Volume 11 Chapter 2

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Weed and his party cautiously continued forward, until the wall’s gates were in sight. Next to the gate were men in white gloves that looked like guards.

Sharp teeth!

Paled face!

Draping black cape and so forth.

“The guards are vampires.”

Weed stopped at a distance.

“Shouldn’t we attack?” Mapan asked a question that no one could answer.

Highly intelligent monsters that don’t attack were very rare; the mobs that may not attack were herbivores, or those that lived in tree or such doesn’t hold aggression as much; unless they were protecting their young!

But vampires were subtly different; maybe in some ways, they have emotions such as human beings. Weed took a step forward.

“Maybe I’ll get a dialogue with them. Let me have a word.”

“That could be dangerous…be careful, Weed-nim.”

Irene words were full of concerns. As soon as Weed finished, the always sunny Yurin also felt uneasy. But Weed, as it was his position, took the lead and embarked.

“Don’t worry. I’ll somehow avoid and make it back here alive.”

Faith and will power!

Though having his profession as a sculptor, his defenses were quite lacking; while the extent of the Kingdom of Vampires, Todeum, vampire guards were still unknown. But still, Weed fought against a clan of vampires before, and had to deal with Tori a bunch of times before; so much that he understood their laws and habits that he could use these to his advantage.

Geomchi5 approached from the side.

“I’ll go with. Cant let you brave the danger alone.”

“Yes, sahyeong(elder brother).”

Weed and Geomchi5 walked carefully step by step toward the vampire guards. Geomchi5 was completely trustworthy. Regardless of the differences in levels, he did not show fear to monsters he have encountered. In this dead of night, they advanced forward, fully prepared; Geomchi5 suddenly asked.

“But Weed, why don’t we fight them? Whether its vampire bats or a village full of vampires, shouldn’t we just attack and destroy them?”

On Versailles continent, territories belonging to a race of monster were popular hunting grounds. An example would the Goblins, the one with the Broadest Distribution, where many of them came together to built forts using the materials and land around them, namely woods. Goblin town or Goblin forts!

With that said, because of them, the nearby kingdoms productivity will be decreased. Usually then, the lords of those kingdoms would commission people to hunt down and destroy them. These opportunities not only will increase their reputations, but they get to keep all of the loots. But Weed had a different opinion.

“Maybe, but it’s too early to make a decision.”

“Too early?”

“Yes. We’re not even sure if we’ve arrived to the Kingdom of Vampires, right? However, starting a war with the vampires will do more harm than good.”

“I see. An unexpected brawl is something we don’t want after coming this far.”

“War is the last option after everything else.”

“Yes, understood.”

Weed and Geomchi5 came up to the vampire guards.


The vampire guards snarled while revealing their blade like fangs.

“The stench of unfamiliar bloods. Are you humans?”


Weed said in a humble tone.

“What are humans doing on our land? This is where you can not enter. Return to whence you came from!”

“Leave now and I spare your blood.”

Though they didn’t openly acted out their aggression, the vampire guards were still very hostile. At this point, adventurers would usually back away or choose to fight against the guards. The typical cases, though Weed was different.

“The weather here is a good one! The bats can fly high in the sky freely, hunting down the crawling vermin on the ground.”

“I understand what you’re talking about, human.”

“I agreed.”

The guard showed a slight reaction.

“And truly to your names as the lords of the night, the clothing you wear is really luxurious; full of elegance and cordial. Donning a white shirt, setting contrast to the black pants and the cape. Ah! Is that the Cloak of Darkness?! I’m honored to see such an exquisite item.”

Weed fussed over their outfits.

Seems like the vampire was a race of clothes lovers, whom had shown lots of considerations toward their outer appearance; the vampire guard on the left voice seemed to soften after hearing the compliments.

“Take a photo, it’ll last longer.”

Though the right guard still had his Battle Stance up and seemingly will rush in at any moment. Weed could show the same amount of interest in the other guard, but they might notice the lies if he had switch from one to another. Seeing how the Intimacy level only rose slightly, there was still a huge risk of them becoming aggressive. Weed then pulled out a sculpting knife.

The right guard asked.

“What are you going to do?”

“I’m going to give you two gifts.”


“Yes, I’m going to craft something, I’d be delighted if you accept.”

Weed then pulled out a piece of Nabemok (some sort of crafting material?)

There were a variety of ways to increase intimacy. Having a silver-tongue to hoist someone’s ego was the simplest way, but it’s effective immediately and works only for a while, and will stop working after a certain point.

However, in order to raise familiarity to a higher point and maintain it, one had to act appropriately according to the person-your-sucking-up-to’s personalities; furthermore, doing quests with that person or saw through some sort of trial with each other increases trust, hence forth higher status of intimacy.

But there was a simpler way.

‘Give them gifts!’

Weed continued trimming down the Nabemok.

‘Vampires like pretty girls.’

He could sculpt Seoyoon. Seemingly in her early 20s, her skin matched those at the age of 10 in terms of smoothness and tenderness, a beauty that defied the laws of aging. However, to sculpt Seoyoon was immensely difficult; to achieve the same level of beauty meant to not make a single mistake while crafting.

If the Heavens were to grant a human with something on the line of absolute beauty, it was not an exaggeration to say Seoyoon was the recipient of that reward; so to truly mimic that level of beauty was not possible. What more, to willingly passing that finished product to vampires was too hard to bear.

‘Though…it was confirmed that vampires prefer little girls.’

Weed recalled the time he freed the town Morata. Something that quenched the blood-thirsty vampire, Tori, for a whole decade was a statue of an unfortunate girl!

The flower-garden-loving innocent type of girls, one that flounder about on the bed of grass. Weed made his decision and began to sculpt. He moved his hand expertly with the sculpting knife as he was with his mastery of the sword, and he finished the sculpture in a flash.

“This is a gift.”

“A Lovely gift……! We’re whom who appreciates fine arts; and this girl here is truly to our liking.”

The guards were thrilled. Loving girls is a main characteristic of vampires! (*for any guy really -.-*)

“Are you of the sculptor class?”


“We nobles of the night never had the chance to mingle with an engraver before, so you may come in. Many of us would love the opportunity to enjoy your works.”


Access of vampire village Seirun have been granted

Weed returned and told his colleagues that flattery and gifts will get the vampire guards to grant permission to enter.

“Soo handsome.”


“Truly the lords of the night!”

Pale, Zephyr, and Mapan obsequiously used painted words to impress. Then, came the gifts.

“This here is a tail obtained from a water buffalo.”

“This ring is a loot I got from hunting.”

“Jewelry. Hehe.”

They pretty much bribed and suck up to the guards until they got permission to enter.

“You guys are alright. OK, go! Though do not raise any trouble, else we’ll kick you out.”

As for Maylon, Romuna, Surka, and Yurin, they were allowed to pass without getting screened at all.

“The more pretty girls, the better..PASS!”

Their faces hardened a little bit when it came to Irene.

“I feel unpleasant. Do you believe in God? Well, no matter. We were not condemned. Rather than the boisterous lives of the day, we enjoy the serenity of the night, like it is the source of life. But girl, watch yourself when you’re in the village. Do not use your Holy power, else we will not be held accountable for what happens to you and your friends.”

Though the bore their fangs at her, she was still allowed to pass with a warning.

“You cannot come in!”

However, they firmly opposed Seechwi. Orcs are inferior creatures! Seeing how they viewed themselves as nobles, the vampires wouldn’t allow something that doesn’t match their standards to roam their streets.

“Chwiik chwwik! Come on.”

The eyes of the guards remained indifferent toward Seechwi’s begging.

“Our village is not a place where you Orcs can set foot in!”

Now. Geomchis’ turns.

“Well, it’s simple. Do what we saw, make a few gestures here and there.”

“Yeah, well, yes, but……”

“Wait and pay attention. You guys, I’ll start first.”

Geomchi5 decided to be the first to advance toward the guards.

“Hi guys, you don’t need to stand here!”

“Huh, what? What did you say?”

The guards forehead furrowed.

“With faces like yours, you’ll keep everyone away for miles…”

“Shits are spewing out of this dirty human’s mouth!”

“WHA? You undead bastards!”

Geomchi5 was a moment away from going to war with the guards.

“Don’t do it!”

“Please no.”

It took Weed and Zephyr a while to settle the situation. Then it was Geomchi3’s turn.

“Take notice on what I do.”

Weed was overcome with anxiety, but figured what the heck. Since Geomchi5 method failed, he figured Geomchi3 might have learned something, hence him proceeding forward.

“Human, do not enter.”

The guards blocked him.

“Mhmm, keep up the excellent work.”

Geomchi3 patted the guard’s shoulder as he tries to pass.

“Human. You are not allowed to come in.”

“Uh-huh, whatever.”

“A lowly human like you fools do not have the permission to enter. Turn around, unless you want to die!”

“What? Die……”

The guards gotten more aggressive than before, Weed and Zephyr stepped in again to calm them down. Quietly watching the situation, Mapan said in a serious demeanor.

“I don’t think they can go into town, what can we do?”

Not a single Geomchis was allowed to pass was a major crisis.

“Sahyeongs! Isn’t it better to show them a little bit of flattery to be allowed into the village?”

Weeds words of persuasion did not work. Even the cool-minded Geomchi2 sneered at the thought of sucking up to a bunch of vampires."

“I have a man’s pride! I’m not gunna bow to down to a monster like that or any kind of them.”

Geomchi2 coolly declared. Geomchi3 and Geomchi5 had the same opinion; and all of the practitioners regarded the vampires with the same mindset.

“This is so troublesome…,” Weed hesitantly spoke, “what about learning how to sculpt from me?”

Weed’s sculpting skills had advanced to such a level that he could teach others now to sculpt. Seeing how vampires love arts, if Geomchis offered the sculptures similar to their statures as human beings, they might be allowed to enter the village.

“Sculpting? Do we really have to?”

Geomchi2 replied in an annoyed tone.

“Yes. Beautiful sculptures are good to get girls, and it can be just a side hobby.”

"Really? Only need to know just a bit to attract girls as well as getting in? Might as well?”

Horrid reason for Geomchi2 to began learning, though he was good to go. Weed pulled out a sculpting knife and commenced trimming a nearby bush in pretense of a lesson.

“There you go. As soon as you finish sculpting this ‘sculpture,’ I’ll be able to pass you.”

Geomchi2 and the instructors, along with all the practitioners of the school were talented with the swords. While also similarly adequate with smaller weapons, they finished sculpting the simple “sculpture.”


Wisdom is too low, cannot learn sculpting

Weed was stupefied. How low can their Wisdom be to make them unable to learn the skill?

“Sahyeong, mind telling me how much Wisdom you have?”

“Well, let’s see... It’s 8.”


Geomchi3 shined…even worse.

“I’m at 6?”

Geomchi4 too, was formidable…

“I’m 5.”

Some other practitioners were severely low.

“I must be as impressive as the teachers. I’m at 3.”

As low as 3! Weed couldn’t believe the situation.

“Didn’t you begin with 10 Wisdom when you start out?”

Sculpting didn’t require high stats on Wisdom similarly to something like magic, one only need to be at the basic level in order to acquire it; but the Geomchis didn’t even meet the basic requirement on the stat. Geomchi3 mouth opened as if he realized something.

“Oh, I may know why. Our intelligence got reduced.”


“No, Weed, that’s not what I meant… Initially, we started out at 10; and the former job before martial artists, we reached as much as 60.”

Weed nodded his head. Stats rising in the earlier days were a common phenomenon. If they had fought and beat the Basic Training Center, they can choose to get the specialized job as Martial Artists, which also meant some level of Wisdom was required to change jobs.

“And why do you think wisdom got decreased?”

“I think it was due to the fact we repeatedly hunted and grinded while using the same skill; we spammed it for a few days and our Wisdom got progressively smaller. Though during hunting, on the other hand, it’s not like reduced Wisdom can do anything against monsters.”

“I see.”

Simplistic repetition and Wisdom got decreased. Weed too, was just like them; but he learned various skills here and there. Having sculpting as base, there was fishing, cooking, repairing, blacksmithing, sewing, and collecting and taking advantages of herbs.

Geomchis, however, limited themselves only with skills that can be utilized in battles; they gradually fought and honed their skills, while completely neglected the decreasing Wisdom along the way.

Simple ignorance!

This situation was not only the revelation of their stats, but also their characteristics as well. Weed carefully advised them.

“If your Wisdom is too low, you won’t be able to learn new skills when a situation arises that requires you to do so. So you better increase your Wisdom before entering the town.”

“Yes, it seems we better do that.”

Anyhow, since they can’t learn sculpture, their chances of entering the town were pretty much spoiled.

“Hunt the nearby surrounding area until you level, and invest all the stat points earned into Wisdom, then you’ll be able to learn the skill.”

Weed had no faith in this plan even though he came up with it. The Geomchis were an arrogant and prideful bunch…whom all shot up to a stand still all at once.

Through the opened village gates, the streetlights inside were lightening up. As the night descended deeper and deeper into the darkness, the once empty streets of the town became animated as every doors flung open and vampires emerge. It seems as if vampires became active at night. Female voices rung from the market streets.

“Buy an apple!”

“Selling apples as sweet as honey here.”

Female vampires were selling apples on the market square. Immaculately white skin and straight nose, they had a slender build. However, this was something that cannot be viewed in normal senses. Slim waistline along with a sizzling bodies of the vampires was unlike the pure and innocent girls!


“Th…the land of dreams, man……”

Geomchi3 and Geomchi4 body shuddered. From Geomchi5 to Geomchi505 swiftly rushed toward the light, with Geomchi leading the herd.

“Brother guards!”


“We’re willing to serve, what would you like? Maybe something like a back massage?”

“You can even take our barley breads that we use sparingly……”

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