Volume 7 Chapter 9

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Hall of Fame Expedition

The guilds in the Central Continent were starting to use cutthroat information warfare.

They were looking up about the Scorpion King while also finding a way to lower the temperature around the continent.

Wizard or Sage, Nobles meet in the library presenting legend and myth from old books.

Then in the Barbarian's village a hint was found.

“In the continents North Edereun village disappeared. That in the village’s altar a legend was passed down by the devoted saying that the heat would disappear. More contents from Edereun were reported in the investigation to me”

Edereun village disappeared!

Historical records states that it is located somewhere in the Kingdom of Kaldeath.

In the Northern parts of Kaldeath Kingdom, the land was literally frozen for a long period of time. Edereun and several other villages were not listed on the map.

“I already knew that.”

For the leaders of each guild, a goal appeared.

Go to the coldest part of the continent and seek the Edereun village!

If any other guild was able to solve the quest that led to the Crimson Wing Guild’s collapse, they will be able to gain more prestige.

On top of that, they had other plans as well.

‘We take advantage of this opportunity, and can be the first pioneers of the north.’

The plentiful quests in the north. If you can obtain them and secure the hunting grounds, it would greatly increase the prestige of our guild.

‘There are many quests in the North. We can occupy the hunting grounds and expand the influence of our guild.’

‘A great opportunity to expand our guild!’

The guilds in the Central Continent have been fighting over the ownership of the land.

There are problems when occupying castles and fortresses, and even minor hunting grounds!

But you could change the balance of power by exploring the north.

Some guild leaders announced their guilds would go on an expedition to the North, without forcing those who don't want to go. It was a tolerable risk for their guild to venture to the North.

The Era of Pioneering the North is about to start.


The Dark Gamer’s Tavern.

A number of high-level users were commissioned by the Crimson Wing Guild to participate in the failed quest. They were in recession for a while, but now they were active again.

Various guilds came to look for them to commission them on an expedition to the North.

Being a high-level user does not guarantee they will be an asset in battle. They should have experience and be able to exert the best of their abilities.

In any kind of battle, Dark Gamers knew how to use their abilities to survive tenaciously. At the same time, they bring out a sense of responsibility and competitiveness from other guild recruits.

“Do as I say!. Don’t go to places you are not told to go to.”

Keuu. I thought it’d be ok.

“I died vain on a high level quest, and because of that people hate me.”

“Ok, I get it so stop.”

At the end of the day, Volk couldn’t bear listening to his wife.

Many others lost their lives following the Crimson Wing Guild on their A rank quest!

It was very bad venture for them, not only did they lost two levels, but they also lost skill proficiency.

The Dark Gamers Union had suffered significant damage to their reputation from the event.

However, as an excuse, Volk said.

“Regardless, we’ve made money from it. So far we’ve made a total of 110,000 gold.”

“It’s not that much compared to the value of your life. It hurts me to think you’ve died.”


Volk’s eyes were filled with sudden emotions.

“I also feel the same way about you.”


Volk held her hands affectionately. A thought struck Darelyn and she asked.

“Surely, you didn’t lose any equipment, did you?”

“Of course not. I wore some cheap equipment purchased from a shop. The place seemed dangerous, so I took precautions.”

“You did well.”

Dark Gamers would always obtain additional equipment and wear them if they find they are likely to die during the quest. They only wear items that they wouldn't mind losing.

It was obvious that to a Dark Gamer, their equipment are treated as their second body.

Volk and Darelyn were resting, when a man approached them.

“I have a commission. Will you hear me out?”

Volk nodded at the man politely.

“We would listen. But once you tell us about it, we’ll decide whether or not to accept it.”

“Well of course. I come from the Cold Roses Guild. Our guild is taking this opportunity to explore the Northern Continent. The level requirements is 320 or higher. The salary is 40,000 gold.”

“The salary is rather generous.”

A man shouldn’t complain.

“Yes. The current fee for Dark Gamers have risen recently. If we find any important quests in the town of Edereun or any other town, additional money will be compensated.”

“I don’t mean to be disrespectful, but the Cold Roses Guild are able to lead an expedition without additional help, right?”

The Cold Roses guild was a mid-size guild who ranked in the top 40s in the middle continent. They owned 4 forts, but they were located in remote areas.

Furthermore, there was a kind-hearted Dwarven Warrior who was the head of the guild called Oberon, it was a decent middle-ranked guild.

Although Volk had his concerns, he accepted the man’s request.

"Of course it's not just us. The guild's alliance, and some of the people of the general public are going as well. It is the first time that the Northern Continent is being explored, so we have to move faster and work faster than others to gather information."

“Then i guess there will be a large amount of people.”

"That's right. We want to take this opportunity to explore the Northern towns and Kingdoms. In the North, there are still a lot of places left unexplored. Would you like to participate?"

Darelyn poked Volk in the side.

The conditions weren’t all that bad.

Dark Gamers lived very prejudiced lives. In fact if they travelled alone, they will go to more dangerous areas.
To get there first, they had to venture ahead ambitiously and take lots of risks.

Pioneers of the Northern continent!

New hunting grounds and quests were not enough to satisfy their desire.

Volk and Darelyn accepted his request.


Weed and his group returned descending Horom mountain to the Dark Elves castle.
They wanted to dispose of their loot before climbing the Horom Mountains.

Surka listened cheerfully to the Dark Elves Granbell.

“You really were able to climb to the summit of Mount Horom, that is impressive. Let me tell you about a good hunting ground. Have you heard of Karaka forest?”

“I have not heard of it.”

“It is about a day's walk from here. There you will encounter monsters of various levels. There is an abundance of monsters, a good place in many ways. And if you defeat the King Snake boss you'll be able to access an amazing place.”

“Amazing place?”

“You’ve heard of the Undead Legion?”

Granbell lowered her voice.

Granbell was not aware that Weed was Karichwi, after he transformed using Shapeshifter.

“The Undead Legion were very strong.”

Surka saw Weed’s eyes and replied. Weed associated with them and listened with interest.

Granbell started to boast.

"The Legions of Undead are strong, but not as strong as the Dark Elves. Talented in Elemental Magic and Archery! There are a lot of things the Dark Elves succeeded in!"

“Yes, of course.”

"Although the Legions of Undead caused a lot of chaos and disappeared, the dungeons of the Lich Shire remain. Who knows what treasures the Lich Shire might have left inside."


"It is not for certain. But it's the type of things you would want to check out, is it not? Now the Dark Elven warriors are gathered at the entrance of the dungeon."

The hollow place where the Undead Legion emerged!

Granbell was talking about the place, in favor of a hunt.

The Rosenheim Kingdom Soldiers, Freya's Priests, Weed, and his party, headed into the forest of Karaka.

According to Granbell, various types of monsters appear randomly in the Yuroki Mountains. However, Weed recently became familiar with the types of monsters that could appear.

Weed travelled there with the Rosenheim Kingdom Soldiers and his companions to hunt if it only to raises just one level. Although the soldiers and his parties level differ slightly, it wasn’t a big problem.

In any case, it was still a long way from being one of the strongest. He has leveled his production skills by contributing to the hunts with the soldiers.

But after a few days, Becker, Buren, and Hosram approached him.

“Commander, we have to go back to our hometown.”

"We are part of Rosenheim Kingdom. We cannot be absent in the army for too long."

No matter how high Weed’s intimacy was, he could not hold soldiers belonging to the kingdom indefinitely.

Now that we’ve completed the Legion of Undead quest, it was natural that they wanted return to their Kingdom.

The church of Freya was also missing its priests.

‘It’s regretful that I cannot use my contribution points to retain them.’

Weed headed to the teleportation gate inside the cave in Plains of Despair with the Priests and Soldiers. His companions decided to continue hunting in Karaka forest.

“To Serabourg Castle.”

The teleportation gate was operated by the Priests.

The inside of the cave was suddenly covered by light, when it was gone, nothing remained.

When Weed, the soldiers, and the priests teleported to Rosenheim Kingdom, they appeared near the central fountain. Where they inevitably became the center of people's attention.

“They appeared to be the Kingdom's Soldiers. The Royal Knights.”

"Where did those people come from?"

"They're Priests of Freya."

"What quest were they doing?"

Weed caught the attention of the people, fortunately, troublesome things did not occur.

The Royal Knights and Guards immediately came out.

"His Majesty is waiting for you."

Under the guidance of the Knights, Weed headed inside the Palace. He was to once again meet with the King in his Royal Court.

The old King of Rosenheim Kingdom has passed away. A new King has been crowned. The King's first son. Archduke Winston has taken his place.

“You are the Sculptor, Weed, who built the tomb for His Majesty, the late King.”

King Winston's eyes were very sharp. There were many Nobles and Knights inside the Royal Court. King Winston's evaluation was belligerent. Because of their nemesis, the Kingdom of Brent, He planned on enriching and strengthening the Kingdom's army.

In fact, those intentions were already implied on several occasions. Weed had collected data from the Dark Gamers Union. Weed had tried to read all he could about the newly appointed King of Rosenheim.

Weed kneeled on one knee.

“Yes. Your Majesty.”

"We heard from sources that you borrowed a few of the Kingdom's soldiers and Royal Knights. Is that correct?"

“It is so, Your Majesty.”

"However, they our soldiers were gone for a long period of time. What business did you have to conclude to take Soldiers and Royal Knights outside of their Kingdom?"

King Winston looked down at Weed’s eyes.

The King was known to have the best military strength. He has special interest in monster subjugation to expand the frontiers. But on Sculptor's appeal, they were forced to retreat from the enemy.

The judgement of King Winston did not end there.

‘I too see that.’

However, Weed was familiar, inhospitality, life suffering, and sorrow. But now he knew how to be more proactive to reverse the situation.

Weed stood up on the spot and said.

"It was honorable for His Majesty's soldiers to fight again the Legions of Undead that might have done harm to the Kingdom of Rosenheim."

After Weed had spoken, he tried to leave. This was all part of a plan.

It is the law to deliberately say something interesting, and then disappear. Once they have gained interest, they will be more willing to listen.

King Winston asked.

“What has happened.”

"It wasn't that much of a big deal. We only prevented the Undead Legion and Lich Shire from doing harm to the continent."

"Did such a thing really happened? Let me hear more of the details."

Weed told the story of how he brought the Soldiers of Rosenheim Kingdom to the front lines and fought with the Legions of Undead.

He also mentioned vividly how the soldiers did outstanding job of fighting without neglecting their lives.

But the truth was, it was the Orcs and the Dark elves who were the main source of power to fight the Undead Legions.

The Rosenheim Kingdom's Soldiers were also present listening to everything Weed was saying.

Weed praised the Rosenheim Kingdom's Royal Knights and Soldiers for efforts, and they said thanks.

It is necessary to have intimacy with the King and his courts, even more so than villagers. Because of the story of how the soldiers fought, Weed was able to raise his familiarity with King Winston.

King Winston's assessment of Weed was also altered.

“You know, I also had many great adventures.”

“No, your majesty.”

"I also like people who enjoy challenges and adventure. It's been a long time since I've had a companion with similar interest to chat with. Would you like to work with the Royal Family of Rosenheim?"


You have received a job offer from the King Winston. The Kingdom's Sculptor.
If you work for the Royal Courts, you get to live with the Royal Family, and meet any Nobles and people of Royal Blood.
300 Soldiers will be put under your command.
The Royal Family will provide you with a private room.
You can receive training from Royal Knights, and you will a monthly salary of 2000 gold minimum.
You will receive additional salary every time you create a sculpture.
While hired as a Royal Sculptor, all sculptures made during that period will be property of the Royal Family.
Would you like to accept this job?

Employment as a Royal Sculptor.

If he can meet Royals and Nobles, quests are much easier to obtain. It is easier to raise his reputation with men under his command.

If you gained enough reputation, you may receive a town or a castle.

For the sake Kingdom, one would need to contribute large amount of money, rather than building up reputation or public value.

However, without losing his courtesy, Weed said.

“I am sorry, your Majesty.”

“Why the expression.”

“My skills are still insufficient to be the Royal Sculptor, and I would like to have more adventures.

A royal sculptor could get more quests from Nobles and Royalty. But the number and type of commissions is usually limited. But the variety of quest are limited to creating sculptures.

In such quests, he can improve his sculpting skills abundantly. But, wandering freely and independently is precisely the shortcut to improving Sculpting.

“If that’s so, then it cannot be helped. If you ever change your mind, come find us and We’ll be happy to entrust the job to you”

“Yes, Your Majesty. Also unfortunately the Centurion Dale was killed in the midst of chaos. Although he will not be returning, along with other soldiers, it was all thanks to their sacrifice that we were able to become victorious. He will remain as one of the bravest Soldiers in the history of Rosenheim Kingdom.”

“We are also saddened by Centurion Dale’s death. But because of this event, other Soldiers are stronger, and the Kingdom and her residents are safe. Adventurer Weed, Rosenheim Kingdom will not forget what you have done for us.”

Rosenheim Kingdom’s Royal Knights and Soldiers have been returned.
Due of the growth of the borrowed Soldiers, you have earned 3705 Royal Contribution points.

With this Weed’s work at the Royal Court was mostly finished.

‘Contribution points have been returned after leveling them up’

Weed came out of the Palace and headed towards to the Church of Freya. The guards no longer stop him.

Weed was able to meet with the High Priest Immediately.

“Congratulation to defeating the Legions of Undead.”

The greeted Weed in reverence, because there was no one who had higher contribution to the Freya’s Church.

At least in Rosenheim kingdom, there was nobody with more fame than Weed.

Weed took out the Helaine’s Grail from his coat.

“I’m here to return the Church’s Relic.”

“It has been received. And please go to Somreun Liberty City sometime soon, the High Priest is expecting you.”

“I will go when I have the time.”

In reality, he regretted returning Helaine’s Grail because it provided infinite amount of Holy Water. However, the item must be used with discretion.

If you use holy water from Helaine’s Grail for personal gain, you will lose Faith. His Faith had dropped 4 times from drinking Holy Water.

‘Then I am done with the errand from Freya’s church’

After returning the Helaine’s Grail to the church, Weed stood in front of the teleportation gate.

The next destination was the City of Artists, Rhodium.

On the Versailles Continent, it’s the place where culture blooms like a brilliant flower.

The city is the birthplace of the Production and Art profession.

Weed imagined.

‘Talent artist don’t need to hone and polish their skills. Musicians flooded the streets, giving great performances.’

Sounds of beautiful music, discussions of art throughout the city, and a brilliantly illuminated night sky.

Weed imagined Rhodium.

“Travel to Rhodium.”

The Freya priests operated the teleportation gate and Weed was engulfed in an instant.


Rhodium’s Central Square!

Weed appeared under a light, and a crowd formed around him immediately.

“A person!”

“Someone came here through the teleport!”

In a very desperate and urgent voice.

Weed quickly looked around.

Many people appeared to be gathered in the square.

‘Did something happen in the city?’

Weed began to observe the situation.

People in the square began to rush towards Weed.

Their reaction was comparable to when he appeared in the center of Serabourg in Rosenheim Kingdom with Soldiers and Priests of the Orders of Freya.

Everyone in the crowd came running towards of Weed, with heads bowed.

And at the same time they quickly held out their hands.

“Please help.”

“Please spare some coin!”

“I'm really hungry, Keuheuk! Mister help a starving friend out."

Rhodium, the City of Artists!

It was the poorest town riddled with beggars everywhere.

“Please give me money.”

“Only 10 coppers and you could be the savior of my life.”

"People once lent a helping hand!"

“I won’t ask for a lot. Only enough to buy some bread to feed myself.”

Weed was surrounded by approximately 1000 people asking for money.

At the same time, new people appeared through the teleportation gates. Weed swiftly escaped.

The beggars approached the newly emerged travellers, and bowed their head until it almost touched the ground.

“Just 1 copper. Please. Please help me out a little, we’re living in a harsh world. Help a poor man just this once.”

It was as if they haven’t seen the light for one year!

Pathetic tears come out with gloomy disposition!

They were struggling from hunger as they begged!

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