeds cultivated by man will spread widely by the wind and grow into a forest.
-Fame has increased by 1600.
-Friendship with Morata citizens has increased by 120. Residents will more or less heed your orders.
-Morata Village public value: 10,400
-You have leveled up.
-You have leveled up.
-You have leveled up.

Once again he leveled three times.

He was a bit disappointed. He had huge expectations of the quest. Not everyone was able to do an A ranked quest.

‘However, to think it only gave three levels.’

Weed breathed a deep sigh.

‘This is the kind of luck I have. What was I expecting.’

Still levels did not mean everything.

Leveling only meant a slight rise in stats. He would need to raise his skill masteries and other stats or else he would end up dead later on from being underskilled!

Weed was well aware of this, but still it was a quest. At least the increase in fame and public service points were far higher than usual.

Then she said again.

“You have to wait.”


“I wanted to give you something.”

She hurriedly went inside her house. Afterwards she brought out two things wrapped in paper.

A map and a bow!

“This is my friend’s map that I promised you. For helping me, please accept this bow as compensation.”

Items have been acquired as compensation for the quest.

It was a poorly drawn map that looked like a child drew it.


Freely drawn map: Durability 3.A map of some place.
It seems to locate an area.

The problem was the lines on the map and the triangles for mountains.

“I have to go find this thing.”

He let out a sigh. However, the bow felt a little bit different. There seemed to be a big difference between normal bows and this bow’s materials and composition.


High Elf Bow:
Durability 65/65. Damage 98. Range 18.A High Elf creates one bow in their lifetime. Due to its scarcity, the rarity of it is uncompared. Finding elves were very difficult in the human world and even more difficult for a human to befriend one and receive this bow as a gift. Imbued with the power of Sprites.Restriction:
Level 400.
Agility 1000.
Archer related profession.
+40% chance to hit
+40% range.
User can move very rapidly.
The damage done by arrows is elemental damage.
Affinity with spirits +5%.

For a short while he didn’t say anything.


As of yet, this was one of the most superb items!

The High Elf Bows were one of the most coveted items of the archer class.


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