Volume 12 Chapter 3

By Wing - 8:15 AM

Silmido of hell.

Lee Hyun had done nothing in preparation for the MT.

‘I don’t want to do anything that’ll be deemed unnecessary.’

The samurai’s doctrine of complacency was the best course of action and the easiest.

However, the group got together to discuss and prepare.

The progression of the meeting was in charge by Park Sunjo. Seoyoon too, specifically came to school to attend the preparation meeting.

“Well then, everybody share the things that you can do. Is there anybody who knows how to cook?”


At the end of Park Sunjo’s question, all were silent.

“…well, if it is food, we can roughly get around to it. Then next, does anybody know how to put up a tent?”


“Is there anyone who likes the outdoor more than staying inside the house? It’d be really good if you have mountainous experiences.”


Seoyoon was already silent to begin with, but everybody else had their head bowed and was quiet.

Other than studying at school, the all had no other experiences.

It seemed that in the frequent trips they took, they did not bother for any of these things.

Lee Hyun’s eyes plunged into the darkness.

‘You incompetent fools!’

Park Sunjo’s forehead was shining from the sweats formed.

For all of them, this was the first time they’ve done anything like this, and thus, didn’t know what to do.

10 minutes passed, and then onto 20, the meeting was going nowhere fast.

Inevitably, Lee Hyun was forced to comment.

“What do you say we start arranging with the necessary supplies first, due to the fact we have a limited budget. Since we don’t have much time left, just suggesting things and we all deem whether it’s really essential or not.”

“That’s right. Let’s start with things we see fit.”

Having Min Sura favoring the idea, each began inputting what they thought was necessary afterward.


“If we’re going to cook food to eat, then we need cookware and burner.”

“We need meat and water…we really can’t go without water.”

“Since we need to sleep at night, we need a set of blankets.”

“Wash towels are also essential.”

“Cell phone charger.”

“Cosmetics too…and bowls, cups, spoons, chopsticks.”

“I almost forgot! The pinnacle of all travels is photos. I’ll bring a camera.”

It seemed throwing in ideas rekindled their livelihood. And then, Choi Sang-jung face frowned.

“But these stuffs, we need to prepare them within the 50,000 Won per person limit…and also, we’re all going have to carry them. How the hell are we going to carry them all?”

Once again, the planning seemed to hit a wall.

“The money is a problem.”

“To be limited to 50,000 Won per person is really like having nothing at all.”

“How do other groups prepare with this?”

“I figured we should just buy a box of ramen and eat them everyday.”

Credits were associated with the MT!

All were well aware that this was a viable and important option, for the general trend of most groups was to buy ramen to eat.

Every meal consists of only ramen!

Lee Yuu-Chong forehead wrinkled as he spoke as if it couldn’t be helped.

“Anyway, I think ramen is a good option. Including Sulanju and rice, I think that good enough.”

Then Park Sunjo also gave his consent.

“So is ramen ok?”

3 days and 2 nights!

That meant having 6 or more meals consisted of only ramen!

Although the activities that they have to do during the MT hadn’t came out yet, they all generally expected that it wasn’t going to be easy.

Still, having to force down and endure meals of only ramen was the decision to uphold.

“What other alternative do we have…”

“You sure it should be ramen?”

Choi Sang-jung and Min Sura moments later also confirmed.

Lee Hyun eventually decided to come forward. People then entrusted him to be the person-in-charge because it was far more convenience for them.

Friday morning.

Since they were in the vicinity of the marketplace, Lee Yuu-Chong, Park Sunjo, and Choi Sang-jung gathered.

Because of Lee Hyun.

He strongly opposed to ramen.

“Even for me, I cannot handle having ramen at every meal.”

Ramen as food wasn’t bad.

Rather, to Lee Hyun, it was the most valuable food.

Back in his old life of economic hardship, where he was burdened with the inability to buy rice and had to buy the inexpensive ramen.

It was the biggest help that filled his enduring hunger when in dire needs.

Even now, sometimes along with his grandma and younger sister, they would boil the ramen and eat it with kimchi in reminiscence.

‘But I cannot eat six straight meals of just ramen.’

He had eaten way too much ramen in his childhood that he learned all the secrets within all of them. So now, he just want to eat ramen as a sometimes food.

Also, six meals of ramen meant that they won’t have a balanced nutrition.

“Rather, whether it’s eating or sleeping, let me prepare the necessary tools to live.”

He had told them he would take care of the essentials in accordance to the given budget, but they remained dubious and came to clarify.

Lee Hyun came exactly on time; he looked to his colleagues and nodded.

“You’re all here.”


“Then let’s go.”

Lee Hyun then took them into the agricultural wholesales market.

Only having just entered the market, even the seemingly intelligent Lee Yuu-Chong didn’t know.

“The supermarket’s much more comfortable. So why are we here?”

He privately murmured insinuatingly. It was not long after the appearance of the supermarkets that the era of the marketplaces was fading.

Lee Hyun didn’t want to explain the complexity. He had to buy a lot of stuff here so he didn’t want to be relaxed.
“You’ll know when you see it. And this place isn’t like the usual marketplace.”

From the entrance to the wholesale market, there were different types of butcher shops, rice stores, grocers, bowl stores. There were all kinds of stores.

The moment he saw the pricing list, Lee Yuu-Chong mouth did not close.

“No way! 100 grams of pork is 1,400 Won!”

In the supermarket it’s usually 2,200 Won for that much, so nearly half of that value! Rice, vegetables, or fruit prices were also unparalleled.

“Are all these stuff imported?”

When Lee Yuu-Chong asked, Lee Hyun shook his head.

“There’s not much to profit off of pork to do it. Fish is imported though, it’s like that anywhere.”

“Why so cheap!”

“They’re just small shops. These outdoor shops aren’t big, and also have been doing for more than 10 years and brought them here directly from their fields.”

Lee Yuu-Chong called his mother and had her checked at a few sections only to find out how severe the price differences could be.

The shop owners saw Lee Hyun and began to horselaugh.

“Young man, you’re coming twice today?”

His sister already came at dawn due to their periodic changes to get the items to prepare the meals, so they thought he had come back once again for the same purpose.

“Yes, hello. I’m going with these guys on an MT trip so I need several different items.”

“Well, come one then. I’ll sell them cheap, of course. So are they also bachelor college students?”


Lee Hyun was selecting the meat from then on.

‘Since were on a budget, I’ll start with the most expensive.’

He chose 2 kilograms of each of the pork belly, neck, and ribs.

The meat bought in corresponding to the 8 people eating for three days and two nights, so it seemed right. Since he didn’t know whether it was lacking or not, so he got pork chops just in case.

“It’s not much but here are some ham hocks on the house.”

“Thank you.”

The next place Lee Hyun went to was the grocer!

By the way, when cooking, if you don’t have fresh vegetables to accompany the meat, you won’t be able to wake up your taste buds.

At this place here, Choi Sang-jung and Park Sunjo were disheveled.

Poram Vegetable 21.

Dapeojwo Vegetable 19.

From there, the grocers’ name didn’t change their pattern.

There was almost no vegetable on display; while the ones that were, were still inside the box with the box top cut off, boxes stacked on each other.

Lee Hyun picked the lettuce, onion, and cabbage boxes.

“How much are they?”

“3,000 Won for a box of lettuce, onion 3,000 Won, cabbage is 5,000 Won.”

“Please give me parsleys, leeks, garlic, peppers, and potatoes too.”

“How much do you need?”

“A lot. Enough for 8 people for 3 days and 2 nights worth.”

“For you students 90,000. I’ll give you a lot!”

The grocers pulled out boxes one after another to give him. There were eight extra sweet potatoes lying on top of them.

“These are only 7,000 Won for all.”

Lee Hyun hesitated for a moment before receiving.

“If you sell it at that, doesn’t it mean it’ll go south pretty soon…”

“It’s because nowadays we’ve got too much sweet potatoes so they’re cheap. Just take them.”

Once all the boxes were placed, Lee Hyun turned and asked.

“Do you also want to eat fruits?”

“Huh? Yes. I can eat then if we have them to eat.”

Lee Yuu-Chong in embarrassment replied with a slur.

In the tight budget of 50,000 Won per person; even when they had came up with a guideline, they never expected to be able to buy everything they could.

Of course, they never planned to have fruits. But as it happened, they went along with Lee Hyun to the store.


“You’re back, bachelor.”

“Yes. How much for the strawberries?”

“2 boxes for 4,000 Won. I’ll round the items in the front to 3,000.”

“Please give me two of the good ones. Cheap please.”

“Cha! Here’s just for healthy guys like you. Just 3,000 Won.”

Choi Sang-jung and Park Sunjo loudly exclaimed.


“What kind of prices is this low?”

It seemed as if they came to a strange country. While they were pushing carts in the market to purchase items, they had no clue about the existence of this place.

Anyway, to the disarray of the other party members, with everything up to the strawberries, they were far from reaching the budget limit.

Lee Yuu-Chong asked excitedly.

“Aren’t just the tent, cookwares, and oven left and we’re going to make it!”

Lee Hyun shook his head just once.

“The MT preparation was to be entrusted to me. So I will take care of getting ready.”

“We’re ordered to not borrow any tools.”

“I’ll take care of everything. On a side note, who here can’t eat pork chops so I’ll buy some other food?”

“If that’s all we have then it’s fine, but…”

Lee Hyun took them on a trip around the marketplace, and bought a bit of shrimps, tofu, and shell fish.

Also, he did not forget to buy red pepper, bean paste, salt, and seasonings.

“You eat chicken, right?”

When Lee Hyun asked, the now tired Lee Yuu-Chong simply nodded. Park Sunjo and Choi Sang-jung had long since turned into quiet porters.

“I’ll bring a chicken from home and treat it as a wholesale price.”

“From home?”

“Because we raise them in the yard.”

“Ah. You’re raising them as pets.”

“Nah. As for human consumption.”


“I raised them since they were chicks and when they bear eggs I raised those too.”

“But it must have been hard to raise the chickens so we can’t just eat them.”

“It’s ok, we have 7 chickens at home. First is Boiled Egg. Second is Sunny Side Up.”

“No way, those are their names?”

“Correct. The third one is called Mother Hen. Because she raises the chicks. Or I should call her the Protagonist since she’s also one that bears new arrivals. From the forth one upward are classified as food. Soup, Fried, and Sauce. The seventh one is the youngest, Half Sauce Half Fried. The naming process is altered by family branches, but the full name doesn’t get pass on from generation to generation.” (that is, 2nd gen - ‘half fried’, 3rd gen - ‘fourth fried,’ never just fried.)


Do not expect warmth from Lee Hyun. Even chickens he raised are just food!


Port of Incheon waterfront terminal.

Students were chatting away about the upcoming ‘pleasant’ MT.

“Uwhew, it’s finally today.”

“I only wish today had not come.”

“How much are we’re gunna suffer.”

The sophomores and the more seniority students were already in haggard appearances.

The generations who had already done an MT weren’t at all relief.

They weren’t so confident about the special concept of the MT trip.

“But it’s the coast this time around. It’s on a small and pretty island too, so it’s better off.”

“Come to think of it, the last time it was hard because we had to climb a lot of mountains. This time, that’s not going to happen.”

“Oh btw, what kind of food did your group prepared?”

“Instant ramen. We also have around 1 kilo of pork to eat.”

“Sounds a lot like us.”

“With a budget this low, I bet all the other groups are like this also.”

The new students were carefully taking to the seniors in order to enjoy their time.

The purpose of the MT trip was to build up motivation and it was an opportunity to make a good relationship with the seniors!

Lee Hyun and his group members also huddled up.

“What the hell is that?”

His group members had no intention to show the materials and tools Lee Hyun had prepared.

Contained in the black vinyl bags consisted of unknown things!

It didn’t feel like the normal tools such as tent, oven, or cookware.

There was even one with holes perforated into it, while the sounds of struggled flapping and knocking came from within.

Kkokkodek! (cockadoo)

“Shup it!”

After Lee Hyun’s piercing shout, the sound from out of nowhere stopped.


“No way…”

To the group member’s surprise, the cold eyes of Lee Hyun let off slightly.

“There’s less taste from frozen meat.”

Lee Hyun did not bring an ice box.

It was heavy and expensive to use only just once so he didn’t see the point.

Instead, the frozen pork was thrown into a Styrofoam box.

He then threw in a few extra ice bags, and completely sealed it with wrapping tapes.

With that, it should be able to retain that degree for about 23 days.

However, there was no point to do it to the chicken.

Between raw and frozen meat, there was a subtle difference in taste.

Because of that, the selling prices were different.

So, Lee Hyun chose to bring the youngest Half Sauce Half Fried raw rather than having him frozen.

If you are not Lee Hyun then don’t even think about it!

After a bit more time had passed, it was the right time to get on the ferry.

“Well then, let’s get on the boat. We’re departing.”

With the professors leading, the students followed and boarded the ship.

The students had no intention to watch the sea from the deck.

The waves calmly rolled and the seagulls lazily glided above.

For the students who are first timer on a boat, this was a very strange experience for them.

“The boat’s rocking.”

“This is a volleyball.”

Conversations broke out with the boys trying to cozy up with the girl they like as they straddled next to the girls.
A moment in time to enjoy the peaceful happiness.

Also, at Lee Hyun’s side was Seoyoon.

Ever since Incheon, she stayed at Lee Hyun’s side.

He was her only trusted friend, so she did not want to leave his side.

‘You’re planning to preoccupy me up till Incheon as well.”

While Lee Hyun was trembling in fear, he did not want to miss the opportunity of seeing Seoyoon's face so close to him.

‘Ima watch you in detail to make the best sculpture.’

Standing next to her, at this distance, he was close enough that it was possible for him to see any facial fuzz.

In the wind, her ebony hair dispersed gently as it passed.

In Baran village, and in the north, every time there was a need, he would sculpt Seoyoon from what he felt.

He wanted to express bits and bits more of her beauty when creating sculptures.

In this moment, he wanted to imprint a picture permanently onto something instead of his mind.

For Lee Hyun, this was the first time he ever felt that.

‘Need to have a picture, there’s no point in having it in my memory and can’t recall it when I need to…’

He felt as if the whole ocean was drowning in her ambiance.

Seoyoon's beauty was to that extent.

Additionally, the corners or her lip slightly elevated!

If he didn’t see it that close then he would have never saw the change in expression.

‘That’s nice to have.’

Lee Hyun had observed Seoyoon's expression very closely, but he did not know what she was feeling.

Seoyoon was happy, though she did not show a wider smile.

With the boat having been at sea for a long time, she was getting comfier with time.

The professors came out onto the deck and took off their coats.

They appeared to be Marine uniforms!

“This is the perfect time to tell you about this MT trip.”

The remark was made by Professor Ju Jonghun.

The students gathered together on the deck and wait for him to talk in silence.

“As you may have known, the original location of this MT was at Seung Bong Do. It is an extremely beautiful island. But it became clear that for this trip, for the purpose of having a wildlife experience, it was not fitting; so we cancelled. It’ll be better for you to visit Seung Bong Do at a later date.”

Ju Jonghun said this while expanding his smile.

“It’d be good to know in advance that it isn’t Seung Bong Do.”

“Then, where are we going for this MT, professor?”

Asked the senior students, be Ju Jonghun did not leak anything.

“You’ll find that out eventually. In the mean tine, you don’t need to worry too much about it. It’s Sil…nah, though this island makes sense for this trip. It’s truly the wilderness and has the spirit of selflessness; it’s the best location to take advantage of the opportunity to nurture the blazing hot camaraderie!”

Due to the professor’s remark, the students were buzzing busily making guesses.

“Hmm where at. Certainly make sense if it’s one of the islands in the Yellow Sea.”

“Nope, not there.”

There are numerous of beautiful islands belonging Republic of Korea in the Yellow Sea.

The fishermen would board their ship and go fishing, while the rest of their families are to remain working on the fields in wait.

The students were still pondering about the island and had no intention of letting up guessing its name.

But many of the senior students had already given into the immense sense of disappointment and began gazing toward the abandoned Incheon ports.

“I should have never come on this MT.”

“With the new and returning students, I figured this is a great opportunity to mingle with girls.”

Lee Hyun too, wanted to clear the many misconceptions the students thought about him being a returnee.

He wanted to get along with the freshmen and reiterate that he was also a freshman.

Or else, all that was left about spending time at school was the depression of singularity.

With this ambition in mind, he was willing to carry this out during this trap of an MT.

“Why’d he say that place.”

“Huwew, please don’t remind me…”

“Give me a life vest so I can swim away from here.”

The returning students have already guessed the location.

The professor’s slip of the tongue of the first syllable pretty much gave them the island.

‘Sil’ was that character.

The island was the tile of a film with a base audience at the box office of a whopping 10 million viewers and made the island famous.

Nowadays, not many people knew of the island itself; in the usually cases, even the returning seniors, most made the connection to the film in its stead.



“Why that place...”


For the seniors, it was exactly like they predicted.

Southwest of the Ports of Incheon, the ship arrived at Silmido!

What welcomed them were the sandy beach and the foreshore.

Their hardship was just beginning.

“Here is the MT timetable. Please keep an eye out for this; hopefully we can smoothly match the times set for the MT.”

[Your day by day is tabulated here.]
Day 1 – Arrival at 1100.
-1200 Group meal:
    Cannot use matches or lighters.

    Live as those in the wilderness, make your own fire.

    Once fire’s done, you can start with the meal preparation.
-1400 Training course of hell #1:
    Run one lap around the island on the shore; race to be the first 30 people.

    Whoever arrives afterward must run another lap.

    However, if you can’t do it and give in, one of your members can take on the duty in your stead.

    The group will do so until it is dinner hours; if not finished by then, having dinner is prohibited.
-1700 Group dinner and rest.
-2000 Courage test:
    Each group will be given a specific target to be reclaimed in the mountain.

    The group that obtains many targets will be presented with an exception.
-2300 Bed time.
Day 2 – Wake at 0600, toiletries.
-0700 Group meal.
-0800 Training course of hell #2:
    Lunges 300 meters, then get on wooden canoes and row 1 trip around the island.
-1200 Group meal.
-1300 Sport competitions.
    Events: Football(soccer), wrestling, log (bridge) boxing, lug of war, no exceptions. Unconditional participation.

    Souvenirs to groups according to performance.
-1700 Break.
Sincere information exchanges between the grades as you share drinks. Talent show.
-2200 Free time from here.
    If you want, you can sleep as long as possible.
Day 3 – wake at 0800, toiletries.
-0900 Meal:
    Each group can make you own food and share with the entire lot.
-1000 Clean up.
-1100 Free to tour Silmido.
-1300 Returning.
[Writing this is an enormous pain…huek…]

The so-called timetable of hell!

If it was the usual MT, they’d be busy playing and eating.

But as the professors who planned this MT, they firmly swore.

“Unconditional wilderness! And hell’s training!”

The groups were made to take care of the preparations themselves, and now the intensity of the training was raising the works to a higher height.

After putting together the timetable, the professors were very pleased.

“We’ve completed this good timetable and are now heading back.”

“It’s necessary to adhere to this guideline.”

“This is a bit generous already so don’t ask for more. We won’t do it.”


The professors recalled last year’s Teacher’s Day.

It was a sad day since they did not receive a single flower or gift from the students!

But this was not done through vengeance due to that.

It most definitely was not.


The timetable was accepted with some concerns.

“Do you think they’ll really commit to this ridiculous thing?”

“It has to be a joke.”

The symptoms of escaping reality!

While still dubious, each set their baggage on the open and spacious sand.

“Well then, let’s set up our place.”

They did not care for breakfast and got started working on their settlement.

Each wanted to start early before night falls so they pulled out the equipment to set up the tents.

Most groups had essentially got a tent that could accommodate eight people to sleep in.

The tent, within the given allotted budget, spent most of it.

As for Lee Hyun, it was a different story.

“Our group will also set up an accommodation.”

Yet, the stuffs he removed from the compressed baggage were Styrofoam, aluminum rods, and building insulators that were used on construction sites.

“That’s the tent?”

The group members were dazzled in confusion.

Lee Hyun was carrying most of the stuff so they didn’t know most of the things acquired.

“We’re not going to make a tent. We’re going to create a temporary place to live.”


Park Sunjo asked cautiously.

“But we’re lacking a lot of materials to build something like that.”

Lee Hyun only removed a total of eight rods.

The insulators and the Styrofoam were barely able to fill one backpack.

“I know. Without the rest of the materials, these wont be enough.”

“Then how…”

“Local sourcing! I’m gonna go get things to make pillars and roof so you guys wait here.”

Lee Hyun pulled a saw from the tool box. Then he went into the woods nearby.

The group members then, were truly speechless.

Although the mountain was not very big and the woods weren’t completely dense or hazardous, his unexpected behavior caused them to be in the state of static panic.

Surprisingly, Lee Hyun returned pretty soon.

Along with the saw he brought, there was an additional tree he cut.

The dead and fallen tree branches were intertwined with other branches and kept close to the trunk.

He returned with the tree on his back, dragging it by the trunk.

Lee Hyun’s shoulders and arm muscles tighten as he kept the tension onto the material.

After his tendons thickened, he was overflowing with physical attractiveness.

It was not an exaggeration to call him a wreck once before, but thanked to the workouts in the Dojang, he built a strong body.

‘Look at those chest and forearm.’

‘His abdomen looks rock hard.’

Most of the girl’s eyes sparkled.

The members of the other groups privately talked about Lee Hyun.

Since then, the teachers also looked toward him with interests.

“Materials are all prepare, so I’ll build a house.”

Lee Hyun nailed the aluminum rods deep into the ground.

And on the ceiling, he has established a solid roof using the branches.

Choi Sang-jung didn’t like the roof very much.

“When it rains, it’ll leak through and put out the fire.”

The cut off branches were woven together and looked quite sturdy.

But if there were too many small openings, it would be too vulnerable against the rain drops regardless of its constitution.

Likewise, rain couldn’t possibly come.

As for Choi Sang-jung, since he hadn’t lifted a single finger, he wanted to be somewhat useful by pointing out and highlighting anything.

In fact, the other group members were also worrying over that point.

If they encounter a shower in the middle of their sleep, it can be a big problem.

“I’m not finished yet.”

Lee Hyun relieved all the concerns of the group members.

The roof was covered with the throwaway transparent plastic.

Three or so layers of the see-through vinyl covering and secured with a line to complete the perfect roof.

The walls were formed by the transparent vinyl around the aluminum rods with silicon sealant briskly applied; the roof and the walls could handle a big storm quite a bit.

In comparison to the others’ tents, their temporary residence was twice as spacious.

“Do you think making the entrance at the wall facing the sea is good?”

Lee Hyun asked for his group’s opinions, but everyone simply nodded their heads, stunned.

Lee Hyun moved stompstompstomp on the material.(will mention below)

With each sound, the residence was getting closer and closer to completion.

Without a hint of hesitation, along with the proficiency in crafting, the pace was terrifyingly fast.

Lee Hyun pierced an entrance facing toward the sea.

After cutting the multiple overlapping layers of plastic, with the easy installation of a zipper, it was complete.

Lying in a tent, there was no view of the ocean.

With theirs, whether it was the wall, roof, or entrance, they were made of with transparent vinyl; so even when night comes, they can see the stars of the heaven.

The moonlit vinyl beach house!

Listening to the sound of the waves, the atmosphere will halt anyone and put them to sleep.

‘Making a house is insignificant; it is way easier than creating sculptures.’

To create the myriad of sculptures that he did required a significant imagination.

The basic of the sculptures was to harmonize with the surrounding environment.

To Lee Hyun, creating a house best suited for the beach was not a big deal.

He also strengthened the constitution of the ground below.

It took no time to do so, and then he lined it with Styrofoam with the building insulator to top it off.

These days, there was no problem to use these adequate building materials to make something of this level and have it last a couple of days.

Though, it could be a comfortable home for a month or so without the group.

It required a more robust built for it to last a storm if it was to hit; but it wasn’t the season for such weather, so their concerns were alleviated.

“It’s done. Let’s move our luggage inside.”

Lee Hyun led them all inside; once in, the group members looked around.

It was pleasant and wide, while the floor was relatively cushioned.

“This is great.”

“Really comfortable. More so than tent for sure.”

Hong Seonye and Jung Eunhee were comfortable and didn’t hold back their words.

The other groups were still busy setting up the tents and struggling with it; while they were the only group that had a comfortable house that finished in a flash.

Until now, Hong Seonye, the once with no interest and negligent to Lee Hyun, came up to him.

“It seems you have an interest in interior design or architecture and such. I think a man with such a hobby is really ideal.”

It was evident that her awareness of Lee Hyun had positively improved.

Lee Hyun replied honestly.

“If they work 3 months as a manual laborers, anybody can do this.”

“You also have an excellent sense of humor.”

Hong Seonye took what he said as a joke and laughed it off.

Seoyoon also looked around the temporary residence and her face showed she was comforted.

She wasn’t someone who can simply mingle with others. At night, it also wasn’t easy for her to fall asleep.

Throughout the duration of the MT trip, she was concerned over this point; but was relieved due to the comfortable and spacious house.

As such, it took Lee Hyun’s group half the time of the other groups pitching their tents to complete their temporary residence.

Although it wasn’t specifically anything awkward, Lee Hyun was fidgeting around because he had finished too fast in comparison to the other groups.

“Chaa, Let’s eat.”

Lee Hyun grabbed hold of the materials to cook the meal himself.

As usual, there was no other reason than that it was difficult for the rest.

He washed the rice in the pot, and set it on a crevice of rocks.

Then a bit after, he picked up the pot and set it below the trees.

“By the way, about the fire.”

Lee Yuu-Chong and Min Sura as well as the girls came over with curious gaze.

There was no doubt Lee Hyun’s actions further proved that he was a returnee in their eyes.

The reason for their hearts lightening up was mainly because he easily set up the house.

“I'll make it of course.”


“I wonder if I have some tool to make it easier…”

Lee Hyun wondered for a moment.

If he had a magnifying glass, then it was possible with the use of the sun’s rays and have it directed it a paper to make fire.

It was easily the easiest and most comfortable method.

‘Don’t have a magnifying glass, but there is a roundabout way to do it.’

He brought the clear vinyl to take advantage of them and create a habitat.

He could also use it to fill it with water to collect the rays.

But it’d be a bit tricky, since he’ll have to tear off some of the vinyl he used earlier.

“Then we’ll just use wood to start a fire.”

Lee Hyun looked for a suitable tree.

On a piece of dry wood, he put a bit of some dry grass, then used a dry branch and rubbed it back and forth.

He did not forget to blow on it to refresh the oxygen in the bundle.


Pretty soon after, a thick bluish smoke preceded the coming fire.

Although it seemed like an easy thing to do; if one lacked the experience, it was absolutely not an easy task.

‘Done it plenty in Royal Road is all.’

When he was at the novice level, he didn’t have the money to get flint. Thus, he spent time rubbing branches to make fire.

Complete devotion to spare a penny!

Later in reality, he tried to do the same thing as his memories entailed.

He was a Sculptor in Royal Road.

In real life also, sometimes, he would suddenly get the urges to make a fire out of wood as practice while he was shearing trees.

The first few times he failed plenty in succession, at the end of a four hours long endeavor that he could finally produce fire.

The Sculptor class brought him another advantage!

He used those experiences to kindle this fire.


The group members were amazed while watching the flame.

In the usual case, one can use a readily available lighter to make a fire; but in this case, the speculation of creating a fire outdoor gave a different atmosphere.

Lee Hyun used that fire to cook the meal.

The given meal time was two hours due to condition set forth to make and keep the fire lit.

With the generous amount of time given, he leisurely took his time to boil the pork.

They could also boil the ham hocks to eat too.

“Ah, I’m hungry.”

“C’mon and boil!”

The other groups hurriedly took out their burners and cookware to boil water.

However, there was one thing they needed to first.

They were busy clamoring about with painful blisters forming while rubbing the wood.

“Can’t do it, it’s tough…”

“Copy that group over there.”

At the end of the groups’ suffering, using camera lens and such tools, they made a meal of ramen with their kindled fire.

Nevertheless, there were many groups that could not eat.

Because from then on, it was time for the training course of hell.

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  1. I get really excited and anxious when it talks about his being in college because most of the experiences in it were in virtual reality

    1. yea, its refreshing to see Weed who want to live normal college life ... compared to everyday-greedy-goblin

    2. hahahaha "greedy goblin" xD made my day. thank you very much for this laugh :D

  2. I wish my college did stuff like this.

    1. Really? That schedule was hellish. Plus most groups wouldn't be so lucky as to have someone like Weed and 50, 000 is barely anything. About $60 and camping equipment is majorly expensive.

    2. It's 60 per person. that means 480 per group. BUYING camping equipment is expensive but you can rent it for fairly cheap. They really shouldn't be struggling with this, it isn't particularly difficult(except the fire starting, that's difficult)

    3. @the Anon before me: it is said in the text that renting something is forbidden ;)

    4. They only forbade matches and lighters. You can get flint & steel quite cheaply and it's not so hard.

    5. But it is hard, near to impossible to light fire with a stick+your hands. You need to prepare so much, it's hard to find a vid on youtube which actually shows people creating an outdoor fire 100% without any pre-made materials.
      You don't just "rub sticks with your hands". You need a stick with a smooth, circular surface to grind against a concave surface of wood in order to collect enough heat to create charcoal. To create the charcoal, you need yet another wooden, flat surface.

      There are a shit ton of ways to start a fire, but it's never "grind two sticks together". The easiest way is probably with a bowstring, but that takes even MORE preparations.
      Also: Any college which would subject their science-major students to laborious physical torment, would get their funding and reputation sucked out and be left for dead. Not to mention the very plausible law suits.

    6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. reminds me of my chickens.... i named one mc and the other nugget..... needless to say there were my two favorite chicken food items on the mcdonalds menu..... everyone thought i was being cruel but i loved them so....

    1. Crueler than bringing them up like live stock, to be butchered and cooked?
      Cruel my arse, people have an odd sense of morality.

    2. Breeding animals to eat is not cruel.
      We breed chickens and rabbits and once a year we buy a calf that we eat. Nothing tastes better than meat that had a good life while it lives.

    3. As someome who lived with grandparents who raised chickens to eat, it sounds incredibly normal. Also I've been catching chickens, killing, and wetting them almost every Sunday morning from the age of 7 to 12. So the videos where people cry after killing their first chicken really amuses me.

  4. -1700 Break.
    Sincere information exchanges between the grades as you share drinks. Talent show.
    I can already see Weed horifying everyone with his singing

  5. I'm tired of everyone hating how greedy hyun is. He was poor and he had to straggle for money. He still does and he's playing the game in order to pay for college, his cat of living, and his grandmothers medical fees. Plus his greedy nature is charming. So please stop being so hypocritical

    1. It's just that sometimes his treatment towards others seems kinda unfair. His twisted way of thinking could really hurt Seoyoon if their misunderstandings were revealed.

    2. I know right it get's damn right annoying when they say he's twisted and half of them have not been through a third of what he's been through. I know rich people with way worse of personality than his and people who have only been through half the stuff, have the same personality as weed.

    3. South Korea get your child abour laws in check ;)

    4. The fact that Hyun is a greedy pleb is not precisely the issue.
      The problem is...The fact he's so ego-centric, contradicts every single person whom respects and cares for him.

      If the protagonist is a narcissistic monolith of greed, why on earth do we have those characters around him which pretend to be his friends? They're not. He does not feel like he is capable of having friends, yet the author is trying to fool us into thinking: "Ye, people totally love this annoying son of a bitch for some reason!"

      I kept waiting for Hyun to show his good side, but he never does. He's just a super-awesome-amazing Gary Stu. The entire universe gravitates around him, and nobody else matters because they do not even dance to the same rhythm as the protagonist.

      Again: The protagonist is borderline narcissistic, yet the story pretends to not only be about the protagonist. If the prota is narcissistic, there is no room for anyone else other than his ego.
      Everyone other than the prota feels utterly pointless and out of place to the story.
      This is why I find Hyun to be annoying. He is the antagonist of his own story.

    5. pfffffffffffff ego-centric and narcissistic weed? lol ridiculous Man,so narcissistic that almost donates organs to help his sister to go to university ....... very clear very narcissistic and egocentric hahaha

  6. Lee Hyun: 'You incompetent fools'... XD

  7. "Or else, all that was left about spending time at school was the depression of singularity."

    That's not what Singularity means.

  8. But it is hard, near to impossible to light fire with a stick+your hands. You need to prepare so much, it's hard to find a vid on youtube which actually shows people creating an outdoor fire 100% without any pre-made materials.
    You don't just "rub sticks with your hands". You need a stick with a smooth, circular surface to grind against a concave surface of wood in order to collect enough heat to create charcoal. To create the charcoal, you need yet another wooden, flat surface.

    There are a shit ton of ways to start a fire, but it's never "grind two sticks together". The easiest way is probably with a bowstring, but that takes even MORE preparations.

  9. On one hand, it sounds ridiculous...on the other hand, it wouldn't surprise me. Kids these days don't know how to buy at the market?....okay. Weirder stuff has happened

  10. I say screw with RR because im loving his college life :D

  11. Lee Hyun my hero.

  12. What the f* is wrong with the translation for this episode? It makes my head hurt! Well, I'd say better than none. (F is for frustrating anyway)

  13. This is a really good read for me, Must admit that you are one of the best bloggers I ever saw.Thanks for posting this informative article.
    Chick Chat Episode 8

  14. Is there no one else concern with the time line of the series? A human day = 2 inside of the fame. Thus he will miss 4.5 days within the game while during this MT trip.