Dawn Traveler Chapter 1

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Translated by snowangel12
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Two Births

(part 1)
Yeon Woo was able to hear the thoughts of others since the moment he was born.
The first person’s thought he heard belonged to a nurse.
“Such a handsome dignified boy!”
  • He’s wrinkly. Its common courtesy to tell them that he looks handsome.
When he was a baby he did not understand so it wasn’t such a big deal.
Both young mother and child spent the majority of the their time together.
“Yeon Woo. Come and say mom. Mom!”
Lying on the floor with his mother and having a happy conversation, those were the best times.
“In life, there are many pretty and good natured people in the world. The world is large and there are plenty of things to see. Yeon Woo, when you can walk, let’s go around the world together. Ok?”
The baby heard the next door neighbor’s thoughts.
  • Yum. The smell of coffee. This is the happiest time of the day. This coffee mix is the best.
But such thoughts were not always heard.
“Eat your yummies. You need to so you can keep growing.”
  • Lets skip out on school. Yes…!
“Okay, now lift up your butt.”
This was an experience that he didn’t often feel, mom was changing his diapers.
  • huuuu(sighing). This month’s diaper bills...This is the second, even though i am trying to use less, the living expense is still huge.
“Money. Cost of living?”
As time passed he slowly started to learn the language and understand their thoughts.
This was sometimes depressing!
‘The world is so-so I guess.’
In the mind of a child this was a very difficult thought to comprehend.
He ate his food, was taken to sleep, and even then thoughts kept coming through constantly!
When he concentrated, he could hear the thoughts of the other people in the apartment.
  • This month’s secret…..my wife wouldn’t notice right?
  • This man’s house should be somewhere around here. If I catch him he's dead.
  • I want to go fishing. I want to go fishing. I want to go fishing.
  • I want to buy a speaker. Heh, to enjoy life as a bachelor. Let's see, 120 won monthly expenses, should I use it all?
Listening and understanding what the other people thought, the child’s mind matured faster than other children.
There were many thoughts about jobs, leading to a dismal attitude being created.
‘Men are all like that. Hmm….pure innocence in life is not helpful.’
Storybooks are not believable, there was certainly no Santa Claus, it was formidable for a six-year old to realize this.
When he began attending the daycare, the thoughts of other children could be heard.
  • Strawberry milk…..I’m so thirsty.
  • It’s mine. My toy!
  • I’m sleepy….I’m sleepy...I’m…
  • ehiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!
Simple minded children!
Yeon Woo was standing near the window was deep in thought.
In life there were things that he could not do. Nevertheless, listening to the other’s thoughts, he was more mature.
When in contact thoughts could be read more easily.
If he was in contact he could even read memories. Overall life can be rough,
with even one person’s life memories Yeon Woo’s mind was able to grow quickly.
(May need double checking as this part was quite unclear about what he could do)

Two Births
(part 2)

Yeon Woo observed people and learned about life.
‘One should not blindly believe in a person. The heart holds many secrets.’
‘Oh my gawd! Because of a friend our teacher’s 2 years salary all was lost.The saying ‘even between friends you shouldn’t lend out money’ is actually true. I shouldn’t even lend my toys. Even the toys could be lost.’
‘If you were to follow the trend in life, studying is the easiest way. Another way is developing skills.’
Also, he became very curious about his future life.
“Life goal…”
Being a man should give a head start to being an adult.
“What should I do in the future.”
I wish I had power and money.
If I don’t have it I won’t be able to have the toys that I want.
With his dad and mom, an 8 year old brother, his 6 year old self, a 4 year old younger brother and a 3 year old sister, they were a large harmonious family.
Of course the siblings quarreled everyday over the toys and the snacks, but nonetheless they were close.
With Yeon Woo it made a total of 4 children. Everyday mom and dad worried about living expenses, creating a heavy atmosphere that could be felt within the household.
“Popularity with women…..chuuuuk!”
Yeon Woo looked closely in the mirror at his face and body.
“Ahem. At least I look okay.”
The thoughts of adults about height and skin meant he knew how sensitive the topic was.
As he was still a child, he didn’t have sleek chin or high nose and if he took care of his face in the future he would look average.
‘Frankly I need to grow well because being a little better looking than average will be better’
Yeon Woo was listening to adult women’s thoughts and for majority of them they thought about paying early attention to their skin care.
More than children, Yeon Woo thought like adults!
As I looked into the mirror and contemplated on establishing a long-term plant for the future.
“Unfortunately, I need to eat well to grow well. As I grow I need to never have an unbalanced diet.”
In the future, as I grow up, I need to study in moderation.
Even though studying is not going to be my whole life, hearing other people’s thoughts everyday might make life become easier.
‘I should at least get into Seoul National University. Apparently its not that hard from other people’s thoughts about it.’
In the apartment above there lived a smart girl that ranked in the mock SAT scores at 10th place.

  • Heh, I just need to study a little more before I go to sleep. Studying is really easy. In particular, solving mathematical problems lets more time go past. I’m so happy!
After he heard her thoughts he was certain that he would have fun and it would be easy to study.
‘I don’t want to search here and there so I’ll just go to Seoul University. Learning two or three foreign languages is good for work right?’
The goal of my school life is at least get to Seoul National University.
‘I need at least start there so I can become a boss.’
A Company President!
If the company is too large there will be too much to do. It will be better if it’s a decent size.
‘About 5000 billion won annual income. With at least this amount of money you will have enough to eat and won’t live an uncomfortable life. If I need more money I can always work more.’
While playing with his toys in the Nursery, he was still intently thinking.
He and others were different in many ways.
Reading the thoughts of many people,one could know the intentions of others.
As a child he didn’t talk, or fully understand, but he understood enough of the other person’s thoughts and moved first.

-It happened again. How did he know i was just about to breastfeed?

He deliberately pretended that he didn’t know anything about his strange behavior.
If an ordinary kid revealed that they had special ability it is almost guaranteed that the public will disclose the information.
“Eyho” (a sound)
Still, Yeon Woo became happier.
As time passed, he had an extra advantage over other people,  and he would like to have a secret of his own.
Remember, if you are reading thoughts you will have an advantage over many others.
Even taking a test will be easy, even in a company fitting in with a disagreeable boss, it will be easy.
I could also know the specific desired amount of money another company wants for a deal, I will also know what kind of present I got.
However many troublesome thoughts distracted him

  • I am hungry. I want to eat food.
  • I want to play with Hee-jin in the sandcastle.  Hee-jin always wants to play with Yeon Woo.
  • I miss my mom. wahhhhhh.
  • Robot, I want a robot, robot, robot, robot.
He had to continually hear the loud bustling thoughts of the Kindergarten kids.

Two Births
(part 3)

‘Eugh. So annoying.’
Yeon Woo, for a while felt a strong pressure. His eyes could not open and his body wouldn’t move the way he wanted.
‘Where is this? I thought I was sleeping….’
He heard that insomnia patients can’t fall asleep easily.
‘I think it’s because I’m starting to do multiplication study, thats why. Definitely, the 6 year old course is a bit difficult.
Yeon Woo felt comfortable and slowly started to fall asleep with his thoughts.
Calmly and peacefully sleep deeply so that tomorrow can be a exhilarating day.
Just because I am a child doesn’t mean I don’t have worries, i need to have physical and mental strength to play with my friends.
‘The children are really too noisy. For many of them I don't know what they are talking about.
The sleeping became more suffocating. And his body felt like it was being sucked away somewhere by a force.
The dream felt too vivid and real.
Yeon Woo finally felt like it was a severe crisis.
This is not a normal day. Of course, there was no such thing as a common day for him.
‘Is this an abduction? Mom, I will not eat chocolate for a week. Please save me!’
Somewhere, the winds could be felt passing through his legs.
‘Its cold…..’
Outside the cold air and the coolness of the area could be felt.
‘This feels really real.’
And someone grab and pulled Yeon Woo out strongly. His body came out of the cramped but cozy place.
Yeon Woo suddenly had a hunch.
‘Have I been born again?’
Strangely he still had the memories intact about when he was born.
Taking the first step towards the world was making him anxious and afraid.
For some reason the body has a natural instinct to look for the mother.
Since the first time he was born everything seemed so much alike.
‘Why would I? How come? I am not some shopping good that needs to be exchanged...have I been exchanged or returned home?’
Yeon Woo didn’t know the reason but was trying to act clever. The majority of children like him  would have bellowed out a loud cry.
Yet he tried to turn his head which it did not move well trying to find his mother and father.
“owang.ooooooooowang.” (crying of a baby)
Swaket! (not sure what this means.)
‘What this? This feels gross.’
Moving his heavy head was hard but he saw something flying towards him.
“What’s that?...Its getting awfully close.It seems to rotate.’
Soon he realized what it was.
One long, deep blue axe!
He shouted in a loud heartfelt scream.
The axe was repelled after hitting a sword.
Yeon Woo is born a second time in an unknown underground area.
There was a torch that was surrounded, in the torchlight was a party of five people who were fighting a strange green monster.
A crossbow is fired, a strange fireball spirit traveled, a plate of iron drilled and a stream of water flowed towards the monster. The party was trying to protect the women that was giving birth from the monster.
They were talking to each other in a different language that Yeon Woo did not understand. Even though he could not interpret it, he had a rough idea of their inner thoughts.

Why was he born right now?
It’s not really my fault. You guys were the ones who wanted to go exploring.
Even so when and where is there no place to hide, if you have said in advance that she would give birth we wouldn’t have come.
The monster quickly was finished off.

Children in the Republic of Korea in their early stages of life can sometimes see a common couple fight!
‘Even though I am a bit weird to have a dream about it in a magic world.’
Yeon Woo moved his heavy head, moving his eyes so he could look at the people.

There was a man dressed in armor which was a combination of leather and iron, on his back rested a bow. The costume was a combination of a hunter and a warrior.
The middle-age man wearing a robe, with a wave of his hand a strange magic would shoot out of his hands and fly towards the monsters.
Then there was a pretty girl with a black skin that was the color of chocolate, a dark elf who could summon spirits.
And a small bearded dwarf who wielded a sharp axe.
Together with the woman giving birth it was a total of five people.
‘Its pretty.’
Yeon Woo laughed whenever the spirits went by.
Water spirits were pretty, exposed ladies. As the spirits busily moved around the water dripped on his face.
Yeon Woo’s scruffy face was washed by a warm clean cloth.
“guettt!” (sound)
The damaged monsters fought for a while but were exposed and stepped back.
‘They’re leaving. The fight looks like an epic battle in a movie….’
The woman watched Yeon Woo and breastfed him.
“oheoung!” (sound)
In Yeon Woo’s mouth, milk came out of the breast.
Its not even strawberry milk, chocolate milk, or banana milk but breastfeeding!
‘This tastes good. This isn’t a dream right?’


On the expedition they defeated monsters, sometimes the dwarf went ahead to disable a trap. His hands moved nimbly as if he has done it often.

Quickly, let’s go.
The child was just born wouldn’t it be better if we turned around?
We came here taking a risk only to loiter around? The next time we come around someone may have visited.
I am okay with it.
I think we are almost there, keep going.

Yeon Woo did not understand the story yet that was shared between them.
After his belly was full, push came to shove and he almost fell asleep.
‘I can’t sleep. Even if a spirit tiger goes past I need to pay attention. Even though if I stay awake I can’t do anything right now.’ (Not sure what the spirit tiger is referencing. I couldn’t find anything about it)
Even though he was sleepy he forced himself to continue to watch the exploration.
Yeon Woo was on the back of the dark elf. Human warrior, Rendall, and priest, Laurelle, were a couple. The magician, Heresa, liked to talk, and the dwarf always liked to drink beer at the end of every battle.
Yeon Woo continually tried to grasp the situation.

The child is not going to sleep.
In such a place it’s even difficult for a child to sleep. I’ll attend to him carefully though out the trip even if a battle breaks out and I move wildly. He’ll fall asleep quickly.
I am glad he doesn’t cry. He won’t stimulate the monsters and the group doesn’t have to worry.
By the way are there items nearby?
When they viewed the map it seems that they were almost there.
After this I need to quickly go back and do work soon.

The women that gave birth to Yeon Woo was chanting a prayer and there was a constant light casted upon her.
When exposed under the light, the wounds of any injured people would heal, the monsters shivered in fear when they saw it.
‘Its more quick and effective than the shots in the hospital.’
Yeon Woo was amazed, but even more than the healing, it was the magic and spirits that interested him.
‘Each time they use it I can feel a strange feeling. I think there is some strange energy related to it.’
Wrapped up on the back of the dark elf, he was enjoying the atmosphere of magic and spirits.
When hungry he drank milk from his mother Laurelle, while exploring the dungeon together.
The party moved at twice the pace of ordinary people .
‘What is their identity?’
Yeon Woo was very curious regarding them.
Dungeons are full of monsters and traps and they walked into this extremely smelly one.
Finally, after all their suffering, they arrived at their destination.
There was a large coffin with a jewel embedded into it, knight’s armour was displayed in the room with it.
In the other room there was considerable amount of gold and magic items piled up in a heap.

Finally we are here.
Indeed it is Count Roheduran’s Dungeon.
No need to wait any longer we should gather it quickly.
Grab all the money and let’s get out of here. We don’t have to worry about money for a good while.

A manly warrior, a magician that could cast magic while jumping, the dwarf dealt who with the traps, the dark elf who could accurately shoot arrows far away, and the mother priest!
They opened their packs and put the items in it.
Yeon Woo was finally able to determine the identities of his parents.
‘Ah. So they’re tomb robbers!’

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