Volume 12 Chapter 7

By Wing - 8:18 AM

The victories in heaven and on earth.

Due to the effects from the manifested shadow of the loot’s tower, the battle was bit more stimulating.

However, due to the resistance of the Unicorns and Pegasus, the practitioners were still dying 2-3 during each battle.

Even though with better armors, and also the growth of the levels, the battle were still against numerous enemies.

They were on their 33rd battle of suppressing the castles.

Sureuka took a kick from a Unicorn and fell dead.

After the battle, the situation was, beside the party members, the number of practitioners remain was just 212 people.

Geomchi spat at himself.

“I couldn’t be there when the fragile girl died.”

Weed soon lowered his head.

“No. It was my responsibility. I wasn’t aware and should have taken better care of my party member.”

“No. I could not provide a good example.”

“Rather Master, I think we should not be allowed to eat unless no one dies.”

“You think so?”

“Yes. It’s okay to not care about the speed of doing things.”

Geomchi carefully thought about the suggestion for a while.

“Okay then. If it’s punishment at this level then in my opinion should be sufficient. It’s true that we’ve been too fed up with the constantly similar battles in Todeum, so from now on, let’s go with what you said.”

For the instructors and the practitioners, the battlefield in Todeum provided a great training course.

It encourages camaraderie, builds backbone, and sends electrifying sensation to enjoy the game.

Therefore, it was a great place to gain power by fighting against the powerful.

Swordsmanship was not a true necessity; a steady mind was a better weapon.

Even with the death of several practitioners, it was still entertaining to fight.

But Surka was a simple girl; and with her death, the fights were no longer enjoyable.

Weed declared.

“No more death or no more food!”

With the suppression of Todeum’s castles, the liberated vampires also joined in the battle!

It was a time for Weed Charisma and Leadership stats to shine.

Not only the Geomchis and colleagues fought, they intended to overwhelm the Unicorns and Pegasus through numbers.

The number of released vampires thus far was 4600.

Many of the weak and common Vampire Familiars entered the fray here and there whenever the Shinsui became weary.

Now was the time for them to begin fighting in the earnest.

“Fight. Your. Enemies. To. Reclaim. Your. Lost. Dignity. And. Pride!”

You have used the skill Yell.
All allies within the proximity of Yell will have a 200% increase in morale.
All the disarray will be diminished.
Leadership will increase by 200% for 5 minutes.

“We vampires do not follow the commands of others, but Weed has proven he is a rational man.”

“His words have not been damaging.”

“The Unicorns and Pegasus are enemies we eventually will have to defeat anyway.”

The male Vampires left streaks of capes sailed by as they assaulted the Pegasus.

“Ohohohohoho! Please look at me. Allow me just a drop of your blood.”

“Kak kak kak. Charging into this world without a sense of decency, we’ll show you fools who your real enemies are.”

“They’re coming. Let’s see who the real rulers of the land are.”

The Vampire Queens’ dresses were very flashy. Wrapped tightly in full leather, and carried whips to boot.

The Queens chanted their wail of psyche curses in unison.

In the past, many of the Freya’s Knights fell victim to these deceptive techniques.



The Unicorn’s horns lit up with purple light.

This was a mechanism for the mind and magic to resist and won’t be easily deceived. They were immune to black magic.

However, the Queens constantly sending those curses in and summoned insects to bother the divine creatures.

The weakly Vampire Familiars transformed into bats and flippantly clung onto the beasts.

The Shinsui’s resisted vigorously, but the bats clung on and sucked their blood until death.


The bats weren’t able to avoid the damages; but through the blood consumption, they were able to recover and reclaimed the losses.

These were awfully tough opponents.

The Vampire Queens with their constant curses while summons of numerous insects and sent their enemies through many agonies.

Though, whenever there was a battle, the loss was as many as 200 Vampires.

Severe times where the losses were more than 300.

But through such battles, the surviving Vampires were much stronger.

Through the characteristics of the Vampires.

The Vampire’s traits!

Very powerful weapons.

Whenever Vampires hunt, the experience gained was dramatic and also contributed to the development of their adaptability.

With the blood consumed from the Unicorns and Pegasus, the Vampires can lessen the damage of the beasts’ magic attacks.

And with a certain amount consumed where the blood was completely digested, their power would temporarily increase.

These vampires provided Weed and the Geomchis considerable reinforcements.

Where the Vampires would die in a large amount in battle, the Geomchis hadn’t lost a single person.

Even though it was a bit risky buffing the legion; but right now, it was a powerful army of Vampires!

Weed completely controlled the legion of Vampires.

Thanks to a series of victorious battles, the Vampires moved ad if they were an extension of his limbs.


Legions of Vampires completely under controlled.
The Vampires acknowledged you as an avid leader of the darkness.
Their dedicated loyalties will contribute to your notoriety.
Familiarity with the Vampires is at the best state.
They would even gives You the most delicious nape of women to drink out of respect.
    Infamy increased by 350.

    Leadership increased by 2.

    Charisma increased by 5.

They weren’t all good news.

Infamy sometimes helps with quests that required them, but the consequence was too great.

Villagers take one look at those with infamy points and would run away, or even chase them out!

In any case, the Infamy he has thus far was not something high enough to be concern about.

‘If it’s Infamy, it’ll go away if I donate to the church or finish some quests.’

Of course, for him to make donation to the temple was something highly unlikely; but if it’s a true necessity, it was the quickest way to rid of it.

The problem lies elsewhere.


Have joined up with the despicable Vampires to hunt the innocent Shinsui.
In exchange for all the vicious acts You committed, your actions will be reflected.

Weed’s forehead was inscribed in red.

The mark of a murderer!

Anyone could understand the mark shone in crimson.

“Why this happens to me…”

Weed said in distress.

If the mark was received by the others, it wouldn’t be so unfair.

But even while hunted in groups, he alone obtained the mark of a murderer.

There are tremendous penalties being the recipient of the mark.

While being vulnerable to the attacks of other users, the drop rate for items would be higher than most at death.

Obtaining quests are more difficult, making it harder to be release from the mark.

“Why did this only happens to me?”

Even someone like Weed wanted to complain.

Pale took some time and answered with the most likely reason.

“Could it be because you killed a lot of Unicorn and Pegasus?”

Weed was the highest level and the best in damage output, hence being the one that killed the most.

Romuna stealthily noted.

“The person who proposed to come to Todeum was Weed nim.”

Irene, while blinking her eyes innocently, said.

“Being the mastermind behind all the bad things.”


As she knew of all the reasons, Weed could not rebuke.

The Geomchis looked rather envious.

“That look wicked.”


“They say you’re famous when you are a murderer…”

The mark was well received from the Vampires.

“From the beginning he wasn’t a good man.”

“We were right, placing our expectations.”

“Here, while it’s a bit vulgar, you can plug your teeth into the colleague’s nape.”

While being hailed by the Vampires, they continued attacking Todeum’s castles.

Weed efficiently manages the power of the Vampires.

Irene’s holy power could only heal the people. They did not work on the Vampires.

‘Holy powers are rather poisonous to Vamps, huh.’

The thing Vampires want is blood!

While near the brink of death, with a generous ‘donation’ of blood, the dying Vampires can be reinvigorated.

An increasing number of Unicorns and Pegasus fell victim to the life stealing Vampires.

The Vampires’ level continues to climb.

On the other hand, the members of Weed’s party obtained less and less experience and loot, but it was something inevitable.

Even with the reduction of Vampires, their number still increases.

Through the battles, a huge number of them died, but with the awakening of more, the number was made up and then some.

The Vampires led by Tori, his family Jinhyeo, was also upgraded.

Different vampire Lords also woke up one after another.

They lead a huge variety of Vampires.

Dream Vampires.

Non physical beings, uses illusions to cause confusion and paralysis.

Shadow Vampires.

Those that hide in the darkness in wait to attack their enemies.

Only reveal their canines at propitious times of attack, something hard to react to.

Assassin Vampires.

An unknown type of vampires.

Other elegant and art loving aristocrats of that aspect, though similar, was difficult to be placed in the same class.

Power! Prowess!

On chest and arms and such, hair was all over the place like bizarre beasts with formidable strength.

Natural fighters with no use of magic.

The only ways to separate them from the normal beast were their fangs and their capes.

All in all, with more than 5000 Vampires under his control, they far exceed the capacity of Weed’s Leadership no matter how meticulous his management was.

In fact, more than 100 of them were out of his control.

He had seen this before back when he conducted the Orcs and Dark Elves; if the number exceeds the capacity of his Leadership ability, then the crowd would play around or resists the order if he was just a bit distracted.

Weed was reaching his limits to conduct with the lack of Leadership, the Charisma to Yell, and Familiarity.

Weed entrusted the excess Vampires to the Orc Seechwi.


Orc Seechwi. She took a breath toward the sky and sigh.

“Chwiik, with the Orc’s body, I, I can’t make the posture freely, chwichwit!”

If she tries to bend forward, a bunch of fat flaps would prevent her from doing so.

The fats on each side would rock whenever she moves.


And the face when she seriously tried and ends in failure were also something beyond belief.

At each time, she pants like no tomorrow.

“With all due respect, Orc is a joke! Chwichwhik!”

Seechwi was wonderfully and graciously enjoying the solitude.

During the battle thus far, she really didn’t have anything else to do.

Simply taking care of herself!

She was assigned some errands as she was fitting for them.

But it has change henceforth.

Group Conducting Skill has been created.
Group Conducting Skill 1 (0%):
Depending on the skill level, the Orc is able to configure up to 35 members (Orcs) in the unit.
Of different species, the Orc can configure 20 members.
Depending on the skill level, the influence of Leadership increases by 3%.
All party members and the unit can have an increase in Stats.
An increase in Strength, Agility, Stamina, and Physical Resistance.
Experience received will increase by 2% for all party members and the troop. (16% increase at skill mastery.)
All party members and the unit have an increase resistance to Confusion and Fear.

Rises in Leadership will have extra effects on the skill!

In the case of human, though slightly different depending on the occupation, usually can form a party up to five members.

Then, with each additional 50 points in Leadership, the party can increase by one member.

Orcs are exempt from this.

From the beginning, they can form parties consist of 10, 20 members to hunt.

In Seechwi’s case, due to her obtaining the Group Conducting skill, the size of the party was much larger under her command.

From the skill to her Leadership, a substantial number of 50 members can be grouped into the party.

In addition to being able to strengthen her party members, even able to conduct monsters was a big help.

“Wi, with this, I’m also a force, chwiik! Not imposing as an Orc but as a commander. Chwichwichiik.”

Seechwi wiped away her tears of sorrow, and moved around showing off freely.

While the protruding belly extends to the utmost, and even loud nasal nose!

“Chwichwichwit. If you listen closely to what I say, I will feed you with lots of delicious food!”

Seechwi shouted her commands at the controlled Vampire Familiars.

She had doubts in the ability of Weed’s conducting when she watched from afar. But now the idea has changed.

‘Those wild Geomchis. If it’s someone else then they won’t be able to command them.’

Her first impression of the Geomchis was that they were tougher.

Nearly the size of the Orcs with close-cropped hair, and body of twitching muscles.

And murderous gaze to boot. An accidental eye contact would spell constant apologies from the other party!

The intimidation level was something not typical.

So much so that when ordinary people came near them, those people would naturally shrink and got out of the way.

And then, with the intensity of 500 worth of them together, who would have the galls to issue them an order. (I wanted to say balls, a letter apart.)

Constantly going to fight, along with the stubbornness and pride to boot.

Wherever they’d go, there was no other way but to cause trouble.

But in front of Weed, they were just naïve pigs.

‘If they get food then they’re good. Then rushes to fight to rid of everything that pent up.’

The food Weed made were satisfying scrumptious, aromatic, and even prospective to they eyes.

Pudding that melts or tasteful shark’s fins in their mouth!

Seechwi also, couldn’t sum up how many times her fingers reached for the entrée.

Nevertheless, if it seemed like how simple humans the Geomchis were at first sight, then one would definitely by puzzled at how they acts.

But, those that came to know them, their problem was understandable.

For the Geomchis, the shortest time being 10 years, while the more severe were more than 30 years, lived with strict regimen.

Their foods too, simply consisted of cooked chicken breasts or egg whites only, were something tiresome.

For them, their diet in the Dojang was simple.

300 grams of boiled chicken breasts without any sauce at every meal.

The egg whites too, 10 to 20 worth of them without a speckle of salt.

If you lived such a life for 10 years or so, then you would even be ecstatic with just the taste of a chewing gum.

With just the fish and boneless chicken breasts lain out on the grill and the pork ribs getting bake, their hearts thump thump in anticipation.

Just by watching the sizzling sound of the ripening meat as its juices flown out, their mouth would essentially do the same with drools.

Having this second life in Royal Road, being able to indulge in this world without having any repercussion on their bodies in real life; the Geomchis lost themselves in their gluttony.

And whenever they encounter strong opponents, they can expend all their energy to fight.

The only fear they have was hunger!

Laughter and heartbreak over food, simple and fierce men.

Holding all their rights was Weed.

‘Domesticated them with food. He have been cleverly give them tastier and tastier food…he won’t come out with a full entrée else they’ll be fully indulged and he loses them.’

Weed far exceeded the skillfulness of being the leader of the party or that of an expedition.

The recognizable talent of an exceptional being whom able to leads an underdeveloped third world country with dictatorship.

Skillful politician, the instigator, the vicious defamer! The perfect representation of a dictator!

It could be said because of Weed, the Geomchis and regular users like Pale should be well received everywhere.

‘He might as well have put the highest additive drug in the food! Charisma and Leadership should only be able do so much. You fit the definition of unrefined and jerk to a T.”

Seechwi too, from that moment, was probably being drugged by Weed with the drink in hand.


The Vampire army commanded by Weed was more sustainable as the battles continued.

The size was larger, and they were getting stronger.

So of course, the experience and the acquisition of items greatly reduced.

As the EXP dispersed among the Vampires, full experience could no longer be obtained.

“Let’s go to the next castle.”

Weed said with a harsh impression.

Having won all the battles thus far, he had yet shone a single delighted expression.

This was not always the right course of action befitting that of a great leader in the face of a crisis.

The reason behind this was because he couldn’t get anything.

Appalling to the core!

‘All the loots after death are going to the Vampires!’

Anyway, with the progression of the quest, it was to be expected since the force was needed in the first place.

In fact, their earning summed up weren’t much to speak of. This was due to the fact that the Death Knight Van Hawk was participating in all of their battles with stronger brutality each time.

The knight of the darkness Death Knight!

Van Hawk was a powerful DPS that inflicted a great deal of damage to the Unicorns and Pegasus.

Naturally, lots of the drops went to him when dead.

A quick check of his level, suddenly he exceeded 368.

He was proportional to the general Death Knights at around level 200.

But now, the growth beseeched him to that of the higher grade monster.

“Death Knight information window!”

Van Hawk
The Evoker of Despair Death Knight
The Dark Hand of Army Commander
Fighting Spirit
Physical Resistance
Loyal Knight of the Kallamore Kingdom.
Stained with the forces of darkness and was reborn a Death Knight.
Had a part in commanding the Legions of Immortality under
Barkhan; but in the recent years had deviated from his control.
Death Knight with terrible damage and has the ability to command.
    Death Knight is head of the unit.

    Vulnerable to Holy magic.

    Can control Undead, Monster corps.

    Less than 4 Black magic circles available.

    Fully grasped the art of Kallamore Kingdom’s swordsmanship.

Originally a Darkness army commander, the Death Knight!

Able to be at the center and called on the members of darkness, he could call them to war.

Even though the damages taken by the unit Weed entrusted in him were higher due to the characteristic of the Death Knight, but they were able to attack as much as they could so there was no complaint.

Van Hawk forces his way toward the boss level mobs as a Death Knight without fear.

Weed recalled the past.

‘Ever since I met him at the City of Heaven Lavias, we’ve been to so many places.’

He prevailed through several hunting grounds with Death Knight Van Hawk at his side.

Thanks to having him watching the rear, Weed could fight on heartily.

Although recently he have been hunting with his colleagues and the Sahyeongs, but there were many times where Weed hunted alone.

Even during the time where he was together with Seoyoon in the north, when she wasn’t around Van Hawk would enter the scene.

Weed gazed at Van Hawk nostalgically.

“This damned fellow.”


“Don’t take a breather and fight diligently.”

The feeling disappeared and Weed spat out the cold words.

So they continuously drove from one castle to the next for conquest.

In fear of the vampiric effect disappearance and having their adaptive and attacking powers plummets, they fought with minimal amount of rest.

The Vampires’ complaints were ceaseless.

“I only want to fight just once a night.”

“Give us a break.”

In order to avoid them getting tired, Weed pushed his forearm forward to sooth the Vampires and fill them.


He provided them with fresh blood to satiate their fountain like Stamina.

Weed went first, then the weak willed Pale, Irene, and others also joined in.

Now only four remaining castles!


There were golden horn Royal Unicorns, flowing argent mane on Silver Pegasus.

At the sight of their skin, Zephyr gulp with a little nervousness.

“Gulp! They’re monsters that have never been disclosed, Hyeongnim.”

“But they’re not huge in numbers. If we push from the sides, we got it.”

Weed replied with clarity and with his right hand.

A drop of it to signal the push of thousands of Vampires!

The Royal Unicorns and Silver Pegasus lasted in matters of minutes before kneeling and disappearing from sight.

That was how all the last remaining castles subjugation essentially went.

Hwaryeong, with admiration, said.

“I think Weed nim’s was born with excellent memory.”


“You’ve remember Todeum’s geography exactly. Even the order of up to 47 castles.”

The party too was amazed with the information.

Of course it wasn’t all in Weed’s memory.

“It’s ‘cause there’s a map.”

“A map?”

“I learned how to draw from Yurin so I made one myself.”

Hwaryeong eyes lit up. She was very curious at Weed’s painting.

“Could I see the map?”

“I don’t think it’s a problem.”

From Weed’s chest, a straightened out crumbled sheet of paper was shown.

An outline of Todeum’s entrance was drawn, and then castles were drawn a bit small up to the fifth castle.

After that, due to the size of the paper, castles were increasingly getting smaller.

Although from the entrance to the few castles were drawn, the rest including the roads were a mess.

Instead, they were replaced with explanations.

Long rise from entrance on the right of the heroes’ tower a beautifully large castle
Lots of apple trees castle.
Across the bridge north, a blossoming yellow flower castle.
10mins walk into the alley, gate to the blue castle.

The only person who can tell head from tail of this map was probably just Weed.

Hwaryeong trembled.

‘I can’t believe we followed this map to hunt.’

Anyway, the conquest of the last castle ended safely.

All the Vampires of Todeum has been liberated.

Since then, Weed, the Geomchis, and the party began setting their sights toward Todeum for the unfolding event of their service.


The kingdom of legend where Vampire lives!

Three glowing moons.

Weed’s made loot’s tower at a distance, old fashioned castles, and an unknown Heroes’ Tower.

Above all those, the Unicorns and Pegasus took flight throughout Todeum.

Also on the ground were those drinking and leisurely grazing about.

But then, from far away, dark clouds rapidly descended.

The dark clouds pretty soon enveloped Todeum from all over.

Fierce wind blew, heavy rain poured.

Kureureureureung. (wind)

Kwagwagwang! (bullet rain)

Every time thunder and lightning struck, only flashes of light were seen.

The bodies of the Unicorns and Pegasus who drank and grazed on the ground soon were covered with huge swarms of bats that clung on.

The Vampires also broke out of the castle through the windows in unison.

For vampires, the darkness had no effect in their vision.

They surrounded the herd of Unicorns and Pegasus that were covered with bats, and with soulless stares, aimed straight at the necks.


Vampires were weaker than the Shinsuis, but a multitude of vampire fangs entered their necks.

Sneakily within the disruptive bats, the divine creatures’ health and stamina were rapidly absorbed.


The Unicorn cries.

The Royal Unicorn spoke.

“As members of the virtuous forest clan, we cannot be force back by those of the night clans. Burn everything. Summon Kasya.”

Fire spirits were summoned.

The swarm of bats that covered the common Unicorns also protected the sneaky Vampires from the effect of the spirits.

“Summon Undine!”

Turned the rain water into spears and flew around fighting the swarm of bats.

Silver Pegasus used their magic.

“Dancing Light.”

“Fire Arrow!”

In the darkness, light in flight and fire arrows made of magic penetrates the bats and Vampires.

The battle between the Vampire and the Shinsui raged throughout Todeum.

Within the raining of cats and dogs, magic spells and summoned spirits, along with bats, all were clustered.

The Vampires that rushed in early on and had a definite clutch.

“The blood of Unicorn is really sweet.”

The vampire Queen giggled flirtatiously.

Some seemed to pay heed and chuckled at every sluggish movement the Unicorns made.

The Queens were women.

The Unicorns like things that are beautiful, and falling asleep on the lap of virgins would be the ideal happiness for them.


‘It’s too fishy if I go over to them. Yihing!’

They stood firm and weren’t tempted, but their summoned spirits were hesitant and did not attack.

The situation in the sky for the valiant Pegasus cutting through the sky also wasn’t good.

Steeds of the sky!

Largely filled with muscles, neurotic and couldn’t have been more violent.

In addition, their rushing speed was something hard to follow.

Because of that, the Pegasus shouldn’t have been allowed to soar the sky.

Though now, their body swiveled due to the bats clinging on like leeches.


The Pegasus landed and with their limbs, crazily stomped the ground.

Nape, sides, hip, forelimbs, the bats covered all with their teeth inserted.

With sharp pain, the paralysis had taken place.

Then the Vampires drove in to ensure the kill.

The Unicorns and Pegasus fell to the ground in rhythm with the beating of the thunder and lightning.

Their screams of death were buried within the pounding of the heavy rain.

But further away, in the higher place, the watching divine beasts flew in to see the crisis of their brethren.

“You still have not gone away, you of the night clan still have not gone to your slumber. I shall send you to an eternal rest.”

The Unicorns, while in the air, cast their magic.

Regardless of their own kind, they brandished their magic toward all the bats and the Vampires.

The Pegasus were scary sprinters.

During the Todeum castle hunts, the thing that victimized the practitioners the most was their full speed charge!

Several dozens Pegasus rushed through the sky while hitting the swarm of bats and Vampires.

In the areas swept through by the dashing Pegasus, a few surviving Vampires staggered with injuries.

“Whew, barely survive. Blood, I need blood.”

“Shall we turn into bats and give chase?”

“Even with our top speed we can’t match up to them.”

A glance of the Vampires and they saw the beasts were more than 300 meters away in the distance.

In the brief moment of a single breath, the herd of Pegasus was already circling the sky.

Their gestures in the sky, when switching from one direction to the next, differed from that of a flock of birds.

The Pegasus spun in an orbit similar to that of a wheel in the sky above.

Along with a straighten head squared off, their feet once again accelerated terribly in midair.


The Vampires who turned into bats, with the thought of being a safe distance far away, but in a moment, they were nose to nose due to the beasts lightning like dash!

The area where the Pegasus had swept by once again, the Vampire bats disappeared without even trace of their cloak remained.


The movements the Pegasus shown during the battle against the practitioners seemed to be something like child’s play; the piercing speed they demonstrate in this battle field was tremendous.

At those times, it was due to the marrow space that they couldn’t fully utilize their speed.

Their summons and magic were also essential blocked and forced into close combat.

The Unicorns and Pegasus’ attacking powers were pretty much sealed.

However, in the vast open space, they swept through the Vampires using charge as if they were nothing.

“No vampire could take this!”

“Should we just be sacrificial and hung onto their nape with our fangs?”

Clamoring of the Vampires who were struck.

They could not come up with an adequate solution to deal with the divine beasts.

Their movements were too fast; a turn of one’s head was enough for them to be breathing down his neck.

Along with the use of spirit summons and magic, the once shrouded darkness the Vampires was given was no longer explicitly important during the fight.

Whether it was Weed, the practitioners, or the party, no remorse were given from these high level Shinsuis.

Though the Vampires did deal hazardous amount of damage, it was nothing comparable to their intensity.

The Vampires that took a big hit to their health and mana, plummets to the ground.

Some wounded lay motionless, while others reached for close by Shinsuis that were molested by swarms of bats.

The Vampires slammed their fangs into the beasts and drank their blood.


“This vitality filled hot blood.”

The degrading staggering Vampires obtained more vigor.

From the eyes that were losing focus to their arms, vitality, stamina, and mana too, all recovered.

Even at their deathbed, the Vampires were still not done.

Using this life stealing technique, they can regain their original power with a sip of fresh blood!

The Vampires would once again battle after having regained their vitality.

Also, not one of the Vampire Lords died.

They were far superior than other Vampires; and if the Unicorns and Pegasus weren’t cooperating with one another, then the Lords were stronger than them too.

Such were the Vampire Lords!

The vampire clan Jinhyeo that was led by Tori.

Even though his Intelligence wasn’t high in the first place, a lot of battle experience and skill proficiency built up when he battled with Weed.

Tori knew by watching Weed how to control the unruly Pegasus.

Tori used magic.

“Summon Spider!”

Huge spider webs were generated in the sky.

Sticky webs that connected every castles!

Obviously since the sky had no support, they couldn’t act as fixed location for the web.

Nevertheless, large networks were formed by the interweaving spider webs, and caught swarms of bats flying about.

Seeing these bats stuck on the webs, the Unicorns and Pegasus rushed at them with terrific speed.

The webs were pierced through and went limp.

But every time they pass though the webs, the beasts’ speed were increasing getting slower.

From the head to their limbs, the Shinsuis were tangled in the sticky webs and their movements were slowing down.

“Summon Spider!”

“Summon Spider!”

Seeing how the Jinhyeo clan effectively acted, other Vampires also simultaneously cast the skill.

Todeum’s castles, streets, and the sky above were struck with countless of intertwining spider webs.

Having pierced through many webs, the Pegasus had significantly dropped their speed, and many flocks of bats came like ominous clouds and drank their blood.


Weed, Geomchis, and the party were equipped and ready to embark.

As soon as the last battle in the castle ended, they all sank in exhaustion.

Without a pause to be happy about the accomplishment or a blissful rest, the war broke out between the Vampires and Shinsuis.

So for them, the recovery of health, stamina, and mana were all delayed.

“Let’s go. The final hunt!”

“It’s time we go out.”

The rumbling made Weed and the Geomchis jumped. And that still could not represent the massive situation going on about.

The entire castle felt the progression of the war.

With magic and summoned spirits rampant, the castle walls were in rumbles.

The Vampires, Unicorns, and Pegasus were in the middle of a fierce battle in mid air.

It was not an exaggeration to say that was where the main battlefield was.

Geomchi2 muttered in vanity.

“But how the heck are we going to fight in the sky?”

The activation of some skills had prerequisites. However, they were still severely depleted of mana.

Since they overly invested in Strength and some in Agility, the Geomchis were fundamentally fast and strong, and can use various weapons in all range.

Geomchi showed that he was the one with the most experience.

“We’re not limited to one weapon. If we can’t use sword, then we got our bow.”

“We have that as well!”

Therefore, following Geomchi’s actions, the instructors and practitioners all drew their bow in unison.

“All ready! Fire!”

The arrows that were seemingly to be coming off of siege weapons shot into the sky.

Many flew into the cobwebs but not only did they strike the Unicorns and Pegasus, the swarms of bats and Vampires were also hit.


“The humans are attacking us.”

The Vampires complained.

While only a few of the divine beasts were hit, the Vampires suffered heavy damage from those.

The reason being Weed created those bows for their strength and not accuracy; so instead of the targeted Shinsuis, they hit the pursuing Vampire flock instead.

“Hit it!”

“Continue shooting!”

Completely oblivious to this matter, the Geomchi group continues shooting toward the sky.

After having repeatedly attacked by the arrows, the Vampires were fiercely angry.

Even at this time, the unaware Geomchis kept doing it while not knowing this method was wrong.

Geomchi roamed around.


He was to be called whenever things did not work out!

For some situation, it was up to Weed to find an appropriate solution and they waited on his commands.

However, Weed was nowhere near Geomchi’s vicinity.


“Yes, master!”

“Where’s Weed?”

“Uhh. He was here a while ago…”

“Look for him.”


Geomchi2 and all the practitioners looked for Weed.

Moments later, they found him at a distance.

He was in a place where many Unicorns and Pegasus had fallen during combat.

Due to their high level, the fallen had remarkably survived.

They continued a strenuous effort to get airborne by flapping away, but to no avail.

Along with the Vampires and bats that fell and were subjected to their life stealing technique, the Shinsuis were paralyzed.

Resistance owes more misery!

Weed quietly grabbed the horn on one of the Unicorns.

“You won’t feel the horn.”


This time, he pulled out Zahab’s carving knife.

“The smoothness of this shiny polished leather.”


The strength of these muscles. I think its well taken care of.”


The horn taken, leather skin skinned, and even up the muscles, he took them all.

Even after death, horns or leathers could be obtained.

But the odds of selling them at a premium price were higher if they were obtained when the beasts were alive.

In several cases, the Shinsuis bellowed just once more, and then died.

Since the beasts were already almost near death in this state, the EXP attained weren’t much when killed, but generous amount of items could be acquired through this method.

Each one dropped several loots such as Gold or Silvers, mats, and even armors and weapons!

Such luck won’t return a second time.

It was like a dream for Weed.

‘The loot’s tower also came out good. The Loot God is so gracious to me.’

On the Versailles continent, this was not a recognized religion. Its existence was solely through rumors and words of mouth.

Nevertheless, the Loot God was just as great as any other!

In the past, someone obtained five Unique Grade equipment in just 2 hours of grinding on the Honose plains!

In the mountains around Fort Ohdein, someone found a cart of Dwarfen made gloves just by walking around!

And someone claimed to have found 70000 Gold worth of loots from a treasure chest in a cave nobody lives in; myths like these of the Loot God has been endless.

Weed has been a devoted follower of the loots and items’ faith.

Of course of course, he absolutely won’t ever make a donation.

One being there was no formal temple.

Also, the Loot God was generous. Simple prayer in one’s room was enough to beget His grace.

A single doctrine.

'Do not throw loot away in vain. In this world, no loot was useless.'
Among the Dark Gamers, the sensation of this loot doctrine reverberated considerably and its ideal was widely valued.

‘At last, I have received the Loot God’s blessing I’ve heard so much about.’

Whenever he seized one, he could earn at least 900 Gold.

If they couldn’t recover their wounds and take to the sky, those that could barely function pretty much considered themselves dead.

This too, was a battle against the Unicorns and Pegasus who were on the ground, so Weed had no reason to hesitate.

And then, noticing Weed’s behaviors, Pale, Maylon, Zephyr, Hwaryeong, and Romuna too, diligently attacked the Shinsuis.

If you can believe it, Mapan also went out.

As a Merchant, he was weaker than most; and even though his main objective was to stay alive in most battles, he now held a huge ax up and singled out a dropped Unicorn to hit.

Geomchis also realized.

“We’re going to catch those that are down on land. Get them all!”


The Geomchi troop changed their targets and aimed at the fallen beasts.

The Shinsuis’ nature was that of horses, and did little to resist after having fallen.

Unless you’re paralyzed, standing around on your feet giving up is pathetic!

Even a dismay bear that had given in could easily be caught.

The hardest thing in the spacious Todeum was the sneaking around approaching the fallen Unicorns and Pegasus.

While the battle still raged on in the air, magic spells and summoned spirits occasionally made their way down to the ground.

So they had to mindful of the battle above to avoid the incomings while paying attention to how they spread themselves.

But even so, for the Geomchi, the instructors, and practitioners, it wasn’t an easy thing to do!

Geomchi took off his armor and moved around exposed.

“Our sword is invincible!”

The instructors’ interest was aroused. They followed Geomshi’s footstep and took off their tops.

Twitching muscles on their study physique!

“Our sword is invincible!”

The practitioners also fought undressed. The perilous path!

To take your armor off means a dramatic decrease of your defense. If in this state you are attacked, the received damage can amount to five times the damage you would get with your armor on.

That means just a twitch of the Unicorn’s hind limb was equivalence to death!

Along with that, their lives were also at the risk of getting hit by stray magic or summoned spirits.

But because Geomchi and his students enjoy the tension, it was their decision to do so.

Moreover, the only person who could seemingly restrained them, Weed, was hunting blindly.

Weed had long since noticed the abnormal behavior of Geomchi and the students.

“Hm. Why not run fast like that?”

Because the armor he worn wasn’t a heavy armor that his speed was great. The defense given was little, but it had maximized his Agility.


Weed too, quickly took off his armor.

Even though it was risky, and if something does happen, then nothing can be done.

While carrying his full baggage, only at this moment when the Loot God sent his rare blessing, that there was no reason to hesitate.

Weed’s eyes were bloodshot and he ran circles around the Unicorns and Pegasus.

Along with him, more than 200 others did the same!

“Our sword is invincible!”

On the ground, along with the resounding shouts, the number of Shinsui plummeted.

Fear, fear, fear.

From the dark sky.

Thunder, lightning, and heavy rain pounded down.

Vampires and flock of bats attacks continued on soundlessly having been drowned in these.

Many of the horses’ falling brethren cry!

Now the few remaining Shinsui began their escape.

But were relentlessly pursued to their ends by the Vampires.

Not even able to reach beyond the boundaries of Todeum, all the divine creatures were wiped out.

All the surviving Vampires landed on castles and the tower wearily.

The rain stopped, and the clouds were disappearing.

Todeum’s castles were filled with Vampires.

Their bodies wrapped in black cloaks as they stood gracefully. At last, the long battle had ended.

An aged Vampire came toward Weed.

“Thank you, human. You saved us.”

While looking at the Vampire’s aged face, Weed asked.

“Were you the Vampire that left the message?”

“That’s correct.”

“But unlike a lot of other Vampires, your face looked rather old.”

“Well, that’s because I drank past the upper limit of blood before going to sleep.”


“If I drink a bit of fresh blood from a virgin, I will heal. Now that they no longer exist, nothing in Todeum can oppose us. We can regain the luxurious and enjoyable life again. Thanks to all you humans.”

From Weed, Geomchis, and up to the party members, message windows popped up.


The request from an unknown Vampire.
Todeum’s past was as old as their night as long.
Human loving Vampire.
Solitude liking Vampire.
If watching flowers, the shy Vampire.
The jewelry collecting Vampire.
Enjoying painting and sculpting Vampire.
With stones, castle building Vampire.
Nature caring Vampire.
The Vampires that had been deserted by Gods.
Parasitic to humans, they were beings that lived by hiding in the darkness, and were determined to establish their own kingdom.
The continent wandering Vampires found a place to rest and made it their home.
Peace has once again arrived to Todeum, and now, the Vampire civilization will shine even more brilliant.
You had become the Vampire Kingdom Todeum’s savior.
Fame increased by 4420.
Charisma increased by 25.
Hostility with clans of the forest increased by 100.
Having experienced in an extraordinary battle, all combat related Stats will increase by 3.
      Level has increased.

      Level has increased.

      Level has increased.

      Level has increased.

      Level has increased.

    With the successful quest, Weed had gained six levels.

    The others ranged between 9-12 levels.

    The one that had gained the most levels was Seechwi, having attained as much as 17 levels in compensation.

    Since the beginning, this was one of the characteristic of the fast growing Orc.

    In this moment, all the accumulated tension the Geomchis and the party members felt was all released.


    “We did it.”


    All the party members simultaneously in glee and their faces filled with happiness.

    An improbably A Grade difficult quest was successful. And the level up was something from a dream!

    Their chests were filled with achievements and delights.

    The Geomchis however, grunts in dissatisfaction

    “Weed levels were raised too, my chase continues.”

    “Ah, this, didn’t expect levels to rise so easily.”


    The Geomchis continued with their complaints, and Weed again stood in front of the Vampire.

    The compensation for the quest hasn’t ended yet. The Vampires’ treasure still remains.

    “For God’s and our faith, we have done our best for you. Now please bestow on us what has promised.”

    The Vampire nodded.

    “Adventurers, while there had been many wandered freely about, none had accepted the responsibility like you have. The Vampire race does not ever forget a promise made. We may commit fraud or lies, but never will we forget a promise.”

    There was something disturbing in that remark.

    The Vampire pulled out a rusty key.

    “In Todeum’s treasury, there are many rare treasures. As promised, here is the key to the warehouse. For us nobles of the night, we have many of the heavy things so if it’s something you want, take it.”

    “What about the location of the treasury?”

    “That, you’ll need to look for yourself. But be careful and heed my words. That old key can no be replaced.”

    The Vampire let out an insidious laughter.

    Weed received the key.


    You have acquired the key to the Vampire’s treasury. Be careful, the durability of it is very low.

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