Volume 18 Chapter 6

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Weed’s Song

Freya's protection over Morata has ended.
The Styrene Guild, the Puren Guild, and the rest of the guild alliance gathered their forces onto the plain. The users in the rest of the army were waiting to depart in the other villages.

Northern Alliance.

A total of 128 thousand units had been gathered. Of these units, more than 90 thousand were NPCs. They had been training in the north with swords, bows, shields, and other weapons for the war. They had prepared 40 armored units to siege the walls.
"Let us depart to Morata. We shall take it over."

"Looting is allowed. First come, first serve."

"We shall have the fertile land of Morata. Raise your swords!"

The Guild Masters were trying to boost the morale of their army. In such a large scale war, the morale of the NPC soldiers were factors that could not be ignored. The Northern Alliance were only 8 hours away from Morata.
KMC Media, CTS Media, and the CHN were the stations that were going to film the war live. The forums were packed with posts that were related to it.
-Everyone, its time for the show about Weed's war!

-I've been waiting for this.

-Simply been waiting for it to start.

God of War Weed.

Because of his huge reputation, everyone was gathered in front of their televisions trying to suppress their tension and excitement. They were going to show Weed fighting.
-The Northern Alliance has some really awesome power, don't they? It's not uncommon for such a large scale battle to happen in the central continent.

-How will Weed fight on such a magnitude?

-I honestly expect Morata to be defeated. Without the Church, no matter how many soldiers Morata has, they will all be low level.

-I was a mercenary in the Continent of Magic and the large scale wars in Royal Road are on a whole another level. It's going to be the Northern Alliance's unconditional victory.

-Doesn't Weed have a lot of experience with war? I remember seeing him conducting the Orcs and Dark Elves on the video.

-Having war experience does not constitute victory. I'm sticking with the army to win. You know about the Continent of Magic don't you? Weed never joins any guilds.

The war over the Internet had already started. With Weed's reputation, it was hard to think that he would lose. The war against the Undying Legion was a big shock. Weed had, by himself, conducted a war using the Orcs and Dark Elves on a never before seen scale. However the broadcasters believed in the overwhelming victory of the Northern Alliance.

"According to the information, Morata only formed a number of soldiers recently in small number and poor quality."

"This is the first time that anyone is going to beat Weed on such a large scale."
In real life, there were a number of high level users that gave their own unfavorable views. However, in reality, the greater burden was placed on the users of the Northern Alliance.

God of War Weed!

Weed had already built a reputation on the Continent of Versailles as the absolute fighter.E 5ven though it was only one person, he had solved impossible quests and he had Bingryong, the Wyverns, and the Phoenix. It only made sense that the Styrene Guild was very tense.

"We have to watch out for Weed. We need to catch Weed. If we do, then we will surely win. We have power many times greater than that of Morata. You do not need to worry about the others. You will be able to drop them in one hit."


"Do you think Weed is scary? It's just a big monsters! Hunting large monsters is what large experienced guilds like us do. Just think of it like hunting. Simply catch the large monster and take its loot."
The Northern Alliance advanced!

Soon they came within the distance to see the Light Tower and the Statue. It was just a short 30 minute walk away.

The 11,,867 armed forces of Morata were waiting. The Knights of the Kallamore Kingdom were nowhere to be seen.
"Over there. Ready your weapons!"

The Northern Alliance had prepared weapons to siege the walls with so they were going to go to another location.

They were going to do this because they thought Weed had experience with war. The siege weapons slowly approached. The opponents thought that Weed was not anywhere nearby. That was because the gates to the walls were still slightly open.

"Go and attack the gates. Once we get the gate then its our victory!"
The full force of the Northern Alliance charged forwards. Then the gates opened wide. With the sounding of a trumpet, Knights galloping on horseback could be seen.


Coming out of the gate were the Knights of the Kallamore Kingdom!

Leading the charge was the Knight Kolderim.

"That, that crest."

"That flag with a shield on it...its the pattern of the Kallamore Kingdom!"
The Knights of the Kallamore Kingdom had been seen various times in the war broadcast of the Kingdom of Haven. Each of the Knights were at least level 350 and the named ones went all the way up to level 450! According to footage, each knight could beat high level large monsters on their own. The group of a the knights led by their leader began their assault against the siege units. The siege units were being handled by users. They were confused because they were divided into various different guilds. Those from the weaker guilds that saw them coming got scared and fled from the battle.


"I didn't know that there were going to be Knights from the Kallamore Kingdom here!"
The Northern Alliance, in their shock began to shoot arrows and cast magic.
"O Hot Flame, Burn Thy Enemy. Flame Blast!"

"Triple Shot!"

"Chain Lightning!"
A number of randomly aimed attacks poured out against the sudden attack.
The Kallamore Knights scattered into groups of 50. With their quick speed they were far away from the magical attacks to be damaged.

Kwakwang kue kwa!

The lightning struck, the earth shook, the flames soared.

The wizards that were planning to use their magic sparingly to destroy the walls used all their magic! Below the power of the attacks that had destroyed the ground could be seen. Since they had overlapped their magic in the same area, the Kallamore Knights had avoided it. The 150 elite knights of the Kallamore Kingdom that put all of the Kingdom of Haven into terror continued their charge. The mighty knights were wearing full plate armor that was capable of absorbing magical attacks without breaking. Weed did more than just that to make sure that the Knights did not fall helplessly. Every time the seasons change he could enact the Blessing from the Goddess Freya! Thanks to that, the Kallamore Knights were all blessed.The 150 Knights charged with their horses and instantly took down 130 people.

Kolderim gave a command.
They had prepared magic attacks again for the fight, but they had not known that the knightmare of the battlefield, the Kallamore Knights would have appeared.
"Gahhhh! Help!"

"Hurry and avoid."

The enemy Kallamore Knights were so fast that they could not resist. The large armored knights appeared in the battle with the utmost majesty. They were being taken out miserably. The wizards of the Northern Alliance began to prepare their spells again.
"Water Storm."

"Triple Gravity!"

They used their spells near the allied forces. The wizards of the guilds did not take into account the location of the Kallamore Knights and did not hesitate to use their magic. Wizards were useful in war because they could use magic to dispatch large groups of enemies crowded together. Because they were getting experience and fame, they did not hesitate to use magic. The leaders of the Northern Alliance were being brutally hit by large scale magics.
"Crazy Mages!"

"Stop it!"
But the wizards did not stop their magic.
-Level up-Level up
-Magic has inflicted severe injury on allies.
-Allies have been killed.
-Infamy has increased by 350.
-Level up.
They were leveling up tremendously!

Users that were part of the Northern Alliance averaged between level 250 to 300. They still had to be concerned about the Kallamore Knights.
"Eternal Guardian!"
None of the Kallamore Knights died. Their weapons and armor had magical blessings stored on them that would trigger. Each of the group of 50 knights would rush and then scatter. Using their high mobility, dozens of knights would rush in and kill a single person instantly. In fact, many of the users had not been prepared to fight to the death. Instead of trying to fight against the knights, many were trying to escape the explosions. Multiple guilds were part of the alliance so it was hard to stop the mages from casting magic.
"Don't run away!"

"I didn't know that the Kallamore Knights would show up all of a sudden!"

The battlefield of the Northern Alliance was a mix of screaming and dying. There was not a command system set up and the wizrds were blindly attacking while others fled. The Kallamore Knights would rush in between the dust and flames as if they were Reapers of the Battlefield. However the situation would change for the Northern Alliance if enough times passes. The Knights would get tired eventually and then the enemy would aim for a counterattack. They could not imagine that a large enough army would appear from Morata's castle.

"Move! Advance! Keep marching!"

"Let's go! We can protect Morata with our own hands!"
They were wearing leather clothes and wielding old iron swords. The beginners began to enter into the war. The prestigious guilds were the revolting scum of the earth with their oppression and tyranny. They advanced to stop them and they would never give up Morata to them.

The Continent of Versailles was a harsh and rugged place to travel in!

Hunting a deer was like a boss monster to beginners. There was also the heart pounding feeling of wandering around a field and discovering a dungeon. People say that the central continent was a good place to hunt but they never got the chance to hunt. In various areas, beginners had to bow their heads to the prestigious guilds to avoid offending them. They had to pay money if they wanted to hunt. They couldn't say anything even if the hunting toll increased. A single dagger would have a 50% tax rate, and even a severe 70% tax rate. They wanted to have their freedom. Their reasons for traveling the continent were different. But now was the time for them to fight. They only had leather armor, a sword, and some barley bread that they ate sparingly as they traveled to the north.

Then a story passed through the beginner community a few weeks ago. Various beginners put their experiences together and shared information since they had all undergone the same tearful pains of trying to earn money from rabbit leather. These beginners began to read some posts. Here were some of the rumors.
-Grass Porridge Cult recruiting unlimited number of beginners at no cost!

-It's a organization that is secretly sponsered by Weed.

-The Lord does not exploit the Tower of Light, The Statue of Freya, or any of the beginners of their jobs or rights.

In the scale of four weeks, they gathered an enormous number of beginners from all over the Continent of Versailles in Morata. Tens of thousands would be fighting scarecrows since then.
"We can fight."

"Get up and defend our freedom!"
The city of Morata led a bitter battle atmosphere as they charged ahead. The people of Morata had absolute loyalty and supported each other. Beginners would have their leather clothes repaired for free as well as free packaged food. They had become stronger from relentlessly beating on the scarecrows. The Geomchi sword masters began lectures aimed towards beginners. It didn't matter if they had spend weeks of training. They had been waiting for this moment to fight.
"Let's go!"

"It's time to fight."

An army of beginners poured through Morata's gates!

Ten thousand, twenty thousand, thirty thousand...

Tens of twenty of waves poured out. They continued coming out of the gates without any sign of decline. Morata was the place that beginners gathered on the Continent of Versailles. There were people that had walked all the way from the central continent to those that started in Morata. They were lined up all the way to the castle. The entire area was filled with beginners! In the midst of the Northern Alliance getting attacked by the Kallamore Knights, the army of beginners suddenly attacked. Mapan rushed around giving commands.

"Do not let the front line break! Support as much as possible. Shoot to kill! Do not hesitate to die because the 1.2 million other Grass Porridge Cult members will avenge you."

The Grass Porridge Cult began to move in groups of 32 members to fight. The power in their beginner swords were very humble. They were barely wearing any armor unlike the Northern Alliance members. These common soldiers were formidable opponents. Their levels ranged from 30 to 50 but they did not have any regard for their lives. They were still complete beginners in the field of fighting.
"Get them in the chest!"

"Attack their legs."

"Chuck axes at their heads!"

Every time there was a successful attack a beginner would scream out in death! It was clear to them that they were dying. However, the users began to panic. The number of beginners did not stop coming. There was a severe level difference of 100 so it was not hard to kill them. However, once you kill one, then two would show up and then after than three more would show up. In such a large crowd they could not relax for a moment. The Kallamore Knights had the power of about half of the Northern Alliance with the exception of the ordinary soldiers. In the crazed battle, the organized beginners pushed them back with their insanity.

"Grass Porridge! Grass Porridge! Grass Porridge!"

"Kill the invaders."

"Our lives are worth nothing. We can do nothing but benefit from killing them and taking their items that drop!"
Beginners began their frantic full body assault!

In the air there was a large number of units all over the wall. It was a frightening thing to see. There were a large number of containers filled with arrows!
"Shoot the arrows!"

Even though they were novice archers, mages, and clerics, arrows were still a big threat. The users with low defense would not be able to defend themselves in the confusion.

"Ice bolt!"

Novice mages magical attacks!

Mages all over Morata's wall began to ruthlessly rain down magic on the enemy units. The novice mages magical power could not be ignored. The elementalist started to show up as well.
"Faithful stone servant come forth and defeat my enemy."

"Shake the ground and churn the soil!"

They rained down stones that lowered the durability, defense, and attack of swords and armors. Archers also had their bows cracked and broken. Frequently, the ground would crack and swallow up the users of the Northern Alliance. Of course they could climb back up but the stamina consumption was huge. Moreover, the spirits listened to every command that they gave. Suddenly the earth changed into a swamp and an arm appeared dragging ankles into the soil. The users of the Northern Alliance began to curse.
"These beginners are getting cheeky."

"They're garbage. Slice them apart!"

"Just because you have all gathered together, what makes you think you can do anything?"

The difference in levels could not help much so around beginners would drop like leaves. It was difficult to kill 1 to 2 people of the Northern Alliance. However, it turned into a battlefield in other parts of the Northern Alliance. Not all of Morata was low level users. The prestigious guilds from the central continent did not pay close enough attention! The high level users fought together in the north. They had mobilized large numbers of beginners to hide themselves.They then began their assault alongside the novices. The users fought together in Morata to tie down the enemies. Even the Geomchis were mixed among the beginners.

"Why are there so many openings?"
Geomchi150 would appear every time the beginners would launch an attack. He could precisely see the gap in which to stab his sword into.
-You have struck a fatal blow!
The users of the Northern Alliance would angrily wave their swords at Geomchi150 but they never even reached him.
"They need to learn how to swing a sword from scratch."
-You have struck a fatal blow!
Pale's party was also make moves.
"Hey what's up?"
Hwaryung approached and smiled as the users' eyes widened. She was wearing a dazzling purple dress that revealed her charming legs.
"Enchanting dance!"
Hwaryung began to use her fascinating dance move to free the users where they stood.
'No way.'

'You can't do this!'
It was unfair. While they paralyzed they could not help but be extremely angry. They didn't even get to keep watching her dance. Hwaryung left behind a faint flowery smell as they were forced to stand there. Pale and Maylon fired arrows at these enemies.
"Poison Arrow."
It was a sniper skill. They were moving everywhere while shooting arrows with extreme accuracy. She deliberately took the day off in order to participate in the battle.
-This is KMC Media's Shin Hye-Min in Morata!

There was equipment in her capsule that linked everything she saw to the relay stations.
"Please call me Maylon here."

-Yes Maylon. Can I transfer this onto the broadcast?"
Maylon said while pulling her bowstrings.
"Of course!"
With her permission, the immages from her capsule were transmitted to the station. People could see KMC's broadcast of a female Ranger pulling her bowstring. The tip of the arrow left the bow like a snake. You could see the weight of the arrow as it hit the forehead of a user. The user lost a lot of health and turned grey instantly.
"Twenty nine! Did you see that?"

-Are you having second thoughts now that you're involved in the battle?

"Yes. I need to keep fighting on Morata's side."

Aside from the two of them firing arrows, there was a storm of fire. Romuna was successful in casting a long powerful spell from memory. After a while black clouds formed over her head. She quickly moved out of the way to dodge it.

Crackle crackle kwagwa bashhaa!

Thunder bolts dropped from the sky simultaneously. A wizard took off his hood to see if the attack was successful.

Maylon continued to fire her bow off. Her arrows shot into the upper torso of the wizard.
"Thirty! This time I didn't miss the wizard."

The breath of everyone that was watching was taken away from the sudden events. Multiple stations were broadcasting live at Morata. This was the advantage they needed to get higher ratings than the other stations.
Of the Northern Alliance there were many warrior and paladin users with high defense, but they did not hunt like the Geomchis. Boss monsters that Knights would not be capable of kill the Geomchis could hunt! The users of the Northern Alliance stopped panicking and grasped the situation. However, they could only realize the number of disadvantages there were. The guild chat was so congested that no one could find any decent information. The Kallamore Knights were still stronger than a high class boss monster as they engaged the field of carnage. Level 50 beginners, though small, was still something to be worried about. Users were going along with the beginners and hunting enemies as asssasins. Because they were low level, the beginners pressed on fearlessly.
"Morata's army!"

Morata's soldiers jumped into the war. They mainly focused on shooting arrows from a distance to intercept the Northern Alliance. Then there was a scream!

Dung dung dung dung puaaaa!

Music could be heard from all over Morata. Bard began to play all at once. Bards could help with aiding allies by replenishing their stamina. The bards gave a performance about the Morata Lord's might.
"Let the power of our souls play!"
The bards started to blow a horn. Soon the mood began to escalate rapidly. It felt as if something was going to show up!

Then they heard a huge roar. The soldiers and generals of the Northern Alliance began to feel weak at the knees as they collapsed onto the floor. The Peerless Dragon causes weak creatures to die. The aura began to fill the bodies of everyone in the Northern Alliance.

"What has appeared?"
Looking up into the sky, at the castle the giant Bingryong could be seen flying around. He was too large to have good agility or stamina, and he was weaker than usual but the intimidation that he gave off was real.
"Its Bingryong!"

"God of War Weed is here with Bingryong!"
Weed was sitting on top of Bingryong's head. The Wyverns were flying around as escorts with the Phoenix.

"The God of War Weed has descended!"

The users that had participated in the fight began to shake with fear in their eyes. Due to Weed's charisma, the users of the Northern Alliance were suddenly affected.
"There is no way we could have won against a famous adventurer like him."

"Weed was able of catching a dragon. We can never win."
Weed had colossal fame and fighting spirit that caused the enemy soldiers to lose morale. Morale was recognized as an important power on a battlefield. Weed smiled satisfied.

"This is a wonderful hunting ground."
Tens of thousand of people in the war!

If he won the war then he, the lord, would get a lot of fame and a title but that was not what Weed found interesting. Why would he risk himself if he could get more fame from a quest. He had struggled with an S rank quest for his class. Weed wanted the equipment that was worn by the Northern Alliance. On the item trading site, he could get  75 thousand, 90 thousand, 1060 thousand, 2.9 million and higher up to 10 million won for the items. There were a lot of users that were equipped with swords and armor.
  "Alright. Alright. This is great."
He did not know how many Kallamore Knights and beginners were left since the fight had already gone on for 2 hours. Now that the Northern Alliance was exhausted and lost a lot of vitality it was now time for him to strike. He still had to be careful of the mages that were meditating to regenerate mana.
Weed smiled and let out a wicked laugh.

From the very beginning of the war he had been waiting for this very moment. It was cowardly but he fought nonetheless.

"I can see the items that I'll get from killing."

It was not an exaggeration that Dark Gamers got a special bonus payment at least once a year. There was a jackpot all over the area. In this one battle he would be able to get a lot of equipment. Weed cleared his throat now that he was ready. The bards continued to play their music. It was to indicate the joy of the start of the song of war! Weed began to yell violently at the top of Bingryong's head.

The music of the battlefield flows
Follow me now
I'm singing to the brink of death.
Weed had not practiced the lyrics beforehand. Weed turned his eyes to the floor.
There are four warrior helmets.
Time for you to die.
Is that a knight I see over there.
Are you exhausted?
I'll give you twenty seconds to rest
I'll be taking your armor
Those are some very nice thing that you have
I'd like to have them!
You have such luxurious items.
I, Weed, will fight you.

While looking at the floor, he came out with improvised about looting items live on the screen. There were quite a few users in the mid-300s that he could sweep up. Last night he had spent a lot time to give life to two sculptures. The King Hydra and the Black Snake. The effects were not worth it to Morata but he gave life to them since it was an emergency. As a result Weed's art stats dropped and he gave life to a level 429 and a level 441 super monsters. Even with Weed's charisma and leadership, it was very tough to control these new creatures.

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