Volume 8 Chapter 6

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Weed and his companions went to the area where they had hunted the King Snake.

They were the first ones to discover the dungeon.

At the entrance of the cave, Weed collected all the weapons and armor to use his skills on them.

“Sword grind, armor polish, iron clothes!”

Production skill side effects!

Before entering the dungeon, everyone ate food until they were satisfied.

The effects were higher than those of a bard’s and a shaman’s blessings combined.

Thanks to his superior handicrafting, it gave quite a few advantages to his skills and thus did not require them to repair their equipment that frequently.

“From here on it will be nothing but fierce hunting.”

Surka stretched out her hands.

“This time we need to get to at least level 300.”

Pale had become level 296 thanks to their frequent hunting.

Romuna, Surka, and Irene were also similarly leveled.

But his girlfriend Maylon was already level 310. Isn’t it something all men have in common to want to be strong in front of their girlfriends!

‘Get stronger.’

Pale did not spend all his time hunting like Maylon.

He spent more time increasing his archery masteries. While training his character, he focused on raising his skills and masteries.

The advice from the Geomchis had been a great help to him.

With a bow and arrow, he had to suppress the urge to simply shoot at the monster’s body.

He had to look for the brief moments to attack the enemy’s weaknesses!

If you shot an arrow at the same time a sword struck the enemy then the damage from it would be higher than usual.

It was time to show off his skills to Maylon.

At the entrance of the cave were Skeleton Knights. They were some of the monsters that went around patrolling areas.


“”Those are...living things....die!”

Skeleton Knights.

Three Skeleton Knights riding on ghostly Phantom Horses came charging.


The eerie cries of the ghost horses.

“Fire Fist!”

Surka jumped to the front and shot out blazing flames.

It collided with the Skeleton Knights.

Weed had been worried that it would be unreasonable to have Surka fight if she was underpowered.

Apparently his worries had not been of any real concern.

Surka charge into the Skeleton Knights and then circled around.

“Strike! Yonhankwan!”

She had rushed to the rear to strike the Skeleton Knights from behind.

“Ah ha!”

Weed admired her a little.

In a fight against an enemy it doesn’t help to just have a more flexible body.

You have to move around naturally and avoid the enemy’s attacks.

It takes quick judgement and fast reflexes to succeed at such a tough feat.

Good use of close range skills could be used to slaughter enemies in ways that long range couldn’t.

But that didn’t mean that clerics and wizards didn’t have an important role.

However, Surka had very good judgement.

She had rushed ahead of the Skeleton Knight’s attack to reduce the damage she took, allowing her to prevent further enemy attacks and strike in the enemy’s blind zone.

Surka rotated her body to strike the Skeleton Knight.

Her companions were not idle.

Pale and Maylon shot arrows rapidly.


Arrows continued to fly ceaselessly.

The arrows flew around Surka and pierced the Skeleton Knight precisely.


The Skeleton Knight was too busy with Surka’s attack to avoid the arrows.

Geomchi2, Geomchi3, Hwaryeong and Zephyr were responsible for the Skeleton Knight on the left while the one one the right went to Geomchi, Geomchi4, and Geomchi5.

The Geomchis generously showed off their advanced battle skills to the party.

“I should not be idling.”

Weed took out the Talrock’s that he had been saving in his backpack. The lustrous sheen of the armor!

It was nearly white because it had been made mainly of Mithril.

However, this mithril had light absorbing properties. So it was now actually black in color. In fact, in the past most of Weed’s armor had been black.

It was finally time to wear something nice!

He rarely changed his armor and usually stuck to repairing and raising his endurance.

But Talrock’s armor was black and expensive looking.

Weed carefully polished it with a cloth.

“Armor Polish.”


It was difficult for his to even touch the rare armor.

It was not just any armor after all. If he were to sell it he would get at least 10 million won.

It was entirely possible to find someone that wanted to own it!

It was one of Weed’s treasures.

-The armor has been wiped clean.
Armor defense has increased by 20%.

Weed equipped Talrock’s Armor. It was made consisting mainly of mithril and it had the red pattern of the Church of Freya on its chest.

- Talrock’s Armor has been worn.
    Defense has increased by 102.
  • Faith has increased by 100.
  • Fame has increased by 300.
  • Strength has increased by 40.
  • Agility has increased by 30.
  • Charm has increased by 25.
  • Fighting spirit has increased by 40.
  • Mana has increased by 15%.
  • Incoming magic damage has decreased by 10%
  • Fear and confusion magic immunity has been gained.
  • Relationship among Dwarves have increased.

The gloriousness of unique items!

Hwaryeong could not hide her admiration since she was in the back of the battle.

“That armor looks very pretty.”

Weed was a little disappointed.

‘The options for dancers are useless for battle.’

Irene knew her role in battle as a cleric.

“Get filled up with holes so I can patch you up.”

It was to be expected of Irene after all.

‘Couldn’t she have put it more delicately?’

Weed gave a low sigh and then he took out his sword to join in the battle.

“Sculpting Blade!”

It was a fearsome blade that ignored enemy defense and struck at the body.

Weed struck at the Skeleton Knight with his sword.

It looked as if the enemy froze in place as he unfolded his attacks onto him.


The Skull Knight slashed towards Weed with his sword. Weed closed his eyes the moment it struck.

- Cold Eyes skill has been used.
You can not see but pain subsides.

Because of his high endurance stat and his black armor as well as the skill, he did not take that much damage from such a big hit.

“Hu....human open your eyes!”

“I do not want to. I am strong enough to beat you with my eyes closed.”

“Human...what you say...is an insult to me as a knight.”

The Skeleton Knight gained more power through anger.

Undead Frenzy!

It was an ability that increased their power by 10 to 20%.

Every time he got hit by the Skeleton Knight’s attack he would close his eyes and then strike back.

The battle then changed up.

The Skeleton Knight started moving his shoulder bones towards Weed.

It was heading towards his arms and wrists.

Then he closed his eyes.

“I guess its coming towards the chest.”

He anticipated the enemy’s attack.

That was because it was the only way it could attack.

“Daemon Blade!”

The Skeleton Knight’s blade was covered in a devilish shape. It started using skills.

The forces of evil caused the creation of a skill that caused blood to flow from wounds.

The Skeleton Knight wielded his sword quickly and 3 after images came at Weed.

‘The one above and the one below are illusions! From the motion of his shoulder, that one is real. The one that is coming for my neck.’

Weed made that judgement with his eyes closed and acted.

He could accurately judge the skills of the undead.

One mistake and he could take significant damage.

Even with his high endurance, it was difficult to take deadly attacks.

His health would drop rapidly and his power would drop severely.

He could become temporarily paralyzed and potentially lose an arm or a leg.

‘Its coming for my throat’

He kept his eyes closed as he let the Skeleton Knight strike him in the shoulder with the sword.

- Skeleton Knight attack has decreased health by 630.

The Talrock’s armor could block 3 to 4 times more damage than normal.However an armor was useless if the user had poor skills. Most warrior types classes did not even bother to learn the skills.

It was reckless to fight with his eyes closed even if it was to raise his endurance stat.

Most people did not bother to struggle to raise endurance.

However, Weed did not miss anything trivial related to combat.

He gave up on using his eyes. By doing so he would raise the skill proficiency much faster than usual so that its effects would increase. Even with high endurance and defense he wanted to maximize the use of Cold Eyes as well.

It was unavoidable for beginners to close their eyes in their first battle.

However actually using the skill was a world of difference.

Weed had the courage to close his eyes and use the skill in the middle of such a difficult battle.

Surka said admiringly.

“Weed’s responding well to combat. He really is the best.”

Zephyr was forced to agree.

“He repays with more for everything they give him. I would hate to be his enemy.”

The Geomchis fought while laughing.

Closing your eyes may work at first but then it might become a bad habit...

‘His skill is still growing after all.’

It was easy to lose track of the enemy in battle with one’s eyes closed.

But he was deliberately closing his eyes.

He was well acquainted with the enemy’s movements. He knew where the enemy was attacking and how to attack back.

Development of skill did not rely on the senses alone.

Geomchi3 and Geomchi4 said.

“Now this is hunting.”

“It would be nice if we had met Weed earlier.”

Geomchi5 gave a laugh.

“Dungeons are not such a big deal, they have like only 6000 monsters right? Soon there will be none.”

Geomchi2 looked around the dungeon.

“Eight days might be too long. Let’s see if we can finish this overnight! Come on, let’s go!”

Geomchi2, Geomchi3, Geomchi4, and Geomchi5!

Fighting was as familiar to them as eating. It was going to be eight days of grueling hunting but they were going to enjoy every moment of it.

But it was going to be difficult for the member that were not monsters like Weed and the Geomchis.

However, everyone had changed from how they were in the past quite drastically.

The Geomchis were indispensable but Pale, Hwaryeong, Surka, and Zephyr’s combat skills have improved dramatically.

“More Skeleton Knights! There are five this time!”

Pale had confirmed after Weed had sent him out to scout.

Usually Pale would be leader but things were different when Weed was in charge.

Everything was left up to Weed.

Weed stood at the forefront of battle and dealt damage with his superior swordsmanship and endurance.

Someone that fought directly would usually be more useful as a leader than an archer.

Weed had cold bandages, providing food and repairs, and effective skills that no one else had!

“Hwaryeong put two of them to sleep with you skills!”

“Enchanting dance!”

Hwaryeong put two of the knights to sleep with her dance. In the meantime everyone else fought the rest of the Skeleton Knights.

The Rotten Lich Dungeon increased in level as they moved on.

They would face Skeleton Knights, Chimeras, and other monsters of similar levels.

The monsters were at least level 300 and in severe cases up to 360.

Since it was the stronghold for the Undead Legion, there was no wonder that the monsters had significant levels.

Weed had one overall ability in production skills though.

The could raise the entire party’s damage and defense by at least 10% and 20% respectively!

They could engage moderate numbers of enemies thanks to Hwaryeong's dancing.

The party would collapse upon and destroy moderate groups of 7 to 8 Skeleton Knights.

Exploring high level dungeons required special attention. Dancers had a big role in distracting enemy attention.

Of course, sometimes a dancer’s skills could fail.

They could fall down from dancing. Once they lose balance then the skill loses power momentarily.

The higher level the enemy the more dancing was required.

Hwaryeong had to continue dancing uncomfortably. Her legs were staggering and there was a pain in her legs but she still danced strongly.

Sometimes it would fail when there were Chimeras, a form of contagious disease zombies.

That was because they didn’t have any eyes to see beauty with and the difference of levels was lacking since they were at least level 350.

The Lich had made Chimeras with a wolf’s head on top of an ogre’s body.

“Eat the humans!”

They could only be tempted with food.

A dancer’s dance was usually limited to human and humanoid monsters.

To go above these constraints required a significant amount of skill

“There’s really a lot of experience.”

After hunting for a while, Irene was startled when she checked her stat window.

They were hunting 3-4 times faster than usual.

They had also discovered the dungeon so they were receiving 2 times more experience.

‘It’s thanks to Weed and the Geomchis.’

Irene looked at Weed and the Geomchis’ with envious eyes.

Priests were known to have weak attacking power. Weed had the turn undead skill, but it would be quite useless during hunt with a group.Therefore, strong warriors and priest go well together.

Weed said.

"I think monster in this territory are getting tougher. From now on the battle are going to get faster.”


“Ah, here we go!”

Zephyr's eyes darkened. Hwaryeong's held her breath.

Up until now they were hunting comfortably.

The moment Weed said that meant that it was time for the real hunting!

The party's hunting speed accelerated.

By now, they couldn't rest and traveled quickly through the hunting ground, and if no one was injured after battle they immediately went on to the next hunting ground and continued.

So since they started this hunt, they have completed several rounds of battle. After battle had ended, the people who needed to heal up gladly sat down by the healer.

Those that could stand up were free to break off into their own group to continue hunting in the next region.
They got up and started hunting again. The problem was that the speed was slightly increasing. The interval between hunting and more hunting left them with no time to breathe.

Weed lead his companions into more battle and more battle faster and faster.They were hunting at a fearsome speed so they were getting experience and items rapidly.

“I leveled up.”

Someone would say every now and then.

Their companions would quickly say.


“I’m close to leveling.”

“Let’s keep going then!”

There was no time to rest.

Irene had a lot of mana. She would heal them as much as she could and they would keep fighting.

Whenever their health dropped below 30% she would heal them.

To survive as long as possible, Weed would treat them.

With his advanced Cold Bandages, he could heal up up in a flash.

They only took short breaks for bandaging.

Zephyr and Hwaryeong resigned themselves to their fate.


“I’m going to die! Weed I need to be bandaged.”

They would get hit on purpose.

Skeleton Knight skill. Darkness status.

They would deliberately get put into a state of darkness.

Even if it hurt they could lie and rest comfortably for a bit. If their health drops low then Irene would just heal them.

After a while Weed would just bandage them up so it was almost impossible for them to get a fatal wound.

Hwaryeong and Zephyr had the same thoughts when they had hunted with Weed the first time.

The both of them wanted it to end after getting hit by the Skeleton Knight.

‘It got me.’

‘Now I can rest.’

Zephyr and Hwaryeong would just a have a slight smile.

Then Weed would yell and come over with bandages.



“It takes about 45 seconds for bandaging. But its not enough to get Zephyr and Hwaryeong back up. Lure the monsters around and bring them back here.”


Zephyr and Hwaryeong lied down injured and groaning.

‘I’ll never get out of this hell.’

‘Need to die properly.’

This was because of the unprecedented hunting speed.

Seechwi was an Orc!

Early on, Orcs had many advantages.

They had exceptional health and stamina, their death penalty was lower, and they had high defense.

Even if Orcs die, the skill loss was insignificant.

That was the one thing that Orcs had over the other races.

They were in large numbers and Orcs happened to die often but they had high growth rates.

Many people came to the village.

A lot of them were Orc users trying to form parties.

“Chwikchwik. Let’s go hunt foxes.”

“Chwik. Chwik! Fox meat is delicious.”

The number of people in the town were increasing and the Orcs were repopulating.

Orcs sold meat to the stores. A lot of new Orcs were constantly being born.

The city was horribly expanding.

New Orcs were born in village near the Yuroki Mountains.

It takes time for a human village to expand but for Orcs the only thing they needed was food.

Seechwi scoured the Yuroki Mountains for Seoyoon. However to find one person was close to impossible.

However Seechwi had a secret weapon.

“That look familiar to the direction that Seoyoon went in.”

She could watch the videos in Seoyoon’s capsule!

Seoyoon was hunting so with a bit of luck she could catch up in time.

Luckily Seoyoon fought three to four monsters at once.

All monsters gave up their lives when they attacked Seoyoon. She killed all the belligerent ogre forces in the Yuroki Mountains.

Seechwi tried to say as gently as possible.

“Seoyoon. Chwichwichwik!”

Horrible nasals sounds came out when she spoke.

Seechwi laughed and said.

“I’ll come with you. I’m Cha Eunhee. Chwichwit.”


Seoyoon didn’t say anything. However Seechwi knew this wasn’t a rejection. If she had refused then she would have walked away. Seoyoon did not refuse because it was someone that she was close to.

“Chwichwik. Let’s get quests and sell loot.”

Seechwi stayed with Seoyoon who had gotten a quest from the Dark Elves even though she didn’t say anything.

It was more comforting now that someone was traveling with Seoyoon rather than leaving her alone.

It was still really dangerous and she could die in battle.

However, thanks to Seoyoon it was not dangerous at all. She took care of her because she was weak.

Seechwi smiled seeing that there was a little change.

‘Okay. This means that her mind has opened up a little.’

It was difficult to start the healing process. Any treatment is useless if the patient is unwilling to open up.

After she had saw Seoyoon cry, it was enough to show that she still had emotion.

“The quest was to obtain some red fruit. Okay chwit. I’ll get some and come back. Chwit.”

The elderly Dark Elf wanted to east a Red Dawn Fruit before he died.

Seoyoon and Seechwi acquired information about the quest.

It was not in Seoyoon’s personality to refuse requests like these.

“These monsters give a lot of experience and items. Let’s hunt here.”

Seeyoon listened to Seechwi as she led her along.

Then when she had finished about 30 quests.


The Great Orc.
Alone they are vulnerable but because of their racial characteristics together they are strong.
Orcs like a strong leader. You have proven yourself to be a strong Orc.
Do you wish to become an Orc commander?

Orc Commander profession!

The Orcs had a lot of professions that dealt with heavy weaponry. Orc commanders were a particularly special profession.

Seechwi had not gotten a profession. An opportunity to get a profession barely ever showed up.

She had been too preoccupied with doing quests.

Rather than raising her level herself, she obtained most of her experience from Seoyoon.

The amount of experience of hunting with Seoyoon was small because of such a huge level differrence but she still received some because she was in the party.

It was more than how much she would have received from hunting alone!

Thanks to hunting with Seoyoon, the opportunity to become an Orc commander opened up.

“I’ll do it. Chwitchwit!”

Seechwi became an Orc commander and wandered around with Seoyoon doing quests.

They wandered from the Orc Village to the Dark Elf Village while hunting.

Normally someone with looks like Seoyoon would draw attention but she normally hid her face when she went into towns.

Seechwi also approved that Seoyoon hide her face.

It was not a good idea to draw people’s attention with a pretty face. There was no need to socialize with such people. Then they managed to obtain some information.

From the Dark Elf Granbell.

“Seechwi. You may be an Orc but we are friends. In fact, dark elves are usually against Orcs but I still consider you a friend.”

Seechwi’s major helped her here as well.

A doctorate in psychoanalysis!

Psychoanalysis was not just guessing what people were thinking. That was just the surface, and what it was really about was seeing the secret thoughts and emotions that people hid underneath.

Seechwi was specialized in psychoanalysis and she grasped the villager’s tendencies.

An female Orc flattering dark elves!

Seechwi used her psychology to raise her intimacy with the residents.

Through her hard work, she realized that the dark elves loved receiving flattery.

Dark Elf Granbell broke into a laugh.

“My friend was pleased that you got him the red fruit he had wanted to eat. Even though you are not a dark elf, let me tell you of a good hunting spot for the future. If you go east of here you will find a dungeon to hunt in. That dungeon is the source of the undead that have plagued us. There will be plenty of things to hunt in there.”

Seechwi had a high amount of fame for her level.

Orcs had fairly high growth for fame and levels.

But that increased greatly by doing quests and hunting with Seoyoon.

They had received hordes of information on hunting grounds.

Seechwi and Seoyoon headed to the hunting grounds to become the first discoverers.

“If I get double experience, then I’ll level even faster! Chwichwik!”

Seechwi had a fairly high level until she became an Orc.

She had chose it because it was Orcs were very interesting, so she didn’t regret it and she wanted to level up and get stronger as soon as possible.

Double experience.

The gap between her and Seoyoon will close quickly if she levels up faster.

Seechwi and Seoyoon went to the pit.

“Huh. Chwichwichwit!”

A discovery message did not pop up.

“I can’t believe it. Chwitchwitchwit.”

Seechwi then remembered something.

‘Who else would have heard that story? It must be him...’

Karichwi had hunted alongside Seoyoon!

An Orc with a legendary presence.

He became famous through the Hall of Fame video and the KMC’s broadcast.

“Let’s find out. Chwitchwit!”

Seechwi led Seoyoon inside to find Weed.

There were a lot of areas where monsters had been cleared out.

Finally they met Weed and Pale’s party.


To Surka and Irene, seeing an Orc here was amazing enough.

It was also accompanied by a woman.

Seechwi was surprised.

She did not know that so many people were hunting here.

Seechwi said with difficulty.

“I didn’t know that there was another party. Are you guys the first discoverers? Chwik.”


Pale decided to step in since Weed didn’t look like he was going to say anything.

“Then, do you know the way out? It was really difficult to get here. Chwichwik.”

Seechwi’s face looked very tough but she was able to convey herself to the party.

‘To come this far must have been tough.’

‘Orc. To come this far it must be a quest and also a pretty high level user but even then it would be tough.’

‘To get through the Karaka Woods we had to take down the King Snake.’

They had suffered and earned a right to hunt in the pit.

But now there was another party and there were unavoidable circumstances.

Pale shook his head.

“There is no need. It is not a small dungeon so take your time hunting.”

“Yeah. Go ahead and hunt. There are too few people for such a large dungeon.”

Surka said. The party was being very courteous.

In the Versailles Continent, the higher level dungeons were monopolized and murder was common over them.

It was common to get kick out if you did not get permission from the other hunting parties in advance.

It was possible to force another hunting party out as well.

Seechwi looked thrilled.

“Thank you very much. Chwitchwit!”

“But where are you going to hunt? You can come with us if you want. Is that okay with you Weed?”

Seecwhi smiled at what Pale had said. It was very rare to find such pure and good people on the Versailles Continent.

It was even harder for Orcs. Most people wouldn’t let others join in their party.

It could be seen what caring people they are since they invited them to join their party.

“Good work, Pale.”

“Yeah! That’s the way you do it.”

“Way to help others in need.”

“Hahaha. It’s not like I’m losing anything.”

Geomchi2, Geomchi3, Geomchi4, and Geomchi5 praised Pale simultaneously. All they saw was a woman and they didn’t even see her as an Orc!

It was a good group of people.

She was thankful to Geomchi2, Geomchi3, Geomchi4, and Geomchi5.

‘Such nice people.’

Seechwi smiled and said.

“Nice to meet you. My name is Seechwi. Chwit! This is Seoyoon. Chwit!”

‘How is she here!’

Weed was surprised the moment he saw Seoyoon.

She was covering her face so he couldn’t see that it was her.

But that atmosphere she had! He could see the armor and sword that only Seoyoon had.

The problem was that Seoyoon had already discovered the statues he had made of her.

‘I didn’t think that you would chase after me. However you are trying to catch Karichwi and not me.’

Weed messaged his party.

-The fact that I am Orc Karichwi is a secret.
-Yes, I know.

His party easily listened to Weed.

The Orc Karichwi had already risen to the top of the Hall of Fame. It was unnecessary to tell others and cause Weed unwanted trouble.

In fact, Weed was afraid if they did tell people.

He had reasons to be afraid.

It would be annoying if Seoyoon chased after him ruthlessly with her sword. He had nothing to be afraid of from boss monsters.

His pride as a man!

It was alright as long as they didn’t say anything.

Weed raised the hunting speed now that Seoyoon joined the party.

He wanted to prevent his party from talking with Seechwi and Seoyoon.

Everyone in the party except Weed was worried.

‘Are they able to fight properly?’

‘I must protect the party.’

Geomchi2, Geomchi3, Geomchi4, and Geomchi5 started to compete with each other.

Brave knights who come to help when monsters attack. It was the best way to get along with other people on the Versailles Continent. Seechwi and Seoyoon were positioned next to Irene. Then the Skeleton Knights appeared.

Seoyoon pulled out her sword and rushed forward excellently.


A powerful force came from the sword!

It had tremendous crushing power.

It was easier to fight when you use mana but hard to stay within the mana range.


“My...lovely bones....”

The Skeleton Knights brutally collapsed.

The monsters that Weed and the Geomchis had to hit so many times to kill, Seoyoon caught easily.


Geomchi4 widened his mouth.

There was no more hope!

The opportunity to flaunt themselves in battle had disappeared. Weed was acquainted with Seoyoon but it came as a surprise to the rest of the party.

It was the first time they saw such a high level user.

Endless stamina.

A berserker’s characteristic was to constantly fight monsters.

With Seoyoon, hunting got much faster.

Dark Shamans using evil witchcraft.

Their powers increased the strength of the undead.

It was similar to Dark Speculation.

Using black magic on the undead.

The party fought a nonstop battle against high level undead.

“Heokheok. It’s too hard.”

Pale was short on breath.

“I would rather die than keep going.”

Maylon wanted to give up on life. However, she already saw Hwaryeong and Zephyr, so even if you wanted to die Irene would just heal you up.

‘No one dies without my permission.’

The highest virtue of a cleric!

No one can die during a battle.

The situation changed now. They begged Irene to let them die. But Irene refused to let them.

Under Irene’s strict protection they were not allowed to die. It only made the party suffer even more and increase their wanting to die!

They continued to fight dozens of enemies in the time span of 1 hour. They used to take breaks in moderation and leisurely chat while hunting.

But it was different with Weed.

Almost without rest, endlessly hunting.

He considered and thoroughly managed the various movements and appearance of monsters as well as time management, health, mana, stamina, and fatigue.

If there wasn’t enough mana, he would use bandages to heal.

He thoroughly beat up monsters with his melee skills.

Hunting became several times more difficult.

There were several life and death moments in the course of a single hour.

Proper meals were replaced with jerky or bread eaten along the way.

Record breaking time.

A relentless hectic battle ensued.

It was Pale’s and Irene’s first real hunting experience.

Weed would sweep away on the monsters back on the Continent of Magic. Now he was doing the same here in the Versailles Continent. Unfortunately, his party was witnessing it for themselves.

They thought they would go insane as days passed.

“How can they be human...”

For two days they continued to complain and then they stopped.

If they had the energy to complain they would rather rest.

Hunting at such a tremendous pace high levels of stamina.

They could last three or four days.

But they were forced to go even further than they were ever used to until now.

Then on the seventh day.

You have hunted all the monsters in the Rotten Lich Dungeon.
Title of Lich Dungeon Hunter has been given.
Fame has increased by 100.
The rights to double drop and experience for a week have disappeared.

On the seventh day they managed to kill all the monsters in the dungeon. Weed managed to raise his sword skill five levels.

However it had severe side effects on the party.

“Kerr haa haa haak!”

Pale, Maylon, Surka, and Hwaryeong collapsed. They were literally too tired to stand up.

Only Weed, Seoyoon, Seechwi and the Geomchis remained.

Seechwi also did not have much strength left.

Even though she was just a low level porter, she manage to get a considerable amount of experience.

‘These monsters!’

In her eyes, Weed and the Geomchis were not human.

At first she had thought that Weed and the Geomchis were just manly people but then decided that they were monsters after having been dragged around.

Because she was low level she had to be on the defense a lot. Geomchi2 did not hesitate to protect Seechwi despite her appearance.

It was uncommon for men to do such things nowadays.

But as for the hunting...

“Well, see you later. Chwiichwiik!”

Seechwi logged out and Seoyoon terminated her connection without saying anything. Even if she fought monsters to relieve stress, this was just too harsh.

The party was going to leave but then Weed looked at Geomchi.



“You need to be careful when you are hunting. I have the map of the dungeon so I can find where there aren’t that many monsters.”

“Well, I guess. Should I use bandages generously?”

“They should be used sparingly.”

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  1. I am still waiting for Weed to kick Vampire Lord Tori's ass thoroughly this time, he should be killed million of times. Van Hawk is now a loyal solider it will be better to level him up since now he doesn't consumes Weed's experience. Other than that, except of having his statues follow him and waste time, he should let them form a part, van hawk be the leader, and tell them to hunt monsters but not endanger their lives.

    1. Weed doesn't get any experience when they kill a monster, that's why he only uses them when necessary.

    2. But they get experience and lvl up, i prefer to have Van Hawk lvl 400 helping that at lvl 200.

    3. But he still gets their items I too want weed to throughly beat tori into submission.

    4. Van hawk and Tori aren't trapped in their respective amulets, they just act as summoning items, when they aren't summoned they are elsewhere and train by themselves.

    5. As i recal Tori is still trapped, he has just formed at "Contract" with Weed. I think we is just worried about Van Hawk and Tori, because if they gain to much experience they will begin to rebel.

    6. Except Weed is way too terrifying to let that happen.

    7. The names are confusing

  2. The position of a commander would imply that it needs a good amount of leadership to command Orcs, but Cha Eunhee got the job offer just like that. Riiiiight... Even with Seoyoon's help I think this part was forced. And close the gap between her and Seoyoon faster?! Come on! She started not long ago. Even if she is an Orc, as if it was that easy to level up. The author really messed up here, IMO. Is simply rushing so that they can meet Weed's group.

    1. No they mentioned during the Undead Legion war that not much leadership is needed for orcs. You only need strength. Also orc level up faster and she was fighting through the Plains of Despair to find Seoyoon. Its plausible that she would get orc commander, especially since she is basically a lone orc.

    2. true.. also remembering some of the mmorpgs i have played you could easily drag a second or third character to high lvl by partying with your main char and killing high lvl mosters.

    3. I think what it's mean is like a job e.g weed is a human an his job/class is sculptor, and cha eun hee 'orc' character didn't have a job before, so the quest offer her a job/class.

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  4. " ‘No one dies without my permission.’ "

    As a fellow Healing Class user and enthusiast, i'm proud of being able to use that badass quote from today onwards.

  5. Sooo nobody is worried that we still don't know where weeds living sculptures are? it's irritating that the author can go on and on about the same thing every chapter yet can't tell us something so simple...

    1. " it's irritating that the author can go on and on about the same thing every chapter yet can't tell us something so simple... "

      I can't agree more.

    2. Yeah it's annoying...and at the same many things are repeating again and again......Seriously how Weed got 350 level when they started this dungeon because 'Sorlock's armour's' restriction was 350..After his a rank quest he was 316 and then didn't fight with monsters much, only few days with his companions and kinghts..later he gave 2 levels to his last grand gold statue too..Seriously how did he get 36 level ..it's complete mess...and more Endurance,perseverance,vitality and toughness skill need to be more cleared...../////////

    3. Blacksmithing once reached intermediate level will allow you to equip armor regardless of profession. With each level rising in intermediate blacksmithing will also reduce the requirements to wear the armor. This was explained in earlier chapters.

      This is one of the systems in RR that help balance blacksmiths with other classes.

  6. as a tank as long as my agro is good and healears and controllers do there job im ok (DC Universe) refrence


    1. probably in the sky, sitting on one of his wyverns.

    2. "Where did the mouse go?"

  8. and i thought they mention before that there was a treasure hidden in the dungeon.

  9. "
    “Sword grind, armor polish, iron clothes!”
    Production skill side effects!
    Before entering the dungeon, everyone ate food until they were satisfied.
    The effects were higher than those of a bard’s and a shaman’s blessings combined.
    Thanks to his superior handicrafting, it gave quite a few advantages to his skills and thus did not require them to repair their equipment that frequently.

    ....Do we really need to hear this explanation, again? And again?
    Yes. We got it. Weed's crafting skills boost up various stats. Quit bringing it up already.

    1. Yes its Important cuz if you remembered the first time he used he weapon and armor buff skills it was a minuscule amount, now its a 15- 20+% boost

  10. As many have posted before... Gotta say, not a fan of this author's narrative style, but I really like the concept of the story, so oh well...

  11. I am sure Seoyoon received her profession from Guts.

  12. Its better if weed create a healer and another class sculpture to help him dungeon, and can solo all loots :)

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  14. Seriously i couldn't understand how did Weed level up to 350 to wear Torlock's armour..after finishing a rank quest of Lich undead army he was 316 and after it he did some monster hunt with the kingdom knights..again he gave 2 level to his last grand piece..THEN HOW??????
    ..Saying some same stuffs again and again is really boring...In entire dungeon fight we never to know how Rouma the mage of the party felt or fought...These are the areas where author messed badly.....
    While author is messing ,the translators without reading previous chapters and mainaing fixed and appropirate list of names of stats,skills,guilds,places,users,materials,weapons,mountain.continent and many things which is really really annoying when we read with deep concentration and feel with our imaginations.....but again have to accept for those translations we are able to read and somehow enjoy it.......I was very very happy to see weed and seoyoon to fight together but wanted more..hope i will see in next chapters more...

    1. Because of his intermediate Blacksmith Skill, he can reduce the equipment requirement. The author mentioned it in Volume 8 part 2.

  15. More Weed and Seoyoon please. I'd have been thrilled if the narrative showed the two monsters rushing forward as a couple to kill the wannabe monsters. One to lose herself in battle, the other to GET ALL THAT DAMN EXP