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Volume 4

This chapter has been revised but not much has been edited,
Credits goes for iheartz for making the long (translation) spoiler. :D

Chapter 1 : Plains of Despair

The book starts off with pedestrians avoiding a weird stranger crying and jumping on the streets. Predictably, this person is Weed, who is lamenting over the fact that his Ice Dragon sculpture was left behind once he teleported out of Mora. After determining that it’s a cruel, callous world, he walks back to the Church of Freya with Ron Alves being a bit shocked at the crazy man he thought he knew so well, and then he returns the Crown taken from Tori, servant of the Lich King Bar Khan. Weed receives 1200 fame, a rise in 31 familiarity with the church, as for the church, Freya gains a 2,200 increase in influence, with a total of 4612 influence. Weed’s level rises by 9 and he receives 30 health potions and holy water vials. It then goes on to explain how health potions were extremely expensive but also extremely useful in a pinch seeing as it is pretty much an instant-use item. He then receives a Wyvern Leather belt which gives +7% to engraving (and some small bonuses +10 to +30) to agility, attractiveness, strength, and reputation). Weed’s slightly disappointed because due to the lack of engravers, the price for the belt would only be about $10. whereas the value of the Crown is unimaginable, In addition, he also receives a guarantee of free treatment and free teleportation gates at any Freya chapel. The Head Priest then mentions how he hears rumors of Necromancer activity in the Plains of Despair, and then asks Weed to investigate and slay the necromancers under the refuge of the Dark Elves. Weed accepts the B Rank quest and is advised to go to the Rosenheim kingdom for more information and to pick up supporting units for the quest. He then comments on how the Plains of Despair is almost off the map, with only its edges explored and virtually completely unknown. After PMing (private messaging) Mapan and meeting up with him, he finds Mapan with a stunning lady, who is introduced to be Hwaryeong a Dancer (similar to a Bard class except for dancing instead of singing). She usually dances and sends any monsters they encounter into a stupor and then runs away on Mapan’s carriage. Hwaryeong then expresses surprise at how Weed was an engraver while Mapan whispers to Weed how the dance that Hwaryeong uses to paralyze and stupefy the monsters is the “bubibubi” (Korean Strip Dance). Then, the group heads for Liberty City.
The point of view switches to omniscient where we find out that the NPCs have started talking about an adventurer named Weed, who retrieved Freya's Crown, lost relic of the Freya Church, and how he exterminated the Vampire Clan serving under the Dark Sorcerer-the Lich King, Bar Khan. Soon, the word slowly spread across the cities and continents. It then switches back to Lee Hyun, who receives an invite to the Dark Gamer’s Union, a place where people get paid for mercenary services, game info, items, etc for Royal Road. which he ignores, and then puts up some of his unneeded items the Death Knight loot, Vampire Loot, and Holy Gloves obtained from turning in the Freya Cup quest on the game-item auctioning site. The Point of View switches once again after Weed falls asleep, showing comments exclaiming that the legendary, Triple Diamond Rating (from his sale of his Continent of Magic Avatar) Weed has started selling Royal Road items. However, the posters started getting disheartened, after finding out that the only items that were on sale were some Death Knight and Vampire equipment. Some people expressed surprise of the Rose-Engraved Gloves, which were extremely rare due to the fact that they were only given to the Paladins of the order Freya. The information slowly spread across the net, where people talked about how Weed of Continent of Magic (CoM) was playing Royal Road, how Weed had Freya’s paladin gear on auction, how there was fewer than a hundred people in the Order of Freya. However, some peoplewere disappointed, stating how Weed from CoM seemed like a legendary figure, accomplishing impossible deeds, single-handedly clearing high level dungeons and raid bosses; of how Weed was always alone, and now he’s reduced to taking orders from the Freya Church. They commented how he used to be a lonely figure of absolute awe and veneration, and how he is turned from a Symbol, to simply a good player. Then, somebody appeared, who posted how he heard something important while he was logging off. After being flamed for posting something irrelevant, the poster mentioned that the NPCs of the continent started talking about how Weed battled the Vampires of Bar Khan’s Undying Legion, retrieving one of Freya’s sacred artifacts. At first people were distrustful, pointing out that Bar Khan was one of the strongest forces in Royal Road at the moment, and how the average vampire level was 270 and Tori, the head of the Clan was 400. However, the evidence was clear in the vampire items that were sold and the sacred items and people were like “Holy Shit!”.
Hyun Lee then wakes up after four hours of sleep and heads to the morning market, talking about how it's critical for his sister to receive good nutrition and bargaining for fresh vegetables and Meat. After going home, he is reminded by his sister to study for his GED (which he thinks is a complete waste of time and he would rather study the geography and history of Royal Road rather than that of the real world. But he does it anyways. Afterwards, he checks his auction site and finds out that he has a whopping 140,000 bids on the gloves, for a total of $230. It turns out that the people bid on it- each usually one won (1/100th of a cent) higher than the previous- to post comments, which ranged from people wanting to be like Weed, to congratulations, to people doing it just because everybody else was doing it.
Chapter Two: Jack of all Trades
We find out that Pale and his party have been constantly nagged by their parents. At first, their parents were bothering them about colleges, degrees, etc. But now, their parents are trying to get Pale and Co to buy them weapons and help them hunt. Despite the nuisances, they have finally reached level 200 when they heard all the NPCs talking about how Weed slayed the vampires and liberated Mora, and how the King is looking to talk to Weed. After they congratulate Weed, the scene switches to Geomchi (the martial artist) and his group, where they have rose from massacring innocent little critters to exterminating undead in the crypts of Lavias, living on a diet of barley bread they’re more afraid of dying to due hunger from the lack of money to buy barley bread, then dying from a monster, After learning of how great Weed was, they all decided to strive to be famous and fight monsters that “drop one gold ”.
Then Weed reaches Liberty City, a commercially developed city known for its many crafting guilds. He then disposes of all the loot that he got from the Northern continent, earning 5,600 gold, and then heads to the Blacksmith Guild. The first thing that Weed notices is the 30 blacksmiths users (player) in the guild sitting around a table and complaining about how being a blacksmith sucked, how one spent the whole day hammering while his friend raided a Kobold cave, one wondering why he chose this boring job in the first place, one making weapons for more than 10 days, only to have them be equivalent to the weapons that Kobold dropped. There was also talk about Thor, the dwarf blacksmith with the highest smithing level of Intermediate 5, people wondering how long that would have took and how they envy him. Weed then heads to the 2nd floor, and after talking to the Guildmaster and passing a test (simply repairing a shield that needed an intermediate repair level to fix), he learned the blacksmith skill, allowing him to decrease the level required to equip items by 2% per Blacksmith level. After buying a hammer, grinding wheel, portable forge that can run on mana and basic molds, etc. Weed takes his ore that he gathered from the Lair of Livart and stockpiled.
The first sword he made was a 70/70 sword with 6 attack and a +5 power and level 15 requirement, but more importantly his blacksmithing increased by 36%. After selling it for 70 silver and marveling how much money blacksmithing gives he continued to smith. At level 2, he can make weapons with improved damage. At level 3, the defense of the armor created increases, with armor that is made of bronze and copper given an extra additional property (like +1 agility/+x something). At level 4, all weapons Weed creates gets even more damage, and it takes less strength to do more damage with the weapon. At level 5, the armor that Weed makes is lighter and he gains the ability to make boots. At level 6, both attack and defense of his created items increases. After continuing for a whole 10 days and nights, Weed finally exhausts all the ore he had in his inventory. It then goes on to explain how, due to Weed’s dexterity level (intermediate 8), the items that Weed created were two times more durable, with a lot better effects than normal blacksmithers.
After achieving level 6 blacksmithing, Weed then goes to the fishing guildmaster-purchasing a fishing rod on the way-where the guildmaster asks whether he wants to achieve a fishing legend, or if he wanted to make memorable catches (the only requirements to learn fishing is to have a rod and answer the question). Contrary to the guildmaster’s expectations, Weed simply said “I’m hungry, I want to learn because I can eat fish.” Although he was surprised, the guild master laughed and asked Weed to make soup for him sometime, giving Weed some special bait and giving Weed the fishing skill. After acquiring 30 pieces of bait, Weed goes to the Tailoring guild, distressed and conflicted about “leaning this junk” due to his childhood memories of being exploited in a dusty factory as a child, getting sick and not even receiving any compensation. However, Weed eventually decides to sew, easily passing the sewing test of attaching buttons, and learning the sewing skill. After buying a pair of scissors and some fabric, Weed sits outside and starts to sew. Soon after Weed reached level 2 people started noticing Weed and gathered curiously since most people never watched a crafts man work before, although they commented that the clothes that Weed made were simple and without patterns. After raising his skill to 4, Weed takes out the premium deerskin that he got from turning Mora villagers back to normal, which is a 2nd tier sewing item giving magical resistance and enhanced agility. Although the deerskin is usually used by intermediate tailors for the best effect, Weed decides that the amount of skill exp is better than the money wasted and makes a Deer Tunic .
Deer Tunic
Restrictions : level 15
Durability : 40/40
Defense 13
Options : Gives Monks a 2% boost to agility
raising his sewing Skill to five, with the spectators saying how the clothes looked good and wondering whether sewing skills were supposed to rise that fast. Weed then continued to make items, using up all 200 of the deerskin and increasing his sewing skill to level 9 due to his superior materials.
Chapter 3: Prismatic Clothing Auctions
The chapter begins with an introduction to Liberty City, a great beginner town with lots of cheap advantages. However, the normally sleepy atmosphere of this town has been broken by a congregation of users, gathered around a man offering to repair items to max, make leather and cloth attire, craft up to bronze armor, and cooking 92 different dishes, with the cheapest food offering rises of 150 in strength. Although many of the newbies rushed to Weed, the others users immediately told them that Weed was just a scammer, stating that it was common sense that it's impossible for somebody to be a tailor, chef, repair all at the same time. After being called scum and a fraud, Weed got annoyed at the ignorant idiots, and then summoned the Death Knight. After shutting up the skeptics since a person high enough to have a Death Knight wouldn’t bother to cheat noobs for their money, the first person came up, cautiously paying 30 copper to cook a piece of meat. Immediately after tasting it, the user emptied his entire backpack, asking Weed to cook all the meat he had. Soon, a huge line formed, with people asking to register Weed as their friend for more services later. After finding out that his name is Weed, the people were like “Huh?...No way….” It is then explained that the name Weed in Royal Road had a complex meaning. It turns out that multiple people can choose the same name, meaning that the name Weed could have been selected even before Lee Hyun made his avatar . However, each name has a unique code so even when trying to private message (PM) a person that has the same name as another person, the code will guide the PM to the correct person. After finding out that he’s Weed, he gets mobbed by users, who ask if he’s the Weed from Continent of Magic, whether he was the one who performed the quest for Freya, etc. However, Weed says he’s not the same as the one from CoM while other people point out that it would be absurd for a person that summoned a Death Knight to work for the Freya church.
Weed then repairs, cooks, and crafts items. An interesting thing to note is the fact that Weed’s engraving skills can be used to enhance his crafted items
a set of Impure Steel Boots: 35/35 durability. 6 Defense. +2 agility item is transformed into Steel Fox Treads by Weed engraving a nine-tailed fox onto the boots, turning it into a 38/38, 7 defense item with +2 agility, +1 Strength, and +1 Stamina. Weed is surprised at this fact seeing as info on sculptors are extremely rare, much less dual sculptor and other craft classes and compares it the influence of sculptor on the crafting classes, to the influence of mathematics in sciences. Weed’s had made items from the ingredients, charging only ½ the price of actually buying the items in most stores would cost. His popularity and generosity soon spread, and people flocked from the nearby cities. Soon, Weed’s Blacksmithing skill reached the intermediate class enabling him to learn Sword Grind, which enhance weapon damage, and Polish Armor, which sometimes confuses and dazzles the enemy and it also increases defense. Weed gains +5 to all stats, +50 reputation, and +3 Art. Shortly afterwards, Weed’s sewing skill hit 10, turning to intermediate also, granting Weed the Ironing ability torise in defense and the handwashing abilities that gives a random defense bonus and option, although severe rewashing can damage the clothes. Weed also gains +5 to all stats, +50 reputation, and +70 art. Finally, he announced that he would be having an auction to end his services because of “personal reasons” he couldn’t stay much longer with the crowning event being items tailored from the Prismatic Cloth, before logging out. Many people wondered what the Prismatic Cloth was, so then one person went to the Royal Road Information Site and discovered:
Sovereign Prismatic Cloth (President of the Rainbow)
Durability: 5.5.
Ultimate sewing materials,
items made from it gives seven different characteristics, blunts enemy’s ranged attacks, and offers great defense.
top tier sewing Material, Intermediate Sewing skills are required.
Options: Grants seven randomly generated attributes.
The news soon spread like a wildfire. Three days later, on the promised day of the auction, the city was packed with people, from hopeful individuals to clans (guild) representatives intent of purchasing the items for their clan. Mapan starts the bidding because Weed doesn’t want anybody to connect his face to that of the Princess Knight’s. After the auction, with bids reaching 4000 gold per item, Weed disappears, disappointing the hopefuls who wished that Weed was still there.
Chapter 4: Engraving Master Darone
The Bensa River is one of the most famous locations in Royal Road. In addition to its popularity with fishermen, its scenic views combined with its ideal picnic location make it an extremely popular spot for couples. However, the couples who ignorantly visit the river during the monsoon season are usually treated to a flash flood and death by drowning.
something along the lines of: “Aww…this is so beautiful, look at this river and sky” and promises of love, to “hey, isn’t the water getting a little bit too high?” to “Shouldn’t we probably go befor-“ *river flash-floods*
Weed is now fishing alongside the bank after already fishing for a week, he now contemplating the difference between fishing and professions like blacksmithing and sewing. Instead of simply churning out items at maximum speed, fishing requires lots of patience. Furthermore, although it's slightly affected by dexterity and bait, fishing depends on personal skill. A player has to predict where the fish swims in the river, waiting patiently for the fish to bite. Weed decides to make a statue to accelerate the process, PMing Mapan who was extremely happy about the prestige and fame he received from the auction, to transport a large stone over. While Weed is waiting for Mapan to transfer the stone, he observes the other fisherman, most of which only fish as a hobby, rather than doing it for stats and food and he then overhears that there are specific areas where fish are present, like places with plants, clear water, turbulent water, place where algae is concentrated, places of a specific temperature, etc. causing him to finally realizing why he isn’t catching any decent fish. The stone then arrives and Weed, inspired by the little mermaid story (?), decides to carve a mermaid. The other anglers curiously watch as Weed carves the mermaid statue once again based off of Seoyun. The statue has an artistic value of 450 and has the ability of preventing floods in the river for the next 10 years, to the dismay and anger of all of the other fisherman who enjoyed watching all the lovey-dovey couples getting washed away. Weed is then forced to destroy the statue which reduces his reputation by 3, increasing his sculpting skill by 0.2% and convert’s ½ of his art stats to agility/dexterity for the rest of the day, His art stat, which was over 900, is promptly converted, allowing him to fish so fast that his hands were a blur.
The scene then switches to Geomchi and his gang, who are currently decimating the population of one of the southern forests of Rosenheim kingdom. Due to the lack of vendors, they can only resort to “cooking” the deer and bird meat they catch, so distasteful that most of the trainees were fantasizing about the “good old days” of barley bread. They then meet a child, who pleads them to help rescue his parents from giants, a C difficulty quest. Despite his record of refusing all previous quests offered, Geomchi accepts the quest to the surprise of some of the trainees, stating that it should be natural to help those in need. The enthusiasm of the group is slightly dampened once they discover the footprints of the giants, which are 3 meters in diameter. However, they continue to the giant’s cave, swarming the giant like ants and eventually killing it. They all go up 2 levels, receive an increase in familiarity with villagers, gain 26 reputation, and each received a better sword.
The story then goes back to Weed, who we find has reached [97.6%] beginning level 9 after long struggles, fishing motionlessly right next to a good-looking young man named Zephyr which he befriended while fishing. The stillness is first broken by Zephyr, who pulls his rod, announcing that he had a big catch, which turned out to be an old boot. Weed then pulled up his line, which was attached to a 45 cm carp(fish). Weed finally reaches Intermediate fishing, obtaining :
+25 water affinity
+2000 life, increased effect when cooking fish
the ability to catch specialty fish
+50% to the effects of fish bait
+3 to all stats,
+50 reputation
+30 endurance
+30 intelligence
+30 wisdom.
Weed then leaves, to the disappointment of Zephyr, and heads to a store, buttering up the manager in order to sell the sculptures he made while fishing. After buying the statues for 245 gold, the shopkeeper mentions that there is an engraving master called Darone that is highly skilled.
Chapter 5: Shapeshifter sculpture
Guided by the information that the shopkeeper gave him, Weed goes to Darone workshop in the town of Rega. Eager to learn one of the five techniques of the 5 Engraving masters (Zahab and the Emperor being 2 of them), Weed enters the workshop where he come upon Darone carving a sculpture of a woman. Darone looks up, correctly identifying Weed as an engraver, and offers to teach Weed a special skill. Although Weed tried to enthusiastically accept, Darone tells Weed that he will not give the skill to anybody, requiring Weed to finish a quest first. Weed is then offered a quest that requires him to observe the behaviors of five different creatures to such an extent that Weed can perfectly predict and mimic the actions of the five. Although Weed is kind of embarrassed and shocked, he accepts the quest, choosing the rabbit as his first observational animal.
Feeling miserable, Weed begins to imitate the rabbit, crouching over and eating grass which, thanks to his herb-gathering skill was not as bad as it seemed. Weed then bunny hops, trying to follow the rabbits which zig-zags and run in short bursts in random directions, shocked at the speed of rabbits. (In his words “Why the hell are the rabbits so fast?”) After observing and mimicking rabbits for a whole day, Weed has reached 35% of the progress for mimicking rabbits and only after getting 100% on all five animals, the quest is complete. It then explains all of the things that Weed learned about rabbits and their thought and behavioral patterns. Also, he is so acquainted with rabbits now that Weed can literally go up right next to them without scaring them. Five days then past, with Weed progress exceeding 80%, and with Weed reaching a point where he can literally predict what the rabbit will do. if Weed says “sit down. Stand up. Roll, Jump to the side” then that’s what the rabbit does. Finally, Weed finishes the rabbit observation and then observes the deer which he can just barely follow due to his high agility stats.
At first he tries to run after the deer, but then realizes that deer are quadruped beasts, so then he gets down on all fours and starts following the deer. The point of view changes and We now find out that Hwaryeong and Mapan have been going around trading and have decide to visit Rega in order to build up relationships with the NPCs and therefore make more money with the trading. The two were currently talking about the profits made from the trip since most of the trip consisted of traveling from one city to another. They then talk about Weed and how he defeated the vampires and rescued the Freya’s Paladins, etc. While they are entering Rega, they notice a large group of people congregating near the hunting grounds. Curious, Mapan and Hwaryeong go and see something strange. They see a fox running through the field, with a person following it, with his actions perfectly resembling a foxes. A girl among the watchers then comments on how that person had mimicked rabbits, deer, goblins, and now a fox. Then Mapan and Hwareong finally recognizes that it was Weed who was the one that was running with the fox, and then slowly walk away.
The Point of View switches back to Weed, who is currently going to a horse farm on the outskirts of the city. After a day, Weed reaches 12% progress, with Weed ending the day by only eating vegetables in order to “fully understand” the horse. Weed finally reaches 100% and also acquires
Movement Skill: Quadruped Run (four-run).
It allows an increase of 60% to speed requires the user to pay a certain amount of health and mana in order to use
reduces the normal stamina consumption rate when running against the wind by 30%, and increases speed when running with the wind by 20%. Furthermore, when running in mountain terrain, plains, or grasslands, the speed of the user is increased by 80%. Weed’s stamina also increases by 5 and his agility is increased by 10.
Weed then goes back to Darone, where Weed is shocked to find that Darone was working on another statue almost exactly the same as the woman statue that Darone created the last time seeing as there’s a severe penalty for creating the same work over again.
Weed then reports to Darone that he has comprehended the natures of five animals. as Darone’s requested but Darone request from him once more to carve those animal that he mimicked, Weed begins to confidently carve a rabbit sculpture and realizes that something is different. He realizes that there are subtle difference in the ways that the ears, feet, tail were carved, discovering that creating a sculpture of a rabbit was different than it was in the past. Weed finishes carving all five of the creatures he observed, creating a masterpiece with an artistic value of 460 and the option of increasing health and mana regeneration by 6% during the day, increased affinity towards animals,
15% rise in resistance to fire,
+25 leadership bonus
+10 intellect increase
+10 increase in movement speed.
Weed discovers that masterpieces can be small remarking on how all his works used to be large. Darone tells Weed that he passed his test. Darone then starts to cough blood, telling Weed that he was going to die soon and when Weed asked Darone if he was ok. Darone then offers another quest for Weed to assist him in making sculptures :
Darone wants to finish an order of 300 sculptures before he dies,
also giving a 2 fold increase in sculpting experience gain during the period of the quest.
Because it is a good opportunity for him since his sculpting mastery is almost at intermediate 7, Weed created sculptures with Darone for the whole week, morning, day, and night. After they carved 300 statues, Weed learns the Sculpture Shapeshifting skill and the Passive skill of Understanding Sculptures. Weed then calls up his skill info:
Sculpture Shapeshifting: A technique created by Engraving Master Darone. Can change the casters body into the form of the statue.
Limitations: Can only be casted on sculptures made by those who fully understand the object of the carving means that you has to understand the thing that he’s carving before making a statue that you can cast shapeshifting into.
Skill Requirements: 2000 Mana and 500 or more in Art
Notice! Even if transformed into another race, all stats are scaled to your level. If you transform into the body of a large creature, you will consume more stamina and require more strength.
Sculpture Comprehension 1 (0%): Allows you to create even higher quality works of sculptures you know. As skill level goes up, additional effect of Sculptural Shapeshifiting will be added.
Beginner: Adds 10% to the effect of transformation. Can only change into earthbound races
Intermediate: Adds 20% to effect of transformation. Can now change into flying creatures. However, you must learn how to fly.
Advanced: Adds 30% to the effect of transformation. Can transform into colossal creatures.
Weed is satisfied with the skill, although he remarks that even if he transformed into something strong like a dragon, he would still be nowhere near the strength of an actual dragon. Darone coughs up blood again, and with his dying breath, asks Weed to forge his way forward as an engraver and master his skills. He then rambles on about how he wished he had finished the sculpture of the woman he loved and how the Legendary Egnraver Emperor managed to unify the entire continent. Weed then flashes back to how he thought he had been scammed when he first took the engraving job, and now decides that being a moonlight sculptor is a good class after all. After talking about engravers forsook fame and fortune to pursue dreams like carving the moonlight, Darone dies, with his last words being “Oh, Elrien” (presumably his lover’s name). Weed then sculpts a statue in the memory of Darone, creating a Masterpiece with an Artistic value of 2300.
+50% life regeneration.
+40% magic resistance,
+45 increase in vitality and +10 to all stats,
making it his second true Masterpiece. Weed’s engraving level rises to eight intermediate, with his dexterity going up to nine intermediate, and his Sculpture Comprehension going to level 4 beginners. As a reward for creating the sculpture, Weed gains :
1200 fame, 79 Art, 3 Endurance, 3 Stamina, and 5 leadership.
Also, all of Weed’s stats rises by 1.
Chapter 6: Siege of Ohdein Castle
After remarking that it has been a long time since he fought monsters and experienced the thrill of battle, we find out that Weed had not leveled up since his quest for Freya (so he’s still at level 228). Pale and his friends have reached a level around 190, Hwaryeong is level 210, and Mapan is level 160. We also find out that Geomchi and his group have been PMing Weed frequently in order to find out what drops the most delicious food, etc. It also turns out that the top 5 of the martial artists have gotten so attuned to fighting with the wolves in the forest that they perfectly predict all of the wolves’ movements, dealing critical hits and coming out of a fight unscathed. The scene then shifts to the Ohdein fort, where the Oasis clan and Balkan clan are assaulting the Prosperous Empire clan controlling Fort Ohdein. (I think that the Empire controls a mini independent state). Although the Balkan clan have assaulted Fort Ohdein unsuccessfully several times, they have joined up with Oasis the mercenary clan. Because of the lucrative awards offered by both sides (tax breaks, rewards per kill, etc) users flocked to both sides. We are then shown that the Fort was buzzing with activity, with groups arriving, corps being dispatched, seeing that if the Prosperous Empire Clan lost, they would lose everything. The Masked Butterfly mercenaries who were attracted by the rewards gather near the fort, nervously talking about how the siege is fierce, how they can see flying wizards that are extremely high level ones.
Because the Prosperous Empire guild controls a gold mine and need manpower, they have commissioned a 10 gold per enemy reward, leading tons of people flocking to join. The battle then begins, with the Balkan guild’s army marching forward, clashing with the elite Iron Cross Knights defending the fort. The Iron Knights retreat after a short skirmish, as the tidal wave of tens of thousands storm the fort, to be intercepted by the spells of wizards and archers, it was compared to throwing pebbles inside an ocean. The wizards were countered in return, by the spirits, golems, and assassins who has infiltrated the fort. The Battle for Fort Ohdein truly begins now, with NPCs and users trying to swarm up the walls with ropes and ladders, with ballista and catapults causing severe damage onto the Balkan army. After four hours, with the Fort walls on the brink of being overrun by the Balkans that had to sacrifice more than 1/3 of their fighting power to do that.
This is the time where the mercenaries and Weed attack. Thinking about how real the fight felt compared to the large-scale fights broadcasted on T.V. or the clan wars in Continent of Magic and feeling a sense of battle, Weed uses the Sculpting Blade technique to kill a combatant, with the other mercenaries casting their skills as well. Weed then proceeds to slaughter several opponents commenting on how weak they were but it's because he had over 9000 health and the ironing and sharpening skill, not to mention his Sculpting Blade which bypasses all armor and his amazing combat experience. After killing 4 people, the novel explains that the mercenaries will receive the compensation according to the request; rarely, fame and sometimes even a title may be granted. With his42 comrades averaging level 250 they managed to easily cut a swath through the Balkan Army. Because of Weed’s threat level, many tried to jump him, but due to their much lower levels, they were almost cut down immediately. The battle raged on all day, with blood running in streams. However, in the end, victory belonged to the Empire guild, thanks to the thick walls of the Ohdein fort and the 42 users of the Masked Butterfly Mercenaries and Weed, which will become a legend in those lands.
The scene switches to Geomchi and his group, who are fighting in the mountains and valleys on the southern tip of Rosenheim. They have now reached an average of level 180, catching up to Weed quickly since the only thing that they have been doing is fighting. However, unknown to the martial artists, they are being watched. By whom? Interestingly, it's by the 4 PKers that attempted to kill Weed and Mapan. Although it's been a few months since that encounter, the levels of the four PKers are still near the same level, seeing as they ignore monster hunting in favor of killing people; basically, sacrificing exp and skill for items and money. Although the martial artists numbered 505, they split into hunting groups of around five. The 4 Pkers then decide to jump one of the groups, which turned out to be the group with Geomchi and his top 4 students. The first PKer, Gran, uses the skill and attempts to attack Geomchi with his flaming sword. However, Geomchi, moving like he was taking a leisurely stroll, stepped back one step, simultaneously pulling out his sword and intercepts Gran’s Flaming Sword. Gran calls Geomchi stupid since his sword explodes after a short time in contact with another object however, he is stunned that the flow of his sword has changed, causing the sword to erupt in empty air with no damage to Geomchi. It then turns out, that the martial artists have learned a new technique. However, because it costs 50 mana and since these guys have never invested points in intellect, it is very hard for them to use that technique, The technique consists of first pinpointing the direction of the enemy attack and the amount of power behind it. Then, the user diverts the power, changing the flow of the attack and causing it to miss. Gran then attempts to attack 5 more times, with each attack being misdirected. Geomchi then asks what type of humanoid enemy Gran is, and scornfully says that Death Knights had better attack patterns then Gran. Geomchi and his disciples then begin to attack, annihilating the group.
After a day, the 4 Pkers reunite, still shocked at the fact that they were so completely destroyed yesterday. They contact the Jamaican Guild, receiving 300 people as backup and assault Geomchi and his group again. Seeing their melee forces getting exterminated, the PK group concentrates on magical attacks, pulling back all their forces to far range. After being consecutively assaulted by range attacks (arrows and magic ) many of the martial artists lost their lives. Stating that this is their first crisis ever since they all died from the lack of barley bread, then Geomchi orders them to pull back into the woods, with only 260 martial artists left and all of them with only ½ of their life left. The disciples try to convince Geomchi to flee while they stay behind and hold the enemy back. Claiming that they were real men, Geomchi stays with the disciples and fight the attackers. Due to the PKers back-up of priests, more of the lower level trainees die. Finally the martial artists have been killed.
Coming out of his capsule, thinking about how he lost, and considering the limitations of swordsmanship, he goes up to the blackboard and starts writing the names of the 4 PKers "Gran, Halma, Slender, and Rewi" and "the Jamaica guild", declaring that the dojo will get their revenge. The scene goes back to the PKers who are anticipating the rich rewards they will get from looting the martial artists. One of them then remarks how, although he enjoys the taste of killing, it is the allure of trophies that actually makes him a PKer, stating how a person can hunt hard for days to get a piece of equipment whereas a PKer can easily take it off of him. They then examine the loot inventory only to be shocked beyond belief. There was a sword which urgently needed repair, a cape, and a bag. As for everything else? Barley Bread.
Chapter 7: Dungeon Hunting
The chapter starts with Lee Hyun watching Wan and Sinhye Min the most well known game show hostess in KMC talking on the KMC Media channels, thinking how he prefers KMC over CTS because the KMC media has a more friendly and less strict approach with discussion news on Royal Road. The announcers then talks about how finally, in the kingdom of, the User level of 370 has been broken through by the player Ray Bard. They then show a clip of Ray, covered with black armor from head to toe, battling a Barbarian Warrior. The Barbarian takes a swing at the Black Knight (Ray) which he easily avoids, counterattacking and killing the warrior. The announcer then states how most of Ray’s skills are unknown and how Ray is the leader of the Hermes Clan. The two announcers then continue to talk about other events in the kingdom (Clan wars, thieving gangs, famines, dust storms etc.). Weed’s mind then wanders off, thinking about how much the top character in Royal Road will sell for. He mentions how out of the more than 100 million users of Royal road, many of them visit for the purpose of recreation and non-gaming related fun. For example, many families go to visit the Bensa River, enjoying luxury food and nice items (despite of their level being lower than 50) by buying virtual cash and items with real money. Furthermore, many people now spend their vacations in Royal Road given the ease of accessing the resort and the things that are a lot more expensive in real life. On top of all of this, there is also the values of expensive items and strong characters. Considering all of these factors, the value of the character with the highest level will be astronomical. However, Weed states that Ray will never sell his character, seeing as it would be stupid to sell so soon. Unlike the aged Continent of Magic, where the strongest character is more of just a trophy, Royal Road will easily maintain the top game for at least 10 years. Therefore, by owning the best character, you can make an incredible amount of wealth. Sinhye Min then tells Wan about the surprising news that somebody has reached the intermediate level in Sewing, Cooking and Blacksmithing. Min then continues to say how she didn’t believe at first, due to how hard it is to reach intermediate in one production skill, much less 3. Weed then muses about how blacksmithing and sewing are easy to level up, but then remembers that his dexterity skill allowed him to level up two times as fast as everybody else. One of the announcers then ask whether the player has been interviewed yet, but to their disappointment, it turns out that the player has not been interviewed and that this information was obtained from quite some time ago from when the mysterious player sold clothing created from the Prismatic Cloth. The T.V. screen then shifts to a thriving medieval town with many temples and pagodas, hoses with large gardens, and 2-3 story buildings. Underneath a coliseum, carriages and people are moving, shop owners and customers haggle for the prices of the item. And in the wide open space, is a user offering clothes brilliantly shining with seven kinds of different color to sell, with the bids skyrocketing. Lee then remarks how lucky he was that he allowed Mapan to sell the items. Wan and Sinhye remarks on how the auctions have become more exciting and then the screen shifts back to Mapan. Mapan yells out the qualities of the clothes and describes the information:
Rare Rainbow Tunic:
Durability: 110/110
Defense: 55
Tunic made from the Prismatic Cloth
This attire has a high artistic quality, helping prevent attacks from monsters
Requirements: Level 150
Strength: 80
Agility: 80
Properties:Damage from projectiles (slings and arrows) is reduced by 85%
Durability will not decrease from flame magic.
20% chance to block mind magic (geongyeokgye magic)
Reduces the chance of a critically hit
100 increase in reputation
20 increase in Elegance
15 increase in Art
10 increase in Agility
It then explains how the clothing was popular not only because of its absurdly high durability compared to normal cloth armor, but it also has seven unique properties, whereas usually there are only 2-3 different properties for your average armor. The announcers wrap up this discussion by promising to interview the “Mysterious user” and Lee Hyun thinks how its tedious to be famous. Although you may get a higher price if you are well known, it gets annoying when you have to team up with people on quests and when you go group hunting. Wan then goes on to tell about how the Prosperous Empire Clan had neutralized the Balkan Clan. As a result of the war, Fort Ohdein has raised taxes by 70% in order to help with the post war recovery. One of the announcers is slight depressed about the tax increase but the other one points out that this is unavoidable, and typical standard behavior. The screen then shifts to a recording of Fort Ohdein fighting the battle from a birds eye view which is most likely being filmed by a flying wizard. Weed then turns off the television and gets into his capsule, connecting with Royal Road and appears in Fort Ohdein.
Weed connects back to Royal Road and appears in Fort Ohdein, going to the market square, where many people are talking about how Ray Bard has reached level 370 and how more people are going to Haben kingdom because of Ray. It then goes on and tells about how Ray Bard stood on the peak of all of the Royal Road broadcasts, with even one of his videos earning millions of downloads and how many people watched Royal Road due to its realism. In addition to people talking about Ray, there were also many people looking for dungeon parties and similar things. We find out that Weed has gone up 2 levels during the siege to Level 230 and its explained that when you kill somebody, you earn a lot more experience than just killing a monster of the same level, because of the higher death risk and not many people take the chance. After distributing the 10 stat points he gained, Weed goes to the grocery store buying food ingredients, herbs, and bandage materials in bulk.
Jareteuui, the Red Herb: 2 silver: Helps with healing wounds.
Ceylon, the Blue Herb: 4 silver. Helps restore mana, etc.
Weed buys 200 of each item for cheap (because the mercenaries got a tax break).
Then the scene jumps to a Wizard named Solon who was fighting one of the NPC Bandit groups (Basara Group) near Ohdein. Because his party consisted of mostly archers and mages, they manage to wipe out most of the thieves before the thieves could get close. This is when we find out that Hwareong and Zephyr are also in that group. Hwareyongs slows down all the left over thieves with Seductive Dance while Zephyr uses Iron Swing and Lure (he uses a fishing rod as a weapon). After the fight, Solon comes up to Hwaryreong praising her "although I have seen thousands of beautiful butterflies before, the most beautiful butterfly is in front of me” Note: her name is butterfly related.
Solon then asks her to join his guild Mabaro which Hwaryeong refuses. The novel then explains how the Mabaro Guild helped the Prosperous Empire guild during the Fort Ohdein siege, resulting in them getting exclusive hunting rights in the Basara Caverns. Hwaryeong complains that the hunting is boring seeing as she didn’t actually do anything and the real reason why Solon invited her was because she was really beautiful,
we also find out that the reason she split from Mapan was so she could eventually level up more and make her way to Ohdein, drawn by the hunting opportunities.
Solon’s group then attacks another group of NPCs and we find out that although that Solon’s group relied on immense burst ranged damage, with Hwareong, a warrior and Zephyr to mop up the rest, every time after a battle, Solon would take an extremely long break. Lastly, Solon was giving most of the loot to Hwaryeong because she is cute despite the silent complaints of the other party members. Although she is getting a lot of exp, about 4% per group. Hwaryeong worries that her dancing skills themselves were still quite low because she didn’t really use them that often since most of the enemies were already killed and she only had to dance once per a group.
The point of view shifts back to Weed who was going to the Basra Caverns. On the way he receives several party offers but he rejects them all. He then stops in front of the entrance of the Caverns and reviews the information on it: The Basra Caverns are inhabited by an average of 120-200 monsters, with four underground floors, the monsters increase in power the further and deeper you go. However, the most frightening thing about the Caverns were the nature of the enemies. Unlike most creatures (undead, beasts, etc), the NPCs in the Caverns will take the equipment you drop upon death, so unlike most dungeons that have the options of when you die, you can usually go to your corpse and pick up your items again a day later, the items that you lost upon death are gone. Weed goes to the entrance of the 3rd floor where he is considering party members. Unfortunately, Mapan is to busy due to his significant rise in fame after the Prismatic cloth auctions and has even hired assistants. However, Weed sees that Hwaryeon is inside the cave and finds her fighting the bandits. After waiting for her to finish fighting, Weed walks up to greet her. Solon comes immediately thinking that Weed was her boyfriend or just another person that was infatuated with her but is relieved to find out that Weed was just a normal friend and coworker of Hwaryeong’s. Weed joins the party but is extremely bored, since Solon learned that Weed was an engraver, he didn’t let Weed fight at all. Weed comments on how Hwaryeong was extremely popular and Hwaryeong tells Weed that it was because her charm Stat was very high since she’s a dancer. She then explains how a high charm stat adds subtle changes to a person’s appearance, such as a faint halo, whiter skin, finer eyes, etc. Weed then thinks to himself about how a pretty women is a weakness of men and how all women costs money.
After about 12 in game hours, Solon’s party disbands. This is when Weed says “let’s start.” He pulls out his sword and his grinding stone, sharpening it and increasing damage by 14% and then we find out that his sharpening skill is intermediate 4. He then polishes his armor increasing the defense by 16% and the chances of fleeing and avoiding attacks by 2%. Weed then cooks a shrimp dish mentioning how surprisingly, the materials at Fort Ohdein was cheaper than that of Rosenheim because of the lack of taxes. After making one shrimp, Weed looks up and notices that Hwareong and Zephyr were looking at him with a extremely hungry expression . Weed then charges them a gold each which they gladly pay and they both devour the shrimp entering a cuisine nirvana. Hwaryeong then comments on how Mapan was right for praising Weed and continues to devour more shrimp. All of their life and mana increases by 400, stamina increases by 20, and art increases by 15. Weed then creates a party and invites Hwareong and Zephyr to join which they accept. He then sharpens, repairs, polish, and iron their equipment, leaving Hwaryeon and Zephyr with their mouths hanging open. Zephyr then mentions how they should probably get 3 more people but Weed said that their party was sufficient, and then calls up the Death Knight. Because of the Death Knight’s 20% experience leech, the Death Knight is now approaching 290. The party then goes to the fourth floor and we find out that the head of the Basra Order was originally from an aristocratic family but decided to rebel. There aren’t that many people on the fourth floor because most of the monsters there are around there are level 240. While they are roaming around the bottom floor, with Zephyr and Hwareyeong berating Weed for his attempt to fight without even a priest or paladin for healing. The party gets jumped by thieves
who scream out stuff like: “This is a robbery!”
“Empty out your inventory at once”
“In order to fix the country your wealth is needed!”
The Death Knight reacts immediately, casting Dark Speculation increasing attack and defense and then uses Death Blade, attacking the closest thief with a sword of dark energy. The energy around the sword then spread like a net, slicing the thief into thousands of pieces. Zephyr and Hwaryeong watches with awe, wondering
“Is this the power of a level 290 monster?” and
“How the hell did Weed tame something like that?”
Weed is surprised that the Death Knight was that strong seeing as the Death Knight didn’t play a significant role in fighting the vampires in Mora. However, it turns out that's because they control the power of death, they can only bring out their full potential when fighting living things. Because the Moravian Vampires were undead, many of the Death Knight’s skills were useless. Weed then wonders about the Necklace of Black Life of the Vampire Lord Tori. He then commands the Death Knight not to kill the enemies, but just to inflict and moderate damage so the party can finish them off. Weed then uses the engraving knife technique and attacks the rest of the enemies while shouting phrases like “Die!” and “Give Me Money!”
As he rushes towards his enemies, Weed discovers that he is happy to fight, and feels the pleasure of never getting tired. He then recalls his battles, starting from the first time he was taught how to hold a sword in the dojo, training for a year to fighting the vampires. He realizes the combat difference between one that doesn’t know swordplay and one that does is like the difference between heaven and earth. Unlike the other players who don’t know swordsmanship, Weed’s training practically gives him wings, allowing him to soar above obstacle in his path. With his training, Lee Hyun has learned about the freedom of the sword, the breathing techniques, how to control his body, control his life, etc. Weed then lands 3 consecutive critical strikes causing a system message to pop up asking whether he wanted to register that as a skill. a skill that give a critical attack when attacking the weak spots of the opponent.
Although such a chance is usually extremely rare due to the unlikely-hood of scoring 3 critical in a role, Weed didn’t save it as a skill upon the basis that if he can perfectly synchronize his mind and body, he will not need any extraneous skills (basically, he’s saying that he can hit the weak points without computer assisted help). Weed then uses the Engraving Blade technique again, while Hwaryeong uses her Enchanted Dance the bubibubi, causing the thieves to gape at her (“She’s too beautiful...” *drools*) and Zephyr uses Fishing Swing to attack his opponents. Weed and the Death Knight holds off the main forces of the group but some also start to approach Zephyr and Hwaryeong. Hwaryeong collapses onto the floor, exhausted after using up all of her mana and stamina, while Zephyr holds off the enemies. Due to the incredible endurance and stamina of the Fisherman Class, he takes damage extremely well. Weed continues to another group of enemies and Hwaryeong remarks how it's funny that although she’s completely exhausted, she has never gained so much experience or had so much fun hunting before. While they are taking a short repair break, Hwaryeon asks if Weed has always hunted like this which he answers "yes" and whether he feels afraid when fighting, it then goes on to explain how most people freeze when confronting such realistic creatures. Weed just remarks that he has seen a lot scarier monsters. She then says how it is fun to be with Weed. After finishing up healing and repairs, Weed remarks on how Zephyr and Hwaryeong were close to dying the last battle and tells them to try to avoid taking as much damage as possible. Weed then asks the two if they accepted Weed as the leader of the party and both of them nod since he is the most powerful and experienced out of all of them, and even though they have both labored hours upon hours on their characters, they were still nowhere close to Weed, In addition, they call Weed a monster behind his back, seeing as he has reached the intermediate level in five skills. It then talks about how the leader of the party is usually the Warrior or another leader class seeing as they have high charisma and leadership, which slightly effect combat. Afterwards, they continued hunting endlessly, only taking time to repair the loot to avoid breaking it and losing the chance of earning more money.
Finally after 16 hours of continuous combat, Zephyr suffered a serious injury from being slashed by one of the Basra NPCs.
Hwaryeong thought "You demand too much! Don’t you see, we’re human beings, we feel tired !!” then she looked at Zephyr who was on the verge of dying and added "Dammit, that lucky bastard, you’re going to get a one day rest. Who’s going to save me from the grasp of this devil?".
Zephyr, while lying on the ground he said “It’s fine Hwaryeong, Weed. Don’t worry yourself about it, I don’t blame you.” *weakly laughs* “Just leave me be and continue on! There are no priests or other healers here so I’m going to die”
Because Zephyr was slashed in the stomach, he’s suffering from a gut wound, causing his life to fall extremely fast leaving Zephyr with only 23% life remaining. This is an extremely dangerous situation but it can be avoided. However, if there are no healers, Zephyr will definitely die. Zephyr prepares to get out of his capsule with the intention to relax. However, Weed pulls out his bandages and says “I’ll heal”
“Ha ha! Very funny...”
“Apply Bandages!”
*You rolled the bandages around him with lightning fast*
-The wound has stops bleeding
-The injury has stabilizes
-Life is being restored, Current life: 26%
-Life is being restored, Current life: 29%
“Gahk-” Zephyr’s eyes pop out, choking in his surprise. He reels back from Weed in fear and asks Weed. “Hey...Weed? How high is your bandage skill?....”
“Oh, Intermediate level 9, Why?”
It the goes on, mentioning stuff about how Weed always used bandages and hunted without healers, leading to a ridiculously high bandage score. Also, he had fought level 270 vampires, albeit(even if) with the help of Ron Alves so fighting the Basra NPCs were a cakewalk for him. Furthermore, the thieves only used daggers and Weed had an insane amount of vitality. With his 14,000 health (2 times as much as before) and his blacksmith techniques to enhance his attack and defense, Weed can probably single-handedly hunt vampires now. The benefits of the Moonlight Engraver class is then explained, with the masterpieces giving many stat and skill points and the access to every single production skill. After a whopping 29 hours of straight hunting, the party’s inventory became so filled that it was impossible to store anymore. Relieved, Zephyr and Hwaryeong remark how it was one of the hardest and worst experiences ever. However, Weed shocks them by saying: “I’ll go to the village to sell the loot. Let’s meet again soon to finish up.”
Chapter Eight: The Dark Gamer's Union
The chapter begins with Lee studying over a math book, complaining about the uselessness of learning complex calculations seeing as most computers and calculators can already do it. He considers ignoring the GED for a moment, but then banishes the idea on the basis that he already paid the money for it. After 2 hours of studying, his sister decides to assist him, “Ok, look at it this way, brother. How much money do you get when you deposit XXX won for 12 months with a bank with 5.39% interest.
Before she even had a chance to blink, Weed declared, “3,700,505 Won! Although you originally have AAA Won, you have to pay the tax on the interest. When you sign up for tax breaks, you can save....”
Well, you get the idea. So, after converting all of the math problems into money related problems, Lee does extremely well on the math. Weed then studies continuously for 3 days, until finally, the day of the GED test comes. Before he takes the test, he stops by the hospital to visit his grandma, where she tells him that, she doesn’t care how many times he has to retake the test to pass, as long as he do. Weed then goes to Korea University, one of the most prestigious universities in South Korea, to take the GED test. The test-takers are split up into groups of 30, and then the tests begin. Lee manages to pretty easily past most of the parts of the test until he is completely baffled by one section. The section, is - Morals. To be more specific, the novel shows Lee agonizing over one specific problem.
“You have found a wallet full of money on the ground. What do you do?”
1. Ignore it
2. Pick up the wallet and ask around for the owner
3. Take the wallet and go
4. Check the identification in the wallet and contact the owner
5. What wallet?
Lee was on the verge of tearing his hair out over this problem. “Dammit! What’s the answer? Why do they make things so ambiguous? Hmm...Let me use process of elimination. Well...I’m sure it would be wrong to leave the wallet there...”.
The exam is finally finished and the test-takers mill about, most of them discussing about Royal Road (about the items that they have, etc.) One of them was discussing about an ax, and the novel briefly explains how Axes have a higher destructive power, but a very narrow range of attack. So, if you can’t hit the target, all that attack power is useless. However, a really good and experienced warrior wielding an Ax can be quite formidable. Lee Hyun then hears a mention about the Dark Gamers Union (Union for gamers who make money off of gaming), and finds out that to his surprise, many people think that being a Dark Gamer is enviable, instead of embarrassing like he originally thought. Lee then takes a car to a Dark Gamer initiation meeting inside what appears to be a converted warehouse with a table and several capsules (a reminder: Weed has received allot of invitations to the Dark Gamers Union because of his high selling items).
The organizer then explains to the newcomers how hundreds of thousands of people make their living by selling items from Royal Road, mostly concentrated in India, China, and Southeast Asia. The novel also mentions things about Royal Road breaking the language barrier between countries and gamers with an automatic language translator developed by Unicorn Inc - the company that made Royal Road, which allowed people of different languages communicate with each other without problems. As a result of all of these people selling items, the Dark Gamers Union was created, in order to organize this selling. The organizer goes on to explain how, the first thing that the Union does is to set up a place where people can buy and sell their information. And the more valuable the information is, the more money the person will have to pay to obtain it. Two people then sign up for the union, and Lee is approached by a curious veteran, asking if Lee is going to join. Lee tells the veteran that he refuses to join, stating that he doesn’t want to owe others for the information and disclose his identity. The veteran, accepts, saying that everybody has their own circumstances. The veteran gives Lee a password anyways, (account: kj9008, password, 165008) with access to C-Rank information. Lee asks why the veteran is doing this and is told that they all follow the 1st rule of the Dark Gamers: To never trust anybody and that the second law is: Give as much as you received. Lee decides to join the Dark Gamers Union and then returns home, logging back on to Royal Road.
Chapter 9: The Mausoleum of the King
The “free-hunting rights” given by the Prosperous Emperor guild has finally ended when Weed emerged from the Caverns, with a level of 259. Since the rights have expired, the Guild is charging a huge price for entrance, plus claims over any rare items found while hunting. This caused a huge blow to the guilds influence, with many players flaming them for being greedy bastards. However, it also caused an increase in the amount of people wanting to join the guild seeing as guild members can hunt for free. Weed parts with Hwaryeong and Zephyr, going to the nearest Freya chapel. He shows them his ring that he got from the Head Freya Priest, and asks to use the teleportation gate. In addition, a Priest blesses him, giving him a buff in +26% armor, +30% recovery rate, additional power against evil, increased strength, and improved fitness. Although most people pay to receive the blessings of the goddess, Weed receives the buff for free since he pretty much single-handedly promoted the Church to the powers it had currently. Before the return of the Chalice and the Crown, the Freya order had an influence of 500-1000. By returning the two artifacts, Weed boosted its influence by +4000. While the story mentions that the players who are qualified to use the Freya teleportation gates are almost nonexistent, Weed steps into the Gate and teleports to Rosenheim city.
After traveling a distance that takes a one month by foot in seconds, Weed appears in front of a fountain to the sounds of players selling items, gathering and joining parties, etc. Weed is then approached by Pale, Irene, Surka, and Romune, who after greeting him, asks for a taste of Weed’s cooking. They then socialize over the sweet and sour meal that Weed is making. One of them remarks how although her level is pretty low, she just achieved a level of 220. Then, Pale mentions how they have been in touch with Mapan, who has been a big help with supplies and told them that Weed was hunting in the Basra Caverns with Hwaryeong and Zephyr. Pale then asks Weed what level he is, and to the amazement and jealousy of his teammates, Weed replies that he is level 259. Suddenly, they are surrounded by Rosenheim soldiers. While the spectators theorize that the party are law-breakers, one of the four (Pale, Irene, etc) turn and ask Weed whether he has killed anybody lately. Weed then says that he doesn’t think he had killed anybody, while struggling to remember if he had committed homicide. One of the soldiers asks whether Weed was an engraver and tells Weed that the King of Rosenheim wants to meet with him. The onlookers are amazed and the news quickly spreads after all this is the first times that the King has summoned a Player. Weed then considers his options, and decides to go with the soldiers because he judged ignoring the King for no apparent reason would be a very bad decision. Weed then asks the soldier if it was ok for him to stop by the Temple of Freya before meeting the King. The soldier agrees, and escorts him to the Temple. Because matters of the State and Religion are kept separate, they have no right to interfere with each other, so the soldier must let Weed stop at the church. Weed then goes up to one of the Senior Priests and asks for information about the Plains of Despair. He is told that the Plains are a harsh land, roamed by Orcs, Dark Elves, and monsters, with humans barely managing to survive in the land. Recently, the Necromancers led by Bar-Khan, the Immortal/Undying Lord, have gathered in the Plains of Despair, away from any prying eyes. Weed then weighs this level B quest, remarking on how he had 300 paladins and almost 100 priests when he was completing the Moravian Vampire Quest. He inquires how many people the Church can spare to assists him, and is shocked to find that he only has a handful of 50 priests and paladins. The Priest explains that all of the other paladins and priests are on missionary activities at this time, and are too busy to help Weed out. The Priest then tells Weed that the teleport to the Plains of Despair is ready to go at any time, while Weed departs, thinking about how he was now stuck in a deep whole. After finishing acquiring information, Weed goes with the soldiers to see the King, followed by a huge crowd of curious players. While walking through the halls, Weed examines the pieces of art in the castle, with each piece increasing his art stat by 1-2 (A sculpture, a collection of weapons, and a painting were among the 3 mentioned). His art stats rise by 30 while he finally finishes walking through the halls, and then he meets the King, an old, pale looking man. After asking if Weed was the engraver, and having Weed answer that he was, the King starts to speak, but coughs up blood instead. The knights and servants rush to the assistance of their King, but the King holds up a hand to stop them, and asks whether Weed was a Moonlight Engraver. After Weed admits that he is, the King says how Weed must know about Zaha Beu, to the surprise of the King’ attendants -it was mentioned in Volume 1 that Zaha Beu was a topic that was supposed to be hushed up, with the Royal Knights disposing of anybody that asked about him- The King then tells his attendants that everybody inside the room already knows about Zaha Beu and he will not bother trying to hide things. He then talks about his life, and how he had done his best to ensure a reign of peace both inside and outside his country, and defeated Brent Kingdom. The King then goes on, telling of his achievements, until one day, five years ago, he fell off his horse and broke his leg. Afterwards, the King became more ill each day, and has finally decided that a new home is needed; a place to relax his tired body; a tomb worthy of a King. Weed then receives a quest from the King to build his tomb,
The Mausoleum of the King:
In the Rosenheim Kingdom, each generation of rulers have commissioned a tomb for themselves before they died. To follow the tradition of his ancestors, the King has commissioned a famous engraver to build his grave. If the finished tomb does not live up to the majesty of the King, you will fail the quest and receive several punishments.
You can hire workmen to build the tomb
To cover the costs of construction, you will be given 100,000 gold
Difficulty: Rank B
Reward: If successful, at least 2,000 reputation and familiarity with the Royal Family. Depending on the results of the finished work, you may gain more reputation.
Failure: Failure will result provoke the wrath of the king. Furthermore, you will receive a sharp drop in reputation.
Weed’s reputation with the Freya order exceeds a whopping 4,600 thousand. With a high religious reputation, there are many benefits, such as receiving free treatment with the priests, the ability to hire paladins and priests, ease of traveling across other countries, and sometimes even an increased chance to discover quests. However, having reputation with the Royal Family was even more useful than that. With the increase in familiarity, a person may even be able to receive weapons and armor from the royal family. With 2000 reputation, it is even possible to receive a rare weapon. Weed considers his options and accepts the quest, since it's an offer that he couldn’t refuse, also because rejecting a quest from somebody like the King would mean getting penalized severely. As Weed walks out of the palace, he is deep in thought about how to make a magnificent and gigantic mausoleum. He considers the idea of using rough stones and rock pillars, but immediately tosses it out, judging that something so simple would definitely anger the king. He then judges that in order to make the tomb, he will need more money than he has, and although receiving a rare weapon may make up for the money loss, he can only get the rewards after completing the quest. The chapter then ends with Weed considering how he shall make a mausoleum fit for a king.


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  2. will you still translate the full vol. 4??? not like this long summary(btw its a really good summary appreciate it)

    1. someday maybe someone will get to it ! but if you noticed ! the translation at this blog happens at full random XD
      so it's unknown when a certain volume will be translated

  3. Dear God, I just read on jcafe that there was a russian translation and even with google translate it's pretty much readable.


    sadly it only goes up to volume 4

    basically with enough time I could take this

    and this

    and get a somewhat decent translation

    so... how do I upload chapters do I mail wingofheaven or something

    and sorry if I broke some rule about posting links..are there any rules about posting links?

    1. there isn't any rules about anything..

      You can contact me @
      -and do it soon, (even if you haven't started yet)
      so that we can properly welcome you to the RoyalRoad™

    2. Mathew that's genius :), I can't wait to see how it turns out! I'm so glad the LMS community is so dedicated.

    3. Can't wait for mathew1122's translation :)

    4. it took like 4 hrs but I'm almost done, 1 last final read through and it's done.

      chapter 1 will be mailed to wingofheaven in like 20 min

  4. Thank you so much for these translations/summaries- the time and effort put in is totally appreciated; thanks sooo much for letting people read this great novel :D

  5. chapter 5 is in the summary section (i think all chapters are translated as well), needs to be updated as a volume

  6. Russian Odinov's team already translated the 4th chapter of the fifth book.
    Im happy that im russian, because lms is incredible :)