Volume 19 Chapter 3

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A Ship’s Performance

At sunrise Weed walked east towards the Imperial Villa to meet with North Thira.

Hwaryeong, Bellotte, and Pale followed him along the beach.

Dain had left the party and gone somewhere others could not see her.

Weed turned to face the shimmering cold morning sea air.

“1,190 gold and 690 in prizes winnings went to Hwaryeong. I trailed behind by some because of drawing to the lower yen provocation. As far as I know of the current gold prices and sales market… I lost 810 gold in just a few hours?”

Weed accurately calculated the amount of money that changed hands in the few hours they played Go-Stop. Hwaryeong laughed.

“Hey, we were just playing cards, it can’t be that bad? Right?”

“No, that 1190 could have lead to a really good investment. I could have saved that money for the inheritance of my future children!”

The money lost while playing Go-Stop! Weed swallowed his grief and stopped walking east and instead headed west to the detached palace. Fortunately they were able to meet North Thira on the street.

He was standing on a hill, being buffeted by the wind while looking outwards towards the sea. With the nostalgic sea in mind Weed approached in a friendly manner.

“Mr. North Thira, are you busy? Elder, you were a great sailor were you not? You don’t have much gold but you must have a great understanding of the ocean. Would you mind teaching this young sailor who dreams of the sea how he can become a great sailor as well?”

Blatantly asking for what you want. Sometimes dancing around the topic and trickily sneaking in the question does not increase your intimacy with NPC’s.

“Hue hue, You want to know how to navigate the sea do you?”

“Yes. I heard you mastered sailing the North Sea ….”

“When we were young our fathers would take us in their boats. We practically grew up sailing the sea.”

“The Niflheim Empire was once part of the North a long time ago, is it possible that the people there traveled in the northern sea?”

“The Niflheim Empire? That was quite some time ago. They were part of the Imperial Age if that means anything to you.”

North Thira did not know. However, Weed did not give up. Even the smallest clue could be of the greatest help.

“Are the northern isles related to the Niflheim Empire?” Coarse gray hair and thick white sea bones; North T. was filled with knowledge far richer than others!

In Royal Road, no matter how high your intimacy with a NPC was, they could only answer to the limit of their knowledge.

“The small fishing village Mocon in the North Sea is said to be the remain of Niflheim Empire. It may even still be inhabited by the descendants of the first sailors and fishermen…”

“It hasn’t been discovered by the Ipia Island fisherman?”

“Due to the tremendous cold and the monsters that inhabit most of the islands, it is hard to navigate too. Only a person who is familiar with the sea could easily find the islands today. Do you have a chart?”


“Take it out, I’ll show you the harbor points I know that still remain in the Northern Sea.”

North T. marked out several places on the map, on the land and the sea.

- Position of Port of Twelve Teeth has been recorded.


  • The young sailor learned the basic story navigation. If you hurry the first turn into the cays, then the ship won’t get sucked into the vortex. If you get sucked in you can never recover.
  • Sailing skill proficiency has increased by 25%
  • Effective steering level goes up by 1.2% permanently (PR Note: cays are islands, banks and reefs.)

“Ah, there is a task I want you to do. If you happen to port by Mocon village, could you tell the head blacksmith there about me? Tell him that I’m doing well in my hometown. Also tell him that I can’t go out to sea anymore.”


Contact for Grandfather North T.

Life is running low for North T. While sailing the ocean North T. created a brotherly friendship with the blacksmith from the town of Mocon. Deliver the news of North T. to the blacksmith. It is not a difficult task but the blacksmith of Mocon village will treat it as a great favor.
Difficulty: D
Compensation: Can receive something from the blacksmith of Mocon village
Requirement: Must know the location of the Mocon village.

Weed was really happy, blacksmith related items were the most expensive. Since he had to go to Mocon village it made it all the better.

The difficulty was low but the compensation was high; it was a perfect quest.

“Okay, we will be sure to deliver the news.”

The number of quest limits has been reached. You cannot receive this quest until one of the three current quests has been completed.

North T. shook his in resignation.

“It looks like you’ve already doing lots of work. Hoarding your works leaves no space for new thing, I’ll have to leave this to somebody else . . . . .”

Bellotte was the first to notice Hwaryeong, who had been quietly watching up till this point. She reached out and grasped North T. hand with the affection of a granddaughter.

“I will do this request in Weed’s place.”

“Sweet lady, you will become a good wife for somebody. I will leave this request to you.”


You have accepted the quest Contact for grandfather North T.

Luck stat +4.

Hwaryeong just wanted to complete the Contact for North T. purely as a favor she could clearly see how Weed saw it from his expression.

His skull was horribly stiff! Weed said.

“So you follow the trail of the loser eh. First you take 810 gold now you take my quest!”

This was an unreasonable assumption since Weed couldn’t accept the quest anyway. But such excessive stubbornness leads to unreasonable feelings. Hwaryeong said.

“Bellotte, you should take this quest too.”

“Can I?”

“Of course. Even if you don’t I will still have to do it so might as well.”

Bellotte accepted the quest with Hwaryeong. Weed mumbled words as they passed by.

“Have you also bought salt that was 200 won more expensive? I bet both of you bought salt as high as a mountain. The luxury of a sinner.”


After meeting with North T. Weed went to Linda port in the northern harbor to ‘prepare for departure’.

The ghost crew did not need many supplies since they did not eat.

The problem was the Geomchis.

Though fishing for their food was not an issue, excessive amounts of weight would slow the sailing speed of the boat significantly.

It was possible to double your carrying capacity if you had intermediate sailing but right now Weed was only at beginner level 4. It was impossible to use the ghost ship as a cruise ship.

Weed went up to Geomchi3 and said, “Sahyung, do you want to remain on Ipia Island?”

“Why?” Suspicion had crept into his voice. He had followed Weed to the island from Morata to help on his quest, why would he want to stay? Weed heartlessly thought.

‘You’re heavy and you eat a lot. Why can’t you understand!’

“Yesterday the beer was really good right.”

“Yeah the beer was really delicious.”

“I hear there is even finer beers here. I hear they have barbecues all throughout the day and night with tall, pretty girls in bikinis.”


Geomchi3 was concentrating on the story.

For the next five minutes Weed told him all about the benefits of Ipia Island.

“Ipia Island could be called a heaven on Earth, a paradise, you can accomplish anything here. The women are more aggressive after all the drinking with colleagues at the beach parties. And why is this? Because in a resort women are more relaxed. Why hitting on women is a common sight. Even I could get 5 friend registration.”

However, any woman Weed called out as a skeleton froze.

Though there were at least 5 women who sought to register friends with Zephyr.

“Uh, the Island of Ipia…..”

Geomchi3 awareness drifted as he looked down the fabulous long beach at the 5 supposed women…

Disciplining his body in real life made talking to women a distant dream. However, here in Royal Road there was ample opportunity to party and talk.

Among the Geomchis, 30 of them now had successful romantic relationships; there was a growing frenzy in the dojo.

Weed said in regrettable voice.

“It’s a great opportunity but what a pity. I have to go out to sea and who knows when I might come back to Ipia Island? The voyage might take several months."

“There’s great courage in self-sacrifice but do you need to miss every opportunity? This island will surely be an exhilarating and thrilling sea adventure … the possibility of love blossoming under the sun is supposed to be very high! There are even American women out there!”

Geomchi3’s eyes were locked towards where Weed was pointing to.

The primal instincts of a man cannot be denied! Geomchi3 was shaken by the presence of such beauty.

Honestly, who would want to sail at a snails pace. Weed, who could not really show expressions as a skeleton was struggling to appear sincere said.

“Sahyung, in Royal Road you’ve so far only been in battles. Don’t you think it’s time you took a hiatus? Enjoy Ipia Island, go sunbathing or even hunt for crabs.”

“Well, if it’s okay with you Weed.”

“Yes, Geomsachi3-sahyung. If it’s sahyung, then your loyalty can been seen with your words alone. Not just you but the other Geomchis should also share this wondrous opportunity.”

Weed stated seriously. It was a serious scam. Geomchi3 put his strong hand on Weed’s stiff shoulder.

“Thank you!"

“You can truly be called youngest.”

The Geomchis were left on Ipia Island as the ghost fleet ran away.


While Weed was dealing with his troublesome colleagues, Mapan was buying enough supplies and trading properties to fill a warehouse.

In the northern port many things were very expensive so mainly focused on collecting local commodities and the necessities.

Departing from Ipia Island Again! The speed of the ghost ship was blown to 4 times faster than before. It cannot be compared to a high speed of course but compared to how slow it was before it was a pleasure to be creating a fast wake.

“Wow, cool.”

Out on the deck Surka took her hat off.

The light breeze blew her black hair back. Now there really was a feeling of starting on an ocean voyage.

Golden Bird has taken off from Weed’s shoulder and attracted a gaggle of geese that flew around and around. Birds sitting on the deck of full sails adds an effect!

- Because of seabirds sailing speed is increased by 16%

A small reef rose out of the sea like a trident that marked the first path marker. The passage to the North Islands was not a common path.


“Watch out for the reef. Full starboard!” Weed turned into the cay to avoid the reef.

Before it was still to early to completely control the Ghost ship with his deficient skills, so difficult banking and cutting maneuvers could not be used indulgently. (T/N This sailing jargon refers to how the ship maneuvers. Banking refers to few things, pulling along things, sailing in shallow water, literally landing on a bank (thus banking), and turning while slowing down. Cutting refers to turning you ship to go faster. A sailboat usually cuts from one side of the wind to the other to gain more speed. The faster you can cut the more maneuverable your ship is. Also a quick reminder starboard is the right of the ship and port is left.)

However Weed was able to steer much better due to his improved proficiency. Weed sneaked a peek at the passing reef.

On top of the coral reef a charming mermaid waved.

A beautiful naked upper body and lower body covered in mermaid fins, she was something you couldn’t normally see in the sea.

It takes great fortune to be able meet a mermaid.


“Nice to meet you mermaid.”

Mapan and Pale enthusiastically waved.

You could hunt mermaids but it was hardly ever done. Mermaids are very pretty and are also high level monsters.

Plus once they dove into the sea it very difficult to track; mermaid hunting was practically impossible.

Weed only innocently stared straight ahead.

The monsters were like cut outs from a magazine. To female users, beautiful mermaids were like soul magic and a lofty dream.

  • Due to the sea mermaid the luck of the entire ships voyage is raised by 35%
  • Sailing speed raises 12%

It turns out mermaids could make the ship go faster.

  • Sailing skills proficiency has risen
  • Charisma +1.

The faster they sailed the faster the sailing skill proficiency increased.

When Weed’s skills hit Beginner level 5 he got a 8% increase in leadership and perseverance.

On the deck Bellotte blew her neatly crafted flute. The power of her playing as bard did not have much effect because beautiful melodies do not really suit the Ghosts ships’ atmosphere.

While the bird chirped, fish jumped out over the sea.

Mermaid had been swimming along side the ghost ship.

It could not really be seen well but water and wind sprits followed along the company in graceful lines.

Wherever a minstrel went there was a good show. Hwaryeong pull out a dress with a flap.

“Do you want to dance a little?”

“Wow! I want to see my Unni’s dance.”

Surka was really rejoicing.

The women sat around on the ghost ship having cutthroat chatter.

Chatter might not seem very deadly at first glance but don’t be mistaken; They talked about celebrities in recent television dramas, movies, music, politics, economy, society, business, foreign things, and perhaps a guild adventure or two thrown in the mix!

It was no exaggeration to say that there looked to be no end to the chatter.

Understandably Mapan, Pale, and Weed, all sat down by Zephyr to fish.

To top it off, as the girls sat around drinking beer the ghost crew quivered in guilty lust at the sight.

“Well I’ll start off with a simple dance.”

Hwaryeong complied and stood on her tiptoes, she started to lightly dance on her tiptoe round and round the deck.

It was a dance of grace and dignity like the nobles of the Middle Ages.

Dress, music and atmosphere seem to naturally suit Hwaryeong.

The music and dance made the atmosphere of the ghost ship lighthearted and jovial.

  • Morale of the whole ship is improved by the performance on board.
  • Stamina recovery will increase temporarily, the best luck will be granted to the voyage.

The effect of both Bellotte and Hwaryeong performance! In the blink of an eye the quality of the fish Zephyr caught began to differ from those he fished the previous month.

Rare fish that could be caught only every few months were being caught one after another; a line of mermaid and spirits flocked to the side of the ghost ship to listen to the musical performance.

From a distance it looked like a giant whale had come alive from under the sea.

  • Received the blessings of the sea spirits. Navigation speed will increase 17%
  • Received blessing of the water spirit. Voyage will be less likely to be disturbed by the elements. If an impact with a reef or vortex occurs the effects will be lessened.
  • Received blessings of the wind spirit. Able to use the maximum ability of the sails.

Suddenly the ghost ship became as fast as a high speed boat.

It was the power of music, dance, and culture.


Everyone was thrilled by the effect of Bellotte’s music and Hwaryeong’s dance.

The clear high notes made you think of the nostalgic feeling of playing with your childhood friend.

The flute gave off a light and airy melody that Hawryeong interpreted with an elegant dance.

The friend who used to play with as lively childrens, became a young lady and a grown man who danced happily in a wedding atmosphere, surrounded by loved ones.

A diamond studded necklace and earring shook lightly; long hair swishes by leaving a deep aroma of flowers being carried by a fall wind.

“Wow! It’s beautiful.”

“The best! Bellotte playing is amazing.”

No one cared about money and applauded away.

A bard can engrave their soul into their song; the music and dance exuded charm.

The presence alone created a unique atmosphere.

No matter how tired or fatigued you were, the girls performance seemed to wash rejuvenate you. Weed seeing the voyage speed had increased with the performance was hyped up.

“Music and dance could do this much then… how much could would it grow if I played the harp while singing."

Beads of sweat emerged on many foreheads. To keep up the wonderful atmosphere Hwaryeong had created the women had no choice but to say. (PR Note: Remember what happened when Weed tried playing the harp and singing at the jewelry store?)

“Unni, I want to dance.”

“Surka, you want to dance? What degree of difficulty would you like?”

“Degree of difficulty? I want to learn the dance you were dancing right now.”

The atmosphere changed to that of women learning to dance together. Hwaryeong taught the girls the simple dance and said.

“Do you also want to perform with me?”

“Can we?!” Romuna said. “I’m really interested in putting on a show.”

Mapan and Pale continued to look at the girls dancing. It was slightly awkward but cute, and the boys still enjoyed the view. However it was not a show to put on with a just a bard.

“…Instead of just music and dance we should perform the story as a play!”

The audience would be the mermaids, sea creatures, birds, and barely visible spirits.

Before the story was decided Hwaryeong picked her role.

“I want to be the world’s most beautiful and kind princess.”

A role that every woman desires. Nobody in the voyage looked as good as Hwaryeong in a frilly dress so the role was set. Romuna spoke up next on her desired role.

“Well I want to be the continent most powerful wizard. Isn’t that the best role for me to fill?”

“I want to be priest who saves people!”

They were picking roles not much different from their current classes.

It was a good thing since it means they wouldn’t need many special clothes as props. Maylon following along with the idea, said.

“To be a true enemy of injustice like in William Tell’s stories I want to be a ranger.” (PR Note: Swiss crossbow user, famed for his marksmanship. He refused to bow down to a hat, as a show of accepting foreign rule. As punishment he had to hit an apple from his sons head with his crossbow. Later he was bound, escaped and killed the villain with a bolt. That’s the cliffsnotes, feel free to Google him.)

She had dreams of the inevitable fairytail fight between hero and villain.

Bellotte was unable to follow along with the atmosphere.

“There's no such thing as a minstrel hero.”

The men jumped at that remark.


But Zephyr scratched his head and replied.

“This show has a lot of memorable roles so I don’t know what I’ll do…”

Pale stated his and Maylon.

“I’m going to be a ranger with Maylon.”

Mapan also had a role he wished for.

“I want the role of the trader with most money in the world.”

Various hopeful roles! Perhaps a play in the middle of the ocean was not quite as romantic a setting as it seemed.

With the last of the roles being picked, all eyes wandered over to Weed.

They were worried about what he would role he would want.

Weed didn’t have to think about what role he wanted to play.

“A great scoundrel! The world isn't a nice place. I want to dominate the world as a great devil.”

There was a long standing play by Mr. Otou that was interesting enough.

They hurriedly modified the play to fit all of the roles.

It only took 15 minutes to write the script.


The first half of the play began with a sweet performance by Bellotte.

“La la la.”

Hwaryeong was dancing with flowers adorning her hair.

As she laughed the sound of ghost crew laughing was clear! The title of the first part of the show was.

The ghost sailors did a song and dance while drinking and eating meat.

“*Om nom nom* This is delicious.”

“Say whatever you please but please order something.”

After the awkward dance the ghost sailors brought out a carpet and placed a chair on it.

With a transcendent smiling expression Hwaryeong said.

“I’m going to get married to a great prince.”

Far far away Weed was watching the scene with Death Knight.

“Anti-Australian.”(PR Note: I swear this is what it says.)

“Yes, master.”

“What a beautiful lady.”


It was love at first sight!

“Would you be so kind as to escort her to me so I can marry her… gently.”

Death Knight diligently walked towards Hwaryeong.

“The master has ordered me to kidnap you.”

“Oh really? So you’ve come to take me away… I’ll go but don’t fight the crew.”

The ghost crew rushed to protect Hwaryeong.

"*Chuckle* You think you can take the princess.”

“We will be the ones to bring you down."

Death Knight only pulled out his sword in silence.

Amongst the undead Death Knight was commander, the princess skeletons were quite inferior.

Poor sluggish ghosts! Death Knight returned to Weed after leaving not one intact. Rather than acting it was actual violence! Weed received a whisper from Pale.

Weed, is this okay?

After the very realistic defeat of the ghost crew Hwaryeong was brought to Weed and said.

“Hic hic. I’m gonna end up married to the devil after all.”

Looking at the skeleton Hwaryeong mourned her fate.

She then got up and began to dance away. A thrilling chase scene right out of a horror film started.

Even as Hwaryeong threw daggers at him Weed refused to give up courting her.

“I’m not that much older and I have a lot of money."

“…I don’t want it. You got that money through violence!”


The music changed tempo as the skeletal devil eyes moistened. Weed looked at Hwaryeong and said.

“There has been a change in this devil ever since he set eyes on a girl like you. You have not only changed my naughty mind with your body but also my mentality. I will give you all of my accumulated treasures. Though I have many shortcomings, will you please take me?”


After the devil caught up and gave his saddened confession, Hwaryeong the Fire Princess decided to marry the devil.

Hwaryeong was donned with all kind of jewelry and accessories.

The beauty and the skeleton began to dance!

It was supposed to be a graceful dance but Hwaryeong had a hard time not laughing as she danced with a pile of bones. The couple did not match at all.

The song that Bellotte play seem much too good for them.

And the allies of justice, Pale and Maylon appeared.

“Satan, our town has sent us to fight against thee.”


Weed only threw apples at them.

Pale and Maylon threw various lightning arrows at the incoming apple barrage.

Weed clapped.

“I admire your skill. You can be exempt from taxes for the next five years.”

“Thank you, Satan.”

The ghost sailors cheered for the righteous archers.

Then Romuna appeared and showed off her skills as a wizard and was was recognized as the best wizard.

Surka showed off her martial arts skills and was also recognized by Satan.

All the acquaintances got together prayed for peace.

Then an awkward song and dance about the previous drama started.

Suddenly Zephyr appears.

“The taxes of Satan’s village has been raise up to 7 times.”

Weed replied.

“Well done! Any person who can increase Satan’s money is a good person.”

The faithful henchmen appeared and began to exploit the ghost crew.

By the end of the play Mapan appeared.

“Your Majesty, Satan! I am the worlds’ leading merchant, Mapan. I have created a huge amount of money through many successful business deals. I am here to pay the taxes.”

It was a simple play of of a devils dream to earn large amounts of money through taxing successful traders.

  • You have successfully performed “The Ugly Vicious Dream of the Demon King.”
  • Audience response: 67.
  • Due to the moral propensity the performers of the unethical play will have -5 fame.
  • The audience of the sea has not been in contact with the outside and welcomes it warmly.

It was a passing grade from the audience of the sea.

“The human performance was awesome.”

“I think I want to be married to the cruel devil.”

The mermaids had a good impression of the play.

The nature of the play was not appropriate for those who aren’t very mature.

The mermaids gave boost in thanks for the show.

The Ship received maximum elasticity and maximum speed. The soaring bow sluiced through the waves as it moved forward.

“This absolutely cannot be shown on the Royal Road Hall of Fame.”

“Yeah, it’s too embarrassing.”

They decided not to get navigation bonuses through plays from then on.

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