Volume 3 Chapter 5

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Chapter 5: Return the Holy Relic

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Weed put the Death Knight items up for sale at a price between 10 to 15 thousand won.

“I don’t think the price is going to be that high, it’s not incredible equipment…”

Level 200 weapons.

Royal Road had many armor and weapons, which all had their own names. Some monsters even had a lot of silver and loot, so this meant a lot of different types of gear.

This was true in other games as well.

High level monsters would drop weapons that could be sold for cash.

Lee Hyun sighed, as he couldn’t find such items easily. Unique, rare, and magic items could be sold online for a decent price.

Loot for quests sometimes sold for unexpectedly high prices, ranging from 30,000 to 50,000 won.

The prices were high because of the users demand for them.

In Royal Road, the appearance of monsters was very realistic and detail oriented. For example, the rotten corpses of monsters stank fiercely.

Not many people could hunt with the smell.

Undead monsters!

They were among the most avoided hunting locations.

Because people were unwilling to hunt the undead, the price for quest items from them increased due to their scarcity. Thanks to this It wasn’t unusual that their these items would be sold at ridiculously expensive prices.

“In total, it must hit at least 2.96 million won.”

Then he looked at the e-mail he had ignored earlier.

The Dark Gamers invitation!

He read the email which said that the invitations were only sent to those that were chosen, and apparently Lee Hyun was chosen to join in their meetings.

Such was the content of the invitation.

A skeleton holding money in one hand was pictured on the site’s background.


The Dark Gamers’ Union.

There were rumors about this famous organization, but the truth was unclear.

“It’s probably not them and it’s got nothing to do with me.”

Lee Hyun clicked the trading site to confirm the bid. After sending a PM to the buyer, they decided on a trading location.

They decided to have the trade a day later.

The Free City of Somren had characteristics that were well suited to a feudal lord, where there were few taxes and tariffs.

Thanks to that, many traders and adventurers stayed here. Most of the group of general users was always looking for better weapons.

In other places, the purchase price in stores included the taxes, but in Liberty City, the tax price was very cheap.

The city was a paradise for merchants.

Weed and Mapan arrived at the city at the last day remaining of the time limit for the quest.

“Then I’ll be trading over there.”

Mapan left to go sell the loot.

There had been an incredible amount of monsters in the Bar Khu Mountains. Over the course of a month, the wagon was filled with loot.

A merchant’s inspiration was the excitement achieved through trading. It was a pleasure to sell in bulk and to buy expensive things at cheaper rates.

Mapan realized the pleasure of trading.

That was the benefit of accompanying Weed.

The luxury of trading without taxes!

‘Coming to Free City of Somren wasn’t so bad.’

Weed checked inside his backpack for the Helain Cup again.

The purpose of coming here was just about to be completed...

The quest to return the holy relic to the Order of Freya.

Rather than heading to the church immediately, Weed went to the central fountain and looked around.

Liberty City was crowded with a tremendous amount of merchants.

They had opened stalls to sell stuff and were trying hard to find customers.

“I can repair any damaged items to maximum durability!”

“Selling food that recovers satiety.”

“Silk clothing for sale with +15 electrical magic resistance directly made to order.”

“Check out the various weapons and armors that I have made.”

“Get jewelry with various attributes for only 1 gold!”

Craftsman characters occupied one spot on the fountain for selling stuff.

“How much?”

“I came to pick up the clothes I ordered yesterday.”

“100 pieces of bread, please.”

The craftsman classes were treated the same as before.

Every day they sold near the fountain. The main classes like miners, blacksmiths, and tailors sold their goods around the fountain.

All sorts of other crafting classes were quietly buried off in a corner.

“This is fun, people gathering like this…”

Blacksmiths and Enchanters engaged in fierce competition with each other.

This sight couldn’t be called unfamiliar for Weed.

He had always had less competition when selling sculptures.

Down the eastern side of the square was a large red wooden building.

Weed headed to the location of the appointment he had made with buyers. There were more than 10 people there waiting.

“I’m here to sell.” Weed said to see their reaction.

People bought stuff from item trading sites.

Just say the name and the transaction number and you would receive the item.

“I’ve waited so long for this. This quest was so hard to do. I couldn’t fight against those undead monsters.”

“Thank you. It’s good to see that someone is selling a lot of the items.” With those words, the buyers left.

Aside from the Dark Knight’s weapon, the rest of the items were sold for loot quests.

At dawn, his backpack was much lighter.

“This is the first profit from Royal Road.”

Weed was comfortable with the result and headed to the church.

The church of the Goddess Freya had been built with white marble, a symbol of beauty and prosperity. It had been built in the heart of the city and thus was easy to find.

The Free City of Somren was built next to the Somren River.

There was a white arched bridge built near the church building of Freya. Many users wanted to get holy water, a type of blessing, so the area all around the temple was always crowded.

In the distance, clerics and paladins were going in and out of the temple.

Whenever they raised their levels and learned new techniques and whenever they returned to the church, they would receive contribution.

Weed went inside, passing a little statue of the goddess with golden letters written on her.

‘Collection box, pay at least 10 silvers or more...’

Weed wanted to turn around and leave without paying.

“May the grace of the Goddess Freya be with you.”

Those that donated received a blessing from the priests.

The church’s Holy Spirit Blessing would increase defense for a period of time, as well as increasing health regeneration by 5.

It was the church’s main source of income.

“Get outta my way real quick.”

“I think he was the last person in line.”

Weed paused temporarily since the users who had been waiting in line started complaining.

Waiting for turn to receive the blessing was a rule that the priests made the people adhere to.

Weed was here to return the Helain Cup to the priest and did not want to give an excuse to the complaints that were erupting from the crowd.

“I am here to return something.”


The priest blinked when he saw the Helain Cup. Then a look of surprise came upon his face and he shouted in a loud voice.

“Oh, thank the Holy Goddess you’re here! This is a miracle! Come right this way, inside the High Priest will meet you.”

The surrounding temple priests took Weed inside. All the users gathered to receive the blessings were left alone because of priest scarceness.

“What the hell…”

“What the hell’s going on?”

The Inner Sanctum.

The High Priest’s room.

It was a place filled with symbolic murals and statues of the goddess, a solemn and noble atmosphere.

Here, Weed was able to return the Helain Cup. Kneeling down on one knee like the knights from the Middle Ages, he said.

“I have, on behalf of Prospects, brought the Helain Cup here.”

“Oh, this is it! How magnificent!”

The High Priest, his face full of wrinkles, was ecstatic as he held up the Helain Cup.

Quest Completed: Deliver Helain’s Grail:

The lost Helain Cup has been returned to the Church of Freya. Barkhan’s past efforts to lead the Immortal Legions to war devastated the entire continent.

Even with the beauty and prosperity of the Church of Freya, they could not have covered the post war damages. But now, through the holy water from the Helain Cup, reconstruction can resume.

By fulfilling the related quest, the public value of religious groups has increased to fight against evil.

Fame has risen by 400 points (+400 FAME)
Your friendship with the Church of Freya has reached 15 points
Public value of the Church of Freya has increased by 1200 points

The Church’s religious public value can be seen in the window.

Current Church of Freya’s Public Value: 1490

You have leveled up!
You have leveled up!
You have leveled up!
You have leveled up!
You have leveled up!

‘This is amazing!’ Weed thought while kneeling down.

The rewards from completing a quest from one of the three main churches had always been good.

But normally not this good!

But this was the not the end. The High Priest sat down in his chair and looked over to Weed.

He said to a Paladin.

“As compensation to this great warrior, bring the Paladin equipment and the Sword of Agatha.”

“Yes, High Priest.”

After a while they came out with a Paladin’s armor and a sword on a red cloth.

“Take it.”

The Paladin gear was laid down in the red cloth in front on Weed.

The High Priest handpicked the items in the cloth.

Items earned as compensation for the quest.

Weed was moved to tears.

It was a happy moment for him. But at a time like this, you had to maintain composure.

‘I have never been this lucky in Royal Road! I cannot rejoice just yet...’

Weed decided not to prostrate and began checking the items.

Do not put off what needs to be done until tomorrow when what you could do today, like immediately identifying something.

First was the sword, together with an antiquely engraved scabbard.

Item: Agatha’s Holy Sword:

Durability: 130/130
Damage: 55-60

A sword of the Church of Freya made by the Dwarven Blacksmith Roban, which boasts superior strength. Many types of metal, like steel and mithril, were forged together. However, the damage is weak because of the materials used to preserve the dignity of the church.
This is a gift from the High Priest.

Level 130

+30 Strength
+20 Agility
+100 Faith
+200% extra damage against undead.
+200% Injury recovery speed
Holy blessing can be used to bless yourself five times a day.
2 hours cool down in between each blessing.

To avoid startling the High Priest and the Paladins, Weed quietly admired the items.

‘This is much nicer than the Death Knight’s sword.’

It was usually better to have items with higher stats. But sometimes it was useful to have items with low requirements.

The Clay Sword was such a case. It was difficult to sell for a lot of money, but because there were few prerequisites, it was the perfect weapon for low level characters and could be sold for a higher price. A Clay Sword was the absolute weapon against rabbits and raccoons.

Item: Rose engraved gloves:

Durability: 90/90
Defense: 20

The official gloves of the Paladins of Freya.
Covering your wrist might seem very uncomfortable but they, in fact, were made to move stuff.

Level 200

+50 Faith
+20 Strength
+5 Agility
Damage from Black Magic reduced by 50%.

Item: Ring of the High Priest:

Durability: 100/100

A small diamond was embedded in the center of the ring. A course design but it is not available on the market.

Not equippable by Warlock, Assassin or Rogue classes.
Not equippable when in murderer state.

The High Priest’s Blessing can be used once a day.
+150 Fame
+200 Faith

Weed had difficulty breathing.

“Such a windfall of items…”

Up until now, he sparingly used those bloody, old gloves in order to conserve the durability, but now he no longer seemed to need them.

At level 200, his gear would all be set except the helmet.

‘A very wholesome reward, indeed.’

Weed got up from kneeling and then on the spot, put one hand on his chest and made a slight bow with his waist.

“Now that I have done my duty, I will take my leave.”

It was time to go to the item trading site to check prices. First, he would look for a better sword as a replacement and then sell the Sword of Agatha.

However, the High priest looked up into the air. Clear tears were running down his cheeks.

“Brave warrior, you have shown your courage by defeating Barkhan’s evil servant and retrieving the Helain Cup.”


Suddenly the High Priest was glaring.

‘Barkhan stole the holy relics of the church and had them hidden by his servants.’

Weed decided to stay after looking at the Priest and paladins.

Weed did not know in the slightest of the increase in the familiarity he had gained with the church.

Weed replied as he hurriedly got down on one knee again.


“Did you know? Our church has lost one more holy relic.”

“Yes?” Weed was puzzled for a moment.

When he got the Helain Cup, he had collected information from the Royal Road website.

The Church of Freya had three artifacts: the Helain Cup, a sacred cup of flowing holy water, Fargo’s crown of prosperity, and the Rending Sword.


Weed noticed the white, rosewood-painted hat that the High Priest was wearing.

It was not the Holy Crown of Fargo.

“How did they dare to, in a time of chaos, have the undead steal the crown. Beings that are alive despite the fact that their death is contrary to the will of the Goddess.” The High Priest said in his fury.

Then Weed instinctively replied. “You’re absolutely right...”

“Those undead dare to endanger our peaceful land!”

“I wish to restore the peace and progress of the continent.”

It was always good to get to know secrets.

It was the effects of blame. Thanks to it, the relationships between humans did not disappear permanently.

“The monsters of the Versailles continent deserve to disappear from under the Goddess’ eyes. The undead must be defeated for the era of prosperity to dominate the continent.”

“Yes, I agree as well.”

Weed then told the High Priest the story of what happened in Baran village, of the time the Lizardmen had invaded the village.

Thereafter he had been asked to sculpt the statue of the Goddess Freya in the form he considered the most beautiful.

Through the sculpture the possibility of another invasion through Lizardmen was diminished, leading to flourishing of the village.

“Oh, I heard the story about that sculptor! So it was you!”

The High Priest was impressed with the Statue of the Goddess Freya.

“Fortunately we were able to determine the identity of the one that stole the Crown of Fargo. We dispatched knights over three times, but to no avail. I believe that it would be better if you were to lead the attack instead.”

Quest: Locate and return the Crown of Fargo:

The Church of Freya spares nothing to reclaim the Holy Relics. As a result, they have received information that the True Blood Clan of the Vampires has taken the crown to the town of Morata. The High Priest dispatched three groups of Paladins to recover the crown but all of them have failed to return. They have been turned to stone by a curse. Save the Paladins and retrieve the crown.

Difficulty: B


Church of Freya’s public value becomes zero upon failure
Fame decreases by -1000
Rewarded Items will be taken back

The quest-rewards were colossal in chain quests, and the rewards increased with each successive mission. Weed cheerfully read the contents of the quest but then his expression changed.

Barkhan Demoph had shown the strength of his minions.

His army had waged war against both the powerful kingdoms and churches. Especially the powerful True Blood Clan Vampires.

The clan counted more than one thousand members and the lowest level a vampire had was 270. The head of the True Blood Clan, Tori, the leader of the True Blood Clan, was a known boss monster with a level of 400. It didn’t matter how strong Weed was right now, since no user was even close to reaching level 400.

‘It’s going to be an absurd task to fight the True Blood Vampire Clan and bring back the Crown of Fargo…’

Weed looked at the difficulty level.

‘Difficulty B! Not to mention that they’ve dispatched three groups of Paladins that have also failed the quest. I can’t possibly complete it.’

You couldn’t clear this kind of difficulty level without forming a party with the most powerful users. No matter how high the rewards were, this fact remained unchanged.

“I’m sorry. I believe it would be tough to complete this mission with my lack of ability.”

It was inevitable since he couldn’t hope to complete the quest. He could only refuse.

But the High Priest smiled gently.

“You are far too modest, but that is not necessary. I leave this request to you.”

“No. I cannot accept this request.”

“There is no need to be too modest. A famous adventurer such as yourself is perfect for this kind of mission.”

Weed wanted to cry when he heard the words of the High Priest. To have humility misunderstood so much that it would result in a tragic ending.

‘Blindly put… intimacy of relationship.’

Because of the high reliability, the High Priest believed in him.

To make matters worse, the High Priest did not give up.

“In the legends, stories have been passed down in the church that when the church’s influence falls, a Hero will appear before a coming war and reclaim the lost treasures. You are that Hero!”

Weed could feel his ears failing when he heard the High Priest say this outlandish legend.

Then he heard a familiar sound.

You have accepted the quest!

Weed hurriedly checked the quest and it was the B rank difficulty quest in the quest window.

‘The quest is forced on the person who finds the Helain Cup? I can’t help it then. Maybe a chance will appear’

His judgment was shrewd and fast, but realistic. There was always an opportunity to live.

However, the High Priest plunged him further into despair with his next bout of words, and there was no room to escape.

“Twenty years ago, the Paladins had managed to make teleport gates and also succeeded in setting up the last one to Morata. With this teleport gate, one can be moved instantly without needing to travel.”

“So you’re saying…”

Weed’s lip trembled slightly.

“It is urgent and you must not delay any further. You will be departing tomorrow at this time and one priest will be sent to accompany you and aid in your mission. He will play an important role in saving our brothers and children that have been petrified by the vampires.”

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