Volume 8 Chapter 2

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Volume 8 Part 2

Her name was Seechwi. For her race she had chosen to be an orc.

"This is interesting!"

Female Orc!

According to basic human aesthetics, Orcs were considered incredibly ugly. Women usually avoided choosing the Orcs as their race and the proof was that less than 10% of the orcs were female. But she was different.

"For females as well. Orcs are the best! Chwichwik!"

Cha Eunhee was very satisfied with how her appearance had changed.

Her thighs and legs were thick instead of slender. Instead of a long thin neck like a deer it was more like a thick log. But more than that was the large protruding stomach that overlapped itself.

When it was time to make a character, you could change the appearance.

It was even possible to add tribal characteristics to the Orcs.

The body was made to overlap to have more flexibility at the waist and stomach.

Thus Seechwi was born as an imposing female orc.

"So easy. I don't need to worry about my looks anymore. Chwichwit!"

Seechwi was completely satisfied with her appearance.

In order to maintain a slim figure you need to constantly exercise and watch what you eat. She felt like all that mental stress and pressure had disappeared.

"Anyways, where did Seoyoon go to? Chwichwitchwik."

Seechwi's identity was that of Doctor Cha Eunhee, a psychiatrist at the Great Society Rehabilitation Center.

There was a reason an ice queen such as herself would start off as an orc.

She had saw Seoyoon crying in the videos that were stored daily in the capsule.

'I'm glad that you're still able to express emotions. A little of her wounds have healed.'

Seechwi wanted to meet Seoyoon. Up until now, Seoyoon had been allowed to roam alone. She had judge that it was not time to force her to travel with someone.

It was then that the Orc Karichwi accompanied her that things changed.

Holding back tears, she wanted to get Seoyoon to like she was in the past where she could smile and laugh.

"Seoyoon, where did you go. Chwichwit!"

Seechwi could only stomp her feet in frustration.

She was restricted from leaving the city for 4 weeks until now.

Seoyoon was always in the forests or in the valleys. Even with the videos in the capsule, it was difficult to accurately locate the place.

Since Weed became an orc, it would not be very easy for him to meet Seoyoon.

'Seoyoon should be able to quickly find where she ought to go.'

Then someone behind spoke to me.

"ChwikChwik. Hey!"

She looked back to see a fat male orc. A male orc was standing there majestically with a disposable rusted glaive.

There were other orcs next to him.



"Chwiit, Do you want to join our party of four?"

The pig like orcs stopped by to greet her.

A party request!

It was much easier for orcs to make parties than humans. Those without high leadership could not make large parties. Orcs were able to make parties of 10 to 20 members without any experience penalties.

For that reason orcs actively formed parties. It was extremely rare to hunt alone. Seechwi lifted her head when she heard this.

"Let's go together. Chwi Chwi Chwit"

"That's good. Chuik Chuik!"

Seechwi went hunting together with the Orcs.

'Anyways, I can't see Seoyoon immediately. I need to get better stamina to travel through the mountains easier.'

Seechwi and the orcs went up to the wolves near the village.


The wolves could be heard frantically barking. Orcs and wolves were both creatures that hunt in groups.They group up to attack weaker enemies, but usually more Orcs died.

"This is dangerous. Chwichwik!"

"Let's go get them. Seechwi!"

Just as the orcs were going to rush into battle, a wolf jumped at Seechwi. Seechwi saw it coming and side-stepped it. She had learned various different types of self-defense and her body responded in turn. In Royal Road, even if you were not very high level, having a lot of combat experience was very helpful.

This level of attack from the wolves was not very difficult. Seechwi continued to dodge and then raised her stick into the air. And then she struck down.

"It struck!"

It hit the wolf exactly in the center of the head.


The blow was so powerful that cracks appeared on the stick.

The wolves did not dare to recklessly charge at Seechwi again.

This time it was Seechwi that charged at the wolves.

Every time she took a step, the ground shook because of her heavy body.

'Beating stuff with a stick is the best way to relieve stress!'

Seechwi danced around with a stick in her hand.

She liked the race that she chose. It was simple and there wasn't any need for any complex unnecessary calculations.

"Is, is that all you got. Chwichwichwichwit!"

Seechwi squeezed her way through the wolves with her fat body as if she were possessed.

The Karaka Forest.

Pale, Surka, and Zephyr were nervous as they watched closely.


"Now watch closely."

"I'm quite nervous, Sunsaengnim"

"Of course, this is very important.."

Geomchi2, Geomchi3, Geomchi4, and Geomchi5 was going to show them how to fight properly.

Surprisingly agile and resourceful.

It was hard to believe that the Geomchis could fight so precisely.

They keenly attacked the monsters' weaknesses.

-Struck a fatal blow.
-The stomach has been destroyed.
-The monster's eyes have been attacked. Reduces the monster's field of vision.
-The tendons in the monster's hamstring have been severed. Monster movement speed has been reduced.

Geomchi2 was especially skilled as the skillfully struck through the enemy's defenses without taking damage.

It was hard to inflict damage to monsters with high defense. Even though it was hard to attack weak points like the joints, eyes, or the neck, if an attack is successful then it would inflict a lot of damage.

They were able to overpower monsters early on in the fight.

However, even though it was good, it was even more cruel.

The Karaka Forest was divided into the Beetle Cave, the Hobgoblin Fortress, and the Dread Wolf areas.

The hobgoblins were powerless against their attacks.

"How does he do that?"

At the end Pale, Surka, and Zephyr could not come up with a definite answer.

Leadership was important to battle but it was not the same as knowing how to fight.

Surka let out a deep sigh.

"I guess it's about reading the monster's movements in advance."

The dream of every combat related class!

That was to score fatal critical blows.

People never thought to attack the gaps in the monster's weakness. It was more fun to attack it normally 2 or 3 times.

Hunting parties usually celebrated whenever there was a successful deadly attack.

But Geomchi2, Geomchi3, Geomchi4, and Geomchi5 were so familiar with combat that they got one every time they attacked.

They were never in the situation where they were surrounded by enemies because they were always moving around.

Zephyr looked at his fishing rod.

"I don't have that kind of taste for fighting."

Pale shruggeed.

"I don't understand it either."

Pale and Zephyr both sighed confidently.

Compared to Surka, Pale's and Zephyr's damage was weak. With a sufficient level skill mastery their damage can be pretty strong.

Nevertheless they watched to try and learn how to perform fatal blows.

They had struggled with so many different types of monsters, like Yetis, together so they had learn how to do this. Fatal blows were easier to perform from the monster's blind spots.

Yetis had high health and thick leather skin so it was difficult to land fatal blows and do damage.

However the Geomchis revealed that it was possible to against hobgoblins, a similarly leveled monster with lower health.

To some extent Pale was able to inflict a lot of damage.

However Pale and Zephyr needed mana to inflict a lot of damage so they couldn't compare to the general melee classes.

The Geomchis had virtually no body armor. They relied on their endurance and skills for their defense. They did not think they needed to get anything like that in the first place.

In three to four hits they would be on the verge of death, but they never got hit since they avoided the attacks in advance.

They put all of their power into their attacks and received minimal damage. An extraordinary ability to fight!

They grew stronger through reading the flow of battle with their eyes and controlling their bodies in any situation. The Geomchis had climbed to the heights of master in combat ability.

Even though the situation looked very good, it was in fact not.

'Ugh, I'm barely alive. A little bit more and I'm going to end up dying.'

'It would be embarrassing to die in front of the kids.'

'Do not embarrass yourselves! We can't die to something like hobgoblins.'

The Geomchis bitterly regretted that they didn't have any defensive skills.

They never wore any armor and whenever they leveled they mainly put into strength. And of course they only raised skills that were related to combat.

Thanks to that their hunting speed was very fast. Their damage was abnormally developed. However each moment of a tremendous fight they were on the crossroads of life and death.

Generally they avoided the weapons and attacks of the monsters. They were almost masters of this kind of movement.

But then there were times that they were surrounded by several enemies and died.

After a few times of dying miserably they saw to it that they have to escape being encircled!

Geomchi2, Geomchi3, Geomchi4, and Geomchi5 focused their eyes.

'Be careful not to get surrounded.'

'Got to watch out for monsters coming behind me.'

'Have to gradually split up the monsters while fighting.'

'Need to run away whenever the monsters are densely packed.'

While keeping each other in mind, they thoroughly paid attention to the monster movements.

But generally they were not able to avoid magic attacks. Because of this the Geomchis were desperately fighting. Every time they regretted that they did not invest in defense!

"I can do this very easily."

Geomchi2 grinned at the other Geomchis.

"Of course. It would be a problem to not do this much."

Geomchi3 said hearing him.

"I can handle tens of these guys."

Geomchi4 couldn't say anything.

He was surrounded by a large number of monsters. Because of this, his life was in danger.

Still he laughed, showing his teeth. He laughed to lighten up a little.

The Geomchis checked their remaining health and laughed as well.

"Now, this is great! Weed is surely much better at this than us! Always fighting within an inch of death. So doing this is going to raise our endurance?"

Geomchi5 nodded his head vigorously.

"Of course. He said that's how it's done."

"Then us too!"

Irene naively watched the masters fight and didn't know what to do.

For Weed, it was the right choice because of his high defense. But that was completely different for the Geomchis because with their pride they were unable to fight battles within an inch of their life.

'Must not die.'

'Got to keep up our appearances.'

The Geomchis put all their strength and soul in order to keep up their image.

The younger people relied on mana and long range attacks to fight. Close combat, however, required a higher level of difficulty since there was no resting in the battle for a long time.

Even though the hobgoblins had bad equipment, the Geomchis were much lower level and the damage built up over time.

Even with their lives hanging by a thread, they kept smiling as if they enjoyed the battle.

They were fighting level 270 hobgoblins using pincer formations and sometimes cross attacks.

Geomchi2 and Geomchi3 attacked simultaneously!

Pale and Surka's eyes shone fiercely.

They saw, for a brief moment, a weakness in the hobgoblin's movements. In that moment, Geomchi2 and Geomchi3 moved in for a combined attack.


The hobgoblins could only succumb to crying and shrieking!

Geomchi2 and Geomchi3 cleverly used their positioning and formation against the hobgoblins as the battle progressed.


Surka plunged into battle with her fists. She relentlessly attacked as she had discovered the weaknesses of the hobgoblins.

'I can not make small attacks.'

It was risky but she targeted the weak points. Examine the monster until its weakness became more apparent.
Surka understood this little by little as she fought.

Zephyr and Pale also found their roles. He drove the enemies into one place with a wide range of attacks with his fishing rod and then arrows were shot to inhibit the enemy's movements. Surka and the Geomchis then opened on that opportunity and rained down blows.

They were fighting as a group rather than separately!

The party was inspired by watching the Geomchis behaviour.

'So this is how we need to fight monsters.'

'It took a lot of hobgoblins dying to understand their weaknesses but now it makes sense.'

The party enjoyed their battle alongside the Geomchis.

Weed saw different types of artists.

He needed to make a sculpture to register in Rhodium. You needed to make an artwork for the city.

"I must not fail this one."

Weed currently had Advanced Sculpting. At this level, he could not just make something random.

Very large lions and Bingryong!

If you were creating a very large sculpture then there was a higher chance of getting an outstanding piece.

However, this was Rhodium.

It wasn't that making a large sculpture in the city was unreasonable since there were good spots. The problem was getting material.

"So I need to make a great work of a moderate size. For now, I need to find out more."

Weed headed to the crowded street shops first.

Rhodium did not develop its weapons and armor shops much. It was only average.The stores only specialized in selling accessories and other useful things. Smithing fell behind in comparison so inferior goods were made.

Nevertheless, the city of artists still had one.

Sculpting materials!

There was a suitable store in the Kingdom of Rhodium.

Weed went into the material shop.


A lovely employee had materials on display. Elsewhere there were trees, stones, and unusual metals.

"Whoa, how do they sell all of that?"

Materials were like mountains piled up in her shop! It was a good place to get materials but there were twenty people in the building.

"I have to make it out of top grade material."

There were all types of materials in the shop. In the meantime, the number of people decreased to 5. They glanced around the shop enviously.

"A piece of wood is over 1 gold."

"What kind of sculpture do you make that's over 1 gold?"

"Let's leave. I don't even have 3 copper."

The guests were discouraged and departed.

A good meal would cost them at least 50 copper. They could make a sculpture with a stone or a piece of wood on the side of the road.

The place hasn't sold anything in the last 3 days.

"The prices are too expensive, I'm never going to get enough to buy some new clothes."

Sharlinn, an employee, sighed.

She needed money everyday in order to get bread to eat. She could drink water from a fountain but it wasn't food.

The salary wasn't enough. She got paid minimum wage but in order to make more she needed to sell stuff.
A system of earning from sales!

Sharlinn could only anguish at her situation.

"Huh, worrying is not going to do anything. I don't have any customers. Might as well clean."

She started to clean. She started to clean the materials on display. Then all of a sudden the store door opened.

Sharlinn greeted with a smile.

"Welcome customer!"

Weed quickly entered the store as he was greeted by her.

"This is a material shop. There is a weapon and armor shop to the right. Are you looking for that?"

Weed shook his head.


"Oh, then you must be here to buy some materials! Please understand that we only sell expensive materials as you can see."

Up till now, Sharlinn had rarely ever had any customers. This was granted to the fact that people rarely bought crafting materials. In fact, Weed's current attire seemed to indicate poverty.

The Yeti fur seemed to resembled old and faded travel clothing! It was as if he were wearing the equipment that was provided at character creation.

Such clothing barely had any defense. It was more common for people to wear lightweight and fashionable clothing.

Weed was dealing with an employee that was an user. Otherwise the reaction would have been different because of his high fame.

Weed slowly looked through the materials.

There were expensive ores and stones with designs on them. There were all kinds of wood as well as gold and silver materials.

It barely had any materials that were suitable for sculptures. It seemed rather impossible for the
City of Artists Rhodium to not have them.

'The materials used as a basis for the sculpture increases the probability of creating a greater piece.'

Rhodium, as a whole, was very large but it did not serve the interest of its artists.

Weed was shaken up when Sharlinn knocked to get his attention.



"Would you like me to recommend you a material to use?"

Sharlinn was very bored. People tend to try and find something to do when they have time. She had learned quite a few things about materials, though it couldn't compare to Weed.

Weed nodded.

"Tell me."

Sharlinn opened a shelf and took out a thick piece of wood.

"This is Bemok wood, its durability is very high and it can be processed in a number of ways. It's a good piece of wood for a sculptor to handle. However this is difficult because it is expensive. This is Bora Wood. There are a lot of different aromas. It's possible to make a sculpture that has a scent. However the size is small."

Each piece of wood had their own characteristics. The rigidity of the wood had to be taken in mind as well.
There were also a lot of types of wood with special options.

Weed followed Sharlinn to the corner of the store. A formidable amount of gold, 3 meters in height and width, was piled up.

"This is the pride of the store. Isn't it great? A sculpture made out of this has many different options, but the total price is no less that 7000 gold. It's a tremendous amount."

Weed looked at the gold. There was a bright and noble distinctive sheen to it.

'This is decent stuff for a sculpture.'

Weed secretly made a decision.

"Now, if you look at this side there is a turquoise gem..."

Sharlinn had knowledge about a lot of different types of materials. At first it was out of curiosity but then it became to learn about it enthusiastically.

After hearing her description Weed said.

"I would like to make a purchase."

"Oh? Really? Thank you."

Sharlinn was overjoyed. It was going to be her first successful sale since Weed wanted to buy some materials.

'Even if its cheap, I'll take what I can get.'

Weed fully transcended her expectations.

"I would like to purchase all the gold in the store."

"Yes? The price is...so it is 10 gold a piece and the number of pieces are in total."

Sharlinn calculated the amount. She examined the amount of stock to check how much there was.

"The total amount comes to 18000 gold. No wait a minute. That was the original price of the goods so I need to properly calculate it again."

Sharlinn took all the gold and calculated it again. The price was substantially less. Even without the trading skill, Weed had an enormous amount of fame so the price of items purchased in stores was decreased.

In addition the price of certain materials were discounted depending on the engraver. Because of Weed's advanced sculpting and high fame, the prices was discounted by 30%.

Buying these materials were much cheaper than through a merchant.

'How can there be such a big discount!'

To Sharlinn, it was breathtaking. To do this, someone must have a large amount of fame. One would not suspect a sculptor to have this much.

She saw that she had hit the jackpot.

Even after the fame and skill reduction, there was still a gain.

Sharlinn swallowed as she asked.

"18000 gold, but 12600 gold after a 30% discount. Would you like to make the purchase?"

"I will buy it."

Weed replied without hesitation.

He made money of the Lich as well as the last 3 years.

He had earned a lot of money from building the pyramid, after the Legion of the Undead as well as through hunting he managed to collect quite the sum.

Compared to the past, he could afford to spend 12000 gold.


Sharlinn swallowed in surprise.

She did not even begin to think that she would make this large of a sale.

'I'll get at least 2500 gold from the sale. I can't believe something this lucky is happening to me!'

Sharlinn couldn't have been more shocked. To something of a beginner she was going to get a windfall of 2500 gold!

But, it was not so easy to get that from Weed.

"Well, then let the negotiations to determine the price begin"


Sharlinn momentarily did not understand what he said.

"What are you talking about?"

"How much are you going to discount me?"


In front of her there was a famous sculptor and he was still going to bargain at such a price? She could not imagine it.

"Give me a discount of 2500 gold."


He demanded a price without mercy!

The look in Sharlinn's eyes changed. Before she was looking at a customer, but now it was an unscrupulous thief.

"Then that means that I'm selling it for next to nothing!"

"2,499 gold."

"I'm not selling it."

"2490 gold. Think about it. It's 10 gold less from before."

Weed took out his cash.

He was prepared in advance to pay. He also knew the actual value of the item.

"Sob sob! To think that there's someone like this."

Sharlinn tearfully sold the materials.

Weed swept the goods into his backpack, feeling the sudden change in weight.

He was tempted to find out how much it weighed. His backpack would hold things at a fourth of the weight and it could carry much more.

Weed took a chunk of metal from his bag.


Black smelting material :
Durability 100/100
Metallic crafting material.
It was combined with a number of different materials through blacksmithing. Can not return to its past pure state once joined with other metals. An excellent blacksmith may be able to revert it.
Mixes well with steel and mithril.

"I'm going to need to melt it."

Weed's idea was to make armor.

Equipment has become exceedingly scarce as compared to the past.

Orcs lived in a simple lifestyle, but there was more needed for humans.

So he had to get a new one.

Weed roughly gauged the metal with his eyes.

'I need to make about 5 pieces of armor.'

Mithril's weight was exceedingly light. This gave weight reduction effects of crafted boots and helmets.

As a result, movement and agility were greatly increased and lightened the burden of battle.

It felt good when he was Karichwi and he was able to move around freely and deal strong attacks.

Weed, in fact, already had armor.

Talrok's unique armor given from the Church of Freya!

A highly esteemed dwarven blacksmith with a whopping 85 defense.

It was a level 350 armor. But every level of blacksmithing reduced the equipment restrictions by 2%.

With his Intermediate Level 2 Blacksmithing, Weed was able to wear Talrok's Armor.


There was a wily smile on Weed's lips.

That was how he felt whenever he identified Talrok's Faith Armor.

An expensive and precious armor of tremendous value!

There were a lot of armors better than it, but it was difficult to acquire unique items.

Its product value was far about the Saint's Staff and the Necromancer's Tome.

He would be stopped in Rhodium because of his armor.

The black mithril armor would shine and catch the attention of others.


He would not think of wearing mithril since beggars would rush him.

Weed found the blacksmith and went inside. Dwarves were working actively.


The Dwarves hammered a blade that was heated by the bellows. They were citizens instead of users.

It was not difficult to see dwarves working in the center of every city.

The Dwarf in charge welcomed him.

"What can I do for you Human?"

"Please melt this."

Weed pulled the black lump from his bag.

"Can you do it?"

"Wait a minute, wait a minute, this is!!!!"

"What is it?"

He was not thinking that it was special but now he was expecting something from the dwarf's reactions.

It required higher skills and professional knowledge in order to get an item's complete information through identification. He was hoping that this was the case.

The dwarf could not hide his astonishment.

"It's a complete mess. It's a horrid mix of several metals."


He had not expected anything special from its appearance. The dwarf noticed the same thing as Weed, a black lump.

"You can sell it to use for a decent value. You can also dissolve it and we can make you some weapons and armor."

"I'll decline. Just melt it and give it to me."

"That's too bad. I would have wanted this wonderful piece of metal."

The dwarf embarked on the task.

If he left it to the dwarves, he would get better armor. But he could not leave it to the dwarves because of his Blacksmith Intermediate Level 2.

Weed wanted the opportunity to raise his skills.

'This is a good opportunity to raise blacksmithing.'

Weed did not rely heavily on equipment. No matter high good the armor, he worked to raise his skills and stats.


The dwarf put the black lump in the high temperature hearth and used the bellows. The lump melted little by little until it separated into various metals.

Weed could have also separated the black lump but his skill level was low and he would not be able to separate as much metal. First the dwarf removed the steel, then black iron, and finally mithril.

"Here it is. It'll be 700 gold but since you are a bright adventurer I can bring it down by 50 gold and another 20 for bringing me some interesting stuff."

"Thank you."

Weed had waited a long time for the black iron and mithril. He was even able to get some tempered steel.

Sculptures were greatly affected by the surrounding area. The effects of a sculpture differed based on its surrounding like the difference in heaven and earth.

"Need a good place..."

Weed wandered to find the perfect place in Rhodium. There were many streets with a variety of paintings and sculptures.

"I can't put my sculpture there."

Weed first went to the central square.

It was a beggar infested place! But it was also the place with the most art. Rare plants, trees and flowers grew there. It looked like a park for couples.

There were performances in the morning and evening. Almost all of Rhodium wanted to display their art here. People and travelers flooded in to see the clear water fountain.

If he built a sculpture here, it was sure to get recognition.

But Weed abandoned the square without regrets.

'Everyone would find out about me.'

There were too many people to make a gold statue. Furthermore, if they knew he had money then beggars would stick onto him.

Weed thought about going into the alleys. The alleys in Rhodium were intricately shaped like a spider's web!

There were shops nestled in here. There were not many people walking around like the residential areas.
Weed was able to find a place without many people during the day.

"Okay. This place is suitable."

People did not own private property in Rhodium. People could rest and sell items but they had to pay taxes accordingly. As a result, Rhodium did not have any people that had enough money to own a house. Weed set a small fire burning. Then he started smelting the gold.

"First I have to make a plate."

Weed made a mold out of clay. To make a statue of gold, he needed to take advantage of time. He dissolved the gold using his blacksmith skills. The blacksmith skills were required to make a variety of sculptures!

Weed finished the first clay mold, then he poured gold into it.

He felt sick each time he put the crystal clear gold into the mold.

"Why the hell do I have to do this."

A new regret to add the the job of the engraver!

It was a tough and pitiful job to make money from. Even if you make something in earnest, you do not make a lot of money. In a situation like this, one does not even make money.

"Why did I pick art! It's harder to live on art."

Weed felt pained as he waited for the gold in the molds to hold. He pulled out a hammer, an anvil, and miscellaneous ores.

"Now to raise skill proficiency."

As Karichwi, he gathered ores on hunting commissions. There was a lot of high quality ore in the Eurokey Mountains. He got a lot of ores and jewels from orc quest rewards that he needed to dispose of.

There was iron, copper, bronze, and even gold mixed with silver.

"Selling all of these will earn a lot more than sculptures."

Weed began to work on a pile of ores.

He melted the ore to get the metal. Then he poured a certain amount of metal into a frame.


It began to take a shape of a blade.


Weed struck the steel with the hammer.

Unlike a sculptor, a blacksmith did not need to use a lot of force but simply hit in rhythm. The number of hits affected durability and balance. In some cases, a sword could come out unique and sold for a lot.

This was possible because Royal Road was virtual reality.

It was quite difficult to use a sword with a bad center of gravity.

"This one came out nicely."

Weed sprinkled water to cool the red hot blade. Meanwhile, he pulled out more molten iron from the hearth.

He gathered all the ore he had up to now to make equipment.

Armor had a more complex structure than swords.

But even with a more complex structure, it was more advantageous since there wasn't much to worry about.

When creating a sword the center of gravity needs to be taken into account.

It was useful that Weed could swing a sword a couple of times to test of the center of gravity.

Blacksmithing skills have risen 0.1%.
Blacksmithing skills have risen 0.3%.
Blacksmithing skills have risen 0.4%.
Blacksmithing skills have risen 0.1%.

Whenever he completed a sword, blacksmithing gradually rose.

'I need to make about 500 or so swords to get to the next level?'

Blacksmithing skill was easy to learn early on. Compared to sculpting, it was incredibly easier.

As the skill level rose, it became more challenging to raise. The amount of physical labor for Intermediate Level 2 was considered significant.

'Now for the steel swords.'

In blacksmithing, with good materials it was possible to make fine or grand pieces to raise the skill faster. It was an expensive way to get faster growth.


Weed completed a pile of swords and set them aside.

He worked on checking each of them manually. They were, on average, between 20 and 45 attack.

That was the limit of swords made from common materials. It was reported that a dwarven blacksmith with advanced blacksmithing could make an iron sword with 60 attack.

Intermediate blacksmithing would produced lesser results.

'I'll probably get 100 gold a piece for them.'

The price will vary based on the options on them, but on average they will be 100 gold each.

Swords made with Weed's Advanced Dexterity produced unusually higher durability at a significantly higher rate.Generally, swords with higher durability were preferred. Sword durability tended to drop quickly when fighting monsters with high defense.

On the other hand, Weed was crafting other things.

He made leather clothing using molten iron as well. An inexhaustible spirit for multitasking!

As much time should be eliminated as possible.

'I can't rest while other people are getting stronger through hunting!'

Weed continued to do the physical labor repeatedly.

Physical labor could not rest for a moment.

Work to death one day and rest the next day. When one is rested, then work the rest of the day.

It was really basic.

While he was doing one task, briefly in the middle of the spare time perform another task.

While resting to recover mana and health, sculpt or sew.

Weed's skills grew fast for this reason.

Weed was constantly working to make leather clothes.

Cutting and sewing clothes was all too familiar to him. The needle in his hand speeds through as he sews on buttons.

It was as if his hands were moving lightning fast!

"I used to sew on the buttons to hundreds of thousands of dolls. This much is easy."

Weed took a break in making swords to sew leather.

-Tailoring has risen to Intermediate Level 3.
You can now dye clothes a specific color.
You can now convert soft and hard leather from monsters.

After he finished sewing, he went back to swords.

-Blacksmithing has risen to Intermediate Level 3.
Attack and defense of crafted items increase by a certain amount.
More effective siege weapons can be produced.

He stopped working once he leveled up tailoring and blacksmithing. He looked around to see a pile of swords and clothes.

"Now time for the real part."

He pulled out the mithril. He was going to be producing the armor himself.


Black Iron: Durability 30/30
Can obtain metal by smelting ore.
Can produce a variety of different goods and purposes.
Can be processed in many ways but mainly used to make armor.
Intermediate blacksmith skills required to handle.
Very rare to obtain in large quantities. Turns black when mixed with other metals.
2nd tier blacksmith materials.
Excellent defense against physical attacks.

Mithril ore was easily tier 2 blacksmith material. It was almost never sold in stores. There was so little that you needed to mix other metals. Weed raised the mithril up. It did not even weigh a few kilograms.

Durability 50/50
Superfine blacksmith materials.
All blacksmiths want to use it.
To get to this state of mithril, only very small amounts can be obtained.
Great improvements in performance when mixed into swords or armor.
It is clear and give off light. Has the ability to protect from magic.
Mithril requires at least intermediate blacksmithing. To use properly requires Advanced Blacksmithing.
Tier 1 blacksmith materials.
  • Increases in physical power and magic resist.
  • Increased fame and charm.

Weed mixed the black iron and mithril into a mold. Then he hit it with the hammer.

Wham! Wham! Wham!

Both black iron and mithril were very tough metals so it required a lot of force to process. A lot of strength was required for blacksmithing.

However, Weed's strength become excellent when he turned into an orc. Even though sculptors are weak, he invested strength into strength and agility only each level.

He got vitality from fishing and he raised his defense with endurance by monster attacks.

His art grew thanks to his many crafting skills. Thanks to that, he had high strength and agility. Weed completed the helmet.

Blacksmith proficiency has increased by 7%


Elegant Black Helmet of a Young Noble:
Durability 150/150
Defense 32
A work made by a very talented blacksmith.
The admiration is because of its high level of difficulty and meticulous dexterity in making it.
It appears that the skills were immature to handle mithril completely.
The black gloss and sheen has considerable artistic beauty.
Nevertheless, it has outstanding defense and protection from monsters.
  • Strength 300
  • Level 300
  • Agility +30
  • Charm +70
  • Art +20
  • Wisdom +20
  • Intelligence +10
  • Fame +200
  • Leadership +30%
  • Immune to confusion magic.
  • Magic resist +15%

The item came out decent.

It would have came out better if Weed's blacksmithing was higher but it was unavoidable.

Weed now made boots. Weed did not make that many boots before so it was difficult. The value of boots was largely dependent on agility. So he had to use all the remaining mithril.

Blacksmith proficiency has increased by 8%.


Precious Lightweight Black Boots:
Durability 130/130
Defense 14
MIthril boots are light and protect your feet. No matter how long the distance, one will not seem tired.
A talented blacksmith made this despite a lack of skills to properly handle mithril. As a result, the mithril is not strong enough.
  • Strength 150
  • Agility 300
  • Level 300
  • Movement speed increases by 15% Only consumes mana.
  • Agility +70 
  • Art +20
  • Fame +100
  • Prevents loss in physical state from long distance travel.
  • Easily walk in rough terrain.

They were not as good as the boots that the Lich Shire had been wearing but they came out decent.

"There's a decent amount of movement speed and agility."

Weed was pleased.

If there was even a single option that increased movement speed then the item value was several times higher.

Being able to move faster than others during battle!

The benefits were tremendous. It became much easier to avoid enemy attacks.

In the case of a ranged attack from an archer or mage, it was possible to reach them much faster.

Those with higher movement speed were less likely to die in contrast to those without. For this reason, movement speed was very expensive and insufficient in quantity.

The boots had a 15% increase in movement speed and they were fairly decent as well.

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  1. "Here it is. It'll be 700 gold but since you are a bright adventurer I can bring it down by 50 gold and another 20 for bringing me some interesting stuff."

    I'd just like to point out that i believe an extra 0 to the 700 gold as there's no way he could get that much of a discount even if he is a "bright adventurer".

    1. It was mostly because of his fame, would you like to piss off a famous (or in his case infamous) person? I don't think so

    2. I'd like to point out that he got a 30% discount when he bought the materials for his sculpture, and that the 70 gold discount from the dwarf was only 10%.
      If the thing that bothered you was the reason (Weed being a 'bright adventurer'), remember that the dwarf was an npc, and that, like the commenter above mentioned, this was probably just a way to indicate that his fame was the reason for the discount.

    3. Yeah, the reason for the sculptor discount, was that he was a famous sculptor. The adventure discount is quite a bit lower. 630 gold is still quite a sum to pay.

    4. I'd just like to point out that i believe 10% discount is not much as he usually gets 20-25-35%.


    5. and when he gets 30% discounts he still tries to haggle it even lower, here he gets a meager 10% off he just accepts it without a second thought. That should've been more irritating than the wording of why he got the 10% discounts.

    6. Don't be silly. This was just some "service". The guy just "separated" his mold into the various metals it was made of.
      If Weed was REALLY famous (like he did something big for the city), then just FREE service isn't too much to ask.
      Weed provided the materials, so 700 was already too big of a cost to begin with.

  2. I find it sad that weed still complains so much about his class even after it's done so much for not only him but those around him, he's honestly no better than those damned loan sharks at this point with his greed and how he treats other people. I'm surprised he could help seoyoon like that with how truly unfeeling he is.

    1. Pretty much. It's sort of annoying to see his characterisation meander between progress ("Sculpting isn't so bad after all!") and relapsing ("Such a terrible class.") ad infinitum. I wish the author would make up their mind already instead of relying on the same. Boring. Gimmick.

    2. He's not complaining that it's bad he's complaining that it's hard and unappreciated.

    3. Also think about it, he could have been a much higher level at this point with a combat class. The only good thing about the sculptor class, is the ability to make sculptors, well duh. While the class is awesome in a lot of ways, you shouldn't forget that a warrior, martial artist or similar class wouldn't waste so much of his time on grinding skill. Had he been able to just fight he might have been well past level 400 at this point (depending on his luck with quests). Then he wouldn't have much to worry about, except the fact he wouldn't be as strong as his sculptor class at level 400 would have been. The sculptor class may have a lot of cheat skills, but his leveling progress is pretty damn slow.

    4. At above. Sure, but he's not a normal "sculptor" either. Even if he was a combat class he would still need to grind skills. (Repair armor, food for buffs, etc.) The only difference is that as a sculptor he was able to obtain "handicraft" early on and it allows leveling up those profession skills MUCH faster. So, he would actually be slowed down if he was a combat class.

      Not to mention he obtained immense fame through sculptures which also opened up quests. It is pretty annoying that he constantly complains, but ah well.. I could overlook it since this is a pretty fun read regardless.

    5. Weed gets a lot of good stuff but whenever something even slightly bad happens, like losing 1 gold-he will complain endlessly. Is one of his characteristics;D Also i think it helps him achieving better results: if you are satisfied you wont work as hard as if you think you need to improve. So he tells himself all the time: i am Miserable so I have to work harder.

    6. Weed gained the handicraft skill before becoming a sculpter.

    7. Weed gained the handicraft skill before becoming a sculpter.

    8. The author is basically keeping Weed stupid in order to keep his little "oh he is such a miser" gag going on.
      At this point, Weed should focus more on how to invest his large sums of money, rather complain that he's losing money. If his love of money is true, he should allow it work for him via investments..And the only investments he makes, is to bribe his friends with food, and level up his skills. He doesn't open businesses or sign contracts with people.

      For argument's sake, Hyun could probably just abandon Royal Road in order to inherent his dojo-master's position. Remember, that geezer has so many sponsors, and so many funding-networks, that inheriting the Dojo would make him, potentially, a lot richer than Royal Road currently does.

      Weed is a Gary Stu that could get rich quite quickly, if he would stop being a gamer idiot and actually put his mind into earning money. That's what I dislike about Weed, he *really* loves money, but he conveniently overlooks his enormous assets in order to allow the author to build his self-satisfying plot.
      While the story is fun to read, I can't help but be annoyed by Weed's, Hyun's contradictory behavior with money.

    9. To the above anon:

      Weed does invest when investment is needed.
      He is not interested in working with a lot of people as he prefers to be relatively unknown by others, however when he is working on something large he is investing - i.e the pyramids: Yes he charged a fee of 1g but he also provided food for his workers, and I do think it would exceed the 1g pr person considering how long it took.He also spend almost half his earnings on the art to fill into the pyramid to satisfy the King. Another option was when he paid for all those silver arrows to ensure that he could win the war, or even invested his own levels to create Wyverns.

      Weed is not a merchant so setting up actual businesses in game seems like a risky thing to do, especially since he has Mapan in his pocket.

      He can earn a large sum of money by broadcasting his adventures, which he found out by his contract with KMC, and he seem to have realized that with the undead legion quest.

      Yes Hyun could take over the Dojo and be set for life, however do remember his goal of earning another 3 billion won within five years so that he can say 'in your face' to those loan sharks who destroyed his life for so many years. The only way Hyun knows to earn money is as a Dark Gamer, and his experience so far is providing him with much more money than for instance a job as a Dojo heir.

      Weed is very greedy and selfish, however there has been no point in the story where he has attempted to care for other people apart from his family. He learned early that there is no one in society that will support him, not even the government and that is easy to notice in his current behavior. Weed trusts only himself to be able to provide for his family, and to ensure the happiness and safety of his family he is willing to throw anyone else into the flames of despair.

      That being said, he has started to like his friends and rely on them, but even though he relies on them, he still has a hard time adjusting to the change, which could be a reason that he keeps telling himself that he 'is buying their favor with food' or whatnot.


      About his class

      I do get why he is depressed, although he is getting some cool skills such as sculpting blade and transformation he is still depending a lot of the extra stats he get while creating sculptures. The reason Weed is strong is because he has grinded that many crafts to intermediate level and keeps on working harder than any other class.
      However, Weed is not invincible, he is smart and strategic. He knows how to use all the tools, and NPCs, at his disposal and then join fights at the right time.
      Although he is able to solo a lot of dungeons and he is gaining a lot of strength, his strength is nothing compared to how insane it would have been, had he been a pure combat class with as much effort as he has put into his sculptor. That being said, I love the fact that he is the legendary moonlight sculptor and I like for once having a character that cares about himself and his family above the safety of other people

      --- and that was a rant.

    10. I wish to make a counter point to all above, As an artist/tradesman there are times when I hate what I do to the point of tears, as well as times when Im so in love with what im doing i forget to eat. long story short artists are fickle and contradictory.the end...

    11. @anon 2 posts up. Being the dojo heir would give him more than 3 billion won due to the sponsors. Like hello, 5 billion on royal road for express install , however the master never told weed of his plans of making him heir, but you are correct on the other points xD

  3. Am I the only one that skips through everytime they start talking about the same thing over and over again... I mean how many times do we have to hear about his class and how much more dificult it is to be him...?

    1. me too, sometimes i even skip when they talk about how good is weed cooking and when they want to weed cook for them.

    2. Hoho. A comrade in skipping!
      Light Novels have some sort of odd fixation with explaining redundancies, and explaining the same thing over and over again. LN and WN truly taught me not to dwell on text, I learnt how to skim <_<
      I recall a chapter ago, that the author began to explain the logic behind "Why warriors want better weapons". I nearly lost my shit.

      I also lose my shit whenever the author starts to remind us, again, that Hyun worked in a shitty factory, sewing buttons. And the conditioning and chemicals were so bad, that he had to lose his current month's weigh in order to recuperate.
      Yes. We get it.

      LN and WN would be so much better, if they'd stop their habit of padding the text by explaining EVERYTHING.

    3. I know that feeling. Every single time I read an introductory sentence like "Since it was a virtual reality game..." I immediately start rolling my eyes.

      Jesus Christ, how many times are you going to explain us the same things?

    4. It's apparently a common and popular element to Asian literature to continuously reiterate things. It doesn't bother me nearly as bad after reading Doulou Dalu, at one point they were saying the same thing over and over about an item for nearly a dozen full chapters. It was agonizing, nearly dropped the novel because no progress could be made over the constant praise of heavenly herbs.

      "LN and WN would be so much better, if they'd stop their habit of padding the text by explaining EVERYTHING."
      It's not really padding if they explain everything. The problem is they explain everything without really explaining it, and constantly reiterate the same thing. "Look how great this is, it's great isn't it? It's great right? Look at it, it's great! How can something like this not be great?" Explaining everything builds up the atmosphere, makes the world more detailed. explaining the same thing 37 times is padding :p

    5. To Matty K and the rest. Exactly!!! I think it's was a chapter before, when he was at guild to learn a skill, before he met the warrior briefly. The text was reapting the same thing over and over and over agian about a warrior or whatever, I was like Why ohhh Why

  4. Weed needs to make up his mind that Sculptor Class is the best for him, being a sculptor he made all his money RL and VR. he is stronger than others by a 100 level difference. also I'm getting very annoyed that he is not changing his appearance if he doesn't want to stand out that' fine but at least wear something decent which do not make you look beggar or very poor.

    1. Why? It's not as if there's a fashion show going on. And wearing decent armor will also pull the beggars in. They're asking for coppers, lol.

      Also, Weed will never make up his mind, regardless of what class it is, if he has to spend one penny on it. If there's a super powered class that doesn't need him to invest and will net him returns, he'll never complain lol.

  5. Weed spent almost all of his money, 70000 gold into buying silver, how did he manage to earn back that fast? And even if he is filthy rich right now, spending 12000 gold just for a statue is absurd. Why didn't he just buy some cheap material, or pick some random rock, like he did to all of his previous works?

    1. Thought it would be a good chance to level up sculpting skill I guese. As for the money lets just say its a hole that appered when we went for volume to volume.

    2. Except he only bought it for 2490 . . .

    3. I think he sold his japtem

  6. His helmet and boots were destroyed after his battle with the lich Shire, so Im glad we get to see his equipment now. Wonder what his stats are like with the equipment!

  7. He actually bought the gold for 10010. He got a discount of 2490 from the price of 12500. In regards to the money, I think it mentions him selling things multiple times even though there is no value amount. He also said that the 70000 for the silver was 'almost' all of his money. When seeing how weed seems to always have 200 gold when asked as described in Lavias, it can also be a resonance deduction that he still had money left over and was just exaggerating how much the cost hurt him.

  8. Does agility not increase your movement speed?

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. I'm surprised he didn't engrave on the armor to increase stats. Guess author forgot about that little tidbit.

    Also, what was the point with the other party at the start of the story? It didn't really say anything, and nobody talked, it was just plain boring fighting with nothing to add.

  11. Dropping cash for a solid gold statue that... you need purely for being allowed into the screen art guild?

    What a waste of money. Seriously, just make something out of a less stupid and less expensive material. This isn't a meaningful investment, and you don't even treat your friends as well as you are what has clearly been explained as an entrance tax for an extremely inclusive club.