Volume 18 Chapter 7

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Defending Morata

The complaints from the King Hydra and the Black Imugi were piling up and they seemed ready to explode. The sculptures were not even tired. However ever since they were given life they had only been told to wait even after the battle had started.
'Must wait until I can eat.'

'To become a true dragon I must eat these guys. But I can not move because of the command of the owner.'

The King Hydra species characteristics were brutality and voracity. When the Northern Alliance drew near, the King Hydra's eyes would enlarge.
'I want to eat. I want to eat.'

'Want to eat them.'

'We have seven heads to eat with.'

'It smells so, so delicious.'

Thick saliva dripped from each of the King Hydra's heads. The acidic saliva from the statue mixed into the nearby lake, killing the fish. The Northern Alliance still had not noticed the presence of the King Hydra because of the ongoing battle. However, once Weed showed up, the King Hydra reached the limits of its patience.

The King Hydra splashed across the lake and ate up the users of the Northern Alliance.  With its heads, it swallowed up 9 users into its big mouths.
"It's a snack. Snack are delicious. A delicacy."
The sound of the crunching of users! The Black Imugi prepared to attack elegantly by summoning a Fireball. The large fire magic was poised in the air, ready to attack. The King Hydra and the Black Imugi were not the same as the ones during the fight against the Embinyu Cult. They were similar, but their levels were far lower and much more vulnerable than before. They magic was weaker, their vitality was not infinity, and they were weaker. They were lacking in all aspects, but the users of the Northern Alliance could not make such a calm judgement.
"Come on!"

The Knights of the Kallamore Kingdom was causing the users to panic. The King Hydra was randomly eating users with its heads and the Black Imugi summoned and dropped Fireballs. Instead of fighting, the users tried to escape from the King Hydra that ate dozens of people. The Black Imugi dropped its fireballs causing the genocide of more than 100 people. The flames spread widely around the debris. The wizards tried to cast protective magic and the archers tried to plan a diversion. However, more people thought about trying to run away to save their lives. The users of the Northern Alliance had not had any experience in performing a siege. Although, even if they had experience, it would not help them in such a situation. Furthermore this was not a normal fight about power that one could predict. With the fear and anxiety, the once powerful Northern Alliance was rapidly dismantling. Some of the guilds began to launch magic attacks at Weed.
"Fire Burst!"

"Frost Circle!"

"Thunder Storm!"

The spells were cast and attacked the ground. Powerful knights charged towards Weed. Archers fired their arrows.

Their goal was Weed! They wanted to hunt Weed, the God of War.
'Either way, the winner of the battle does not matter'

'It only matter that I can become famous after killing Weed.'

The users that were over level 300, the core power of the Northern Alliance, launched their attack on Weed. There was a significant amount of users that were conserving their mana in order to aim it at Weed.
The Phoenix flew forwards Weed, dedicated to protect the owner's life. There were magical and physical attacks from over 37 people were met with the Phoenix's wings.

-Burst Fire has been absorbed.
-Ice Circle has decreased health by 4269.
-Phoenix's body has failed to absorb Thunder Storm. 3210 health is gone.
Ice and water magic ate away at the Phoenix's health but the fire magic restore it. Arrows also stuck into its body. The Phoenix managed to stay strong in the face of the magic and physical attacks.

Phoenix was suffering horrible pain. Even with his huge level and high health, the consecutive powerful strikes caused a heavy amount of damage. The continuous attacks could have possibly been fatal. He lost health until he was at 24%. Weed immediately started blaming him.
"This ignorant bastard!"


"Nevermind, all birds are the same. Even if they have a head they don't know how to use it!"
If he had been hurt then he would have started to nag at the Wyverns and Bingryong.

That was prevented because of Phoenix.
'That was good.'

'He is able to take care of the owner better than myself.'

'That's our junior.'
The sculptures of life wanted to live a good and selfish life!

Weed did not want the last Phoenix to die. It was also the same for the other sculptures of life. Even if he won the war, if he lost a sculpture of life then it would be a big loss. To give life to another masterpiece or a bunch of classic pieces would cost him at much as 10 levels. He had told this to the Wyvern and Bingryong several times already.

"Do not die."
Weed's voice sank and sounded slightly moist and sweet. Bingryong began to have frozen tears forming at the corners of his eyes.
"You have yet to break even."


"You need to work for the next 20 years to cover the losses I made on you, at the very least, right? Do not make any risky actions or you'll be wasting my money like this."

Even if you want to die, then you cannot die until you have made a lot of money.
"Let's prepare the magic attack again. Weed is still in the sky."

"Let's all attack at once."
You can not afford to give your enemies an opportunity on the battlefield. There was a dense number of users in the Northern Alliance so Weed could not miss an opportunity now.

"Phoenix, Bingryong. Start now. Do not lose against the young ones."
The Black Imugi and the King Hydra that Weed had made were already going around and attacking. The newly created sculptures were powerful but there were a considerable amount of level 300 users that were dangerous. He did not know about the Kallamore Knights and the Geomchis, but the King Hydra and the Black Imugi would be surprisingly easy to kill.

Phoenix began flying to the center at full speed. Everywhere he passed by a rain of flames fell down. With the Phoenix's power of fire! As the rain of fire fell, the knights and soldiers began to rapidly burn as the fire attached itself to them. Fire damage was limited to an individual but now it was on an incredibly large range. The ground was covered in flames. The flames could be removed with water related magics from wizards or from priests. But the flame rained down on such a wide range all over the area. This meant an enormous amount of damage accumulation.

"Take care when fighting Wyverns. Do not be too greedy!"

"Alright Master."
The Wyverns were much weaker in the early level 300 so a group of 10 wizards could easily defeat them if they were single targeted. They needed to avoid being defeated by magic and falling to their deaths. Luckily wizards were very difficult classes to level up. In the Northern Alliance, there were maybe only about 500 wizards and most of them have already exhausted their magic.

"Geumini, go help the Wyverns."

"Alright Master."

"I'll lend you the wings for you to hunt with."
To let Geumini fight with the Wyverns, he lend him the wings. He did not want the precious gold ingots that Geumini was made of to fall to the ground and disappear without a word.

"Bingryong, be sure to fight well. Help the Wyverns out."

"Leave the Wyverns to me."
Weed jumped off of Bingryong. The people that were watching his every move cried out. They wanted to kill the God of War!
"Weed fell."

"There he is!"

There were paladins, warriors, mages, thieves, assassins, and swordsmen. Weed checked the number of melee classes that were being engulfed by the flames and were running away. Weed fell into the Northern Alliance and hit the ground, smashing into a dwarf.
“This guy is!”
The dwarf yelled!

With Weed's weight, there was an enormous amount of damage done to the dwarf's health as well as inflicting confusion status. The users that were around Weed were greatly surprised.
“Sculpting blade!”

Weed took the life of the Dwarf with his sword easily. He quickly looted him as he turned grey. Loot! The feeling as something instantly enters into your possession!
‘Got it!’

 He did not have time to check his message window. It was the feeling of robbing a place and not having the time to check in the jewelry was authentic or not. Enemies were everywhere.
"High Priest Blessing!"
He blessed himself with the Freya's Ring of the High Priest. He had prepared himself earlier with sword grind and armor polishing skills. There was a 20 minute time limit on the blessing.
"Heraim Fencing."

He continuously moved forwards without stopping with the sword skill! He had gotten the ancient sword skill at the fourth floor of the Hero Tower. The continuous increase in attacks raised strength and agility. Weed ran like crazy.
'Chest armor look a little cheap. Sword's cheap. The maximum level of that equipment is 210.'

He passed by those immediately.
'He's wearing a good helmet. The other stuff looks about the same. Around level 250. There a lot of armor so he must have high health but the durability is a bit worn out. There's a high probability of dropping.'
Weed used his sword to strike him.


The sword pierced into the seams of the armor.

-Two continuous attacks have been successful.
40% increase in Power.

His blacksmith skills he had learned were useful. Armor did not have defense equally in all locations. There were seams and thin sections that did not have much durability and were be penetrated more easily. Weed, as a hobby, was able to instantly tell the overall level of users through the equipment that they were wearing. The Dark Gamer's Union Board of item information as well as the auction sites were now working here! The user  turned grey as Weed gave the finishing blow to stop him from recovering. He began to single out users. Archers! He overwhelmed the bow users. There was a Blue Magic Bow among the archers!

-Three continuous attacks have been successful.
Agility has increased by an additional 40%.

It was possible for Weed to use Heraim Fencing up to eight hits. With each successful attack, power and agility was raised greatly. Royal Road was a reflection of reality. Increasing the strength stat would slightly increase endurance. Raising the agility stat would improve accuracy and response time.Weight and speed made a difference when it came to running 100 meters. However raising 100 power stats did not unconditionally raise the 100 damage. There were many variable when it came to maximum attack damage. Of course these would show if a sword was not wielded properly. The weapon could slip and the damage would not fully be used against the opponent. More was needed than just strength and agility. There was no point if the body only had high agility.

There was also no point if the body was too big and heavy that it was difficult to fight. Bingryong had huge damage output but required a lot of strength to just hold up his body. This was a disadvantage. On the other hand, the dwarves did not have much body weight so they did not keep up well in battle. They made up for the lack of power by using weapons like axes and hammers. Weed killed three more people with four more attacks. All that was left was a Knight! But the knight was using a good sword. That sword was an amazing weapon with strong penetrating power. It was a very expensive weapon for a knight to use! It was a good weapon to use against enemies.

"That's mine!"
Weed used the Heraim Fencing to attack. He struck the knight like lightning. The mighty sword fell down in a line. However, at that moment Weed was mistaken. A sword came from behind as the knight began to swing towards him.
"So it seems that knights are not so fragile!"
The valuable items!

He repeated the Heraim Fencing again, this time more powerful. The last of the eight attacks was 3 to 4 times more powerful than the first. Sometimes it would exceed the durability limit of the armor and weapons and break often. Weed jumped with his full power forwards. Heraim Fencing improved not only power but also agility.

Thanks to his high agility, he could twist his sword and change his attack into any direction.


Then he saw another knight. In the middle of his attack, he confirmed a weak point and changed the direction of his blade in a very short time period and stuck it into the knight. It was a big challenge for Weed to change the direction of his attack based on the situation because of his high attack speed and power. However, he naturally grasped the weight of the sword and spun his body into the air. The Heraim Fencing was still in effect. He spun to make his attack stronger to finish off the Knight's life and defenses!


The sword swung accurately into the knight's side. The Knight didn't even have time to scream before he turned grey and died.


Weed used his left hand to sweep up the items. Even if it was only one copper he would use his fast and accurate hand movements.


"It's really Weed!"

The nearby users did not dare to move. The knight that had just died was one of the stronger users. The rest did not have time to react. None of the melee classes were holding up to Weed! The knights on horseback and other users began to step up. Even though they had good sense, there was no sense of unity and they had pathetic organization. Weed decided on another target.

'I have seen that ring before. It has a property that increases maximum mana.'
He had the talent to identify the item's characteristics! It was a very good item. He could not miss out on getting such an expensive item from the enemy.

“Call Death Knight Van Hawk!”

Death Knight was summoned. He summoned Van Hawk because he was going to start fighting a large number of enemies and knights.

"I'll take this one Master."

"Heraim Fencing!"

He did not hesitate and did not stop his attack. Weed kept moving forwards the enemy.  He had fell into the middle of the Northern Alliance and there were enemies everywhere.

"Weed is mine!"

"Take my sword. Lightning Sword!"

The enemies did not waste time and used their skills without hesitation. Weed took the offensive against the enemies that were between level 200 to 300. He killed the ones that were exhausted or heavily injured. After using up Heraim Fencing he managed to kill five people. However that was not enough.

"Sculptural Destruction! Convert into Force!"

-Sculptural Destruction has been used.

The grief from destroying a fine piece! The grief!

Five art stats have disappeared permanently. Fame has decreased by 100.

Art stats have been converted into Power.

His bodily muscles were boiling with strength! It was too big of a waste to use a masterpiece so he only used a fine piece. Even this much was a waste.
"Return me 15 times my amount!"
Weed cried out, screaming at his enemies. His increased strength with his accuracy further increased his lethality. Thieves and assassin neglected to use their ranged attack skills and they had pitiful defense. So the assassin and thieves, as well as other classes were easy to attak. Weed jumped and killed 25 enemies. Then a strong looking knight came running over with ten other people Weed could not overlook this!

‘That’s at least level 340.’

They were the core of the Northern Alliance's power. He could usually use Heraim Fencing to kill users in one or two blows and now a strong knight was approaching him. He tirelessly moved his sword towards his enemies.

-Four continuous attacks have been successful.
Power has increased by an additional 40%.


The sword gave off deafening bursts as he struck the knight's shoulder armor. The knight was surprised by the power of the strike. Even with high vitality, the user was forced into a state of panic. Because of the high level armor and shield he had high enough defenses to not die in a single hit.

-Five continuous attacks have been successful.
Enemy is now confused.
Reduces enemy fighting spirit.
Agility has increased by an additional 40%
-Six continuous attacks have been successful.
Power has increased by 50%.
15% of the damage is dealt in a shockwave.
Seven continous attacks have been successful.
Agility has increased by an additional 30%
Power has increased by an additional 20%.
1500 mana has been spent.

A Knight was killed!

After he killed a knight, he killed three more knights.

The last knight took a total of eight hits to defeat.

"Its a strong skill. Don't block! Avoid!"
The Knights began to scatter. However, even though the knights quickly escaped, they were still within the range of his attack. Weed caused the weak players to run! His sword caused high amounts of damage but it ran out quickly because of its mana consumption. However, he could conserve mana and raise his skills proficiency higher. Due to his sculptural destruction, he could deal high damage to the enemy's health and cut through their defenses. Weed was still surrounded by knights and other professions so he was in an unfavorable situation.

"Isn't this a little extreme!"
Weed did not lose his concentration as he looked around at his enemies. In the meantime, he was gathering the items that were dropped by the ones that had died!


"I can't believe this. His level is too high."

The users were tired! After the magic attack and the arrows, more than 100 users would swarm at them each.

Weed had jumped in after the arrows and spells were shot and used Heraim Fencing at the knights. The surviving wizards gathered to use their mana to cast a spell to attack Weed. He could not avoid a magic attack that attacked everywhere indiscriminately. He had lent the wings of light to Geumini so he could not escape into the sky. He had also sent Geumini to fight in a place that wouldn't attract attention but now Weed was exposed to be attacked.

"I wish my class had a few more combat skills to use....Moonlight sculpting!"
Weed's eyes were watering. He had learned this skill after getting advanced sculpting. The light sculpting! It required a consumption of mana but it covered the entire body in light and could act as a defense.


Everywhere Weed fired off multi-colored light. Each of them were an absolutely beautiful hue. Various magical attacks and arrows bounced off and changed direction. However, his skill level was still low so it could only do so much.

‘Am I going to die like this?’

Weed felt fearful. It was not certain that he would live if he was hit with magic of this magnitude. He still had the option of reviving by the Refuse Death skill. In that moment he cold show the true power of the undead in a place like this. However, if he died than he would drop equipment and skill levels. The Moonlight Sculpting was not high, but his sculpting and production skills were really hard to raise! Weed had learned a large number of skills and the skill drop in each of them would be evident. He instinctually prepared for an unavoidable death. He wrapped as much of his body in Moonlight as possible. After he revived as an undead, he would have no need for mana.
"Cold Eyes!"
Weed increased his defenses by using the Cold Eyes skill.
"I will protect you, Master."

Death Knight Van Hawk blocked the front with a shield. The magic enveloped the area.

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