Volume 8 Chapter 5

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Volume 8 Part 5

Since he was finished with his business in Rhodium, Weed went to the Church of Freya. Freya was the symbol of abundance and prosperity so Rhodium had a very large temple.

The reason that Weed returned to the Church of Freya was because, due to his contributions in returning the holy relics, he was free to use any of the teleport circles in any of their churches in the Versailles Continent.

“We are humbled to welcome you. Great benefactor of our church.”

Weed was welcomed by the senior priests.

“I wish to use the teleport gate.”

“As you wish. We will begin the preparations. However, are you aware that they High Priest has been requesting to see you?”

“The High Priest?”

Weed was puzzled. The quest was already finished once he returned in the Herrera Grail. He could not find a reason for the High Priest wanting to see him.

“Do you know what has happened?”

“The High Priest said that you have to search the Valley of Death to find clues to restore the honor of king who is buried there.”

“What do you mean the king’s honor...?”

“The royalists have been accused and insulted because of what happened to their king so the High Priest want a great adventurer like Weed nim to obtain the truth and restore the king’s honor.”

“I am not such a great adventurer.”

“It seems that the High Priest thinks otherwise. Also since Weed nim has already been to the north once, it is better to have someone who already has experience in the area to go.”

Weed could guess what kind of quest this once from the description.

‘It’s going to be at least an A rank quest.’

The High Priest was waiting to give him another great quest like the one to defeat the Immortal Legion.

‘The quest of this level. It was pretty bad when I fought against the Legions of Undead. Even if I’m higher level and I’ve slowly increased by sculpting skill.’

Weed immediately shook his head.

“I’m not interested. Please send me to the Plains of Despair instead.”

He needed to get back to his party.

The senior priests gathered their mana to operate the teleport gate.

In Rhodium, the Cold Roses Guild accepted many people into the expedition. A total of 160 people!

Except for about 30 artisans, roughly 120 people were combat type classes.

“This will not guarantee success since this is going to be a difficult adventure and everyone has to be prepared.”

Oberon clicked his tongue.

No matter what, having novices did not matter. It was more stable if there were only high level users.

Most of these people were obviously going to raise their levels and try to obtain rare items from dangerous hunting grounds.

Drum had a joyful face since he also expected to reap large profits from it.

“It’s going to increase the probability of success isn’t it?”

“Yeah, but the increase of the number of mercenaries in the expedition will also increase fraud.”

“Since it’s going to be difficult, having the mercenaries will be a great help in case of an emergency.”

“The only ones that are going to be of any use are the ones that are more experienced and higher level than the rest of these people.”

All the people joining the Cold Roses Guild brought in a large amount of money. Most were participating simply for the adventure. However, it greatly increased the strength of the expedition.

“But where did these replacements come from?”

Since Oberon was wondering, Kerberos explained.

“Did you know that recently there have been some people that have become quite famous by challenging strong people?”

“Challengers? You mean the people that go around dueling others?”

“That’s right.”

All the Geomchis up to Geomchi505.

Some went to challenge others to duels. Others went to train in the mountains. There wasn’t a need to fight solely against people.

Deep in the mountains there were dangerous monsters, fierce animals, and the trials of nature.

Each of their sword fighting styles were different.

Destructive forces usually depended on the strength stat, agility, and the differences between reaction time.
Nevertheless, they learned various things about the sword.

Their bodies became more attuned to the sword.

They learned how to fight in various situations and how to match their movements with their swords.

The sword is a means for survival!

With a month of beating a scarecrow, they tempered their mastery of the sword.

Many Geomchis had increased their levels through hunting. Among them, several dozen of them joined up with the expedition.

“That’s very good to hear.”

Oberon had a big smile on his face.

It was good to hear that a number of these people were in the expedition and he wanted to meet them.


“Yes leader.”

“Are all the preparations finished?”

“All the supplies have been prepared.”

“How about the teleport circles?”

“They have been drawn. We are ready to go as scheduled.”

“Then in one hour begin to send people. Start with the main vanguard of our forces.”

“Naturally since they will set an example for the rest of the expedition.”

Northern Expedition!

The wizards drew a large circle in the plains. Then the vanguard of the forces stood onto the circle.

There were 150 warriors led by Kerberos! There were also some blacksmiths and architects.

“I’ll see you in the north.”

“Be careful.”

“Don’t worry, we will set up camp and scout out the surrounding area.”

“We will meet again in eight hours.”

“Yes. I’ll be waiting.”

It could be used three times a day to send about a total of 450 people. Therefore dividing it up into 11 groups in order.

The vanguard’s job was to set up a field of operations and scout the area.

Oberon needed to signal the start of the expedition.

“Let’s get started. Send them to the north.”


The wizards triggered the circle.

They were only able to send people to a designated location rather than where they want to be teleported.

Kerberos and the warriors!

They were the best of the elites in the guild.

They had a curious love for fighting. They would go into dungeons that others would be frightened to even approach.

They closed their eyes and when they opened them the surrounding landscape was entirely different.

It was very cold and the ground was covered in snow.

Thick bluish vapor came out of their mouths.


“Why is it so cold?”

The expedition immediately took out their blankets.

They had come prepared. Everyone had laughed at them when they were packing blankets to bring along.

“This is better...”

“I’m just going to cover up in a blanket and fall asleep.”

If they did not have blankets once they came to the Northern Continent then everything would have gone horribly.


The cold wind blew past them like blades.

Chatter chatter chatter.

The expedition was frantically chattering their teeth in the cold.

Because of the cold, it was difficult for them to walk much less scout the area.

“This...we need something to get rid of the cold.”

Kerberos ordered to have a bonfire started. However it was not an easy task since there was hardly any useful firewood on the frozen ground.

The Ras Hill.

In a place that was completely covered in snow it was unlikely that anyone would be able to find anything.

They went to the top of the hill and looked around only to see that they were in the middle of nowhere. There were other things to be worried about besides the cold.

Some distance from there there was a flurry of snow. It slowly raised ice and snow off the ground and sucked up anything in its way. A dance of ice and light. It was an extremely beautiful power of nature. A unique regional characteristic to the north, the storm of ice and snow was approaching.

The boss monsters of the Karaka Forest!

Pale, Zephyr, Hwaryeong, and their party search the entire forest for the King Snake. However, they could not find it.

Geomchi5 saw a tree with some colorful patterns on it.

“That looks like its unique and since Weed makes sculptures so do you think we should take it?”

He thought about it for awhile then he gave up the idea and stopped worrying.

He started moving based on his behavior before thinking anything else.


He pulled out the sword and slashed the wood.

However he only cut the surface.

“What is this?”

Geomchi5 saw that it was harder to cut than usual.


An insidious sound came from behind as the head of a large snake appeared.


He caught sight of the King Snake’s head as it spit out its two-forked tongue!

“Stupids bastards. You dare to attack my majestic body.”

The King Snake was a named monster.

Since then, the party engaged in battle against the King Snake. It had a body length of over 10 meters and it was capable of moving very quickly.

It was not a possibility to run away from it should it give chase. It hid terrible poisonous vapors in its body was well as very tough skin.

The King Snake’s main weapons were its fangs and its poison, with have enough force to break a bull’s back.

The incredibly pointed teeth were capable of piercing heavy armors.

In the past they would have never thought of hunting the King Snake. However, now they had more companions and they all had developed a sense for battle.

“Fire Field!”

Romuna set fire to the surrounding area. Snakes hate fire!

It was not a direct attack on the King Snake but it reduced its range of movement. But because of this the party suffered damage.

“Please protect us from the blazing fires. Blessing of Water. Kyaaaaa its hot.”

Irene screamed.

Her main role was restoring health. Her defensive and blessing skills were a little lacking.

Because her Blessing of Water skill had low skill mastery it was helpless before Romuna’s fire.

Since it failed, Irene focused on healing the party’s health using holy magic.

Zephyr took the role of baiting and luring the King Snake while Hwaryeong danced.

“Dance of Confusion!”

The dance was capable of lowering the enemy’s spirit and breaking their balance. In a sense it was a dance that was suitable for combat since it disrupts the enemy’s balance and does not revert to normal.

It was a powerful sort of curse.

The snake began to have irregular behavior as Hwayrung danced.

Her face seemed to indicate as if she was cage inside a chaotic maze as she danced.

These dances were not part of the dancer’s skills.

It was because Hwaryeong's dancing that such a skill was possible.

The dance increased the effects of the skill even more.

“Oh, Hwaryeong is dancing.”

“It’s a very beautiful dance.”

“Beautiful is not enough to express it...”

“She has such a slim waist and graceful neck...”

Geomchi2, Geomchi3, Geomchi4, and Geomchi5 found it hard to not watch Hwaryeong dance.

Battle or not, all of their attention was devoted to Hwaryeong's dancing.


They were in the back modestly watching her dance. Men did not change no matter how much time passes.

There was a spoonful of truth in the superstitions that women have for men.


The King Snake moved its big long head side to side along the floor. Then it spread its blue poison out. Others would usually instinctively fall into chaos rather than fight and protect themselves.

“Poison Cure!”

Irene was in the middle and she dispelled the poison.

“It’s time for our part.”

“Yes Master.”

Geomchi, Geomchi2, Geomchi3, Geomchi4, and Geomchi5 rushed along an open path and slashed at the enemy’s body.

“Ice Blade!”

“River Sword.”

“Revenge Slash!”

Geomchi, Geomchi2, Geomchi3, Geomchi4, and Geomchi5 cast their skills.

Because the King Snake’s body was so thick, the skills did not inflict that much damage.

The other practitioners tended to limit their use of skills but there were some exceptions.

Most of the time, a monster’s behavior and response changes before a skill can even be used.

It was easier to take advantage of an enemy with a sword rather than using a skill.

‘Use the skills! Concentrate your force! The damage will gradually build up.’

‘Feel the use of the skills. Use the skills continuously and destroy the enemy weak points. With each blow our strikes get stronger!’

With certain skills they were able to increase their damage output and reach new heights in their ability.

Their skill proficiency was much higher than their levels.

Stats were not the only thing that increased attack strength and more damage could be inflicted if one knew how to fight properly.

The sound of Geomchi, Geomchi2, Geomchi3, Geomchi4, and Geomchi5 yelling out their skills could be heard.

“Slice and Dice!”

A fierce attack harnessing rapid movement!

The muscular Geom4chi’s was moving his sword so fast that it looked like there were tens of swords.

“Double Strike!”

Surka hit the King Snake’s torso with great force. Her sharp knuckles gave blows to the King Snake’s tough leather.

The damage they were dealing was small, but with the Geomchis they were able to finish off the King Snake after a great struggle.

Since hunting the King Snake was so tough, they to head back to the Castle of the Dark Elves.

Weed went back to the Plains of Despair and started running to the Castle of the Dark Elves once the party finished conquering the Karaka Forest and they took a break. A little later Maylon showed up and they started talking.

Then in the middle of the conversation Maylon said.

“Pale nim.”


“Do you know what today is?”

“I don’t know. Is it because its been 64 days since we first met?”

“Today they gave me a day off from work.”

Maylon was speaking in a coy tone!

The only ones that could hear it was those two.

Pale nodded without hesitation.

“I’m looking forward to seeing the concert.”

“I’ll take you this evening.”

Pale and Maylon quickly arranged a date.

Romuna and Irene looked as if they stomachs were in pain.

“It feels like Pale has become a different person.”

“As a friend and a fellow man, I approve.”

Geomchi, Geomchi2, Geomchi3, Geomchi4, and Geomchi5 watched the couple.

They understood that women liked strong and reliable men. They had good bodies and they could fight well.

However they could not get any women.

‘Why is that?’

‘Is it that women don’t like muscle?’

‘Exercise and mixed martial arts seem to be a good thing though...’

The Geomchis thought that being muscular was exciting and attractive.

But in reality they were unable to get any women.

In order to maintain their bodies to the best physical condition in real life they mainly ate chicken and protein. There were no seasonings nor condiments but they simply ate boiled chicken with rice! Sometimes the chicken would have a strange fishy smell. Sometimes it was hard to chew.

It was natural for them to eat their meals this way.

‘Have to watch what we eat.’

‘We have to eat to be strong.’

They forced themselves not to eat other foods and only eat lean chicken breast.

The problem was egg whites.

They would eat dozens of boiled eggs until they went mad. It was so appalling that they would get sick from the smell of it.

They needed to digest a lot of food because they needed large amounts of protein.

They were also troubled with the level of water in their bodies.

They tried their bests to supplement replenish their bodies and stamina whenever they exercise a lot.

Many of the other also went through such challenges for thorough self-management from living through the sword. Thanks to that, they did not have the chance to ever meet any women.

Surka suddenly said.

“Since we’re all talking about this, why don’t we meet up in real life?”


“We can meet up with each other and talk this way in reality! Why don’t we all go to the concert together?”

“I’m not sure if that’s a good idea.”

“Why not. Seeing each other for real would be great.”

Meeting in real life.

Maylon, Irene, Surka, Romuna, and Hwaryeong!

The Geomchis were going to get to meet as many as five women. It was a rare opportunity to talk with women even if Surka was too young and Maylon had a boyfriend.

Drinking coffee and eating hamburgers.

Just walking around the city with women would be pleasant.

Geomchi4 and Geomchi5 looked at each other.”


“Yes, Geomchi5.”

“Have you ever been to a concert before?”

“The last time I went was probably six years ago.”


“I want to go this time.”

Maylon and Pale was against it since they didn’t expect to have anyone else get in the way of their quality time.

Aside from that, Zephyr and Hwaryeong were relatively friendly with the Geomchis.

Also meeting up and talking in real life was a good way to pass time.

Needless to say, Irene and Romuna approved.

“Sounds good.”

“I haven’t seen a concert in a while.”

“Hwaryeong-unnie is it okay if we meet up?”

Surka went up and nodded her head at Hwaryeong.

“Yea, I would like to meet up.”

The fact was that Hwaryeong was a little reluctant to meet up with people. She didn’t want people to know in game that she was a celebrity.

‘But I’ll be fine with these people.’

Since she got Hwaryeong's approval, Surka asked Zephyr.

“Is Zephyr-oppa coming?”

“Of course.”

Zephyr was also a little hesitant.

His family’s company made millions overnight.

He would only need to talk to strangers for 3 to 6 minutes to get their contact information.

This legendary playboy would go out at times for 30 minute dates.

Because of this, Zephyr was awkward to accepting interpersonal relationships.

However, the time that they had spent together in game was not for nothing.

It was then that Weed arrived in the Castle of the Dark Elves.

“So everyone’s here.”

Except for Mapan, who was busy, all the companions were united.

Wasting no time, Surka walked over to Weed with bright eyes and asked.

“Weed! Weed oppa!”


“We want to meet in real life. Zephyr oppa, Hwaryeong unnie, Irene unnie, Romuna unnie, Pale oppa, and Maylon unnie as well. Oppa I want to meet up with you and see a concert. What do you think?”


Weed was half-hearted about it.

‘A concert...tickets for them are expensive.’

Weed hated spending money on cultural activities.

To him, culture was unknown.

Weed didn’t think that culture was great performances, theaters, or exhibitions.

To him, it was enough to use a magnifying glass and look and play with ants. He also planted vegetables in his free time. There was a difference between organic vegetables and market vegetables so he tried to save money.

There was also house cleaning and washing the dishes.

An infinite amount of labor.

In contrast culture was only about consumption.

Money money money!

No matter what you are going to do or eat, it will cost money.

Weed ran a strict household budget.

For one month, he had an allowance of 2000 won.

That was the amount set aside from food for entertainment.

Weed was going to refuse.

But then it would be difficult for him if they all meet except for him.

Then Geomchi5 went ahead and spoke for Weed.

“Weed is a busy person, we can’t force someone as busy as him to come.”

Geomchi4 also nodded.

“Yea. I’m certain that Weed has a lot of work to do and I would be surprised if he had any free time.”

They gave a strong defense in Weed’s favor. But Hwaryeong opened her mouth to speak her slight disappointment.

“If Weed’s not coming then I don’t want to go.”

Irene and Romuna were also inclined.

“I don’t think it’s going to be fun if Weed’s not there.”

“For a concert, I think its more meaningful if we all go together than if we simply go by ourselves.”

Zephyr said leaning his fishing rod against his shoulder.

“If Weed’s not going then I don’t need to come. I would rather spend my time doing something else then.”

At that point, they changed their minds to meet up in real life.

If Weed, who was at the center of their group, wasn’t going then they weren’t either.

If Weed didn’t go, then it wouldn’t be fun. That was how much of a role Weed had.

Geomchi2 quickly tried to change the subject.

“Weed, I don’t think that it would be too much trouble to meet up.”

“Don’t you come by daily to train at the dojo?”

“Ah! That’s right, that is how it is.”

Geomchi5 also entered into the conversation.

“It’s a good chance to immerse ourselves in some classical tunes. Passionate music.”

Geomchi4 grinned as well.

“Like a real man! Friendly companionship! This much is obvious.”

Geomchi2, Geomchi4, Geomchi5, Pale, Hwaryeong, and Irene were all encouraging him to go.

He noticed that they really wanted to meet up.

It would be really embarrassing if he refused now.

“Okay. Will three days from now be fine?”

“Maybe...it should be.”

Pale peeked over at Geomchi2 who nodded his head.

“So until then, let’s go hunt in a dungeon.”


“I meant three days in real life. So if we start hunting now, it will be about 8 days in the Versailles Continent. With that much time, we can fully explore and clear out a dungeon. Is that alright with you?”

Surka thought about Weed’s claim.

“Are we even able to clear a dungeon in eight days? I’m with Weed oppa.”

Maylon shook her head as if she was hearing nonsense.

‘Any decent dungeon would take at least a fortnight. It would take at least 10 days to map out the dungeon as well. Eight days is just ridiculous.’

But Maylon did not understand. The very moment that Weed said it, Hwaryeong and Zephyr started shaking their legs.

Of course this was because they remembered their memories of hunting with Weed in the Basra Caverns.


‘Endless hunting...’

‘Eat, hunt, get bandaged...’

‘Then more hunting. It would be less trouble to just die!’

Hunting for 29 hours without rest. It was their first experience doing such a thing. They hit their physical and mental limits fighting monsters to such an extent.

Then they went back to town to sell the loot.

They thought that it was the end.

Only to return back to level for a few more days...

Now the grueling hunt was going to be resurrected.

    You are the first person to discover the Rotten Lich’s Dungeon!
Fame has increased by 400.
Experience and drop rates have doubled for a week.
The first monster hunted will drop some its the best items it has.

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