Volume 19 Chapter 2

By Wing - 9:02 AM

Dinner on the island of Ipia

“The sea!”

“Alright! Then first, let’s start by building the foundation!”

Novice sailors starting in Ipia Island exclaimed from ashore. They were chopping wood to make a seaworthy raft. But a warning to all aspiring sailors in Ipia! The production of timber is actually quite costly. First you need to go to the forests in the mountains and chop down the trees yourself. Then you have to drag the lumber down the mountain to build your raft.

“Once you have the fishing skill, you can just eat whatever you catch. Later on I’ll be sailing the far seas.”

But many sailors had a different mentality.

“There’s been pirates on that island. If I find their buried treasure… fufufu.”

“If you’re going to have a large gathering, then of course it has to be by the sea!”

“If you’re going to go take a risk, it has to be in the sea!”

Novice users!

At first many set out in shitty boats made out of logs held together by knotted vines. They use a sheet of cloth for a sail as they begin their adventure!
(T/N: Every pirate’s first boat sucks.)

There were many names engraved on top of the flagpoles.

There were many names engraved on the sides.

Best Ipia Transport.

Shipping Federation of Versailles Continent.

Chateau de Balleroy Ocean Peace Corps.

The ships were just rafts, but their names showed huge aspirations.

Surka sighed wistfully.

“This island is really lively.”

She was sitting in a tavern overlooking the sea while drinking orange juice. Zephyr was sitting near her, searching through the women by swiveling only his eyes. Even if he tried to stop, his eyes would start roaming again subconsciously.

“This is a nice resort… it has a good atmosphere.”

He did not miss a single woman within a 100-meter radius.

‘Hmm, her thighs are a bit thick for her body. She has shoulder length hair. Her posture is that of someone with military training and it looks like she can high-kick. My conclusion is that she is someone who trained hard to overcome her petite body.’

An in-depth analysis of women!

‘It only goes to show that women are lonely.’

For him it was easy to become friends and lovers. Buy a drink for a girl who looked lonely and then… natural instinct would take over. After that it was easy to register them as friends and maybe even take them out to dinner.

Still Zephyr’s butt remained stuck to the chair. He was sick of these quick girlfriends who were so easily seduced by a few words. He wanted a real companion. Many women loved his appearance, academic background, and financial power. His possessions included designer clothes, a foreign car, membership to first class hotels and luxury watches. He was tired of using his assets to gain favor. He felt as if he was a fake, and he was tired of people getting close just because of his possessions.

If the heart was not moved, then it was meaningless.

‘I can heal their loneliness for a brief moment but it would never last.’

Zephyr wanted to meet a woman who he could really love. Could anyone truly be happy in life without sharing it side by side with a loved one? Surely not. However you can not judge a person without knowing them.

'… What would I like to do….'

Spending time alone on dates would be nice, but going out with others as a group also sounded attractive. Would simply spending time together solve the problem and make them feel closer?

Even amidst these complex thoughts, he was stirring the cinnamon around in his drink while his eyes turned fully back to the women.

“That? She looks fine but her neck is moving by itself… tsk!”

He muttered to himself.

“Because of that it won’t work out.”

Hwaryeong, along with Maylon and Romuna were just watching. Drinking soda from glasses, they were relaxing without a care in the world. Summer vacation on Ipia Island! It was supposedly the most heart-soothing place in all of Royal Road.


Weed floated on a boat just off of Ipia Island. He looked at the boats floating around with just a plastic sheet and a flag.

“They sure are putting a lot of faith into those little rafts.”

He felt sympathy for the novice users because the raft he was using was more than just a simple raft! It was a dugout Korean canoe! He felt like he could even kill a Kraken with it! He took the name from a mighty sea creature thingy! This was the first ship he had built with his shipbuilding skills. The ghost ship could be operated properly after advancing the beginner ship sailing skills to level 7. It was too large for his low skill to operate now, so right now if he tried to steer the ship it would just drift in the wrong direction. To raise his skill, he needed a smaller boat, so an one-person dugout canoe was perfect.

Sailing skills proficiency has increased.

Even just floating in the sea increased his skill. Weed had raised his sailing skills to level 3 just by going around the island and looking at the sights and views. As his skill level rose he became better and faster at getting around while feeling less and less of the waves’ impacts. The dugout canoe was easy to handle with low-level skills. He started to head back to one of the many ports on Ipia Island.

Due to sailing for a long time there is a 13% increase of proficiency.

  • Sailing skills is now at Beginner Level 4.
  • An additional 2% acceleration will be added.
  • Probability of being of capsized in rough weather has been reduced by 5%.
  • Endurance stat has increase by 15%.

Sailing skills level 4!

“This skill is rising so quickly!”

Weed was quite delighted. It had a very fast growth rate compared to the sculpture and production skills. The skill grew fast during a short period, but Weed was determined to never be a sailor.

“Would the skill go up faster if my ship got damaged? I think it would give proficiency if I sunk the ship….”

He looked at a coral reef nearby and paddled furiously!

When the durability of the ship had reached zero, the repair ship skill was used. Sticks and broken pieces of rope were wound around the tree branch parts. He received food by fishing and fresh water when it rained; after its long journey around Ipia island, the little canoe was ready to fall apart at any moment. Weed returned to the harbor not a moment too soon!

Ship owned by Deoreo has sunk.

  • Fame -35.
  • 4 loads of seaweed have been lost.

He could just create a new boat. There was no use salvaging it since it was a cheap dugout canoe. Still, it was not your usual beginner’s ship.

“Sailing skills at level 4. Now I will be able to control small, high-speed boats.”

It was great fun building up his navigation skills to become a great sailor. Now he could get a high-quality boat, hire a crew, sail some more, and go on an ocean voyage. A real dream!

But Weed’s professional career with sailing skills was going to end here. He had only meant to enjoy a quick vacation on the Ipia Island. A few days off that his sister could enjoy!

However the ocean was really, very attractive. Different species of fish could be seen in different colored waters. The water was so clear in some parts that the fish could be seen flitting about. The coral reefs and the fish gave off mysterious and bright light effects. If you sailed around you could even discover uninhabited islands.

Marine trade was a very profitable form of commerce that most users overlooked. Most well-known trade routes could earn a lot of money on a single trip.

They could also earn a lot by providing transportation to people. Going by ship around the continent was so much faster than walking! The Versailles proverb went:
“The first on the soil will be the adventurers full of muscle. Then will the merchants.”

There was no place in the Versailles continent where merchants did not work. It may not be actual strength, but the power wielded by a merchant who traded vast amounts of goods across the continent could not be ignored. Aspiring merchants who utilized the sea had an advantage when they familiarized themselves with sailing skills.

“It’s certain that prestigious guilds would not hold out very long if there were no merchants supporting them.”

Instead of going with Weed to the Mariners guild, Hwaryeong and the others went together to the pub where they heard a quest related to Zahab. Quests relating to the remaining Matallost, and quests relating to the Niflheim Empire.

Ipia Island attracted many people with its specialty beers and you would often see parties eating barbecue on the beach. But Weed had another purpose in mind. He would collect information relating to the Niflheim Imperial quest.

It was said that Ipia Island was just a giant resort, but it was visited by so many people that it could also be called an important port. Every port has taverns and the waitress had the most information. In order to obtain information on sea quests you had to “capture” them. Treatment of the waitresses at the bars was a sensitive competition that often provoked rivalry.

“Getting on the ghost ship would be meaningless if I don’t have any information.”


Pirate Island Croix is located near Ipia Island! Small fishing boats which consisted of hunting parties full of warriors and priests floated around, completing quests.

“I hope ye didn’t run into too much trouble”

“Not at all. I enjoyed talking to you.”

“Shank’s, here’s the three gold ye were promised.”

Croix was a very dangerous hunting ground because the first half, it was a pirate base with various defenses that had been built around the fort. And the other half, it was filled with monsters!

Only users of level 340 or higher could enter and come out alive. On a narrow but safe strip of land, users were standing around gathering parties to carefully hunt and explore Croix!

However, seven ships sailing decrepit sailboats with an imposing presence arrived from the sea. It was the ghost fleet of pirate Deoreol. A one eyed, one armed, one-legged pirate held out a money bag in one hand and a great flag in the other.

“Tweeeeet! Pwap pwap pwap pwap. Sha! Invasion of the enemy!”

The pirates of the island promptly responded. Shouts of alarm and the sound of a bull horn cried out a state of emergency. Users attempting to hunt sat down in amazement.

“What should I do?”

“What else, just wait till those idiots die.”

No users were usually crazy enough to attack Croix Island. Croix was the gathering place for some of the most notorious pirate gangs. Even so much to hunt on this island that it would make users feel proud. (T/N It took a lot of guts to hunt there.)

“Foolish bastards.”

The users were laughing as the pirates lined up one after another to protect their waterfront home. The decrepit ship sailed straight on without changing directions. Geomchi3 was sitting in the captain’s seat while the first mate Nickey was steering the ship. Nickey humbly bowed at the waist and said.

“Temporary Captain! At this speed, we will hit the coast. Do you want to slow down?”

Geomchi3 shook his head.

“Go straight at full speed.”

“Aye, sir.”

Going straight ahead without changing direction! Anchored on a sandbar. At Croix Island, raiders carrying scimitars and ropes with hooks were waiting as the ghost ship approached.


Emerging from a hole leading to the hull of the Ghost Ship, Geomchi came out.

A landing operation on the famous Pirate Island Croix was being carried out.


There were over 20 bars in the Ipia Island port. There were also many big name resorts, but for sailors who came back from a long voyage, they wanted to relax and wash away their tiredness with beer at their usual hangouts. It was classified as a cozy pub near the harbor and beach that allowed casual swimwear. Sailors usually went there for its quiet atmosphere. Hwaryeong had told him to meet at the bar because of its good atmosphere and the bar’s name “Girl Waiting at the Harbor”.

“Here is your glass of beer and dried seaweed snacks. Please tip over here.”

Weed finished ordering and sat down at the bar where gentle music was flowing.

“Not a bad atmosphere. Zephyr and the others haven’t arrived yet.”

Weed firmly put a piece of seaweed in his rotten teeth with bony fingers. Even after turning into an undead it was still possible to taste the fragrant flavor. Normally a skeleton wouldn’t have much of a sense of taste, but thanks to the effects of Sculpture Shapeshifting, he was effectively masking his real body. So he still had some advantages of a human body.

When he learned Sculpture Shapeshifting, it was unknown to him if those masking traits would disappear, but for now taste and aroma were meant to be enjoyed. While drinking beer, Weed listened to the circulating stories.

“I’m glad we came to Ipia Island. I am going to try to come again next year.”

“Then invite Oze and all the other guys to come on New Year.”

“Palowin’s team followed the Berwick fleet into this dungeon. There they revealed they were doing a really big quest, and the fame was amazing.”

“You know that you can transport cheese to the kingdom of Brent for big money.”

“… Do you really think so?”

“Information was from a minor source, but I think it could be a big draw.”

Users with multiple jobs and merchants talked freely and shared stories. You could benefit by listening, and they might receive help too. If there were no secrets to share, one could listen to the band. It was customary to pay for drinking expenses while gathering information. Weed eavesdropped on many other people’s conversations at the heart of the tavern while wearing a heavy robe. After about 10 minutes of spying, he heard.

“But every time I go to Morata, the lord is busy. I would have liked to see his face before I left.”

Every ear within the place must have heard and started talking.

“Where do you go to get in on a sculpture quest?”

“God of War Weed, Matallost quest… do you think he is only sharing with the users who helped him rescue the church?”

“I heard that everyone who did the original was included but they don’t have exclusive rights, so anyone can join.”

“That’s nice experience for the combat professions, such easy experience from one quest can’t be seen that often in large organizations.”

“Hundreds of people cooperating together for a quest… sound like fun.”

Weed suddenly stretched his shoulders wide even though they were only narrow bones. Users that completed the Matallost quest were resolved to beat the next request. In Royal Road it was not such an easy thing to take part in a big quest, it would also be a fun experience.

“Morata’s Lord’s obsession with earning money is certainly unique. He has done a lot more business than most traders.”

“Oh, by the way have you heard about this evening’s performance of Hairen Benti?”

They had quickly changed topics. When drinking there is no reason to talk too deeply of the lords from other regions.

“Do you mean that show that is going on in the central square?”

“Has it finally arrived at the central square? At this rate there’s gonna be a lot of people attending.”

“It is a great show.”

Hairen Benti was a female bard. Singing and dancing from Morata, she had gained sensational popularity. Thanks to the ongoing investment in culture, the bards were vigorously working. Many songs with a Morata theme were showing up all over the Versailles continent. Morata was full of fun adventures and included a robust commerce centre.

The fact that stories about Morata had spread into the far northern island of Ipia was an evidence that Morata was growing. Whenever Weed's quests are being broadcast, each bar always blossomed with conversations about it.

“Over here, waitress!”

Weed called out to one of the employees.

“Yes, sir?”

Soon after a waitress with pigtails came running.

"Rather, the bards at that table seem to be calling for me… can I just give you the bill now?"

“No no. Please send me two more strands of seaweed. I’ll calculate the bill later.”

“Sheesh! Okay, sir.”

He was ignoring the waitresses bad attitude. This is what happens when you have bad intimacy. Weed was an unknown and a skeleton, not even four drinks were enough protection for Weed.

“Thank you.”

Weed thanked the waitress with the bad attitude when he received seaweed with a gentle wave of his hand. And soon he walked up to the hostess with a swish of his mantle. The stretched lobes immediately crumpled.

“Do you girls like sculptures?”

Working to build intimacy! Weed talked to the female employees under the watchful eyes of the users. It was a bar by the sea, retaining a friendly relationship with the waitress could lead to the necessary information for a quest. The others sympathized as they kept watch wondering what sort of information the female employees would give out.

“My name is Delia, not “you”, and I hate sculptures!”

A sharp rejection! He didn’t even have to put this much effort into carving a masterpiece. If he had to build intimacy like this, it could take a long time to earn the information he needed for his quest. Weed was not going to give up because it was hard, how else was he be able to share the lunch with the instructor, and take away the elder of Morata’s precious sweet potatoes with only a resigned look left on the elder’s face?

Weed tapped his bony finger on the table and said lightly.

“You are beautiful.”

“Hearing such praise from a skeleton does not make me happy.”

“What kind of man do you like?”

“I like a man with a short head of hair. I hate a man with no hair.”

The sorrow of a skeleton! The one eyed, pierced appearance was met with severe antipathy from Delia.

‘A skeleton is not beautiful?’

It was not cool? How the hell was his outfit not wonderful? He could never understand the taste of women. Okay, the cracked part of the skull naturally gave off the inelegant appearance of a gaping skull. Since his appearance had escaped the Orc Karichwi charming effects with women, Weed decided to switch directions. (T/N Weed has great talent in making hideous ugly things.)

Assuming one cannot gain familiarity from talking there was another special way one could gain favors.


The fastest way to buy the favor of the female employees! However, intimacy gained from gifts did not last long. If the gift you give is not up to par, then the intimacy immediately dropped.

‘And then you regret the gift.’

Weed decided to ask directly instead.

“What kind of stories do you like?”

“Hmmm… I’m fond of adventure stories, especially adventure stories from the sea! However I probably wouldn’t have any interest in ones from a skeleton.”

Weed thought of an adventure that went with the sea and the surrounding regions.

“I’ve had many great adventures from around the sea.”

“Okay, I’ll tell you an interesting story.”

“It seems like a waste of time.”

“Once I’ve heard a certain adventurer from the kingdom of Rosenheim….”

The start of an adventure story to buy the female employee’s favor, impress the employees, and make the bar become more jubilant.


Just as he was about to unveil the story of the adventurer, a bird made out of gold flew onto his shoulder. The Golden Bird with its eyes made out of sapphire looked at Delia. A cute figure wearing a crown of diamonds. The Golden Bird showed exquisite timing!

The guests of the bar looked in surprise at the Golden Bird. Golden Bird made users stumble because they had never heard of such a thing.

“Oh my! Did you raise this mysterious birdie?”


Strength of friendship with Delia, employee of the tavern “Girl Waiting in the Harbor”, has increased a little.

“May I touch it?”

“Of course.”

Since it did not cost anything to touch, plenty of touching was allowed. Delia lightly swiped a finger along Golden Bird.

“I did not know there were birds like this. You must be a great adventurer!”

Strength of friendship with Delia, employee of the tavern “Girl Waiting in the Harbor”, has increased significantly.

The tacky skeleton’s treatment rose greatly! If you miss an opportunity to gain a great deal of intimacy, you would surely regret it.

Even though now and then he fell into misfortune in the Versailles continent, he was now living the dream of adventuring at sea.

However now that he was able to own a medium sized sailboat, there was no need to worry about small disasters…. The commandeered ghost ship had no end to small disasters. There was no need to even talk about the habitual water leaks, the awful air filtration, the seaweed that twisted them up at the reef, and the group of dirty sailors and colleagues ready to jump into the mouth of any sea monster at the first word.

The only reason he came to sea was because the Golden Bird had pointed to the location across from it. Weed had been ready to kidnap Golden Bird with his silky voice. Yes, the atmosphere maintained a certain skeletal theme, and had left him with lingering expectations.

“The Golden Bird is pointing somewhere isn’t it? Is it supposed to do that?”

“Unfortunately I don’t know yet. However I am certain there is a connection to the collapse of the Niflheim Empire. Have you ever heard of it?”

“… It is the Niflheim Empire, right? That topic covers names from long ago, but I wouldn’t know anything about them. But if you’re talking about the North Sea then you should talk to Grandpa North T., he often sailed in the north. Wouldn’t it be better to go speak to him then ask me?”

“May I ask where I can meet him?”

“He lives near the island’s eastern Imperial Villa. It’s always easier to meet him in front of his house during broad daylight.”

Weed felt a premonition.

Sometimes the slightest clue could cause the greatest things to occur. There was a possibility that Thira did not know anything about the Niflheim Empire. However it was information that he did not have to pay for, so he accepted it as a gift.

Weed spread his shoulders wide.

“This is all thanks to my luck!”


The Golden Bird laughed along with Weed! The sculptures created by a sculpting master like the Emperor were really unique, they had a calming bond.

‘Life Bestowal sculptures like this guy are really uncommon. This guy is so much smarter than the guys I have to beat.’

Weed thought of all the inadequacies of large bird shapes.

‘In regard to shape there are many inefficiencies. Beautiful appearances and eye catching wings, but the feet are inconvenient to write, eat, and carry things with.’

While Weed contemplated the geometry of eating vs. carrying.

“Hyeong-nim, you came first.”

Zephyr appeared carrying a fishing rod.

His colleagues had previously gone their separate ways on Ipia Island, but Zephyr had been spending his time drinking at the bar.

“Welcome back, sir!”

Delia showed a bright figure of hospitality!

“Mister, you are incredible! You’ve caught a pretty big fish!”

One of Zephyr’s packages included a variety of rare fish.

“For a great angler like me, this is child’s play!”

“Oh, I’ve never seen such a big Sunfish.”

The female waitresses flocked around Zephyr!

“Isn’t this a Cinnamon Ganhan? I will personally give you a salted plate if you want to sell this.”

“There are also good seaweed, skin shells, and powdered pearl which might be good for you according to some medical journals.”

“This might be good!”

“Sir angler, come and sit down. Do you have any questions or need anything else?”

Zephyr’s popularity with the waitresses was explosive.

‘This guy… he didn’t even have to ask for seaweed.’

"Did you figure out some kind of secret?"


Meanwhile Yurin was using her picture shift to travel around.

"Oh Yurin, I like to use cinnamon a lot. “

As if to answer his thoughts, Yurin showed up shortly after.

“Uh huh, such a nice system.”

He didn’t ask why she just showed up. Just that suddenly there were dark clouds in the background of Zephy’s love life; he felt like weeping.


A moonlit night party on Ipia Island the companions shared their stories while drinking beer. In the humidity, Hwaryeong shared her stories of how she composed her songs in various countries.

“I first saw the Eiffel Tower when I was 16.”

“The Eiffel Tower… you mean the steel structure in France?”

“Weed, when did you see that?”

“On my summer vacation trip. Do you want to see the photos of it? I have some other travel photos as well.”

France, Italy, the Netherlands, Germany, England! Weed was able to converse with Hwaryeong about all of them.

“The taste of traveling abroad is very different….”

“Hey, I have to travel because of my band. I do my best work when I travel! England’s strip is really small but the most lively, right?”

Hwaryeong had attended mostly only major cities because her performances needed large spaces, so she had not seen much of the countryside. Talking about the band that harmonized with Hwaryeong’s talent left her with tears in her eyes.

"Do you think we have time to go now?"

Bellot's face was flushed bright red.

Mapan's eyes were frantically darting about as if he was waiting for something and then he nodded his head respectively.

He was holding an exquisitely designed set of playing cards.

Yurin especially was sketching the scene and the playing cards.

Drinking alcohol in a good atmosphere! There was just the perfect amount of people for a great party!

“It’s a bet, 10 gold.”

“It will be a fairly large plate. All bets are final.”


Da'in was at the beach party under the moonlight escape.

“It looks like you’re doing fine.”

Weed looked happy with all of his companions. It was a picture she had imagined in the hospital.

‘Prior to the surgery I did not know if I would be leaving this world forever… I was afraid, so I didn’t want to admit that I thought of you so much.’

It was insane. What the mind tells you was not always what the heart wants to accept.

‘Ah, Royal Road was not very interesting. I did not know when I could even connect later. From the beginning, my family and friends would just worry. I felt so alone. I just wanted to quietly have the surgery. So I didn’t tell you about it until the very end. But at the end, I was given courage because I knew that someone would remember me forever, even without a candid confession. I wanted to remain as that special person without causing you to worry about other inconveniences. Then I was worried about what kind of story to tell you, so I deliberately did not change my cursed appearance.


However, Weed, now you look really happy with your close companions. I’m sorry that I could not properly talk to you. And now it’s impossible to ask if you liked me. It was my fate to meet with you again. I had a fantastic illusion. With the memories of us you carved into the earth, I was truly pleased.’

“But all that doesn’t matter now. Weed, now that you’re doing well, my mind is at ease. It means you can love someone else, right? Probably for the best… but… even if you say that now it’s okay isn’t it?… to stay by your side.”

Tears shimmered gently in Dain’s eyes. However, as she walked to another location they slowly were replaced with a vigorous laugh.

“First love…. In the end your first love was me though, right?”

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    7. Gotta disagree with the guy who said she was only interested in him after the sculptures. She was afraid she wouldn't live through the surgery, her interest in him was still there, it was sort of explained at the time. Both of them handled the situation really badly and I'm pissed at both for the result. Though I still wasn't shipping them the most, they were the second best MC pairing.

    8. None of that mattered to me once I realized weedxdain wouldn't be interesting. It's something the readers want, but if they actually went out it would turn boring fast. And plus do you really want to see weed with a girlfriend? No thank you to nonstop complaining about wasting money.

    9. I really dislike how Da'in handled it. So what, you're mad at weed? Did you expect him to just mention how he remembered her, even though she previously said that she was "going to live a new life" after surgery?
      She literally came to him and pretended not to know him, after previously telling him that she was going to live a different life, do you really have any reason to be mad at him?

      Everything he did was logical for the time, and the only reason you're mad over it is because he is no longer in love with the partner you wish for him to be with.

    10. What's with this 'like all woman', you fuckers? Di'an was an bloody idiot and sure as hell is not a representation of all woman. You would know that woman aren't some foreign species that can't think logically if any of you ignorant losers had met one. The author lazily wrote her out of being a love interest and frankly did the character a disservice. She wasn't the most amazing character, but she had potential. The author wrote himself into a corner because Di'an was Lee Hyun's ideal girl and they both liked each other. There was no reason they shouldn't have at least gone out, aside from the fact that we all know Seoyoon is the main girl with 'blah, blah blah, goddess beauty'. It's no fucking surpise they are going to end up together. And, as we all know, the first relationship a character ends up in in a Novel like this ends in marriage and is all sunshine and happiness once they both confess their feelings.

    11. "Di'an was an bloody idiot and sure as hell is not a representation of all woman."

    12. Seriously, I'm surprised how immature most of the comments on here are (ok, maybe I shouldn't)

      I can relate very well to the reasoning behind her actions.
      First when she was ill she kept weed at a distance since she did not even know if she'd survive.
      Remember they did not know each other for long back then, so it makes sense.
      She protected him back then and thought about what was in his best interest as well.

      Then, after coming back she saw the statues he made, so she knew for sure he cared fo her, right ?

      But by the time she got to see him again a LOT of time had passed.
      And again, just BECAUSE she cares for him she kept her distance...
      Not thinking about what you want for yourself first, but what might be in the best interest of the one you like....it is that way of thinking.

      Yes, she went too far with that, but again, they do not actually know each other that good to begin with....if you really love and trust someone you should be open and give that person the choice to decide.
      But they never had the time to make that foundation.
      It really is the circumstances.

      Her NOT changing her name is basically like holding out a hand, carefully, without pushing forward too much.
      Weed can't see this though, misunderstand her intentions
      YOu can't blame him either with the kind of life he had....

    13. Apart form loving his family Weed doesnt have a single good trait. Stingy, arrogant, cold-hearted, untrusting, petty, his attitude towards everyone(subordinates, sculptures, etc.) is just that of a retarded dictator. His outlook on world and people is severely flawed by his childhood experiences. I just cant help but feel sorry for his paranoia thinking that everbody wants to steal from him. I think he does not deserve any of his freinds. People like that always die alone.

    14. "Di'an was an bloody idiot and sure as hell is not a representation of all woman." No one said she was. That's a straw man. He said women make things unnecessarily complicated. Do all of them? No, but how many times have you heard, "You know what you did, or I shouldn't have to tell you?" Ever had somebody get mad at you for something you did it their dreams?

      ^Weed might be untrusting but he's not untrustworthy. He's reliable, smart, and hardworking.

    15. Alright before this gets any worse let's break this arguement. Dude before me did a splendind job at putting out most of the fire, but someone did actually say all women are like that. And I personally think Di'an isn't an idiot. She was scared and that's all. And then Weed misinterpreted her actions. It's pretty clear cut. There's no need to bring in RL experiences here.

    16. I disagree with the woman who said novel like this will always end up with happy ending....I read a romantic novel once just because one of my subject relate to literature and things from the novel will come up in the exam.... it was very interesting at first that I end up finishing the thick novel within one day but the ending, cos me to curse the author non-stop for the whole weekend....imagine after all the lovey scene float in ur imagination in harmony, the romantic mode set up, hope raised and suddenly u stumble upon the end part where the heroin is actually the hero's sister, and the hero die after forgiving all those who bully him for his whole life because he is poor.....WTF?!!! I waste my sleeping time over such a stupid novel! Whats wrong with the ministry of education who set the novel as the standard for exam! art people are usually out of their mind!

    17. sorry, I miss-spell many words...should have read before I post... T_T

    18. SMH.
      Shit happen she decided to go her way(good idea for the story)
      Yep she fucked things up, but it happen to everybody once.
      If you think about it Hyun is pretty hard to date anyway, he is a workholic tryhard gamer whose job is gaming.

    19. Oi she did the oppisite of make things complicated she literally didn't do anything D:

      I mean the only thing that happened is she thought she would be unfamiliar so she tested it by not being immediately familiar.... AND THEN MC DID THE SAME THING.

      It was honestly just weirdly weak writing, like why did the author even make her? I don't mind harems if they're clever, but this is....

    20. Both weed and Da'in handled the situation properly, EXCEPT for the one conversation where da'in and weed were alone. That one conversation shouldve been blunt, rather than hint at what you mean, be straight forward. Yall are alone, and da'in had the initiative to properly talk to weed. Weed also could have handled that scene better, however seeing how his upbringing was, what he did made sense. Everything apart from that meeting was handled properly by both sides. After all, they hadn't known each other for long, so like one of the earlier comments said, there was a lack of foundation, and the shipping itself would've been bland. While that is the case, Da'in's next action, going back to her previous comrades, while a generally good idea, is a bad choice due to who they are in relation to weed. I haven't seen what she does after she goes back to them, but that, and her solo conversation with weed are what make Da'in a disappointment to me. however the potential of what could happen after she goes back to her previous friends gives me hope of an interesting scene. Will she help them against weed, or will she be spy/betray them? xD

    21. I like how there are comments about "like all women" when all the female characters in this novel are fake and 2-D as hell. They're all just fanservice, and the author decided to half-ass get rid of her.

      Note that Weed also makes things 'unnecessarily complicated'. "Oh, there's no way Seoyoon likes me ... even though she makes me a lunchbox every single day, and I'm the only one she sticks around with." Really, dude?

  3. who is bellot? cant really make heads or tail of what's going on anymore.

    1. a friend of Hwaryeong, whom she met on RoyalRoad. Currently traveling with Pale's party.

    2. yea, but who is she? level, class, how did they meet up?

    3. It did not explain, did you not notice the introduction? It simply said Hwaryeong brought her. Pay attention.

    4. It did not explain, did you not notice the introduction? It simply said Hwaryeong brought her. Pay attention.

  4. Sometimes, I get lost... The recent chapters have bored me. Kinda also got used to Japtem's long translations, but now I'm confused of the accuracy or if too much has been omitted from here or if too many has been added there.

    1. I feel the same way. These chapters feel way too short in comparison to any of the chapters previously done by Japtem. It doesn't seem likely that the author suddenly decided to shorten the chapters that much. And there are tons of strange inconsistencies popping up now. (not that some of the previous translators were much better, I mean wtf is with that one guy admitting to using google translate then puzzling over the meaning of the sentences until he kind of got a meaning he felt was right. The best that can be called is 'guesslating' and is utter garbage. So at least here the translations seem better than the chapters that guy did for a while).

  5. Did i miss the part where hyung presented his camcorder thingy at his school, if not can you tell me what volume it is?

  6. Is it just me or Weed is not caring about Zahab anymore?
    They even found information about Zahab, and he didn't care at all.
    In fact, I didn't see any of the Zahab quest at all in a long time.

    1. The Zahab quest is just an A rank quest, it should be approximately as difficult as the one he did in the Thor Kingdom for the Dwarven sculptor guild quest. Since he can only hold 3 quests at one time, you would think that now he is powerful enough to complete it, that it would become somewhat of a priority. (especially since he couldn't do any of the pirate quests now because of it!!!)

    2. the problem of that quest is finding information remember he needs 5 sculptures to unlock the secret of the song to sing to the old lady... but i just realized something he can't sign rofl i bet hes going to invite Hwaryeong to sing for him after learning the lyrics thats probably the secret job quest each profession has. (black smith has to produce a special sword hint from old man and fabio for the hidden job quest.)

    3. it will be his first failed A rank quest, because he cant sing, lol

    4. This comment has been removed by the author.

    5. Yeah. 3 Quest limit, sadly. It should be expanded as he levels.

    6. also, zahab is in the hardest zone there is, remember that?

    7. Takzmi168 you forgot that he actually think he can sing

    8. I think he arrived there later, I mean after the talks about Zahab. Also beside the 5 sculptures, he needs to graduate sculpture mastery in order to start the quest:
      "Quest: Follow Zahab’s Last Wish:

      Zahab did not die that day. He left for a faraway continent to test his Sculpture Mastery. Once you graduate in Sculpture Master, you should find Zahab to learn the song A Sculpture’s Heart from him. Then, you should come back here and sing it to this old lady’s maid. The tradition runs that Zahab’s was last seen heading for the Gray Pass Region.

      Difficulty: A

      Quest requirement:
      You must complete this quest before the old maid passes away.
      Cancellation is not permitted.

      You can learn Item Identification Skill, Sculpture Mastery, Repair Skill, and Handicraft Skill."

    9. You're conflating different things. He needs the five secret sculpting skills to become a sculpting grandmaster. That has nothing to do with Zahab. Or rather it has nothing to do with Zahab beyond learning Zahab's skill. Remember that the sculpting masters themselves only knew one skill each because they each invented them.

      I believe it was said that the area Zahab was in was level 600+.

  7. Alright, can we keep a running tally of all the hidden art/production classes? We've got the Moonlight Sculptor (Weed is the Legendary Version), the Ironblood Blacksmith (that one really famous Dwarf Blacksmith), and the Aqualight Painter (Weed's sister, Yurin).

  8. while the party is drinking and chillin in a bar, Weed is training his skills...so much energy ;D...gotta grow stronger and collect more money

  9. I think that there's no more 3-quest-limit? At least in the vampire land, it was mentioned that they took many quests at once (don't know the exact number, but it was more than 3) right after their first rescue mission.

  10. Erm i think i missed it or forgot, but when did he sculpt the golden bird?

    1. He didn't. It appeared when he unlocked the memory to the imperial seal.

    2. That was not explained. It was just kinda there. There was nothing about where it came from.

    3. The golden bird was sculpted by the king of the ancient land azyhrein (or something like that.) the king told the bird to pursue the perpetrators who destroyed Nifheilm empire. so when weed repaired the ancient seal, the bird appeared with the purpose of guiding him through the quest of avenging nifheilm (the current s rank chain quest that goes along with the matallost and embytu church) also i can't remember all the specific names but that's the general idea

    4. What are you talking about Bob? The Golden Bird was sculpted by Emperor who ruled the continent. That was long before the Niflheim empire existed. The Golden Bird wanting to avenge the Niflheim empire is its own desires.

    5. What the hell dude have you been paying attention at all?

  11. I thought he (and everyone else in RR) could only learn 15 Skills... that was the reason there were so few cooks/blacksmiths/etc because Warriors/Archers didn't want to learn support skills in change of their combat skills.

    By now he must have like 30 skills

    Also, that Sculpture Transformation skill he has is completely over powered.. he can become the highest level of anything just by sculpting it... want to be a black dragon? done! want to be a lich? done! want to be anything you can possibly imagine? done!

    1. I believe it was 15 stats not skills. Stats like charisma and leadership

    2. It's the stats that are Capped at 15, skills have no limit, the probable reason why there few people who have a lot of high level skills are because of the amount of work needed to level the said skills to a useful level is enormous, for normal players, just levelling their class skills are a chore, so who would try and multitask to level miscellaneous skills? Most players are just there to have fun and explore new terrains, or experience new things they couldn't do in reality.

  12. You can only learn 10 skills before you pick your class. Afterwards you can learn as many as you want. You're only allowed to have 15 bonus stats. Not all classes can learn crafting skills beyond a certain point. Weed having a crafting class is why he can do it.

    Well, even if transforms he wouldn't have skills at the highest level. He'd need to train with the form to make it really powerful. He'd need to master sculptural understanding as well.

  13. Replies
    1. Finally, a normal comment :)

      Thanks for the chapter, too.

  14. so, I think we all already knew that weed would end up with seoyoon, but I was cheering for a love triangle.

  15. please help me understand wtf happend with the pirate cove that was interesting then it just cut off when they were about to attack like wtf why again please explain this

  16. Guys it should be weed x seoyoon then weed x yurin then weed x da'in

  17. I dont get it its like the authors forcefully letting da'in just move on without a clear reason
    If i just recuperated on a surgery with my life on the line wouldnt you wnt to do the things the way you wanted it too be like being with your loved ones

    This is stupid its like the author is forcing weed to be with seoyoon

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  19. Di'an is more "friend-zone" material and Seoyoon is a lot more cutout to be a girlfriend then a friend or acquaintance.

  20. "A one eyed, one legged, one armed pirate was holding a bag of coins in one hand and a flag in the other" nice.
    Btw, Da'in and Seoyoon should both just dump the sorry ass excuse of a human being that is weed. He has one or 2 good traits lost in a maze of psichological issues and rotten personality.
    Seoyoon x Da'in ftw.

  21. i dont know if its the author or the translator(s), but the novel/translation is getting more and more difficult to follow.. i need to read and reread multiple times to understand the meaning, the inconsistency terms or names used throughout the novel, the sudden emergence/existence of a player or animals or things, etc.. it took out the fun of reading the story.. a shame tho, because LMS has such interesting plot and storylines..