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This is the list of the people who worked on the translations of the chapters over the past 3 years,

Volume 1
Chapter 1 redone by Bonky
Chapter 1-10 were taken from the official English novel.
Proofread By 1stSlug

Volume 2
Volume 2 Chapter 1-3 were translated in the English Novel
Volume 2 Chapter 4-10 were translated by Odd squad.
Proofread by 1st slug

Volume 3
Chapter 1-4 Translated by An76685
Chapter 5-11 Translated by Grisia
Volume 3 was proofread by Chances
Volume 3 was Re-proofread by 1stSlug

Volume 4
The translations for Chapters 1-7 [Russian > GT > English]
The translations for Chapters 8-10 [ Russian > English]
Chapter 1-6 Translated by Mathew1122
Chapter 7 Translated by An76685
Chapter 8-10 Translated by IcedLance
Volume Proofread By Chancs

Volume 5
Volume 5 Chapter 1+2: was translated by AnmesicCat, Chancs and IcedLance.
special thanks goes to Bonky for chapter 1
special thanks goes to Masadeer for chapter 2
Volume 5 Chapter 3 was translated by Zapper, IcedLance, AnmesicCat
Volume 5 Chapter 4-7: was translated by IcedLance
Volume 5 Chapter 8: was translated by Ignis Nightroad, special thanks to TheFalseLord
Volume 5 Chapter 9+10: was translated by IcedLance

Volume 6
Chapter 1 to 6 was translated by An76685
Chapter 7 to 9 was translated by IcedLance

Volume 7
Advenedizo: Chapter 2-3
Alexmustdie: Chapter 1-2, 6
AnmesicCat: Chapter 4-9
BDark: Chapter 8
Bonky: Chapter 4
CrimsonScholar: Chapter 8
CutePurpleBunnies: Chapter 1
DarkD: Chapter 1-6, 8-9
fjorou: Chapter 2-4
FudgeNouget: Chapter 3-4
Grisia: Chapter 1
Haikai: Chapter 1-9
Jacob: Chapter 2, 6
Jake: Chapter 1
jr8bc94: Chapter 2
Kayaille: Chapter 7, 9
King: Chapter 5
Kirito: Chapter 8-9
Masadeer: Chapter 4, 6-7
Mathew1122: Chapter 4, 7
NinthLite: Chapter 2-3
Ohio: Chapter 8-9
Risuke: Chapter 4
Shadow: Chapter 3-4
Sunny: Chapter 7, 9
TienQD: Chapter 2-3
Thunder99: Chapter 2, 4-7

Volume 8
Part 1 is translated by Seraph Lucis El.
PR: SnowStorm, fjorou and

Part 2 to 8 is translated by: Grisia.
Part 9 is translated by RayPan with the help of AnmesicCat.

Volume 9
Chapter 1: Athome
Chapter 2 to 8: BlackHorus
Chapter 5 and 6: Royal Road Team (The missing chapters). Special Mentions to RayPan.
Chapters 9 to 11: Royal Road Team.

Volume 10
Chapter 1 to 5 was translated by Bonky.
Chapter 6 to 10 was translated by Grisia.

Volume 11
This volume was translated by Watta.

Volume 12
This volume was translated by Watta.

Volume 13
Chapter 1-9 translated by LMS Translation.
Chapter 10 is translated by AnmesicCat, Hikaru, Kirito, and Shadow.

Volume 14
This Translation is done by Japtem

Volume 15
Translation by Japtem

Volume 16
Chapter 1-2 Translated by Japtem
Chapter 3 Translated by DarkD, Special mentions FudgeNougett and an76685
Chapter 9: Translated by N, Special mentions DarkD
It was later re translated by Japtem and posted in their site.

Volume 17
Chapter 1 done by RR[team] and Ivan5815
Chapter 2 done by OpenBookWorm, special thanks to Kaila.
Chapter 4 done by Onyka, Special mentions GoldKing
Chapter 7+8 done by blackhorus
It was later re translated by Japtem and posted in their site.

Volume 18
This Volume was translated by Grisia.

Volume 19
Chapter 1 Translated by Delfador
Proofread by Carmen
Chapter 2
Machine Translator: Fundle
Translation Checker (Korean): Gold2King.
ProofReaders: SnowMelts, Altrelo, FistsOfRage, DarkD.
Chapter 3
Translator: Fundle
Translation Checker: Gold2King
Proofreaders: Alt, SnowMelts, Key
Chapter 4
Translator: Fundle
Translation Checker: Gold2King
Proofreaders: Alt, SnowMeltss
Chapter 5
Translator : Fundle
TLC: Ryan
Proofreader : Lastear, ImitationKatana
Chapter 6
Translation by Fundle
TLC by Junkay
Proofreader Lastear
Chapter 7
Translator: Fundle
Proofreader: ImitationKatana
Chapter 8
Translation: Fundle
Proofreaders: ImitationKatana, Sieghard, Helagis, DeadlyMT, Kanadaj, Curvinho, Tolack
Chapter 9
Translator : Fundle
Proofreaders : Sieghard, ImitationKatana
Chapter 10 Translated by Blackhorus
Proofreader by ImitationKatana

Volume 20
Chapters 1 to 4 was translated by Bonky.
Chapters 5 to 10 was translated by dothacked.

The author has permitted Translations up to 20 Volumes.
we will not support anyone who translate beyond v20.
within the next 1-2 years the author would ask us to remove our translations so that he can officially release high quality translations on amazon.
make sure to support him then.

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  11. Death Knight Van HawkFebruary 2, 2016 at 3:33 PM

    How do people then get past vol 20? Because I have read all the way till vol 31 chp 1.

    1. Illegally and with disrespect to the author who allowed us to translate and distribute half of his story for free.

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