Volume 13 Chapter 10

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Akryong (Evil Dragon) Kaybern

Dwarven Village Iron Hand.

Thor Kingdom was famous for having many Dwarven Masters living in their villages, who could mass produce high quality goods from minerals in a nearby mine.

Residential areas had small little houses. Blacksmith shops were sparse in the village, making it prominent to others that artisans made up the village.

The majority of people who were present in the downtown area were Dwarves.

People from other villages frequently visited the central square, and the place of commerce, the marketplace, making it a rare sight to see Traders camping near the village entrance of Iron Hand.

Humans, and Elven species dragged their wagons (and were) sifting through town to solicit with Dwarven Merchants.

“I am one of Roen’s top traders, Mithras. If you have any of the weapons or armor that you created, would you be willing to sell them to me?”

“This completed product has been imported in large quantities. Please take care of it...”

“I will supply any items that you might need in bulk. In Thor Kingdom, iron and copper are expensive, but how about Noid Kingdom’s more affordable 3rd grade iron?”

“The price will skyrocket. How were you able to find out?”

The solicitation of persistent Merchants!

As the day turned into night, these Merchants continued to persevere.

Goods such as weapons and armors that were obtained in the village of Iron Hand were sold at other places in the Versailles Continent for a very high price.

Merchants deliberately came to the village, desperately trying to obtain anything the Dwarves had made.

“Please sell it to me.”

“I’m a Dwarven Warrior...”

Any Dwarves who had finely groomed beards, were having a hard time.

In fact, if you want to look for a Dwarven artisan, you shouldn’t come to Iron Hand. The Artisan who lived there had unsophisticated Blacksmithing skills, and would only look for Merchants who did not know of the value of items, and scam them.

Then Weed walked into Iron Hand.

Merchants who swarmed the place only watched and nodded at Weed from afar because compared to his body, he had a relatively large head.

‘They are Merchants, and this seems to be the right place, the Dwarven Village.’

Some of the Merchants peddled a long distance from Morata, looking for items to buy and make money. They buy in bulk, and sell in bulk.

Because the Commodity Brokerage collected by Kingdoms for the development of villages did not help improve the trade industry, the Merchants frowned upon it. Similarly, solicitation fees were arbitrarily calculated to cater to guests, therefore the quality of goods sold were meager.

Traders who travelled from afar, saw Dwarven Weed.

'He's my prey.'

'That Dwarf is mine.'

The group of hungry Merchants ran towards Weed.

"Buying or selling goods."

"I'll buy anything."

“Please sell the items you have cheaply. I came from far away. Please!”

"I'll unconditionally offer a higher price than others. If you have something to sell, please sell it.”

The successful Dwarves had no way to escape when the traders gathered into a group and started begging.

All the Dwarven craftsmen that came to Ironhand were low-levelled and they were physiologically intimidated by the crowd of people surrounding them.

Weed ran off like the wind.

Taking advantage of his small height, he ran in between the legs of the traders using his excellent sense of direction to evade the hands of the traders.


“He ran away.”

The traders who worked in vain stood there devastated.

To easily be able to break through a crowd of people.

The career of evil traders left a bad reputation.


Real merchants did not budge as they sat at the entrance of the town.

And Weed passed through the village entrance when words were passed/said indirectly.

“You won’t find anybody who will buy for a higher price than me.”

“Out of money...”

Their own business strategies, in accordance with their will, was to differentiate themselves from the other merchants.

Weed then ventured in even further into town, into the village of Iron Hand


Dwarven blacksmiths were proficient in creating weapons and armor due to their naturally high dexterity stat.

It’s claimed that even Dwarven warriors could create simple things such as a torch or an arrow without difficulty.

Dwarven warriors were renowned for fighting in battles to the death but it was not an exaggeration to say that most Dwarves chose the path of the artisan.

This is because of the characteristics of the Dwarves who were born blessed with art and dexterity needed for production skills.

Those who chose the life of a craftsmen should take into account these benefits when picking their species when starting. This was a race most skilled with dealing with iron.

Being able to make durable goods from the beginning with high productions skills, they were sought for and respected.

Human blacksmiths could make almost any weapon but the expertise was reduced by a lot.

Elf blacksmiths made the best and strongest bows.

But Elves were masters of magic, and were a species proficient in archery.

There weren’t many Elf blacksmiths. They created bows from special wood materials but it was not traded frequently enough.

The life of a Dwarf species blacksmith was one that was envied but their lives were nowhere close to being rich.

“Wow, this month the price of iron ore has risen.”

"You think so too? Recently I've been thinking that increase in prices are going to kill me."

“Blacksmith skills will increase, but without middle merchants busily striking the prices...This is really hard.”

Many dwarves were complaining in the tavern.

Weed sat at a low table, and listened in to their stories while drinking milk.

‘Everyone in the world says it’s hard to live.’

He continued to complain about the hard life of a dwarf compared to artists, economical hardships were forced on the dwarves, but there were no stories.

“That Akryong Kaybern further raised taxes.”

“But wasn’t it raised just three months ago?”

“That’s why I might want to decorate with rare gold.”

“Ugh! Another hunting quest? His demands are endless. What kind of monster is it this time?”

“What is the matter with you. How does one or two legions under his command make him a monster?”

“It’s not what he’s got or gotten, though.”

“Listen, the Minotaur guards have been useless.”


Akryong Kaybern.

Thor Mountain, like other neighbouring mountains, was ruled by a dragon.

The Dragon's desire for treasure was not easily satiated; the dwarves had to constantly pay tribute or face its wrath.

The Human Villages were invaded by monsters, even if that was not the case, there were attacks from other kingdoms.

Even Morata was not safe from the invasions of monsters.

While the Dragons dominated the Dwarf villages, they were safe from monster attacks but it was necessary to offer tributes in return.

It was just unconditionally bad, but it wouldn’t be confiscated. Sometimes Dragons managed monsters under their command and gave consideration for the new mines that should be developed. More than half of the mithril and iron ore from these mines as well had to be paid up.

In addition, Dwarf warriors were allowed to hunt in the mountains, and even in this case, the dragons did not punish them.

Dragons view Dwarves as troublesome and taken only for any work, whether it was one or a few, it was viewed as only one worker. The monsters were just worms living in their own area.

There was no reason to interfere or bother.

There were five dragons known to live in the Thor kingdom but it was said White Dragon/Akryong Kaybern had the most treasure.

Thor Kingdom had a phase transition where it repeatedly had earlier development, but even then it was not the top country because of the Dragons.

Thor Kingdom gathered mercenaries and periodically raised the heat in the fight against the Dragons and ended up with no income at all. Currently, even having one mercenary participating in the duty was rare.

Weed left the pub after eating a simple meal of bread and milk.

‘Nonetheless, it’s the Dwarves’ life.’

All you’d hear from the dwarves were exaggerated.

When poverty strikes, it was a habit to spend time where there was beer and meat!

In the Dwarf village it was necessary to overcome the high taxes in order to live.

Using the highest quality ore in the continent as foundation to make weapons, there was growth in skills and the famous Dwarf artisans continued their infinite orders.

Dwarves who left Thor Kingdom to make a fortune sold weapons and armor, and even managed to become lords in the kingdom with the money.

Guilds supply goods in order to build a strong network of high level players to expand their forces.

There were a considerable number of blacksmiths with ambition on the Versailles continent.

Weed entered the Sculptors’ guild.

The Sculptors’ guild was generally used by the majority of Thor kingdom's Dwarves.

Understanding how important dexterity was, they learnt sculpting as it was a fast way to raise this stat.

There were many Dwarves in the guild but they did not pay attention to Weed thanks to the perfect sculpture shapeshift.

“Tsk Tsk, you’re still nowhere near perfection, you have much to learn.”

The Dwarf Instructor was consistently dealing with the Dwarves with a prickly attitude.

“You craft weapons with little care for art, didn’t you know doing this will cause you trouble in time? With lack of art you can make strong weapons but they will be far from perfection.”

“Learning about breathing life into weapons by coming to the Sculptors’ guild? Looks like the Blacksmith guild taught well. But it’s too early. At least the weapons will be created properly after coming. The stuff will be full of defects, how would they breathe life into it without having expression.”

“These Dwarves are incompetent”

The words of the Instructor did not budge the Dwarves.

‘How many more of these actions does this navvy mean.’

‘Tired, sick and tired of this. This guy’s way of production is so long.’

Bowing his head respectfully while lamenting, he withdrew.

The higher the blacksmith skill, the better the created goods, and (they are) recognised from around the land.

Even if they had complaints, the Dwarves endured it.

In order have the blacksmith skills to create any kind of weapon, fast improvement of dexterity was essential.

For such dexterity, it was best to familiarise yourself with sculpturing. Sculpturing did help a bit to make and develop/become other items, but it was outright intolerable.

The Dwarf instructor told Weed to await his turn.

“Art Hand is here to create a way of expression. To ask for new instructions in cultivating the way of art.”


The Dwarf Instructor listened with an unbelieving look. On the face full of wrinkles, convulsions were taking place. He was stroking his beard and forgot his grumbling attitude.

“What did you just say.”

“I said I came here to learn about new techniques.”


“What did that Dwarf just say?”

“New techniques, what on earth does that mean?"

“What level of sculpting does he have?”

The Dwarves could not believe it. This is because they had yet to see a user who said that..

As sculpting mastery increased, better skills could be learnt!

Until now they had not considered bothering to learn, but at the Sculptors’ guild in the Dwarf Village, they oddly decided to come and learn. Compared to the benefits of learning the skills at other Dwarven guilds, it was not even a third of the cost.

The Dwarf Instructor guided Weed towards the Elf Neck sculpture that was on display.

“I’ll give you a chance to prove that you have the sufficient qualities of a Sculptor. Then...let me see a display of your craftsmanship.”

“What’s the theme?”

“Whatever’s good, if the mind is flexible the sculpture will turn out well.”

Weed was already familiar with the Elf’s Neck.

‘Sculpture pieces sold in stores were usually made of expensive materials rather than superlative wood.’

Making wooden sculptures were really boring.

One should not try to craft as quickly as possible such that the representation turns out bad.

As trees age, the wood grains start forming patterns, when you create a sculpture in a certain direction of the flow of the pattern, it is very beautiful.

Masterpiece sculptures from this wood as the material was very expensive and could exceeded dozens of gold.

The Dwarf Instructor presented the superlative wood that the Elf Neck came out of as the test.

“That Elf’s Neck is not easily sharpened.Creating an impromptu wood sculpture, this test is difficult...”

“What if I fail?”

The Dwarves in the Sculptors’ guild stopped their actions and watched Weed.

Weed silently laid the Elf Neck on the chair below.Due to becoming a Dwarf, he had become smaller. So, a chair was required as the key to a smooth sculpturing.

Weed boldly took out Zahab’s carving knife and stuck it in the Elf’s Neck.


Since the test required a sculpture, the onlooking dwarves were trying their best not to look shocked!

The carving knife cut deeply into the Elf’s Neck.

In such a state, Weed cut diagonally with the Zahab carving knife and made a division of the Elf’s neck and head.

Whenever Weed moved the carving knife, he would undoubtedly cut the outline of the Elf’s Neck.

“What does this have to do with carving?”

“To treat a carving knife with the same mastery as a sword, how can this be...."

“Usually I don’t use it as a carving knife.”

The tool was surprising, but the decisive workmanship was a greater surprise.

What kind of carving knife could stab, slash, and slice a number of strokes mercilessly on wood without ruining it.

Nevertheless,more of the wood was carved out and surprisingly began to take a form.

It seemed to have been cut at random, but there were no mistakes. Having made things with the hands several times, at this time the skill to work easily without hesitation was achieved.

To use a carving knife, if the master stage wasn’t fulfilled, then it would be inferior.

The trust in the strength of the blade is necessary when working on a piece of such difficulty.

The dwarves were not ashamed as they stared in astonishment at Weed while he was performing the test. In Weed’s mindset while working on the test was simple.

‘There’s no money anyways, so roughly!’

Not many were allowed to take the test, and it was not made clear of the requirements to pass.

‘I have hurry up before the curse returns.’

The spirits of the unknown beings had been whispering in his ear. Any moment now, the curse could kick in. Time was of the essence.

‘If this is successful, I can make golds off of it even if I have to lower the price, every bit of money counts...’

Making pieces was desperate in the days of the novice.

The situation improved now,there was confidence to raise the degree of grandness of the sculptures made.

The dwarves around town began to stand around to see the test and watch Weed carve, he gave off inspiration.

‘You have to see a life-like structure in your mind’

Weed was worried as to what he should make.

How many seconds it took did not worry him.

This is the Dwarves’ Village.

It was decided from the beginning that the sculptures could move the hearts of Dwarves.

“It’s a Dragon.”

“Those wide and flat wings, well-developed hips and thick legs...That’s Akryong Kaybern!”

Due to the limited size of the wood, the sculpture had to be smaller than the real, living thing.

But the overall composition of the sculpture was quickly and finely carved out on the wood once Weed had determined what it was to be.

Greedy mouths were gaping.

For the human vocal cords, if the structure of the upper and lower lip becomes a circle, it is except to say one word.


Holding up jewels with short arms, eyebrows and beard naturally reached forward.

Recklessly running on land trying to soar on the wings of Akryong Kaybern.

“That’s better than the other dragon I made.”

“For him, even if it wasn’t the Dragon, to eat Salmon would have meant quite a bit.”

The Dwarves that watched the sprouting picture of Akryong Kaybern become annoyed.

Sculpture was the three-dimensional representation of art.

Only hearing the name caused the anger to well up, so that seeing and feeling the target has doubled.

The Dwarf Instructor spoke.

“You’ve passed the test. To make such a sculpture in a short period of time is impressive because you were not overconfident with your skills.”

The Dwarf Instructor saying this could be considered the highest praise.

To be seen as a Sculptor with an ego was a bad thing.

Weed quietly excused himself.

“It was my sincere intention that I did not want a sculpture that was related to the theme.”

“I understand. Since I see that it is a great sculpture that comes with precise workmanship, you are well-qualified.You did not know that in the way of our Dwarven society, Akryong Kaybern sculptures are taboo.”

“I’ve carved a dragon only once before.”

The Dwarf Instructor laughed, satisfied.

“In my heart, he’s a great guy.”

The faces of the dwarves watching went rigid.

Many insulted and cursed him, to become so acquainted with the instructor with so few words!

“A user who managed to befriend the Sculpture Instructor has appeared!”

“Where did you learn such flattery?”

Seeing Weed’s technique for the first time,the Dwarves had a desire to get close to him and it was a fact that was worthy of the sky collapsing.

‘We live in such a difficult world’

‘The debt is settled with words, the crafty tongue eats freely in life.’

Anyway, due to the effect of the familiarity with the Instructor, price of teaching Sculpturing was given a discount of 20% .

“Sculpture can move people's’ hearts, if you don’t close your mind you can understand the sculpture”


- Acquired Sculpture Communication

“Sculptures are not immortal.Over the years, they are damaged.If the damage is worked on to restore them, they will be happier. If you manage to learn the art of turning back time on sculptures, you can learn a lot about the past. Unfortunately this technique is lost in the past.”

- Acquired Sculpture Restoration

Weed immediately decided to find out the information of the newly-acquired skill.

“Skill info window. Sculpture Communication, Sculpture Restoration!”

- Sculpture Language/Communication 1 (0%) :
It is impervious whether the conversation is with monsters or humans, these two kinds of sculptures can converse.If they are a fine work, their hostility will be alleviated and there will be spells that are favoured.When fame or skill level rises, more species beyond the current limits will be able to converse.
Reaching intermediate Sculpture Communication, adventurers acquire special emotion skills.
Sculpture Restoration 1 (0%) :
Depending on skill level, damaged sculptures can be restored to their original appearance.

Weed already had high fame,and with flattery and divine help, the skill was not necessary. Learning was placed first.

Originally, Weed was here partly to learn.

The presence of the unknown sculptures that were continuously clamouring themselves at him, accepting the words of the oracle of the Goddess Freya to come to the Dwarf Kingdom.

The way he sliced the wood as he crafted bore the scent of doubt.

It was not a common occurrence.

But what the Instructor had to say was unexpected.

“What do you think of the carving? Is this not the dream of a Sculptor?”

Weed, unconflicted, had an easy answer for this moment.

‘Money, fame, power, what more is there to say?’

Grazing the conflict that momentarily came by, whether there was an answer was not important, and the Instructor continued talking without waiting.

“The Sculptor’s dream is to eagerly aspire for sculptures, creating better sculptures shows the purity of the heart. The Sculptor’s words, isn’t it romantic?"


“Well.. when it’s time, you as a Sculptor will get to choose which path you wish to follow.”

“My own path?”

“Sculpture is more noble and difficult than other areas in the field of arts.”

Weed realized this.

Sculpture. Money did not come easy if your art was dreadful.

“Devoting life to making sculptures... indeed it is not easy. Reaching great heights of sculpturing, but at that single view level, it is still infinitely feeble.”

Since reaching Advanced Sculpting, the skill proficiency progression was very slow.Not only the reduced skill proficiency increase, sculpture skills associated with swordsmanship, Grant Life to Sculpture, Sculpture Shapeshift were staying at low levels.

“It’s hard to give it your all when sculpting. Stopping now would be disheartening and after all the trouble so far, there should be a reward.”

“Is it worthwhile?”

“Sculpture Mastery is recognised in the field of arts, and famous nobles are one of those. If you can, visit a noble of the human kingdom.”

Weed was already a count so the advice wasn’t very valuable to him.

“So far, what’s been acquired in sculpture, I could take advantage of in other areas. You may or may not choose the easier one. This actually causes that sort of thing. But I should also be able to see the end of sculpture, in the meantime,for ourselves,should be able to take it easier.”


“Sculpting is not difficult unless you don’t appreciate art. Take your time and enjoy it, who will blame you? Now that may lessen your burden.”


- Chosen SculptorDwarf Instructor has been waiting for someone like you.
*Sculpture Attributes: When 5 or more sculptures are created daily for more than ten days, after that, the Sculpture skill expertise rating increases faster.
*Sculpture Features: Growth of Art and Attractiveness Stat increases. It would be helpful in the creation of big, beautiful sculptures.
*Versatile Artist: It will be helpful when learning dexterity-based skills. But more than sculptures, learning production skills, including skills that use the hands, there will be 25% increased growth. However, for any other production, there is no artistic skill to master.
*Eternal Sculptor: Sculptor that devotes his soul to the sculptural world/world of sculpture. In addition to the division of Masterpiece, Magnum Opus, Masterwork, other characteristics of the sculpture create spells.
Characteristics of sculptures are enhanced.Historical works, incomprehensible works, treasures of the continent, and spells are created.
Effects related to sculpting skill are increased by 20%.Magnificent artistic quality and skill make the sculpture of a higher grade, and due to the special effects, there are many rewards.
But when what is created is a failure, the drop/decline is greater.

For a long time, Weed was not conflicted.

‘It’s always been like this.’

Sculptor was selected and several times,there were chances to change careers. Whenever it was time to select one, Weed went the way of the Sculptor.

Basically,the fact that he was warming up more to sculpturing could not be denied.

If a person has superior workmanship skills, then he will always make a great sculpture. However, detailed parts of a sculpture does not impress.

The skills must be insufficient.

Concentric sculptures made by a child. Course workmanship made it feel clumsy, everything felt different than it should be.

Curiously,others are happy with the sculptures made, as joy is delivered and smiles are put on their faces.

Pleasantness, that was what rewarding sculptures were made of. Filled with love for sculptures and being faithful to yourself every time you carve.

‘My sister’s smiling face, grandmother’s loving eyes … I think those were times when I was most happy.’

Weed was being paid while enjoying his task. It was pure bliss!

Carving Seoyoon smiling.

A murderer, times when she was scared, times when she was happy, all those contributed to the beginning of a real sculpture.

The risk of freezing to death in an icy cold snow storm, it was overcome with the creation of Bingryong.

Sculptures were the only companion that travelled alongside Weed during his adventures.

Having a painful dream.

Unfulfilled dreams become reality through sculptures.

Unfolding life by investing in sculpture and swordsmanship, this was another transformation.

It created a sense that sculpting was not difficult.

Sculptors had to stay close to and be clear of people's feelings,but nevertheless, sculptures had various forms.

The fear of failure was often time-consuming for Sculptors, mainly the large ones, but a good sculpture was the only one that could deny it.

Sculptures made with the heart and soul.

Weed was trying to forget the poetic memories but the dreams for the future of sculpting unfolded to him.

‘Well, terribly cheap, so far the value that was placed so far...What if it can be done even better, but tiresome so just choose what is presented.’

Weed spoke.

“I will go the way of the Eternal Sculptor.”


- Oppa, how are you?

- That...

Zephyr was alone in Todeum and was answering Yurin’s questions in whisper.

She did not know what answer she should give, though if suddenly connected, even between the whisper, a greeting was shared.

‘I know, at least on the day that Geomchi was killed.’

It was so devastating that when Geomchi was mentioned, the mood and heart was heavy and had to sit down!

However, there was no denying, the answer was kind.

Then while in the car, Yurin suddenly asked him.

- Where is Oppa’s home?

- Gangbuk. Pyeongchang.

- Where is Pyeongchang?

- The description is hard... It’s north of Bukhansan.

- Oh, Brother’s life is difficult. Does water from the tap come out well? Does the bus to town pass there?

- …..

- Later I will buy for you an energising seaweed rice cake.

Business cards could/were not even be handed out as Pyeongchang was treated as an upstart mountain town.

- What does Oppa intend to do when you graduate from school?

- What?

- Isn’t there anything you want to do.

- Because what I want to do...Don’t have to think that much. My parents would just have me take over the family business. So far, it’s turning out that way with a lot of studying.

- What is your family business?

- It’s Sung’s …..

Zephyr was hesitating about whether to tell the truth. This was because he had never told anyone in Royal Road about his family.

- You're from Sung Electronics?

- Huh? Mmm.

The established former five-star world record holder in annual revenue and net income company, Sung’s Electronics was the center of a group of affiliated companies.

‘It’s not wrong to say that Sung Electronics is one of our affiliates.’

- The Sung Electronics that sells everything from computers, cell phones, kitchen appliances and so forth?

- Th-That is true.

- Heh! That’s great.

Zephyr had met an extensive number of women, and he noticed that she was on the unusual side.

‘That reaction was a little weird though.’

Surprise and admiration, but it was a proper attitude.

He then heard Yurin whisper.

- Tonight could you come to my house? Don’t tell my brother …. Today I’ll make my brother a painting.

Yurin suddenly asked in a clear voice.


Choi Ji-Hoon was cardioplegic when he saw the suffering, his face was haggard as his car was driving into the neighbourhood Lee Hayan was living in.

“What is happening.”

An invitation to a woman’s home was welcomed, but if the opponent was Lee Hayan, the circumstances would be different.

Conversation and intimacy with their lives at stake, invited to the house at night I must do whatever it takes....

“Life or death. There was no room for excuses.”

Choi Ji Hoon was obsessed with a myriad of delusions and was forced to back off.

The location was not hard to find thanks to the simple directions given by Hayan.

A bit of a distance from the roads and stores was a small house located in a secluded area.

The yard was full of flowers in bloom and in the corner were jars.


Choi Ji Hoon smiled.

“Theres a pleasant atmosphere about the house as if she was raised well.”

But he had not the slightest idea.

Lee Hayan was in the kitchen, working hard to make it clean.

“Kitchen maid and even later, married. Cooking kimchi and side dishes will be continued to be carried with you even as you prepare to die.”

Be that as it may, the dishes and the laundry were not forced completely, but most of it were the tasks in Lee Hyun’s life.

The house was saved.

Years of newspaper delivery had trained a sense of geography. For a long time, the sun was good they found a house in a quiet secluded area and bought it.

Ding dong.

Choi Ji Hoon rang the doorbell and the front door opened.

“Excuse me.”

Seeing as it was the first time visiting a woman’s house, secretly his heart trembled a trifle. His two arms were holding flowers and a fruits basket as a present for whatever was to come.


Soon after, the barking dog ran into the yard.


Choi Ji Hoon faltered and stepped back.

“What is this veal dog.”

The big dog came running up while wagging its tail, licking and desperately rubbing on his body.

An excessive display of intimacy.

He realised its behaviour was because it knew he was a guest.

“Come in.”

Lee Hayan, wearing a white t-shirt came out on the porch modestly dressed. Even then, Choi Ji Hoon was trying to pretend to be friendly.

“Boshin, go ahead and relax.”

As soon as Hayan said this, the tail stopped wagging at once and the dog quickly retreated to its kennel.

Choi Ji Hoon’s spirit was in turmoil, he held out the flowers and fruit basket.

“It was awkward to come empty-handed so I brought something."

“Yes, thank you.”

Hayan received the fruit basket and led Choi Ji Hoon into the house.

“The flowers?”

“What about the umbrella stands....”


Lee Hayan served the meal with side dishes that were food boiled down in soy sauce or other seasonings.

“Bon appetit.”

Impetuously showing up,taking dinner at the table that was already set,Choi Ji Hoon raised the spoon.

“Although it’s not much, have your fill.”

Eating at home was different. Side dishes were carefully pick so they would not put a strain on the stomach.

The immaculate Choi Ji Hoon was struck with the taste of the food.

“Delicious. I enjoyed it.”

His words were not empty, even the rice was great. The dishes were more delicious than eating a full course in a restaurant.

As soon as you ate the rice, you’d feel as if you were on air.

“You prepared the food for me, so I’ll clean up.”

“No thank you. You’re the guest. I’ll clear the dishes so stay in the room. I’ll be back.”

“I-In the room?”

“Yeah. Why don't you go there.”


Choi Ji Hoon was intrigued as Hayan pointed to an open door and entered.

Stepping foot into a 20 year old girl’s room.

Pink wallpaper, posters of celebrities, photos, was what he expected. Rather it was filled with shelves of books mostly related to science and medicine and in the midst of these, mystery novels.

«The world will be destroyed with 10 technological advances»

«Human Anatomy»

«A serial killer's invitation»

“She’s reading really good books.”

Even the written language of the titles, Choi Ji Hoon could not carelessly pass by to read.

“She’ll be here soon... What am I doing?”

Hayan’s room, it bore a haunting and amazing atmosphere that overflowed, causing him to be afraid.

‘But...I can’t settle with this girl. At least other women who come will be similar, in one’s eyes.

There was a refreshing fragrance in Hayan’s room.

Just a while ago she was studying, there were books and notes spread all over the desk.

After a while, she came carrying tools including a screwdriver and hammer.

“Have you rested? The television isn’t working well so please fix it.”


“You said you were part of Sung’s Electronics. Please fix it.”

“Sung...Electronics, but I’m not sure if if I can repair the television. Just because South Korea has cars, does it mean we can make cars?”

Choi Ji Hoon, although puzzled, disassembled the TV with tools and luckily was able to find the parts of the circuit that required fixing.

“Ah! Here comes the screen.”

The nervous Choi Ji Hoon wiped the cold sweat off his forehead.

It was an old vintage television but he hadn’t taken one apart before.

‘This experience will be helpful.’

Choi Ji Hoon had a smile plastered on his face.

‘Now all I need to do is to wait for a lovely conversation to happen.’

In that moment, he felt himself reliable as Lee Hayan smiled a bright,innocent and perfectly natural smile.

“Really it’s fixed. I’m amazed.”

A little dramatically, Choi Ji Hoon gestured to his pounding heart.

“In the future, if you need any help, please call on me.”

“Can I really do that?”


“In fact there might be other things broken.”


“Even imported things? Oh but I don’t think you know how to fix those...”

“No. Bring it.”

Hayan actually brought it.

Gas stove, oven, air purifiers, humidifiers, vacuum cleaners, cell phones, laptops, printers, computers, monitors, cassettes, telephone, fan, rice cooker, a bidet!

“This, is this all?”

“No. There’s more. The refrigerator in the kitchen too."


“You can’t fix it? Do you have to bring it to the depot?”

Choi Ji Hoon vigorously shook his head.

“No. I’ll give it a try.”

He started with the easiest one, the telephone.

Old parts wear out and end up unusable, but generally parts tend to just break.

After the repair period, it looked newly bought because even a small failure could not be detected.

“Where did you get all this stuff?”

“I got it from our original house, some of the things were brought by brother. He found it during his newspaper routes."

“I see.”

Repairing was difficult, but Choi Ji Hoon was comfortable because he was having a conversation with Hayan who was sitting right next to him.

To Be Continued...

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  1. I really want Choi and Hayan to be together. They're so cute

    1. Hayan is Lee Hyun's sister right? and Choi is Zephyr? i'm not acustomed to the korean's names :S they change very often and it's difficult to read :S

    2. That's right. Here's a small list of names for you.

      Min Sinhye/ Shin Hye Min = Maylon (Archer)
      Oh Dongman = Pale/Fale/Fail (Archer)
      Choi Ji Hoon = Zephyr (Fisher)
      Jae Lynn = Hwaryeong (Monk)
      Kim In Young = Irene (Cleric)
      Kang Jin-Cheol = Mapan (Merchant)
      Chung Il Hoon, Choi Jong Bom, Ma Sang Bom, and Roi Lee = Martial Arts lui
      Ahn Hyundo = meester martial arts lui

      Bak SoonJo - Male - Thief - first meeting lvl 342 - now lvl 355
      Lee Yu Jeong - Female - Warrior - first meeting lvl 216 - now lvl 237
      Min Sura - Female - Enchanter - fisrt meeting lvl 140 - now lvl 144
      Choi Sang Jun - Male - Warrior - first meeting lvl 278 - now lvl 297 - member of the Black Lion Guild

    3. hwaryong is the dancer singer celebrety, the monk one is surka...

    4. hwaryeon = the celbrity singer who have a crush on weed
      jae lynn = shin-something is the reporter from kmc media seen ofter with a jae something they comment stuff. she was also at last quest with weed.
      Maylon = the girlfriend of pale idk her name.
      sukra= monk she is the little sister of irene
      I'm pretty sure Oh dongman is Geomechi 1 the master

      The Legendary Eternal Moonlight Sculptor

    5. Last one wrong on so many levels... Jae Lynn = Hwaryeon Maylon is the reporter... Surkas sister Is the mage i think not Irene(cleric) Oh Dongman is Pale.

    6. Min Sinhye/ Shin Hye Min = Maylon (Archer)
      Oh Dongman = Pale/Fale/Fail (Archer)
      Choi Ji Hoon = Zephyr (Fisher)
      Jae Lynn = Hwaryeong (Dancer)
      Kim In Young = Irene (Cleric)
      Kang Jin-Cheol = Mapan (Merchant)
      Surka (Monk)

    7. http://the-legendary-moonlight-sculptor.wikia.com/wiki/Category:Characters

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    I assume sculpture communication means Weed being able to talk to sculptures and not sculptures speaking to each other or something else weird.

    This part(I think it's weed saying it) makes very little sense to me.
    “So far, what’s been acquired in sculpture, I could take advantage of in other areas. You may or may not choose the easier one. This actually causes that sort of thing. But I should also be able to see the end of sculpture, in the meantime,for ourselves,should be able to take it easier.”
    I think the first bit is about how sculpting helped him with other things but I have no idea about the rest.

    I also assume that the 2 boxes below the "*Eternal Sculptor:" box are part of it.

    1. He was given the option to choose one of three titles, and was given some other bonuses.

    2. He was given the option to choose one of three titles, and was given some other bonuses.

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      2) Sculpture Features
      3) Versatile Artist
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      skills/bonuses in 2 boxex below are given to any of 4 of subclass (like bonus in stats when one changing/upgrading class)

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      $('div[style]').css({'font-size': '17px', 'padding-bottom': '1.3em', 'line-height': '2em' });

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      as for other plot hole, yeah it is annoying but at least to me it's within tolerance, some novel i read have far worse plot hole than this. I thought i can share this.

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  15. This comment has been removed by the author.

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