Volume 19 Chapter 4

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Weed Divers

“Hmm, the reef stretches out even further than I thought. I should take care not to get caught in the vortex.”

Weed remained vigilant in the open sea. It looked as if the sea spread all the way to the horizon, but the faster you sail more ground is covered and things pop up surprisingly quick. The ghost ship could easily become damaged due to the seaweed or the coral reefs.

“You can’t let your guard down while sailing.”

Weed, though wary of his surroundings, continued to fish with Zephyr. They threw the rejected fish to the birds. The birds ripped the fish to bits and pieces. An eating flock of birds increases the speed of the ship. Gone were the days of working diligently. Before they had to fish all the time just to feed the Geomchis. Compared to that, throwing an extra fish to the birds was too easy. Weed pulled out the chart with the route.

“Seems like there’s no need to stop at the port on our way, don’t you think.”

Because the ghost sailors don’t eat, and only drink a little liquor, there was an abundance food and drinking water. While docked on Ipia Island they stocked the ghost ship’s supply room with enough water for five days and enough food for two. Even in the worst situation they would be able to hold out for a week if the food was eaten sparingly. To slowly die of starvation was unpleasant; thankfully they could supplement their supplies.

“We can go directly to the destination!”

As miserly as ever, he did not prepare a lot of food on board. They would just have to keep fishing; if the fish was salted and dried then it could last for a month. When it rained the water was collected in the sails so there was enough drinking water to fill their canteens. (PR Note: Before chlorine and whatnot sailors gathered the rainwater in the sails then stored in barrels. Don’t drink seawater, you lose more water than you gain~).

“If a storm is blowing I’ll ride it so we’ll be able to reach Gotoba, the first island in the North Sea, in 6 days.”

In the middle of the long distance voyage, his Sailing Mastery skill reached Intermediate. Rather than short trips back and forth, it was better to perform one long continuous journey.

“Because huge, long distance traveling uses sailing skills quite intensely.”

It was the eighth day of their voyage. Weed was fishing with Zephyr, when a black image appeared under the sea.

  • A sea monster legion is chasing you. Sea monster legions are more likely to target ships on long voyages.

“Full speed ahead!”

Weed increased the ships speed to maximum. He wanted to outrun the monsters chasing the ship. The reaction of the ghost sailors was remarkable.

“Quick say something about sailing.”

“Does that mean to lower the anchor?”

“Retract the sails!”

Reckless ghost crew! It seems that their loyalty decreased due to the long voyage while their antipathy with Weed increased. But if the ghost ships speed did not increase then the sea monsters were going be the ones bullying them soon.

“It’s gonna be difficult to shake them off.”

Weed started taking ghost sailors and throwing them into the sea.

“If you’re just going to play around, go and fight!”

“Sir, please spare me!”

The ghost sailor that was thrown into the sea was wildly brandishing his swords but was quickly munched on by a sea monster. Panicked cries immediately emerged from the deck.

“*Sob* Captain don’t throw me to the sea monsters, they’ll rip me apart!”

The ghost sailors continued to be thrown to the sea monsters. Weed hoped to lose the pursuit of the sea monsters, and in turn, the ghost soldiers continued to run away from Weed hoping to evade his grasping hand. Both parties, however, were persistent.

“If it’s like this, who can blame me?” How could he bring himself to fight in the sea when he’s never done so before.

In the Versailles continent there were advantages and disadvantages according to the characteristics of each job. But sea fare was largely dependent of the performance of the ship.

However it is generally accepted that the angler was the strongest maritime profession, not the sailor or the pirate.

Holding a harpoon, trying to hook big game while a large number of sea monsters and man-eating sharks circled around the ship, boring holes in the bottom.

It takes tremendous courage and swimming ability, it was the dawn of the underwater dungeon exploration that only adventurous users do!

Weed got ready to set out with three diver girls escorting him. He had read in a previous forum post that taking 3-4 people was essential when diving.

However no one on the ghost ship had even been diving before and were not familiar with sea battles. Weed decided to pick out a quote to raise morale:
“There is no such thing as useless leather, you can savor the meat even if it’s about to expireOh, what I would give for loot!

The Dark Gamers Union forums had a list of possible item drops from sea monsters that would make one tremble.

“Battle formation! Everyone get ready to attack as soon as the battle starts!”

Weed was waiting for the decisive moment for his colleagues to immediately attack.

“Lightning shot!” Pale continuously rained lightning arrows into the sea immediately those under water were struck by a powerful electric shock.

Maylon climbed on top of the mast and fired arrows into the sea. On board there wasn’t an opportunity to showcase the agility of Rangers, but if there was ever a need for a ranged attack, it was now.

“Whew. Waaaaaah. Ow!”

Lightning imbued arrows were sticking out of the sea monsters bodies.

Every time a big wave passed the sea monsters would writhe their bodies in pain. Even though they were being attacked with arrows the monsters chased them relentlessly. Due to their large vitality they did not suffer any major damage.

“Keep up the speed!”

The ghost sailors were in charge of controlling the sails, to maintain their speed and avoid slowing down even a little. It was not possible to confirm the exact number of sea monsters, but from Weeds calculation there were roughly 10 or so taking their attacks.

Romuna finished chanting her magic spell.

“Lightning Storm!”

Sea monster will immediately flee if they see you chanting for a long time, because when you gather up a large amount of mana you can create lightning magic! Lightning struck the sea around the ghost ship.

The bodies of the sea monsters convulsed. It was evident that they had been damaged by each lightning strike that hit the water. (PR Note: Just in case, even though the lightning bolts hit randomly, due to water being a conductor, they were still damaged even if they were not hit directly).


The boat had its first big shock as the pursuing sea monsters initiated their attack. People were stumbling and sliding from where they stood and several ghost sailors fell into the sea. Everybody started clamoring for something to hold on to as the ship was attacked.

  • The hull has been damaged, durability decreased by 36.

The ghost ship was too slow against the pursuing sea monsters and they were now attacking directly from below. The ghost ship started to slow down even more as the monsters leg started to wrap around the hull!
(L/N The front of a ship is called the bow, the back is the stern and the hull means everything below the masts and sails, essentially the wooden body)

The speed of the ship was slowed down even further as more monsters stuck to the ship. If the durability of the ship kept dwindling they would sink and die.

“All reserved to the quarter deck!”

After taking one of Surka’s heavy punches the giant tentacle began to unwrap itself! The sea monster’s appendage was wrapped in flames due to Surka’s gloves. The twitching squid tentacles gave off a savory aroma. (PR Note: In DnD Monks can use gauntlets, necklaces and such to get more damage or special effect to their basic attacks).

Irene rapidly cast Blessing to increase the party’s defense.

“Rapid Fire!”

Pale and Maylon used their Ranger and Archer skills.

They concentrated their attacks on the sea monster. The head of the sea monster started to appear as it used its’ legs to climb up the ghost ship. The ghost sailors started to fight against the appendages of the giant octopus with swords and hatchets. Zephyr simultaneously attacked several sea monsters.

“Maybe the sea monsters are attracted to fresh meat from land.”

The monster of the sea did not want any more fish. Zephyr who was as knowledgeable as an encyclopedia about baits, hooked his rod with san-gyup-sal and cast it into the sea. Monsters hundred meters long were crowding around his line. This made many of the sea monster get tangled around the ghost ship until there were only two attacking. (TLC/N: San-gyup-sal is a type of Korean meat that is often grilled.)

“Koooot JAJAJAK.”

The hull was being greatly destroyed by the giant squid. The durability of the ship was decreasing rapidly. After the ship was destroyed it would be quite easy for the monsters to feed. Weed chanted.

“Dismal darkness falls upon the spear. Spear born from the darkness, penetrate the enemy’s heart. Dark Spear!”

A spear as thick as an ogre’s thigh on horseback was launched toward the sea monster’s head. Powerful magic that was used against the Bone Dragon. It was more powerful than it was before as he could now properly use magic as a lich. The climbing sea monster was forced off the deck of the ghost ship. As the Dark Spear exploded and the sea monster fell back into the sea, the hull that had tilted under its weight, tilted back into place.

“He was pushed over the edge, yes!”

An undecipherable scream rose from the sea monster.

“Wow! Magic!”

“Since when has Weed been able to use magic?!”

The party members agreed that the spell was amazing. Most vanguards use melee weapons, so for Weed to have such a strong magic spell was uncommon. Although he could cast high tier spells easily as a lich, it also weakened his physical abilities.

*Khaa Boo Boo*

  • The hull has been damaged, durability decreased by 21.
  • The auxiliary sail has been torn.

He had dropped one monster back into the sea but there still another stuck to the ship. The ghost sailors attacked its legs with knives and swords, Pale and Maylon fired arrows, but the monster hid its head under the bottom of the ship. The vitality of sea monsters was much greater than of the monsters on land.

Zephyr suddenly cried out.

“Hyung, I need help on this side!”

Different lures attract different types of fish. As a result several shark-like sea monsters started to spring to the surface to eat the lure. Sea monsters generally have low intelligence and are a bit on the dull side, but if you use the same move on a party repeatedly even they will stop being fooled after a while.

“No wonder he’s in trouble. Summon Death Knight!”

Van Hawk was summoned.

“You called master.”

“Go fight the sea monsters.”

“All right.”

Death Knight leapt onto the deck with a small ax and sword in hand. Using his shadow skill, Van Hawk was able to cut the sea monster’s leg. The sea monster’s seemingly infinite vitality finally ran out and it fell away, squirming in pain. Its loss left the ghost ship with a significantly smaller burden, but soon a crisis came again. The sea monster that had hidden in the deep sea suddenly jumped onto the deck and started wielding its legs to knock ghost sailors over in rows. Irene and Romuna expanded their defensive magic so that Pale and Maylon who were on top of the sails were protected from the tentacles.

“Dark Spear!”

Weed attacked again with magic he had used so much he could cast it in his sleep. Attacking monsters that were under the sea was like playing a very difficult guessing game. It was easier to stand on the deck and wait for a tentacle to pop up than to fire randomly at the water.

*Aaaaaaaaaah, chwaaawo*

Tentacles rose from the water and entwined around a delicate set of lich bones. Weeds body started to rise above the deck of the ghost ship.


“Weed is being pulled in by the monster!”

Hearing this Hwaryeong screamed, Maylon notched a magical arrow on her bow and started to aim, but she was too late and Weed was drawn into the water. The strong body of the sea monster squeezed his body with severe suction. The strength of the monster would exceed even the strength of the Orc Karichwi. Pure superhuman strength!

  • Paralyzing poison attack has been cast.
  • Poison rendered ineffective due to characteristics of the undead.

(PR Note: All squids and octopuses have a poison sac, usually not harmful to humans but, supersize me?)

The superhuman strength the sea monster was exerting was overwhelming. It was particularly strong in the water. Underwater, Weed was able to look around more broadly. After a brief moment he was able to distinguish the herd of sea monsters that crowded around the bait. There were regular-sized sea monsters, some larger than the ghost ship, and young sea monsters that swarmed around like bees. It was a gruesome sight! He could see the sea monster that he hit with Dark Spear floating next to him. The sea monster that captured Weed was turning a different color as it got a good look at him.

A monsters’ mentality is: ‘Eat till it can’t eat anymore.’

It was worried it would get an upset stomach if it ate Weed, who was meatless. Such was the advantage of being undead.

“Don’t worry you won’t have to think about that much longer.”

Weed tried to cut the leg wrapped around him with Dark Spear. However the leg was hard as steel and the attack barely made a scratch. The thickest part of the sea monster was grade A leather; there was no way to easily cut it without damaging it. Even if he were to cut off it off, it was just one of its legs and would only serve to piss it off. Attacking it this way was pointless.

He was aiming for the heart. The heart of a sea monster would probably be in the head. Weed was waiting for an opportunity to present itself.

If Weed was a human he would have long run out of air and died with his lungs full of water, but because he was undead he did not have to worry about that. His vitality was being reduced as monsters leg was slowly squeezed him but still he waited patiently. Finally Weed raised his left hand and said.

“Life Drain, Mana Drain!”

  • You’ve used the powers of the lich.
  • You will now absorb the sea monster's health and mana.
  • 369 health has been restored.
  • 112 has been restored.
  • 291 health has been restored…

It was possible for the drain to hit the mob multiple times. Though his movements were impaired due to the water, it didn't mean he was powerless. As it started dying the sea monster did not know what to do and opened its mouth wide. Weed, who had not died by drowning, could not be paralyzed, and would cause an upset stomach would be eaten. Weed waited patiently for the right moment to attack. Just as it was about to chow down he threw his Dark Spear inside of the monster's gaping mouth.

  • You have attacked the sea monster Ortess weak spot.
  • You have dealt a fatal blow!

The leg that was holding Weed started to loosen as the sea monster tried to retreat.

“Leave it to freeze.” (PR Note: It doesn’t make sense to us either).

In the past Dark Spear consumed half of his mana, but now Dark Spear could be used any number of time with mana left over for other spells as well. The magic he used now was very different from the previous spells he’s used.

“Reverse gravity!”

Rather than the sea monster floating downward and away it started to float up toward the sky. Reverse gravity was a spell to make things fly. Then, the sea monster was pushed above the water surface! It hit the barriers created by Romuna and was riddled with arrows by Maylon. It was an easy target since it was such a large sea monster.

  • The Ortess sea monster has been killed.
  • You’ve gained experience points.
  • Swimming skill proficiency has risen.

It was quite a tough battle, but this was the moment he had been waiting for. A dark red glow nestled in Weed’s skeleton. Lich! It was time to demonstrate the real power of the undead wizard. With Balkans tome in one hand and the Staff of the Fallen Saint in the other, Weed began to chant.

“Rise, spirit who cannot rest in peace. Come alive and confront those who murdered you. Dead Rise!”

The water near Weed started to ebb away and in its place a mighty undead carp was summoned. (T/N Hahaha, the BT translation called it a giant Guppy).

Mana flowed out of Weeds’ body like low tide. Since the undead sea monster was large, he needed a large amount of mana.

  • Due to being a lich, the power of the Necromancy skill increases.

The undead sea monster immediately attacked the sea monsters. The sea monsters were attacked from both the Dark Spear and the undead sea monster. Together it was an immense combo. The sea monsters struggled to identify which one of them was attacking them and soon enough they started to attack one another indiscriminately. The ghost ship was also indiscriminately attacking any animal that came within its range.

“This time I’ll try a 2nd stage necromancy spell…. Step 1, when alive attack the vulnerable parts with this spell. When it’s weakened begin step two.” ( T/N I love how all of the necromancy tome spells read like cookbooks. Add two dead skeletons, one angry spirit, and compress for 10 minutes. When done should be big gruesome killing machine. Enjoy!)

“You’ve come alive, only to be stuck in a place of sorrow. Herbal black rot. Never disappear, engrave onto others the laws of darkness. Undead rise!”

All of the flesh from the bodies of the sea monsters started to separate from their bones. The sea monster did not know how to handle this little fellow. He rushed to one of the sea monsters and used it as a shield while the others attacked. It tried to shake him off but Weed clung to it like a leech.

“Life Drain, Mana Drain.”

Draining life and mana is a vulgar and cowardly action that cannot be expressed without certain words. (!%$**$&$!). A majestic undead lord of darkness and despair using this tactic cannot be found. He adapted to the environment in accordance to Weed’s Save Your Neck Survival Guide.

By endlessly absorbing the mana and vitality of the sea monsters, more undead monsters could be created. Undead with great vitality, undead with water attacks, undead that pulled enemies down into the depths. There were many varieties.

  • You’ve gained experience points.
  • Ortess sea monster is incapacitated.
  • The seven children of this sea monster were destroyed. If Undead Rise is used, mana cost may be halved.
  • Has gained 10 sea monster fins.

Sea creatures are very difficult and elusive, but because of his necromancy magic, he was able to easily hunt them down while gaining fantastic experience, as well as loot. As more and more undead were raised the sea monsters started to retreat.


The party members on the boat sat down exhausted.

“Really hard.”

“They have tremendous vitality but they were not intelligent.”

Dungeon hunting was difficult but it was nothing compared to fighting on the wildly swaying and tilting boat. You can go back to pick up item in a dungeon, but in the middle of the ocean? That was impossible.

The durability of the hull decreased by a lot. Other boats attacked by the sea legion never escaped.

  • You have successfully navigated through the sea monsters' habitat, the Malvinas Mela.
  • Sailing Mastery skill has risen.
  • Fame increased by 160.

While hunting the sea monster they gained a lot of experience. Some got 3, 6 or even 8 levels of experience. Sea monster give great items. Coming out of the monster's stomach was pearl jewelry, undigested turtle shells, fresh oysters and edible seaweed!

“I would catch ten thousand sea monsters if only the hull didn’t take damage.”

Weeds eyes filled with regret as they continued on. It had been a long time since he was not bored when hunting monsters. Sea monster were a challenge. Mana was steadily consumed. Under the ghost ship there were still undead sea monsters. Every time they killed a fish a little experience came back to Weed.

  • Necromancy skill proficiency has increased.

It was during the time when he was shapeshifted, but increasing the Dark skills was what Weed wanted. Necromancer was very powerful class. Throughout the Versailles continent there were tens of thousands of object that increase the undead wizards’ ability. Their power and cursing ability were greater than a normal wizard. But, on the other hand, they had many weaknesses. The skills were hard to level. The more undead creatures you created, the more bodies you needed; to make a strong undead creature you sometimes had to prey on other users.

If you enter a large scale battle you can, do a lot of damage, get a lot of loot, and raise your level by a lot. But, as a result, you tend to be targeted by murderers and assassins. Necromancers have to deal with death and darkness, but because of their power over death, they take even more damage. If you die, it will lead to a decrease in level and a decrease in skill proficiency. If you are unable to be healed by a priest, you are more likely to die during battle.

The job requires a great deal of mana consumption and you need to frequently sit and meditate. Players who play in large scale battles are particularly shunned by the warriors on their side since necromancy uses enemies and ally parts to create undead. The Necromancer is a dangerous and lonely class.

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    12. Due to the autoprotolytic properties of water, even the purest water contains conductive ions . At a pH value of 7, water contains exactly 10^(-7) mol/liter hydroxide ions and as many hydroxonium ions. Ultrapure water thus has a conductivity of 5.5× 10^(-6) S/m .

      Heating water above its own boiling point, and the explosive boiling due to vibrations is called boiling delay or Superheating. This state is metastable , however at normal atmospheric pressure, it can't be heated to more than 110 ° C.

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