Volume 10 Chapter 1

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Skeleton Soldier Weed

Royal Road's website came up again and again. The first movie posted by the Cold Roses guild started.

"Look! It's the battle of the Northern Expedition."

After going into the Valley of Death from the white snowy fields, the fight started! The expedition had been fighting evil soldiers and servants, as well as Lizard Kings. The battle royal was going on in real time, uploaded by Oberon, a registered Hall of Fame user, but the responses were doubtful.

"Will we actually see some battling in the valley this time?"

"With nothing to hit, what are they even doing there?"

People had abandoned the expedition, only few lingered. The expedition was subjected to ridicule because for more than two months in Versailles Continent time, the only thing they did was wander around. However, people's reactions changed after the video progressed a little more. From the moment they entered the depth of the Valley of Death, the number of monsters that appeared increased exponentially. The identity of the expedition was still unknown, yet the Embinyu Priests stood before them, filled with feelings of rage, and casted their magic.

"So worth it ......"

"Fighting like that while whistling, as expected of the expedition led by a prestigious guild."

"Great tune."

As the expedition reached its end, surrounded by white snow and ice in the Valley of Death, the exciting last-ditch breakthrough attempt unfolded. Seeing real people fight in a thrilling action movie, you feel as though you have become one of them. While watching the video, the rumours people heard increased rapidly. The Hall of Fame's audience was always growing because it only takes a single moment to get people's attention.

"You mean you think it's related to the atmosphere?"

"Hey, wake up."

"Monster levels appear quite high. In the north, it's not uncommon for such strong monsters to appear in groups, this doesn't look good ......"

"Will it go right this time?"

People were dubious, yet they held their emerging hopes on the expedition.

"It's not the first time a courageous expedition has left to explore the northern continent. Let's wait and believe."

"I hope you have a successful expedition."

"Its way too hot, I'm dying here. It's hard to move, sweat's even flowing from my forehead. Stamina is consumed too quickly."

"We can't go to places like cool dungeons or mountain-rivers because of the prestigious guilds occupying the areas."

"It's better for wizards and clerics to move less, they can't really survive like warriors."

The Versailles Continent was harder and hotter since the failure of the last A rank quest.

The value of hunting in dungeons and mountains skyrocketed. Stamina became much more difficult to preserve, and guilds fiercely fought wars to expand their area.

Meanwhile, people of course had to enjoy themselves and so tailors had a never before seen rush of bikini orders.

Muscular men removed their black body armour and burned their clothes while enjoying the glamour of tanned women.

The scene in Royal Road changed.

As the festivities ended, there was a significant increase in people swimming in rivers as people struggled to forget the summer heat by hitting the beach! Normally, if you wanted to relax and enjoy yourself, places could be found anywhere, but because of the crazy heat, they were rare. Crowds all gathered in river towns and seaside castles for the eye candy.

Even at the rivers, by noon you could no longer swim because of them.

Most people were forced to endure the heat. They were bound to be a little annoyed.

"I hope this expedition is successful."

"I really hope for the best too."

"Please make it ......"

People began to cheer for a successful expedition and a home return.

"But if they really succeed, what will happen?"

"Well, the Cold Roses guild will gain tremendous fame. They will also gather massive wealth and power from the new users flocking to join them."

"Will it really end that way? Oberon is a benevolent guy and trusts his guild, but I imagine they are growing way too daring. Think of how reckless a challenge this is ......"

"They could jump into the top 5 of the guild rankings though."

Below the video in the Hall of Fame, users posted their views.

Then someone posted an article.

It was a user with the nickname Chase. People knew him as a celebrity in Royal Road.

"About one month ago, in the middle of a quest, I heard the story from a pub owner."

Everyone focused on what Chase wrote.


"The high-level user ranked in the top 100? He normally doesn't write here, what the hell is going on?"

After stimulating the curiosity of a bunch of relaxed viewers, he finally posted:
I heard a simple story.

'To create the continent's cool weather again, you must acquire the things the Witch presented to the altar of the God.'

Edereune God's altar. I investigated by reading the history of the Versailles continent for information about witches. As a result, I found the records of the Serbian Ice Witch.

The Broken Beads of the Witch.

Through the information I learned from the history of the Versailles continent, the beads are in an unknown location in a valley... and from what I have heard, it seems that the expedition is probably battling around that place.

Chase's article was like pouring oil onto a roaring fire.

"The expedition is at the place where the broken beads of the Serbian Witch can be found!"

"Chase said the expedition's battle is associated with the heat in the Versailles continent!"

"The quest to blow the heat away from the Versailles continent is finally in progress?"

The Broken Beads of the Serbian Witch was a kind of item that corresponds to accessories.

It is known for its special power of manipulating the surrounding climate, but it constantly eats away your life. Unless you are a master wizard specializing in ice, just touching the cursed item will freeze your body.

The spotlight was focused on the Hall of Fame as the video came up.

All professional stations -including KMC Media and CTS Media- interrupted regular news broadcasts to show the video. The real-time news was not to be missed; its purpose was to tell exactly what the big issue in the Versailles continent was.

The TV screen showed the expedition finally venturing deep into the Valley of Death.

Then something gigantic emerged.

One of the most powerful undead creatures, the Bone Dragon!

With every roar of the Bone Dragon, the earth underneath already shaking feet trembled.

Kuah ahang!

"Damn! Run!"

"Divide the party!"

"Don't stick close to the wall! Ice blocks will fall from above!"

The expedition fell into disarray.

Bone Dragons have never once appeared before, let alone been hunted.

It is usually much easier to fight in the plains. You can put your feet on the life filled earth and stay steady until the enemy is defeated.

But here, the ground is made of slippery ice, making it very unstable. To make matters worse, whenever the Bone Dragon moved, the earth shook.

"Knights, please clear the rocks!"

"Damn it! It's so difficult to keep balance!"

Swordsmen, knights and warriors ran off with their swords, dislodging the ice every time they slipped and fell. No matter how strong the thrust was, it could be easily stopped by a twisted foot.

Complaints burst out across the expedition.

"Stand united, together we will have a better shot at killing it. Wizards, attack with magic!"

"Damn it ... can't use magic! The body's not listening due to the Bone Dragon's roar."

Roar of the Bone Dragon.Dragons are peerless.They inflict psychological pressure on inferior creatures!
Even if thousands of animals such as foxes gathered, they would end up lying on the ground, dead.

The mentality of the magicians got disturbed with fear of the Bone Dragon.

    Magic failed. Mana reflux.

A number of hands started shaking. Words did not come out properly. More than nine tries failed in succession.

"Fireball wave! Keuaaag!"

While trying to attack, the wizard's magic failed and his body caught on fire, burning him afterwards.

Such a sight made the mouths of wizards freeze.

"Oh my god. What in the world......"

"Never seen that monster before."

The Bone Dragon's level was known to be in the late 400s.

Many users in the expedition had a level in the late 300s. It had incredible strength for a difference of only about 100 levels.

Significantly higher levels reveal greater gaps in power.

Furthermore, the Bone Dragon was one of the large boss monsters able to fly and use magic!

Because of these reasons it was an even more difficult opponent.

"Stupid human race!"

The Bone Dragon was communicating.

A body made only of bones.

The area where eyes should be shined a dark blue glow.

"This will be everyone’s grave!"

Whenever the Bone Dragon roared, the ice spontaneously ruptured.

"Behold your sanctuary!"

The wings folded over the large body spread wide out.


The Bone Dragon unfolded its bony wings.

Its broad wings completely covered the Valley of Death.

The Bone Dragon majestically soared into the sky. It reversed directions and descended, all the while using its feet to pick people up and its head to swallow them.

"Oh shit."

"We’re trapped. We're all going to die!"

Despair filled the eyes of the young users that believed in the Cold Roses guild and followed the expedition.

Bone Dragon!

They were legendary mythical creatures fought against in ages past.

But Cold Roses was a rather ambitious guild and went straight into the fire without a glance at the frying pan. The guild alliance had not lost any of their will to fight.

"It is a Bone Dragon."

"A golden opportunity to hunt one."

Bone Dragons have not yet once been hunted.

The reason was not because they were invincible, but rather Bone Dragons were never seen in the continent until now. They are very rare in nature, making them hard to encounter.

Usually, as soon as boss monsters over level 400 appeared in dungeons, guilds joined together into hunting groups to dominate.

In the end, the Bone Dragon is just a monster!


"Sacrifices are necessary to take him out! Otherwise, it is pointless for us to be here."

The expedition led by Oberon marched towards the Bone Dragon and tackled it.

Kureureureung - kwangkwang!

The Bone Dragon used a fire spell and exploded the ice. Swordsmen, knights, warriors and paladins bravely rushed right through it.


Roar of the Bone Dragon.

Unhindered landslides of snow and ice occurred on the hills of the Valley of Death.

"Wizard forces, attack with magic! Use whatever's necessary to take down the Bone Dragon!"

Following Oberon's command wizards put their lives on the line.

"I collect all the mana here ......”

"Bright burning fire shall ......"

"Rage against the enemy and strike."

"Mana burn!"

Wizards used all their mana at once for their magic attacks.

After mana depletion, you would take a long break before using magic again, but the situation was urgent.

The ground of ice was divided and snow and ice poured down from the cliffs on either side. In this confusing situation, there was a need for a strong blow to the Bone Dragon.

Pillars of light generated by wizards flew in unison toward the Bone Dragon and exploded.

Many wizards lost their lives due to their magic failing, but it was a necessary sacrifice.


The Bone Dragon flying in the sky crashed to the ground, shattering the ice ground significantly as it got stuck upside down at its destination.


"Now is our chance."

"Before it is able to fly again."


The warriors of the expedition rushed toward the fallen Bone Dragon.

"Keuoooo ......!"

The Bone Dragon brandished its tail to protect itself.


-Cried Oberon as he bravely jumped with his stocky body. With 2 sharp rotations in the air, he slammed the body of the Bone Dragon with his hammer.

That single strong pound attack was filled with the power of Oberon.

"Wing Smash!"

Only great warrior skills create enough damage for a chance at stunning the opponent!

As a large monster, the Bone Dragon was nearly immune to physical stun attacks.

Nevertheless, the damage went beyond its threshold.

Other swordsmen, warriors, knights, and paladins approached the Bone Dragon and began hacking away.

"Straight cut!"


"Holy Attack!"

Nearly 200 high-level users held on to attack. Rain had soaked their clothes, forcing them to go step by step to strike the Bone Dragon as it moved its huge body, but the warriors at the forefront resisted the attack from its body.

Priests with poor Stamina were busy repeating their cycle of restoring declining health.

The spirit of the other members of the expedition started to rise up.

Non allied guilds stood alongside the Cold Roses guild, nevertheless, those courageous enough to come along to the north fought with as much strength possible.

"Killing the Bone Dragon will be hard, but we can handle the rest of the monsters after it."

"The evil priests, soldiers and followers are our responsibility."

The expedition started to eradicate some of the monsters, starting a melee inside the Valley of Death.
Oberon shouted.


"Yes, sir!"

"How much more do we have to hit?"

"I'll check it out."

Drum swiftly slid straight down the ice to the bottom while trying to cast magic at regular intervals.

"Bursting with vitality, show me everything. View Life Force!"

The magic revealed the monster's status and remaining life.

In front of Drum, the Bone Dragon's status was displayed.


Bone Dragon KurenbereuSinister spirit could not forsake the power of hatred and was revived as an undead. Originally a savage Red Dragon, since turning into an undead it became even more berserk.
Health: 74%
Mana: 12%


Drum was breathtakingly surprised.

While hitting the Bone Dragon, Oberon excitedly asked.

"How much left?"

"Still 74% left."


"The Bone Dragon's life is tremendous. We've got a long way to go before it dies."

Until now, only about one quarter of its health was decimated!

As expected of a large monster, the Bone Dragon took pride in its enormous life force.


Weed struggled free to find something out of place. He was both energetic and light in his body and legs.

"This is?"

Weed was shocked after looking down at his body. Bony skeleton ribs with neither flesh nor muscle attached anywhere.

"Did I turn into a skeleton?"

Skeleton soldier.

After being fed to the boss and dying, he turned into an Origin of the Skeleton.

Weed recalled the past.

When he completed the quest to destroy the Undead Legion, he gained the power to reject death.

The Bone Dragon's breath blew away all his health and he was reborn as a skeleton.

"I have more urgent matters."

Weed took comfort in confirming that Alveron and Seoyoon were still alive.

The Bone Dragon's breath, despite sweeping throughout the cave, did not spread to Seoyoon because she had already decided to wait and save her energy to fight monsters later.

Alveron was also fortunately still all right.

Priests, merchants and other production jobs gathered together to see if they could accomplish anything.

Every time Alveron elevated his skill levels, the Church of Freya's public values rose. Through his blessing and treatment of the expedition at the place where priests gathered, he was able to obtain many thanks.

Weed whispered to Alveron through the created party.


Alveron was busy treating the injured people around him yet he immediately reacted to Weed due to their familiarity and listened closely.

"Hi Weed, you're alive. I thought you were dead."

"Thank to Goddess Freya that I was able to rise again due to the ability of the Necromancer. This could not have been possible without having the blessings of the Goddess."

"All according to the will of the Goddess of harmony."

"All according to the will of the Goddess of harmony."

They splashed flattery at each other to establish a sense of respect. To be the target of flattery meant you were useful.

Flattery came out spontaneously from Weed to compensate for his disadvantage.

After being changed into an undead, it was pointed out that his familiarity with Alveron, the priest from the Order of Freya, would be reduced.

As his familiarity with Alveron was below a certain level and he had turned into a skeleton, confidence in him was low. Alveron, however, accepted Weed as he was.

"Rather Alveron, I command you. In the Valley of Death, stop all treatment and support activities."

"Yes, I shall follow your words Weed."

"First, carefully come to the back unnoticed."

In the midst of the battle, Alveron left from the back of the group.

Even for clerics and wizards that took a lot of breaks separately to replenish mana though meditation, it was the picture of suspicion.

Weed spent some time whispering to Geumini.


"Master. Golgolgol!"

"Come with Wyvern 1 and take Alveron to the hiding place."

"Understood master!"

Weed mobilized Geumini and a Wyvern to take Alveron to a safe location.

'Cause I turned into a skeleton, divine power no longer works on me.'

In addition, he wanted to drop Alveron in a place safe enough from the fighting.


"Block their magic curses!"

"Start taking care of the priests."

The priests and monsters of the Embinyu Church.

Due to the roar of the Bone Dragon, they took control of the Valley of Death.

Alveron might be endangered from the blindly executed attacks. If Alveron died, not only would the quest fail, but worst would be the loss of friendship with the Church of Freya. The risk of losing experience and skill levels was also tremendous.

Not until Alveron was safe in the rear could Weed finally afford to breathe.

"Stats Window!"

Character Name: WeedStatus: Undead
Level: 319Job: Origin of the Skeleton
Health: 35,080Mana: 28,210
Strength: 1050Agility: 969
Vitality: 713Wisdom: 663
Intellect: 655Fighting Spirit: 598
Stamina: 497Endurance: 406
Charisma: 387
*Power to reject death is currently enabled.

Skills usable in the undead state are dependent on the skill level of the power to reject death.

However, for the first eight beginner levels, skills will be given.

Stats were changed.

Health, mana, strength and agility had increased abnormally.

"It's a characteristic of the job."

As Weed spoke, his jaw was seen moving.

Art, leadership, luck and faith were lost, and instead the basic combat stats went up significantly.

-Holy natured Tallock’s Armor made by the Church of Freya is best not worn in an undead state. The created body is rather weak to it.

"Items off."

Weed took off Tallock’s Armor and put it in his backpack. He then removed all the other equipment the undead couldn’t wear as well.

Although his well-trained intermediate blacksmith skill lowered the limit to equip things, they needed a status other than undead in the first place.

"It's better not to use things with the good properties."

There were not many particular things to wear besides the armour of the Church of Freya. Weed instead rummaged through his backpack for some other things.

Saint's Staff!

One of the things dropped by the Lich Shire.


Saint's Staff equipped.The property of the staff changes according to the undead property. The real power of the staff shall be revealed. You can use black magic.

After equipping the Saint's Staff, dark energy spread rapidly through the remaining bones in Weed's body.


Saint Taranhan's Staff
    Durability 90/90. Damage 79-98.
The great saint revered by humans received a dawn ring with a hidden secret, demons could be heard from within. Saint Taranhan enjoyed blood, carnage and corruption! Nestled among his bribes was a powerful magical staff.
Restrictions: Dark series job.
If worn by a priest or paladin, power of the staff varies.
-600 Faith
-200 Charm. +100 Stamina.
+80 Intellect. +100 Wisdom
35% increase in spell damage.
Reduced stamina consumption in rugged terrain.
Notoriety rises by 30 for every human killed.
Devoted living sacrifice can restore health and mana.
Black magic is available.
In the hands of the wicked, evil forces will further ascend.

The undead status awakened the real power of the Fallen Saint's Staff!

Weed was significantly satisfied.

"Too bad the world's about eating and living well. When various good young men are being used by others, hatred is destined to accumulate."

He who strikes first wins.

Hit even more with devious tricks.

Especially if they are sleepless.

Guys wealthier than most!

Non applicable gem like sayings.

The world is too fast to live straight up.

Weed had a few more wearable items.


Necromancer tome directly written by Bar-Kahn
    Durability 30/30
The second written tome dealing with the difficult discipline of black magic that manufactures undead. All undead recipes ranging from basic level to advanced level are listed.Written directly by the genius wizard Bar-Kahn, it is not difficult to understand.
Dealing with the creation of undead requires a huge mana supply and cannot be carelessly used.
Wizard Job. Level 300. Wisdom 500. Mana 8000
Only available to Necromancer job.
Resistance to black magic +25.
Ability to manufacture undead +2.
Can make undead bosses with intelligence.
Vitality of the undead will improve and immunity to divine power will be built up.

"Not bad."

Origin of the Skeleton.

Thanks to the balanced characteristics of Skeleton Warriors and Skeleton Mages, Necromancer magic could be equipped and read.

Numerous spells were written in red.

It contained a bunch of Necromancer magic. In addition to undead manufacturing magic, many magic attacks were also written.

Weed first read about Bone Dragon manufacturing magic.

Easy undead recipes directly written by Bar-Kahn.
Bone Dragon
:The ultimate undead all wizards want to see and create.
Dead body of a Dragon is required and many magical reagents must be committed. In contrast to zombie or ghoul like monsters that instantly appear, one hundred time-consuming days are required to generate it. Magic defence and intellectual ability are significantly dropped compared to a normal Dragon, but the bodily ability to take advantage of is the health increase. However, the weaknesses of the Bone include...

Weed zealously read the magical book.

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