Volume 7 Chapter 3

By Wing - 2:13 AM

The Lich Shire

The glorious Undead Legion was horrifying.

Individually, they were very strong monsters, but they were even more terrifying as a group.

The faces of the Orcs and Dark Elves paled as they saw the Undead Legion.

Some of the Orcs even abandoned their weapons and fled from the battlefield!


Mapan was also horrified. The Undead Legion held this much of a presence!

“Kue! Kue!”

“Kill everyone! Make more allies. Ku ku ku!”

The Serpa Witches broke out laughing.

Ancient Undead soldiers and giant monsters began to attack. They tried to climb over each other in order to scale the walls.

It was a disaster!

However, to Mapan, Weed seemed relieved and full of life.

It was a bit boring until now, but I finally have a battle worth fighting seriously over.

Well, guess it’s my time to give a complete display of my strength, and experience more thrills flowing through me.

Fighting this army will be a lot more fun.

Of the Undead Legion, Zombies and Ghosts were fewest in numbers, but individually, they are powerful monsters.

Never before were there this many strong monsters gathered together for a reason, and he was going to take them all on.

Suddenly, Weed raised his hands.

“I am just starting. Dark Elves, prepare to fire!”

Weed walked to the Dark Elves who were waiting on the high ridges since the start of the battle. There were fifty thousand arrows available for their bows. The Dark Elves pointed their bows askew at the sky and waited for Weed’s command.



This was the first arrow attack since the battle started.

The myriad of arrows completely covered the sky. The fifty thousand arrowheads that he had saved sparked under the sun.

“Above... from the mountains. Its bad... comforting feeling.”

“Do not stop.”

The Undead Warriors lifted their shields over their heads.

Looking like old relics, the shields, probably dating back to more than a hundred years, crumbled after being pelted by the arrows. Those without shields had to stop the arrows by blocking them with their bare arms.


With arrows landing everywhere, the ancient Undead soldiers cried out in pain. But one ancient Undead soldier secretly laughed.

“Ke ke ke ke!”

His body size was unusually large with wide spaces between his bones. Thanks to that, the arrows luckily just passed between his bones, causing no damage.

“Ke ke!”

The ancient Undead Soldier’s jaw was wide open as he laughed in delight.

“Second volley ready. Fire!”

Arrows rained down every second, due to Weed’s orders.

The ancient Undead Soldier again, crossed it’s arms and just looked up at the sky as the arrows passed between his bones.

Countless numbers of silver arrows rapidly rained on the ground.


The Undead screeched painfully.

The light was painful to the Undead.

“Night is going away!”

The arrows in the Undead made them look like hedgehogs.

The Undead have solid bones, but it was to no avail.The silver arrows had the effect of preventing recovery and was lethal to them.

“Fire, fire, fire!”

The arrows were shot rapidly, non-stop.

The tens of thousands of arrows flew down from the high mountain and caused the Undead to be unable to move, creating a beautiful sight.

“Amazing, Weed!”

Mapan said in admiration, but Weed did not feel good at all.

“That much is.....”

Weed’s heart broke as he saw money flying away with each passing shot, but it brought piercing pain to the Undead. Still, the ancient Undead soldiers marched on under the leadership of the Serpa Witches.

“Water force, scramble!”

Weed had prepared three secret weapons!

First, the Orcs holding their silver plated glaives. The second, buying two million silver arrows, and the third, using the Wyverns.


From the rear of the mountains, the Wyverns flew with tearing cries. The soldiers of Rosenheim Kingdom riding the Wyverns were holding onto a big cup filled with water.

Sswaah Oh!

Water fell from the sky, as if it were raining. However, rather than regular water as rain usually was, it was holy water. The Herrera Cup changed regular water to holy water.


Seoyoon, who had crossed the Yunoph Canyon, went into the town of the exiled.


The village was completely empty and deserted. All the people had moved, and the battle with the Orcs was to be blamed.

Seoyoon walked from there, taking breaks throughout the day, continuing by following her feet. Powerful, and thick forests, towering peaks.

Her footsteps naturally headed to the Yuroki Mountains.

It was the place where monsters were anywhere.

The Plains of Despair contain dangerous monsters, but the area is too wide to hunt around.

Going deep into the Yuroki mountains, Seoyoon was standing in front of the fighting Orcs and Undead. The Serpa Witches unfolded their magic and spells whilst riding the rhinos.

“They are strong, I think”

Seoyoon wanted to fight, but there were too many monsters. She was not afraid of them, but it would be much too time-consuming to fight them all.

Holy water was being sprinkled from the sky by the Wyverns. The Undead Legion was shouting as they marched, while the Orcs were sputtering out words of hatred.

Hate it here.

Seoyoon liked the quiet. She placed her hands over her ears, leaving the place and moving deeper into the mountains.


Chaeng Caheng!

Chou syuk.



With antipathy, the Undead were soaked with holy water!

The Wyvern force sprinkled holy water constantly, and walls of silver arrows were being shot.

The Undead Legion marching had incurred enormous amounts of damage. With holy water, their whole body were engulfed in blue flames, literally laying on the ground whilst on fire.

“The coldness of ice, the endurance, slowing and broken. ICE ENCHANTMENT!”

“Unstoppable wind, sharp breeze, slicing the strength. WINDSLICE ENCHANTMENT!”

“The unquenchable image of sparks, hot strength, and flames. FIRE ENCHANTMENT!”

Lifting their bows, the Dark Elves temporarily enchanted the orcs’ weapons. Following the Dark Elves, the necromancers also used their magic.

“Boiling blood, show me your power and lose your head! BLOODLUST!


The Orcs had gone berserk. The necromancers’ magic was accepted. In exchange for the magic granting tremendous strength, there were serious aftereffects. The orcs’ bloodlust eyes became bloodshot with red while their muscles swelled and tendons strained.


Brandishing their glaives, the Undead soldiers climbed the walls with matchless valour, clinging to the giant monsters.

Hundreds of Orcs leap on one of the monsters.

There were absolutely no tactics involved.

There were signs that made them realize they could only half recover, due to the holy water, and thus could not handle an all-out frontal attack.

Depending on which god each denomination was dedicated to, the attributes of the water were slightly different.

The denomination dedicated to the Battle God was good at healing wounds and enhancing strength. The denomination of the Goddess Freya, who loved art and abundance, had the ability to subdue the Undead.


Giant rhinos rushed to the front, kicking and trampling the Orcs.

Kuung! Kuung!

The rhinos made the surroundings shake, as if there was an earthquake. Even with their large thighs and legs, the Orcs had to avoid the rhinos by rolling their bodies.


The faces of the Orcs guarding the wall changed into a deadly pale look. The giant rhinos were rushing towards the walls!

The rhinos were larger than fifteen meters, even though the walls were solid, the power of the rhinos was enough to crumble the walls.


“Take nothing for granted!”

The Dark Elves shot arrows, but most of their power was lost and fell near the rhinos. The Serpa Witches riding the backs of the rhinos using their defensive magic were to blame.

Weed witnessed this.

The rhinos that came running were incurring heavy damage on the Orcs.

At least a few hundred Orcs will die, but if I let there be serious damage, then the overall morale will be lowered.

“Dark Elves, use enlarge magic. Summon trees.”

In accordance with Weed’s command, the Dark Elves cast a spell.


“Summon trees!”

Lush trees sprung up around their feet. Deep and long leg-like roots began walking toward the Undead soldiers, brushing them off violently.

And so the rhinos were intercepted. Because of the enlarge magic, the rhinos’ legs and bodies were enclosed by large, grown bushes.


The Rhinos roared, struggling to tear out.

The Dark Elves were constantly stopping the rhinos using plants, while the Serpa Witches hurled magic at them.

On the other side, the ancient Undead soldiers wielding their swords and axes were relentless. Whenever they waved their weapons, the Orcs lost their lives. However, after the death of one Orc, two to three Orcs grouped together to fight. All the Orcs growled, coming down the mountain to fight.

At this time, the hunters went out.

“We have to get this done.”

“I will take on the rhinos.”

Those who do not get stronger will not be able to survive in the Plains of Despair!

While killing monsters, the hunters came close to having a bloody death!

The smiths were mobilized to repair the orcs’ weapons while the hunters stayed brave waiting for them.

At this moment, Weed was willing to use them.

“We have to catch the Witches. For the peace and security of the village, fight the Undead Legion.”


Each of the hunters packed their bags with weapons and went down. Three of the four rhinos jumped through the plants and trees.

Valiantly, the hunters threw their spears at the Serpa Witches!

Holding themselves in an arch formation, the hunters aimed at the rhinos’ eyes.

Human, dark elf, Orc, necromancer!

Combining all their strength to fight the Undead Legion!

They have become more vulnerable due to the holy water and arrows, presenting a chance.

While the Orc fighters healed slightly, the remaining Orc scouts and soldiers one-sidedly slayed the Undead soldiers.

The Orcs were in the front lines to prevent enemies from reaching the Dark Elves who were constantly preventing their bowstrings from snapping. While the Orcs fought, arrows flew above them.


From the ancient soldiers to the Serpa Witches riding the rhinos, hundreds of arrows flew and upon impalement, they became stuck.


Before long, the rhinos had gone beyond their limits, cried out and fell to the ground.The Serpa Witches, with their unusually low vitality, died, helplessly crushed under the rhinos. However, the Witches’ bodies survived and rose even without their spirits inside thanks to their magic.

“From death, come into being, newly alive, death take colour, death perform, death we have carried out, O comrades awaken. Dead rise!”

The dead Orcs became Undead. The tens of thousands of Orcs and ancient Undead soldiers that died during the battle were quickly revived as undeads. The enemies had further increased.

“Attack. Disregard that they have been turned into Undead and focus on attacking the Undead Legion!”

Weed was willing to sacrifice the inevitable. It was due to selection and concentration.

If dead Orcs or Dark Elves were transformed to Undead, you can never win. With the size of the enemies increased, the fight will be more difficult. Besides the Undead being constantly revived, this was not the case.

Instead, however, it appeared that for the first time the Undead Legion was weakening.

The ancient Undead soldiers being dealt by the silver arrows and holy water received heavy blows. The holy water was corrosive to the Undead, weakening their strength. It was the same for the giant monsters.

The Undead Legion, which could be called the true main force, was incurring serious damage.

“Calling Death Knight, Calling Vampire Lord!”

Death Knight Van Hawk!

Vampire Lord Tori!

Weed summoned the two.

The Death Knight can be summoned at any time and will fight as your comrade.

The Vampire Lord is often difficult to use when called out. Whenever power is consumed, the need to have blood is not a very good thing. If you do not compensate for the blood, he becomes increasingly weakened, stamina is reduced, etc.

A blood-sucking vampire has its advantages and weaknesses. Fresh and un-dried blood is necessary.

“You called, Master.”

“That’s your enemy. Go and fight.”

Weed pointed a finger to the Undead Legion.

"Dark Knight has awaken from the darkness. I hear your command."

The Death Knight keenly followed like a honed knife. Heading towards the giant monsters to assault them.

A loyal knight.

Since Weed had beaten him to death, the Death Knight absolutely obeyed Weed's command.

“I have no interest where blood does not flow, but those Witches are still alive. However, they are not to my taste.”

Tori’s black cape flapped as he spoke. It might be because he was born a vampire, but he favored women, especially maidens.


Tori jumped into the battle with vampires under his command.

A true-blooded vampire clan of a hundred!

In the past he had up to a thousand, but now he only needed a tenth. And because the vampires had not been born for long, many were still weak.

If you were to disregard their toxicity, strong vitality, and other racial characteristics, and only in terms of levels, they would be only around 120.

Vampires, too, grew over time while hunting.

Therefore the True Blood Vampires, despite their usual reputations, went for the giant monsters instead of the Serpa Witches.

“Mist of Disaster!”

“Hand of Death!”

Vampires were similar to or weaker than Orcs, but they had strong vitality. They fought by clawing monsters with their nails, while using various black magic.

Tori was also the biggest asset. Multiple winds bound together and a tornado arose.

“Blade Tornado!”

The technique that made even the Paladins fly away was used.

Like leaves, the giant monsters and ancient Undead soldiers were caught up in the swirling tornado and fell.

And in a flash, they were massacred by the Orcs and Dark Elves.

“Stone Curse!”

The monsters that encountered Tori's eyes literally turned to stone. His petrification specialty was a bitter curse.

Tori also concentrated on keeping the monsters and Serpa Witches in check.

With the Witches occupied by Tori, the Undead no longer increased.

Meanwhile, the Orcs and Dark Elves earnestly brought damages to the Undead Legion.

Asserting the situation, Weed narrowed his eyes.

This is not good.’

Tori was also a vampire. Even though he had strong vitality and huge amounts of mana, his high-level techniques used lots of mana. Understandably, if he was tired, he wouldn't demonstrate the ability of a level 400 monster.

Weed looked down from his place on the rock. Mapan was there watching the battle develop, clenching his two fists with excitement.



"Would you like me to guide you to a good place to clearly watch the battle?"

"Really? Of course I'd like ... No, wait a minute!"

Mapan suddenly had a bad feeling. In his experience, when Weed gave favours, there would always unfailingly be a reason.

However, he hoped it would just be his imagination.

Surely nothing bad will happen, right? He says he’ll prepare me a good spot. But I’ll ask just in case.

Mapan asked with a suspicious face.

“Do I need to pay you for this spot?”

If it’s Weed, he could have easily taken money for the spot!

He asked since he understood him very well.

“No, it is free.”


Mapan was no different from Weed in that his favourite word was "free."

“If it’s free then it’s tempting, but surely there must be something bad about it, right?”

"Yes, it is extremely dangerous. You may die."

If the Undead Legion were not defeated in this battle, he would die anyway.

Watching the battle already put his life at risk, so it was something Mapan did not particularly mind.

"Yes. Then, I'd like to see the battle in this good spot of yours. Where is it?"

“Right over there.”

Weed pointed to the place immediately next to Tori.

“What’s that …..”

“Now, go!”

Unnoticed, a hand slipped between them, and took Mapan's body up into the air with a whoosh.

A Wyvern flew down and grasped his legs before taking flight again.


Mapan screamed. Immediately beneath him, were the countless heads of the Orcs.

They all held their glaives upright!

Next to the arcs of arrows, the magic of the Dark Elves came by.

Their flames grazed past, causing Mapan's face to heat up.

“Whew, I barely survived.”

The magic had narrowly missed him, and he was only barely able to sigh in relief.

“Waa, this is amazing!”

Mapan's mouth widened as his eyes took in the memorable landscape.

Flames shot everywhere. Magic exploded, as the ancient Undead soldiers fought against the Orcs.

“This view really is great.”

Mapan was a little thankful to Weed.

His feet were caught by the Wyvern and he was hanging upside-down, and even if he was in considerable danger, the present fighting was certainly thrilling and fun to watch.

A wyvern could fly around the sky to where you wanted to see the battle, so it really was a good spot.

But in actuality, the Wyvern clutching his feet had no idea where to fly.

Mapan had trouble thinking up there.

That question was soon resolved.


The Wyvern flung him in mid-air without a sign of regret.

"Uwaaaaaaa! Somebody help me!"

Mapan began to fall towards the ground. Also, of all places, he would land straight between the battle between the Serpa Witches and the vampire Tori!

The Witches, whose faces were as jet-black as the Dark Elves, had various of gems embedded where their hair should have been!

In addition, an eerie aura emanated.


Mapan panicked.

He was afraid of falling into the ground and the thought of being caught by the Witches. If he was caught by the Witches, he’d face all kinds of curses, and might even be trampled to death by a rhino.

But then, Weed yelled with Lion's Roar.

“Tori! Catch Mapan!”

“I shall comply with thy request.”

Tori ran, jumped, and snatched Mapan in the air.

For a moment, due to the weight, it seemed that they were going to dangerously crash, but with a flap of the cape, they managed to safely land .


Mapan felt his stomach churning.

Still alive.

Yet, he stole a glance with half-closed eyes.

Directly in front of him was Tori's pale face.

A boss-class monster over level 400, the Vampire Lord Tori!

To Mapan, it was hardly conceivable to even dare to hunt such a monster.

As soon as Tori sat Mapan down on the ground, the surrounding ancient Undead soldiers unceremoniously attacked them. As inexperienced as Mapan was, he had never seen a battle fought this way before.


Weak-minded merchant Mapan. Chattering teeth clacked. And monsters were all around. It was crowded with Undead.

Mapan clung to Tori in order to survive.

Giant monsters, ancient Undead soldiers and Serpa Witches, were dying right before Mapan.

It really was the best location to watch, for it felt like he was participating in the battle himself.


Mapan was soon cheering.

He immersed himself in the battle. Selling his death! He wouldn’t regret dying if it was caused by watching this direct combat experience.

He also heard Weed speaking to Tori.

"Eat sparingly! You shouldn't die because you're well-protected!"

At first, Mapan could not understand what he meant.

What are you eating sparingly?

But as soon as he was able realize the meaning.


Something caused an eerie feeling to run up his neck!

Tori had his bloodsucking fangs stabbed on the nape of his neck.

Whenever health and mana were low, it allowed instant lunches!

Weed gave Mapan sightseeing of the battle as the reason.


The necromancers were holding their own against the Serpa Witches, casting black magic to generate Undead. They tried to make the Orcs or the dark elves’ corpses into Undead before the Witches could.

Without stopping, the Priests were engaged in blessing the arrows that were rapidly sent flying into the sky.

Some Dark Elves formed a separate group.

Their mission was to recover the arrows that had already been shot!

This was to regain the arrows and maintain a constant supply for the Elves.

“Cannot believe that us two noble males must do such a trivial mission.”

Of course, they did not forget to do it while grumbling.

The silver arrows and the holy water played a major role in weakening the strength of the Undead Legion.

The ancient Undead soldiers covered with holy water were unable to use even half their power, and the silver arrows led them to their demise.

“Karichwi, the silver arrows are all out.”

But it eventually reached the limit. The arrows had been used as sparingly as possible, so the end of them was inevitable.

Weed gave orders.

“Then, shoot the fire arrows. Chwiik!”

“It’ll cause fire.”

“It doesn’t matter. Chwiit!”

“I know.”

It was far from the dark elves’ nature to protect and value life. Contrary to the regular Elves, the Dark Elves were often quarrelsome and greedy.

“Shoot the fire arrows.”


The Dark Elves, agreeing with the idea, shot the fire arrows towards the enemies. Some hit the ancient Undead soldiers right on mark, but most of them ended up hitting bushes or trees.


The flames were spreading, burning the dense forests.

The destruction of nature!


Destroying Mother Nature recklessly, decisively!

Since they had firewood stacked at the bottom of the mountain, the fire spread quickly. The forest fire was not large because there were patches of ground with cut trees here and there, but soon it would go up in flames. Unavoidably, the ancient Undead soldiers had to stick together in one place.

They tried to forcefully break through the walls, but the Orcs desperately blocked them.

Grouping them together was the goal, as from the sky, the powerful holy water could be poured on where they were!

Sprinkling holy water on the bodies of the ancient Undead soldiers caused their bones and flesh to corrode.

The holy water was evenly distributed to the trees as pools of it surrounded them. The powers of the holy water, which was granted by the Goddess Freya as the symbol of abundance, made the plants grow.

The plants that had grown held onto the legs of the ancient Undead soldiers, while the tree branches hit the giant monsters.

Again, the Orcs suffered great damage, but the Undead Legion continued to be decimated.

The weakened ancient Undead soldiers were slaughtered, while the giant monsters were attacked by the surrounding Orcs. The Serpa Witches were finished being taken care of by Tori and the dark elves’ magic.

A skeleton from the Undead legion dressed in robes emerged from the pit.

Red jewels were studded on his skull’s forehead!

The Lich Shire was emerging.

“I will dye the ground and water in darkness. Undead Legion, advance. Kill the living. Make them our comrades!”

Shire’s roar rang out without hesitation.


Weed quickly looked over the Lich Shire’s body the moment he appeared on the surface.

He made a rough estimation of his assets.

A lustrous black and blue robe, with ancient glyphs painted, that gave the feeling that he had small wings!

His fingers covered in jewelled rings, and a golden crown covering his head.

In one hand was a book of magic, in the other a white cane.

The Undead was wearing an unbelievably gorgeous attire.


Weed swallowed his drool.

It was like staring at delicious food.

Those are Moon’s shoes. They increase traveling speed, and, at the same time, significantly improve agility. That robe only came out once until now, the magical Vine Robe. That robe specializes in attack magic.

He couldn’t distinguish the other equipment though.

Only one thing was certain, the Lich Shire had come out with REALLY expensive equipment.

If I stripped him down, I will at least earn ten million won easily! I have to end up with at least one of them.

Wearing those items was like a death sentence in itself.

Quest-related goods apart, looks like drop items will also be worth their fair share of money.

Weed took full command of the army.

“Our last prey has appeared, chwik. All out assault! Orcs prepare for our last battle!”

Just the walls separated the Orcs of the ancient Undead soldiers and the giant monsters!

They began a large scale assault.

“Heave! Heave!”

“Push the walls. Chichik!”

The shabbily constructed walls began to fall apart!

The Orcs were all around the wall pushing them together.

All just as Weed had planned.

Their only hope they had to win against the Undead Legion, was to wait for the last moment to execute this plan.

The Orcs pushed against the walls with both hands.

Chests broad, faces ugly, struggling desperately.

Little by little the walls were being tilted towards the bottom of the mountain.

Then they suddenly fell out of their hands as they collapsed.


Chunks of rock quickly fell down, filling the previously dug ditches.

The remaining rocks continued to roll down the severe slope of the mountain.

The walls successively collapsed one after another!

The rocks rolling down the mountain side bounced.

Some of the Orcs couldn’t avoid being crushed by the landslide of falling rocks, or lost balance and started rolling down the mountain as well.

A huge landslide of rocks struck the Undead Legion.

“Kill that Lich!”

The remainder of the Orc forces charged at the Undead Legion in order to kill the Lich Shire.

The Dark Elves casted magic and the Necromancers cast curses.

“Corpse Explosion!”

They destroyed the corps in advance, in order to let the Lich Shire revive them.

It was a pincer attack!

This was far from a righteous and fair competition.

The Lich Shire, no matter how powerful, if the Dark Elves, Priests, and the Vampire Tori attacked together he couldn’t survive.

“Cowardice! One-on-one, this wouldn’t even be a fight!”

The Shire’s voice, full of anger, was completely ignored by Weed.

There was no reason to argue over righteousness and justice, but sometimes it was the only way to win.
Fighting him alone was foolish with such numbers.

He did not notice that fighting with an overwhelming majority was much more fun!

It was the Shire’s fault that he appeared at the end of the battle to die alone.

“Know your own weight. GRAVITY.”

The Shire was casting a large variety of gravity-based spells.

The Wyverns that had been flying in the sky and pouring holy water, were caught up in the magic and fell to the ground. The Rosenheim soldiers that the Wyverns had been carrying lost their lives when the Wyverns fell to the ground.

The Shire’s magic shot down the four Wyvern groups, and got about six thousands Orcs. Around three thousand Dark Elves also died.

The Lich's ability to display that extent of power, while restraining Tori, the necromancers, Dark Elves, and Priests was, to a degree, alarming.

Whenever Shire casted a spell, an explosion occurred and Orcs died by the dozens.They were switching one by one to weaken him, but they were still suffered great damage due to his monstrous strength.

It was so strong that soldiers of the Rosenheim Kingdom were forced to be evacuated.

Soldiers provided by Rosenheim Kingdom, Wyverns provided by sacrifice of art stat and level.

“Wyvern forces fly high. Tori, completely harass him, Dark Elf forces outpour magic!”

Thanks to the power of the holy water, however, Shire was weakened.

The Lich’s life vitality was sealed in the vessel, and would never die unless by the force of divine power.

The holy water was being poured, the Priests used divinity magic, which was his weakness.

“Daemon Spear!”

Shire called out a black spear, and, controlling it with his finger, hurled it.


Priests were pierced by the passing spear!

“Royal Knights, Death Knight, Orcs, protect the Priests.”

The Goddess Freya Priests appeared to be the lifeline.

Weed protected the Priests while the Wyverns, as much as possible, sprinkled holy water as a barrage.

Shire was slowly accumulating damage. He continued casting spells, but his power was gradually weakening.

Even though Weed was safe, the Lich Shire was to be caught, to be used to cover investment costs.

Though the battle had been going on for a long time now and was nearing the end, the Shire had high vitality, but his mana had been reduced to the lowest.

“Gueergh! How dare you!”

The Shire’s voice was filled with anger.

He could not fly in the sky, because he could not cast the spell. He was not able to cast even this simple magic because his mana had been depleted. His skeleton was cracking and his vitality too was going away!

However, Shire did not die quietly.

“Van Hawk! Tori too! Have you forgotten your pledge of allegiance to Master Bar Khan?

“We found a new master.”

“Master Bar Khan is waiting for you. Come. Together with me, let us serve Bar Khan, and let this land be ours.”

It had become an emergency situation to tempt the Vampire Lord and Death Knight.

“I cannot.”

The Death Knight just cut it off and declined, but Vampire Lord Tori’s mind was being swayed.

“Though I had already apostatised, will I still be accepted?”

“Master Bar Khan is our hope. You will be given great generosity and tolerance.”


“Yes. I’m willing to work together with you. Kill those alive. Life is cumbersome and should be harvested.”

Together with Tori, the Shire no longer hesitated to attack. The situation had haply gone to the enemy!

The Vampire Lord was more than level 400, if he possibly moved to the other side, it was going to be very serious.

There were living Orcs and Dark Elves, it was heaven for the vampire who had the means to constantly replenish mana and vitality. The apostatised Vampire Lord Tori was that dangerous.


Weed gave orders to the Dark Elves.

With what was left of his vitality, Shire out poured magic.

A tremendous explosion shook and made the earth tremble!

But Shire stubbornly survived.

His skull was cracking, his body had caught fire. Lich showed monstrous vitality even though he had a broken arm.

Weed ran like lightning.

“Quadruped leap!”

Top running skill that enables running like a gale!

In a short period of time, that form severely consumed stamina, but he was not in any position to choose.
Weed literally ran his way through the Orcs. And jumped to the front of Shire.

Since Lich had grown his body to nearly five metres tall, there was no danger of his body becoming astray. Weed pulled out his sword, and there was a piercing sound.

“Sword Kaiser!”

The orcs’ vitality was so depleted, they simply look like herbivorous!

He watched Lich Shire, he was placing his life at stake at this time, to deliver his present skill that was his best one.

“This guy!”

His conversion attacks hit Shire, but he still did not die.

Weed has tested his technique against the giant Yetis to the point of being able give a lesson about it. Even though great amounts of mana were consumed, the giant monsters were incurred vast losses to their vitality.

Yet, to eliminate the Shire, he ran short.

Black smoke similar to energy escaped his body and, in spite of being battered and looking like hell, he moved.

“Of the ice!”

Wanting to squeeze out the last of his mana, at the hands of the bony Shire, crystallised ice was made.
With the sword in his chest, there was no doubt that the attack would fly towards Weed.

Weed shouted.

“Dark Elves, ignore me and attack!”

Either I die here or we all die.

Already the Dark Elves prepared and launched a magic assault.

From all directions, hundreds and thousands of magic attacks were coming.

The magic assault had completely devastated the place where Weed and the Shire stood.

Hit by a series of ice magic attack spells. Body is freezing. Movement speed decreased.
Your body is burning. If the flame isn’t put out quickly you will get severe damage.
By the lightning attacks, your body is temporarily paralyzed.
You have a serious injury. Your are completely disabled!

Weed and the Shire were battered by the magic at the same time.

Weed clung to the Lich to avoid the possibility of him escaping.

The special effects produced by the magic appeared in a window but, most important to Weed, his health was quickly depleting.

The Shire’s body, battered by magic, was engulfed in light and disappeared.

Your level has increased.
Your level has increased.
Your level has increased.
Your level has increased.
Your level has increased...

Through pure instinct, Weed’s hand reached out to where the Lich had disappeared.
Before verifying what loot he had grabbed, a window message opened.

-Died from loss of health.
Cannot log in for 24 hours.
Skills and levels will decrease as a result of player’s death.
-Boots and hat were broken due to the deterioration of durability.
It will not be possible to repair broken goods.

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