Volume 7 Chapter 2

By Wing - 2:12 AM

Undead Legion

“Dark red smoke obscures the crimson sun. Chwiik! The land is locked in darkness, even the birds have stopped singing. Chwikchwik!”

Weed stood on the nearby rocks and muttered to himself.

Because his achievement should be listed in the Hall of Fame after the quest was completed, Weed would be able to assume airs related to it.

Weed was standing in front of a million Orcs and a hundred-thirty thousand Dark Elves.

In truth, even with the million Orcs, Weed still felt uneasy.

There was a disturbing feeling that made him shiver.

The Orcs were organized in regiments of thirty- and fifty-thousand members. On the battlefield, the Orc regiments spread without end.

You couldn’t even see them all. There were more Orcs than there were trees on a mountain.

The black-skinned Dark Elves gathered in an enormous group.

Any normal human being could not help but shrink in fear.

The mountains were literally crawling with monsters.

They rode beside the ridge, the line of defense guarded by the Orcs and Dark Elves along the bottom to the top of the walls.

The humans from the village in the Plain of Despair gathered beside him. The priests of Freya and the Soldiers of Rosenheim Kingdom had all gathered in one place.

With so many monsters under his command, Weed was in an ecstatic mood.

Weed was so excited that he began to sing on top of the rock.

“Die Undead Legion, die! Chwichwi chwiik! Who is going to win? I am going to win! Lovable undead. Give me experience and items! Appear already, undead! Hurry up and appear!”

Unbelievable tone-deafness!

Within Weeds singing there were no rhymes, no rhythm, or anything that sounded appealing at all!

Weed’s song only lead to distress the Orcs and Dark Elves further.

“Somebody stop that song!”

“Oh, even to us Orcs, this song is repulsive! Chwiik!"

“It brings disgrace, humiliation, and despair on our race. Chwichwit!”

As the Orcs became more and more annoyed, Weed sang with ever more vigor and happiness.



The ground shook so much that the human, elves, and Orc Soldiers couldn’t stand properly anymore, while the dark red smoke grew thicker in the air, spreading throughout the battlefield.

Weed looked at the Necromancer and spoke.

“The Undead Legion has awoken from its long and deep slumber. We won’t find peace before we grant all the undead eternal rest. If we are unable to put the undead to rest, we will be slaves for eternity.”

Finally, it began.

Weed finally stopped singing and looked toward the Undead Legion.

From the faraway pit, Skeletons, Ghouls, and Zombies suddenly emerged. The Undead Army continuously appeared, forming a line.


The clashing sound of the skeleton joint was regularly heard, while smoldering blue smokes appeared from the zombie bodies.

The Zombies release a lethal poison that would kill a human in minutes unless an antidote was administered.

*Stomp, stomp, stomp!*

The ghoul generals leading the Zombies and Skeletons were three metres tall.

Ghouls had sharp nails and teeth with far superior physical abilities than the average undead skeleton!

“Yes... I can smell living flesh and blood nearby!”

“We will turn all of you into undeads like us.”

“Let’s be friends.”

From the nearby lakes, Ghosts started to break through the water surface, joining with the other undead hordes.

The Undead Legion started to move without any sign of disorder.

The Skeletons moved in a precise line, and though the zombies were slow, they gradually made their way forward.


As the Undead Legion advanced, the trees and grass in their path withered and dried from their poison.

In comparison, the Orcs and Dark Elves did not look organized at all.

“The undead are finally here! Chwik chwik!”

“Those damn bastards. Chwichiik!”

“What should we do? Chwik!”

“It smells bad. It feels so painful since we Dark Elves have keen senses.”

“It’s really depressing that a graceful elf like me must fight against such corpses. The thought of it makes me want to run away right now.”

The Orcs and Dark Elves fell into confusion with the appearance of the Undead Legion.

The armies moral was running low after watching legions of undead crawling out of the ground.

The pressure and fear generated by the Undead Legion was extremely effective.

Any living creature would find it hard to utilize their full ability while fighting the Undead Legion.

Due to the difference in levels and power, the Rosenheim Kingdom’s Soldiers were especially vulnerable to the Undead Legion’s fearsome aura. Already, there were Soldiers who became sick with fear.

“I want to go home.”

“There are too many enemies.”

“How can we win against such a large Army?”

Buran, Becker, Hosram, and Dale, who were all centurions, were trying to calm their Soldiers.

“It’s okay. The fear will only last a moment.”

“Don’t worry. Once we start fighting, the bloodlust will comfort you. It is not everyday that we get a chance to make a huge impact on the world.”

“We will meet again even after death.”

The Soldiers became even more depressed and started bursting into tears.

Mapan stood frightened behind a group of Rosenheim Soldiers. The only thing keeping him on the battlefield was the thought about grabbing all the high-level, quality loot from the Undead!

“So that’s the Undead Army!”

Feeling the hair standing on the back of his neck, Mapan hesitated.

The enormous and all-consuming Undead Legion was marching forward!

The Zombies shambled at a slow pace, while the Skeleton’s joint creaked as they moved.

Seeing the Skeletons holding their rusted swords, Mapan was one of the first to feel frightened.


Mapan’s saliva dried on the top of his throat.

‘How should we stop that Weed....’

Involuntarily, Mapan looked up above.

There he found Weed had transformed into the Orc Karichwi.

Weed showed a completely serene face.

Even while facing a threatening situation, Weed was able to keep calm.

‘Aren’t there almost a hundred-thousand Zombies, Skeletons, and Ghouls?’

The vanguard of the immortal Legion!

Since there was still quite a gap between them, Weed waited patiently.

The monsters themselves were not to be feared.

They only needed to be grabbed and beaten down.

However, Weed was the only one who thought like that.

The Orcs and Dark Elves were completely terrified.

When almost all of the Skeletons had reached the wall, Weed gave an order.

“Filthy fellows. Chwiik! Don't they take baths. The disgusting smell even reaches up here.”


The curious Orcs and Dark Elves listened to Weed’s speech.

“If you turn into undead, you won’t be able to bathe. Then, as time passed, you’ll go bald. You also won’t be able to eat. You will starve and your stomach will become thin. So fight and crush them!”

“Chwiik chwiik!”

“Kill the undead!”

The spirits of the elegant Dark Elves and the gluttonous Orcs immediately returned after hearing Weed’s words.

Weed took out his glaive and signaled the start of the battle against the Undead Legion!

The Orcs raised their shields and drew their glaives.

The Dark Elves took out their javelins and targeted the Skeletons as soon as they saw an opening.

The battle to decide the faith of each race began!

Mapan was shocked.

With a few words, Weed had managed to recover the Orcs’ and Dark Elves’ morale and raised their spirit to fight.

‘So this is what Weed is capable of...’

In reality, it was not even that surprising.

It was completely natural for Weed to treat the Orcs similarly to how he treated the Geomchis, since he was already used to their particular attachment to food.

The Orcs and Dark Elves fought fiercely from the high grounds. The Zombies and Skeletons were forced to scale the walls and had a terrain disadvantage.

Facing the Zombies and Skeletons on high ground, they did not have a hard time.

Several Orcs died because of the pincer attack, but those that had died were the ones that simply ran out of luck.

Even if the Zombies and Skeletons were stronger than usual, they didn’t give Weed’s Army any particular problems.

The amount of damage dealt by the Ghouls was substantial.

“D-Death, life, give it up. We will make you our… f-friends.”

Ghouls threw poison which scattered, destroying trees and Orcs alike.

The Orcs took a considerable drop in health upon each hit.

Ordinary Orcs couldn’t possibly hope to fight the Ghouls equally.

However, Orc fighters threw themselves in unison according to Weed’s instructions and overwhelmed the Ghouls.

Dreadful number of Orcs!

The scale should theoretically be tipped in their favor by winning the skirmishes against the Zombies and the Skeletons.

Even if one assumed some damage was taken, such minuscule amounts could be ignored.

The specialty of the ghoul forces was to consume the corpses of the fallen to restore their bodies and increase their strength.

But with only a slight number of dead Orcs and Dark Elves in the vicinity, their specialty couldn’t be used often.

The Rosenheim Kingdom Soldiers also eagerly took part.

Weed hunted the Zombies and Skeletons, supported by the priests’ healing and blessing spells.

When a ghoul came too close, the Royal Knights watched over the Soldiers to make sure that they didn’t die.

“Buren, Becker, Hosram, Dale! Penetrate enemy lines with the Soldiers. Priests, focus on healing the Soldiers.”

Weed utilized the Rosenheim Kingdom Soldiers to clean up the remaining enemies.

While the Royal Knights were maintaining safety, the Soldiers went to finish the rest of Zombies and Skeletons.

After around three hours of combat, the Undead Legion lost their strength and started to falter.

The battle was still on going, but victory would almost certainly go to the Orcs.


Mapan enthusiastically applaud.

“Outstanding! The battle between the Undead Army and the Orcs! The long wait was worthwhile.”

It was a wonderful scene, seen from the best seat.

But Weed’s tension hadn’t changed at all from his attitude before the battle.

‘It was that kind of feeling. Every time things go too smoothly, something will go wrong!’

Weed continued to issue orders continuously

The Orcs and the Dark Elves who participated in the battle were tired and wanted to rest.

The Orcs with serious wounds were taken towards Weed, to the place that could be called their headquarters.

“First Aid!”


Weed was applying loose bandages like crazy.

He applied medicinal herbs to the Orcs’ bleeding injuries before bandaging them firmly.

His Bandage technique, having reached Advanced Level 3, marvelously stopped the Orcs’ wounds from bleeding and restored their health.

Other than wounds that caused immediate death, Bandage could be used to treat standard wounds to some fairly large wounds.

Weed hunted for experience, while bandaging the wounded.

During his rests to restore his mana, he purposely got hit.

Stat improvements in Defense take time.

It helped to increase his Perseverance stats and his defensive skill.

By doing this, his skill level in Perseverance and Bandage went up beautifully.

“Thank you. Chwichwik!”

Weed kept the Orcs alive by dividing them into several long units to distribute their strength, forging them into united groups, thus preventing competition between Orc warriors to maintain minimum casualties.

The Orcs that had fought were able to rest,and were allowed to eat the food Weed had prepared and to receive bandaging if needed.

“To recover, you must eat. Fight to eat. Chwichit!”

“Thank you. Karichwi!”

Food was also given to the wounded Dark Elves.

Because the Dark Elves were already used to eating grass, there was no need for additional ingredients.

The meat soup was gulped down by the Orcs, who liked meat very much.

The Orcs put their fingers in the soup and stirred it.

But no matter how long they looked, there was not enough meat.

“Karichwi, Karichwi!”

“What do you call this soup, Karichwi”

“This meat soup is decent. Chwit.”

"That's right. Chwichik.”

“Chwiik. But why, why is there no meat.”

There were only tiny bits of rabbit meat floating in the empty soup.

The Orc diets involved a lot of meat, but it would be impossible to give them what they wanted.

The Orcs had to compete for more food while they ate, so their hunger could finally be satisfied.

However, Weed wasn’t worried.

He had already surveyed the units fighting against the monsters, and accordingly assigned leaders with complementary characteristics to them to prevent casualties.

Between wrapping bandages and preparing food, he still would have been busy even if he had ten hands.

“Skill. Mind Hand”

Weed cast his treasured skill.

Mind Hand, which had seemed worthless at first, turned out to be a high quality skill.

Weed used his extra hand to cook and wind bandages faster.

Finally all the Zombies, Skeletons, and Ghouls that had come out were defeated.

The silver-plated glaives made regeneration impossible for the undead monsters.

“Finally, the Undead Legion was defeated.”

Even though the Necromancers voiced words of celebration, Weed stayed vigilant.

‘There is no way it ends with just this!’

Without leadership, fighting spirit, and charisma, it was impossible to give orders to the Orcs and Dark Elves.

To evaluate a situation, you also need to look at the entire battlefield. By observing the battlefield, it’s easy to discover where you’re weak, and where you can reduce or add power to balance your side.

Under Weed’s command, his various production skills complemented the fighting prowess of the Orcs and Dark Elves.

Nevertheless, the degree of difficulty was rather easy in comparison to the Vampire Blood Clan.

‘It isn’t going to end like this.’

Weed gave an order.

“Chwiik! Orcs, Dark Elves, withdraw behind the castle walls. Prepare for the next battle.”

“Chwik chwik. The battle has ended!”

“We won!”

The Orcs were too busy celebrating to hear his words.

The Dark Elves were the same.

The Orcs victoriously swung their glaives in celebration, while the Dark Elves preferred to look smug.

Each of the Orc tribes were led by an Orc lord, but even they weren't listening because they were also extremely jubilant.

“Weed. Congratulations.”

Mapan was also glad.

While everyone else relaxed, Weed’s weariness grew larger.

He began yelling orders.

“Everyone return to your positions quickly! Chwichichichik!”

- Skill: You have used Lion’s Roar.
Morale increases by 200% for all allies in the influence range of Lion’s Roar.
Any present state of confusion will be cleared.
An extra 220% increase in Leadership will be applied for five minutes.

“He said, that’s an order!”

“His voice contains such great authority.”

“Come on, let’s go back.”

Weed’s strong leadership made the Orcs and Dark Elves return to their posts.

Depending on the power of your leadership, commands can be absolute.

Coming from the pit, an Immortal Army had monsters rushing out.

Reapers holding long sickles!

Banshees whose voice could slice the air!

Mummies that covered in bandages!

And beside the Yuroki Mountains were Ghouls and wild Undead beasts!


“Let us kill all of the living.”

“We will reap your lives.”


The Undead creatures launched a massive surprise attack.

While their individual abilities were questionable, he had heard that the ghoul leader's position at the axis was now weaker than before. They weren’t comparable with the Zombies and Skeletons from before, but there were many other ghoul and skeleton warriors to replace the ones that died.

“I don’t believe it!”

Mapan was devastated.

Another Immortal Army had emerged from the pits.

Suddenly, Undead Legions specialized in heavy offense filed out from the pit.

An enormous crowd madly rushed through.

The battle before was child’s play compared to this, this Army held a much more oppressive feeling to it.

For the Orcs and Dark Elves who were celebrating victory before, this was a serious blow.

It took several hours, but they had overwhelmingly won the previous battle.

Their minds were still somewhat in disbelief of the situation.

Even if the Soldiers had become absent minded, their Commander had remained vigilant.

‘As expected of Weed!’

Mapan sincerely admired his work, but Weed was thinking completely differently.

‘Lucky bastards!’

There wasn’t enough time to reform the lines.

From the start, his job wasn’t anything that allowed him to relax like the other players.

He knows that being a moonlight Sculptor is a difficult job, as his life was not an easy one.

He, himself, have no artistic ability, and when making a sculpture, It was preferable to make it big and ambitious!

Surely a pretty woman can make a nice model for a sculpture!

But, because he was sculpting masterpieces of her, he had to flee and avoid getting targeted and caught by Seoyoon.

Having never lived a grand life, Weed feel proud and honorable of having won so easily. He had moved to a safe place where, thanks to his Army’s raid on the Undead Legion, little damage reached.

“Orcs, fix your positions.”

“Chwiik! I know.”

Thanks to the effects of Lion’s Roar, through Weed’s command, the Orcs re-positioned themselves.

The Orcs worked on their defensive formation. Many walls of oak were deployed and stacked along the walls of the castle by the Orc.

“Kill them!”

“Til death tears us apart!”


As for the other side of the Army, it had the effect of putting the opponents in screams and despair.

"Oh, I can’t do it."

"We’re too weak."

“I will be their friends. Enough, I want to die now.”

The Dark Elves soon started crying. The Orcs also wanted to put down their glaives.

The Priests were waiting for Weed’s orders.

“Start preparing a blessing.”

“Yes! Understood, Weed-nim.”

The Necromancers worked together with the fifty priests of the Temple of Freya from Rosenheim Kingdom.

Now they gave the Orcs blessings. Overcoming the despair and confusion brought upon them, the priest sang so they could fight.

“Oh! Spectacularly beautiful Freya, the Goddess! Your fair hand stroking through my hair, gives it infinitely deeper grace. The instrument I play is because I loved you at first sight. Love you forever, that will not change, and dedicated to you."

The priests’ stats had risen slightly through the last quests. Their level had not risen that much, but by singing a hymn, the Freya denomination’s contribution would increase.

The church hymn was about a song of a man’s love that was dedicated to Freya.

Due to the effects of the hymn, the Orcs and Dark Elves overcame the despair and prepared to battle.
In order to maximize the height difference of the terrain, the castle have large ditches built in front of the walls.

By far, it was a more favorable fight toward the Orcs and Dark Elves.

The humans from the exiled village were also a big asset to the battle. The smiths had created the silver glaives and arrows and the hunters had lay down all kinds of pitfalls throughout the mountain.

Under the castle wall, the Ghouls and the mummies received great damages as their bodies were pushed against each other.

“Eehyo hyohyo!"

On the other hand, banshees and several other types of Spectres were able to pass straight through the walls.
Some possessed the bodies of the Orcs, or flew above spraying liquid acid.

The upcoming fighting between the two would result in a large-scale battle.

At the time, Mapan was on a rock where he saw Weed. He was at the highest point of the Yuroki mountain where you can view the entire battlefield.

That was after all, the best place to send commands.

Mapan was significantly distressed, but Weed still looked as composed as ever.

‘If you had ambitions like Weed’s, there won’t be a crisis that is too much.’

With increased faith in him, Mapan followed Weed even more enthusiastically and with admiration.

Weed was actually able to calmly command the Orcs and Dark Elves. Even in the midst of crisis, when the walls crumbled and the Orcs were killed by Undead monsters, he was completely unfazed.

‘If I die, they are nothing to me.’

Selfish Weed!

To Weed, the deaths of the Orcs and Dark Elves were nothing.

Rather, Weed’s mask of serenity broke thinking the items dropped from the Undead Legion would be stolen.

There were thousands of items right under his nose that Weed desperately tried to get.

While the front lines were busy fighting, Weed did not hesitate to pick up items.

Yet, commanding the frontlines did come before picking up items.

However, because of the threat of painful, agonizing deaths, the Orcs and Dark Elves didn’t care to take command.

“Raise troop morale.”

“The right flank needs to be more engaged.”

“Before the walls break, humans repair them”

"Orcs, go for the Ghouls and mummies, and the Dark Elves with magic and spirits, take care of the Ghosts."

Weed was able to calmly and impassively analyse the situation and command his troops.

After the effect of Lion’s Roar disappears, however, his potential to command decreased.

Because of the many selfish Orc lords, Weed’s commands were obeyed slowly, or not at all.

Weed generally left the Orc officials alone, as the mana consumption for Lion’s Roar used to make the Orc lords obey was no joke.

Besides, if the authority of the Orc lords were ignored, they may get irritated.

So, turning a blind eye a little bit won’t hurt..

To successfully conduct warfare, one cannot pay attention to all the trivial details.

A prolonged battle will decrease the stamina of the Orcs and Dark Elves.

Commanding the battle, preparing the food, emergency Orc bandaging, the frenzy left no time to breathe.
Weed issued orders breathlessly.

“Orcs -- ignore the front of the battle and concentrate! Dark elves! The Ghosts are attempting an attack! Try using magic. Chwichwit!”

The Dark Elves eagerly displayed their magic .

“Flame Spear!”


“Elemental Shock!”

The banshee Ghosts that flew through the walls met a barrage of spells from the waiting Dark Elves.

Flame Spear, Flare, Elemental Shock.

Having stronger mental capacities than Orcs, Dark Elves were capable of magic ranging from frenzy magic to elemental attacks.

This magic undoubtedly came from a Ghost.


The burned mummies angrily battered the walls, but the Orcs stubbornly persisted.

Even the height of the walls were over ten metres.

On their favourite terrain, the Orcs stood bravely with their glaives. They relentlessly hurled insults at the Undead.

“Bring it on. Chwit!”

“Chwichik. These ignorant bastards!”

“Gonna try washing off that stench? You’ll still stink. Chichwik?”

“You are fighting against noble Orcs. Chwichwik!”

The Orcs and Dark Elves briefly worked together, efficiently fighting operating as a group.

Although their armies did not fall, the Legions of Undead were slowly being diminished.

To the Orcs fighting hard on the walls, it was a surprise.

Their allies beside the Orcs were being strangled.

“Chwichit, why?”

“Death. The end of the road. The end of life. Men, your path to an eternal life will come from me!”

Each Orc was possessed by a Ghost.

Their pupils turned pure white and poisons seeped from every part of their bodies.

Suddenly, there were *possessed* Orcs attacking from inside the city walls, throwing the battle into chaos.

In addition to the mummies, it was now necessary to fight allies, too. Because the front walls were vulnerable, many of them were beginning to be captured.

Weed observed the situation impartially.

“All free-minded Orcs, lift your weapons and attack!”

The Orcs possessed by Ghosts dropped their glaives.

The silver-plating on the weapons were worrisome for the undead.

The free-minded Orcs attacked targeting the possessed Orcs who released their weapons.

To the possessed Orcs occupying the walls, the concentrated dark elf magic was overpowering.

Flames melted the walls, causing large chunks of ice to fall down on the possessed Orcs.

The insubstantial, intangible Ghosts were not affected by the attack.

Ghosts, Orcs, and bloody Dark Elves!

Weed actively participated in the defense of the city walls.

Because enemy forces were stronger, it was a strategic retreat.

The enemies maintained a particularly strong defense, but large numbers of Orc warriors and fighters were designated the task of searching for enemy weaknesses.

Little by little, the battle had pushed between the walls, breaking into the enemy lines.

After having seen him work a few times, Mapan continued to admire Weed.

“Weed is so amazing.”

Once again, it was wise to listen to Weed in order to win.

Weed could efficiently command the battle against the undead in many ways.

He could keep an eye on the entire battlegrounds within his field of vision and display excellent judgement.Weed’s control of his emotions was impeccable, thought Mapan.

In reality, however, it was a little different.

Although the results were similar, there was a large difference between what Mapan felt and reality.

It was comparable to the distance between the heavens and the earth.

Weed had an extensive amount of experience from fighting countless Undead monsters.Thus, harm fell only to the Undead.

From fighting in the majority of the battle, vitality continues to fall until fighting becomes painful.

If you cannot correctly determine the number of undead, then it will be impossible to win.

An idea of which side was at a disadvantage could be formed from observing the behaviour of the undead along with the movements of the Orcs.

This caused an enormous amount of nagging!

“You stupid, dull, slow-ass Orcs! Chwik. Chwik chwichwik chwichik! Move quickly and as soon as possible! Chwichwichwik! Your allies are dying. Fix it already, go go go go. Chwikchwik. And the Dark Elves’ eyes are closed. Are they sleeping now? Tired already? So you’re just like the Orcs, nothing better to do, huh? With your weak bodies, what will you do? Chwithwitchwit. Why don’t you beg to be saved from punishment. Chwick!”

It was impossible to command the troops outside without nagging.

Thus, Weed commanded the Orcs to fall back through nagging and yelling. However, in fact, it was a strategic retreat. The morale of the Undead Legion rose, but it was a mistake. Weed was ready to initiate his plan.

He intentionally allowed the undead to easily enter so that the entrance would be empty. Then the alliance surrounded them from three sides: the left, right, and front.

“Chwit chwitchwt! Kill the enemy.”

"Chit. I, Porchi (Orc’s name) , will take care of them."

The Orc fighters and warriors rushed to attack the enemy troops. The undead who came past the walls were now facing a situation which they were almost completely surrounded.

Weed’s eyes started to shine.

“Orc troops, retreat! Isolate the undead that are trying to break away and escape!”

Since some of the walls were handed over to the undead, it was an opportunity.

Not only that, he even used the lion's roar to give this command.

While watching this spectacle, Mapan had renewed respect.

‘I see, by choosing not to fight, it was the golden opportunity.’

Applying flexible tactics according the the situation!

It’s easy to plan, but it’s more difficult to change plans on the spot or abandon them.

Don’t be greedy for victory. It’s impossible to create a favorable place that would allow you to defeat your enemies easily without trying.

‘Yes, that’s Weed.’

Weed expanded his view and saw the Orcs fleeing back. Closely chasing the troops were the undead.

“Whew, how unlucky to have forgotten.”

During the fighting, a herb field was found. Many herbs comprised of yellow leaves were found growing there.
Herbs with red leaves help with vitality and the ones with green leaves help with mana. In fact, most of the herbs follow this pattern.

But the leaves that are colored black, white, purple, and yellow are also herbs. The black herbs are mostly used for black magic. The white herbs can be processed by Wizards. The purple herbs are used to create poison.

In the early days of the Versailles continent, the yellow herbs didn’t receive the attention that they should have. The herbs were the most common, widespread throughout the continent, and if they were consumed, they seemed to have no effect.

There were just a few people who chewed the yellow herbs, which they saved in case of an emergency.

Then one day, one of the programs associated with Royal Road revealed to the public about that herb.

The yellow herbs increased stamina!

Since that day, people soon began to collect the yellow herbs. Those herbs were taken from their roots and began to have value.

This herb became the most expensive of them all!

Throughout the Versailles continent, the yellow herbs disappeared in a moment. Now the seeds were completely dried out.

Since then yellow herbs have become very difficult to find, but there was a pile growing here.

The plan was changed so that during the battle, the precious herbs can be gathered.

Making the Army retreat, just for the sake of gathering the herbs.

Through nagging, the tactical operations were all done due selfishness!

Nevertheless, the situation the Orcs and Dark Elves were in would worsen in time. But still, Weed was not caught off guard.

‘Oh my corrupted luck! This simply will not end.’


Pale’s party was working hard at catching fishes in the underground dungeons of Jinn Lake.

Damn fishes.

Pale stared at their large rotting eyes rolling, then fled. Zephyr was fly fishing, and Maylon and Pale were shooting arrows.

Pale, Surka, Irene, Romuna, Hwaryeong, Zephyr, Maylon. The seven of them definitely worked and hunted together as a party. The party’s level rose significantly to two-seventy to two-eighty.

Quietly, relaxing time with each other without concentrating on leveling up. But now, the only fishes that seems to come here are from upstream.

Romuna suddenly lost her temper.

“Aaahhh! It’ll be possible to become Necromancer.”

She has been wanting to become a Necromancer. Although she was learning the brilliant flame-oriented magic, she didn’t have a well-matched aptitude.

When fighting, mana consumption was very high, so one was only able to enjoy fighting briefly after a long rest.

In comparison, Necromancers almost didn’t need a break! With a weak series of magical attacks and their undead, a user was able to fight.

Among the top four of her dreams, she wanted to be a powerful Necromancer that had control over countless Undead Legions.

It was her dream to raise lots of undead from the ground and demolish a city!

Of course, you would need to raise your level very high in order to do that, but she, Romuna, would not give up.

It was thrilling and fun.

That was the sole reason for choosing a Wizard in the first place.


Romuna gave a heavy sigh

In recent years, Maylon, as the host of the Royal Road program, had been too busy broadcasting live to come and party with them.

However, there was another way to talk with her.

Romuna was complaining, as predicted.

“So bored. I wonder when Weed-nim is coming? It’s a little boring always hunting in the Lake of Elementals. Even though it gives a lot of experience.”

“Yeah. He’s taking a long time”

The officials were quite curious.

It was said he was on a quest in the Plains of Despair.

According to Mapan, he had successfully completed the quest, but Weed still had not returned to Rosenheim Kingdom.

“It’s boring without Weed-nim.”

No matter what you did, working together with Weed was exciting. They eagerly established pyramids, hunting together on the frontiers. The tension and thrill of doing something significant created a sense of accomplishment. The sight of his various production skills, like cooking and sculpture, was also a pleasure.

“Strangely, I haven’t had contact with Mapan-nim these days . . . He hasn’t sent a whisper to me once.”

Eventually, Pale went ahead and sent a whisper to Mapan.

- It’s Pale. How have you been doing?

Only a few minutes had passed when Mapan answered.

- Yes? You messaged me? Yes, yes, yes! But what did you want to ask me?

- It’s Pale. I meant to ask you what you’ve been doing.

- Yes. Hello, I’m very well.

Pale was puzzled.

He was normally friendly and outgoing when you spoke to him, but Mapan seemed distracted by something.

- Can you talk right now?

-Yes. , I can talk.

Pale tilted his head to one side, puzzled, but continued to speak.

- Where in the village are you doing business? If you’re bored, we’ll come and party with you. Mapan must also level up.

- I’m not. I’m not doing any business right now … Kkkuueeeeg!

He made a noise like a strangled pig!

A long time passed before Mapan sent another whisper.

- It’s ended for now. A Spectre just charmed a group of Orcs just now, so I was surprised.

- Pardon? A Spectre?

- Kyaah! The battle is really amazing.

Pale shook his head. He couldn’t seem to understand Mapan’s story.

- Fighting Spectres? What are you talking about now?

- I’m saying I’m here with Weed-nim!

- You’re with Weed-nim? When did you meet?

- A few days ago. I just thought I would be transporting goods for a client. Eulaaaaaaa! I’m sorry. Just now, one of the walls of the possessed Orcs was seized. Very shocking . . . Anyway, this is Weed-nim’s battle.

- Battle?

- Battle! The Battle of the Yuroki Mountains.

- What’s that ... Where are the Yuroki Mountains?

- I’m at the Plains of Despair right now. I’m here watching Weed-nim’s battle.

- And what do you mean by “orcles” …...?

- I said Orcs! Orcs, Orcs! The famous ugly Orc from the Hall of Fame! That’s Weed-nim!

- Keeeeek!

Pale was startled.

When Weed left for a B-class difficulty quest in the Plains of Despair, they did not ask any questions.

They were curious, but had thought asking for details about the difficult request he was leaving for would be impolite.

First he was in combat against the Necromancer, and now he was at war against Legions of the Undead!

Pale immediately told his party about the information as they persisted to know.

“What did you say?”

"Weed, is he that fat Orc?"

“Weed is a Sculptor. How could he possibly do those quests?”

Focused hunting within dark dungeons, the party was too busy to hear the latest rumours.

So the most recent rumours were the ones they were unaware of until they ended.

“Once you know where it is, you should ask!”

- So how is it now? Do the Orcs and Dark Elves listen well? The Orc lord, Gulchi, looked the most handsome and strong.

Surka and Hwaryeong questioned, and even the normally cold and cynical Romuna joined in.

“Necromancer! Is it possible that this is the Necromancer from before?”

A former Necromancer was vital for Wizards.

Romuna excitedly spouting many questions was no surprise.

Each party member chattered to the wind, but Pale paid them no mind.

Ignoring the opinions of his party, Pale eventually just asked Mapan questions.

-How is the battle against the Undead Legion?

-Just Zombies burning; the battle against the Ghosts are coming to an end. It’s been 10 hours already. It’s a extraordinary battle! I didn’t expect to see such a large-scale battle. It was really worthwhile to come here.
-Is the battle close to ending?

- Yes. It seems to me that under Weed’s command, his Orc Army will win. . I can’t say for sure because Weed has a very negative expression.

- Why?

- I don’t know. I saw his expression harden with realisation... Theoretically though, in a few hours we’ll be able to gain victory against the last dead enemy .

Pale, who heard the story up until that point, suddenly felt like paying the place a visit. Then Romuna’s nails bit into Pale’s body and said,

“Pale, we’re going!”


“Yes, I’ll even buy a horse in order to make it in time”

Even if the ride was fast, many horses are needed to change mount whenever they lose stamina and the trip will take a few days. But Pale and his party were unanimous in conviction.

“Yeah, let’s go see!”

“We’re going to see those Orcs.”

“Woohoo! Let’s get going!”



Finally, the howling of the Banshee marked that the Undead Legion has been annihilated. Three out of the eight walls been destroyed and two hundred and thirty thousand Orcs lost their lives.

The Orcs were busy fighting, and forced to take a considerable amount of time.

Weed gave the Orcs time to relax in middle of the battle. These were measures so that the health regeneration and stamina consumption does not exhaust their physical strength.

The Dark Elves were also given time to meditation to conserve mana.

Maintaining the top condition of the Army as much as possible!

Quite a lot of time had passed since the battle and the Orcs and Dark Elves were slowly rejuvenated.

Incompetent commanders would just follow their initial plans and rely only on their allies’ powers. This was an established, simple formula for victory.

With Weed, there was a difference. The Orcs had been through a lot of hardships, considering the chronic fatigue they had. It was a serious matter for his allies to have suitable amounts of comfortable rest.

Weed did not cede to the tension.

‘So far, the battle has not been very difficult.’

If a lesser Commander had been leading the Army, a third of the Orcs would have been slaughtered. It was a battle where anything was possible.

With the dead Orcs, the situation with the undead was becoming extremely disadvantageous for the battle.
The walls provided great benefit to defense, where if they were not there, the Dark Elves’ magic would not be able to be properly used.

Because of the mummies and their power to burn through the walls of the castle and the Ghosts possessing bodies, they were in middle of the entire conflict.

Nevertheless, Weed would not put a strap to his mind.

‘I’ll be damned if this quest was this simple to succeed. To contribute so little and easily get rare items is impossible.’

Users cannot rely on luck in order to gain from such a difficult quest. A user has to suffer in order to enjoy the pleasure of reaping a large income.

The land was too harsh and barren to create classics, masterpieces, or better statues.

Weed hoped the more powerful enemies would appear.

“A death aura, a ying without a yang. Let’s go, chwiit. I’m going to teach them the true meaning of death, the power of those living, the meaning of fear and despair!”

- Skill: You have used Lion’s Roar.
Influences all allies in range of Lion’s Roar with a 200% increase in morale..
Any present state of confusion will be cleared.
An extra 220% increase in Leadership will be applied for five minutes.

His yell was fierce.

Weed stood on the panoramic rocks overlooking the battlefield, his arms held wide, magnifying his roar.

His roar echoed in the mountains and in the valley. The birds perched in the tree tops rained feathers as they billowed up to the sky as one.

"Cheuwaaa! Yawaaa!"

The Orcs followed, pounding their glaives upon the earth until it shook. It had begun with Weed, but soon it evolved into an enormous fury that spread from Orc to Orc.

The Dark Elves too sang a song of their own.

Hosram, Becker, Dale, and Buren, the Soldiers of Rosenheim Kingdom, heard yell and drew their swords from a rear unit.

It was then.

It was calm in the pit again after additional undead creatures emerged from it.

Great, immense entire bodies of bone knights!

The giant, devious creatures of the Yuroki Mountains!

Paladin’s blessed by the churches of various countries, with worn armor and swords. They fought past legions of the undead, even as the undead revived. Giant monsters roamed the battle field, at the same time that others powerful monsters wandered by themselves.

The Orcs would attack the undead monsters that morphed in the mountains.

Weed's experience hunting them told him of their strength.

More than a hundred Orcs should be mobilized in order to hunt a single one of those monsters.

Now, making the uncommon types of undead die would would be more challenging.

An entire wave of ten thousand ancient undead Soldiers and five thousand giant monsters!

The proliferation of undead would not end there.

The witches rode colossal rhinoceroses.

In the past, when Barr Khan had attempted to create a Land of Death on the continent, the Serpa witches were the ones in charge of the Undead Legion’s vanguard.

If the witches were skilled in black magic, they would present potions and curses.

Witches numbering a whopping 3000!

It is said the words can become the trigger.

As they waited, Weed appeared and ordered an immediate march.


The land shook as giant rhinoceroses marched across the mountains.The rhinos crushed the giant trees before them. Too many giant monsters and undead to count. The true Army of the Undead -- the truly elite, the Army of the Lich Shire.


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