Volume 20 Chapter 5

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Seulroeo’s Story

“There are no monsters that do not die when beaten a hundred times. Attack!”

Weed commanded the undead legion to attack the Chaos Warriors while at the same time preparing to cast curse magic.

The axe wielding Chaos Warriors took down half a dozen of the undead, in order to successfully defeat them Weed must quickly cast the curse magic.

“Dark and damp air, blow the wind that carries the rotting stench of the dead.”

Curse magic that can only be used when there are a lot of zombies!

It reduces mana, stamina, and vitality as well as lowering immunity towards various negative effects.

Weed directed both of his hands towards the Chaos Warriors.

“Breath of Decay!”

The magic cast gave off a foul odor.

The Chaos Warriors were directly affected by the curse since they are within the full range of the Necromancer’s contaminating magic.

Seoyoon was unaffected by the curse since a spell immunity was prepared in advance.

The undead continued to charge but as expected they were slain by the Chaos Warriors.

But even so, the large quantity of zombies attacking steadily reduces the health and stamina of the enemy.

With their arms bent, the undead continues to rush blindly with no fear of dying which resulted in lowering the enemies’ morale.

“Cloud of darkness gather and take away their sight. Blinding Jinx!”

Weed directed the curse magic towards the Chaos Warriors but failed to affect them.

The Chaos Warriors used teleportation to avoid the curse as soon as it was cast.

“Cloud of darkness gather and take away their sight. Blinding Jinx!”

Weed didn’t gave up on using the curse magic on the Chaos Warriors and observed their movement each time they teleported to avoid the curse.

The purpose of the curse magic was to limit their sight.

By clouding their field of vision by darkness they will not be able to see the Necromancer.

Same thing with the movement of the enemy, position of their comrades, incoming magic attacks but the effect does not last very long.

Weed memorized the teleportation patterns of the Chaos Warriors while keeping a tab on the mana consumption of his spells.

“They are now separated!”

The Chaos Warriors suddenly set fire to the undead legion.

The undead are being destroyed from the hits of the flaming axes.

When the Chaos Warriors swings their axes to the ground blazing fire walls are erected.

With the combined offense and defense of these attacks, the battle had become even more difficult.

Casting curse magic while maintaining the undead legion had cost a lot of mana, Weed cannot afford to waste more of it.

“But now I know how to counterattack. Skeleton Mages, Archers attack!”

Magic and arrows were focused on the Chaos Warriors that produces the fire walls.

Seoyoon, Tori, and Van Hawk riding aboard Yellowy charged at the remaining 5 Chaos Warriors.

The moment the enemies use teleportation the curse magic had already been prepared to be cast.

The locations with high chances of them appearing have all been determined!

“Blinding Jinx”

The Skeleton Archers and Mages targeted the possible areas.

Those locations are now being bombarded by arrows, magic, and curses.

The Chaos Warriors received the curse as soon as they appear and a dark blue haze covered their eyes.


It successfully affected two of them.

“Concentrate attack.”

The Chaos Warriors that were cursed focused their attacks on the Skeleton Mages and Archers.

Though Necromancers fight using only spells and the undead, being able to assess the situation and fast decision making is also necessary.

The two cursed Chaos Warriors could not avoid the arrows and magic due to their clouded field of vision.

Attacks done by the Skeleton Mages and Archers are now showing their effects.

Fighting with 8 Chaos Warriors is quite difficult.

It’s scary at how they greatly reduced the quantity of the undead.

Tori and Seoyoon as well as Van Hawk fought one each while the numbers of the undead continue to decline.

Geumini commanded a Skeleton Archer unit to help by concentrating their attacks at one point.

“I guess now is the time.”

The health of the two Chaos Warriors had been drastically reduced.

“5, 4, 3, 2, 1. Now.”

As soon as one-third of their health is left Weed began collecting mana for casting the curse magic.

“Cloud of darkness gather and take away their sight. Blinding Jinx!”

The magic was cast again towards the weakened Chaos Warriors!

Though it’s hard to notice the effects at first but the curse magic showed its results when the Chaos Warriors teleported themselves towards the undead legion.

The curse magic had again successfully affected the Chaos Warriors!

Though one-fourth of the undead had been defeated along the way.

“Burn the Zombies! Do not sacrifice yourself pointlessly. Attack!”

They began to concentrate their attacks on a single area.

The Chaos Warriors showed a strong sense of camaraderie.

“Focus your attacks on one of the weakened enemy.”

“Okay, golgolgol!”

A method of attack that takes advantage of the behavioural patterns of the Chaos Warriors!

The Chaos Warrior Seoyoon was fighting against with is a named monster.

When the Chaos Warrior detected that its allies were in danger it immediately tried to use teleportation but failed to activate.

It was one of the Berserker’s job skills which binds the enemy to continue the fight and prevents them from escaping.

Seoyoon fought using her sword skills but then as the battle continues a blazing red was encroaching the area.

With health and mana declining, the Berserker continues its onslaught towards the enemy.

Blow after blow the sword continues to strike, an advanced sword skill that allows one to relentlessly attack.

The axe wielding Chaos Warrior was forced into defense.

The surrounding area had now become a sea of fire but Seoyoon showed no care at all.

Until the health of a Berserker is reduced to zero the enemy must continue the battle unable to escape.

The same applies to the Berserker, the battle must go on until one of them dies, a very dangerous profession indeed.

- Chaos Warrior has been defeated.
- Due to the success of the hunt Seoyun and the party members’ Fame rises by 2.
- Experience has increased.

The Successful Hunt of Chaos Warriors!

At the beginning of the hunt Weed explained to his party that when Chaos Warriors received certain amount of damage they tend to regroup with other Chaos Warriors via teleportation.

“Have to stay vigilant, they are even more dangerous when they’re about to die. Carelessness will only lead to death. Although the undead can be sacrificed, they can be brought back to life again but if a sculpture of life dies then it will be a huge loss. Must prepare an escape route when fighting them.”

Weed repeated this lecture 17 times.

Seoyoon was now fighting another Chaos Warrior and when its health was less than half of the original value she launched a powerful attack.

A Berserker’s unique skill that increases the damage done by an attack but consumes twice the mana of an ordinary skill.

When they enter a state where it is hard to follow their movements the delay when using skills are reduced by half, such is the characteristics of a Berserker.

The damage done from the attacks had greatly fastened the hunt of Chaos Warriors.

Even if Weed doesn’t support her she can definitely clear up the monsters from dungeons and hunting grounds all on her own.

Seoyoon was quite resourceful but it is mostly thanks to Weed’s lecture.

He did not have to worry about her since he already explained things.

He was even secretly proud of her since she listened to him 17 times.

Now there is one less Chaos Warrior and two are in a state of imminent death!

Weed had the confidence that they can win.

‘The undead took less damage than I had thought.’

The undead legion has been reduced by 30% but the Death Knight and the elite units are still in good condition.

The corpse of the Chaos Warrior Weed obtained was very useful.

Step 4 undead summoning magic.

A large amount of mana is needed to resurrect a corpse.

“Soul of the warrior that fell to the depths of hell, come and take advantage of this flesh. Animate Dead!”

An undead Chaos Warrior had been produced from the corpse.

It looks similar to when it was alive but the eyes showed a deep blue luster.

A soul of a warrior, Nayideo, has been summoned.
Specter of the mercenary Nayideo, died without leaving a name in the history of the Versailles continent!
Nayideo had good skills and survived through countless battles but eventually lost his life in exploring a dungeon.
The nobles that led the dungeon expedition did not compensate the family of Nayideo.
Nayideo had been neglected and his soul harboured great hatred towards the nobles.
Warrior Mercenary, fear of dungeons, aversion towards nobility, can use different types of weapons.

It has all the physical abilities of a Chaos Warrior!

Two of the Chaos Warriors stayed behind to protect the two injured allies.

The other three teleported between the undead legion and setting them ablaze.

Seoyoon was responsible for fighting one of them as well as Tori while Van Hawk with Yellowy was charging at another.

It was now time to give command to the named undead.

“I’ll just call you Chaos Warrior. Now go handle the one Vampire Lord Tori is chasing.”

“Yes. My. Lord.”

Nayideo the Undead Chaos Warrior used teleportation to instantly close in and attack the enemy Chaos Warrior.
Fire axe against fire axe, whenever those two weapons met sparks and explosions occur.

It is difficult to fight against a Chaos Warrior but the undead Nayideo has limitless stamina giving him the upper hand in the battle.

Even if the enemy teleports away, Nayideo will just follow him with teleport as well.

The two teleports while striking each other 5 to 6 times!

“Tori, you fight with Van Hawk!”

“But I want to finish off that guy.”

“Disobeying my orders during battle? Shall I beat you? Or shall I kill you? Which do you prefer?”

“I will follow master’s order!”

While Weed let Nayideo do battle with one of the enemy, he took charge of the rest.

Tori had difficulty fighting against the Chaos Warrior alone.

However, with the combined forces of Tori, Van Hawk and Yellowy the battle with the Chaos Warrior had become easier.

The summoned undead though they do not level up they still provide experience to the enemy.

“It’ll be much harder to defeat the Chaos Warriors later but I will definitely get more experience from this.”

Weed was overjoyed with the prospect of growth!

In order to increase the margin of safety, Weed added one more unit to attack the enemy.

Geumini leading a unit full of Skeleton Mages, Archers, and other undead hunted the enemy and soon Van Hawk delivered the final blow.

Riding Yellowy with tremendous speed, he demonstrated his swordplay and cut the neck of the Chaos Warrior.

“Well done!”

Now two more had died, Seoyoon had just defeated another one.

Only five more are left and two are wounded.

One of which has a serious injury, death is imminent.

The situation doesn’t even have the need to attack.


A simple curse magic.

Blood continues to shed from the injuries reducing both health and stamina.

“A little more of the mana I used for the Animate Dead has been restored.”

Weed’s five remaining battle is successfully nearing its end.

Excitement filled the area.

When Weed spread open his jaws, Seoyoon blocked her ears.

Weed was singing!

“Offer to me the corpses of my enemies! I am the Lord of the Undead! The glorious power of the undead will lead the battle to victory!”

The Chaos Warriors, in desperation, tried to run away but in the end they could not escape death after all.

Hunted a group of Chaos Warriors.
Reputation has increased by 24.
Pioneering in Las Phalanx had increase by 0.3%. Pioneers have a 100% increase in adaptability.
When dealing with monster on the area, defense and resistance are increased. Pioneering can be increased when exploring dungeons.
Due to the combat experience, fire resistance will increase by 1.7% for the next 100 days.
The increase in resistance will accumulate as you continue to hunt.
As the fire resistance increases, deterioration of health can also be reduced.
Hostility from the Chaos Warriors increases. Familiarity towards Fire Giants has risen.

Pioneering, very useful in hunting areas that it can even make you don’t want to leave.

But it doesn’t have enough significant effect yet and due to the volcanic eruptions, hunting had become even more tedious and difficult.

“Fire resistance and familiarity with the Fire Giants.”

Weed had seen a lot of videos about exploration adventures like being woken up in the middle of a dungeon only to see a Fire Giant in front of you.

The power of the Fire Giants within the lava streams combined with the volcanic eruptions is definitely beyond that of a King Hydra’s poison.

“Though I’m not sure, this might become useful later. It’ll be great if it does.”

Weed decided to think positively.

At the place of the dead Chaos Warriors, items are scattered.

“The most thrilling moment.”

When checking for items, one must remain calm and get rid of idle thoughts.

“Please hit a jackpot.”

From the spot where the first Chaos Warrior had died were some gold coins and minerals and a horned helmet.

It had a lot of decent options adding to strength and defense but can only be worn by Dwarves and has a level limit of 440.

“Secondly, we have…”

The equipment gained was not something to be desired.

Weapons and armors worn only by Chaos Warriors, torches and cooking utensils, and some fire balls.


Flame Orbs: Durability 3/3 Explosive Power 205
Handle with care. Removing the seal and throwing it will make it explode.

It can cause a great deal of damage towards low fire resistant monsters and it can also be used to destroy buildings and terrains.

It was very valuable and it would be a waste to just divide it between Seoyoon and himself.

This item can be highly utilized depending on the situation.

“Hmm, this stuff should be distributed fairly. Since there are six flame orbs and six of us then we’ll each have one.”

Weed, Yellowy, Geumini, Tori, Van Hawk, as well as Seoyoon.

Even if divided like this, Weed didn’t hear any complaints from Seoyoon.

Though the distribution was kind of unfair, she seemed to have no obsession towards the item.

To have battled directly with monsters in the hunt but then showed no interest in the item.

Weed felt ashamed so he decided to give 2 to Seoyoon.

“You have fought hard so I will give you my share.”

Tori, Van Hawk, Yellowy, and Geumini recovered after awhile from gazing the received flame orb.

At the spot where the third and seventh Chaos Warriors had died, there were blue axes that shone.

Weed’s heart suddenly started to pound.

“Finally… Something tangible, an axe.”

I must not be careless while looking for items.

Weed picked up the rest of the loot on the ground while approaching the axe bursting with emotions.


Chaos Axe:
Attack: 175 – 191
Durability: 130/130
Axe of the warriors from Las Phalanx. This weapon created from the mixture of metals and minerals emits an aura of chaos.
Limited only to combat related professions.
Advanced Axe Mastery is required.
Strength must be 1,300 and above.
Minimum level limit is 420.
It can deal a fatal blow towards enemies with weak defense.
Can launch a consecutive series of fatal blows.
Has a 3% mana absorption.
The chaos aura imbued in the axe allows teleportation within a short distance.


A unique item has appeared!

The axe is a heavy weapon that has a lot of destructive force.

Though swords are versatile, an axe deals a lot more damage as a weapon.

Of course, it has its disadvantages as well due to its short length and difficulty to use but when a player use an axe it can speed up the hunting.

And among the players there are many axe users in the Warrior class.


With the addition of the two axes, only the flame orbs are worthy of mention among the loot.

Animate Dead was used on the rest of the corpses.

In order to maintain the 8 new undead, 30% of the mana was consumed.

Weed skills consumes a lot of mana but he compensates it with increase mana regeneration from his equipped items.

Time to go up the volcano of Las Phalanx and hunt the Chaos Warriors again!

With his high class Undead Chaos Warriors and experiences points from the last battle, hunting became much easier.

Obtained an axe and 14 flame orbs!

But Weed was frowning.

“Axe of the Chaos Warriors, it is a great weapon but the drop rate isn’t very high. This is quite a rare item.”

The numbers of high-level users are limited.

If this axe didn’t have a low drop rate, its value may not have been that great.

“There’s only one way. Hunt and pick up a bunch of the axes then sell them as first of its kind.”

The first one to use, it’s the best way of selling to others.

While repelling the Chaos Warriors, the undead legion had been dramatically reduced.

For their replacement, high class undead were summoned using Animate Dead.

The level of the Necromancer’s step 4 undead summoning magic was still low. Weed still needed to maintain his undead.

The mana consumption was huge but quality was better than quantity.

Furthermore, the summoned undead retained the teleportation ability which was very useful for chasing the enemy Chaos Warriors.

Weed has now gathered 20 Undead Chaos Warriors around him!

Weed uses Shapeshifter to turn into a crow to observed the location where the Armenian Pirates were wiped out.
Originally, Golden Bird that was restored from the Niflheim Empire should have been the one to observe the area but for some reason it did not want to cooperate.

“This should be close enough.”

While Weed was wandering, Yellowy scratched and smelled the ground.

In the area where the land overlaps due the earthquake, corpses of the Armenian Pirates lay scattered.

Among the dead bodies one was wearing a high class robe.

“That’s the guy.”

Weed has good instincts.

He is the one he needed to find after coming a long way in his quest to Las Phalanx.

“This commission sure is ridiculously hard.”

While hunting for Chaos Warriors, the Tair Badgers and Bollards are slowly approaching from a not too far distance.
“The degree of difficulty of this Sculptor quest is hard to comprehend.”

A Sculptor definitely could not have arrived this far without the assistance of high levelled colleagues.

At that moment, a thought went straight to Weed’s head!

“Could it be that I have to take advantage of the sculptures in this quest?”

Stage 1 of the quest had him fought against the Embinyu Church and he even had to make use of his Shapeshifter ability just to get to where he is now!

Even if a Sculptor had somehow managed to arrive alone in Las Phalanx it would have been difficult due to the profession’s poor combat ability.

But the Sculptor’s Heritage was here.

Give Life to Sculpture!

“So this quest made me come all the way out here to acquire the sculptures left behind by the late Emperor Geihar.”

Learning how to make sculptures through practising with wood was the norm but Weed must learn the art of sculpture from the late Emperor Geihar through Sculpture Memories.

Must give life to the Sculptor’s Heritage!

They were sculptures of life which sustained the beginning of the Versailles continent.

The sculptures that survived were all masterpieces.

Yellowy was sitting quietly while Weed walked over and rubbed his head.

'This guy and Geumini are useless, 10-20 of those sculptures should be much more useful!'

Masterpiece sculptures.

The Sculptor’s Heritage, many of the late Emperor Geihar’s work were unexpectedly found there.

The sculptor who struggled to come to Las Phalanx with an exhausted body just to give life to sculptures and the conclusion of the touching story at the end of the quest.

But for some reason, Weed could not increase his familiarity with Golden Bird ever since he became a Necromancer.

“No, no, that can’t be.”

Weed strongly shook his head and denied it.

“That is just ridiculous. I’m just speculating things, there’s no way that in can be true, could it?”

The world would have definitely disliked the idea of getting close to an undead but Weed isn’t someone who could think like an ordinary person.

As a course of his actions, he had to shapeshift into the Lich Shire and named himself as Deoreol to become the captain of the ghost ship, and then later, he modified and improved his transformation of the Lich Shire.
He then used its advantage in hunting.

“That shouldn’t be the case. It is only natural that the sculptures of life be useful and should show gratitude towards their master. So what do those that I granted life should respond?”


Yellowy was dragging his feet across the floor while crying, Geumini suddenly stood guard holding a bow. They were the living proof of those granted with life.

Weed did not actively grant life to his sculptures due to the art stat penalty and the level drop but they were an absolutely necessary factor in this quest.

In order to solve the quest, the Sculptor’s Heritage must be given life but as to how much level must he sacrifice worries him.

Constant concern of profit and loss!

After suffering from this difficult quest, wouldn’t the reward be worth it when it’s completed?

“Keoheoheoheom! Anyway, I’ll see what happens when I arrive at my destination.”

As the old saying goes, if you are stupid, your body will suffer.

It's quite pitiful that Weed fully realized the meaning of that phrase through his own actions.

Weed stretched his hands while erasing his worries.

- You have acquired Barb Robe.
- You have acquired Fire Giant’s Eye.

The robe was an expensive item. It was an item from the quest that means it will not disappear so it was necessary to loot it now since someone might take it later.

There was a figurine at the bottom of the robe.

Its figure was very similar to that of Golden Bird and it has accumulated a lot of dust and dirt.

Weed poured water from a canteen and washed the sculpture.

It revealed a beautiful silver color. The sculpture was made from a mixture of platinum and mithril.


Having found its lost partner, Golden Bird suddenly rushed towards the sculpture and rubbed its head. It then looked towards Weed with pleading eyes.


Weed decided to check the sculpture.

“The completion of the quest… Identify!”

Seal of the Ahreupen Empire, Mysterious Bird:
Durability 130/130
It symbolizes the authority of the Ahreupen Empire’s Imperial Household which ruled the Versailles Continent with grace.
It was made as a pair together with the Golden Bird Senoria Ruseroni. Made by a master sculptor.
Artistic Value: 51,300
Fame +4,500.
Nobility +150.
Honor +90.
Charisma +45.
Charm +100.
Affects the range of leadership and charisma.
Has an increasing effect. Increases familiarity towards female residents.
If used as an ornament, the loyalty of the nobles will increase by 15%.
Has a ruling effect. 5% increase in diplomatic advantage.
30% increase in luck when defending from a siege or from a large scale battle.
Can summon a mysterious fog. It cannot be damaged.
A historical treasure, due to having found one of the Seal of the Ahreupen Empire the Art Stat increases by 51.

Then the story of the cherished Seal of the Ahreupen Empire began to flow.

The Archmage Seulroeo.

He came to the Imperial Palace of the Niflheim Empire when it was being burned down by monsters.

Suddenly the Imperial Palace was covered by a dense mist!

The Honored Imperial Knights were waiting to start an ambush but Seulroeo, having a large amount of mana, blew them away.

The story from the Mysterious Bird!

Seulroeo can observe the whole area from his position.

Mordred, the glorious Imperial Capital of the Niflheim Empire, was being trampled and destroyed by monsters.

The Embinyu Priests and Barbarian Mercenaries were the ones that commanded the monsters.

Wandering around the Imperial Palace, Seulroeo found two swords that were sealed on the ground of the Imperial Villa.

A sword with clouds and thunderbolts drawn on it and a red sword without a scabbard!

After that, Seulroeo went to sea and became the captain of a pirate crew.

He then threw the sword that had the clouds and thunderbolts drawn onto it into the Black Sea, and together with his fully prepared pirate crew, arrived at Las Phalanx.

But then a sudden unknown poison attack wiped them all out!

The scene from the sculpture still continued.

After a long time had passed, a young Chaos Warrior had picked up a sword.

He then immediately went towards the entrance of a nearby dungeon.


Completed the Agents of the Niflheim Empire (2)
The Archmage Seulroeo played a crucial role in the downfall of the Niflheim Empire by conspiring with the Embinyu Church.
He wanted to take revenge for his disciples and families that were killed but his actions still cannot be justified.
Seulroeo had taken the Red Star sword.
Made from the magic of a Red Dragon, as for the origins of how it came to the world, it is still unknown.
Fame increases by 3,600 as a reward from the quest.
All stats increases by 5 as a reward for the adventure.
Received 20 bonus stats. Can be distributed to any desired stats.
Title acquired!
Explorer of the Polar Region.
No one can stop you on the land you set your foot on.
Title is granted for the completion of a difficult quest in one of the continent’s restricted zones!
When walking on rugged terrains, stamina consumption will be reduced by 60%.
Whenever in a restricted zone, resistance is increased by 10%.
Effects of skills are also increased by 7%.

Increase in stats was given as compensation from the mysterious sculpture. The final stage of the S-class quest was also revealed.


The Recovery of the Red Star (3)
The sword by which a young Chaos Warrior took is a very dangerous weapon.
Created by a playful Dragon, a vast amount of mana is sealed within it.
When taken to the magic circle left behind by an Ancient Wizard in Las Phalanx, the monster that possessed it will gain tremendous power.
Imbeol’s Circle is located in the deepest part of Las Phalanx..
Recover the Red Star before it absorbs the power of the magic circle as soon as possible.
If successful, you will be able to receive the appreciation of the northern races.
Difficulty: S
Quest Restriction: Last of the 3-stage quest. Limited only to Sculptors with Advance Sculpting.
If you accept the quest, you can view the story of Seulroeo.

Since Weed has come this far, he nodded immediately.

“I will make the Red Star mine… No, I will preserve the peace.”

You have accepted the quest.

In the Niflheim Empire, there was a rising genius, a young wizard named Seulroeo.

He succeeded in every research he started.

He was the first to have fought against invading monsters. He was also acquainted with many races that are not human.

He had a charming fiancé named Letia Evelynn.

“You are the only one for me. I will endure everything just to be with you.”

Seulroeo promised to marry Letia and join the Aristocracy of the Niflheim Empire.

He has the typical characteristics of a hero.

A handsome face, a good house, a beautiful fiancée, and gifted with magic.

Seulroeo had so many gifts that any of his friends would be enviable of!

“By the decree of the Emperor, Seulroeo will join the army to exterminate the monsters in the outer regions in one month’s time.”

“I accept.”

Seulroeo, together with the army, had killed a lot of monsters in the outer region using his magic.

Weed saw the giant and now extinct monsters being crushed by a display of powerful magic through the video.

Then Seulroeo went back to the capital hoping for a big reward for his meritorious deed.

“Letia’s family has been beheaded due to treason.”

His fiancé’s house had been cut into pieces.

Because the evidence was all too obvious, Seulroeo was helpless and could not do anything.

Seulroeo was sobbing in front of his fiancé’s grave.

Thereafter, due to his grief, he secluded himself in his laboratory together with his magic.

Rather than having thoughts of revenge against the Niflheim Empire he had cut off all attention towards the world and he immersed himself in his magical research.

And so, several seasons had come to past.

Within the shadows, voices can be secretly heard.

- He cannot move on with his fiancée’s death.
- Seulroeo’s despair will only make him more corrupted.
- Why would he still be on our side?
- He might try to overthrow Niflheim Empire, he and his disciples must be removed.
- Get rid of his families.
- Then we should go on with the plan.

While Seulroeo was still secluded in his laboratory, his family members had all lost their lives.

It was either caused by an unknown illness or an assassin’s attack.

Even if the Niflheim Empire had investigated, the cause was never found.

While Seulroeo fell to an even greater despair, his disciples had died having contracted a disease of unknown origin.

Among all this tragedy, an assassin tried to attack Seulroeo but he had caught him with his magic.

“Who are you? Tell me the one who ordered you to do this!”

“It was the Niflheim Empire!”

Then the assassin had suddenly committed suicide.

A necklace was found from the assassin.

Seulroeo started to doubt and quickly checked the back of the necklace.

And at the back of the necklace, he had finally found what he was looking for, a certain mark of a secret organization in the Niflheim Empire.

“Are they trying to dispose of me?”

A conspiracy led by the Niflheim Empire threatens the life of the Archmage.

Since that day, Seulroeo decided to run away and hide but this only led to a rumor within the Niflheim Empire that he was secretly planning for a rebellion ever since he had lost his family and fiancé.

“I see, they really were behind all this.”

The frustrated Seulroeo had settled in a place where there were no humans and lived in solitude.

All the while he continued his magical research.

Due to his grief, he would sometimes be on the verge of losing his sanity.

One day, priests of the Embinyu Church came to him.

“We would like to grant you the opportunity to take revenge on the Niflheim Empire.”

Seulroeo, due to him living alone and having no contact with people, had become sober.

“A chance to get revenge….”

“Seulroeo, even though you have not sinned, isn’t what happened to you unfair? According to our investigation, the fall of the House of Evelynn was staged by the Imperial Palace.”

The priests had provided a rusty necklace as evidence.

“This was found on the ruins of the house of Evelynn.”


“You, who loved that woman and your family, even after losing them together with all of your disciples, you chose to become a hermit, now decide whether you want to take revenge or not.”

Magic of the Embinyu Church was cast upon the necklace.

Seulroeo was dazzled by the necklace and then images of Niflheim Imperial Knights burning the house of his family and his fiancé were shown.

“Revenge… I want vengeance.”

“You have chosen well. Together we will destroy the Niflheim Empire.”

“But who are you?”

“The Embinyu Church.”

“I think I’ve heard that name before. Where… have I heard of it? Ah! Are you the ones that worship an Evil God?”

“People are misinformed. We are trying to correct their misperceptions about us.”

Seulroeo had been successfully brainwashed, the reason being his mind had weakened.

“I want to join.”

Seulroeo had joined the Embinyu Church. He took care of their weapons and armors and he had also given them all of his magical research.

War had been waged against the Niflheim Empire!

The Embinyu Church had made use of monsters as well as a regular army to randomly kill the citizens.

Having lost his reasoning, Seulroeo had become a pawn of the Embinyu Church and watched the massacre unfold before his eyes.

Seulroeo’s old friends had tried to protect the empire but they all lost their lives in his and the Embinyu priests hands.

“Finally I have returned.”

Seulroeo entered the now burning Imperial Palace.

Blinded by greed, he randomly stole the treasures while defeating the knights he encountered.

The magic barriers were all destroyed and the Imperial Palace is now being overrun by the invading monsters.

Within the Imperial Palace, two swords can be found.

It was sealed there by the Niflheim Empire.

The Red Star.

And the sword that caused a great disaster to befall on the Versailles Continent in the past, the Asmodian Sword Drawer!

Durability 96/180.
Attack 218-249
The material used to create this weapon does not exist in the Versailles Continent. It is speculated that it had been used by the Asmodians.
Imbued. Can summon lightning and thunder storm.
No level limit.
Applicable to all professions.
When used in battle, it will exhibit curse magic attributes.
No fixed properties.
If an Evil God worshipper were to possess this weapon, then this weapon’s properties will change.
Can summon a monster from the Underworld by offering a sacrifice.
By offering a sacrifice, stats will increase.
Increases the power of dark magic by 200%.
Specializes in curse magic! Will be able to use all curse magic.
User will be immune to all curse magic. Can be use to rule over lesser monsters.

The moment his hand clasped the sword, Seulroeo face was filled with bitterness.

The brainwashing magic of the Embinyu Church was removed and his reasoning had returned.

“What have I done?”

Seulroeo had regretted his actions.

Joining the Embinyu Church that worshiped an Evil God then engaged in a conspiracy to destroy the Niflheim Empire and to dominate the continent.

His actions now cannot be undone.

Looking back, he realized he unknowingly joined the Embinyu Church when they visited him.

“The Embinyu Church must have been behind everything!”

From this point on, Seulroeo decided to devote the rest of his life in fighting against the Embinyu Church and reconstruct the Niflheim Empire.

“I must gather forces to fight against the Embinyu Church.”

He then threw away the Asmodian Sword Drawer to the sea but brought the Red Star with him to Las Phalanx.

In the history of magic, Imbeol was the most powerful master of fire magic. His magic was enough to melt down a whole castle.

He was one of the 12 greatest Wizards.

Seulroeo tried to go to Imbeol’s Circle and absorb the mana stored there using the sword but due to him not returning to the Embinyu Church for a long time, the dormant poison spell that was placed on him suddenly activated causing him to have a seizure.

“To actually die like this…”

Finally, Seulroeo’s demise fell into the hands of the incoming monsters from Las Phalanx.

“At last, the conclusion of the story.”

With the catastrophe that had befallen unto the continent, the name of the Embinyu Church had risen!

Weed finally learned the story hidden behind the quest.

Finally found the connection which ties the difficult S-class quest, the investigation of the fall of the Niflheim Empire which was caused by a large scale invasion of monsters.

“After fixing all the loose ends of the past, the reconstruction of Niflheim Empire can begin.”

In the process of completing the quest, details about the late Emperor Geihar von Ahreupen had came to light, as well as secrets of the sculptures of life, the Golden Bird and the Mysterious Bird, and having found the Sculptor’s Heritage.

It can only be commissioned to a Sculptor, what a great and intangible asset.

It would be perfect if a lot of gems and minerals from Las Phalanx can be acquired as a reward for the quest.

“I must reclaim the dragon’s sword from the hands of that young Chaos Warrior. Anyway, that should be the most pressing matter.”

Good thing that place is not too far from here!

“If the quest is successful, I can obtain that Dragon Sword.”

While Weed was imagining getting his hand on the sword, his heart started to beat fast while having a shortness of breath and saliva drooling over his mouth.

The Dragon Sword that wasn’t created on the Versailles Continent was better than any other swords he had seen.


Weed did not forget to check the robe of the Archmage Seulroeo.

It can increase magical damage and reduce 30% of mana consumption of spells, with these effects, it can be considered a high class equipment.


Weed had a wide smile but then he noticed Seoyoon. He suddenly felt pressured since he had monopolized the items.

But it was acquired through the quest, it was too valuable to be divided fairly.

Weed saw Seoyoon indifferently nodded her head.

There was an open hole in the torn robe Weed equipped that he obtained from the Wailing River.

Even if he repaired using the sewing skills, without the necessary fabric, although the increase in mana is fixed, there will be damage.

Weed had been wearing the robe for its effects but having his ribs exposed is quite unsightly.

“Thank you.”

Weed had never once felt this good when he had spent his time with Seoyoon.

Weed was very pleased that he could take all the items.


Fire Giant’s Eye:
Durability 30/30
Superior magical material.
Can expand the range and power of a fire magic wand.
It is a raw material used as a magical reagent.
If one owns this item, Fire resistance will increase and will not be attacked by Fire Giants.
5% Fire resistance.
Receive recognition from Fire Giants.

Drinfeld had suffered huge damage from their attacks and was force to retreat!

It was an item that ensures your safety against them.

Weed then equipped the barb robe.

“With this, will I be ready for the last part of the quest?”

However, Golden Bird was still looking at him with sad eyes.

Kkukku kkukku kkukku.

Weed alternatively looked at Golden Bird and the other sculpture made from mithril and platinum, the Mysterious Bird.

As soon as he noticed, Weed was able to quickly judge the situation.

“You really like this guy, huh?”

The Golden Bird suddenly twisted its thin legs and wings feeling shy when Weed pointed this out.

The late Emperor Geihar sculpted the Golden Bird and the Mysterious Bird around the same time.

However, the Golden Bird was brought to life and had a mission of protecting the late Emperor Geihar’s artifacts.

Weed would be able to gain a lot of familiarity from it using the Mysterious Bird!

Graceful and elegant, having a high charm that only the Mysterious Bird can exhibit.

Emperor Geihar was already long dead and his sculptures in the continent continue to degenerate, but this one is different and is still in perfect condition.

Regrettably, Weed had transformed from a Sculptor to a Necromancer and due to this he could not increase his familiarity towards the Golden Bird.

Then in the midst of it all, it found the Mysterious Bird and begged Weed to grant life to it.

Kkuru kkuru.

Weed had already planned to take advantage of the situation.

He must have the upper hand in the negotiation since the Golden Bird is a tough opponent to persuade.

Then Weed began speaking his scripted lines.

“The art of sculpture is indeed a hard and difficult world. One has to suffer and must persevere in his constant search for beauty. A sculptor has to work for who knows how many night and days but still had a hard time making a living out of it.”


Yellowy and the Golden Bird showed a puzzled expression.

Weed had a hard time in increasing his sculpture skill proficiency and he had to constantly make those cute animal sculptures along the way but only to be taken away from him by Seoyoon.

“I sacrificed a lot just to carve sculptures and you’re hoping that I would grant life to this sculpture if you just ask?

When I’m in battle, you just stood there and ignore my situation, so why would I fulfil your request?”

Kku.. kkukku.

“Tell me, from the very beginning, was there anything wrong from what I said? Not once have you offered your help.”

Using a few words that delivered a threat but resulted to arouse guilt, truly a high level of persuasion!

The Golden Bird reluctantly made some noise for a while.

Weed nodded.

“Hmm, I can’t hear you well.”

Kkukku kkukku!!

Yellowy was happy that Golden Bird had now become his new colleague while Weed looked as if everything had gone according to plan.

He even acted to be meek.

‘To think that a hardhearted man like him could show such an expression.’

‘Maybe he might have a tender side after all.’

Yellowy started re-evaluating his owner but the sudden command of Weed cut off his thoughts.

“Lie Down.”


Though the command was unexpectedly abrupt, the Golden Bird immediately lay down.

“Too slow. Do it quickly! Now roll on the ground 5 times!”

Orders were being issued by Weed!

The Golden Bird, trying to gain Weed’s favour, rolls on ground.

‘First I have to bring down his defiant side.’

Increasing the familiarity and at the same time having it work its worth, Weed had completely taken advantage of the favour.

“You can stop now and rest.”

Golden Bird stretched its wings while lying on the ground.

Seoyoon also wanted it to perform a few leaps but watching it lay down and rest was just too cute and adorable.

She had a firm belief that Weed would not order it to do something extreme.

“Chirp if I say one then tweet if I say two.”

Kkukku kkukku.






Kkuwoo – Tweet, Kkuwoo – Tweet.

Since Golden Bird’s level exceeded 500 it can swiftly moved tirelessly.

The bird heard Weed clapped loudly.

“Okay, you can stop and rise now.”

Golden Bird suddenly jumped up and within its sapphire-blue eyes showed an intense light of expectations.

The Mysterious Bird.

It had now been many years since the Emperor Geiher died and no one else but Weed can grant life to the long lost partner of the Golden Bird.

“I’ll grant you life, look forward to it.”

But Weed was still not satisfied and he plans them to work further from here on.

“Just like raising chickens, the taste of the meal will depend on how you raise them.”

Weed has acquired 1 more subordinate for battle!

‘Golden Bird’s level is 519… it is quite high.’

Emperor Geihar’s Sculptor’s Heritage will be granted life while on the quest!

Judging from the races’ special characteristics, they will have excellent combat ability.

Their levels would be definitely better than Yellowy and Golden Bird.

‘I must give life to the Mysterious Bird and have it do work later.’

They are the sculptures which symbolizes the Ahruepen Empire.

If life is given, they will definitely be high levelled.

Even if Golden Bird hadn’t requested it, Weed would still grant life to it since it is a part of his quest.

“I don’t feel like doing it right now. Golden Bird, depending on your performance I’ll grant life to it. So work hard from now on.”


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  1. ahahahahaha dickmove there Weed

    1. Bird is tryiing to pull dickmoves. Doesn´t help weed and still wants him to throw away levels and art stats. Just rolling on the ground is not nearly enough to pay for this kind of action

    2. Bringing it to life while his Art stat is reduced would be retarded anyway. Weed's villainous ways work for him. He doesn't take it over the top like he did in CoM.

    3. Retarded? Granting life to a statue made for the emperor himself with mithril and silver? Retarded is not doing it, weed is just saving it for later while gain points with the golden bird.

    4. not really give life to that bird now does not mean they will stay and listen to him. u need a bargain chip so by not doing it he keep the other bird working for him.

    5. The level of sculptures brought to life depends primarily on the level of the Art stat. When Weed is in Lich form then his Art stat is greatly reduced. He's saying it's retarded to bring the Sculpture to life now not in general. However it might depend of Weed's base Art stat and not the adjusted one. After all, if that wasn't the case, then conversely it would be retarded not to transform into Arthand before bringing every sculpture to life.

    6. The Sculptures are loyal to their makers not the one who grant them life so even if he give the bird life it wont be loyal to him so the only reason he has outside of getting the golden bird to follow him to grant life to the mithril bird is the quest.

    7. If the entire quest is structured around the premise that he has to bring another sculptor's works to life to succeed(what Weed just got done saying) then I think it's safe to say that sculptures have some loyalty for the one who grants them life. Maybe not as much as the one who made them but seeing as they're dead there's no conflict of interest.

    8. Weed just need to transform into human, why didn't the idea come to his mind? He is cool while being villain but at some point, it becomes annoying....cool when he bully bad people but not cool when he bully or take advantage on the innocent...

    9. ^Anonymous
      Furthermore, Hyun, no I'm sorry, the author is confusing "Disciplining" and "Bullying". By bullying the bird, he wouldn't develop familiarity, loyalty or affection.
      He would instead develop -- Hostility.

      The author took the golden bird's mate as a hostage, and then used it as a bargaining chip to make the bird roll all over the floor to humiliate it.
      That's supposed to raise its loyalty? Pft, fat chance.

      The most irritating part about this entire fiasco, is that his sculptures just won't stop going: "Oh, maybe he is a kind hearted person!?"
      Just how many times did that line repeat itself?! HOW MANY!? WHEN WILL IT STOP!?

      I'm reading an entire chapter in less than 5 minutes because of this, I'm skipping so much darn text.

  2. is the golden bird a male or female? It likes the mysterious bird who is male as well?

    1. Animals don't care about such a thing. Also, it may not have any genre. Just because Weed said: "You like this guy, huh?" doesn't mean it's a male. It's just a way to express himself. Remember that Geumini have no genitalia, so he doesn't have genre. Even though he has a male appearance. All of his sculptures have no genre. But regarding the sculptures of the Sculptor Emperor, we still don't know if he sculpted anything that distinguishes them from each other.

    2. That's incorrect. It's heavily implied if not directly stated that Yellowy has been breeding in Morata. Weed notes that the Wyverns have no gender but says nothing of any of the others.

    3. Mhmm. Yellowy is undoubtedly male.

    4. Mhmm. Yellowy is undoubtedly male.

    5. Its not even sure the wyverns are genderless they might be female they just have no idea what gender they are since they weren't sculpted with any tells that doesn't mean they might not have a gender and just not noticed it.

    6. The Wyverns and Geumini have both been classified as genderless, since he didn't give them parts, this was discussed back when they were unaffected by Hwaryeong's dance.

  3. I am disliking weed more and more as time goes on.

    1. C'mon, there are no many Villain Protagonist out there. You need to broad your mind. Only conservative minded deadbrain that want protagonist should be heroic with two goodies shoes helping villager slaying evil with cliche lines. When you born grandpa? 70s? showa era? generation gap.

    2. really villain, and dislike him, in my point of view, what did he do wrong.
      I mean, its not like what he does is totally and utterly wrong, he overcharged prices for his sculptures but the quality justifies it I mean its a unique selling point for a product and is a proper strategy used in modern business to compete. He uses tactics and sweet talking to get what he wants, what is wrong with that, other people use violence and blackmail while what he does is a win-win situation. He treats his slaves van Hawk and Tori badly, but remember what they did, tori killed many innocent people while van hawk betrayed his kingdom because of greed. Though he acts badly towards his sculptures he still takes care of them, considering he was forced to chose the art class when he needed money desperately. He is greedy for money, but there is nothing wrong with that since he doesn't murder people for that. He uses under hand tactics to win war, but whats wrong with that, its a war and everything and anything can be used, the winner writes the history and the loser suffers.

    3. And many of this i hate Weed feels and moments are created by the writter for some to me unknown reason and many times dont even fit the story or character. If you disregard these "wtf this dont make sence" parts, weed is pretty much normal 21.century person

    4. This comment has been removed by the author.

    5. In comparison i like him more and more :3 That stupid bird deserves to be worked to the bone, for not helping and still expecting things from him. he works and works and works and all those asshole NPC throw him into situations, without giving him any compensations. The World made Weed a villain. The World is guilty for what happen, cause...it touched first.

    6. Frankly as a person I dislike weed. The way he treats his friends leaves a lot to be desired , he complains a lot, he blames others for events that aren't really their fault, and his love for money is obsessive. Also his view on the world is somewhat right but he takes it to an extreme. Now as a character in a story I love weed. His obsessive behavior is funny and the way he uses his friends are clever and funny to read. His use of tactics is entertaining and as far as MCs go he is very unique and goal orientated. So yeah, since this is a story and not someone I have to associate with in real life I love weed.

    7. "he works and works and works and all those asshole NPC throw him into situations, without giving him any compensations." What are you smoking? Weed almost always gets compensation. Also he has the right to decline most of the quest he's given so he chooses to do them.

    8. Weed's greed isn't necessarily a bad thing either. Like in Morata. He put his money into the long run rather than blindly penny pinching in short term. His investments improved the quality of life for NPCs and players alike. Humans are naturally greedy by nature. Greed isn't necessarily defined by money.

      Rather than being evil, he is more practical and has good business sense.

    9. Weed is the best, no comments further :^
      Plus, the Golden Bird did ignore him in combat, soooo it's fair.

    10. Weed is the best, no comments further :^
      Plus, the Golden Bird did ignore him in combat, soooo it's fair.

    11. @Faust Voncleave, how he treats his friends? His friends borderline treat him like a slave. Sure, they occasionally show up to lend a hand, but even then.. It's usually a situation where he could have dealt with it himself.

      For instance, that incident in the Vampire Realm where they just took all of the good quests while Weed had to deal with garbage F Rank ones for an entire month, and they didn't even think of leaving some for him or a cut for his generosity in bringing them to an exclusive spot for them to level-up / gain gold / etc.

      He repairs their gear for free. He whips out a million buffs whenever they ask for it for free. They make massive profits and get rare items simply by going on quests with him. And you think that his a jackass to them..?

      He gives information of exclusive hunting spots that other players would pay thousands of gold for like the floating city, etc. to them. Advice on how to properly get ahead in the early game like beating the scarecrows to get superior stats like he did when he simply could have monopolized the information to reduce the competition.

      And what do they do? They stab him in the back. For instance, there was the incident where they were badmouthing him on the forums and trying to stop people from going to Morata. Sure, they helped in the war, but they get a lot from Morata and Weed, so that was only natural. Not to mention, the invaders would have raised the tax rates by 30% or so.

      Quite frankly, associating with him would be the best choice that you would ever make, in the game at-least, as you'd get a tremendous advantage over everyone else, and you could even get a chance of fame by appearing on TV (if you're into that). Once again, in the context of the series.

      Granted, the idea of full dive VRMMO appearing out of nowhere and dominating society in the way that it happened in this series is practically impossible aka going from using mouses and monitors in MMOs to being inside a virtual world where all five senses are affected.

      If it was the real world then, the loan sharks would still be after him, and he would spend the rest of his life being harrassed by them. Might possibly become a drunkard and die on the side of the road.

      If you're talking about complaining about the NPC Statues, it's mainly since he has to keep up discipline, as they will get incredibly lazy (as shown by the cow before), and would refuse to fight which would obviously be a massive problem in an MMO.

    12. About the Vampire Realm: weed spend a lot of time doing cheap quests (that give litter money, xp and fame), while his friends did huge quests( that give a lot of money, xp, notoriety and minus fame) so he got the best deal ; you see how NPC treat his friends now...

    13. @Azareal
      You're still delusional. Weed was happy to drop them and do the "good exclusive" quest without them when he thought it was something better than what they had. Them doing exactly what Weed was happy to do to them 15 seconds ago is them treating him like a slave? Grow up. FYI Weed would have never have completed the quest to free the vampires without his friends so they had every right to take as many quests as they liked and you complaining about them bowing down to him is BS. Also the "useless" quest Weed were doing increased his skills by a fair amount.

      You're talking about Weed preforming actions that benefit him personally. Buffing and repairing their equipment makes the hunting faster. It also lets him improve his skills. You'd notice that they often offer to help Weed do things like cooking but he refuses for the sake of improving his skills. They also helped him complete the quest to get to the floating city in the first place so they had the right to that information too.

      Now I don't agree with the other guy that says Weed treats his friends badly either. The only friend he is clearly taking advantage of is Seoyoon and she's allowing it.

    14. Human are not greedy by nature, it is the system that force them to be greedy...and just because the world doesn't treat you better, u can't decide to treat them the same way...isn't that how real villain are born in real world? who here wont complain against criminal or terrorist in real life? but guest what, they have been treat badly by the world that they decide to be corrupted...besides, many villain in anime described as being that way because of how the world treat them, yet, I don't see any reader approve of them...Weed is becoming more and more uncool...
      ps: he should treat his sculptor better, he is the one who start to mistreat them from the beginning...in the story, it is clearly shown that whenever Weed treat them good, they are touch and will do more for him

    15. You're such a KID. Never seen a person with short insight! (´Д`; )

    16. It's a fact that humans are greedy by nature, if everyone was content with what they had then nothing would ever be further developed. If people of the past were content with slow horse drawn carrages with wheels busting in dirt roads then we wouldn't have speedy, comfortable cars. If people were content with walking miles to deliver messages then we wouldn't have mail carriers or telephones. Humans by nature want more, cheaper, faster, better. The only reason people are saying Weed is greedy is because he has a poor background and as a result his desire for better is greater than the average person.

      I agree that his friends haven't been overly friendly to Weed as well. We've seen on several occasions his 'friends' upon seeing him immediately start consulting each other about which dish they'll have Weed cook first. When Weed was creating the sculpture that required tons of metal and requested his merchant 'friend' to purchase tons of weapons to allow him to sculpt with the very next moment the merchant was asking for a reward. This really set me off because first of all, asking for a reward for doing a favor is the action of a business partner, not a friend. Second of all, the mere action of purchasing such a large bulk of weapons and delivering them to Weed was bound to earn him money, fame, and experience. I really dislike the way his friends view him as a meal ticket. So yea, maybe he does kick some dirt on his friends every once in a while but it's nowhere near the collective amount of dirt that Weed's drowning in.

      On the topic of Weed not getting much in return for his quests I have to agree with. Most of his quests are forced quests that he had no choice but participate in. And even though he managed to come out victorious, the rewards he gets are usually not even enough to cover his expenses. And when he defeated the Hydra and Black Dragon the gold coins and ancient gold coins that he earned had to be melted down to build a statue because there was a single religion dominating his town. The majority of the rare leathers he got were used producing dolls IN ORDER TO GIVE A SORROWFUL HUSBAND AND WIFE A DAUGHTER. Which I might add, he gained nothing from. So yea, people are giving Weed a lot of shit for no reason at all. The fact that he was selfishly claiming all the loot in the recent battle was already addressed when he said he felt bad towards Seoyoon or doing so.

    17. I know its been a month, but not being greedy doesn't mean being happy with whatever it is you have, it just means to know some boundaries (like other peoples needs, or sharing in times of need). Development springs from curiosity not greed.

    18. I know it's been a month again, but I feel I have to comment on the response by Justin Cameron 2 posts above.

      While I generally agree with what you're saying...I don't feel that Mapan acting that way with Weed is unjustified, or even "wrong".

      His profession is a Merchant, and Weed is basically asking him to fulfill a commission by having him buy what he asks him to buy. Sure, it's a favor, but asking for nothing in return for something like that is only foolish.

      Plus, Mapan knows Weed's nature better than all of his other friends in the game (except maybe Seoyoon, but that's hard to say right now). He likely knows that Weed would be super suspicious of his motives if he DIDN'T ask for compensation...because Weed is untrusting of others, even his friends. He probably would've wondered what Mapan would ask for as compensation when he brought the stuff later, so he nipped it in the bud right there by asking what the compensation would be in advance.

      Also, Mapan knows that being on Weed's good side is probably the best business decision he could make...and he doesn't try to EXPLOIT Weed as far as I can tell. Heck, it seems that Weed even willingly treats Mapan favorably, by giving him special deals and whatnot. Heck, they even work together on various business outings and other such things...whether behind the scenes, or openly. ^^

      He definitely treats Mapan better than the others though, imo...but I feel that's because they ultimately have similar natures, heh.

  4. Eh... Honestly, I think he's becoming less interesting as time goes by. I quite like his greedy nature, but every time he performs a decent act, history starts repeating. I wish there were more scenes like the one with the life/death sculpture doll. Actually, I was so excited for that part but was let down in the end; I wanted to see the reactions of the parents, but all they left was a note. I want to see some character growth, and not just with seoyoon. (honestly all the growth done here is crap anyway; we all know she's going to end up with him, not that I can see why. They're so full of misconceptions, I just can't see how their relationship will work. Yeah, maybe Weed would come to like her if he knew the truth, but I don't expect Seoyoon to like him once she gets over her misconceptions. I want to see some growth here people!) I like the Weed who takes care of his sister; I want to start seeing him act in this light, or at least showing it more. There's always these misconceptions about Weed being good whenever he's actually doing it for his own benefit, and that was fine for the first 15 chapters, but now I want to deviate a bit. Eh, just my preference, I still like the story how it's going right now. I wish there was more Geomichi action though.
    Sorry for any mistakes made, I did not reread this before posting lol.
    ~ Le Association of Rabid Fangirls or ARF *Wags Tail*

    1. It gets on my nerve how sometimes it seems that Lee Hyung doesn't appreciate Seoyoon's presence and actions. It really seems that the author strays from the mindset of the characters. Is also annoying how the misconceptions keep happening.

    2. when he was in mini-orc mode he treated her better (because he was afraid of her? and was somewhat affected by her cold beauty?) but now he losing his fear to Seoyoon, and treats her like his sculptures .... everything she does is evil in his point of view (maybe its funny? not )
      and now he is crying of useless sculptures that she took (that costs less then loot from monsters here) ..... he totally deserves his misfortune <_<

    3. Honestly, I couldn't really care less about Seoyoon after all of the constant "OMG, the Goddess of Beauty" scenes. Quite frankly, I've gotten bored of it. Not to mention, that she's practically invincible on the battlefield and probably makes the what's his face Hermes guy look like a joke (he hides and sends an army after Weed).

      She's just not an interesting character. There was some potential many volumes ago, but after a while of people turning on the road and being amazed by whatever, I've gotten somewhat bored. Not to mention, her class and level is overpowered to the extreme.

      I was actually hoping for Ray to be a respectable rival when he was first mentioned who can hold his own against Weed when it comes to tactics, etc. Instead, we get a butthurt idiot that resembles Alan from Ark who sends armies after one guy, and so scenarios keep getting invented to make Weed look like the God of Combat with everyone betting again him and then, him completely turning things around.

    4. First of all, I don't like any western name or character being treated as hero in Asian novel, story, movie or anything Asian...like the western being the main ninja in ninja movie, it sucked! So, when the name BadRay/BardRay first appear, I already had a bad expectation of him....second, I actually think that Seoyoon character is interesting, it is just bothersome when her beauty is described to the extreme with lots of lines repeatedly in many chapter...

  5. I don'the know if you guys are reading the same book or not.... but the story is more interesting than ever... if you don't imagine every detail of the story, you won't understand the situation of the main character, thus I say you are all wrong, I for one imagine this to be one of those anime/manga comedy, romance adventure type... which Iongoing for...
    So thank you for taking the time to translate this series!

    1. well, we are reading it so we are clearly imagine every detail of the story and even more of it, but ...
      some parts of story is axed or have dead end .... like geomchis attack on pirate island or when Weed invited Dark Gamers in Vampire Kingdom or when Weed made video with clearing dungeon or when he put something on auction or cleared dungeon with college students ..... etc

    2. the writer doesn't plan the story well...it is proved with the non-consistency in the story...too many conflict and plot created at the same time becomes distracting and anti-climax...but the writer have good imagination tho...and thats make this fantasy story interesting...the writer should at least outline the important character like Weed well...the writer has talent in building up interest among readers but also has talent in killing it..

  6. Can somebody explain to me why Seulroeo threw away the Asmodian Sword Drawer?!? With such feats and stats it is just too good to be true. One can even say that it is a masterpiece and not just a weapon!!!

    1. Maybe because it would obviously be the target of the Embinyu Church. Also because he regained his consciousness and simply wanted to use the mana from the other sword and perceived that the other would only bring huge problems. He should have thrown into a volcano. His true self wasn't moved by greed.

    2. i think Drawer is more suited for necromancer/Enbiyu priests, fire dragod sword is more useful for him as wizard ... but to throw it away .... maybe we will know the reason later

    3. That sword sounded evil. Tossing it in the ocean was the right move.

  7. Started with 8 chaos warriors. seoyoon killed the named one then it says this:
    "Now two more had died, Seoyoon had just defeated another one.Only five more are left and two are wounded."
    The number jumped to 10 from out of nowhere. Just saying.

    1. Logic mate, Logic. Somehow.

    2. Logic mate, Logic. Somehow.

    3. I think he meant that 2 within 5 injured gadfly, remember that they help each other then two were injured and the other three got together to protect them.

    4. No, the numbers are right. Seoyoon killed one (1). After that two died, one of them was also killed by Seoyoon (3). Now five are left and two of these five are wounded (8). Everything's correct, just saying.

    5. I think, different language have different way and order of presenting the detail or fact...so, it will becomes confusing if the phrase is translated directly to the word...tho I am thankful that somebody at least translate the story for me to read for free, I am assuming that the translator is not a native to English and so, cause the confusion in his/her translation....however, it might also be the writer who is bad at writing even though the writer has a very good imagination and so, cause the trouble for the translator...

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    2. Túrin was a man of the House of Hador, the son of Húrin, the Prince of Dor-lómin, Lord of Dor-Cúarthol and Captain of the Gaurwaith.

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    So, Weed being a villain and all that is just for the sake of comedy, making the MC a somewhat bad guy instead of the usual goody two shoes. Just like Hiruma in the manga Eyeshield 21, who beats his friends, uses tricks and even shoots people. The only difference is Hiruma's actions are funny because it's over the top and ludicrous, so everyone likes it, while Weed is mostly just petty, a jerk, so it's rarely funny.

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