Volume 12 Chapter 10

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Tower of Heroes

The Weed leading the Geomchis with ambitions to climb the Tower of Heroes.

“As humans, humm. How dare you tread here without permission.”

The Heraim people who were barely covered by the primitive leather clothing spat coldly.

“Humans, this is not a place for those who have not learned the ancient martial art. If you turn back now, then you can preserve the life that you have.”

The Heraims resembled beast type humans.

While their whole body filled with coarse hair and porous; their hands, feet, and head were large.

Their muscular bodies were on the verge of exploding; seemed as though the race had been optimized for battle.

Weed hurriedly stepped forward before the Geomchis starting some sort of incident.

“The reason we came here is to put ourselves to the test.”

They immediately reacted.

“What is the test called?”

“It’s a topic among the weak human; is it possible for to go through if we passed the Beginner Training Center?”

The presented Heraims on the first floor murmured.

Weed said quickly.

“So yeah. By passing the Beginner Training Center, we came to the Tower of Heroes. In order for us to test our strength.”

And then, an older Heraim approached.

“Outside have a lot of bats of darkness; didn’t expect you to defeat them to make it here.”


Weed did not speak of the fact they conspired with the Vampire by doing commissions and gaining money in return.

In a brief moment, he had already identified the characteristics of the Heraims.

‘So that’s how it is with all the training center instructors huh. Venerate strength and likes to sweat.’

Fortunately, the older Heraim did not ask about the Vampires.

“I understand the willingness of you humans. The weak human could not have possibly passed through the Beginner Training Center. But this is different. If you want to test it then be ready with your life.”

“We understand that that is the price to pay in order to attain strength. We are prepared in order to save the persecuted human beings, and in order to build a just world by our definition.”

The illustrious Weed filled with chivalry of the knights kicked it.

The aged Heraim nodded.

“If your determination is at that level then it’s adequate enough. On the first floor, you will need to learn how to be patient. On the second floor, if you do not walk the road you must tread, then you will not survive in the third. If you can reach the third floor, you will succeed in challenging of the Tower of Heroes.”

Weed was not satisfied with just that. If he survives till the third floor, there wouldn’t be any desire to go back down.

“What about the fourth floor also?”

“On the fourth floor you will need to overcome your limitation. On the fifth, you will be able to see a legend. We’ll see how far you can climb against vicious hordes of Monsters.”

Weed no longer cared for the Heraims.

The behavior was just to gain enough information and that was that.


Pale, Hwaryeong, Zephyr, etc, were not qualified to climb the Tower of Heroes.

But the tower was something they’ve only heard, so they did not want to miss the opportunity to watch the climb.

Thus, they decided to assemble at KMC Media broadcasting station.

In the station, they could watch the live feed via Weed.

Shin Hyemin picked them up and explained as she led them to the cinema room.

“The Tower of Heroes. 12 were built on the Versailles continent by the Heraims. But only available to those that passed the earlier ones.”

Kim In Young, who uses the nickname Irene, eyes were filled with curiosity.

“How do you know?”

“Actually, the Tower of Heroes was just a secret rumor.”

The information regarding the Tower of Heroes belongs in the top class of info.

Even if the person knows the location of it, he would keep it to himself rather than tell others.

Monopoly of information!

The station was also barely able to pick up this data.

“The story spreading regarding it is that there’s some kind of tower that if you pass, you’d be considered as a true warrior. I too, until I heard the name Tower of Heroes, was also convinced that it was such.”

Without knowing, they arrived to the cinema room.

In there, the events happening in the Tower of Heroes was already underway in full swing.


Dark dungeon.

Weed and the Geomchis were fighting against an enormous amount of Stone Golems in the passageway.

Bearing their swords, sparks were flying off but there were no cut.

Also, they couldn’t go back.

The entrance happened to be blocked.

“So this is the endurance stage huh.”

Weed was clearly worn out.

They had to get through the Golems and search throughout the complex maze.

More heavily weighted Golems were also dropping from the ceiling.

Hidden pitfalls and hidden arrows were also presented.

Weed and the Geomchis moved forward slowly while defeating numerous Golems.

The Golems did not give them time to rest.

As if to replace the fallen, from all directions in the passageways, a lot more were attracted.

The battle in the labyrinth went on for seven hours!

The weariness in the body increased, so did the fun.

‘EXP is rising, and the item from the golems look good.’

No matter how dangerous. If it’s the chance to make money, he’ll get stronger.

That was Weed’s soul.


Bursting shout of joy!

“Let’s go!”

“Let’s kill them all!”

The Geomchis too, desperation filled and fought.

They did not fear death. However, a death here meant an embarrassing failure. So they tried their best not do die.

Pushing through the enemies while taking care of each other, they found the staircase to the second floor.

The fight with the Golem was 14 hours since its conception.


The cinema room.

Rumor spread of Weed challenging the Tower of Heroes, and suddenly the station employees gathered.

The program ‘Weed’ rating was significantly low.

They were trying to give the audience an accurate depiction of Seirun so it was inevitable.

Earlier on, the Weed’s presence wasn’t great.

From food, sword grinding, ironing, and up to bandaging, he was the person who did all sorts of chores.

Even when they did not edit the battles, all could really be seen from him was the ability to conduct the attack and sweep of surrounding areas.

Although that alone was awesome, each time they saw the Jeonshin Weed and built up on the traumatic experiences, and his charismatic self falls short each time.

Not only that, the Geomchis were somewhat of insectivores.

‘But it may be different if we watch it this time.’

The staffs hyped themselves.

They also came to the cinema room and watched for about an hour or so, and were bored.

‘Just fighting golems.’

‘Tired, tired.’

Even after three hours they were still fighting while searching.

The Royal Road footage was played at the rate of 4x the norm.

Endless fighting, monsters wearing away.

From the viewers’ perspective, everything they saw up to the strike of the swords, there was no hint of giving up.

At the end of the bloody battle, the staircase to the second floor was found.

Then, they felt a lump in their chest.

If it’s time for dungeon quests, then most will take the more rational approach.

First, they will gather up each type of the needed occupation, and readied the equipment.

After entering the dungeon, reconnaissance and dismantle traps.

Wizards attacks and archers suppresses!

Also conversely, traps are installed to fight effectively.

There are still a lot of risks; even with the Clerics’ heals.

But this was the most commonly used method most large guilds practiced.

‘It has been a long time since I’ve seen bodies collided like that to solve a quest.’

‘A lack of the combination of cooperation and faith means no way to persevere through this…’

‘Seeing this these days is rare.’


Weed and the Geomchis arrived at the second floor and a parchment could be seen.

Gold skill book!

The Tower of Heroes had prepared the compensation.

Weed read the skill book.

Stone Skin: makes skin hard as rock.The User can protect himself from Fire and Ice, even sharp weapons.
The Defense increase is based on Perseverance, Physical Resistance, and skill level.100 Mana consume to activate the skill.
15 Mana per second consume to maintain the skill.
Due to the heavy weight gain, Agility will decrease by 25%, Damage will increase by 15%.
    Contestant of Basic Training Center.
    Available to all.
    Must have Mana to use.

A skill to directly protect the body.

In the case of Warriors, they can increase Defense by temporarily increases Morale. This was a bit different.

It is at a disadvantage since it consumes more Mana. And in place of outstanding increase in Damage, Agility declines.

Weed found how he could take advantage of this skill.

‘If I’m surrounded by enemies and cuts come in from all directions, this would useful.’

The other skill is only for the Warriors, those that don’t meet the condition demanded can’t use it.

Then it’s the same as Eyes Tightly Shut!

Stone Skin may seem a bit weak against air-based attacks or charging attacks, but the great gain in defensive capability is useful.

Defensive skills against aggressive attacks weren’t so rare though.

“Skill Acquisition!”

Have learned Stone Skin.
By means of acquiring new Ancient Skill, Intelligence increased by 7.
Wisdom increased by 6.

Having learned the skill, they moved slowly forward to the next challenge.

As oppose to the first floor, it wasn’t dark at all.

It was too bright to the eyes.

On the ground the glowing fire burned, and the flames covered up any sight of the staircase.

Even with the Wizards ability to fly, due the low ceiling above, there was no way to avoid the flames.

“So this is what he meant by walking the path you must tread, huh. Stone Skin!”

Weed activated the skill he just learned, and walked into the fire.

This was the quickest way and there was no going back.

If the quest required this method, rather than coming up with tips and tricks, he took a chance and made a bet by stepping in.

Under special circumstances.
    The rate of acquiring Stone Skin’s proficiency will increase 20% of the norm.

Each step he took, the proficiency increased by 1%.

Even though the level was still at Beginner, the speed was great. However, the pain had not subsided.

The hardest thing imagined.

The whole entire body was covered in flames. Hands and feet seemed to have dried up as bone as they evaporated.

Before his harassed by flames sight lies the gateway of the second floor.

“Let’s go. The third floor will be waiting with something more interesting.”

A rather confident Weed walked excitedly.

The Geomchis also followed.

The pain in their body transcended.

Something for the likes of the sick minded.

“33 year old bachelor.”

“If I think about girlfriends then my limbs shrivel like this.”

“Can’t be weakened just because of some stupid stage.”

Their pace had fallen along with their speed and vitality, while fatigue jumped with every step they took.

But thanks to Stone Skin, they were able to withstand it of that level.

Stone Skin skill level increased by 1.Due to the rock-like hardened skin, a chance of bouncing off enemies’ weapons improves.
Base armor increases by 1%.
    Stone Skin skill level increased by 1.
    Due to the rock-like hardened skin, a chance of bouncing off enemies’ weapons improves.
    Base armor increases by 2%.

The growth the Stone Skin was a pleasurable feeling.


Weed enjoyed the bodily aches.

Even if it was physical hardship, the growth of a skill was the best of feelings.

For others, they may not want to walk the length because of the pain; but for the sake of the skill, there is no reason to not persist.

Then they discovered the stairs to the third floor.

Weed and the Geomchis sufficiently rested before climbing up the stairs.

Again, they were filled with Health and Mana. And again, they returned to the flames.

“Grow skill, grow!”

With the Stone Skin mastery in mind, the jumped into the flames!

Only Weed would ever come up with that logic.

Stone Skin have reached the Intermediate level.Increases base Defense by 4%.
Magic Resistance increases by 7%, the Mana to maintain the skill reduces by half.

At this point, they could say the inferno was a bit generous.

Along with the Mana cost depletion, the tension left somewhere as well.

Geomchi’s forehead sweated like during a workout.

“Oh cool.”

Geomchi3 body also felt refreshed.

“Master, isn’t it a pleasure to feel the sweat falling?”

The Geomchis sat and relaxed as if this was a sauna!

They stayed on the second floor for a day or so.

Enjoying the pain of the flames, all for the mastery of the skill!

After the means, they mastered the skill and climbed toward the third floor.


In the cinema room, the station’s staffs couldn’t close their mouth while watching the sight.

“Are these people humans?”

“Maybe it’s not that hot?”

They simply had to be dubious.

However, the inferno there was no illusion.

Whether it was Weed or the Geomchis, all had to shed the clothes they were wearing!

They suffered an inexplicably high fever that was impossible to explain.

Weed had to continually repair the broken armors, and later was forced to enjoy the blazing inferno with just pants on.

The swimming in the fire Geomchi10.

The baking potatoes in both hands while eating another Geomchi17.

The roasted juipo eating Geomchi38. (dried fish jerky.)

Even Oh Dongman who was familiar to Weed and the Geomchis placed his hand on his heart.

‘I’m human. I appreciate the fact that I’m just a normal human!’

Now was a time where he could not be proud of the fact he knew Weed and the Geomchis.

Those eternally absurd human beings once again amaze.

Park Heeyeon was also frustrated.

“I’m seriously going down the path of a professional Flame Magician, but I can never be a carefree as that in that situation…”

She attended the conference on the Flame Magic series.

The pain of the magical flame is something substantial.

Although it burns like the real, of course, it is not.

But in order to counteract the burning one will feel, the parts need to be covered in very hot spring water or something comparable, which were fiercely expensive.

But here, Weed and the Geomchis seemed a bit too impervious.

They stay in the flames for long and still seems like the flames were softening.

With the lowering resistance, the pain will get even more severe.

Perhaps, the pain they are feeling at the moment may have been close to the maximum.

Nevertheless, they still enjoyed it.

“Perverts, those Ahjussi!”

When they reached the floor, they obtained more stats.


Passing the Intermediate Training Center has been logged.
Physical Resistance increases by 60.
Perseverance increases by 60.
Endurance increases by 60.

Physical Resistance, Perseverance, and Endurance all increased by 60!

With the Stone Skin mastered, Defense had almost doubled.

At their current self, it was as if they’ve acquired the effect of a high end defensive item.

Other Tower of Heroes would have also provided users with the Stone Skin skill.

But no one would ever reach the height of the skill of which Weed and the Geomchis achieved.

It was an exceptional opportunity for the weaker than most defensive-wise Geomchis!

However, the degree of difficulty on the third floor was much greater.

Thieves and Assassins made traps while waiting for a more opportune time to attack.

Poisoned daggers and crossbow arrows flew.

“Thunderous Lightning!”

“Fire Blast!”

“Aqua Arrow!”

They were subjected to a widespread of magical attacks.

The third stage was the stage of survival!

The Assassins and Thieves made their way in between the Geomchis, with magic attacks followed.

If they were distracted by the Assassins or the Thieves, then they would have received a direct hit from the magic attack.

And if they had tried to avoid magical attacks by dodging, their body would suffer thrusting blows from the hidden Assassins.


“Oh shit. This sucks…”

Geomchi54 and Geomchi77 died.

They will not be able to exceed the third floor of the Intermediate Training Center.

Now, they will re-spawn back on the Versailles continent at their saved location.

Weed used Yell

“Do. Not. Divide!”

The yell overwhelmed all disturbances.

Geomchi2 asked urgently.

“Weed, is there a way?”

Geomchis and the other instructors were safe.

They were those who can take care of themselves even in the midst of chaos.

But due to the sudden change in circumstances, they have not figured out a solution.

“I also have no way.”

“That so?”

“The Wizards should attack the center of where we gathered because it’ll be a concentrated zone. But for some reason, they want us to disperse; which means their line based attacks are more damaging. We gotta fight united.”

“Wouldn’t they do what you said though, attack the center?”

“Still, we have stick together. Even if we scatter, it has to be in groups of 3.”

Weed instinctively found a respond.

Geomchi2 relied on his judgment.

Any lack of rational conviction, and they’ll suffer from the thrusts of the enemies.

Geomchi2 had always been the best disciple at the Dojang, and decisions were often forced on him.

He had always been watching over the other instructors and practitioners as they gain experiences.

However, at this time, there was no need for Geomchi2 to make a decision.

‘For me I have a trustworthy apprentice. If it’s his judgment, then I’ll follow it.’

The Geomchis gathered.

Magic attacks concentrated before them, and the dagger wielding Assassins and Thieves rushed forward.

Weed exclaimed.

“Stone Skin!”

He utilized the skill he had just learned.

“Stone Skin!”

“Stone Skin!”

The Geomchis hurriedly used the skill.

Their skins were as hard as rocks. Magic enveloped above them.


Dozen of colorful magic attacks exploded above Weed and the Geomchis.

Thanks to the power of Stone Skin, the loss of life was not large.

Most likely due to the benefits of attaining mastery of the skill.

‘It’s holding up against the power of magic.’

The Geomchis were vaguely afraid of magic attacks.

They were not accustomed to magic as they did not use it.

If they saw an oncoming flying spell, they would avoid it.

But not just the Geomchis, anybody else will choose the same course of action.

The destructivity of magic doesn’t just stop at the initial hit.

Some fire or ice skills, they have two three phases in one attack.

Completely damages all except for the caster himself; while many other magical attacks covers a large area of complex damages.

That’s why magicians are widely recognized as best offensive class!

While also difficult to completely avoid, the huge area affected means far less work for them.

However, due to the effect of Stone Skin, they were at least able to survive through the non-direct magic attacks.

The earth-based magical attacks with two, three phases were deflected by the stone skins.

The Geomchis overcame the magical storm as rooted trees.


“I’m not dead!”

Meanwhile, the Assassins and Thieves were in shock.

Having received the damage, but the Geomchis’ situation wasn’t chaotic.


Geomchis skillfully brandished their blades that their respective Assassins and Thieves.

Deadly attacks!

The Assassins and Thieves had not prepared their guard in the first place, so they were taking a beating.


“Killing away!”

Even before, they weren’t afraid of the Assassins and Thieves who overwhelmed them by the numbers.

Holding their swords rushing their enemies, the Geomchis solidified their footings while keeping their opponent at bay.

Magic attacks occasionally made their ways in, and some Assassins and Thieves relied on suicidal rushes.

On the third floor, it was literally a fight for survival.

Just a single moment of loss of concentration spelt a wider gap of vulnerability.

The Assassins’ stealth skill was very impressive; they were only able to be seen within a few meters.

But still, they were just like moths to a flame, deathly counterattacks soon followed.

While holding their positions, Weed and the Geomchis took care of all the Assassins and Thieves.

Then to each their own, they took on the remaining cast of Wizards.

Along with their deathly attacks, only 37 Geomchis were left after the damage of their magical attacks.

Weed and the Geomchis headed toward the fourth floor.

Have learned Heraim Sword Skill.
By means of acquiring new Ancient Sword Skill, Strength increased by 15.
Agility increased by 20.
    Heraim Sword Skill:
    The developed sword skill of the Combat Race Heraim.
A very difficult skill to operate; evidently resulted in its extinction.
While moving forward without stopping, can deliver five consecutive strikes.
Depending on the skill level, the maximum possible of consecutive attacks and effect will increase.
Whenever success at continuous attacks, Strength and Agility will temporarily increase.
If the sword stopped moving, or is blocked, the skill will cease automatically.
200 Mana will be consumed when using the skill.
    For those that learned swordsmanship.
    Available to all.
    Must have Mana to use.

The compensation for having made it to the forth floor was an ancient sword skill.

Whether it was limited sword skill, unique sword skill, or the extent of its power, all were unknown.

As soon as they learned the skill, the enemies flocked.

The feeling of hopelessness came from some unknown place seeped into Weed to a decent extent.

“The humans who woke us up.”

“The living humans…kill.”

“So I can…rest.”

The cursed Ghost Knights.

The knights were equipped with old swords and armors.

For having betrayed their commitment and having fallen into corruption during their lifetime, they had to pay by constantly living in suffering.

The number of knights and soldiers’ ghosts had gathered beyond the hundreds.

Even now, more and more of them were spawning from the ground.

Weed drew his sword.

“Let’s break through them.”

He intended to rush in the second he saw the dozens of the awakening ghosts of knights and soldiers!

Weed and the Geomchis all headed toward the same direction.

“Skill cast. Heraim Sword Skill!”

Above head, and toward the stomach, the hits landed.

When the continuous attacks were successful, the sword flew much faster.
First order of continuous attacks was successful.
Agility increases by 20%.
Second order of continuous attacks was successful.
Strength increases by 40%.
Third order of continuous attacks was successful.
Agility increases by an additional 40%.
Fourth order of continuous attacks was successful.
Strength increases by an additional 40%.
Fifth order of continuous attacks was successful.
Sent the enemy into Confusion.
Degrade the enemy’s Fighting Spirit.

The initial combo gave the second faster sword speed.

By the time of the third, the Ghost Knight dropped to his knees because of its awesome power!

The sword did not stop.

It returned in a smooth circle and connected at the exact point where Ghost Knight’s armor was most vulnerable.

And the transverse swung of the buffed up fifth blew away all the attacks of the enemy.

The Ghost Knight lays, crushed.

Heraim Sword Skill proficiency increased by 0.2%.

For the series of attacks to be successful up to the fifth order: sense of balance, visual acuity of the body, and proficiency in swordsmanship were all needed.

While not stopping the movement of the blade, one must respond immediately to the actions of the enemy.

Weed and the Geomchis having already mastered swordsmanship, thus quickly picked up the Heraim Sword Skill.

Fighting against the oncoming enemies, the Heraim Sword Skill demonstrated its ability by blowing them all away.

But rather, having already suppressed at least 80 of them, the number of enemies increased by twice of that.


“This will not be easy.”

From Geomchi up till the instructors, their faces seemed solemn.

Even if you’re gifted in the art of the sword, it is limited within Royal Road.

With more and more enemies to fight, Health, Stamina, and Mana all decreases with each one.

Overtime, the end of their time was drawing near.

“Break them!”


Only the sound of Weed and the Geomchis reverberated.

“Heraim Sword Skill!”

First order of continuous attacks was successful.
Agility increases by 20%.
Second order of continuous attacks was successful.
Strength increases by 40%.
Third order of continuous attacks was successful.
Agility increases by an additional 40%.
Fourth order of continuous attacks was successful.
Strength increases by an additional 40%.
Fifth order of continuous attacks was successful.
The enemy has Fainted.
Has lost the ability to attack.

Whenever they used the skill, the Ghost Knights and Ghost Soldiers were crushed.

Their surrounding was unbearable; even with just moving a step, they were confronted by the lapping waves of enemies.

The Geomchis’ eyes turned cold.

Received a fatal blow!

The successive attacks were only able to be so when targeting the sensitive areas.

The Geomchis earnestly battled.

But with just that, it wasn’t going to turn the favor back to them in this war like situation.

For the first time, they could only advance toward one direction.

While more enemies spawned, they were forced to be wary of their rear.

Eventually, they were encircled, which further delayed their progress even more.

More than a third of those that arrived on the fourth floor died.


“To die here…is really…inconvenient.”

They fought without regret.

Not a mistake on their part, the fault was on the lack of Stamina and Strength.

Some Geomchis died, fallen and turned into nothingness.

All those fought at one point or another almost collapsed from exhaustion.

All the Geomchis were killed.

In minutes, it was just Weed by himself.

“Sculpturing Blade!”

His most basic of sword skill.

A sword skill that while uses less Mana, able to fight off multiple opponents.

While wounded, he ferociously fought against the lance and sword wielding Ghost Knights and Solders.

Attack, attack, attack!

The ghost knights lost their lives, the soldiers fallen.

But Weed, by himself, could no longer move forward.

With each and every of the enemies’ attacks, his wounds deepened.


If he had not surpassed the Warrior’s Perseverance and Physical Resistance, he would have died in this situation already.

He could not use the Eyes Tightly Shut skill either.

While have already been surrounded by enemies, he also could not fully control his body as of now.

Weed alone, bravely fought against the horde of enemies for more than 10 minutes.

Less than 5% Stamina, Mana already depleted, and HP dipped below 23%; it was a situation where he could not win.

With the diminishing Strength, his arm felt heavy with the sword in his hand.

His body no longer moves fluid-like as before.

“I’ll take one more fool!”

He abandoned blocking the hits of his enemies.

Each and every attack using sword required a certain amount if Strength and Stamina.

He chose to decrease the distance between him and an enemy.

Weed having completely abandoned defending himself, the number of wounds rapidly shot up.

And in return, he was able to thrust his sword through the helmet of one of the knights.

“Up to here?”

Weed then gave up preventing their attacks landing.

However, he did not give up on picking up the items.

Having battled in one spot for a long time, it was a plate like area filled with items and loots!

There were so many items dropped by the Ghost Knight that were just scraps.

But if they were to go through the smelting process, all were able to be recycled.

In some cases, he obtained jewelries and fallen Gold.

If he left the Ghost Knights and the Ghost Soldiers alone, he could pick them up.


Weed rolled on the ground.

Focusing everything into his hands, he quickly reached for the surrounding items.

Aimed for the more expensive items first, then onto the lowly loot.

Then by the sword of a Ghost Knight, he died.

You have died.

The Weed who died fighting till the end.

The ghosts, once again, returned to their original position.

“Kkirikkkirik. All challengers have died.”

“Too bad they could not remove our curse.”

“Now I will return to my slumber once more.”

They burst into laughter and ridiculed their human challengers.

They believed everything has already been terminated!

At the spot where Weed died, the body had been replaced by a set of bones.

An unsightly sword wielding white skeleton!

A power received from the Necromancer; due to the power to deny death, a Skeleton Knight will be resurrected.


The Manager of Operation was brought in.

Because of the known fact that Weed and the Geomchis were challenging the Tower of Heroes.

Director Kang and the entire production staff were watching the attempt together.

“Such splendid and precise movements.”

“Have anyone ever seen such accurate movements like that from a user?”

“Whew, receiving hits from the Assassins and Thieves and still not even panicking.”

“How many people can fight covering for each other like that?”

The fight was full of admiration.

In order to master the Stone Skin Skill, they also had to bathe in flames.

But that as well could not drown their fighting spirit.

Watching Weed and the Geomchis’ fight scene, it was as if their souls were drawn into the screen. Nothing short of admiration.

“And what floor is this now?”

“The 4th.”

Within the station, from one acquaintance to the next, the news of being able to watch the first ever seen attempt of the Tower of Heroes spread among them.

The first or second floor wasn’t anything comparing to the excitement of the fourth floor.

Weed and the Geomchis arrived to the fourth floor and still showed tremendous fighting spirits.

The thrill was something difficult for any other movie to match to as they lead into the battles.

It was as if their roles were natural born warriors fending off enemies.

Too exhilarating.

Their hands shook unknowingly as if they wanted to enter the scene.

It was something simply breathtaking and exciting.

A perfect stage to fight until the end where each and absolutely all enemies must be eliminated without retreating.

The Geomchis were wiped out.

Even though Weed had put up an excellent resistance, he also lost his life.


The group sighed.

Oh Dongman, Shin Hyemin, Kim In Young, as well as all those who knew Weed and the Geomchis, and of course the station’s staffs, all lamented.

It was the emphatically feeling of wanting Weed and the group to pass the Tower of Heroes.

“That was it, just like that?”

“It was just a hunch from the beginning anyway. But what they did was great. If it were us, we wouldn’t even dare to do it.”

They then collapsed from exhaustion.

It felt as if they’ve stayed up for two, three nights; all were not able to do anything.

And then, the transmission transferred to the screen stunned them all as they watched.

From where Weed died, a skeleton rose in his place.

For some reason, the skeleton felt familiar.

The skeleton that appeared at the right moment during the Fellowship led by the Cold Rose Guild to fight the dragon Kurenberg!

Using magic of the Necromancer, he produced thousands of Undead.

Amazing close range dogfight against the dragon while mounted on a wyvern.

Even yelled and called forth the ice dragon.

The impact achieved at that time was something unrivalled.

Though it looked a different from the first skeleton, the skeleton had appeared once again.

The station employees cried in excitement.

“He came!”

“The Jeonshin Weed!”

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  2. In fight with Lich Shire I think

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    2. That's the joke...

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  4. Tyknos, the Gnome MachinistMarch 2, 2015 at 12:14 AM

    He hasn't used it in forever because of the mana cost of the moves... He uses it against single big bosses because its best used 1v1 not 1v30... so he hasn't felt necessity to use it recently.

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