Volume 19 Chapter 9

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<Seoyoon’s Arrival>


“The undead army legion has now increased 3 times in size. Now, I don’t need to go out with nearly as many skeletons, nor do I need as many troops.”

With Weed’s Lich skills, he can take advantage of every battle and create flying undead! But too much greed could be hazardous in hunting, so he did not increase the number of his undead, even though they were cheap. Because, increasing the number of undead would not necessarily increase the hunting speed and their numbers were definitely not infinite. To keep a steady pace, they needed constant maintenance and the hunting grounds needed to be navigated; wasting more time. Once the undead fell, it was time to attack with curse magic.

“Utilization of the Meiji era skeletons should increase.”

You have leveled up

By hunting day and night, Weed had gained one level. However, the monsters also got stronger. The monsters gained a 30% stat increase at night. Since he was transfigured, the benefits of moonlight sculptor did not apply. However, the lich’s magical curses and black magic had a large area effect at night, so it wasn’t that bad.

“Finally level 370.”

The quests and giving life to sculptures had left his level rather lacking compared to his stats. Now he could raise his level through hunting as it was the optimal solution. But the monsters’ levels were very high, and it was very hard to sneak around in the sculpture heritage since it was so bare. In Las Phalanx massive earthquakes happened often.


Whenever there was a big quake, Weed would quickly duck into a relatively safe spot.

‘Thakur ruka ruka ruk’

The volcanic ground shook, shaking everything off balance. Tair Badgers, Bollards, and Chaos Warriors’ rushed out of their hiding places. Drakes flew all over the place avoiding the blow out from the nearby earthquake. Aerial and ground creatures all in unison ran around. It was a great and terrible sight. A great mole-like creature popped its head out of the ground, froze, then ran away. The creatures were quickly falling into a deeper panic. The tension was rising.

Geuminyi said,
“Gol gol go, the heat is rising. The origin is hot.”

“That’s not it.”

The lava was being excavated from under the mountains.

“That is surely……The lava welling up in reverse and the black smoke pouring out of the nearby north mountain range....Kuah. No way.”

“Volcanic Eruptions!”

The Versailles continent pageantry! After the icy storm comes volcanic explosions! The fireballs fell down here and there. Large rocks melting, crushing and burning monsters.

“Stand down! Scatter!”

Giving orders, Weed lead the undead legion towards the river. As the volcanoes erupted, they sent tons of flaming rocks, that felt like comets, to destroy the area around them. It looked like the end of the world and it was such a lovely sight to see.

The volcanic lava mightily soared in upside down streams in the air. Massive rocks matching the top area of the volcanoes collapsed in ghastly balls of summer flames. It was a scary sight, enough to make one dizzy. Jets of steam came out of the ground and split the stiff land. From the cracks, streams of lava flowed. Weed and the undead hastily ran to the river.

“More than anything, dying by a fireball would just be too unfair. I can’t let that happen. Seeing this from afar though, I think I should eat some roasted sweet potatoes.”

He watched the volcanic eruptions while thinking about baked sweet potatoes. For 2 hours the earthquakes and volcanoes continued its blast and spurt. He could not escape quick enough and several zombies and undead got destroyed reaching a total number of 65 survivors. After the earth’s movement was stable and the lava flowing on the ground had become black and hard, Weed felt safe enough to venture out from behind the rocks he had been hiding behind by the river. The undead, Geuminyi, and Yellowy were all looking very shabby, due to the volcanic eruption and being covered in soot.

“Seeing such a display on the Versailles Continent, I have no luck.”

Picking a place that had such famous scenery and seeing a once in a lifetime spectacle, is being blamed on bad luck! Weed dragged out 800 objects that might be undead. By listening to the log system, he knew that several undead were completely destroyed even with the certain amount of pre-inserted mana he injected. Under a shadow, or hidden in a coffin or in a grave his undead were waiting. Due to the maintenance of the undead, a third of his mana was consumed.

“The blessing period lasts twelve more days. If I can gain three more levels than it should be more than enough to increase the undead armies efficiency.”

That day, the hunting speed doubled and he filled his experience bar by an additional 39%. Because of the blessing of the Goddess of the Earth, he begrudged eating and sleeping preferring to hunt instead. Tair Badgers had a salty taste when unprepared. Groups with level 300 lurked in the shadows that could be hunted in large quantities. When Tair Badgers died, they gave gems and rare magic items. When he got a bunch of little gems he could make a piece of jewelry that many people would pay lots of money for.

“I wonder what I can pick up from Bollards.”

He greedily thought about hunting high level Bollards while calculating the risk. If he were to die he may be denied the option to revive since he was already undead and he would lose the blessing of the earth.

“Tair Badgers are lower on the food chain. The next step would be Bollards.”

Yet there were many high level monsters in Las Phalanx that he had not attacked yet. In addition to the creatures needing high level attacks, the terrain was also difficult to hunt in. Considering that the bottom of the food chain was the Bollards, it was gonna get tough soon. But Weed had enough confidence that using the Tair Badgers would be enough to hunt them. Weed temporarily increased the undead army legion by 40%. Due to this, he was using too much mana and Weed couldn’t sustain it for extended periods of time but it was great for dealing a great deal of damage.

“Ah, I’m so proud of my undead army legion. Let’s go look for Bollards to hunt. Trample them when you see then. I will make more colleagues for us. ATTACK!”

Hiding behind a rock he gave instructions. The undead stampeded toward the Bollards. The Panther like creatures nimbly ran past huge flame columns. Changed to undead, the Tair Badgers had a much lower fire resistance but they still easily clung to the Bollards. Weed looked as the Bollard jumped about and shook the zombies into the flames leaving burned chunks of meat.

“This fight right now. The Bollards are just addicted to burning the zombies.”

“Bone shield!”

“Bone arrow.”

“Air Blaster.”

More than 100 skeleton mages cast their magic spells at once adding various buffs. The Tair Badgers clung to the Bollards for all they're worth. Thanks to that, the skeleton knights with swords could attack.

Weed used his Lions Roar.

“Fight! You are undead! Prove that you are the definition of loss to this land! Show your full power to the armed forces of this world. Attack those weak bastards!”

Bollards are strong and fast. However the skeleton mages had infinite magic attacks! More than enough, strength and power. Even more so than Weeds 480 skeleton knights and others; 900 in all. The Bollards that they killed were made into undead. Compared to when they were alive their balance was much worse and four died right off the bat in the next fight.

You have learned valuable experience
(funny alternate TL lines again- are you trying to earn experience points?. -Gain and take of experience points is an understanding. – you are the experience gaining master)
Skill proficiency of Necromancer has improved
You have obtained grade 1 sewing material leather.

“I lost quite a number of my undead army. But I gained 1.6% exp. And Bollard leather!”

Continuous Bollard hunting was difficult. Weed increased the number of dead while the rest were out tracking them. When they found some Bollards, they took them down. The undead level of a Bollard’s corpse had a much better quality. They had higher vitality and strength stats. After turning undead only the fire attribute was lacking.

Undead summoning skills Intermediate level 8
The ability to summon corpses has increased. You are now able to handle higher quality bodies.
Step 1 Understanding Undead Summoning 1,219.
Step 2 Understanding Undead Summoning 461
Step 3 Understanding Undead Summoning 17
Step 4 Understanding Undead Summoning 6
Undead’s maximum health and damage increases.
The amount of Mana consumed in maintaining the undead is slightly reduced.

The effect of increasing Understanding Undead summoning was acquiring a number of new skills.

Step 4 undead Summoning spells were deadly! Producing the haunting bodies of souls of warriors. They should bring excellent fighting skills and at the same time create fear. They were even scary to summon with the strength cap of the undead completely removed. The top skills of the Necromancer were much more difficult to perform than other magic related skills such as purification.

Black magic and curse magic, undead summoning aside, only increase in small increments, hardly gaining anything.

“The top 4 skills of Undead Summoning are the same. Perhaps when I turn back into a human they will increase in strength?”

To a certain degree, there must have been some penalties but the level up was not too bad. However, he would lose the undead advantage of having unlimited stamina.

“Fight! Kill! Dispose of everything at once!”

The undead had increased and now included Tair Badgers, undead horsemen and Bollards all occupying the same space! The blessing of the Goddess of the Earth made it possible to hunt to level 373. Having the blessing for such a long time, there was no time to rest even for 1 or 2 days. He only concentrated on hunting. Weed took a break to compare his results and focus on the new tracking positions.

“This is a rare hunting ground.”

In Las Phalanx the region around the river had many experience and items but it was only skin deep. By networking he could work with maximum efficiency.

“Orders from the master. Annihilate your enemies.”

Death Knight Van Hawk was conducting a group of 30 Bollards! Because of a lack of the right magical ingredients a significantly massive Golem could not be created.

Raw black ore obtained
Fix obtained
Acquired 10 leather TairBadgers wings
Obtained the floral brush, Ripper
Acquired 10 dwarf Bollard leather pants

Obtaining several rare items.

Dwarf Bollard leather pants:Durability 65/70Defense power 58
Somebody who came to Las Phalanx and hunted Bollards decided to make leather pants. Made by dwarf’s meticulous hands.
Options: 28% fire resistance.
Increase in hostility of Bollards

While exploring the area he occasional discovered the traces of carvings.


Broken sculpture:Durability 3/25Lava has melted down part of this sculpture. However some of Las Phalanx was made in the process. Knowing the original shape of the piece is impossible. A very small part is still intact but even the roughest guess can not pinpoint who created it.
Artistic value : 2
Special options: recovery is impossible

There were many sculptures around Las Phlanax that were impossible to pick up and were too damaged. But still they were created with someone’s heart and soul!

“This can't even be sold as loot!”

Weed left the broken sculpture just as he saw them.


Seoyoon listened to the animal and like clients they gave her problems to solve.

“ …and this is required. Also can you get a little herbs? I have an appointment to keep with some friends but I should be able to get you some red flower. The red flowers help with child prevention right? I’ll have to wander around a bit, but once I smell it I’m sure I can’t miss it."

"Every night she hears a strange wind. Please check out the reason."

The small and cute animals asked for resources.

“In exchange, I will tell you the location of the flowers. You will have the location of flowers that humans crave."

“I would like help in recovering of a wound.”

“Is there a water drinking fountain for cats?”

The animals were very informed.

“Keep in mind that several polar fleece foxes have passed this way. I’ll let you know of a safer forest.”

The forest jobs were much easier to take great strides when the proper knowledge was used. The quest rewards were also quite good as well. Animals who live in the forest and mountain were familiar with those areas as well. They also knew the locations of mines, monsters, rare habitats, and hidden treasures that were not directly available. Although Seoyoon did not talk back directly they understood her meaning and they had conversations. She increased the intimacy with the animals by stroking them. The Quest rewards of the fox furs and the cat fountain were led to something very curious.

-And beyond at the end of mothers’ territory. There is a dungeon that has a door, which was created by the fairies, that crosses dimension.

-Could you really go anywhere you wish just by passing through the entrance way? This fairy door was very astonishing.

It can only be used in a two month period. Mother knows that this is fact, if you’re curious. Is this a good reward? I heard that man always wanted that type of thing. Money is usually what humans are rewarded with.

-That’s not always necessary, what you gave me will come in handy.

Seoyoon decided to go to the dungeon.

“This smells dangerous but I think ll be okay.”

With the help of Tori, Seoyoon found the fairy door. The door that was opened for just two months was reached with success! While the door was opening, Seoyoon recalled where she wanted to go,
“Weed, I want to go to where Weed’s place is……….”


“Kill everything! All the successful people in the world are bad guys. Tair Badgers! Sweep them away!”

Weed lead the undead legion, dedicated to hunting. Weed was restricted to fighting what was next on the food chain ladder, but he had Tair Badgers and Bollards so he had no complaints. By using a connecting network for continuous tracking, his skill proficiency and experience were rising. Geumini, Yellowy, and Death Knight Van Hawk were hunting and tracking while trying to avoid the earthquakes and volcanic eruptions.

“Although it’s difficult., it’s worth the risk.”

For now, this was the optimal time for hunting on the present hunting ground because of the Goddess of the Earth’s blessing made traveling through the hunting grounds easier.

“Unfortunately sculpturing, cooking, blacksmithing, and sewing are too difficult to advance at this point.”

The undead don’t eat food and sculpture effects aren’t applied. You must buy a good weapon for a zombie to upgrade it.”

He used the cheapest undead magic with the highest volume. He couldn’t worry about a low level soldier losing weapons.

“I cannot create clothes that has flame resistance, it’ll just be filled with holes.”

The materials from Las Phalanx were piling up, but he could not access them yet. Weed’s assets are his high stats and various productions skill. Yes, the Necromancer stood at the top of the magic class. You can play with undead and make military colleagues, but you can’t take advantage of the materials! It did not help that he didn’t even have the dexterity to use a hunting bow to command the battle. In addition to commanding the battle it is s important to know the additional effects. Weed pondered new methods to have better efficiency.

“Sculpture! A sculpture that won't be lost to the lava….”

Light sculptures were made in the air and were sculptures.

“But if other creatures are curious about it they might come up and destroy it.”

A gathering of monsters! He did not want that. Then he would make a sculpture that he could transform himself into. Weed enjoyed the sculpture’s makeover effect skills! Leveraging the synergetic effect of the sculpture he could take on even more advantages.

“The materials….”

What was around here? No trees or stone. The ground was full of holes and is open for bone cancer with the rocks hence they would have low vitality.

Las Phalanx had many materials, that fell to the ground, that could be used for modification.



Little rock crystal : Hardness 15/15
Picked up on a Las Phalanx mountain.
A little transparent. A kind of jewel that fetches a high price but is not that expensive.
Several types of magic weapons, accessories or sculptures can be processed with it.
Can amplify mana boosts effect
Material grade: 2
Options: low grade enchantments can be sealed in for a day.

“It’s too difficult to give up the lich race so I’ll just make a new skeleton”

Whole body modifications with the material.

“This material is almost invisible….”

Even it was only a little dark ,which was good, it could catch the light and refract it making it hard for monster to find him.. It would be hard to pinpoint the curse and attack magic and make it so the hostilities were not increased toward him. This was very valuable for necromancers since they are extremely weak at close combat.

“Now I can add many magical modifications. Now’s the time to take advantage of the strength and stamina of the undead and provide this skull with lots of concentrated magic.”

He made over 450 modifications. Because it was impossible to create the piece all at once he carved each bone and put them together. He created an assembly of bones.

“Quite a tricky thing, but that’s okay when I have the extra mana for hunting by using intermediate carving.”

He seemed to find other utilizations for the crystal.

“From the blacksmithing and sewing production perspective there are many uses.”

Created in a blacksmith shop, weapons would have high defense or other desirable options. There was also many other production of technologies that could be developed for the crystal.

“If you change the characteristics in the blacksmith shop it could be made to be used as an instrument.”

Due to Weed’s high sculpting art stat he could make use of an instrument. Although his songs were the worst his harp performance was considerable. He looked at the trees and listened to the metal, looking for things to create an instrument with. The tendons of the monsters used for strings. For battle purposes you only need high defensive and offensive things so creating a weapons with this in mind is mainly a blacksmith’s job. But with the revolution of musical instruments, anything was possible. As a high level blacksmith himself, once a senior competitor appeared among the competition, his eyesight became narrowed. But Weeds art stat was too low, practically absent, alas Weeds life was too difficult.

“Getting the materials would be a waste, but looking at the long term, it’s more sensible to increase my drawing and sewing skills while I still can later.”

Weed’s herbology and bandage skill were in the advance stage along with his cooking which was at advance level 2. The right plants and herbs could be used as things to write on and dyes for clothes. It could even the increase the characteristics. Fortunately, the Versailles continent has lots of plant materials that could come in handy later.

Almost nothing was useless as plants could be dried and sold later for money, but that is not the reason they should be kept.

“No matter where you go or what you do, while searching for materials on the Versailles continent there are endless possibilities.”

Weed was modifying the bones with the hunt in mind. If you look at the bone,s it was not hard to create them one by one. In the meantime the lich's foundation came forth. A ghostly skeleton dismembered and separate came to life.

“Fixing them so they fit exactly to the size and proportion, can be a little tricky.”

Looking at the body modifications he measured the bones to himself.

“Perhaps a few more centimeters is key? No. The key is to look bigger and more fit, not be taller. I have to stick to the current body state and make as much amends as possible.”

While creating, one has to have a nice head for knowledge and wisdom stat.

“Should I experiment more with the sculpture shapeshifter skill? A ten times bigger head is not likely to be as good as a vaguely smart looking skull.”

Having a very large head, for more knowledge. A favorite!

“A supersized head skeleton and frame modifications.”

Unfortunately the biggest Weed could make the modifications to was only 1.5 times larger than the current one. Considering the proportions of the human body, it could easily be quite large.

“An 8 foot tall man wouldn’t necessarily be smarter... Guess I'll have to do without.”

The big headed skull was sculpted without a hitch. The hands that now sweeps away the shavings now has much experience with the material. Conversion and conception of imagination was essential to the creation of culture and art.

Go and play!

Adapting and sculpting the bones in the ribs, spines, pelvis, torso, arms, shoulder, and head. The teeth also had to be revised. The molars for the head had to be 1.5 times bigger.


The name of the sculpture is…..

“Modified lich!”

Is this what you want to name the sculpture?


-A Masterpiece! The Modified lich is complete!!
The modification and clean workmanship are rare manifestations in sculptures. The first of this kind can be added to his Art Center.With driving experience from his heroic efforts he has created a modified liche. However the process isn’t just amazing. To adventurers, there is a lot of unique artistic feeling. There were similar liches made in the past but they were prone to failure. Since it is an uncomfortable appearance to reach, having not a lot of beauty and luxurious appearance, it is hard to make! However the artistic sensitivity is still low, because there is already a shape of this sculpture made. There should be no more of this made in the world.
Artistic value: 219
Special options: Increases vitality and mana recovery rate by 16% for those who see it during the day.
+ 42 wisdom
+10 agility
Decrease of attack by 130
Magic chanting is + 8% faster
Undead advantage + 4%
Does not overlap with other sculptors
Number of masterpieces completed: 87
Handicraft skill proficiency is improved
+15 fame
+1 Wisdom

The head had different proportions. The rest of the piece looked very similar to Weed’s one eyed lich pieces but the sculpture skill did not match. The one eyed lich was making an artistic sculpture and also had daytime states.
“The level of proficiency of the skill of dexterity only rose a little.”

But Weed was prepared.

“Sculpture Shapeshift.”

Body turns into the piece

Weed’s bones became transparent. And his head was rapidly growing larger in the process. The bones gave off a pale violet clear colored hue. On the other side it appeared transparent, but the shape of a mysterious skeleton remains.

The effects of knowledge and wisdom have increased slightly due to the effect of transfiguration.
+15% health and mana
Understanding of advance sculpture is at level 3 so you are not fully transformed into a liche.
Mana and life drain absorption and efficiency rate went up by 10%Understanding of sculptures has been increased due to engraving a bigger sculpture and transforming.

“Hueg hueg hue”

With the revision of the crystal skull created, Weed smiled in satisfaction. On the hilly terrain he could now drive a drove of undead! The one eyed lich's proficiency, could only handle three legions at the same time, but now more could be summoned.

“Death knight!”

Zombies, that burn a huge amount of mana can now be sent to the forefront. The Tair Badgers and Bollards hunting speed went up.


Shuffling through the door made by the fairies, Seoyoon arrived at her selected location Las Phalanx.

“Hot. And thirsty.”

Spilling lava came from the top of the mountain. Scattered all around were broken sculptures like a cemetery.

“Where am I?”

Seoyoon look around for Weed but he couldn’t be found anywhere in the nearby vicinity. A nasty trick by the elves, she was dropped close to her target and she was still considerably far away.

“It’s hot and there’s a strong smell of blood in this country.”

Tori picked his way forward.

“There’s a monster hiding here, I am going to take the initiative.”

He headed toward the dark shadows cast by several rocks. Tori of the vampire clan can smell the enemy blood. Hiding is useless! Tori and his rebuilt vampire clan forced a fight.

“The taste is not much!”

Tori and the vampires fought the shade with high defenses. With support of the magic fire items, Seoyoon pulled out her sword and began to hunt the monsters. Monster with strong blood when drunk tasted like snake fish pie! Tori, Seoyoon, and the vampire clan were at their max potential for growth. So with all of them there, hunting a Bollard came off without a hitch! Seoyoon with her high level damage, was able to beat it down with Tori.

“This is dangerous.”

Without the help of the clan to help heal, Seoyoon wouldn’t go after anything that came up. But Seoyoon wanted to immediately search for Weed. A fragile existence like Weed definitely would be troubled to reach his goal in Las Phalanx.

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